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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress, writer, and stand-up comedienne, known for her roles in the television series Pizza and Bogan Pride and the film Bridesmaids.

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Is anyone besides me cracking up laughing while watching starring Rebel Wilson? This show is one of my favorites! HILARIOUS & FUNNY.
Does anybody else feel like they need to see Rebel Wilson and Jonah Hill on screen together to prove that they are not the same person?
I love the show Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson. She is sooo funny!
Watching Super Fun Night and it's making me so happy!! Thanks to Rebel Wilson... love that girl! :D
Rebel Wilson makes me laugh. Great way to end my day
I think Rebel Wilson is from there and I just love her. she's hilarious
Rebel Wilson might be my new favorite person. of all time.
Rebel Wilson could do so much better than Super Fun Night
So, I very seldom watch tv- unless it's the news; I'm flipping channels and there is a new Rebel Wilson show on-- in the two minutes I watched it, she meets a blind date and they say she is from Tonawanda, NY; the Kitchen Appliance capital of something or other??? -- really? lol
Tonawanda, NY just got a shout out on the new Rebel Wilson comedy after Modern Family... Did they say kitchen appliance capital of the world?
It is so funny how much Rebel Wilson in Super Fun Night reminds me of someone I know
Krista is watching cop dramas with her mom, & I'm in the other room watching “Super Fun Night” with the chihuahuas, this show is pretty funny, that Rebel Wilson is a stone cold fox :)
"The sequins distract from the fact that these pants don't zip all the way"... it's like Rebel Wilson and I are cut from the same cloth lol!! LOVE that gal! :)
Ok my wcw is rebel wilson! She is funny fat and i love the way she owns it!!!
I love rebel Wilson. She is super funny. Super sexy to me I guess it her accent that gets to me. 󾌩󾌳
Rebel Wilson without her accent is no bueno :/ still hilarious lol
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Super Fun Night is the best show! Rebel Wilson is the funniest woman EVER next to Ellen whom I love!!!
Would you rather have caterpillars for eyebrows or fingers made of mozzarella? -Rebel Wilson
I feel like the only person who does not find Rebel Wilson (might be wrong name spelling) funny
If I could have 1/8th of Rebel Wilson's self esteem and confidence I could rule the world!!!
You go,gurl! REBEL WILSON nite!!! I also did my workout and lift them off my frustration!! lol :-p
Does anyone Know Rebel Wilson if you do whose Watching Super Fun Night :)
Amelia Bow, this is why I like Fat Amy aka: Rebel Wilson...she be giving power to the plump girls..WOO HOO! Sexy isn't a's an attitude!
Rebel Wilson is my new girl crush. At 27, the Australian blonde has a law degree, a successful movie career (amazing parts in Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, Bachelorette), and is now the creator, writer, and star of her own television show. And she is *** funny. In ABC’s new Wednesday night sitcom, Su...
Watching Pitch Perfect again.just saw it the other day missed the beggining.but I love it...and love love love Rebel Wilson!
"Well, I do have a roomy trunk... and original headlights" - Rebel Wilson
I was confused when my mom said Rebel Wilson reminded her of me on her new show, Super Fun Night. Until I saw how excited she got when a guy she was about to have sex with ordered French fries from room service. We may have been separated at birth.
RebelWilson November 20, 2013 at 02:52PM Having such a good time filming today with Fred Armisen and x Rebel Wilson (November 20, 2013
The 7 things you may not know about me 1. I am a shopaholic whether it's for me or someone else 2. I have a muscle disorder that causes my muscles to work at slower pace than average. 3. I can do the splits. 4. My weakness is cheesecake or eggnog. 5. I am a hopeless romantic 6. Rebel Wilson is my idol. 7. I hate red meat beside tri-tip and prime rib
Ok after some Q&A from my "peeps" here's some facts some if you may not know about me, 10 from Holly: 1.Ole girl from Drop Dead Diva can GIT IT!! 2.Rebel Wilson can GIT IT!! 3.Jill Scott can GIT IT twice!! 4.I was just winging it through my days until I met my girlfriend now wifey, had no clue what the *** I was doing!! Lol 5.I HATE FLATS!!! Totally unflattering to the female foot. 6.Had no clue what FTW meant until a month ago. 7.Could never be a hitman,due to the fact that boobs are my weakness. 8.My favorite color is pink. 9.I think 90's hip hop was the best hip hop. 10.I love going to the beach at night during a full moon. Ok there it is, like/comment and receive your number. 8)
Watch "Super Fun Night" on Abc tomorrow wednesday night at 8:30 pm at ABC. I have a Danish:) death metal song featured in the Tv show with rebel wilson that I wrote called 'Rise". (funny times:)
You do shine bright like a diamond, Rebel Wilson!. Between those bleach blonde lo...
Her boobs are packed together like Kirstie Alley & Rebel Wilson in a smart car. Joan Rivers- Fashion Police
Tuesday Night Movie Tuesday, Dec. 17 6:30 p.m. Pitch Perfect. Starring Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp and Rebel Wilson. Beca, a freshman at Barden University, is cajoled into joining the Bellas, her school’s all-girls singing group. Injecting some much needed energy into their repertoire, The Bellas take on their male rivals in a campus competition. Rated PG-13 for sexual material, language and drug references. 112 minutes. Light refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library. Registration is not required. Seating is limited.
Robin Williams, Patrick Dempsey, and Rebel Wilson might be getting some accidental votes from me in my hurried voting for ✌️
Photoset: ellendegeneres: That makes sense. Rebel Wilson on her family members’ names.
Rebel Wilson started her acting career with the Orthodox Jew ponytail in "Struck By Lightening." You're welcome.
"Her boobs are wrapped up tighter than Kirstie Alley and Rebel Wilson in a smart car"
I'm thinking fat Jonah Hill for young Ford and Phillip Seymour Hoffman present day. . I also think Rebel Wilson...
I will never be satisfied with the world until Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson team up and make a movie
rebel wilson is literally my mom just Australian
I love Rebel Wilson. Why can't I be her?
Rebel Wilson on Jimmy Kimmel - This happened to me at my hair salon! Love Rebel! ❤️
Eating cake in a judgement-free zone...the restroom. LOL Rebel Wilson's subtle humor is spot on.
Who would you cast to play you in a movie? — Definitely Rebel Wilson!!
Someone said I was sick for thinking Rebel Wilson is attractive. Am I sick?
Well it all started with Rebel Wilson. Then the attention turned to GloZell and her filming the whole thing.
Ps. Rebel Wilson is gonna be on Ellen Monday!
Do you think Cody would have sex with Rebel Wilson?
My new favourite film, I bloody love it so much!! Rebel Wilson is awesome :D
Saw Ellen's set, rebel Wilson (totally short!), all of the horcruxes, hart of Dixie set, pretty little liars set and a million more awesome things!!
you look a lot like Rebel Wilson lol. that's not a bad thing either
Any film with Rebel Wilson in it is a good film 😹👌
You guys, how did I just walk pass Rebel Wilson! The Rebel Wilson!
Did I forget to mention that I LOVE REBEL WILSON!
Some rebel Wilson lookin chick just shoved her way to the bus door, then it hit her in the face when it opened 😂😂
Remember when me Cameron Molly Allison and Rebecca went around the entire mall to get tape for rebel Wilson aw tbt
"You should run for mayor" "Sometimes I think I should do Crack Cocaine but then I think better not" Rebel Wilson should be the mayor!! LOL
omfg Maddy missed rebel Wilson by one day
Rebel Wilson will be on ellen on Monday.
Photoset: lizbaillie: dontbearuiner: mamarenren: fatbeyonce: Rebel Wilson for the GLAMOUR Awards 2013 [x] so... featured in NBC s Science of Love
I personally think Rebel Wilson would cough up world's best dome in history.
Today I realized that not all Australians are Rebel Wilson.
Rebel Wilson earning her dollars, with melons
wants to like "Super Fun Night" because rebel wilson is HILARIOUS, but the show is kind of the worst
Ground Floor That's a wrap! We are officially done with Season 1 production, and a very special friend stopped by the set last night. (Hint hint: Rebel Wilson)
Photoset: kendreague: Rebel Wilson as Jennifer Lawrence’s sister 
Really starting to appreciate Rebel Wilson... Great movie so far!
i have 4 VIP meet and greet passes to meet Rebel Wilson & Kelly Clarkston. I am using only 2 on November 11th at NBC Universal in Burbank; Must live/visit the Los Angeles area arriving to the green room with me at 2:30 pm.Must dress well, must be cute, must have beautiful smile; must not be shy; must be appropriate in celebrity setting. email; text; call or message me!
Am I the only one who thinks Rebel Wilson is actually Jonah Hill in a chick suit?
Just got told I remind someone of Rebel Wilson... big win.
I'm seriously thinking I have the same body as Rebel Wilson lol Yay
Pitch Perfect? I think so! Just a little bit of rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick. Love them!
Rebel Wilson writes and stars in an outrageous new comedy about what happens when you decide to live life outside your comfort zone. For the last 13 years, three friends have lived a sheltered life. Instead of going out on the weekends, they've had a standing date every Friday night. So while everyo...
I totally can't sleep, but I have totally rediscovered my love for Rebel Wilson :p she is everything a girl needs to be
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I do not understand what the big hype is on that fat slag rebel Wilson.
So last night at 9:55pm on the dot! I'm pretty sure me, Katie Visintainer and Ashleanna Hodge Rogers went to an alternate universe ha. Just two minute before this fateful 9:55 we were chatting about the scene in "Pitch Perfect" where Rebel Wilson "gets shot" and a two minutes later, "BANG!". We hear what sounds like a gun shot not that many yards over... So do we have magical powers or jinx someone?..
Thankyou Rebel Wilson for being the only good thing in this entire movie
got my glasses on looking smart n havin fun time with rebel Wilson yay lol
Jacki back on Australian tv screens this coming Tuesday night November 12 @ 8pm with fellow Aussie Rebel Wilson on "Super Fun Night".
From The NY Times: "ABC has announced the short-term fates of its remaining freshman comedies, with “The Goldbergs” and “Trophy Wife” both receiving full-season orders. “Super Fun Night,” which stars Rebel Wilson, received an additional order of only four episodes, setting the show up to be replaced at some point later in the season. Another new comedy, “Back in the Game” starring James Caan, did not receive an additional episode order, leaving its future in doubt after its initial 13-episode order is completed. The vote of confidence for “Trophy Wife” was something of a surprise, considering its ratings have been the lowest out of the four shows through the early part of the season. The other three have been on fairly equal ground in terms of viewership, but none could be qualified as hits. “The Goldbergs” has averaged 6.1 million total viewers; “Super Fun Night” 6.4 million; “Back in the Game” 6.7 million; “Trophy Wife” has averaged 4.7 million." Although we draw the ...
Our 2013 Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson is joined by her 'Pitch Perfect' cast members, and the talented crew use their pipes to perform a medley of "The Climb," "Lose Yourself," "Girl On Fire" and "Thrift Shop."
Baby girl got shots today. I hate that. Time to cuddle with her and watch rebel Wilson.
Why the *** do people think Rebel Wilson is funny?
Just found out I get to spend all summer long with Rebel Wilson!! Watch out Australia your in for a little treat!!
I was expecting more from 'Super Fun Night', because it was created by Rebel Wilson, who played Fat Amy in 'Pitch Perfect'. But it's just another sitcom that relies on the old dictum,"if they didn't lie, it wouldn't be funny". Maybe when Lucille Ball used it, okay. But it was dead and dead tired by the time we all reached puberty.
ABC Wants More Goldbergs, Trophy Wife & Super Fun Night ABC has given good news to three of their freshman comedies. STANDING: JEFF GARLIN, WENDI MCLENDON-COVEY, GEORGE SEGAL; SEATED: SEAN GIAMBRONE, HAYLEY ORRANTIA, TROY GENTILEBoth The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife -- which have done fairly well on ABC's Tuesday night schedule -- have been picked up for nine more episodes, giving the shows full seasons of 22 episodes. Wednesday night Modern Family lead-out Super Fun Night, starring Rebel Wilson, will get an additional 4 episodes on top of its initial order of 13, ensuring a few extra weeks of super fun. Fellow freshman comedy Back In The Game, however, was not so lucky: While ABC intends to air the rest of its 13-episode order, ABC has declined to pick it up for more. Cue the headlines saying the show "struck out."
ok...the James Caan show *** the Rebel Wilson show *** and Law & Order SVU is the most disturbing episode i've ever seen. I'm going to Applebee's when I tear myself away from this t.v. OMG Olivia Benson.
Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect hosts the MTV Movie Awards. The nominees are . . .
Carol Burnett, Kristen Wiig, Rebel Wilson, Kathryn Gironimi. You just wait and see! Go see her standup at Foxwoods at 6:30 tonight! She's going to rock it!
"Simmons has now joined the likes of Rove McManus, Rebel Wilson and Jim Jeffries who are slowly taking the US by...
How does make Rebel Wilson and Jackie Weaver look meh?
Rebel Wilson poses nude for Glamour magazine:
We can imagine Rebel Wilson sitting, with a box on her lap, and looking at director Michael Bay with that sly smile, insinuating tone and knowing look in her eyes. “It was the strangest audition I’ve ever had,” Michael said of Rebel’s tryout for a part in his film, “Pain & Gain.” “She went to my off...
And Sandra Bullock duh! & Melissa McCarthy is the best comedic actress & omg Rebel Wilson is Hilarious!!!
Melissa McCarthy is on point. Rebel Wilson can take her Aussie *** back home for all I care.
if you're the kind of person that finds Rebel Wilson funny..
Rebel Wilson's TV show in summary: takes her clothes off. Is a comedy genius.
Rebel Wilson's new show looks worse than '2 broke girls' and by golly that's a terrible show.
That Rebel Wilson as J Law's sister video is f*n hilarious!
In a remake of I'd cast Aubry Plaza, Rebel Wilson, and Anne Hathaway as the witches.
Just finished watching the pilot episode of The Millers. It's hysterical! Margo Martindale for the win! Rebel Wilson, I love you but watch this and get a few pointers to beef up the consistency of the comedic moments in your show.
I love Rebel Wilson, such a sassy woman with so much life in her. What a wonderful actress!
What's your favorite new show on TV right now? I am loving Rebel Wilson's Super Fun Night--really cute!
Rebel Wilson pisses me off. So much!
Better or worse than: "Rebel Wilson: Why She's Not Ashamed of Her Weight!"? Real thing I heard them say on Entertainment Tonight.
Super Fun Night - Episode 1.05 - Engagement Party - Press Release KIMMIE AND HER MOM CLASH OVER SISTER JAZMINE’S ENGAGEMENT PARTY, ON “Super Fun Night” WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 ON THE ABC TELEVISION NETWORK Two-time Oscar Nominee Jacki Weaver and Ashley Tisdale Guest Star As Pamela and Jazmine Boubier “Engagement Party” – Kimmie’s life gets a lot more difficult when her mom Pamela (guest star Jacki Weaver, “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Animal Kingdom”) takes control of the engagement party Kimmie is planning for her sister Jazmine (Ashley Tisdale). Things get even more awkward for Kimmie when Pamela invites Richard to the big event . . . and she finds out the party has a luau theme and everyone has to wear a bathing suit, on “Super Fun Night,” premiering WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 (9:31-10:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. “Super Fun Night” stars Rebel Wilson as Kimmie Boubier, Liza Lapira as Helen-Alice, Lauren Ash as Marika, Kevin Bishop as Richard Royce and Kate Jenkinson a ...
Let me get that information right to you. Along with a picture of myself from 5 years ago when I was at my physical peak. ❤️ Rebel Wilson
Matt doesn't like Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthy. This is a major problem.
Okay, I gave Super Fun Night two tries because I like Rebel Wilson, but.
I was told that my like page was stupid and so were the photos so it has been deleted. My goal was to get somewhere like rebel Wilson, but for a person who I respected tells me it's all stupid, makes me wonder why I even try. 󾌣
Watched Pitch Perfect again last night. How funny is Rebel Wilson!
I'm kinda bored with 'Super Fun Night'. There was no improvement from the 1st episode to the 2nd. W/o Rebel Wilson, no one would watch this.
Top ten people: 3) Rebel Wilson . Bonus points for being Australian. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!
I meant Rebel Wilson* but it doesn't matter now becauSE EVERYONE SAW MY MISTAKE DAMMIT
lmao… psych!!! I was watching a show with Rebel Wilson singing that song. It was hilarious.
Rebel Wilson have all three of my babies
When you hate someone so much and everything they do annoys you.
When you text someone and they don't reply, you think "dear god, I can never text them for 2 months with out being desperate"
When you have to poop in public and you hope no one is in the bathroom, but when you walk in and there is a line!!
Rebel Wilson's new show is too funny!! 😂😂😂
Rebel Wilson has a show and on that show she has an American accent..
It's one of Ellen's favorite songs. Rebel Wilson asked if Ellen would join her to perform the rap, and the performance was unforgettable.
"Rebel Wilson is in it" "this isn't rebel Wilson it's another fat girl?"
Janet was trying to be nice and told a lady today that she looked like Rebel Wilson. Janet didn't understand why the lady was offended...
Ew this movie has rebel Wilson in it, I'm out
3. Favorite female celebrity- Rebel Wilson has got to be one of my favorite people!. 37. Something random- ummm...
The fact there's a huge advertisement of rebel wilson on her side posing like she's sprawled across seven buildings
Is anyone out there tuning into Stephen Merchant's show "Hello, Ladies?" It counts as British Sunday since he's British. I am really liking it. I want Rebel Wilson to follow his methods with Super Fun Night.
Super Fun Night is so awful but why am I always Rebel Wilson in everything she does?
Rebel Wilson is amazing and hilarious
It is SO weird hearing Rebel Wilson with an American accent.
Rebel Wilson is hilarious. End of story.
Super Fun Night is really funny bc Rebel Wilson
hook up with SelG, shack up with Rebel Wilson and blow up Miley
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Not as impressed with Rebel Wilson's show as I thought I would be...and I'm sad about that 😰
Anything that has to do with Rebel Wilson I absolutely love
is hilarious in Super Fun Night!!! Actually Rebel Wilson is hilarious in everything. I love her!
I love Super Fun Night..rebel wilson is the best
So... when is Rebel Wilson guest staring on glee?
Rebel Wilson could stand to lose a pound or two
Super Fun Night makes Rebel Wilson unfunny, something I previously thought was not possible. She deserves better than this.
S/O to Rebel Wilson for that awesome *** first name. i want it.
I've had enough of Rebel Wilson already
About to watch Rebel Wilson's new TV show
Give her some LUV Athwidge. She might be the Rebel Wilson of the feline realm.
If I ever had the opportunity to meet rebel Wilson, I would make her quote Pitch Perfect to me all day
Rebel with a Super shot at the big time Rebel Wilson may have conquered Hollywood but the Aussie comedian still has some work to do if her new sitcom Super Fun Night is any indication.
The way this game is going, maybe Rebel Wilson SHOULD be playing for Seattle.wait that reminds me, isn't The Walking Dead on tonight???
gosh why have I never seen Pitch Perfect before its actually a really good funny film think a love rebel Wilson lol
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Rebel Wilson To &In Millions As A Diet Company Spokesperson&- . “Bigger is better for ,”...
I mistake you for Rebel Wilson sometimes.
I want to be best friends with Jonah Hill and Rebel Wilson
*sits on your bed with you and watches as the titles start* this film is one of my guilty pleasures. I love Rebel Wilson...
I love Rebel Wilson. The show Super Fun Night is so funny.
I think I need a hearing test. I swear the NFL announcer said "Rebel Wilson is going to take to the field for Seattle.". My, she IS talented!
Another update on my mom: she feels bad for calling Rebel Wilson Fat Amy.
OMG! Super Fun Nights. Rebel Wilson is amazing. It’s like Girls, but funnier.
Super Fun Night is my favorite. So is Rebel Wilson. Gah. 🙈✌️💋
Katy Perry owes Rebel Wilson some royalties for the "horizontal running" moves she put in that SNL routine for "Walking on Air".
Rebel Wilson in bridesmaids, "at first I didn't know it was your diary, I thought it was just very sad hand written book."
Lord we thank you for Mellisa Mccarthy and Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson . Wow I can't believe people think your funny. Your new show looks like my dogs crap. Making people think its ok to be 200 kg and obese is not funny. Castle hill cinema complex want their ice cream machine back!
Super excited for on tues (plug, plug) Rebel Wilson u rock my world! But *** is with the fakeass US accent?! True blue Aussie all the way babe.nothing is as funny in americano.
When someone in Hollywood calls Jennifer Lawrence fat is like calling the Mona Lisa a POS. She's a beautiful real woman because she's a normal pretty girl who happens to be an actress. Take a girl like Rebel Wilson. Yes she's a curvy girl. An *** would call her fat. But she's a beautiful woman who deserves the respect any woman deserves.
This Rebel Wilson show is pretty darn hilarious. Putting this Hulu Plus account to work tonight. Adding this to the viewing list A$AP Rocky.
I LOVE how Rebel Wilson is everywhere now.
Marry sex kill Betty white, Rebel Wilson, and Lindsay Logan. Go. — I honestly would rather date a hippo
friends wit rebel Wilson now Rebel Wilson
This show is so boring! I wonder if, since she's parodying Bridget Jones she'll lose weight w the show. She's pretty, love her confidence, but it's unhealthy is all (Rebel Wilson) love her but hate this show! Who else thinks it's a one seasoner?
Rebel Wilson 11 Oct My heart went out to all the GLEE family watching the Farewell to Finn tonight x
Actress Rebel Wilson is proud of her curves and believes that her curvy body has made her stand out in Hollywood. In an interview in this week's issue of In Touch Weekly, the actress speaks candidl...
Love me some Rebel Wilson.she is hilarious in everything she plays in
My baby girl is restin good after aveeno bath, calamine spray, Tylenol and benedryl. Fever is down too. Now to watch Pitch Perfect again, but this time with my hubby! Rebel Wilson is my idol!
I have a desire to watch Pitch Perfect cause I saw it has Rebel Wilson in it. She's one of my most favorites!
My son now says "Fat Amy" when he sees Rebel Wilson on TV. I think he's seen Pitch Perfect 37 times too many.
So Charlie just came home from Party City with a Morphsuit that he didn't try on. The boy looked like Rebel Wilson in size S Spanx.
I love rebel wilson but her new sitcom " Super Fun Night" really *** And its not fun...
Photo: newslorde: Lorde & Rebel Wilson hang out on backstage at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. (2013-10-02)
I like big white girls & i can not lie no more!! well Rebel Wilson & Melissa McCarthy...I Love those chicks but not "honey boo boo" momma thats 2 much white woman for this brotha...
Rebel Wilson must see look of the week on fashion police!
Rebel Wilson really should have kept her accent in Super Fun Night.
That new Rebel Wilson show looks about as funny as a visit to a proctologist. With really long fingernails.
If I could have a celebrity friend first pic Rebel Wilson! Love!
Is it just me that thinks Rebel Wilson isn't at all funny?
Seperated at birth tonite at Yupps, lizz lemon, rosie ( housewives nj )rebel wilson, and bill clinton/ michael douglas
Asian Girl: I set fire to feel joy. Donald: That's adorable. The Asian girl and Donald are probably the best parts in the whole movie, next to Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson and Jonah Hill look like they can be brother and sister.
Q:Answer this too rebel Wilson, Rosie o-donald, Miley Cyrus you got to have sex with one kill one and marry one GO !! A: Kill: Rosie o-Donald Marry: rebel Wilson Have sex with: smiley Cyrus. _.
Three peoples I would love to meet in my life would be Rebel Wilson, luke bryan, and the person who invented the automated services so I can tell them that there invention was the worse one yet.
I'm gonna look like Rebel Wilson by the time I leave Texas. Except not as pretty. On the bright side I ate the best fried chicken and catfish I've ever had in my life tonight.
Rebel Wilson cant act. So irritated by her.
Rebel Wilson. Super Fun Night. Umm...awesome!! Now time to attempt to read a chapter of my literature and child development textbook. -_-
I quite enjoyed Struck By Lightning. Bit of a depressing ending but Chris Colfer and Rebel Wilson are fantastic.
I admit to listening to Pitch Perfect on pandora and that Fat Amy is my idol. I LOVE her! Was kinda disappointed in her (Rebel Wilson) show last night though... Her accent and self confidence is what makes her endearing! Didn't see either on the show.
Rebel Wilson let slip that Pitch Perfect 2 will be filmed in London! Pitch Perfect was one of our favourite films last year, so we are very excited to hear that there’s going to be a second instalment. We chatted to the film’s star, Rebel Wilson, at the Glamour Awards last night, and she let slip that the second movie could be set in London. “We’re going to make another one. We might be filming in London, the second one! That’s top secret!” Sorry Rebs, there is no such thing a secret when you’re talking to heat. You can’t trust us to keep our gossiping gob shut. Rebel also revealed that she’s having a blast in London, and she’s fitting in as much as she an while she’s in town, “I’m loving it – I’m seeing a great play tomorrow, The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime. “They put extra seats in the aisle for me because it’s sold out, that’s what they did. I’m just here for two days.” We'll see you back here for Pitch Perfect 2!
hey guys hope u all ok? Ding dong! It's the Pitch Perfect Christmas album - excited? Aca-Amazing! It might still be summer but we're feeling all festive here at Heat because news has just come in that the cast of Pitch Perfect are going to release a Christmas album full of festive hits. Hana Mae Lee who played the Bellas' quiet but talented beatboxer revealed the news: "We have a holiday album coming out so stay tuned," she said, teasing: "I'm going to be singing a very special song." The album hasn't been given a release date yet but according to Mae Lee it's going to include Christmas classics with a Pitch Perfect twist. "I'm pretty sure it's going to be all a cappella," she said. "You know, for our Pitch Perfect soundtrack, it's all a cappella - even the percussion. The cast which includes Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick are gearing up to start filming the sequel which is due for release in 2015. Why do we have to wait so long!?
Super Fun Night: TV Review Bottom Line Ostensibly about three friends who are the losers in a world that prizes only winners, the series explores how all three of them finally decide to face real life and stop staying in every weekend like they have been for the past 13 years. But mostly it's just jokes about Rebel Wilson's weight, her boobs and her social awkwardness, which makes things a little awkward for the viewer. Airdate Wednesday, 9:30 p.m., ABC Cast Rebel Wilson, Liza Lapira, Lauren Ash, Kevin Bishop, Kate Jenkinson Created by Rebel Wilson, John Riggl, Conan O'Brien, David Kissinger, Jeff Ross How do you mess up a starring vehicle for Rebel Wilson? After acclaimed and hilarious stints in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, the Australian actress seemed destined to be the perfect lead in a comedy built around her. Unfortunately, the pilot -- that Wilson wrote -- met with a lot of groans from critics and ABC decided to swap that out out for the episode you'll see tonight, not written by Wilson, and oste ...
Rebel Wilson has made my morning, a good laugh goes a long way.
My fave celeb interviews are probs demi and rebel Wilson they are so hilarious
Rebel Wilson doing an American accent - let us know your thoughts on
it is especially ridiculous on a show Rebel Wilson created... but oh well, networks and producers are sad creatures.
Rebel Wilson's new show is hilarious!
Did plead the fifth? Check out this clip from last night's
Rebel Wilson has surprisingly revealed the guest stars who will appear on her new ABC show Super Fun Night, including one actress who turned down a guest spot on the show — and is the first to report it. So who turned down the role of playing Wilson's on-screen mom? Bette Midler! "Sh...
I'm so proud of Rebel Wilson and her new show. Watching Super Fun Night on ABC on demand!
agreed but I wonder why Rebel Wilson has an American accent.
Watched Super Fun Night but a disappointed. I don't think I like Rebel Wilson without her accent :( Other characters had an accent on the show so I don't know why she can't use her normal voice?
Rebel Wilson and an american accent? NO.
NW: - Pilot. Hopefully it's funny. I love Rebel Wilson.
Rebel Wilson: Can 'Super Fun Night' make her a TV star?
I honestly didn't think I'd like Super Fun Night, looking forward to next weeks episode. Apparently Rebel Wilson can do no wrong.
Saw Rebel Wilson at the donut shop this morning
The premiere of was anything but, though we're not going to count out Rebel Wilson just yet:
I like Rebel Wilson and her dry, quirky humor - we're basically the same person - so I thoroughly enjoyed it.
up close and personal with our pupster Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson auditioned for Mike & Molly and "got kicked out for making up my own jokes. Chuck Lorre said 'There’s the door…
[NEWS] Rebel Wilson revealed that upcoming episodes will feature Ashley Tisdale, who plays her sister in the 5th episode in Super Fun Night!
Rebel Wilson: Five 'Super Fun' facts about her new show -
Hello, someone invite me to a Halloween party so I can dress up as what it would look like if Rebel Wilson Buffalo Bill'd Shelley Duvall.
Rebel Wilson's show "Super Fun Night" is much better than expected, its only detractor is her faux American...
Rebel Wilson & Matt Lucas apparently share an apartment in LA 😂 bet that's jokes
Oops. I missed Rebel Wilson's new show last night. 😭
Funny bc they're fat? I love her! "Rebel Wilson is the female Jonah Hill."
Just realized I missed the premier of that new show starring Rebel Wilson. 😠
Rebel Wilson's Super Fun Night is to blame for what just happened:. I Would Do Anything For Love - Meat Loaf.
We are never going to bust out of our comfort zone unless we put our busts out there. - Rebel Wilson
Oh my God you guys, the Rebel Wilson show looks so funny
Rebel Wilson's american accent is so...weird. It sounds mostly right, but it also sounds not right.
Conan O'Brien says Rebel Wilson is a revolutionary comic star. He's right. Too bad her show is no good:
How to talk about Rebel Wilson's wt in pilot episode of Super Fun Night. I watched. Did you?
I actually thought Rebel Wilson's American accent was pretty good. The show however, not funny at all.
From to to these are the hottest movie stars on TV this fall:
I wonder if Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy like it when the media refers to them as "fearless" every time they show …
Make sure to watch my girl Rebel Wilson on her new show tonight at 930 on ABC!!
Last night, Bachelorette star Rebel Wilson entertained Jimmy Kimmel with her childhood stories about rapping to Kriss Kross with her sister and how her family's dog-show business is exactly like the faux documentary Best in Show. Rebel even gave us a
How to Talk About Rebel Wilson's Weight: Her new show has a hefty helping of references
Nice work Rebel Wilson on your new show Super Fun Night, has potential!
well im off just finishing watching Super Fun Nights with rebel Wilson omg wat a show love that big girl.
Rebel Wilson in Super Fun Nights. Laugh out loud funny. Must watch.
I wish I could have Rebel Wilson and Katy Perry at the same time. Wow, that would be awesome
That Rebel Wilson chick needs to get off tv she's annoying, fat and not funny!! She's trying to be a role model??!! Your not a role model your just a fatty!!
This new tv show on ABC with Rebel Wilson is hilarious!
I'm so torn between Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, and Jennifer Lawrence for my fav actresses at the moment
The new show Super Fun Night with rebel Wilson was so funny
Super Fun Night was neither super nor fun. Rebel Wilson is funnier when she's not pretending to be American
Lol.. Rebel Wilson is hilarious... Andy Cohen was showing her pics of celebrities that she met &asked her to say the first thing that comes to mind... He showed her a pic of her and 1 direction and she replied that's a name I would give my Lol.. I love Fat Amy...
When Modern Family and Rebel Wilson are on tv, you already know that homework is gonna be delayed lol.
My love for Rebel Wilson will make me watch episode 2 but she's only got 22 more minutes to convince me.
watching Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson! shes a hoot!
Watched Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson!! It was so funny!!
Love Rebel Wilson but what the *** is she wearing on Bravo?? Her stylist needs to be fired. I know she's super funny but that's not cute,
Did anyone watch Super Fun Night with my bestie rebel wilson I love me some Rebel Wilson, and Super Fun Night was funny...but it kind of reminds me of a white version of Ugly Betty...
Super Fun Night...not sure if I'll watch you of the things I don't like is Rebel Wilson doing an American accent...why?!
It was good. Would have preferred Rebel Wilson act with her accent though.
The idea of Australian comedy spitfire Rebel Wilson creating and starring in her own show was a dream. The *** hum ‘Super Fun Night,’ however, turns out to be a nightmare, says Kevin Fallon.
Rebel Wilson be my best friend. PLEASE.
Rebel Wilson on Super Saturday Night was funny!! Modern Family and now TOP chef... night kiddos!
Rebel Wilson has her own show but is using a terrible American accent. I'm so disappointed.
I have to say I enjoyed Super Fun Night. Ya gotta love Rebel Wilson!
Super Fun Night would be a lot more super fun if Rebel Wilson wasn't trying to cover up her Australian accent with an "American" dialect that, as far as I know, does not actually exist in America.
Anyone else watch Super Fun Nights tonight? I can decide if it was stupid or funny. But Rebel Wilson was funny as usual.
tonight is my first Super Fun Night with rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson has a new TV show and my life is complete! :D
Here's a favor for you all..."Super Fun Night" 7 mins in is not fun. I guess I was hoping Rebel Wilson would be like her character in Bridesmaids. Please let me know if your opinion differs, I'm moving on.
I just watched Super Fun Night and it was so funny. Rebel Wilson is awesome.
Rebel Wilson is awesome from Super Fun Nights! Ridiculously funny!
Super Fun Night with rebel Wilson awesome show!!! love it I'm addicted
Watching Rebel Wilson fight to get her Spanx on hit a little close to home.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
New rebel wilson show. Not funny what a dud
Rebel Wilson on her new show is really funny!!! Just saying!!! Watching it with Slappy and Thumper!!
"Super Fun Night" with Rebel Wilson is a funny, new show!
Rebel Wilson is so funny...I think I'm going to like this show...
This is starting to be good, Rebel Wilson is funny.
Does this new show on abc really have rebel Wilson with no accent
Oh Rebel Wilson you have let yourself down... Super Fun Night is terrible!
Rebel Wilson ... Super Fun Night... She cracks me up..
"My friends tell me I have a voice like a one-legged angel. Sometime shaky, but magical"--Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson has a new show On channel 7
I Love Rebel Wilson she is so funny...
Love the actress Rebel Wilson, she be funny.
I am 5 minutes into this new show with Rebel Wilson. It won't last, it's really bad!!!
Am I the only one not charmed by Rebel Wilson?
Trying to watch the Rebel Wilson show ... Um. Uh. It's not workin' for me.
Rebel Wilson will be the next Jen Hudson. Weight watchers would nice need a spokesperson again if they made that happen.
Super Fun Night (new TV show) with Rebel Wilson has just started. She is one of my favorite star's. She makes me laugh and forget life!
WOW!! Rebel Wilson??? That's going to sell alot of tickets
the new show SUPER FUN NITE is on with rebel Wilson I love her lol
Sssh Rebel Wilson show is coming on (Super Fun Night)
I'll do anything for love just not the "butt stuff" Rebel Wilson .
Anyone watch Super Fun Night premiere tonight? I love Rebel Wilson!
Rebel Wilson on Super Fun Night is hilarious and beautiful!!
'Super Fun Night' is my new favorite show! I love Rebel Wilson!
Omg. Just laughed until I cried at Rebel Wilson putting on Spanx. Only the big girls can truly relate to that scene. So freaking hilarious!
Super Fun Night premieres tonight!! So excited that I get to watch rebel Wilson be hilarious on tv every week!!
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