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Red Lobster

Red Lobster is an American casual dining restaurant chain that is owned and operated by Darden Restaurants, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

Ocean Basket Olive Garden Ruth Chris Texas Roadhouse Del Frisco

Never order the Alaskan King Crab legs at Red Lobster...
who wanna go to Red Lobster with me so I can use this lil gift card 😭
and I are torn between Red Lobster and Olive Garden
Red Lobster has an 8.6 rating on Four Square in Central Florida who are these people why am I here
Interesting, isn't it? Red Lobster has "Shrimp Fest" three times a year, so wouldn't it be fair for so Bathouse...
Ever suck *** for coke bro? Ever get *** in your eye? Let me tell you, it burns. Anyhow, welcome to Red Lobster, I'll…
I laugh when I think of Jay-Z at a Red Lobster cause after years of eating like a king your body would seize up on that…
Can someone take me to Red Lobster before the seafood trio special ends? K thanks.
My dad asked my mom if he could drop us off at Red Lobster for Mother's Day dinner, because he "had to run to Gander Mountain"
more like cheddar bay biscuit from your local Red Lobster
Fave thing about Red Lobster is that it's named after what color the featured menu item becomes after being boiled alive.
Line Cook - Red Lobster (Cincinnati, OH): Job OverviewDo you have a passion for food and doe...
Joe's Crab shack is to Red Lobster what walmart is to target
Joe's crab shack is the white people version of Red Lobster minus the biscuits
I'm going to Lee Roy Selmon and Red Lobster when I go homeπŸ˜‹
Luis Sardinas sounds like the cheapest item on the Red Lobster menu.
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Women's lunch bunch enjoyed Lobster Fest at Red Lobster today!
I love food too and always cook BUT no not this meal lol it's lobster fest at Red Lobster 😊😊😊
Really wanna go to Red Lobster before their Lobster Fest endsπŸ˜₯
I hope Red Lobster offers her a free meal during crab fest.. mmm crab fest.. time for some diarrhea!
Red Lobster biscuits is the Andrew Luck of today's draft.
Nothing says I need sleep like watching quoting the Red Lobster line from "Formation" on a rerun of
onscene of a Structure Fire, 2201 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd @ Red Lobster, smoke & embers found on ground by electrical room, bldg evac
Red Lobster & PA BBQ on Palm Beach Lakes is shut down with massive fire rescue in the front. Big breaking news.
Tf when Red Lobster is doing better than Paul Qui
Texas Roadhouse (right now. So much bread), Red Lobster, Johnny Carinos. My god
Red Lobster is looking for a Line Cook in Jacksonville,FL
Am I the only one who sings the Red Lobster line from Formation in my Jenifer Lewis voice?
This list is an abomination. CPK and Red Robin WAY overrated. Red Lobster and Cheesecake Factory too low.
Time to plan a get-together! How about lobster tails at Red Lobster!
I wonder if Red Lobster is having an all lobster or shrimp fest or whatever or what not lol..
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Red Lobster between treat Queen like royalty. She increased their like a BOSS:
Hanging out with Dorothy from After visiting the art show β€” eating lunch at Red Lobster - Oro Valley, AZ
but that is proving a bit difficult. no one seems to want it! not even Queen Bey can boost Red Lobster's brand?
Really want some Red Lobster... Ooo or Joes Crab Shack. I'm just hungry man
I have never seen Joe' Crab Shack, Red Lobster, or Bonefish on your app. Why do you keep asking?
"Boy, that Red Lobster sure puts on a great Early Bird Special folks I tell you, just like said..."
It’s good luck when a bird poops on you. If that bird has been gorging itself from a Red Lobster dumpster, it’s lottery ticket time.
Beyonce RSVP'd and then made a pit stop at Red Lobster
Scottsdale where? If its Arizona, then thereis Olive Garden for Italian food,Red Lobster for seafood,Outback Steakhouse for steak
The Black Panther stuff is fine, I take far more offense to Beyonce's endorsement of Red Lobster. That is the Applebee…
My hero's about to earn the admiral's feast at Red Lobster.
Red Lobster sees surge in business after mention in Beyonce song
.sends Red Lobster sales through the roof
Admiral feast is GREAT idk what ya'll talmbout .. Id pick Red Lobster admiral feast > River Palm
"Marco Rubio got fhard he had to take Chris Christie to Red Lobster." - Trevor Noah.
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Beyonce hands Red Lobster the marketing opportunity of a lifetime via Inc
So whats the SA version of Red Lobster? Ocean Basket?
No one has ever taken Chris Martin to Red Lobster.
Babe: Are we doing for Valentine's Day?. Me: I made reservations at Ruth's Chris... but, you'll probably just end up taking me to Red Lobster
My loyalty never left Red Lobster. When *** wanted white tablecloths I was debating between an Admiral's Feast and Seasi…
BeyoncΓ© bout 2 mislead y'all again! When it's proper I don't want no Red Lobster, u better take a *** 2 Mastros or Ruth's Chris πŸ˜’
Yesterday it was all Benihana and Ruth Chris. BeyoncΓ© made Red Lobster acceptable today huh?
2016 Goals: Get taken out to Red Lobster (or Ocean Basket, coz budget). Can't stop the hustle till it happens ;-)
Saquoia said she don't want Red Lobster, she deserves Ruth Chris πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
πŸ–•πŸΎme right so I can take you to Red Lobster
Ocean Basket sells mediocre food or is Red Lobster not well popular with Americans?
Red Lobster is an entry level sit down restaurant. Like Ocean Basket.
Remember when Plies talked about hanging from the Red Lobster rafter with his shirt off, eating on shrimp? B took that to the next level.
Everybody pullin up to Red Lobster parking lot tonight like:
BeyoncΓ© got y'all goin from Del Frisco's back to Red Lobster real quick.
Oh so now yah Nobu, Del Frisco eatin bitxches like Red Lobster. funny. thanks Queen B.lls
Don't take me to Red Lobster. Take me to Ocean Prime.
BeyoncΓ© says she takes his *** to Red Lobster so I guess South Africans will take his *** to Ocean Basket.
YoncΓ© 6:9 - treat thou man to Red Lobster for excellent work and tremendous effort during sexual activities πŸ™
There's no Red Lobster in Kenya... but if you see me at Ocean Basket , know it's not me who's paying
This is how Red Lobster is going to look on Valentine's Day.
Is Ocean Basket our equivalent ya Red Lobster?
What's the SA equivalent to Red Lobster? Ocean Basket... When he give you that good dicking down Ocean Basket it is.
Nicki Minaj was employed at many Red Lobster locations, but was fired multiple times for things like chasing pen-steal…
B wanted Red Lobster so I got a nice cesar salad with my fish.
Settle fish at the Red Lobster in the dope hole
When I hit page 300 of 333, I'm gonna stand up and swagger to Red Lobster like a boss and eat me a mess of fish and broccoli LIKE A BOSS.
Congrats to former Red Lobster team member on his new book. We know just the place to celebrate.
that's and on their way to the shrimp fest at Red Lobster.
I saw a Kia Rio with the plate "MYWHIP2" and I knew shrimp fest at the Red Lobster is the closest this person will ever get to luxury
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Wings from Red Lobster be fire asf y'all missing out
I knew a guy who would go to Red Lobster every year and beat his record at shrimp fest. He is a 911 truther now
Lenoir County child's wish granted: Jackson had a "wish" party Saturday at Red Lobster in Greenville where he ...
When life throws you lemons head to Red Lobster
I get paid on Thursday morning. Red Lobster road trip to Fairview Heights? Me, you & The Riv!
cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster and a strawberry lemonade...
and/or Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits
Courageous Yellow Fever Returns to America 3 am in Red Lobster. Leisa Brannon reporting for Good Day America.
If you gone eat steak go to an actual steak house. Texas Roadhouse maybe? When I think Red Lobster, I think seafood. Not steak.
Rusty says he found two crates of Grand Marnier behind Red Lobster. Basically blackout city.
Walmart and Red Lobster linked to supply chains that use child and slave labor, AP reports.
I don't know how my got changed from Uncle Bud's. Catfish to Red Lobster but I'll take it. I guess it was fried foods issue
Red Lobster for son's 18 birthday meal was divine. Eyes were bigger than my stomach but so worth it πŸ€πŸΉπŸŽ‰
Parrot Bay Coconut copycat Red Lobster on my blog
I can't stand Red Lobster, i rather have Long John's Silver :)
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ummm, I love Bubba Gump. And Red Lobster. I will go to either at any time.
I'm thankful for no. 234: I'm thankful for Olive Garden and Red Lobster, where the party happens for the Tommy Bahama lovers.
*Clark Griswold tone* If anyone needs any ideas for a Christmas gift for me, I have one. I'd like a Red Lobster gift card. That'll do fine.
What's your favorite kind of roll, crescent, grands? ...cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster...
Why is this Red Lobster waitress bringing my three party table four cheddar bay biscuits? That extra biscuit is tearin…
I'm not even sure Red Lobster has better seafood than Long John Silvers.
I love endless shrimp because this and lobster fest are the two things Red Lobster have done consistently right year after year!
I love endless shrimp because Red Lobster truly has the most delicious shrimp in the world ;)
Tonight @ The Therapy Cafe Halloween Fiesta!. $100 to best overall costume. $100 to best Couple costume. Red Lobster...
I didn't want BJ's, Lest didn't want Red Lobster, and Ely didn't want Olive Garden lmfaommggg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
Red Lobster, Endless Shrimp=great reason to go soon~! - love to dip my biscuit into the garlic shrimp butter~ Oh My.
If you love shrimp as much as I love shrimp then you should join me at Red Lobster for Shrimp Fest.
I wonder if it's Endless ShrimpLobster Fest at Red Lobster yet ... πŸ‘€
Var ordered chicken tenders at Red Lobster. πŸ˜‘
Bonefish is pretty much the Red Lobster for white people.
eating shrimp artichoke lobster dip with my shirt off in Red Lobster
Well, wearing high heels to Golden Corral is just uppity. Like, "Red Lobster is closed, so here I am."
Shameless gerbils from outer space 12 am in Red Lobster. Brad Thompson reporting for Farmer's Only Progress Report.
Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, and Little Ceasers got some good *** bread😍
From busboys at Red Lobster to the news business.
could come back to Red Lobster and hook me up with some cheddar biscuits lmao
Plan is to be at Red Lobster, by the Fox River Mall, at 5:00 PM. Show up if you like.
discussing small businesses and government with Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce at Red Lobster.
Classy Yellow Fever Returns to America 6 am in Red Lobster. Dale Smith reporting for Farming News of the Future.
Off to Red Lobster. My final night in the Pacific Northwest!!
From a Sever at IHOP and Red Lobster to Heavyweight Champion of the World from nothing to Champ.
😻😻😻 Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits copycat recipe that tastes πŸ’― times better.
wish I could go to red lobster right na!! Omg πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚
There was hella cops at red lobster because some rachet didn't want to pay her bill!!!
Red lobster sounds kinda dank right now
got some leftover Red Lobster at the crib ima crush when I get home
I was supposed to go to Red Lobster πŸ˜”
lol barely finished my workout a few minutes ago I wasn't going to but I had too after that trash *** red lobster
Red lobster done put me to sleep I'm up and irritated I slept like this
Then he decided to show it to the waiter at Red Lobster. K AFπŸ˜‚πŸ’€
Man that red lobster don't have me feeling right
This is the worst shift that I've ever worked at Red Lobster
No way. Red Lobster is terrible drunk food. No one wants to see cheddar biscuits regurgitated on the floor.
Crooked bubbles washing everything 5 am in Red Lobster. Bruce Blythe reporting for Cows Today news.
It's almost 2am and I want red lobster salad
eating Red Lobster biscuits in bed at 3am because I have lost all sense of what it means to be fully functional adult
Currently eating re heated red lobster lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†
. Obtained in the bathroom of a local Red Lobster
Red lobster trash outside the biscuits
I be asking the same thing about Red Lobster
The red lobster left overs about to get smashed tho
Waverly hills, haunted hotel && red lobster. He was showing out today.
Hunter brought me a full on meal back from Red Lobster with her w/o me even asking. She is literally my favorite person on the whole planet.
The food was nice tonight. Not red lobster nice, but still passable.
Endless shrimp at red lobster right now. Why? Cause we can.
I swear every family in Katy has been coming to Red Lobster these past few weekends
So nobody can top the MOST PERFECT date we had today πŸ’–πŸ‘­ Shopping, tattoo, Red lobster and then the fall fair! 🎠
Shout out to red lobster. Some days it's not my favorite but other days when I make bank it's not so bad.
People need to stop posting pictures of food from Red Lobster like it looks good.
Got kicked out of Red Lobster for ruining another marriage proposal.
oh god that's like an entree at Red Lobster!
Food literally puts me on a high these days. πŸ˜ƒ I feel two wine glasses lit off of endless shrimp from Red Lobster. 😝
Endless shrimp at red lobster ! She said she gone be putting it in her draws πŸ˜‚
never had fish tacos in my life lol.. What'd you get a red lobster ?πŸ˜†
My kid just texted me "We NEED to go to Red Lobster this weekend cuz they have endless shrimp right now" screw your hon…
Woah! This lobster flatbread was amazing. Mayo, herbs, arugula , and shaved red onion…
Still taste those biscuits from red lobster
When your brother brings you biscuits from red lobster.
he was like "babyy I cant call you while I'm driving the company truck, I'll be home soon tho I'm taking you to red lobster" so cute man ☺️😩
So happy it's Endless Shrimp time at Red Lobster. The Pope is truly seeing America at its best.
I had Red Lobster and with my babe and fed her dog addiction buy purchasing some starter stuff! Happy 20th! I love you!😘❀️
Hitting Red Lobster's endless shrimp before it's over!
I want to say load of bread, but it's red so lasagna or lobster claw?
My mom got me red lobster I love that lady
This dog clearly drove itself to red lobster
I am going to red lobster sometime soon and I'm going to make sure of that
Wishing I was at red lobster spending a thousand dollars on food and alcohol again with m 😍
Friendship is when your friends go on a date and bring home some of those biscuits from Red Lobster to eat at midnight πŸ’œ
Chris made a 100 on his statics test. Em got accepted to Disney. And I'm going to Red Lobster shrimp fest. It's a truly perfect day.
I love the cheese bread, the Lobster fest, the Endless Shrimp, Red Lobster sells in grocery stores Cheese Bread mix.
Red Lobster got all you can eat shrimp fest. I gotta get up there
Going to Red Lobster's shrimp fest is easily one of the top 3 greatest decisions I have ever made in my life
Awesome experience at Red Lobster, tonight! Endless shrimp fest + time with Family + the best waitress ever = a fantastic night! ..Satisfied
I should really get on this shrimp fest & this coupon for a free appetizer I got with Red Lobster.
I enjoy Shrimp Fest at Red Lobster! The last time I went, had to be rolled out of there for eating so much shrimp! LOL!
Now that Month is over, I'm going to Red Lobster to enjoy Fest!
Alex on endless shrimp at Red Lobster: "I'm throwing up shrimp tonight."
Shrimp Fest at Red Lobster on a Friday night. 😭😩😰
When will Red Lobster bring back Crab-Fest? I'm itching to go!
I'd wear a wife beater to Red Lobster, it ain't the Black Angus ya know.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If you think Red Lobster has the best cheddar biscuits... You're mistaken because Paula Deens are WAY better
. What would Huckabee say about an Orthodox Jew who went into a Red Lobster and shot people for eating shellfish?
going to Red Lobster Friday and maybe the movies since I'm only the person that hasn't seen Straight outta Compton . Anybody wanna join me?
I want red lobster or Olive Garden πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Chipotle , red lobster rolls , and graeters... Life is good
Weed n red lobster biscuits feelin like Ross
Feasting on these red lobster biscuits coming home from work is everything
From the Red Leprechaun to the Red Lobster in Thousand with Colleen Edgington. What an amazing birthday weekend.
Omg, let's go to Red lobster for dinner.
I want some red lobster biscuits ...and hot sauce
I can't stand red lobster they always taking forever πŸ˜’
Utility needed at Lobster in Albany,NY. Click here for details...
At red lobster my sister "accidently" screamed Joe's crabshack is better and the waiters all heardπŸ’€
My parents hate me enough to go to red lobster while I'm at work, but they don't hate me enough not to order take out to bring home to me.
Red Lobster looking for a Bartender in Memphis,TN
Tried Red Lobster for the first time, ever! Lobster mashed potatoes are my new favorite thing!! 😍
Eating left over red lobster smh I need some food stamps asapπŸ˜‘
I been craving red lobster for like 2 months 😩 lord
After I eat my red lobster left overs my diet will start lol
But this is actually serious now, El Mirador, Red Lobster, Cowiche Canyon, or Second Street? HELP.
Me: Goes to Red Lobster and eats 10 biscuits.
Red Lobster Canada is looking for a in apply now!
Got my red lobster. Got my LIT. got my wax. Got off work early. And 🌟 home early. It's definitely a good day 😁
When ur bff has strep, but takes you to Red Lobster to celebrate your eternal life with Christ 😊😊😊 real mvp.
I got Take-out from Red Lobster waiting on me in my kitchen too πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Had Red Lobster for the first time today 😊
yea ill take her to red lobster THEN NEVER CALL HER AGAIN
Red Lobster looking for a Server in Memphis,TN
Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits are a reason for living! You know they sell a mix, right?
Red Lobster and Olive Garden and ihop and Nicos and Filibertos and Hooters
Won a door prize at my dads company picnic today that's a date for two at red lobster and two movie tickets too bad I don't have a date πŸ˜’πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
Red lobster is always bomb the next day
John legend wife look like the last red lobster biscuit in the basket
Got 20 dollars worth of stuff free at red lobster because alyssa chocked and threw up
Still salty that Matt and Tanner just left me at red lobster all alone
I really wanna go to Red Lobster. Haven't been in so long. 😩😩
Pf changs and red lobster ima get fat 😐
but I will learn the real words to "We didn't start the Fire" Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red Lobster, Cheddar Bay
Did you guys see that Red Lobster and Chuck E Cheese are close together too?
Man let Red Lobster bring back that Endless shrimp. Its a wrap. Again
Thanks, Lynn. We went to Red Lobster. We try to go once or twice a year, especially around Chris's birt…
Alaskan king crab & Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits for dinner @ home
Wade Hampton blvd, opposite the Red Lobster. It's in an old Arbys
Red Lobster is a great place to work ... Wet Willie's is also good .. Or Tsunami's ...
Red Lobster shows us how to crack crabs the right way [VIDEO]
Why does Red Lobster torture us by playing their commercials of delicious looking crab legs at 10:30 pm?
The voice over in this Red Lobster commercial saying "I wanna crack (crab legs) like no one's watching" it sounds like he's saying "crap".
Anybody know Carlos Boozer's @ ? Just saw him at Red Lobster and he said he liked my shirt!
My first day back at my old job Red Lobster
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