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Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf is a British comedy franchise which primarily comprises eight series (plus a ninth smaller series named Back To Earth) of a television science fiction sitcom that aired on BBC Two between 1988 and 1999 and Dave from 2009–present.

Robert Llewellyn Chris Barrie Craig Charles Arnold Rimmer Danny John Jules Norman Lovett Dave Lister Doug Naylor Black Adder Hattie Hayridge Rob Grant Monty Python Black Books Ava Vidal Father Ted

Tonight sees the return of TWO series which saw axisVFX work its VFX magic. Tune into Red Dwarf XII and Zapped on from 9pm.
I may be wrong, but isn’t ep 2 of Red Dwarf XII meant to be n UKTV play app today? :’(
Tonight's the night. looking forward to it. Trouble is Red Dwarf is on Dave. which one goes on +1. 😱
Sharing this on the Red Dwarf group... Does it scream 'Tea Cakes!"
11 things you probably don't know about Red Dwarf
Is it just me that is excited about Red Dwarf being back on TV?
Get your free 'Leopard Lager' here in today to celebrate the new series of Red Dwarf
The new series of Red Dwarf is on Dave tonight, might be worth a watch.
As long as I can switch over after it to Dave ja vu for Red Dwarf and Zapped as well to complete the comedy marathon.😊
Hilarious song mash up of Red Dwarf clips is everything you need today
just watched you on Red Dwarf and you where fantastic very funny 👍
Also I made some new pals. Points if you know why the pic on the left reminds me of a Red Dwarf episode... https…
UKTV Play makes the Red Dwarf series launch a bit of a fumble, doesn't it? The big push is for today but for some people it's a week old.
Red Dwarf's Leopard Lager becomes a reality … and here’s how to get a free pint
12th of October: Things to remember: Order a curry, put toilet paper in fridge, WATCH BRAND NEW RED DWARF 9pm on Dave!!
Dwarf planet Haumea just got stranger! Egg-shaped, super-fast rotating, a huge red spot, two moons, and now a RING. https:…
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Awesome .. brand new series of Red Dwarf starts tonight on Dave at 9pm .. 🙂🚀
"I got to play guitar with Hitler". Red Dwarf XII starts on on Thursday. Cast interview:
To celebrate the release of we look at the shows Top5 Special guest stars -
Red Dwarf theme song supercut you've got to watch this. Amazing!
Any one know what time Red Dwarf XII episode 2 is up on UKTVPlay?
I liked a video The Red Dwarf Slideshow on the Commodore Amiga (AGA)
Oh no... Red Dwarf. Please keep this secret from my other half :-/
I added a video to a playlist Red Dwarf Series 1 - Worst to Best
Steptoe & Son in space: how Red Dwarf became a comedy classic via
If you want (no pressure) you can vote for Red Dwarf on the National TV Awards. We never win but you never know.
I've watched a dozen episodes of Death in Paradise and I've only just realized that the senior police officer is Cat from Red Dwarf
Iron Chef, Red Dwarf, and Agatha Christie's Poirot are the three shows that were always on and defined my TV watching habits.
Going to a festival tomorrow dressed as Dave Lister from Red Dwarf for a few days. Going to be epic! Will post photos here. :)
He reminds me of the guy who plays Dave Lister's Confidence in Red Dwarf. 'King, you can do anything!'
I'm rather hoping that the cat from Red Dwarf will be included in a series of diverse…
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Looks a bit like the Captain from Red Dwarf
Give me Red Dwarf, Spaced, Black Books, IT Crowd, Black Adder, etc any day.
Whats amazing is that Im recognized all over the world through Red Dwarf. British fans are exceptional, but the American fans
What on earth have you done Red Dwarf (have assigned you a code name).
Better than The Brittas Denise Van Outen has made a guest appearance in Red Dwarf, as an expert of her own reflection.
Robert Llewellyn best known as the mechanoid Kryten in Red Dwarf, is a huge enthusiast of renewable technologies.
Robert Llewellyn might be best known as Kryten in "Red Dwarf", or the presenter of the "Scrapheap Challenge" .
This new Ken Loach ep of Red Dwarf is so bleak.
He's just a very big Red Dwarf fan, this is Arnold Rimmer trying to regain his composition…
Oh, with Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf. I got ya. He was a blast.
It's like the old Red Dwarf joke: Arnold Rimmer BSc (basic swimming certificate)
got a pretty good line up for a comiccon outside London - Arthur Darvill is next to her, both Holly's from Red Dwarf
Playing at Red Dwarf studios our next show is Hangover Fest in Brooklyn NY
Like the new Red Dwarf. And old Red Dwarf, come to think of it...
if you llike Douglas Adams' brand of comedy sci-fi, you might like the Red Dwarf novels. I particularly liked the first two novels
It would've fit. And you'd have had the closest thing to Red Dwarf in videogame form this side of Space Quest. :3
I have a great idea: Father Dougal Maguire, The Cat from Red Dwarf and the lodger from Rising Damp solve crimes in Jamaica... oh wait..
im rewatching all of Red Dwarf and one thing I did not appreciate as much when I was younger was how good Craig Charles really is.
6Music, Radio 2, live show in Rotherham, Red Dwarf box set & now the Gadget Show. My Craig Charles quota has been well & truly filled.
Craig Charles hopes Red Dwarf crew can make space for arena tour
No you're at a wedding with an Elvis tribute that looks like Cat from Red Dwarf
legend David Prowse and Red Dwarf star Danny John-Jules will be in Burton in the New Year!
Ron Pember (the UKs Lee van Cleef lookalikey) is in Land That Time Forgot. A great character actor who is in everything inc Red Dwarf
I did like DS9 and TNG, but always loved Red Dwarf lol. Probably more books like Arthur C Clarke and Asimov tbh xx
yeah I did a Panel on the show Red Dwarf and one of the stars Skype in and he was promised a copy and was screwed to!
Tickets to Red Dwarf con have been purchased :D
Create your own Red Dwarf Talkie Toaster replica -
Does anyone know what Red Dwarf is? The new Chris Pratt movie Passengers reminds me of the classic UK sitcom so much.
Tried to have an early night & I get the heartburn from *** red dwarf & something that looks unicorn sperm to hel…
OMG! I had every episode on VHS tape! Friend from Wales introduced me to Red Dwarf. Huge fan!
Watching the latest season of one of my favorite shows! — watching Red Dwarf XI
And thus continues my habbit of naming my pokemon trainers after Red Dwarf characters. Say hello, Yvonne McGruder.
If you subscribe to my other theory, Battlestar Galactica links it ALL to to Red Dwarf:
Sat singing along to the Red Dwarf end credits song. I don't get invited to many parties but based on that fact I think I should be.
Don't forget, tickets go on sale at 11am tomorrow morning!
Just purchased from the Square Penguin Shop! >> Red Dwarf- Badge or Fridge Magnet - Smeee Heee - Kryten - Quot…
Just awesome!! at cleethorpes with and the red dwarf gang ... lovely people, made the kid…
Given that God is infinite, and that the universe i... — No, but your enthusiasm for Red Dwarf wins my approval
"Kazat boond finleck bilad," says the dwarf automatron, as the sensor turns red again. Last time, it aggroed an iron golem O_O
Just watched the best episode of yet; up there with Red Dwarf at its most witty, clever & irreverent. Worth a watch if you can.
I liked a video from Red Dwarf: Starbug - Spacedock
Added to LCON video library: Red Dwarf Series XI, Series XII due out next year! YAY!
ha. Did you go to to meet the Red Dwarf cast ?
To conservatives stuck in 1980s nostalgia,. memba Scarface? memba Dukes of Hazza? memba Red Dwarf? ooo that was fantastic!🍇.
One was called "Angel Dwarf Brew" and the other "100 Red Dram. I found them at a settlement at the bottom of a hill.-
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Zombies and Superheroes join Red Dwarf star at Cleethorpes Comic Con - Grimsby Telegraph
Oh l think l remember that one.. funny red dwarf. The comedy stuff they make now is so poor in quality
Red Dwarf shirt design Check out more at BOT Apparel
he brought Red Dwarf and Doctor Who as well.
Met the cat from red dwarf today. One very excited husband and he was so sweet with my two girls.
Red Dwarf (Future Echoes): When Rimmer runs to Lister after Lister unsuccessfully orders a black coffee, the camera tilts.
I want to buy RimWorld but I'm not sure I could play it without the Red Dwarf Munchkin Song repeating in my head
Anyone remember that Red Dwarf episode, "Better than Life"?. Kinda feeling like Rimmer...
Some of the stars of Red Dwarf will join other celebrities from the world of science fiction in Cleethorpes today for ComicCon
New hologram for new Red Dwarf series.
Hologram for next series of Red Dwarf.
Last year I decided to do the theme in the style of a advert...It's that time again!
Watched the first season of Red Dwarf earlier. This show is so weird. but that's cool!!
Seriously, you've never seen any Red Dwarf? 💢
girl booties shoes boots Dwarf Red white baby
Since first thinking "it's cold outside", I can't get the Red Dwarf theme out of my head. Clearly Howard Goodall knew what he was doing...
This universe is mere 13.8 billion years old and not even a single red dwarf is known to have died so far ..
the music reminds me of Red Dwarf. Did that show have a Christmas special? It must have...
I added a video to a playlist CRYSTAL RED SHRIMP and BABIES freshwater dwarf shrimps
Click here to support Crow Creek Spirit Riders by Mason Red Wing
He reminds me of that talking toaster with the existential crisis from Red Dwarf: 'I toast, therefore I am'
I thought it was rimmer from red dwarf on turns out it's only Chris Sutton
Going on leave on Monday and the first thing I'm doing is binge watching Red Dwarf 😎
Would Red Dwarf Xmas special be on cards? Would be gd 2 see xmas in deep space!
i never knew Jonny Lee Miller was in Red Dwarf.
yes: with shows as various as Python, Father Ted or Red Dwarf you can see the influences, but married to an original approach
Thank goodness for Netflix. Today I am resting my stupid back, binge watching Red Dwarf and knitting a sock. Someone bring me a cuppa?
You only hate that documentary because Iain Lee hates Red Dwarf etc.
Red Dwarf: 11 Episodes That Never Made It To Air: With the crimson short one back our scree... Obsessed With Film
“There is canon Mpreg before that arc of Red Dwarf. It was a dream sequence, technically, but in the 80s... it was... T…
wanted to tell you my teacher Jason Libby plays Red Dwarf for our class in interpersonal communication class. Love your work
Paul Nicholls in Shawshank Redemption last night at Curve. Watching Babylon 5 and Red Dwarf tonight. It's like the '90's all over again!
Red Dwarf stars that are low in mass can burn continually for up to 10 trillion years. Vote Good Mythical Morning for the…
On that subject, Twentica was a great episode. I mean, some jokes went on for too long, but I'm just happy to see new Red Dwarf again.
I had the privilege of meeting Doug Naylor a few years ago and talked to him about the future of Red Dwarf after series 8.
Red Dwarf creator Doug Naylor says episode 2 is ‘very different’ to the original script
Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor is here! But I didn't photograph him as it seemed weird so here's a shot of Starbu…
If Star Trek can return to TV, why not Red Dwarf? 28 years later, your wish has been granted!
just realised that the Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary cinema broadcast is the same night as the Red Dwarf screening at the Prince Charles.
RelNews: Here's how you can see the new Red Dwarf episodes first -Digital Spy-
And the next match it's Goth vs Robot, as we see Robert Smith of The Cure Battle Robert Llewellyn, Kryten from Red Dwarf! ACTIVATE!!!
Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn has put the show’s longevity down to the quality of the scripts and the fact they...
Well thats a life goal achieved. I just said hello to Robert Llewellyn aka Kryten from Red Dwarf. He was wearing a brown waistcoat.
Chris Barrie in this Red Dwarf scene could just as well be PM Corbyn.
Love Chris Barrie. Such a great actor. Grew up with Red Dwarf and still re-watch now
Looking forward to getting my Red Dwarf boxset signed by , Chris Barrie & Hattie Hayridge at Sunday
Something light and funny: Red Dwarf novelisations or The Brentford Triangle by Robert Rankin.
Red Dwarf is always a good choice. My really bad days call for Black Adder. ;-)
OTOH I've been revisiting "Red Dwarf" the "Rob Grant" years are faultless though S10 hasn't held up as well sadly
-- I didn't even notice, lol Grew up watching the BBC (Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, Monty Python, etc) so it's not weird to me XD
Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf and Spaced. You can keep all other sit coms :p
didn't Dave Lister sing this on Red Dwarf? 😜
Holy moly!!! Chris Barrie is gonna be at this weekend! I must add him to my Red Dwarf autographs!! x
I'm looking good my shadows looking good ... Red Dwarf Lego - Red Dwarf - British Comedy Guide
Oooh is Hollie from Red Dwarf gonna cameo too?
Dale Winton's face looks like Crichton's from Red Dwarf .
Surely both are trumped by Robert Llewellyn as Kryten in Red Dwarf.
Red Dwarf legend and Death in Paradise star Danny John-Jules is a very happy Lexmoto Milano 125cc owner! Do we...
Sudden realisation why Arnold Rimmer's name is so demeaning almost a decade after first watching Red Dwarf. I was a sweet, innocent child.
As if Craig Charles is at still secretly fancy him every time I watch Red Dwarf ://
In some photos, Jeremy Hunt reminds me of "Red Dwarf's" Arnold Rimmer in scenes where he's acting smugly self satisfied.
That Neil Doncaster is a right odd looking creature. Reminds me of Kryten from Red Dwarf.
I once went to a comic con where Dave Prowse was charging and Craig Charles and Chris Barrie off Red Dwarf weren't.
the Red Dwarf audiobooks are all read by Chris Barrie (Rimmer) and his impersonations are PERFECT!
I'd never twigged that the intro to Carter USM's You Fat *** was Chris Barrie on Red Dwarf. Gobsmacked.
We rewatched all of Red Dwarf with the kids recently, and I really was surprised how well it held up. A classic British comedy.
Guys. Guys. Guys she's applying to volunteer for the Samaritans. Guys I'm living in a Red Dwarf joke irl. Please god they see through her.
honestly US, did you learn nothing from Life on Mars/Spaced/Red Dwarf/The IT Crowd/etc? you have to defile Dirk Gently and now Misfits too?
Red dwarf kept me entertained as teen and well into my 20's. Brilliant show.
People might take it the wrong way! Red Dwarf is my favourite comedy ever. I've seen every episode *multiple* times.
hmmm.. all of my cherry red dwarf shrimps are gone.. and my 5 tetra neons tinggal sekor je T.T wak de hek happened to me tank!
The Milky Way's red dwarf stars have been mapped for the very first time >>
Incidentally, Red Dwarf was setting stuff at Canary Wharf way before it was cool.
Intelligent life might be orbiting red dwarf stars; SETI expands search
Red dwarf seen stripping atmosphere from Neptune-sized exoplanet
What? They've made a film about Red Dwarf? ;-)
SETI turns focus to 20,000 red dwarf stars...
Magic frequencies may hold clue to aliens
12 things you never knew about Red Dwarf via
Watching first ep of s10 of Red Dwarf. Glad its got that old style humour
Did not remember Jenny Agutter or Timothy spall in red dwarf, rewatching things is always enjoyable.
This film that will make you wish you dreamt of electric sheep!
Been to that services, very nice it is too. at least it is not pissing down.
Dress rehearsal backstage selfie or how to make yourself look like Holly from Red Dwarf.…
Red Dwarf? Finally I know someone who might get my Silicon Heaven references :/
Hi Kids! Getting away from the music talk a moment. Scientists have postulated that there is a dwarf red star and giant planet in our system
Are you going for a reprise role in the new Red Dwarf & when are you getting a Doctor Who role? Get the Band back together!
SETI targets Red Dwarf stars in search for extra-terrestrial life.
I thought the Rouge One was a nickname for Red Dwarf
My friend at made me this Red Dwarf shirt! You can get yours here!
Update your maps at Navteq
okay so, I'm gonna put it out there. gender-flipped Red Dwarf already has an in-story justification from the very first series.
Study reveals planets that orbit red dwarf stars could sustain life | Inhabitat
Our Prime Minister has been stealing from us. It's very important that he resigns.
~5 billion years from now, Sun will expand into Red Giant, then shrink down to White Dwarf.
SETI is going to search for ancient aliens around 20,000 red dward stars
Shooting Red Dwarf for the sometime in the late 1980s. Well before rehab.
Just been reminded of the infamous "brown dwarf" review of Red Dwarf. Hilary Kingsley, the Daily Mirror, Feb 1988.
Chris Barrie to tour + Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules reveal more new Red Dwarf secrets
Just met Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf. Awesome dudes, the both of 'em!
Just remembered we were out with Rimmer from Red Dwarf and Chris Moyles last night.
why is it that one of the cover photos for Red Dwarf is from S10 yet you don't have S10 on Netflix? Had hoped you'd have it
When life was extremely hard years ago, there were days Red Dwarf was the only thing that restored my sanity & peace of mind
OMG, how did you know that's one of my favorite shows of all time? Got any good Red Dwarf or Blackadder gifs too? ♥
You know, sometimes have a stasis room like in Red Dwarf would be marvellous.
Much of Red Dwarf felt the same way, and that worked out alright. ;)
This also explains why everything after series 6 of Red Dwarf has been utter garbage.
Well, AdventureSoft did seem to have a soft spot for Red Dwarf (Robert Llewellyn in Feeble Files).
I'd believe that. Shame he's not in more stuff then beating Red Dwarf with a stick.
Yeah, The first time I saw Red Dwarf I was amazed that Mr Brittas was in it. ;p
He became far better known for The Brittas Empire than Red Dwarf in the early 90s.
Red Dwarf's talking toaster is beginning to feel like a good idea somehow.
Man I really need to go back and re-watch Red Dwarf.
I'm most inclined to series 3 onwards but I like the Red Dwarf remastered theme which combines the two. :)
Dave King is making more promises to UEFA saying how much money he is going to invest, more robbing of childrens inheritance
Some people naming their RPG characters, go to Random Name Generators or fantasy novels. My dwarf will be from the Dictionary of Geology.
Red Dwarf (Blue): When Lister and Rimmer are playing golf, Kryten is holding the golf bags in his hands. In the next shot they are gone.
It's official, Red Dwarf's skipper will race the Bol d'Or Mirabaud for the second year in a row
can you please tell me who you bought the red dwarf audio books through? Cheers
thx for the follow. Ur trailer looks fun. Red Dwarf fans by chance? If ur film is Canadian check out 4 support
Join birthday projects for Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn
and the sun will consume the earth as it becomes a red giant, then shrink down to a white dwarf. which it will stay as for a TRILLION years.
If God had intended man to fly- He would not have invented Spanish Air Traffic Control — Lister- in the BBC TV series- 'Red Dwarf'
Red Dwarf series 5 was all about "Chris Barrie has nice legs, lets get his kit off" wasn't it?!
TOMORROW NIGHT. Don't miss this one if you are in Oxfordshire!. Red Dwarf star Norman Lovett plus top stand-up TV...
28 years since Red Dwarf debuted. And Chris Barrie still looks just a day over 60
The first major change you will notice is that Red Dwarf star Craig Charles started hosting it.
currently watching Red Dwarf. Also played some Rise of the Tomb Raider.
Place in one apartment: Mrs. Benson (iCarly), Rimmer (Red Dwarf), and Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory). What could possibly go wrong?
Man on the left reminds me of Chris Barrie from Red Dwarf. In a good way!
Includes an Asylum film, and a short with Rod Steiger directed by the fake "Back to Reality" Lister in Red Dwarf
Incidentally which of YOUR roles would you rather be described as 'Red Dwarf's 'Death in Paradise's 'Bucky's 'Maid Marion's'
Is it just me or does Wilfred Zaha now look like Dwayne Dibbley from Red Dwarf?
I lost a friend in 8th grade because he decided to destroy my 6 hour Red Dwarf tape while dancing Hava Nagila.
I love funny books! If you can find anything by Rob Grant too. He co-wrote 'Red Dwarf'. His books are SO funny.
Other Space: One part Red Dwarf, one part Lexx, A dash of Better Off Ted, and a pinch of Community.
domain names
. So many years of Red Dwarf wasted on the world.
First incredible revelation of 2016: Ed from Toast of London is also Todhunter from Red Dwarf.
it kept Red Dwarf out of the top ten, how does that work?
Is Jamie Oliver styling himself on Red Dwarf's Cat? . soon be
I remember Norman Lovett slagging off Ronnie Corbett and Sorry! at a Red Dwarf convention. Bellend.
Proxima Centauri will be around for 4 trillion years and is a red dwarf star
I working of the Red Dwarf episode Backwards
Wow, Hard light Holograms! Who knew Red Dwarf was so ahead of the curve?
You have Flash and I am watching Red Dwarf. 2016 is good so far.
I liked a video Arnold Rimmer song (Red Dwarf )
quite right! I'm watching Red Dwarf and eating toblerone which I think starts the year off at the right pace 😄
start the year as you mean to go on lol — watching Red Dwarf X
"Red Dwarf series IV" is a quarter of a century as of now! Weird, no? (Happy New Year!)
Dwarf Nandina as red as I've seen. Must have something to do with 30 inches of rain...
Definitely the Red Dwarf one, then would I be excited for VR.
gotta agree here. definitely the immersive reality of the Red Dwarf!
Brown dwarfs Teide 1, Gliese 229B, and WISE 1828+2650 compared to red dwarf Gliese 229A, Jupiter and our Sun
Wow, first time I've seen this! Did you see the American Red Dwarf? I think they may have just done a pilot, cant remember.
Bet the Red Dwarf Cat could do better
Big shows can have cult followings. Red Dwarf is one that springs to mind...
Contouring, I get. What's with the Kryton from Red Dwarf look?? Chill with the highlighter and SMILE!
Yep, every single season of Red Dwarf... Too bad they never made a series 9 ;)
😂😂😂 he always reminded me of Kryton from Red Dwarf 😂😂😂
your supply blimp looks like the red dwarf. I approve.
Happy new year from the JMC Red Dwarf
Gimli(11 dwarf berserker) was scorched to death by a red crystal on Old Forest 1.
In Pikmin 1, the spots on the backs of Grub-dogs change size, and analogously, those on the back of Dwarf Red Bulborbs are static.
Happy New Year Danny... All the best for 2016 and good luck with Red Dwarf
Read on a Dunedin website tonight the sun will become a red dwarf. Suggest site owners visit planetarium for science lesson…
this isn't Dwarf Fortress. I was lied to.
Wasn't there one in Red Dwarf or something?
Not saying I've had too much to drink. Just saying maybe Red Dwarf Season 7 wasnt that bad.
Yah! Red Dwarf is an okay comedy show. British! If you can find it, it's worth a try.
Mental night great people, now 5am and red dwarf and bed
The Red Dwarf Marathon is landing at KBTC this coming Saturday starting at 12:30p on
Red dwarf star that shoots out extremely. powerful solar flares.
Red Dwarf is a lot more clever than some people think.
It may well have been asked loads, but do you have a favourite Red Dwarf episode?
Don't miss our Act of the Year Patrick Monahan, TV regular Ava Vidal and deadpan 'Red Dwarf' star Norman Lovett!...
Don't miss Act of the Year Patrick Monahan, Live at the Apollo's Ava Vidal and Red Dwarf's Norman Lovett in...
RedGreen Show, Red Dwarf, Mr. Bean, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Black Adder...those were a big part of my life growing up.
Shoutout to the busker at the seabus terminal singing the red dwarf theme.
Rather apt for my campaign / shop The Red Dwarf crew have joined in, will you ?
I have now been paid to write about Red Dwarf, Vonnegut, and Hitchhiker's Guide radio show though.
YES!! Got a standby ticket for tomorrow's filming of Red Dwarf at Pinewood!!! 😁 Gonna get there very early!
The standby ticket link for tomorrow’s Red Dwarf: Pls only apply if you are willing to risk travelling on standby!
Standby tickets for tomorrow's Red Dwarf coming up. Remember you MUST have a standby ticket to get into Pinewood, pls DON'T travel w/o one.
So will the contraflow be lifted because this has just made the 'alternative' Kincardine a lot more congested.
The Nuggets commentary sounding more and more like the male Holly from Red Dwarf
Think you're right. Yesterday they hoped wld b removed by middle of day. Even a holding message wld help
*gasp* Man-creature! My wicked spear will rip you a new one and cascade with red! . -Grognar Dwarf-cutter
The silence tells me to expect bad news.
Out of all the TV shows Red Dwarf will always be my favourite program. I've loved it since the start in the 80s..
!!! He's right, what am I doing with my life? A woman running a Red Dwarf fan club acct and organising conventions? SILLY ME! >:-(
Thank god i've got someone in my life that can mansplain to me how Red Dwarf is a show for M E N that women won't like.
Oh balls it's Everitt isn't it, I thought it was rimmer in the wax world episode of red dwarf
This is an SOS distress call from the mining ship Red Dwarf please follow this wonderful person
Ladies and gentleman. And welcome to (A Red Dwarf themed follow mention.)
We hope to have further news on way forward later today
Is it likely to be contraflow for the forseeable future.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kepler-438b is being irradiated by its superflaring Red Dwarf star
.I'm now thinking that *** in Red Dwarf was product placement!
New red dwarf series to be aired in 2016
alright well uh we're currently stuck watching Red Dwarf but I think we'll head off soon
Blue skies and Red Water Ice on Pluto: NASA New Horizons probe spots ‘gorgeous’ vistas on icy...
This is your reminder that Danny John-Jules was in Red Dwarf as the Cat, Little Shop of Horrors as a doo *** guy, and Labyrinth as a Firey.
Holly from Red Dwarf, Tom Baker, Paul Darrow, Brian Blessed...holy crap I have to get them NAO
Might have a spare spot for Red Dwarf filming on Friday if you can make it to Shepperton Studios?
Lovely guy Chris Barrie, met him at a Red Dwarf convention years back :-)
Red Dwarf is back, shooting in front of a live audience at Pinewood Studios! Anyone else want to see a Red Dwarf/...
Black Books is on Netflix. If they could add:. Father Ted,. Spaced,. Mighty Boosh,. Red Dwarf,. Kentucky Fried Movie. ..I think I said too much
Toy & Comic Fair is now on at the Methodist Centre, with guest star Hattie Hayridge from cult BBC sci-fi series Red Dwarf.
Is it me, or does the cat from Red Dwarf remind anyone else of Cab Calloway? I think it's the zoot suit...
Have you ever seen "Red Dwarf"? That's a very Arnold Rimmer thing to do! 😊
I liked a video The Tenth Doctor meets Holly from Red Dwarf
Tfw wearing a Red Dwarf t-shirt and walking past Danny John Jules and Robert Llewellyn and not realising.
Robert Llewellyn hints at a Red Dwarf release date:
Just booked my photobooth ticket to meet Robert Llewellyn, aka Kryten from Red Dwarf!
Just met Norman Lovett aka the original Holly from Red Dwarf at Comic con in Leicester
On OCT28 we are screening 6 eps of picked by the creator as part on
It's just going to be one of those days where no one gets my Red Dwarf references.
Hold on, I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure they changed the music in episode 1 at the funeral, I've watched red dwarf too many times...
Red Dwarf, and the movie that never was | Den of Geek
Just realised Red Dwarf is on Netflix, yay! My absolute fave ❤️
I was looking for something else on an abandonware site, and stumbled across a Red Dwarf text adventure game. Yes, *that* Red Dwarf.
You ASSUME billions of years being a red dwarf before losing nuclear fuel to become 'white dwarf', right? Prove 'billions' first
(my hamster was called Holly after the Red Dwarf character. It really confused my Nan that he was a he)
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