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Red Lobster

Red Lobster is an American casual dining restaurant chain that is owned and operated by Darden Restaurants, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

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Chris Rock: Working at the Daily News was better than Red Lobster
Charlie Strong thinks the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster are overrated.
Sweet tea/green tea/trippy tea, noodles with shrimp and mussels, fried chicken, and a Red Lobster biscuit might be my ultimate dream plate.
I really enjoyed Veterans sister and I went to just about all of the restaurants in Lakeland that was offering free food to Veterans...we went to the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Chili's, Hooters, Applebee's, Carrabba's, Ruby Tuesday, Long Horn, Krispy Kreme...I have so much food I can't even eat it Kreme gave me one donut and a soda...ONE donut...seriously...when I went to the Desert Shield/Desert Storm war in the Middle East I had to stand guard on the perimeter in a FOX HOLE...then during the day I had to help cook the meal so that all of the other soldiers could eat...I think I deserve more than one donut...I think I need to write a letter to the CEO of Krispy Kreme and let him or her know that I need to come pick up the rest of my donuts.
If you haven't heard from me, I've been at Red Lobster, Applebee's, BJ's, or Olive Garden. All Day Long...i promise
So I would say that today was a success Michaela Marie, Veronica Reyes-Coody, David Coody and myself got meals from Denny's, Krispy Kream, TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, Hooters, Red Lobster, and Chili's. Played arcade games at Chuck-e-Cheese, and got a free movie and popcorn at the Carmike. Although we missed a few of our intended targets I would say that this mission was a success. AAR- Don't leave the buzzer patrol to second platoon, don't squat if David Coody is your observer, and lastly second platoon we LOVE YOU!
Not really a "whole new choice of restaurants". We need a Red Lobster or Macaroni Grill. Same old same old
Have military ID and are hungry? Veterans Day is Tuesday, and some local outposts of national chains are showing their gratitude by offering their grub gratis to military veterans.Β The specials are available all day, except for at Red Lobster, where you can sample appetizers Monday through Thur…
Allegany County Football Fans, it's Homecoming Week!!! Be sure you visit The Final Touch Embroidery & Screenprinting , Sports Equipment & Uniforms and guess the final score of Saturday's Big Game! The person who guesses the closest, and also likes our page will WIN a $50 gift card to Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse or Red Lobster.. Good luck to you, and to our area football players!
Don't have time dog going to Red Lobster so i can get back and trash talk with Bronco fans and watch s…
Red Lobster cheddar biscuit thingies are the bomb dot com
I get so confused when people come into Sephora looking for Maybelline.. That is like going to Red Lobster and asking for Long John Silvers.
Yo I gotta go to Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp then go in at the gym for a week straight.
I NEED to go to Red Lobster before I leave the valley they have there Endless Shrimp again! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–
I NEED some Red Lobster before Endless Shrimp is over!
That Endless Shrimp from Red Lobster was too *** good
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
This Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster tho.. Who's tryin to go?
I'm still tryna fw dat Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster. soon too.
I'm tryna hit up Red Lobster for that Endless Shrimp. πŸ€πŸ˜‹
Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster did me in. πŸ’€βœ‹πŸ€πŸ™Š
that Endless Shrimp commercial from Red Lobster, gets me everytime πŸ˜‹πŸ˜
Date night filled with Endless Shrimp!! (@ Red Lobster) on
You know you are home sweet home when your mom takes you to Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster
[Pulls out a Ring Pop while at a Red Lobster]. Babe, I want to swipe right on building a life with you. Will you swipe right with me?
Don't forget to get your orders in! Taking orders starting NOW, but delivery will begin at 4pm! Be the first on the list! Hey Antioch! Want take-out from a restaurant in Antioch that doesn't deliver? Well, you're in luck! Errands By Erin is launching Food To You - food delivered right to your door from the restaurant of your choice! Enjoy the food you crave without ever leaving your house! Please read below for more info. Let's see how this goes! Food To You will be holding a test run TODAY (Friday, Oct. 10) from 4pm-10pm CST! If there's a good response, more dates will be added! Restaurant choices include Copper Pony Grille, 360 Burger, Olive Garden, Logan's, Red Lobster, Casa Fiesta, Fat Boy's BBQ, Raz'z, Zaxby’s and any other fast food restaurant. If a restaurant you’re interested in ordering from isn’t listed, just let me know and I will consider adding it! Restaurant must be in the Antioch area! You must live in the 37013 zip code or very close by. If you have a question about your address, let ...
Tomorrow is the day! We have lots of great things in the raffle this year.such as a Cuisinart coffee maker ($130 value), $50 Visa gift card, $50 iTunes gift card and a $50 gift card that can be used at either Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden or Red Lobster! You could win any of the raffled items for only $1.00 a ticket or ten tickets for only $5.00!! Lots of cool door prizes also! Don't forget to bring your item(s) for the auction.hoping to see a lot of my family at the reunion tomorrow!!
Bowl for fun...bowl for the furry four-legged friends waiting for homes at our shelter! Next Friday, Oct. 17, wear your Halloween costume and have a blast cosmic bowling for a great cause! Fantastic prizes from Fino's Family Dining, Harbor Inn & Ale, Darden Restaurants (your choice of Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Longhorn Steakhouse), Lake Erie Mercantile, Masserants Feed & Grain, Deb's Floral Designs, McDonalds, Wendy's, Crafts 2000 (Pat Catan's), and Walgreens! Prizes will be awarded for Best Costume, Best Bowling Score, and more!! 50/50 Raffle & games with prizes for the little ones! The fundraiser will be at Monroe Sports Center. Cost is $15 per person, $25 per couple or $50 for a family of 4. This price includes 3 games of bowling (9 pin), bowling shoes, 2 slices of pizza, a pitcher of pop, and a raffle ticket for each person to enter to win one of the gift baskets at the fundraiser!! Please help support our shelter and have a great time doing it. The staff and animals thank you!! Tickets are availab ...
Re-enacting scenes from "Deadliest Catch" at Red Lobster is a great way to let your waiter know you are super fun and high…
rap game Ted Koppel in Versace boxers,. I valeted the chopper on top of Red Lobster
"Many Bothans died to bring you this combo platter." Mon Mothma, Red Lobster head waitress.
Lasagna, Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, and Dairy Queen. How could this dinner get any better? πŸ˜‹πŸ‘Œ
It's pastor's appreciation month so don't forget to get your pastor a Red Lobster gift card or a Ray Boltz human video.
The Little Mermaid and Red Lobster on Friday and LU football with some Texas Roadhouse on Saturday.…
Bob and I enjoyed a night out at Red Lobster. Couldn't pass their all you can eat shrimp. Had to wait until the Notre Dame game was finished, of course.
80% of NJ crime guns = from out of state MT Things are bad if we can't go 2 Red Lobster w/o being mugged
Things must be getting bad in Toms River if you can't go to Red Lobster without being mugged via
I want some Golden Corral, La Parilla, Red Lobster & Wings when I go back home 😩😩😩
(Reuters) - Darden Restaurants Inc said it agreed to sell its Red Lobster seafood chain to private equity firm Golden Gate Capital for $2
After 20 long years, I finally have my first job. I start Monday at Red Lobster !!!
Comedy Central - Yo' Mama... Red Lobster - Yo' Mama has more crabs than Red Lobster.
The wait for Red Lobster is ridiculous
Endless Shrimp with the family at Red Lobster!
But I been craving this red lobster .
I pray for your strength dad. I know this is going to be a difficult situation and challenging but just know that I love you. Eat some Red Lobster for me and Wei Wei.
That red lobster was so good. I'm ready to go to sleep now
omg shrimp fest at red lobster was a bad idea 😷 I didn't even get it but my parents did and I wanna barf
Treating myself to dinner tonight at Red Lobster.
Trying to find a non overweight individual at red lobster is like searching for a needle in a lard bucket
Oh Red Lobster and your delicious sangria! :) Pretty good way to start family night! @ Red Lobster -…
I bought Christyn some red lobster πŸ‘Œ
Went to Red Lobster and had the Unlimited Shrimp. All you can eat
Red Lobster Has the best Biscuits ever bruh.
Red lobster biscuits make me the happiest girl πŸ˜‹πŸ˜
FYI all u can eat shrimp is back at red lobster...I just dominated there
Waiting for Rashad so we can get some red lobster 🍀🍀😊
Because of my tattoo I couldn't flip over while tanning so I'm lobster red in the front and pretty nice and pasty white in back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Date night with the hubby, doing a little shopping then Red Lobster for dinner!
home and I really don't feel like doing any kind of work, after red lobster all I wanna do is take a nap and cool off which is why I have my fan on XD photos will be looked through later imma try and put a dent in my history homework.
Let's go to Red Lobster, the have good crab legs and good bathrooms. -Rachel
My mom wouldn't let me wear my knee high red socks to red lobster, like let me live my life
Who wants to go eat never ending shrimp with me at Red Lobster? P.S. you can't be skinny!
Endless Shrimp at red lobster who want in?
Red Lobster is hiring a Service Assistant in
I want to go to Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster ... Who trying to go?
Hey me and Lashanda Storm trying to go to homerun inn or shrimp feast at red lobster was wondering if y'all wont to go??
Someone take me on a date to Red Lobster 😭
Lookin sorta fancy and about to eat at Red Lobster, I guess you could say life is good rn.
Endless Shrimp at red lobster. Being wined and dined by a 5 year old. Step your game up guys.
Red Lobster's biscuits sound so good rn
I need a Red Lobster appointment yes I do
Somebody, anybody... let's go to Red Lobster!!
Oh hey red lobster. It's been too long
Ugh not eating all day was a bad idea, bout to kill this red lobster tho
Hour and a half wait at red lobster though πŸ‘Ž
I'm so hangry I could break something but thankfully Red Lobster is spinning
Fifth wheeling to Red Lobster with ash my parents and her boyfriend so I can get free food lol
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I'm also 3rd wheeling it on my parents anniversary dinner at Red Lobster. AND my mom & I are unintentionally wearing clashing animal prints.
Out at red lobster with Chante Tae Johnson an ree c
the biscuits from Red Lobster are the same things Jesus gave to his homies literally . They're delicious
Yo to the cute waiter at red lobster!
Tonight at Red Lobster I tried shrimp for the first time and I'M IN LOVE 😍
Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster sounds delicious right about now
I want some crab legs from red lobster!
β€œI want some crab legs from red lobster!” That sounds so good right now!!
Red Lobster do sound good right now
Red Lobster low key fell off. I'll still go though😬
Im really having lunch alone at Red Lobster :)
Red lobster Endless Shrimp is back somebody need to come get me so we can go
Everyone's at loufest and I'm just at red lobster like
At the nail salon about to go to red lobster 😊
Getting the kids pizza then heading out on a date! Maybe Red Lobster and yes we will talk about the kids the whole time.
Having intellectual conversation in Red Lobster with my loves Edwin Barnes and La Shelle Monee
Well our trip to Red Lobster was awesome, we had the Endless Shrimp, and I ate EVERY kind of shrimp they make and told the waitress to just keep it coming lol
Bout to hit this red lobster who wanna meet me there
OMG! My Shrimp Alfredo I fixed just now - Red Lobster ain't got nothing on me. Wow
I was just told that Red Lobster is the Wal-Mart of seafood. No *** wonder I like it so much.
Well Rob Longo said he might go to red lobster with us,we are leaving in about 30 min but he won't answer his phone
I knew somebody love me thanks to my friend who is sending me to red lobster . I ask three people can they send me to red lobster and only one said yea. So now do any body wanna join ( female )
I usually use Bisquick for my 3rd world famous hamburger pie recipe.but The Big Bird now carries Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit mix!!! My hamburger pie will now be 2nd world famous!
Breanne Kelnhofer took Chris Bandy out to eat for his 42nd Birthday to Red Lobster isn't she sweet!!
Anybody else who want to join us at red lobster. We leaving deland at 7pm.ok bye cause everybody know I take forever lol! And don't bother me while I'm getting ready !!!
At red lobster with mom, the bro and fam good times
Fans of downtown Scottsdale's Red Lobster restaurant will now have to
Day 3 of 3 positives for 7 days: 1. Beautiful days like today, and getting paid to work outside in them. Which brings me to my next positive. 2. Face painting. I love that my job is also my passion! I'm so blessed! 3. Spending time with my family. Had a wonderful dinner last night with Mom, Bill, and AJ at Red Lobster. What a treat!
So who's taking me to red lobster for Endless Shrimp!!! Don't answer all at once lol!
Okay, I just left red lobster, and the Endless Shrimp dinner. I may have eaten too much. Actually, scratch the word "may" out of that sentence
Happy birthday Rachel This is Rachel's 18 th birthday at Red Lobster
Thank you son for sharing your Sat. with me and taking me out to lunch at Red Lobster. All I can say is all you can eat shrimp, yum!
Time for a nap, Red Lobster, Endless Shrimp, stuffed.
This feels like a Red Lobster Endless Shrimp kind of day
Just going to Red Lobster and waiting for this Oregon Michigan State game.
Red Lobster bound for the seafood lover in me!!
Tonya Mann we in a dilemma Outback and Red Lobster all you can eat shrimp
Date night with my baby!!! ;) woooho... so excited!!! Red Lobster and a movie..sounds pretty *** good to me!!
At red lobster Endless Shrimp and this time it was a catch for those who know me will be shocked I ate salad I really did it the salad plate was full at first I ate most of it
I think it's a good night for Red Lobster!
Red lobster has Endless Shrimp, anybody wanna take me to Florence. I get off at 8pm... I just need to stop by the house and get a pair of heels and I will be ready to go...Don't volunteer all at once.. inbox me, comment, text me, call me...or i'll be forced to go alone...
Birthday Celebration number two. Toms taking me to Red Lobster! Best birthday EVER! Feel so blessed!
Making me wife very happy and going to red lobster on a double date with Michael Leb & Sarah Hacker-Leb . Then making myself happy and going to the Skyline comedy club. I have two extra free tickets for the 8pm show if anyone else wants to join
Celebrating my Beautiful Princess' birthday and our anniversary at Red Lobster.
Celebrating! We have always celebrated at Red Lobster but with purdue game and something else...euvola was packed. So Olive Garden.second favorite place is amazing too
At Red Lobster restaurant with Marvin for our 42nd anniversary! Can 't believe it has been that long
Great day with great friends. Now Red Lobsters Endless Shrimp... yum!
About to get this Endless Shrimp in at red lobster . ENDLESS
Okay had a long day rummage sale, work, baking cakes now cleaning house after this I wants some Red Lobster or Buffet City can I get some company?
50 shrimp scampi, 7 cheddar bay biscuits, baked potato & broccoli. Definitely got my money's worth at Red Lobster fatty at heart :)
Gloria D Harper u know u showed out today stuffed chicken,red parmesan potatoes,gravy,turnip greens and red lobster biscuits and look who on the outside looking in he think he fixing to get some lol
At Red Lobster having dinner with my beautiful daughter!!
So no real celebrating today on Jason's birthday. Later this week we are going to Red Lobster and eat all their shrimp. They advertised all you can eat and they will be sorry when we come. LOL We are celebrating the fact he went to clinic this morning and counts had come up from zero to 30 so finally started going the right way and his tumor markers went down to 1400 YEA still going down. Lab tomorrow then doc appt on Wed. Grabbed a few movies and chilling comfortably. Made homemade picco de gallo and got cheese and chips for nachos.
Heading to Red Lobster with the hubby
I love my Rusty. Spoiling me. At red lobster. With our pals the Dawn Arnett and Pj
Never ! Ever ! In the history of Everdom, have I wished more that ...Someone would take me to Endless Shrimp @ Red Lobster !! Lol Stupid Commercial on Hulu keeps playing over n over again ...Its Torture !!
Ok..Tim wants some good seafood. ..any good suggestions in the Fort Worth area...not Red Lobster. Yuk
Who wants to join me and Chrissy Bradley for red lobster ?
Steve said gone turn into a shrimp again at Red Lobster
So glad we not going to red lobster because I'll be burnt out before my baby C day
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Red lobster Endless Shrimp. I will see you at 5
Suggestions please for seafood restaurant, other than the norm; Joe's or Red Lobster. Brode wants to try some place new.
I want some red right now!!!
My, my, my (in my Johnny Gill voice) Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster sounds so delicious!! Lunch date with Nisha in the making!!
Red Lobster. "Rock lobster" A white lobster??? Photos: A gallery of rare lobsters in many colors
Wearing leggings & a long sleeve shirt to Red Lobster & owning it like a rock star :-)
You've heard of Red Lobster, Rock Lobster, but what about a Blue Lobster?! Check out this rare find:
Early birthday lunch with my family! β€” at Red Lobster - North Richland Hills, TX
Rose Marie at Me,lunch date,Red Lobster,to White Castle..
Red Lobster biscuits are the way to my heart
THE REAL CASTAWAY CHUCK Ladies and Gents! Fishermen Shrimper, Stone Carb! And TOM HANKS lets talk Spaulding Who was one of my Marine Friends CAMP PEN 1st FSSG EMC PLT I have to Protect who Helen Hunt Plays Lady and Gents! But I can tell you our first date was at Red Lobster! Chris Wilson
Unless we eating biscuits β€œdont ever ask me to go to Red Lobster.”
Everyone should come eat at Red Lobster tonight and I promise I'll seat you wherever you want.* (Subject to availability)
What I really need in my life right now is red lobster cheddar biscuits
β€œRed Lobster is beginner's level classy”
Red Lobster is looking for a Service Assistant (
Heading out to lunch with my Mommie for her day, me n RJ about to bang some red lobster. Yummy in my tummy...
Red Lobster is looking for a Production
Seafood Friday is what is it tonight at my house Hubby putting salmon on the grill along with jumbo shrimp kabobs I'm steaming some talapia and fresh spinach a side of rice with red lobster biscuits t.g.I.f .
Brownies are in the oven, Waiting for water to boil to make goulash for dinner with some of those biscuits from Red Lobster...MMmm smells delish in this house. Had a GREAT Work week Love my elderly people hoping to get some work for next week too. Spending the weekend with my kids so happy that I have all of them in my life without them I am not sure I would be ok!
Went to target,babies r us nd red lobster I'm so tiredπŸ˜“
Harlem red lobster with the ratchets.
Dinner is served! Lobster salad with asparagus and mango chutney.
Ava chowing down on a shrimp plate at Red Lobster while I eat a shrimp salad and chowder.
Red Lobster leftovers. Don't mind if I do!
Losing my red lobster virginity today
Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes! Had a good day in Duluth,with the stop at Red Lobster.
Starting vacation off right with Red Lobster!
Lol my mom is all hype cause her and dad are going on a double date to Red Lobster tonight.
I've had better & fresher seafood. But iCan't knock Red Lobster. They straight. They biscuits always win me over lol.
Ladies where would y'all rather eat at IF you had a choice? πŸ‘€. A. Fridays . B. Applebee's. C. Red Lobster. D. Ruby Tuesday
I'm a thot because I like cheddar biscuits from red lobster... If I bought them from giant & baked em myself would I still be a thot lol
my favourite :) the red Thai style lobster is the best I've ever had.
"Red Lobster is beginner's level classy" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Red lobster dinner date with my love, finally. All I've been craving is crab legs.
Red Lobster is beginner's level classy
Date night with my beautiful wife. Red Lobster and a movie. Megan N. Maultsby
"I want red lobster we always go there
Red Lobster is looking for a Production (
Yes! I can still eat shrimp, lobster and crablegs. To red lobster I go... ASAP!
Going to red lobster for belated b-day dinner going down shore to watch my sunrise either 2 morrow morn or Sunday morn can't wait .Have a wonderful weekend to all the FB friends who really ROCK
I just want to say I'm happy that I've had this work experience at red lobster!!! Only because I have made some great friends that I hope will keep in touch with me even though we won't be working together after tonight! Also, to the friends that I met that are not at red lobster anymore!!I hope and wish the best for everyone!
Wonder if I can get Walter Stump Mcdowell to go eat at Red lobster. .I have been craving their spicy chicken Alfredo. ...
So besides red lobster and Geskeys and the garden.what else is new and awesome to eat for dinner?!?!?
I really miss lunchin with my coworkers from Abbott. Gone are the days when I could get a big lunch from Red Lobster, Olive Garden or that Barbq joint and still function. If I eat like now I will be comatose by 3:00pm!
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Lol Me: frank i really like kahlua & cream if you buy me some ill.drink it today. Frank: maybe. Dai-dai oh but i cant get red lobster?
Had the best birthday ever! First as I was vacuming the door bell rang and a guy delivered flowers and a litttle birthday cake from Jacki in MN. Then Jannie Wannie and soozie came bearing a hugh flower plant and supper from red Lobster! Then after they left Angel, Austin, Gary and Louise and Morgan and Louise's brother Mike came with a cupcake cake and more gifts! What fun.
Lunch at Red Lobster with very very special loved ones!!!
If you're allergic to seafood why would you come to Red Lobster? Smh humans man
We just touched down in Washington. I'm supposed to be sleeping but I'm starving and don't won't any truck stop food. Tempted to catch a taxi to Longhorn or Red Lobster.
Thinkin if ima just go to red lobster just for the biscuits 😏
how do you get a free 3 course steak n lobster lunch at Red Lobster? Just being me!
Y este juego ahora en Fb. Disque ice challenge! Pls don't even bother to challenge me, and if you're planing to do it, pls challenge me with a nice Meal of Red Lobster, no with Ice bucket challenge. Smh lol
First off, I tip 20%.. unless the waiter/waitress really *** and then it goes down from there but with that being said.. I don't think it is the customers responsibility to "pay" the servers "wages". Why should Red Lobster only pay their servers 2.13 an hour when McDonalds pays 8 an hour. A tip should be just that.. a thank you, above and beyond their normal wage. The customer shouldn't have to feed a waitress' family the restaurant should be doing that.. of course until restaurants change their policy it's just polite to pay the 20 %.
Last work day of the week. Kids are on vacation...nothing much to do. Haven't been out on a Friday in a good while...maybe I might treat myself to Red Lobster a movie or something who knows.
$100 Red Lobster lunch with 2 of my managers and my Area Sales Manager!
All I know is that somebody better take me out for some lobster, steak, crab legs, or somethin...Red Lobster, Long horn, or Outback Steak house preferred :) think im playing lbvs
Yay! Meeting Shantell Grosse at Red Lobster for dinner and girl talk today. Fun!
At Red Lobster in Colonie, NY with Jonas. On our way to the Berkshires for concerts at Tanglewood tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.
Yo Antoine Lyndale Thomas it's time for our brother sister date night to Red Lobster! So when we going!!!
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Wats a good sea food place besides red lobster and Joe's crab.???
That Parrot Isle coconut shrimp with piΓ±a colada sauce and my PiΓ±a Colada drink from Red Lobster was on point πŸ‘Œ
The new Darden-less Red Lobster company is moving into downtown Orlando’s CNL Tower I, bringing 300 employees into the central business district by later this year or early next year.
I presently have 1002 friends requests from persons I do not know by name. To compound matters, attached to the requests are photos of babies or little children who I presume to be offspring. Now I love to visit Red Lobster which happens to be located in Miami which happens to be in the jurisdiction of an over zealous world police who loves to delve into your private lives and files and label you a terrorist or a sex offender. I shall not allow anyone to get between me and Red Lobster. Thus, I shall not friend anyone I do not know who is using a child photo as a profile that when Homeland Security asks me a question I cannot answer.
Bittersweet day today. I am officially done with Red Lobster! After 8 years the RL crew has become like family to me and I will miss you all terribly! But its time to dive whole heartedly into this hooping lifestyle. Not sure if it will last but I'm going to give it my all. Love you guys!
Might slide to Red Lobster later because I been craving them biscuits boa & me & Yelli been wanting to go
Who wants to take me to Red Lobsters this wk! Cravin
"Red Lobster is no longer apart of darden. 😩" 😠😨
Sale of Red Lobster seafood chain led to removal of Darden CEO Clarence Otis:
Mommas gonna run my pockets when I take her to red lobster tonight
I have deeper feelings for Red Lobster biscuits than I do for most people I know. πŸ˜…
Made the red lobster biscuits and omg.πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
😩 Leo just said he'll get me red lobster biscuits for my birthday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
Heading to Auburn soon. Anyone Wana meet at red lobster at 6 come on. :)
Red Lobster tries acting like a fancier restaurant..
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I want to go to Red Lobster who's gonna be a doll and take me lol
Im tryna get dressed & go to Red lobster , too busy being nosey πŸ˜‚
yes, yes you do. Red hook lobster pound. There's a booth on 33rd n 6th if you're coming to NYC soon.
Certainly more Red Lobster/Olive Garden restaurant combos. My SO loves mediocre seafood, but I cant get enough breadstix
My family got up while I was sleeping and went to Red Lobster... I feel so betrayed.
I feel like everyone who eats Red Lobster is a hood rat πŸ’€
Just got done eating. Good at red lobster
Enjoying my lunch date with Mylah at her favorite place she said Red Lobster :)
Treat your date to a fancy evening at... Red Lobster?
Red Lobster sound so clutch right now 😩😍
Got that interview call from red lobster though..
in Southeastern WI you can't go into a Red Lobster that is not a negrofied experience
I'm black. I like tops , red lobster & jersey fried sometimes
I really want red lobster biscuits like today
"Will selling Red Lobster boost Darden? but the free dessert in celebration boosts my waistline.
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NEW YORK (AP) β€” Red Lobster wants to be seen as a purveyor of quality seafood, so it's getting rid of some of its promotional discounts and stacking the food higher on plates, as is the style at fancier restaurants.
Had the best service at Red Lobster yesterday, and it better have been for 70 bucks lol...reason 356565254 why Red Lobster is a once in a blue moon kind of deal. But, seriously the server was super friendly and was very inviting, he gave us extra biscuits to take with us, and before we left gave us new drinks along with to-go cups without us even asking! Needless to say, he earned a $12.00 tip! Take notes ladies and gents!
Tobias with favorite lady at red Lobster with Judy Herzog
my mom knows me too well... its about time Red Lobster made a mix!
At least no Baltimore women didn't say they wasn't given the box for red lobster
Monday was busy for Darden - CEO steps down, Red Lobster sale finalized and activist investors are still angry.
Red Lobster just contacted me... Maybe I should try being a waitress again? πŸ™ˆ
Red lobster for lunch with the family 😊
Red Lobster tries acting like a fancier restaurant via
$2.1B deal to sell Red Lobster slammed as β€˜fire sale’ in suit - A controversial deal to sell Red Lobster is...
*At the orthodontist with two molds in my mouth*. Orthodontist: so you're a server at red lobster?
Just got to Macon and now I'm hungry ; I want some red lobster or Logan road house ; :-) on my way to my mommie; house ;
Red Lobster is looking for a Bartender
Spoiling myself today so wat should I get to eat red lobster joes crabs shack Texas road house.hmm where should I go n should I take anyone wit me or eat alone
Red Lobster is looking for a Bartender (
*At the orthodontist with molds in my mouth*. Orthodontist: so you work at red lobster?
I got a date tomorrow to Red Lobster 😍
β€œWho's hittin red lobster & the movies wit a *** today?” i better get the late birthday treatment when i get home πŸ‘€
JR farted at red lobster son we were all dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. FART ROBOT APPROVES.
Red lobster or Olive Garden would be love right now 😍
Going to stay with mom this weekend, hopefully she treat me to red lobster lol
Red Lobster is trying to get all fancy
Ok Folks this Sunday 8/3, Williamsport Moose Lodge doors open at 11am Auction starts at 1pm Lots of great Items up for Auction from Scentsy, Grace Adele, Sweet Minerals, 31,Pampered Chef , Origami Owl,Tupperware,and Local Businesses such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster and more! 5.00 per ticket Includes two free Bidding Paddles! still have some tickets left. FIRST 5 WHO RESPOND TO THIS GETS A SET OF FREE TICKETS!!!
Now that Golden Gate Capital has acquired Red Lobster from Darden Restaurants, the seafood chain is trying to emphasize its quality.
Applebees, TJ Maxx, Red Lobster, Fandango, Starbucks, Kohls, Cabellas, On the Border ??? If you are the LUCKY WINNER - name it and we will send it to you! There are lots of other choices as well. Remember!! We need 50 new followers for a drawing - invite your friends!
Darden Restaurants says it has completed its sale of Red Lobster to Golden Gate Capital, despite contentious protests from activist investors.
Who wants to take this pregnant chick to Red Lobster in the next couple days? I want everything I keep seeing on the Crabfest commercials! !
Just finished a delicious Red Lobster meal. Now off to the movies to see The Rock in HERCULES 3D.
From my forthcoming book, entitled, "Useful Phrases, or; How to Exorcise Conserva-trolls": "I think Red Lobster waitstaff should be Levitically trained and given the power enumerated therein."
I want red lobsters or starters today...
I think when I go out to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner I'll wear either my black dress or white one and my black dress shoes :3 I want to look nice for my birthday :3
Who wanna be my date Friday to go see Ninja Turtles den to Red lobster
'Endless Shrimp' and 'Crabfest' aren't going anywhere, but the struggling seafood chain's new CEO said 'low-priced specials that we're not proud of' will be tossed as part of the Red Lobster's plan to position itself as a higher-end restaurant. It has also rolled out a new plating style.
If you have a Red Lobster near you, sign up to receive a free dessert at
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I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes for our anniversary. Mike and I had a wonderful day and evening with a great meal at Red Lobster! I could not have asked for a better guy! Thanks again to everyone!
Serving our guests great seafood is our pride and passion. Because at Red Lobster, we Sea Food Differently.
I'm feeling some snow crab legs dipped in garlic butter and cheddar bay biscuits and a Caesar salad and wash it all down with a cherry coke . Red Lobster, who's down with me ?
Sooo I have the chance to go apply and possibly interview with Summit Steakhouse today... but my plan is to be in Florida no later than October! If I quit red lobster I lose my opportunity to transfer back and forth but I'm also passing up a more high end restaurant... what to do!!!
Darden Restaurants hands off its 45-year-old Red Lobster to San Francisco-based Golden Gate Capital in $2.1 billion sale:
YO! YEAH! GEEE-WEEE and crop-corn to go left a S^^T in thy flow to national award will *** a snich-ditch retard for guard a save yard is! Maaan!!! RED LOBSTER hate with a passion device and ya know it be MAMA"""S device! LOL!!! Ugh!!!
Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse? Which chain restaurants serve the best bread? via
Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Red Lobster, and 5 other people, places, & things that need to help their image:
Wendy Brown Murray and Abby Mullin, Red Lobster last night, Waffle House for lunch with double dose of my favorite hash browns today and currently sipping a Michelob! Which one of you is pulling me up the mountain and which one is pulling!?!?! Lol will roll myself into dinner Friday night!!
Joes Crab Shack is so much better than Red Lobster. So. Much. Better.
Last Sat I had birthday cake with Christian, Connie, and Will at a family party. Today I had 2 birthday cakes. One was a pancake cake with candles this morning at VBS. The 2nd was a brownie with candle at Red Lobster (thanks Jerry) late this afternoon. I think I have had a fun and unusual birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Love ya all.
Gotta have you a girl who humble & down ! Ah girl who will ask for Red Lobster & bring the coupon book ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
Norine Eckstrom, Chad Smith and Linda Cleary all spotted tonight at Red Lobster.
I eat at Red Lobster, Applebees, Friday's, O'Charleys, etc... and still eat at places like Texas de Brazil and Benninhana
I was eating at Red Lobster and this crazy guy in a hat came up to me and told me I looked like Bob Barker .. Thoughts?
going to Red Lobster and then see this movie Tammy
I work at Red lobster in fresno so that would be cool :)
I mean... If you're a real friend you'll let me practice my red lobster intro to you..
Man watch Meghan try an go eat at red lobster or something I will cut her off
Sum1 should take me out 2 eat at Red Lobster. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
yeah...when you have the same feelings for Red Lobster, you know you have reached new low
Well good night fb. Had a great day even though the evil try to come in and destroy my day but God always there to protect me. Treat myself to Red Lobster while the kids with their Dad celebrating the 4th July. When the kids came back home we went to see the fireworks. Awesome day :-)
Take your beauty routine in a nautical direction-think preppy stripes, sea salt soap, and lobster red lipstick:
What is your favorite restaurant? β€” olgas or red lobster. take notes boys :-)
My favorite thing in the world is Red Lobster's biscuits
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yeah, you should! How long you been staying up there? What happened to Red Lobster girl? Lol
My dad has the worse sunburn ... and my mom called him red lobster πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My mom brought red lobster for me. She's real
SICK! He went into Red Lobster a couple weeks ago. He's all over the place lol.
I just wanna know if went to the store for the cheddar biscuits and if ended up going to Red Lobster.
Is red lobster closed? I would like to pick up some cheddar bay biscuits.
forever?... Mmmm our lobsters at Red Lobster didn't live forever 😐
While you all enjoy polluting my oxygen I enjoyed Red Lobster biscuits muahahha
Lol :D he needs to eat those red lobster biscuits to be more energized
Nothing screams America more than getting burnt lobster red on the Fourth of July.
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