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Red Hat Society

The Red Hat Society (RHS) is a social organization originally founded in 1998 in the United States for women age 50 and beyond, but now open to women of all ages.

Happy Friday Red Hatters Bell Island

We were thrilled to host the Red Hat Society today! Such wonderful ladies! We hope you come back soon.
One day I'll be a card carrying member of the Red Hat Society. They know how to have fun.
Yeah yeah 🙄. How long before your Sex & The City lifestyle turns to the Red Hat Society. . Easy does it ol…
The comment section is full of the usual readers, a hate fueled, red faced circle jerk of the deliber…
The "Miss Kitty Texas Stars", a chapter of the Red Hat Society had a lovely Tea today at the home of...
Women from the The Red Hat Society, walking down Sparks st!
I am at & on my tour there's a Red Hat Society group & I am SO INSPIRED
. If you see any sweet women from the Scotia Red Hat Society, give them a nice hug please.
So happy that So B It is coming to FT WORTH. Speaking of older readers, we just received a vote of approval from t…
Red Hat Society. Playing around with them. Should I get them?…
This red and purple overall set with purple denim jacket, red hat and red hat brooch is the perfect outfit for join…
Red hat society, but you have to go to the yarn store with them first.
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: 🌻SALE🌻 Purple Red Hat Ladies Society Bag. via
Are You Making Up for the Sobriety of Your Youth? via
Donald Trump needs the adulation of the crowd in the auditorium, but he would trade every red hat for the regard of Manhattan high society.
Sitting beside her is another red hat lady. Bet they planned this for weeks bc they literally have nothing to contribute to society
Don't forget your cute little hat for meeting of the Red Hat Society tonight!
The Red Hat Society is a play group 😛
We have 812 followers now and only about 23 of them are member's of my mom's Red Hat Society Club.
Our very own BST Red Hatters Group headed out for lunch at Las Canarias today!!!. (The Red Hat Society (RHS) is...
This may be true, but as a member of the Red Hat Society, I can attest that this is not the reason we wear hats. 👒
Enjoy our Thursday special on our bling Red Hat Society rhinestone pin. Regular price $12.99 Special price...
The Red Hat Society is a playgroup for women created to connect like-minded women.
The Gardenside Red Hat Society donated crocheted sleeping mats made from plastic grocery bags for the Orphan Grain…
Wife: So she's part of the Red Hat Society and they're having a big group meeting next week. . Daughter: bingo?
Last week, the lovely ladies of The Red Hat Society stopped by for an afternoon of fun and friendship! We hope you…
The ladies of The Red Hat Society enjoying dinner at Enjoy more barbecue with…
The diner with 6 of her Red Hat Society friends and separate checks.
Actually they're more like the red hat society that me…
Excited to welcome to our show tonight our friends from the RGV Red Rubes with the Red Hat Society to the McAllen...
Red and Purple Hand Woven Fleece Tug Toy for Your Dog | aftcra tugtoy featured in NBC s Science of Love
Its always a fun time with the Red Hat Society Ladies. Thank you for having us host another paint party.
We honor you with this undersized jersey, thank you for pouting in our general direction, oh Supreme Red Hat societ…
Oh the things we find while Spring cleaning the warehouse! Red Hat Society trainees right here!
White Hat faction and the White Dragon Society and the Red Dragon Family and the Leo Zagami Vatican Templar Knights and the
Abbey (sp?) ... I guess as close as we have here are the Kentucky Derby Hats and the Red Hat Society !
Bad enough is president but every time I wear my Heart Society Walkathon Red survivor hat I am mistaken for one of his followers.
Warren, you are an *** and not worth the energy to educate you on why this had to happen…
Theres a group of about a dozen ladies who visit each other's apartments all day and have Red Hat So…
A big thank you to the Red Hat Society the Hat Pin Harlequins of Rosenberg All the supplies will be very useful...
Great lunch today at the Big Chest of Drawers with Raymond Waites, Veronica Neal & the Red Hat Society.
I'm a member of the Red Hat Society.
What about Fido? Get this gentle on the hands, gentle on his/her mouth tug toy for your fur baby.…
The Red Hat Society Store hours have changed. Our new hours are. Monday - Thursday 12 pm - 5 pm eastern time.
The Purple Lilac Ladies of the Red Hat Society of Keene stopped by today to enjoy the current exhibit.
Yep A little flag pin and a red truckercap are what makes a patriot . Add 'Don't pay your taxes to supp…
Come out and join the Red Hat Society – Fantasia in Red , Braces by Dr. Ruth and Tennessee State…
In & in the society is ready to engage in a collective participation.
A special thanks goes out to the ladies of Kankakee’s Red Hat Society who welcomed Team Chasity, listened to our...
Oh Maxine..the only place you should be able to speak at is the ladies Red Hat Society. Nothing but crazy and miss speaks.
Our local artist and the Founding Mother of our Red Hat Society, the Scarlet Ladies of the Valley, has passed...
Red Hat Society- Red Cile form Melbouren gathered for Lunc at Aloha Eatery ...thank you to all the the Red hat Ladies — Smiling
Great piece! is about as tough and scary as the leader of the red hat society.
lack of comfort was just compensated for upon hearing two ladies of the Red Hat Society discussing "dungarees"
People fear ISIS, The Illuminati, and Anonymous but you've never truly experienced fear till you've met the Red Hat Society.
Great performance last weekend for the Red Hat Society!
Show your Red Hat Society pride on your car with our Red Hat Car Bling Decal. Check out all of our other car...
So instead of Skull & Bones, we should worry about the global conspiracy of the Red Hat Society?.
Ennis Center would like to give special thanks to the Red Hat Society - Longtime Lassies chapter for their...
These lovely ladies did a great job representing Dance at the Red Hat Society Charity event.
We are happy to have the beautiful Red Hat Society ladies from Fairfield Glade for a tour of the History Center...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'm giving away something for you on 2 RED ENAMEL PIN RED HAT SOCIETY!. Get it here -
While praying at the Red Hat Society function, I was rocking my jewerly…
Bookmarks for that Red Hat Society lady visit me
Our beautiful friends from the "Red Hat Society" you are never to old to enjoy your 91...
A group of Red Hat Society ladies just sat down next to me at Panera and I am LOVING life.
Check out all my dates from the Red Hat Society gathering at the last night. Glad I could sleep late!
Our uber drivers car is DANKK. Also she's in the red hat society. It's great.
Red Hat Society - Organization of women who meet for tea wearing red hats and purple dresses.
Even during a fire drill, our VIP guests from The Red Hat Society still manage to have fun!!!
great gift for your special lady fried in the Red Hat Society
Help me convince to join the Red Hat Society as a pink hatter!!!
Marvin's was happy to have the Farmington Hills Red Hat Society stop in for some fun today. The woman second from...
What a great group from the Red Hat Society! They toured the Opera House and the Episcopal…
Community Affairs Officer Ken Rudzewick speaks to the Red Hat Society about safe banking
The Red Hat Society ladies are drinking pitchers of margs.
Red Hats, Tea , Bingo and prizes make for a great day!. Thanks to the Red Hat Society today for a wonderful afterno… http…
No end in sight for my ongoing feud with the Red Hat Society
The ladies from the Red Hat Society's Foxy Ladies of Sun City Macdonald Ranch spent a few hours with us cleaning...
Menopause The Musical is the official musical partner of the Red Hat Society and Members receive a special discount.
Start wearing purple! We had a surprise visit on Saturday from The Red Hat Society Norfolk Broads
The new red hat society:). About an hour away fromDonald Trump see rally live on
It can only be the gorgeous Red Hat society ladies and little old me...
What could be more perfect than serenading the beautiful and glamorous ladies of the local Red Hat Society in the...
Oh look, they have their cute chains on. R those purple hats the BLM version of the Red Hat society?
I'd strangle myself with the hose from my husband's CPAP machine before I'd join the Red Hat Society.
Lady Tara's new Red Hat Society tea cup candles. Each one cones with tea charms! The acent is chocolate with a hint of raspberry.
E4Ely - Issue 11 OUT NOW!!. More on the Red Hat Society and much more this week. It's quite a smaller than usual...
Love seeing everyone today at the Red Hat Society Hatquarters office.
Jose joined the red hat society today
It is Red Hat Society Day today. There is nothing better than in this particular hat!
Update your maps at Navteq
Happy Anniversary and thank you to the Ladies of The Red Hat Society for joining us for another successful...
Science tells us that nearly 90% of all "Red Hat Society" ladies have dismembered a former lover in a basement, garage, or shed
I'll bet those Red Hat Society ladies just meet up and do drugs
Hubby - What is the Red Hat Society?. Me - It's kinda like a moose lodge for women. With hats, booze, & off-color jokes and doilies.
Red Hat Society to parade through St Albans city centre
SPOTTED: a group of Red Hatters! The Village Ladies of the Red Hat Society. paid a visit to the Mines…
Fabulous ladies from The Red Hat Society had a lovely time on their cruise & meal
I hope one day we live in a world where old men can join the red hat society
I wanna be in the Red Hat Society when I'm old
Jenn Garner,. It was like this, only with a nanny. Don't you remember college at all?Did you join the Red Hat Society
Charlot's society)There he is with a small black hat , red carnation on the lapel,tuxedo,cane and woe, a life of warm smile.
Getting ready to speak to the Frisco Chapter of the Red Hat Society on "Organizing With a Side of Sanity!" If you...
Red Hat Society Teapot Tea Cozy Handmade One of a by flyingdollar via
Door Beads Red and Purple Tassel Red Hat Society by redhatlady via
It's a sea of Red and Purple at the Red Hat Society High Tea. We're giving a talk about tea!
I think the entire red hat society is in el charros rn
thank you. Because I stood next to MLK's Red Hat Society at Vegas townhall. Can assure you has support1/2
Lot of Snowladies RED HAT Society Christmas decorations - Full read by eBay
Hillary addressed loud and strong today and had the support of MLK Red Hat Society 2 boot!
CSUF's Sue Ellen Cooper talks about her popular Red Hat Society - OCRegister
So glad these beautiful ladies from the MLK Red Hat Society come out for
The women of the MLK Red Hat Society brimming with excitement for
I just got yelled at by a clan of red hat society grandmas for not backing out of a parking spot fast enough
Red Hat Society gathers more than 300 women to Mid-Michigan
We had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies from the 'Red Hat Society', Shrewsbury Bloomers. The Red Hat...
I'm pretty sure I found the organization of my dreams: THE RED HAT SOCIETY! It's all about wearing cute hats and going out and socializing
The ladies of the Red Hat Society are painting Spring's Song. Some are making this a Baltimore…
Gals under 50! The Red Hat Society is a fun, social society. If you are under 50 you wear a Pink Hat! There is a...
White out? We've got a red-and-purple out! Our friends from the Red Hat Society are here for a good time at the...
Check out this week's Red Hat Society Store email newsletter featuring fun accessories for warmer weather!...
Does that Red Hat Society still exist? I'm looking to join.
Oh my god my mother has roped me into joining a non-legit Red Hat Society type thing please help me
Purple hair and pink shoes, he's two thirds of the way to full membership in the Red Hat Society.
Tried to explain the girl board to Nanny, told her it was like The Red Hat Society that she is part of only online. She is so happy for me
I'm giving away: Red Hat Society Eye Glass Holder Pin. Check it out -
Red Hat Society and We Sew Love Quilting Ministry, I love it everyone is smiling.
Are you ready for Red Hat Society Day on April 25th? .
Red Hat Society meetings in your old age
Look like a red hat society meeting without the hats
Look who stopped by The Darke County Welcome Center today! The Red Hat Society from Muncie, Indiana came to...
Reason why menism isn't funny: sexist posts making jokes about how women have up until recently been severely oppressed by every society
Joined the Red Hat Society, today I attended my first meeting Awesome! . Love these ladies... this is going to be fun.
Hmm, I must be mistaken about the Red Hat Society (fouded 1998) bit cuz timing doesn't add up. Sr Honors English Class=in high school, 1993.
ESTATE SALE.1035 Crestridge Dr., Rossville Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 1-4. Lots of items, priced to sell. Tools, hunting items, Red Hat Society items, dishes, collectibles, linen, household items and lots, lots more. Sunday will be 50% off. Help spread the word, please.
The Gator Boys arrive to mass mayhem at a meeting of the Red Hat Society, a group of fashionable ladies, donning red hats. The boys help "uninvite" an unwant...
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Also, because I basically feel like the Red Hat Society is basically Girl Scouts for old ladies who like Jane Austen and being silly.
The ladies from the Red Hat Society joined us for lunch today! Cheers ladies!
Another night of mad panic by the red hat society! Can't wait
Practicing for the future Red Hat Society. Already a pink hatter.
Oh Happy Day, one of our Chapter Gals renewed her membership today. One of our Chapter Gals was given a HUGE RED HAT to put on her golf cart for our parades! AND, the best yet, a New Pink Hat Queen and Chapter will be registered today! And the bestest news of all, it is our Granddaughter and she wants to start a chapter at her college! I love this Red Hat Society sooo much!
Ruby’s Corner Hey there! My name is Ruby RedHat. I’m the official mascot of the Red Hat Society, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my adventures and thoughts with you each month. I like to think I represent the spirit of the little girl who is alive and well inside of each Member of the Red Hat S…
I was listening to last weeks class and got to the part of the Red Hat Society. My husband's great aunt is the President of the Georgia Red Hat Society. I did have a picture of her but cannot seem to find it. I will continue looking.
Waiting for a call back from the Red hat society ♡♡♡ so excited!
The Red Hat Society Ladies are coming today... Get ready for some fun!
Great ! Just what we need, ANOTHER red hat society !
When I get old I would not mind joining the Red Hat Society
I posted a video of my cat and gardened, can I be in the Red Hat Society now?
One month from now, hundreds of ladies from the Red Hat Society will conduct a "Hoot" here! Wanna come? :)
An informal Star Sip will occur on May 29th at Starbucks on South Lakes in Reston, VA at 6:30pm. Individuals interested in learning more about the Red Hat Society and the Star Sisters Chapter are welcome to come by. There is no cost but since we are having this at Starbucks no outside food or beverage please. While you do not need to purchase anything at Starbucks I am sure they would appreciate it! This location is usually very quiet after 6 pm but since it is first come first served seating i am gambling we can easily take over the big table are to gather and chat. No specific agenda. Its a Meet and Great! Come on by. Ask questions... Learn more. Have fun!
I am not into the Red Hat Society, but doesn't mean that Sandy's Sweet Nothings(c) didn't get into the swing with a few things. Check them out from Red Hat bottle aprons or doll aprons to adult aprons, gift bags, potholders to a Red Hat lap quilt...Sandy Erdman, owner...
Just arrived in the gift shop: reproduction vintage hats. Perfect for Golden Days or Red Hat Society!
With her purple collar and red halter for walks, Violet could be a Red Hat Society mascot.
“I wanna find an out of school activity to join🙇” "red hat society" 😳😂
Add a little purple to this and it could be a Red Hat Society cake :)
The Red Hat society are out in force - been here since 930
What happens when I try to study? I end up looking up how to become a member of the Red Hat Society instead. I want to be a Red Hat, y'all.
About your mom's Red Hat Society group photo...mistakes were made. If it makes any difference my monkeybrain is hardly noticeable.
Dude can I be in the red hat society
Red Hat Society we have you colors. @ Hats On…
So embarrassed that I was jumped out of the Red Hat Society. I can't look anyone in the emergency room in the eye.
when driverless cars are approved, the Tin Hat Society will freak out. I'll progam mine to turn right on red in bike boxes.
According to the red hat society website they "enjoy acting silly & childlike while wearing red hats & purple outfits." Someday I will join.
Is there a hat society for women 35+? I'm no where near red hat. I want sexy, fun, naughty hat society. Hit me up.
I would have guessed he was part of the Red Hat Society... Lol
if you're part of The Red Hat Society, then yes =)
Nice Hat you are to young for Red Hat Society.😊
Abby's tabby cat brought into the kitchen a blue-footed booby beak. Befuddling the whole bunch of Red Hat Society women's sensibilities.
Happy Friday! It's time for The Red Hat Society Store's Pinterest pick of the week! We just love this great photo...
Thanks Indian Trail Red Hat Society ladies for taking a station tour today! 1 is a fan of Nick Needham, web producer.
Mother's Day is next Sunday, May 11! Ask for something from The Red Hat Society Store :)...
I belong to a group of Red Hat Society ladies in Cambridge & we LOVE Afternoon Tea !
American Idol is as entertaining as a Red Hat Society Luncheon
Red Hat Society has your chance to see Belle at one of these advance screenings:...
2011 my Nana in "Princess Ann of the Red Hat Society" and complete
The Red Hat Society stopped by The Island last week to enjoy Lunch at Timberwood Grill and some fun! Thanks for...
It's your Thursday sneak peek at new product for the Red Hat Society Store! A new hat, a new visor and a fun...
A Red Hat employee and a Red Hat Society member walk into a bar. Turns out they have a lot in common and it's a love connection.
Omg there's a red hat society meeting today at work I LOVE THESE LITTLE OLD LADIES
Marry a woman who will end up in the Red Hat Society
Elvira this morning:. Can we join the red hat society.. Don't they just get together and gossip? That's what we do now but without the hat...
Happy 1st of May! And overnight we reached our 100,000th order at The Red Hat Society Store! Thanks for being the...
Red hat society at my work consisting of many angry old women
PAZAZZ is coming to town: NEWS RELEASE. RED HAT SOCIETY. *. Ladies have you ever won...
When I'm an old lady, I hope I have a miniatures collection and a membership to the Red Hat Society.
Especially all these really cool school we received Red Hat Society, Relay for Life, Scouting,...
It will make the Ukraine look like a weekly coffee shop meeting of the Red Hat Society.
Check out Red Hat Society Table Runner with 4 Placemats Reversible EUC via Perfect for a red Hat Luncheon
Looking forward to a nice busy day here in Fulfords welcome to the red hat society.
See who gets Chopped tomorrow during the free monthly Red Hat Society celebration at Crestwood Village North.
Why don't my friends know the red hat society. Like who have they been making fun of all their lives???
I'm giving away: Red Hat Society Scarf. Check it out -
I'm so gonna do it. can do it with me after our Red Hat Society meetings
Almost got in an accident with a woman from the Red Hat Society. Would have hurt my chances of joining the crew.
What a *great* tour this morning with members of the Red Hat Society! We saw the Space Station, visited the...
This morning's tour w/Red Hat Lady Society: WIN. They had a lot of great Q's abt the space program & planets!
Update your maps at Navteq
"I mean, we don't know absolutely for sure that the Red Hat society is NOT a human-sacrificing death cult."
Check me out w/ these lovely ladies of Red Hat Society at today's "Golden" (not Older) Atlantans event at City Hall. h…
the red hat ladies (Red Hat Society) are a group of old ladies who get drunk. thinly veiled charity
Tomorrow I give a tour of our space simulator to a group of ladies from the Red Hat Society! I'm so excited!
How very Red Hat Society of her! MT Would you wear purple and red together? Anne Hathaway did-
Red Hat Society I have just met the Bordello Babes Chapter in Winnipeg Art Gallery! All wearing purple that doesn't go.
I wore red and purple today to honor Pat. I don’t know if she belonged to the Red Hat Society, but its principles I found on their website describe my experience with and of her – ‘a legacy of fun, friendship, freedom to express ourselves and a dedication to the fulfillment of our lifelong dreams. We value the importance of promoting the next phase of our lives. There is fun after fifty for women of all walks of life. We believe silliness is the comedy relief of life and, since we are all in it together, we might as well join red-gloved hands and go for the gusto together. Underneath the frivolity, we share a bond of affection, forged by common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes us next.’   Pat was not that much older than me, but enough to be an exemplar and shero to me, of how I wanted to be when I grew up. We started serving on the Murray Grove Board in the same year, 2004, and served together for 6 years until my ministerial preparation just made it too hard for ...
are they the red hat society ladies? I don't really get it either.
"I would look fine on this lovely purple mat doing hot yoga. . Wait, no. . I would turn red & look like the Red Hat Society.".
Red Hat Society jewelry. 2 watches: red band needs to be replaced, the other one has Italian charm band, 3 charm bracelets, 9 lapel pins. $40
Chocolate festival and then a book sale at the library in Rehoboth. Induct me into the Red Hat Society, because I consider that a good day.
Looks like we're in for a noisy lunch, there's a large group of the Red Hat Society here. You would be hard pressed to find more noise than Red Hat ladies gabbing at a tea room. The decibel level on the runway at DFW comes to mind as a comparison.
The "Red Hat Society" has joined us today, love this group! So much fun!
Lex and GG have to do laundry now.she is a member of "the Red Hat society" Teresa across the hall gave her a beautiful straw hat.she's quite the little fashion plate again. Red hat, red shoes LOL
Take two on my excursion to Bell Island today to teach Argentine Tango to the members of the Red Hat Society!!! Winds are still howling, will make for an interesting sail across the ocean, red and purple costume ready to go, and healthy treats still as plenty! Yay for having them packed since yesterday and my son not being able to find them! Love it that my 20 year young man loves healthy in the mix of the "junk & gunk" that he enjoys to eat too! Grateful for sunshine, breath, health, and my tango legs to move my body and inspire others to move! Be silly, laughter is contagious! Hugs everyone! :)
Eek, suddenly realise that when I wear the red beret with any of my (three) purple coats people will think I'm in the Red Hat Society.
I wanted a purple top for the red hat society. Welll I got my hat and decided to do a story book theme on it with alice in wonderland. Its one of my favorite movies and I am not talking about the one with Johnny Depp where it was butchered.
FYI: The Red Hat Society Tea & Talk will now take place @ the Legion tomorrow 2pm-7pm , please spread the word, Thankyou
*** when I wish I had Aqua This would have been Gucci to have one of the Ladies from the Red Hat Society put the glasses and me take a group pic. They said they would have too.Lmfao *** man Smh
I have the Honour of Speaking Tonight at The Bell Island Legion , As part of the Red Hat Society Tea & Talk, Come on out for Tea & delicious Desserts, It's open to the Public, $2.00 Admission, Myself & My Sister, Michelle Marie Doyle will be there to Speak on behalf of violence against women in Conjunction with the Tragic Death of Our Precious Mother, Thank you Linda Hickey for this oppurtunity!
No I mean The White Hat Society" been around long before any GRC RV!
Maybe she is part of the Red Hat Society.
After a good nights sleep last night, I have had a good day today. Went to an early morning doctors appointment with my youngest daughter, Heather, this morning. Thank goodness she is going to an Endocrinologist and hopefully she will get her thyroid straightened out. Had a great lunch with the Southern Jewels Chapter of the Red Hat Society at Travinia's Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar in Greenville. The food was good. The fellowship was good. This is a great group of ladies. We missed those that were not able to attend. 14 of the Southern Jewels signed up today to go to Christmas in July at Fort Jackson. Now at sitting at home and trying to relax. Kinda hard to do because Presley wanted to stay with me while Heather went to get Anna from school. Presley has been a Motor Mouth since she came in. My ears are tired but she is so funny with some of the things she says. She loves to make up stories to tell you and boy does she have an imagination! She is 4 and most stories start out - when I was a littl ...
""Red Hat Society Queens that gather to share ideas and fun to take back to their chapters. ""
Ladies in Georgetown area, the Red Hat Society is forming a new chapter. Come and visit, see what we are about March 15th at 11 am at Georgetown First United Methodist. Women all ages as we will have both red and pink hatters. Contact me for additional information.
This is my latest creation for all of the lovely ladies of the Red Hat Society.
We had lovely Red Hat Society ladies come out and brave the storm to enjoy our Gourmet on Kay food tour! They had...
Fabulous evening last night for the ladies of the red hat society!! Very glad you all enjoyed it - looking forward to seeing you soon x
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much", Helen. I love this quote, it reminds me of the Red Hat Society. Let's all stand together as Supporting Members. Without all Red and Pink Hatter's support we can risk the future of RHS. Hats on!
Red Hat Society luncheon in Plymouth, Indiana... Looking for vendors... PM me if you are interested.
USMC IG CASE NO. 10751 IRISH AND SCOTTISH GUARD HOLY SEE EMBASSY UNITED NATIONS RED HAT SOCIETY INTERVENTION AGAINST HEARST/MANSON CULTISTS MEDIATION TOM WAITS THE BAND LUCINDA THE SONG INTERVENTION FOR VOODOO VERSUS CATHOLICISM "Lucinda" Well, they call me William the Pleaser I sold opium, fireworks and lead Now I'm telling my troubles to strangers When the shadows get long I'll be dead Now, her hair was as black as a bucket of tar Her skin as white as a cuttlefish bone I left Texas to follow Lucinda Now I'll never see heaven or home I made a wish on a sliver of moonlight A sly grin and a bowl full of stars Like a kid who captures a firefly And leaves it only to die in the jar As I kick at the clouds at my hanging As I swing out over the crowd I will search every face for Lucinda's And she will go off with me down to *** I thought I'd broke loose of Lucinda The rain returned and so did the wind I cast this burden on the god that's within me And I'll leave this old world and go free The devil dances insi ...
It's said that true Red Hat Society "Hatters" "walk the walk and talk the talk!" The Blue Ridge Bonnets is a part...
Here's a clue: this screening is filled with ladies who appear to be members of the Red Hat Society.
I think she was hiding from the Red Hat Society. Or the software company.
Time to pull the brim of my red hunting hat over my eyes again...
Be social again! Join a Local Widows support group or Red Hat Society
I just realized that the old ladies in the Red Hat Society rock the BEST pimp looks EVAR
Hee! A very good friend of my moms is in the Red Hat Society and she has a LOT of fun.
From teaching a few sexy dance moves at a Cougar Party this weekend to now preparing for a Tea & Tango with the Red Hat Society on Bell Island this Friday night! WOW, life sure is busy and on purpose and on fire all in one! Full of FUN & PASSION with receiving so much in return! :) I will also be presenting a talk on healthy living before we dance at the Tea & Tango and my journey that led me to cure myself from parasites! Some healthy snacks to share with 100 guests loaded with goodness that is a part of our company REAL DEAL Fitness & Nutrition from the headquarters of DeeDances! I better get in the kitchen and start baking my healthy snacks. And oh, Boogie Breaks just pitched to the Department of Health by a local business owner who saw me at Uptown MoMonday's! Boogie Breaks are gaining popularity quickly here in St. John's. Want to know more about the BB's, message me here or give me a dingle at 728 - 1906. Time to cook to fuel up for Zumba Fitness and a Salsa private dance class tonight! Now that ...
Someday when we're too old to play soccer, we'd like to join the Red Hat Society! These ladies are fun!
♡♥♡ we are so old! But I love you anyway... let's go join the red hat society!
Once, my grandma wore a red hat to a book signing. Some lady asked if she was in the Red Hat Society. G-ma was deeply insulted.
The Red Hat Society is the largest women's play group in the world! It is a global society of women that connects...
The Red Hat Society Travel Guide: Hitting the Road with Confidence, Class, and Style -
'The Red Hat Society’s primary purpose is social interaction and bonding among women.'
Abby's outfit confused me. It was like Biker *** meets the Red Hat Society.
Red Hat Society chapter. We started our chapter 10 years ago! We meet for dinner the second Thurday of each month, 6:00 pm, at different restaurants. We host an annual Red Hat Day party each year. We welcome ladies who want to have fun and make new friends to join us!
Sassy Bodacious Babes Red Hat Society Chapter . Queens Shirley & Vicki and Vice Queens Renee & Ouida welcome you with a big royal wave. Our chapter meets the second and fourth Friday of every month for dinner and fun social events in the Fort Worth and surrounding area in our official Grand Regalia. All members 50 years of age and older will be all dolled up in purple clothing and red hats. Our younger than 50 sisters dress up in lavender attire and pink hats until their big 50th birthday REDuation. We are a divine sisterhood here to make friends, enjoy life and cherish girl time. Membership dues are only $20 a year.
Lol funny thought, I wanna start a red hat society club... Anyone wanna join or know what it is lol
I am definitely going to join the Red Hat Society when I get old 💁
Time for the red hat society reveal party. 😂
Red Hat Society *Lady Butterflies* Had a good time at our meeting today. We took care of business, socialized with one another, ate good and even danced. Cant wait for the next meeting
In 1988, when my life was slightly frentic with one small boy and another on the way, my friend Kim bought this poem and had it framed for me. She told me that this was exactly how the two of us would be when we grew old together. (This was wayyy before there was a Red Hat Society). Sadly, she left us much, much too soon. Many hearts were broken at the loss of this wonderful person. Love and miss you, Kim. When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple by Debra Eve | I am an old woman I shall wear purple With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me. And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter. I shall sit down on the pavement when I’m tired And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells And run my stick along the public railings And make up for the sobriety of my youth. I shall go out in my slippers in the rain And pick flowers in other people’s gardens And learn to spit. You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fa ...
Red hat society..all women over 60 with red hats on..basically a street gang
Does anyone know if there is a Pink/Red Hat Society chapter in Rutherford or Cleveland County?
At "Mom's" restaurant in Pahrump - one half filled with hard-core Harley Davidson riders and the other with "Red Hat Society" ladies!
Off to a Red Hat Society pajama breakfast. Yes I am in pajamas but they look good and not tacky. But then I look tacky in regular stuff.
Check it out red hat society women getting grove on lol
New Red Hat Society tote bag. Has one large zippered pocket on outside, and also one that has velcro. The large inside pocket has a smaller zippered pocket and a little coin holder. $5 in Stilwell. Also posted on "The Finer Things of Life."
Meet Black Singles 300x250
We are proud to showcase these fabulous women - celebrities who are Members of the Red Hat Society!
Very much enjoyed being my sister's guest @ Mountain Quest in Frost, WV today. It was her Red Hat Society luncheon and fundraiser auction, saw 2 ladies I hadn't seen since childhood, was lots of fun!
Back in my wacky hotel. And just found out that this weekend is hosting a Red Hat Society gathering This is a group of woman. Who were boring most of their lives! And gather to wear cheap ugly clothing and dance to YMCA! Wild and wacky.:(
Red Hat Society,,,tango, tea and talk,going to be a great evening of fun, eats, tea, treats and live music, fun,prizes and dance,all for a toonie for admission.
Red Hat Society at the Arboretum started the week off in a special donations to Open Door Mission. The ladies served a delicious lunch then invited the residents of the Arboretum to join them to learn about Open Door Mission. A wonderful way to start the week. ~maggie
We would like to send a heartfelt "Thank You" to Queen of Hearts Maribeth of the Hancock Rubies With Hattitude Chapter. She is a fabulous Ambassador who accepted the task of attending the Winter's Tale press junket in New York City as an official representative of the Red Hat Society this past weekend. She received the VIP treatment as she interviewed the stars of the film in true RHS style. Thanks, Maribeth! We can hardly wait to see and share the footage!
Pull out your calendars, ladies! Our Save the Date page has been updated with all of the important dates and activities coming up in the Sisterhood. You can find this page on the Red Hat Society's website under the Events tab. We have also linked it here in this post for your convenience.
At my 1st clogging expedition for the Red Hat Society
Does anyone know somebody that would like to purchase a box of new (in the bag) Red Hat Society night shirts? They are a great deal at the Ramona Food and Clothes Closet Thrift Store at 8th and Main.
asking for prayers for my mom today. her best friend of 40+ years ellie pfitzer, passed away last night. we were all going to her place today for our first Red Hat Society party and we were all excited about it. ellie had prepared the entire menu and had all the food prepared. she was looking forward to this time, i only wish we could have had this one last time to share with her. we will all miss you ellie, let's just say, "we'll see you later". i love you and always will.
Every heard of the Red Hat Society? Lots of our customer are proud members of this group that like to dress in...
Sharing this from one of my Red Hat Society friends. Looks like a good idea, I usually just throw those stalks away. I'm gonna have 2 try this!
Those old ladies I held the door for are a part of the illustrious Red Hat Society which is weird because one of them had a purple hat
Fox & Weeks is privileged to serve the family and loved ones of Marie Carr Hall, 86, who died January 20 at Savannah Cottage. She was born in 1927 to the late Leland B. and Mary Carr. Marie was a member of the Lutheran Church of The Redeemer and the Red Hat Society, and also alongside her husband was very active in the Shriners. She was preceded in death by her husband, Okol E. Hall. She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law, Leland "Tom" and Kathy Hall, of Cumming, GA, two grandchildren, Stephanie Kitchen and her husband Ben, and Natalie Brook Hall, and also five great-grandchildren. The Funeral Service will be at 10 am on Wednesday in the Fox & Weeks Islands Chapel. Burial will follow in Hillcrest Abbey Memorial Park. Remembrances may be made to Magnolia Manor or the Alzheimer's Association. Please click the link to send flowers and sign the online guest book.
please join us as we salute the sisters of the International Red Hat Society. call 938-0130 or 902-6150 for tickets
7 of the Sassy Simi Sisters attended yesterday and had a great time. Thank you Red Hat Society and Disneyland for the park hopper pass!
Ive decided at some point in life Im gonna join the red hat society. I love those ladies!
Interesting visit yesterday with my Red Hat Society ladies to the Florida homestead of Pulitzer prize winning author of books and poetry Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. She won the prize in '38 for "The Yearling". There in her Cross Creek cabin, sitting on the screened porch of the old *** style Florida home typing on her typewriter, she wrote in "Cross Creek" the last lines, "It seems to me that the earth may be borrowed but not bought. It may be used but not owned. It gives itself in response to love and tending, offers its seasonal flowering and fruiting. But we are tenants and not possessors, lovers and not, masters. Cross Creek belongs to the wind and the rain, to the sun and the seasons, to the secrecy of seed, and beyond all, to time." The small farm and cabin was visited by many of her contemporaries -- among them, famous writers Frost and Wolfe, and her publisher Charles Scribner Sons, and her mentor Maxwell Perkins (who also edited for Fitzgerald and Hemingway). This small historic state park was ...
This year's marathon drew more than 15,000 runners that began the 13-mile run at 5am in staggered starts in Downtown Disney, around the theme parks and back. Some 580 ladies of our Red Hat Society from as far away as Alaska cheered on the runners at the six-mile mark until the end of the run at 7:30am! (Jan. 19, 2014)
Off to enjoy the game and bowling with my Red Hat Society family... Since I'm under age 50, I'm a Pink…
I favorited on red hat society, vjse group team, ecochic team, vintage earrings, vin...
loved the cheering ladies of the Red Hat Society!
Mike 6 And a sea of red and purple with the Red Hat Society. @ Disneyland Hotel
I'm at the Disneyland Tinker Bell Run 3:15am with the Red Hat Society
I think of this book series every time I see the red hat society because of the colors.
Deepest condolences to the Tucker family on the passing of Helen. A great friend and the grand dame of the Havelock Red Hat Society.
I bought that one for the Red Hat Society. I'll just hose it down and wear it anyway. Or add it to my Becca shrine.
Laura is ready to join the Red Hat Society.
CBS Evening News with Katie Couric visits the Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society for an upclose and personal look at the Society and how it has impacted the ...
The red hat society ladies are hardcore
I swear the red hat society is like a sorority for old people.
Well the "crud" has gotten the best of me. Fever, chills, joint aches plus cough. Had to cancel my hair appt that I made 3 months ago and Cowboy Jack's with the Lady-Bugs Red Hat Society Chapter. Bummer.
Not an ounce of sports... I'm drunk. I have to be. This is a gym not a red hat society meeting place.
My mother and I wearing my grandma's hats from when she was in the Red Hat Society lol
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