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Reby Sky

Rebecca Victoria Reyes (born August 6, 1986), professionally known as Reby Sky , is an American glamour model, radio and television personality, photographer, dancer and professional wrestler.

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YouTube! Search for reby sky and fourwheeler
I want to lay like this forever. Until the sky falls down on for my baby. Reby
I screwed up and went through the line backwards! Luckily someone helped me…
Matt and Reby Sky react to Ed Nordholm’s statement and documents
"What did Reby Sky say?". "Well if I take out the swears it's not really a sentence" :D
Reby Sky continues to vent on social media
Reby Sky continues to vent on social media
Reby Sky is the textbook definition of a ride or die. Get you a Reby.
*** hath no fury like a Reby Sky scorned.
i wouldn't be surprised seeing how that is your M.O.
Awww. Reby Sky and Maxel restore my faith in humanity. Seriously, the Hardy's are family goals.
Matt Hardy and Reby Sky? Are you on something? Those two (and their offspring) have been insulting Mum and I all of last year. God wannabes.
And Vince Russo and the artist formerly known as Wade Barrett and Naomi and Reby Sky Hardy...
Reby sky day tomorrow be there or be squared DELETE
Reby Sky used to be hot. So did Mia. I guess you get ugly when you join TNA, huh?
I've never cared for Reby Sky much and I still don't. I get bad vibes from her. Honestly surprised she's lasted in Matt's life this long. :/
Main Event: United Alpha Chanpion Summer Rae defeats Reby Sky with the Summer Solstice! Non-title match.
Bound For Deletion ended with Maxel Hardy pushing Reby Sky into the lake of Reincarnation [11/17]
thank you reby sky you have a very sexy body I wood like to see more of all of you but your so beautiful
A three way with Reby Sky, Rosemary is most like the greatest-freakiest experience a man could ask for lol
Man... Matt Hardy really scooped up bad *** Reby Sky tho...
me too I miss both. What I wonder is, did Reby Sky hide in her locker room to avoid Awesome Kong, lol?
Never been a fan of Reby Sky, but am impressed at her piano skills. That surprised me.
I wanna date Reby Sky or Rosemary from TNA and i dont know why
That dress can't contain Reby Sky's ahem...
Seriously, Awesome Kong is there and Baby Maxel, and possibly Reby Sky??
That piano performance was Reby Sky's greatest contribution to pro wrestling.
Cause John Legend, Alicia Keys, & Taylor Swift are out of tax bracket (and aren't broken), it's Reby Sky on piano!
Matt Hardy and Reby Sky are the greatest pro wrestling couple of all-time.
Awesome Kong is here i hope Reby Sky locked is door on his locker room
lol yeah, she laid groundwork for other ring rats like Reby Sky.
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I wish there was a Reby Sky out there
Check out Impact Wrestling TV review of the go-home show for BFG:
a lot of junk in the trunk in the rosemary vs Reby Sky match
Um.did Reby steal some attire from Velvet Sky's cat suit days?
Reby Sky making an actual in-ring return against Rosemary. If you're nostalgic for her old SHINE work, I'm sure you're hyped.
Reby Sky: Matt, you did take King Maxwell for his jab right?. Matt Hardy: HE HAS DEVELOPED AN EXTRAORDINARY…
Who should i be on impact wrestling, past or current. My choices, Allie, Reby, Rosemary. Or past Angelina Love, Velvet Sky.
"Hey Angel. Do you know the reasons why, we look up to the sky?" . .
Why is Maryse trying to sound like Reby Sky?
Stunning Reby Sky in the Little Love Golden Tulip carrier !!!. Thank you Reby Sky 󾬗
Roses are red,. Violets are blue,. Today is Star Wars Day,. is out of this world. 👌.
he doesn't even wrestle in TNA, he just carries Matt Hardy and Reby Sky's baby around
Reby Sky is like the new Dixie Carter!
I liked a video from Reby Sky Speaks Her Mind, Jeff Hardy Responds
Not sure why I'm more hyped for this match or Karen Jarrett and Reby Sky spitting at each other.
Reby Sky Hardy and Sara Jean Underwood have the same voice.
If I was the sound guy I'd accidentally on purpose mute Reby Sky's microphone
Can you do something about Reby Sky?
Is Reby Sky built different or is it my TV
I've been blocked by Reby Sky. The thing is I've never mentioned her that's awkward.
Rockstar Spud is now working with Matt Hadry, Reby Sky & Tyrus
Mysteries: Would Reby Sky still like me if I was still a fat, balding, lying, drug addicted has-been criminal.who had…
Playboy Celeb heats up the pages of as well as the ring!
Was gonna say Reby Sky..but thought better of it, plus that chick has so much
Bayley is in Stamford getting her walking papers. Watch out for her showing up on to feud with Reby Sky...
Awesome Kong main evented more wrestling shows in one year than Reby Sky did in her entire wrestling career.
“No whisper in the wind could ever compete with the whisper in his ear.” - Reby Sky (Reby Hardy)
Reby Sky and Matt Hardy turned heel I already heard about that
Reby Sky and Matt Hardy Courtside at the Tar Heels Game -
Reby Sky is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! My GOD!
The Fix with is in with a special "cameo" by Reby Sky at the 3:27 mark w/analysis of EC3-Hardy on Impact, Raw rants, Rumble.
Only good thing about this photo is Reby Sky's *** The rest is kinda bad.
Also, please give Reby Sky her natural boobs back. Her lower back thanks you.
I guess Reby Sky can be a Funkadactyl, lol. 😂
Reby Sky pretty much threw up on EC3
Reby Sky has probably cheated on Matt Hardy.
Show was good, main event was off the chain. Reby Sky is the new Karen JARRETT.
I may not like EC3 or have respect for him BUT that spit by Reby Sky was NOT NECESSARY!
Reby Sky is a terrific heel wife,in the mold of Karen Angle
Reby Sky just SPIT on a lifeless EC3! That was disgusting!
So Reby Sky is the reason Matt is like that?
Matt Hardy puts Reby Sky on a pedestal, and says Tyrus "made the right business decision."
I wouldn't necessarily say Reby Sky is beautiful...
What a swerve! turned and Reby Sky hid a hammer in her diaper bag!
The stuff some people say on here to Reby Sky/Hardy is so gross and ignorant, get yourselves together
Remember when me and Dev got into our first fight over reby Sky.
is that Reby Sky and Matt Hardy's house?
I enjoy supporting u and reby sky and baby maxell have a good evening
I look forward to more Reby Sky involvement in these storylines. Except the the exact opposite.
Reby Sky. Larry Dallas latcher-on. She was actually pretty good looking back in the day.
I added a video to a playlist Distance Lyric Video - created by Reby Sky
MAXEL: 3-6 MDH 3-6 month video on Reby Sky's youtube
The Main Event,EC3,Reby Sky,Huh and the champions showcase were very good.Knockouts needs some work.Very sloppy.
TNA Impact results, observations (01/12/16): Reby Sky killing people with dirty looks
Am I the only one who senses a heel turn from Reby Sky? LOL
I get a bad vibe about Reby Sky. She reminds me of Karen Angle. Seems to be a bad influence to Matt, in a way.
I'm actually very intrigued at seeing what Reby Sky can do as a heel alongside can produce some awesome exchanges
As they talk, Reby Sky has important business with Matt and cuts the conversation short.
Theres a story to Reby Sky in upcoming weeks
What is with that random look Reby Sky gives people? lol
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
This entire talky bit with Anderson totally didn't need Reby Sky or the VHS kid.
also, reby sky looks like a amalgamation of AJ and Rosa Mendes. and no. not in a good way
Reby Sky reminds me of that Vulcan chick from Enterprise.
Reby Sky is going to hit Mr. Anderson with a rake
And Reby Sky!!! I am getting spoiled with my favorites tonight
Reby Sky's mugshot look like she got in a fight with an ugly stick and it won.
come on reby. Lets go showoff in the sky.
Up next in our Sirens Roster! Leva Bates takes on Reby Sky with Dolph Ziggler at ringside!
Hi Reby Sky, My sister is a huge fan of yours.her birthday is today it's will means ...
Jessicka Havok has a message for Reby Sky!
Reby sky is jealous Lita had a wrestling career and hers is a flop
Reby Sky [Support] i support shes the prettiest female ever & i love her as if she was my mom!
I also did it to Reby Sky and Candice LeRae.
"When a guy can make me laugh, I know that I can be myself around him.” -
Alright. Let's start the hour with Reby Sky. Think she likes piercings. .
Round 1 of the hot 100 tournament: vs.vs.
Matt Hardy has become a father. Congrats to him and his lady, Reby Sky.
I liked a video Reby Sky vs Velvet Sky
for Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. for Jon Moxley and Reby Sky . htt…
Mmm I wonder why Reby Sky decided to block us? Maybe it was because we are team ;-).
Havok needs someone like Reby Sky to work with. Their match at SHINE 2 made Jess look like a legit monster.
Afterwards, keeps brutalizing Angeldust and the ref for good measure until Reby Sky makes the save with a chair.
Match is a rematch between and Reby Sky. I believe that local newscaster from earlier has joined the commentary.
Match is (still smiling and happy) Allysin Kay vs. Reby Sky vs. Maria actually refereeing this match.
Match is vs. Reby Sky. Havok's returning from her suspension in this match since Maria is absent.
The Reby Sky bot account is still the best
Reby Sky Posin for the cameras HD PLAY BOY.mp4: via
Reby Sky, huh? I have a feeling her and Velvet will not be on the best of terms..
American Icon Autographs, House of Hardcore and Harrah's Resort Southern California have teamed up to bring San Diego its largest professional wrestling event. On June 14, 2014 American Icon Autographs has 50 confirmed professional wrestling stars and legends appearing to sign autographs and take photos with fans at Harrah's Resort Southern California. The autograph signing runs from 10am -5pm, with individual times to be announced. At 5pm Mean Gene Okerlund is hosting a Q&A with a few select wrestlers for the fans. The Q&A period is open to fans that purchase the SuperTicket, one of the Deluxe Packages to the signing or have a premium ticket to the House of Hardcore show. The House of Hardcore LIVE pro wrestling show will feature 7-10 matches with some of the most talent names in professional wrestling today as well as some of the legends of the sport. Matches announced so far are as follows Tommy Dreamer w/ Terry Funk vs Matt Hardy w/ Reby Sky vs Carlito Colon in an EXTREME Tables, Ladders & Chairs Matc ...
Mickie James vs Reby Sky: via at the 10.24 mark (near the end),good match as well!
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OPEN ME Reby Sky on the Howard Stern Show, 2009. Controversial, but honest. Edited from 35 minutes.
Ha! Though that Reby Sky is pretty looking.
I wonder why Reby Sky isn't in ROH yet.
Made a Reby Sky bg, it looks grainy :(
Video of Reby Sky Twerking in the Snow -
Quality Independent Pro Wrestling featuring Matt Hardy, Shane Helms, Reby Sky and many more!
Is this the Reby Sky that is Matt Hardy’s girlfriend, the...
We hope all you ladies & gents had a nice Valentine's Day. Myself & Reby Sky made the most outta the...
Do y'all think Reby Sky and Velvet Sky are related?
Additional coverage of the article at here:
Matt Hardy and Reby Sky Preparing for a Winter Wonderland in North Carolina -
This is a stones throw away from Rutland VT. Some great wrestling action. Family friendly and one of the most professional independent shows you can attend. If you haven't been its well worth the trip. Some of the ABSOLUTE BEST wrestlers from all over NY, VT and MA wrestle here. With a variety of wrestlers (Most of which are home grown from WOHWrestling's early days in Schenectady NY. In addition to the WOHWrestling stars, they've brought to the fans such stars as Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Bret The Hitman Hart, Honkytonk Man, The patriot, Raven, Matt Hardy, Mike Bennett, Maria, Reby Sky, Matt Taven and WAY too many to list here! ALL WITHIN LESS THAN TWO YEARS! Feb. 28th in Whitehall, NY (at the beautiful Whitehall Athletic Club) the "Boys Are Back" for 2014! Click the event, Click going,then link to there FB page and click like! Be a part of the action that is WOHWrestling!
Also! Meet & Greets for Future Stars of Wrestling Presents - Twist of Fate Featuring Matt Hardy! Will be available through me or Joe DeFalco tomorrow! A hour long Meet & Greet for $15. Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, Kenny King, Shelly Martinez, and all your favorite FSW Stars will be on hand! Don't miss out!
and Reby Sky is low key pressed she'll never have a career like Lita
I bet Reby Sky is hating so hard right now, with her skanky, slutty *** 😂
Reby Sky, Beth Phoenix & AJ Lee will all be inducting Lita. No seriously, I hope it's Trish. Congrats to Lita
Reby Sky and Matt Hardy totally induct her.
Did Christian being in a fight with Reby Sky this days ?!
Watched the match between and reby sky. That was a great match. You're awesome mickie!
I hear he's changing his name to Reby Sky's friend
Stevie Richards takes out Reby Sky with a Stevie Kick at Extreme Rising's "Unfinished Business" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To watch this entire show, CLI...
Matt Hardy n Reby Sky in action n signing near u check out our site n see where TNA
I liked a video NASW: Bra and Panties: Playboys Reby Sky vs. Jayme Jameson
Jeff Hardy has been announced to appear at next Saturday's OMEGA Wrestling event on February 22nd in Smithfield, N.C. Hardy, who is currently off TNA television, is advertised for a "special appearance" at the show, which is benefiting the Autism Society of North Carolina. Other names confirmed for the event include: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, "Hurricane" Helms, TNA wrestler Gunner, Christian York, C.W. Anderson, Reby Sky, and local stars. Plus, an appearance by the stars of TruTV's "Lizard Lick Towing."
Which Diva has the best booty PWS fans?! Your choices for this round are Angelina Love, Reby Sky and Maria...
Wrestler Reby Sky is in the news right now for an assault arrest with her husband Matt Hardy ... but I bet you wouldn't mind this hot chick kicking your butt.
Future Stars Of Wrestling based here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have a training facility for ages 5 and up. With kid's classes for ages 5 through 15, along with regular training as well. With the best wrestling training in the US. Our Head Trainer Michael Modest who trained John Morrison, The Great Khali, Spike Dudley, Crash Holly and many more. TNA's Kenny King who is helping make an impact on students and FSW itself. Sinn Bodhi formerly known as Kizarny in WWE, and WCW's Disco Inferno. Will all teach you the ropes of professional wrestling from start to finish. We run events at Sam's Town, Silverton Casino, Casablanca Resort in Mesquite, Nevada, and at the Silver Nugget, We use top talent such as Matt Hardy, Sinn Bodhi (Kizarny), Shelly Martinez, Disco Inferno, TNA's Kenny King, John Morrison, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Reby Sky. Including guests such as Robbie E, Austin Aries, ROH's Roderick Strong, Jessie Godderz, James Storm, Daivari, Johnny the Bull Stamboli, Rico Constatino, Shelton Benjamin, Val V ...
Trans-South Wrestling delivered this match at the South Carolina Peach Festival in Gaffney, SC on July 13, 2013. Matt Hardy w/ Reby Sky vs. CEDRIC ALEXANDER ...
Last week former WWE champion Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky were both arrested for assaulting each other in a motel room. Meanwhile, WWE superstar C.M. Punk is reportedly leaving the company after wrestler-turned-actor Batista won the 'Royal Rumble.' Punk reportedly wants to headline the main eve...
- Playboy's Cyber Club has released a new shoot from Matt Hardy's wife Reby Sky. Here is a preview photo
Website Builder 728x90 reports that Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky were arrested at a motel in Virginia earlier this month after a bloody domestic brawl.
Playboy model & Miss Howard Stern of the Year 2009 Reby Sky and models with Vargas the Bodypainter on "El Gordo y la Flaca". John Vargas painted sexy ...
No! No! This entry has got me a lot more likes. Once again thanks to Reby Sky Smallworlds. So far she made 5 points. She is so winning! She will recieve a prize. Since she did so well it and had a lot more likes going she will get the extra £5. If you are in a different country you will need to go somewhere and change the currency. :) Due dates for entries are... Febuary 28.
Granted this is a month n 1 day late but Matt Hardy amd Reby Sky was arrested in Virgina on assault to each other! Looks like its going to be a tough as *** 1st year marriage for the two so called "power couple of wrestling".they got out with a $3,500 bail.they did have a restraining order on each other but they null n voided it and are "happy" together once again
Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy has had his fair share of issues outside the ring since leaving the sports entertainment juggernaut in 2010, and the latest relates to an alleged domestic dispute with wife Reby Sky...
Visit WWW.IVLIFEPODCAST.COM This has been one of the craziest weeks in pro wrestling!!! Batista winning the rumble leaves the WWE Universe outraged! The is stronger than ever! CM Punk walks out of WWE! Also MVP is the "secret invester" for TNA! Matt Hardy/Reby Sky arrest! S...
Update on Matt Hardy and Reby skys fight they ended up being arrested for
The latest Stevie Richards video talks about many things pertaining to the Extreme Rising World Title, his feud with Luke Hawx, Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, Homicide, Steve Corino, and his history with Sabu when he tore his bicep and broke his jaw back…
So Matt Hardy and Reby Sky have been released from Jail and patched things up? wow all that in 24 hours?
TMZ is now providing a little more details into the incident between Matt Hardy and Reby Sky at a motel during New Years Eve that led to their arrest. The gossip website is reporting that Reby was upset with Hardy because she thought he had been drinking or under the influences of drugs.
CM Punk signs get confiscated, Reby Sky speaks
WRESTLING PARADISE UNLEASHED 1,526: Ask Away w/ Kevin J! Special: The Answers to the Top 10 Questions Fans Had Entering 2013 Last year, as I do every year, I created a list of the 10 biggest questions wrestling fans had as we entered 2013. Here are the answers to those questions: Will Matt Hardy be going to prison? A: Starting August 2011, Matt Hardy began a downward spiral that saw him arrested 4 times, involved in multiple vehicular incidents, released from his job, hospitalized several times, and even kicked out of rehab. Matt was able to avoid jail time by completing court-ordered rehab. I’m also happy to report that Matt seems to have not only gotten his legal issues resolved, but also has gotten his personal life & professional career straightened out, as he is now working for Ring of Honor and has married Reby Sky in October. Will WWE programming have more “Attitude” in 2013? A: With Linda McMahon’s political career ending after losing a second bid to become a Senator for Connecticut ...
Just in case you need a refresher. Here it is. FSW starts 2014 off with a BANG! Sorry, Diamond Dallas Page won't be there. However, Matt Hardy will be along with The Godfather, Shelly Martinez, and Reby Sky. Get your tickets TODAY!
WrestleCade is an all-day fan festival, followed by an iPPV event to close off the evening. Former WWE Superstars Matt Hardy and Carlito were scheduled to face off in the main event, crowing for the first time ever, a new WrestleCade Champion. Diamond Dallas Page and Jake "The Snake" Roberts were in attendance, as were former TNA star Crimson, Reby Sky, Maria Kanellis, TNA tag champion Robbie E, Gunner, Brooke Tessmacher, and several younger stars. (1) Gunner def. Robbie E (2) PWX Elimination 5-Way Match Caleb Konley def. Adam Page, Shane "Hurricane" Helms, Sonjay Dutt, Steve Corino (3) "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan def. Davari (w/ Ryan Shamrock) (4) C&C Wrestle Factory won a crazy match that included The Bravados, the Rock & Roll Express, the Headbangers, George South & Manny Fernandez, Buff Bagwell & Rick Steiner, the Powers of Pain, and Demolition. (5) Tommy Dreamer def. CW Anderson. Steve Corino, JJ Dillon and Justin Credible were all ringside for this one, and got involved. (6) WrestleCade Championship Matt H ...
FIFTH -- Extreme Rising Extreme Reunion update for today on confirmed talent and first matches signed for 12/28/13 at Arena 7 W. Ritner Street in Philadelphia, PA. PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED AND CONFIRMED TALENT LIST as of October 23rd 2013 (this list will be added to): BESTIA 666, DAMIEN 666, DEVON STORM, FACADE, GREEK GOD PAPADON, Matt Hardy, PESADILLA, REBY SKY, SABU, Stevie Richards, SUPER CRAZY, more to be announce AND remember there WILL BE surprise not announced. ADDITIONAL STAFF CONFIRMED SO FAR: JOHN FINNEGAN (ref), STEPHEN D’ANGELIS (ring announcer), MIKE KEHNER (ref). Signed for event. – Extreme Rising WORLD TITLE MATCH - Stevie Richards will defend the Extreme Rising World Title. His challenger is to be announced. - EXTREME LUCHA LIBRE “La Familia Warfare” featuring SUPER CRAZY & his nephew PESADILLA vs. DAMIEN 666 & his son BESTIA 666.
Wait, woah, Reby Sky AND Candice Michelle are gonna be there? Why don't I have a car or money :(
Im glad to know you topped my Reby Sky going over Beth Phoenix TNA match.
"[VIDEO]: "Boyfriend" TAG - Feat. Reby Sky & Matt Hardy SkyHard is definitly funny and so cute :-)
Somehow, the person making this database called Reby Sky "Ruby Sky".
Matt, You could never rival the bootyful badonkadonk of Mizz Reby Sky
Reby Sky pisses me off... Not sure why.
I just watched Lucha Libre: USA back, and I was curio... — Yes actually. In fact Reby Sky was someone I got alon...
Does any wrestler have ask .fm ? — No.The only wrestler I know that has is Reby Sky.
Her name is Rebecca Victoria Reyes SOON TO BE rebecca victoria HARDY .. REBY SKY is not her real name just fake name
Matt Hardy ALREADY proposed to Reby Sky... MONTHS AGO! I think it's time for Shannon Moore to
Beth Hardy and Reby Sky are following us.legit? Hopefully!
i think the world could use more Reby Sky's would be a much better looking world!
So apparently Reby Sky was going to change her username to 'RebySkyHardy', but someone nabbed it:
People reported that Reby Sky account but are you sure it wasn't a RP account?
"this person is a hardy fan" big time! You two should get along fine. Unless you like Reby sky.
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Reby Sky replied me. Why is she rude?
Reby Sky will never reach the population Lita ever had. Reby should just shut up.
// who should I change to, lita or reby sky?
// I wanna rp Reby Sky so bad but idk I feel like everyone hates her..
Reby Sky called Lita a b***h! Wow! I mean Matt never said anything bad about Lita. So why hating on her now?
What's you're Favorite thing about reby sky?
Besides Reby Sky, what is the greatest thing has ever happened to you?
I honestly feel bad for Reby Sky. She thinks she's all that but she's really just another person who hides behind a computer screen to hate.
Was Reby Sky wrong? — I don't know what went on between those two personally so i can't really say. But when you...
When did Reby Sky disrespected Lita? I totally missed that.
I don't know nothing about reby sky nor do i follow her but what do she be saying about Queen Lita
People need to stop with the Lita vs Reby Sky. . It's obvious Any doesn't care about what Matt is doing with his life and vice versa
Dear Reby Sky not every are *** and disrespectful but if you call Lita a B*tch We will be there!
Hmm. Okay. The ultimate example: Reby Sky. Everyone generally has the same dumb reasons for hating her, and they're all idiotic.
Reby Sky just responded to me cause she was using my hash tag.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"reby sky's career continues in SHINE" and she hasn't been seen since okok
there is a TON of fake Reby Sky accounts on FB .. A lot of people wish they were you I guess lol
Lita is more of a lady then Reby Sky could ever be and she could whoop her *** on her best day! Lita is a legend, reby is irrelavent
Matt Hardy and Reby Sky coming to Los Angeles for
Get the latest OMEGA DVD from Also starring Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Davey Richards, Reby Sky and more!!
Do you see anything wrong with Reby Sky?
Why is Reby Sky always in Walmart? The poor thing at least can't afford Target?
I'll probably see Reby Sky in Walmart tonight if y'all want to interview her about it
Ya' didn't trust him 'cause of his weird phase with Reby Sky?
Lmfaoo @ him spanking an imaginary Reby Sky.
this was the best. Matt was awesome in this and Reby Sky was great on the piano! :)
Not Reby Sky on the Daily Mail frontpage in a feature about ghetto mugshots :
Reby Sky is featured on the Daily Mail for her attractive mug shot. She did look flawless.
yeah she wrestled reby sky on an indy show, maybe shell be kaitlyns admirer:P jk
well this is my girl, here name is Reby sky, you never heard of her she was never in wwe
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I really want to slap Reby Sky but I don't want PETA on my ***
If Reby Sky was a wizard, she'd be in Hufflepuff.
If Reby Sky was any less intelligent, I would have to water her twice a week
Reby Sky's mom had sex for bricks so she could make Reby a *** house
Aww poor Matt Hardy. How hard can it be you have Reby Sky? And, at least in my eyes, your a wrestling legend.
Someone just mentioned Reby Sky and I think I got the herp.
I liked a video Reby Sky vs Jessie Belle
I don't think I'm a saint. Again, bad example because Reby Sky came at me and tried to get her followers to complain to me
k you go on living life thinking you're a saint when you do exactly the same thing I do hint reby sky
Egyptian Star Map. Is there a real connection between the placement of the Great Pyramid of Giza and its two companions and the Constellation of Orion...
A Gold Digger *** She's a nothing! Everything what she can is putting her fake fat a** in every Camera!
Photo: “We don’t hate Reby Sky because she’s a *** we hate her because she is a succubus who has drained...
what & listen to Reby sky true marketeer. Brilliant.
im sorry i didnt know sorry , , Reby Sky , and BETHBRITTBRAND
Having visions of Reby Sky shooting wandering Jeff Hardy by accident.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So, Reby Sky may or may not be a crazy person.
yes, if you don't mind. Pic base is reby sky. Use photo-shoots a if you have too. Theme: primo epico and Rosas theme
There are much worse potential NWA World Champions. Rip Impact, Joey Image, Reby Sky, Power Uti, that guy in the 5th row...
Anonymous asked: Hi there! Your edits are fabulous! Can I have some icons of Matt Hardy and Reby Sky and...
being sick *** I guess that's what we get for making fun of reby sky.. She makes us sick
follow me tomorrow please pretty good Saturday to you tomorrow Reby Sky
I think Reby Sky just called me fat! lol =( oh well :: eats another helping of bacon cheddar fries ::
Where does Robbie E get his trunks from? Looks like Reby Sky's closest.
Just seen Matt and Reby sky in Walmart
Regarding my last Rt. I was gonna go to that, show,until I saw reby sky on the thanks. no *** allowed
please follow me Beautiful Reby sky
Extreme Rising video: Matt Hardy establishes his history with Luke Hawx while Reby Sky stands by in ...
Promo Video from Matt Hardy and Reby Sky talking about Luke Hawx, Updated Extreme Rising Wrestlemania Card
Photo: “I find it sad that fans want to rag on Kelly Kelly, Reby Sky, or whomever, for being *** ” when...
Matt Hardy was giving a promo? I was busy staring @ Reby Sky. God, you are a beautiful woman! (
I was in Bristol on February 23rd, 2013 and from where I sat Matt Hardy did NOT look like a retired wrestler. Yes, he looks a little older(who of us will not age?) but his moves were just as well executed as they were back in the day, thanks to Matt, the Elite team, and the other wrestlers who put on a quality show for the sold out crowd. Back in the first days of wrestling Bristol was an integral stop for the wrestlers on the circuits, many hailing from the tri-cities area. It is nice to know that in my travels I can stop in to Bristol and see talent such as Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, Fantasy, Shawn Michaels, Randy the Dreamer, Alex Pain,and many many more on their way to the top for the first time or back to the top as in Matt's and Shawn's case. These career athletes deserve at least a again. You rule!...Theresa Greene Priest/BEAT Talent Management/1Fyne2RoXx Inc.
SHINE 7 Feb 22, 2013 Ybor City, FL 1. Brittney Savage pinned Heidi Lovelace following a roundhouse kick. 2. Tina San Antonio defeated Luscious Latasha & La Rosa Negra in a 3-way. Tina pinned Latasha with a Mangaliser. 3. Santana Garrett beat Jessie Belle with the Shining Star Press. - On SHINE 8 on Saturday, March 23, Reby Sky faces Jessicka Havok in a Career v Respect match. If Sky loses, she’s out of SHINE, but if she wins, Havok must say on the mic that she respects Reby Sky. - Angelina Love was brought out as the newest member of SHINE, and will have her debut match on SHINE 8. This brought out Valkyrie, who bully her out of the ring. 4. Ivelisse Velez pinned LuFisto with a DDT. 5. Allysin Kay, Taylor Made & April Hunter beat Mia Yim, Tracy Taylor & Su Yung. Taylor pinned Yim following the Eighth Deadly (Dudley Death Drop). 6. Nikki Roxx defeated Mercedes Martinez with the Barbie Crusher. 7. Leva Bates beat Kimberly in a Last Woman Standing match after Kimberly had a chair kicked in her face. Kimber ...
It was Boricua vs Boricua in the battle of Reby Sky & Ivelisse at FWE in Brooklyn, New York. Check out this exclusive gallery of the match, featuring a glimpse of Reby Sky with Tommy Dreamer during the main event !(Photos courtesy of Bob Mulrenin)
Ivelisse def. Reby Sky in a long and uninteresting match up. Up next: 4 man scramble: Jigsaw v. Wes Draven v. Tony Nese v. Petey Williams
Do you think Reby Sky still has time to play portOpong in between wrestling matches and photo shoots? We like to...
Can i get a Hello from the Gorgeous Reby sky?
Classic’s Angels Reby Sky: Reby Sky is best known for being the girlfriend of Matt Hardy but also has her ow...
Its time for to get even with Matt Hardy. Unfortunately that means Reby Sky wont be able to sit for about a week.
girlfriend just joked about Reby Sky.
I liked a video Matt Hardy and REBY SKY at Extreme Rising 11/17 backstage w/Luke Hawx, HOMICIDE,
Matt, shut up, the best thing you have going for you is Reby Sky. Sit down.
Is that Latin in the opening of that Reby Sky piece in the latest issue? Or is my computer being silly?
Gargano and what looks like Reby Sky.
Right now in NXT i have Reby Sky, Velvet, Sara Del Rey, Emma, Sasha Banks and Asya (WCW)
your so beautiful, if u gained 30lbs you wud still be @ a nice sexy weight. I just love me some Reby Sky
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HONOUR Magazine - Issue 26 - Interview w/ Alpha Female and Reby Sky, articles by ‘Rate Tank’ Kellie and Veronica...
or *** more than Reby Sky. Take your pick.
this crowd blows harder than Reby Sky.
back home with my girlfriend Reby Sky and seeing my sister Roxie King
Tara and Vixxen immediately team up on Reby Sky, pounding her into the corner before Vixxen begins choking Sky with her boot. Sky pulls Vixxen’s foot off, and kicks her in the gut, but is nailed with a boot to the head from Tara. Vixxen and Tara irish whip Reby to the ropes, Reby runs the ropes, and runs into a double spinning elbow from the duo of Vix and Tara. Vixxen climbs the top rope… Looks like she’s setting up to finish Reby here! Vixxen flies off for the Body Splash… Reby gets her feet up and boots Vixxen in the face! Reby dropkicks Tara as she charges, grabs Vixxen… Twist Of Fate! But wait! Widows Peak from Tara to Reby! Tara covers! 1! 2! 3! Here is your winner… TARA!
NEWS: "Chinlock for Chuck" tonight - Hardys re-uniting, TNA stars advertised, NBC coverage (Our admin Dubz will be in attendance providing live coverage) The Hardy Boys are scheduled to re-unite Tuesday night in North Carolina as part of a "Chinlock for Chuck" benefit show. The event, which will feature several TNA wrestlers, is to benefit former wrestler Chuck Coates during his second battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. As revealed during the PWTorch Livecast last month, Jeff and Matt Hardy are scheduled to re-unite in a six-man tag match with Hurricane Helms during the benefit show. In addition to Jeff Hardy, TNA wrestlers on the show include James Storm, Gunner, and Christian York. Other talent includes former WCW wrestler Lodi, C.W. Anderson, Steve Corino, Coleman & Alexander, local N.C. wrestlers, and Reby Sky. "Chinlock" is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at Northern Durham High School in Durham, N.C. Ticket & Event information can be found here at The event was previewed by the local NBC ...
" Roddy Piper and Jim Duggan are reportedly unlikely to be able to make it to the 20th anniversary episode of Raw tonight. Piper and Duggan--along with Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Shane Douglas, and Reby Sky--are all filming the movie Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies in Parkersburg, West Virginia, with Piper at his hotel room in the city as recently as earlier today. Also appearing in the film are Terry Funk, Raven, Sylvester Terkay, and Larry Zbyszko; Shane Douglas is a producer for the film." This might be the best thing ever. DO I GET TO SEE ANGLE SUPLEX A ZOMBIE?!
I'm an *** to People. I sleep with Reby Sky when she's dating Matt. I sleep with Seth Rollins girlfriend...And now i even cheat on Layla El...It just makes me wonder why i'm even alive...
Matt Hardy, Rhyno, and Reby Sky. $15 2nd Row or $10 general admission in advance. $20/$15 at the door... KIDS are just $5 (at the door only). Get your tickets online at
Just a funny video that I thought of, go sub to SimonNicolHD
lol there's a Reby Sky fansite, let's not.
REBY SKY your expression looks as fake as your ***
She kind of looks like Reby Sky there. She looks different in every picture!
From SHINE, in terms of showcasing the future in a big way, Jessicka Havok vs. Reby Sky from SHINE was none better in doing just that.
SABU vs. Matt Hardy w/REBY SKY has been officially announced for 12/29 Phila, PA
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merry christmas to the hardy bros, reby sky & Shannon Moore. Have a good new year
I just finished inking my drawing of Coloring soon.
Thanks for your friendship, your ranting, and exposing Reby Sky for who she (cont)
I don't hate Maria Kanellis or Reby Sky. I know alot do, I don't. I respect them both, but I am rooting for ya know who
yeep :D i got 4 from matt & otunga , 3 from dolph , 1 melina & reby sky , and otunga followed me but then unfollowed LOL
Reby sky sure likes getting her *** handed to her lol. Seriously tho the more she works with the better she'll get.
glad to hear it. Now I'm going to sign Reby Sky to my created Bret Hart Fed's womens division.
Reby Sky and Beth Hardy is very pretty women's
I truly markout for are : Brooke Adams/Tessmacher, Reby Sky, Rosa Acosta, Aria Giovanni, AJ Lee... That's just a few of them.
Mom just told me Matt Hardy gave Reby Sky a ring , *** O.O
Hardy and Steen had a good match, but it was pretty cheap of Kevin to do that to Reby Sky.
Have you read my Wrestler Focus blogs? (WF) Iv'e focused on MVP, Reby Sky, Damien Sandow and Ryback, check them out!
Reby Sky. Golden Dome November 17th meet and greet before the show!! Be there!!
Reby Sky DEFINITELY needs to carpool off a cliff. Don't agree? Watch one of her matches & then come talk to me.
Oh, they really messed with the wrong team now! Pro Championship Wrestling's duo of obnoxious and arrogant December and Joe Heisman have interrupted and hara...
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hey I made a mistake! the BTW show on Friday in Newark CA is Reby Sky vs. Britanny Wonder. Sorry about that hope you can fix
Matt Hardy and Reby Sky will take on Joe Heisman and Women's Champ December in the main event at Grave Matters!!
Video and Reby Sky vs. December and Joe Heisman: via
would like to thank and Reby Sky for an awesome showing at at Grave Matters over the weekend. They tore it down!
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