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Red Lobster

Red Lobster is an American casual dining restaurant chain that is owned and operated by Darden Restaurants, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

Olive Garden

I'm a cook at Red Lobster. We kill all the "Live Maine Lobster" before we boil it, as per policy.…
Three of these are cat food, and the other a menu item at Red Lobster. Which is which? A. Mariner's Catch, B. Sea C…
Trumpkins who think Squid Pro Quo is a new menu item at Red Lobster are about to learn some Latin! American…
*Red Lobster*. Waiter: you may choose 1 from the tank. Me: TO FIGHT?. Waiter: what? No, to catch and eat. Me: *mumbles* i…
Judy Hopps and Nick go out to Red Lobster. Nick orders oysters. Upon eating one, he realizes he hates them. “This f…
I see Red Lobster approved Scott Baio's request for Tuesday off.
Today my fiance and I are celebrating 6 years together with this past year being engaged. There are 2 more annivers…
I've been sitting here watching the with all these 5 star restaurants and chefs. We are a family of 3…
No idea what I thought was so funny 🤣 @ Red Lobster
Sunday chill. Lobster, red wine and deep house. Blessings on blessings on blessings
And my 20th birthday A mom took me to red lobster 🤷‍♀️
It's gonna get to the point where all I talk about is food. I'm hardcore craving Nashville hot shrimp from Red Lobs…
Red Lobster again before Endless Shrimp is over.or.IHOP? 🤔. DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS. . ARE. YOU. DOWN?!?
Just think Ann,if you hook up with a nice Mexican your children will be able to get a nice t…
*** ..I wish I could spank Ryan hard enough he'd take me to Red Lobster...
Ok guys it's storytime... So today at Red Lobster my friend witnessed a repeat dine n' dash, who once called out b…
Oh yeah, today i ate at red lobster and i think it might be my last. . It really did screw up my day. . But in the…
“You taken her to red lobster? With the cheddar biscuits? If the fam ain’t eatin cheddar biscuits why this random broad…
The boy is really making me feel like I need to take him to Red Lobster. My goodness.
When Isaiah was 12 he ate 40 shirmp scampi at Red Lobster & he is trying to beat it lol
Next thing you know you will be sponsored by Nike and get rich enough to open a red lobster of your own xD
Sitting at red lobster planning our next girls trip and they was mad cause I didn’t eat nothing they was naming 😂
My friend Myles wanted me to let the world go that he can’t go unnoticed in his words “im looking for a boo because im looki…
Why do y'all come into my job on weekends with y'all pissy *** attitudes acting like it's a McDonald's?? It's Red F…
Every one & they mamas & the crabs at red lobster gonna be watching me body all of u 🦀
This stuff cost hella money blood better taste like the old red lobster omm
IM SO FULL red lobster has endless shrimp and i ate so much im Dying
When she’s sleeping peacefully and you just wanna eat it like some red lobster biscuits...
Thoughtful Google starts the apocalypse 6 am in Red Lobster. Leota Thompson reporting for Farmer's Only Progress Report.
im treating myself to Red Lobster tmrw before endless shrines ends 🤗
Pretty much. But after that I went to the to Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Buffalo Wild Wings, IHOP, Dunkin, and Chili's
your mcm liked this. you confront him and he says it’s just a joke. Winter break comes and you see him on snap in the passen…
Thinking Red Lobster tomorrow w/ the gf for our third yr anniversary! So many cheesy biscuits 😍😍
Only went to chili's and red lobster but that was good enough for me for today. Still places during the week coming…
Shidd got her *** fat off that red lobster she aint no vegan,get the COPO started in the parking lot,I be beastin,e…
I'm eating at red lobster rn because i never forgot my roots .
This lobster has been cooked to perfection. You can tell by the bright red color of its shell. Hope they've got ple…
Thinking you don't need sunscreen for a mild-weathered day and coming home as red as a lobster.
It’s sad that I knew this was gonna be a boondocks quote when I️ got to red lobster 😭
What 6 year old you know fav restaurant is Red Lobster? Trey too much
Rap game Ted Koppel in Versace boxers. I valeted the chopper on top of Red Lobster (RiFF RAFF). Who's startin'? (Katy…
Dear Mr. Talking Fried shrimp:. If you get invited to a place like Long John Silver's, Red Lobster or Popeye's.Go anywhere else!
I thought Red Lobster had gone out of business along with Long John Silver
Day 198 of post-grad life: Bisque, don't kill my vibe -Kendrick Lamar at Red Lobster.
When your friend knows you love some Red Lobster's biscuits 😂😂😂
This may shock you guys, but I ate too much at Red Lobster's endless shrimp tonight. I don't feel good any longer
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Check out my tour and experience at the newly renovated restaurant in Virginia! http…
Red Lobster is a restaurant not an adult day care center .
That's where she wrote her book...drinking at Red Lobster.
"Consarn, dag nab, Red Lobster got me drunk, and then I broke my scallywaggin hip! Sue the hor…
Took Maduke to Red Lobster for her bday today ❗️
82-year-old sues Red Lobster over getting drunk and breaking hip -
Who told my weedman to be at Red lobster tf.
My favorite season is endless shrimp at red lobster .
Aging is hard. So is the ground. --> 82-year-old woman sues Red Lobster after getting drunk, breaking hip
Coming to Red Lobster this month, the of Lean In, one by one.
I've been craving buttery seafood for months now but Joes Crab Shack closed down and I'm not down to pay for Red Lobster 😤
Y'all is Michelle Williams having Red Lobster before wedlock?
A Canadian news outlet, a Red Lobster and a fascinating look from Wilkes-Barre at the Trump phenomenon via
I feel like we only had like 3 restaurants in Killeen back in the day. Ryan's, Red Lobster, and El Chico lol
Obviously Cactus Club doesn't know the two *** I double deckered behind the Red Lobster on Calgary Trail during the Cu…
Love the Red Lobster? You will love this dish. Red Lobster Crab Alfredo
I thought I saw your twin brother last night! Were you at Red Lobster in a black Aaron McKie jersey?
Shout out to Pastor E Brian Eure for taking care of my meal at Red Lobster today. Thank you sir.
Yup- fui de lunch a Olive Garden y Red Lobster for dinner.. and I passed my gluten and dairy free 👏🏼
If they keep denying him immunity, Mike Flynn will end up agreeing to testify in exchange for a coupon to Red Lobster.
I am taking you to Red Lobster before I take you to Legal Seafood , its step to dating. Take her to Outback before Ruth Chris
I brought home my leftovers from Red Lobster forgetting I still have stew chicken from the Jamaican spot 😳
the idea of Cameron and BoJo in Red Lobster "bopping along to the music" has made my Friday.
LMAO!! Deadass! *** be wanting you to make Ruth's Chris type steak w. Red Lobster type biscuits in like 20 mins too 😭
indeed it is... and I can't go running at night because I have to pass by Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Canes and Outback Steakhouse..
Being a pack rat has its perks. Yes, I'm a mess, but also yes, I do have the receipt for our Red Lobster dinner this very day 3 years ago.
I can't hear Red Lobster advertising the 'Big Festival of Shrimp' and not think that's it's dangerously close to being an oxymoron.
Relationship status: Laughing at Red Lobster's ad campaign titled, "BIG Festival of Shrimp."
lol no I left. Now I'm sitting at Red Lobster with my White Sox hat to the back.
Every epi, at least once I think about Tim Gunn and Andre go to Red Lobster. lol
Our waiter at Red Lobster sounds like a young Dracula and it's hysterical to me
When you go to the Georgia Aquarium and then crave seafood so you go to Red Lobster
Red Lobster is the IHOP of seafood, yes. BUT, them cheddar bay biscuits forever go.
Most things in life will end up disappointing you. Red Lobster butter bay biscuits are not one of those things.
Dinner tonight at the Lortie / Carano house, copycat Red Lobster biscuits and seafood chowder. Hope family will like
Red Lobster is overpriced for no reason. I got 4 lobster tails at publix a few weeks ago for $23. That's not even the price of one plate
First thing I'm touching when I get back to the states is biscuits from Texas Roadhouse or Red Lobster
2016 started so promisingly. Beyoncé was tryna send my *** to Red Lobster 🔁 now Mike Pence might send my *** to electroshock th…
to try the new Korean BBQ Shrimp at Red Lobster. Who’s coming with me?.
New video added: Mike Carroll and different dishes at Red Lobster -
I wanted to go to sleep/wake up to Touchdown Jesus in the window. Instead, I’ve got to find a Bey because there’s a Red Lobster next door.
Here comes Trump, his high steed, Red Lobster, snapping away. Question, will Trump pinch his way to the White House…
we celebrated my Mom's by going to the Cape May Zoo this weekend. Followed by Red Lobster & cupcakes @ home. Happy Birthday!
didn't used to pal, used to go lobster red on first day then out of action all holiday. Past 4 years I gone like a Greek god
up texting him how much I want Red Lobster.
My mom sent me a red lobster gift card so now I'm getting endless shrimp this is the frickin life man 😍
New collection is now out there, look for the red label!!
Having me think I'm finna eat red lobsteR but it be day old pizza
I have red lobster in the fridge and I'm rly excited to eat it
Breaking bad and red lobster biscuits go together like lamb and tuna fish
[first date]. if i convince this red lobster waitress to end my sad pathetic life can you PLEASE tip her at least 20%
Host/Hostess: Red Lobster - Abilene, TX - Job Overview Do you delight in making l...
I am ready to take you to red lobster in that outfit
Y'all. I finally had red lobster. Now let me tell you how hard it was to put them buscuits down...
Whatever imma just eat my red lobster, drink my wine, watch a lil Netflix, then call it a night
Coarse bubbles washing everything 1 am in Red Lobster. Nick Owen reporting for Cows Today news.
my Red Lobster coupons are all expired
I just ate 3 red lobster biscuits because I have no self control
I really, really want some Red Lobster. Why can't I afford Red Lobster? Someone buy me some Red Lobster.
Bro.David took us to Red Lobster, shopping & now stopped for dessert, he's a good man I tell ya! 🛍💕🍦
Breast Cancer Awareness
Last night my GPS was supposed to be taking me to Red Lobster, but instead took me to a Bait and Tackle Shop.
Waffle House cuz its Trash. So is Red Lobster. Long John Silvers too. Oh...And Joes Crabshack
I want some more crab legs from Red Lobster 😩
looking forward to Red Lobster's crab fest features
My mom thinks that Red Lobster is called the Krusty Crab
I think I just got punted by Red Lobster!!! All I wanted was the Crab fest and the hostess kept hanging up on me!!
Take me to Red Lobster, buy me crab legs and lobster mashed potatoes, I'll love you forever... It's as easy as that❤️😂
I want Red Lobster. Craving some shrimp & crab legs 🤔
It's crab fest at Red Lobster right now. So, do not have sex at Red Lobster.
Just saw an add for more like Crap Shack. Couldn't even hold its place in Albany that only has Red Lobster n Seafood Co.
Red Lobster ads sometime play before I watch your videos and I suddenly crave crab legs.
Red Lobster might have Crab Fest once a year but something something something and then a joke about my crotch.
Just want some crab Alfredo from Red Lobster
I'm tryin to go to Red Lobster's crab fest 👅 🦀
Heard a Red Lobster commercial on youtube a second ago. I could have sworn they said "If you love crack." They actually said "crab".
Submitted photo from of severe weather hovering over the Red Lobster in St. Cloud.
Pokemon Go is killin’ y’all… My niece just fell out down here at the Red Lobster on Taylor Rd…. She tryna catch a Pokemon in 130° weather!
"Then why did Tasha say she saw you leaving Red Lobster-". "Cause Eric & Devin wanted some biscuits so we too-"
16. Crab cakes from Red Lobster. -I love these so much I can eat them all day. -No one else in my family does :(
Trying to figure how the 3 seashells in Demolition Man work. I tried clamshells I'm banned from Red Lobster for life.
Apparently, you can purchase cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster for only $2 for 6 or $4 for 12. Who knew? You're welcome!
Hooters crab legs better than anything Red Lobster or Joe's crab-shack can muster up
Watching on TV and first commercial after Joe Flaherty scene is for Red Lobster. Well played Well played.
Lady'z & Gentlemen's Clubs participated in an etiquette lesson at Red Lobster for last event. Raiders have manners!
I love giving Red Lobster gift cards because they get what they want
I seen a 70 year old man with a man bun at red lobster
Perks of dating a ginge during summer - we can wander round lobster red and freckly together with no judging and plenty of after sun 😂😙
They're playing pocket at red lobster!
I quit red lobster today and my GM begged to stay and that'd he would start training me to be a server. Ig that's how you get what you want.
I bought an empty Tiffany's box on ebay for $10. It certainly jazzed up the $25 Red Lobster gift card I threw in it.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Got this red lobster gift card though 😏
Belting bank holiday weekend all in all. Feeling relaxed to the max and a little bit lobster red. Solid t-shirt tanning.
welcome to red lobster this is haley how may I help you
Why does red lobster after Comiccon sound amazing? ...
the food from Red Lobster isn't the only thing that's A1. the music they keep playing is too 😛
I love celebrating at Red Lobster because it has something for everyone
Red lobster would be so clutch right now 😋
“..on my person, facing the little lobster-red fury of a stove, 94º above; on my person, away from the stove, 10º below 0.”p173
Some little boy just gave me the finger in red lobster
Red lobster is calling my name but everyone is too busy to go with me 😳😳
Scream singing Formation and my dad was trapped in the passenger seat but then I stopped at the red lobster part lmfao
When your family wants to go to red lobster and you're allergic to shellfish
I can’t wait to celebrate at Red Lobster when I have the money!
They call me lobster man cuz I'm so red
I'm a lobster 🦀🦀🦀 I know that's a crab but I'm literally that red! Fml.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I miss my Red Lobster family in Oak Ridge.😭😭😭
My mom n sis went to red lobster w out me & all I asked for was the free biscuit things & they didn't even bring me that
Sit at the pool for a few as a lobster
I bought the sunblock talked about in their videos. 😊 I don't want to be a red lobster this summer. 😧
*** I gots to take you to red lobster now
My feet are as white as a ghost, but my shoulders are as red as a lobster 😑
Don't go to nobody else's formal event looking like red lobster host.
Girl you could take me to Red Lobster and I'd be happy 🦀
Never order the Alaskan King Crab legs at Red Lobster...
who wanna go to Red Lobster with me so I can use this lil gift card 😭
and I are torn between Red Lobster and Olive Garden
Red Lobster has an 8.6 rating on Four Square in Central Florida who are these people why am I here
Interesting, isn't it? Red Lobster has "Shrimp Fest" three times a year, so wouldn't it be fair for so Bathouse...
Ever suck *** for coke bro? Ever get *** in your eye? Let me tell you, it burns. Anyhow, welcome to Red Lobster, I'll…
I laugh when I think of Jay-Z at a Red Lobster cause after years of eating like a king your body would seize up on that…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Can someone take me to Red Lobster before the seafood trio special ends? K thanks.
My dad asked my mom if he could drop us off at Red Lobster for Mother's Day dinner, because he "had to run to Gander Mountain"
more like cheddar bay biscuit from your local Red Lobster
Fave thing about Red Lobster is that it's named after what color the featured menu item becomes after being boiled alive.
Line Cook - Red Lobster (Cincinnati, OH): Job OverviewDo you have a passion for food and doe...
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