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Red Dawn

Red Dawn is a 1984 American war film directed by John Milius and co-written by Milius and Kevin Reynolds.

Patrick Swayze Josh Peck Chris Hemsworth Dirty Dancing North Koreans United States North Korean Charlie Sheen Red October North Korea John Milius Dirty Harry Beverly Hills Cop Jack Reacher Powers Boothe

This is a letter to the editor in today's local newspaper: "The story line of a 1984 film starring Patrick Swayze, “Red Dawn,” had invaders coming up through Central America and Mexico, eventually taking over roughly half of the United States through armed conflict. Fast forward 30 years and that same invasion is taking place along the southwest border of our country, with a major difference. Since they’re children and no weapons are being used, our government is allowing it. Different method, same result. It is still an invasion." The ignorance and paranoia are mind-boggling.
Movies I love to watch on 4th of July: Independence Day, The Patriot, Air Force One, Red Dawn, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
And...don't laugh...Red Dawn: Powers Boothe brings the Wolverines up to speed on the progress of WW3, with dramatic booze on the campfire!
...and don't get me started on Powers Boothe.Southern Comfort, Red Dawn, Extreme Prejudice, Tombstone
Watched the remake of 'Red Dawn' ending was kinda lame but Chris Hemsworth was HOT as ever!
.. no , Red Dawn is not one of my favorite films . There are others that I like far more . But I love to watch it … .. [h/t m.Newsbusters].. .. [link] to the post … .. John Milius is a real fire – breather , a real – go –… [ 46 more words. ]
amc theaters here is showing Dirty Dancing on Sunday & Wednesday. so what's your favorite Patrick Swayze movie? my top 10 favorite are 1-Dirty Dancing(an obivious choice) 2-Ghost 3-Point Break 4-Red Dawn 5-Road House 6-Youngblood 7-11:14(with jennifer grey's husband clark gregg not to mention lol) 8-Donnie Darko 9-The Outsiders 10-To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar.
I just watched a documentary about John Milius. He's a huge influence, he directed:Conan the barbarian, Red Dawn and apocalypse now and more
Weird sunbathing Russian neighbor lady just answered her VTech cordless phone. Is this the plot for Red Dawn?
Patrick Wayne Swayze (August 18, 1952 — September 14, 2009) was an American actor, dancer and singer-songwriter. Having gained fame with appearances in films during the 1980s, Swayze became popular for playing tough guys and romantic lead males, gaining him a wide fan base with female audiences and gaining him statuses as a teen idol and sex symbol. He starred in various films including The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, Road House, Ghost, Point Break, Donnie Darko, Jump!, as well as in the television serials North and South and The Beast, his final role. During his career he received three Golden Globe Award nominations and was named by People magazine as its "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1991. Patrick Swayze was born on August 18, 1952, in Houston, Texas, the second child of Patsy Yvonne Helen (née Karnes; 1927–2013), a choreographer, dance instructor, and dancer, and Jesse Wayne Swayze (1925–1982), an engineering draftsman. He had two younger brothers, actor Don Swayze (born 1958) and Sean Kyle (b ... husband just said he thinks Red Dawn is Patrick Swayzes best movie ever!!! Clearly he did not watch Dirty Dancing
Yes!! "Red Dawn" is on, and not that crappy 2012 version with Thor that was just soo terrible. I'm talking about the 1984 Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen as brothers kicking some Russian and Cuban *** WOLVERINES! (That was the name of my very 1st platoon ever in the US ARMY... 3rd plt 3rd BN 47th INF out of Ft Benning GA!!!)
Ry and I, watching one of our favorites, Red Dawn. The original, it got one star? Wha? Just having Patrick Swayze in it, should give it 4!
Got laundry and a lot of work done around the house, this morning. My reward? Patrick Swayze on my t.v. Red Dawn.
watching Red Dawn thinking the North Koreans don't have that sorta capability using technology invented by the Ancient Egyptians :L
Just watched Red Dawn and I hate North Koreans even more than before. Ugh..
Just watched the movie Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise. My 10yr old can't wait to be a cop when he gets older said it was a good movie and it was. Then he says the new Red Dawn is better. He reminds me of myself and how much I loved movies growing up and still do of course. I wish he wanted to be a part of movies like I did instead he can't wait to catch bad guys. Of course he wants to shoot them so I better hurry up and get this paint ball outing together!! Funny how a 10yr old can make you appreciate going to "work" on a Saturday. Sometimes we forget how good and fortunate we are when we actually get to do what we want when we grow up. It's noon I gotta work at 3.guess I got time to watch Red Dawn but I'll wait and watch it with Trey since he likes to stay up late on Saturday night anyways. Tiffani Everett don't forget the Marion's pizza and my Hennessey. Movie night in the Den... Thanks
Just watchin Red Dawn. Had no idea Josh Peck was s Drake&Josh. When did he loose all the wieght. He looks really good!!
just watched Red Dawn trailer, good choice 👊
Hi, Can you confirm which light is flashing red. Thanks Dawn
yeah that and Red Dawn pulled the best casts together.
It still pisses me off that Jett gets shot in Red Dawn. 😒
oh. That tornado movie. Pfft. Same as red dawn, always repeated at fox movies
I know I may take some flake for this bit Avatar could be a better movie than red dawn.
Accidentally stayed up until 3am because I got sucked into Red Dawn...whoops.
Good for Sarah!! Comedian's Response to Criticism of Her Red Carpet Look Deserves a Standing Ovation via
Cannes life for a fashion muse: red dress at dawn.
Only in his wildest “Red Dawn” fantasies is Patrick communist of doing anything more than running his ignorant g
Red Dawn is a great movie! Also realized that COD Ghosts started off their campain the same way this movie started.
So last night I had the most epic dream I was part of red dawn and then slept until 11. As cool as that dream was, I gotta get up tomorrow.
My bad decisions for the night, giant red slushie & a 40 of smirinoff...way too much sugar. @ The…
My *** brother is watching Red Dawn and now I'm gonna be up all not running from Korean invasions
I'm seeing more escape from new york or red dawn
Also, for those that think the party stops when you get married, wife went out of town this weekend so I'm watching Red Dawn on Friday night
No I'm not crying because Chris Hemsworth died in red dawn. My contact is loose. I swear. It's my contact.
Peeta Meelark is in the Wolverines in the new Red Dawn which is perfect and odd at the same time
Amber alerts scare tf out of me. Especially since I'm literally watching red dawn right now.
In bed with the hubs..watching old school red dawn..
I always watch Red Dawn and it always hits me 😪.
So much to do tonight when I get home and then have to be up at the crack of dawn. It's gonna be a red bull morning most definitely
Red dawn is such an illogical movie
Please give me credit for not watching the remake of "Red Dawn" despite the fact that I easily could.
Anyone ever watched the remake of red dawn?
You ever notice when they come out with a movie like Armageddon , The day after tomorrow anything that has to do with us on earth or the earth its self. Most of the times when they make a movie like these it seem's to come true in some way or another. We make a movie call Red Dawn 2 i can remember the first one they made . I can remember sitting in school watching out the windows. A lot of people say stuff like this would not happen here in the United States. The one question you may ask yourself why be ready if something like this will not happen here in the United States . I look at it this was if something like this was to happen the citizens have enough fire power with out the government getting involved. Sorry just my spat for tonight but really think of what i am saying and think as far back as you can till now how the world change so much.
Watching red dawn havent seen it in a while
Terrorists have invaded your city Red Dawn style,it's up to you to assemble a team of freedom fighters to fight back,you can choose 5 people from movies and TV to back you up and become your team, who do you choose?
Watch red dawn on Netflix , courtesy of Cleveland airport wifi
"Marines don't die. They just go to *** and regroup." Red Dawn
Red Dawn Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Jed (Patrick Swayze) and Matt (Charlie Sheen) visit their fat...
IN THE Neolithic Age savage warfare did I wage For food and fame and woolly horses' pelt. I was singer to my clan in that dim, red Dawn of Man, And I sang of all we fought and feared and felt. Yea, I sang as now I sing, when the Prehistoric spring Made the piled Biscayan ice-pack split and shove; And the troll and gnome and dwerg, and the Gods of Cliff and Berg Were about me and beneath me and above. But a rival, of Solutré, told the tribe my style was outré— 'Neath a tomahawk, of diorite, he fell And I left my views on Art, barbed and tanged, below the heart Of a mammothistic etcher at Grenelle. Then I stripped them, scalp from skull, and my hunting-dogs fed full, And their teeth I threaded neatly on a thong; And I wiped my mouth and said, "It is well that they are dead, For I know my work is right and theirs was wrong." But my Totem saw the shame; from his ridgepole-shrine he came, And he told me in a vision of the night: — "There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays, "And every sin ...
So, power goes out at home. First thing my youngest son says is this is just like Red Dawn first they kill the power then the planes
saw the greatest Netflix movie this year. red dawn greatest action movie ever. ty @ gigi for ur suggestion
It's getting dark cooling down finally. I'm watching Red Dawn the old one. Almost time to shave my face and head and get all cleaned up for school and a BBQ.!! Can't wait for tomorrow to meet some more cousins.!! Have a great night.!!
Is it a coincidence that we have been seeing posts for american spring tomorrow and a russian rocket gets taken out today? Nothing in the mainstream media about the rocket tonight. Are they trying to call out all militia men to washington DC unarmed for a reason? Have they already told us what is going down in the movie Red Dawn? Is this why they are catering to illegal immigrants? Is this why Canada has sold out the oilsands to China? Is this why Russian troops were training on US soil?
Watching the movie Red Dawn. Protect the family survival show. You can always learn a few new things watching movies...
Attempting to watch the new red dawn. It has some big shoes to fill.
So I just saw a plane fly over my negiborhood really close to the ground...RED DAWN xD
For i forgot a pic. But movies back in my day popped into my head. So I looked up the movie 30 years ago today in 1984...'The Natural'. Great Movie! The line up that year was pretty good. So in chronological order, Movies of 1984... -Terms of Endearment, -Silkwood, -Footloose, -Splash, -Police Academy, Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, -Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, -GhostBusters, -Red Dawn, -Terminator, -Missing in Action, -Beverly Hills Cop. Aah, The Good Ol' Days !
Just shot this footage on my iPad. It's a field literally half a mile away from our house. It's like Red Dawn out here, man!
Robocop gets the thumbs up from me. I re-watched it because I didnt finish it, the second time around I was able to oversee some of my initial differences. Judge Dredd however gets worse and worse everytime you watch it. I also rewatched Red Dawn and on this particular day I watched several action films, some old, some new, Red Dawn was the best I watched that day.
Just Sayin, if a Red Dawn situation happens here, im pretty sure the training we have been doing has prepared me to kick some *** . Give me a gun and your screwed ;)
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Ever watched the movie Red Dawn? Well that was the dream I was in. My arm is sore and I am worn out. Yep I am a Texan and I went Red Dawn on the enemy. Lol.. Now time for a nap in a peaceful garden of chocolate covered bacon plants. Lol
Chris Hemsworth Talks ‘Thor 3′ & Thor vs. Ultron in ‘Avengers 2′ Thor: The Dark World star Chris Hemsworth is probably the biggest breakout amongst the fresh faces that Marvel Studios scooped up to launch their Phase One Avengers initiative, and with Thor 2‘s box office success, it looks like the man behind the Asgardian Thunder God’s armor and hammer is in for a lucrative future. While Hemsworth’s star power has extended beyond the Marvel Movie Universe and into everything from action films (Red Dawn), to horror flicks (Cabin in the Woods) and even sports drama (Rush), fanboys and girls all over the world want to know – first and foremost – when we’ll be seeing Thor again for his third solo outing in Thor 3 - and how the character will factor into Avengers 2, which will see the superhero team facing the technology-based threat of mad robot, Ultron.
Date: May 6, 2014 Official Bundy Ranch Update. Republic for the United States of America c/o 3040 SE Persons Court Portland OR 97267 Secured ID: PR364424164RUSA BUNDY RANCH BUNKERVILLE, NEVADA Read by Ammon Bundy at the Clark County Sheriff Precinct, May 2, 2014 As we have had the opportunity to reflect on the events that took place between March 26th and April 12th, 2014-we have experienced feelings of concern, confusion, fear, anger, sadness and joy. Our peaceful community has been shaken. In many ways, we are still processing the magnitude of what took place. We ask ourselves so many questions; did the federal government really come into this valley and terrorize our community? Did hundreds of armed forces, in Red Dawn fashion, lock down the hills and valleys of our peaceful home-threatening at gunpoint, anyone who stepped off the paved road, with forceful and lethal action? Did we really see armed forces convoying through the streets of our town, diligently recording names and identities of anyone who ...
Going to do a John Milius home festival, Apocalypse Now and Big Wednesday are my only must haves. Going to make a day of it, Jaws, Dirty Harry, Conan, Hunt for Red October, Red Dawn and so many more to choose from. what two movies would you pick?
Our government is bringing war right to our doorstep, Red Dawn scenario, I think not, bombs over Boston, MAYBE
Ah..Just watched Red Dawn good movie ! But was it really necessary to kill Chris Hemsworth ?!!? Oh well at least it was almost over by then ;)
Young GBush- Hey Dad, I want to remake Red Dawn but in the desert. Can I go to film school?. GBushSr.- It's time to explain what daddy does..
No worries. I also have Red Dawn and Machine Gun Preacher here to check out. So I may switch it!
One of the GREAT writers and a damned fine Director: John Milius. Do yourself a favor and watch this Netflix Documentary: MILIUS He co-wrote the first two Dirty Harry films, received an Academy Award nomination as screenwriter of Apocalypse Now, and wrote and directed The Wind and the Lion, Conan the Barbarian and Red Dawn. He wrote Jeremiah Johnson, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Farewell to the King and Flight of the Intruder. It is said, Sean Connery post Bond, wouldn't take a role unless Milius punch up his lines.
I've never seen Dirty Dancing and I think the best Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey movie is Red Dawn. Don't judge me.
"She's like the wind" ... Oh yeah... RIP Patrick Swayze. Loved Red Dawn btw...
Just watched Red Dawn now watching Jack Reacher= awesome movie night
One thing I have learned by watching the new Red Dawn. We have nothing to worry about if North Korea attacks. Their military is totally worthless against against teens with little to no training.
I don't remember to much of the original Red Dawn. Patrick Swayze Jennifer Gray? Maybe... But this new one star filed cast like the original. & REALLY good so far!
I always mistake the first crack of thunder for a North Korean invasion. Reason to regret watching that remake of Red Dawn.
Every single Shirley Temple movie ever made!!! Crash (I love love love that movie), The Twilight Saga movies, The Hungar Games Series, The Hunt for Red October, Red Dawn (both old and new) , LOTR, and All the Bring It On movies (thanks to my kid!! lol).
Here is me and John Mills with my signed bottle of Red Dawn that win sliver
Has anyone noticed that Obama is trying to make our beautiful country into a third-world country? Think about this… * Obama wants to cut our military forces, which not only puts our country at risk of being invaded by outside forces… Has anyone seen Red Dawn? This could happen with Obama’s help. But with cutting the military back that also puts thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people out of work. There goes the unemployment back to high numbers. Obama is taking our guns and cutting-back on how much ammunition we can purchase. Why? Because he wants to leave the country and American people open and vulnerable to attack by outside forces, that why. The National Rifle Association (NRA) and American people need to start fighting harder for our right to the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution which protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. * With Obama cutting cut back the military that means not as many military ships and other military vehicles will be made which m ...
This game consists of writing down the first 10 films that come to mind that you like, but they all have to start with a certain letter. Click 'Like' and I'll give you a letter so you can do it too. I got the letter "R" by Carie. 1. Roxanne 2. Red Dragon 3. Reservoir Dogs 4. Resident Evil 2 5. Robin Hood "Men in tights". 6. the Rocky Horror Picture Show 7. The Rock 8. Red State 9. Red Dawn (original) 10. Red
Photoset: Adrianne Palicki is an American actress best known for her roles in Legion, Red Dawn and in the...
Red Dawn is seriously the best movie ever
Red Dawn. Di sa secret service but I think relate sa government thingies
*** Red Dawn is scheduled to be on instead it's some communists Chinese sword fighting.. The take over is beginning
Sounds like movie Red Dawn coming true courtesy of Obama fail
have you seen the Red Dawn remake? Cuz you might wanna see Josh in that one. Just sayin
Well, that's what I get for watching the movie 'Red Dawn' last night... What's that? What am I talking about? Well, let me explain... I got to thinking about the movie Red Dawn yesterday when I heard, then saw six C-130 aircraft fly past the house. I love the sound of those turboprop engines. I used to fly on those things (uh, in a passenger seat, not behind the yoke!) when I was in the military. For a time I was on a flying team, held a Top Secret/SBI clearance, flew overseas with the Director of the CIA and other officials...they never impressed me. But, impressing me wasn't their primary mission anyway. And, we weren't on C-130s when we flew those missions anyway, so I don't know why I even brought it up?! Back to my point... The sound of a military plane is the sound of freedom...the sweet sound of freedom no matter how loud the plane's engines are. I watched the C-130s fly me thinking about our precious freedom and how fragile it is. So, I watched 'Red Dawn' to remind myself how we sometime ...
Magic Tree House Collection: Books 37-40: Dragon of the Red Dawn; Monday with a Mad Genius; Dark Day in the ... -
Apparently, the people in charge of Canada’s government think Red Dawn is a documentary.
I feel like members of the Tea Party jack off to Red Dawn
I have a strange urge to watch Red Dawn, Rocky IV, Gorky Park, Red Heat, and maybe even White Knights…
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Great night, cool people, finished a scroll, graded some papers, got down, got funky and then got up again. AND...we are planning the return of.The Cold War Party! II. Borscht and Burgers, Vodka and Bad American Beer, Red Dawn and Dr. Strangelove! Joanne Martin Labny and Mike Labny...we will set up skype so you guys can be there. Timothy Plonis, will need to steal your recipe. Lynn McAdams and Jim McAdams you guys rock!
Sometimes we hear about a really cool movie, and then years later wonder why we haven't heard anything about it. It's actually quite normal for someone to make a movie, and then the studio will be unsatisfied with the final product and either attempt to edit the film themselves or simply shelve it for a while. In some instances, the films are released and become hits like "Cabin in the Woods" and the "Red Dawn" remake. Other times you have something like "Meet Dave" or "Dream House". And then other times, the film simply never comes out, vanishing into the dark recesses of Hollywood's unreleased movies. Here is a list of some interesting projects that for some reason or another never saw the light of day.     -"The Poughkeepsie Tapes" Shot in 2007 by director John Erick Dowdle ("Quarantine", "Devil"), this is a found footage serial killer flick that was getting tons of positive buzz from the film festival scene. Audiences and critics alike found the film to be extremely disturbing, as we watched a seria ...
Just listened to Red Dawn, the Ice Warriors return with honor and a human is the bad guy. At least they didn't drink the water.
Watching a film called Red Dawn where North Korea invade Washington. It's 100% as ridiculous as it sounds.
Red Dawn has arrived in America. Are you ready to stand up & fight for what you believe, or will you lay down like shee…
Enjoying the new incarnation of my favorite movie 'Red Dawn' and thinking of the content of ability and discipline in the majority of the masses today. I have dealt with many like you who completely lack discipline, think they know it all and can't take an order or direction because that would be beneath you. I have had to allow your crap because you are protected by the equally inept who you blindly and foolishly put your trust in. You are being led like sheep to slaughter and deserve everything you get. I am a liberator and will forever fight to free you from your captivity. Your heart, mind, body and soul. You are at the mercy of your handler while God has made me free. And you envy that. I am not conceited, I give all glory to my Father and Creator for the blessings He has bestowed upon me. To share them with others is my only responsibility. To be willing to submit to an AUTHORITY outside your selfishness is yours. I WILL NOT STAND DOWN. I WILL NOT BE SILENT. I WILL NOT COMPLY!!
Starting a new movie called "Red Dawn: Anarchy (title is still pending)" with Nate Diaz Jacob Diaz and Michael Arvizu. This one might be a good one. Stay alert for updates if your interested.
They Don’t Make Whistleblowers Like They Used To (Part 13) “How many people saw the movie Red Dawn, by the way?” asked John Stockwell. “This is fun. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a great movie. Now, this story, it’s science fiction. The producer of this movie went on television around the nation saying it was his purpose to create a movie that would draw people back to war, that would make them feel war could be a good and exciting thing. And this film was actually shown in Marine boot camps to motivate people and to national guard groups that were about to go down to train in Honduras for the possible invasion of Nicaragua. The science fiction is that they have a force, as you will recall, of Russians, Cubans, and Nicaraguans who’ve invaded the United States and they’ve gotten all the way to the Rocky Mountains. Now you ask yourself why the planning is they did the movie why did they pick Russians, Cubans, and Nicaraguans? I mean it would be a better movie if they picked Russians, Canadian ...
Red Dawn (the original) bears a second watching, and has aged remarkably well. For those raised in the bosom of the Cold War, such sweet nostalgia of paranoid anxiety at a looming Soviet Bloc triumph.
Red Dawn: Adelaide United to step it up in finals run - Goal.comRed Dawn: Adel...
Some good survival and martial law movies, in which I feel everyone should watch to educate themselves on survival and corruption within our system to prepare yourself for when that fateful day comes. - Redneck Tomorrow, when the war began. When their country is invaded and their families are taken, eight unlikely high school teenagers band together to fight. Dragon Day. A family getaway to a mountain town turns deadly when China launches a massive cyberattack against the USA, forcing former NSA engineer Duke Evans to fight to save his wife and daughter in the New World Order. V for Vendetta. In a future British tyranny, a shadowy freedom fighter plots to overthrow it with the help of a young woman. Red Dawn (1984) It is the dawn of World War III. In mid-western America, a group of teenagers bands together to defend their town, and their country, from invading Soviet forces. Red Dawn (2012) A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers. The Siege. The secret US abd ...
Also, there was a remake of Red Dawn, apparently the enemy is North Korea with EMP bombs now.
A Few Movies Most People Seem To like That Leave Me Cold (In Random Order): Ghost (A silly script, and sillier special effects - Only The twenty-something minutes that Ms. Goldberg dominates are tolerable, for me.) The Yearling (Claude Jarmen, Jr. was a TERRIBLE actor.) Red Dawn (The '80s version is loaded with neo-Nazi propaganda, which is no surprise. The producers were Nazi sympathizers.) The Sound Of Music (Most of the songs are sick-making. I only enjoy the "Lonely Goat Herd" scene, and that's because I got to be a puppeteer for it one of the times the Bil Baird Marionettes came to town.) It's A Wonderful Life (It's a corny life!) Dirty Dancing (For God's sake, somebody please put Baby in the corner and leave her there!) It Happened One Night (I always see it described as a comedy, but I've never once laughed while watching it.) Mon Oncle (Same as above) Gone With The Wind (I can't abide Confederate mythology and apologetics.) Any Elvis Presley movie that isn't "Jailhouse Rock" or "Loving Yo ...
What’s your favorite not-so-hidden reference in the show? Mitch Hedberg? Howard Stern? Red Dawn? The Professional? That one outtake you never heard/saw at the end of "The Superhero" where Tom Kenny as the newscaster is talking about a thirsty goat but instead we had him replace the line with a bit about an innocent pony (either way, piranha victims all!)? WHICH?!
Red Dawn is absolutely an amazing movie! Whether or not you are a Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen fan, or a Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck fan, it is a great movie!
Josh Peck makes Red Dawn impossible to watch.the worst actor ever
Here watching Red Dawn and I'm seeing Josh Peck kick *** and I'm like WHAAT?!
Josh Peck (Drake & Josh, Ice Age, Red Dawn) wants you to know a few things about Angelman Syndrome and the hope for a cure. Dnoate at
Thanks to Abraham Lincoln our entire system of government prevailed. He signed into place the Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order, that ended slavery. I often wonder if people in this nation would have supported him during those days. Many people hated Lincoln during his time. If people in our nation could look into a different perspective of life and find the true answers of what is right and what is wrong, our nation would be way better off. There is huge lack of intellectual thinking in this nation. People are often brainwashed into thinking and have no desire to go outside the realms of their comfortable life to find the truth of the matter in the world or our nation. Edward Snowden will be looked at as a patriot in future standings. Thanks to him we now know it's not "conspiracy" and it's actually factual. It sickens me that people cannot look into the schemes and undermining our government is doing and continues to do. The movie Red Dawn is about an invasion of the United States and people ...
So, I just finished watching Red Dawn with Josh Peck, there should be a sequel with them mercilessly kicking their *** all the way back home.
So the Russian National Anthem and the Soviet Union National Anthem sound the same BUT have different lyrics. No more "United and Mighty our Soviet Land". No more "O Party of Lenin". I'm going to watch the original Red Dawn tonight.
I decided that my children are the right age to watch THE Karate Kid. I always tear up at the end. Emily Irish even teared up and Olivia didn't deny it. Vance could barely watch the final fight scene as if there was any doubt the crane technique would work! I can't wait until they are old enough to watch THE Red Dawn.
Some of my favourite Russian themed movies: Dr. Zhivago, Dr. Strangelove, Citizen X, Hunt for Red October, The Saint (Val Kilmer), The Russia House, Red Dawn (in the theatre, a long time ago), and Rocco Ravishes Russia. ;)
In this version of Red Dawn, the Wolverines, led by Thor, are fighting the North Koreans.
I remember when things in Mother Russia were always so much better than the U.S. Heck, things have gone so down hill they replaced the Russians with North Koreans in the remake of Red Dawn. Sign of the times...
Flight of the Navigator, Red Dawn, Beverly Hills Cop, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon etc are the same, dated but good for nostalgia.
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