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Rebecca Lowe

Rebecca Lowe (born 11 November 1980) is a sports reporter and presenter for ESPN. She previously worked at the BBC, and Setanta Sports.

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Rebecca is THE total package! Fantastic host - intelligent, talented, into football & knowledgeable... and drop dead gorgeous! Can't take my eyes off her & love the sound of her voice. Pretty much ruined me for all other women!
side note I'm low key in love with Rebecca Lowe ✌️
Rebecca Lowe's voice though. I can't say it enough
Love it when Rebecca Lowe shows a bit of personality! Can't watch that manager/ref chat enough, indeed!
I wake up to Rebecca Lowe every weekend morning for 9 months a year. I'm doing pretty good for myself
"Two naughty, spoiled children." How can you not love Lady Rebecca Lowe?
At the half Chelsea leads Arsenal 1-0. Rebecca Lowe, and discuss highlights from around the league now on
Zapruder film analysis on the Wenger/Mourinho Tie flip is the capper. Rebecca Lowe called them "two naughty schoolchildren"
.and Rebecca Lowe and her stupid heels! :-)
Highlight of the morning so far is hearing Rebecca Lowe pronounce Mauricio correctly. VICTORY! Thanks BB.
Only positive of the delay is i get to see more Rebecca Lowe on my television
Lemme put a black American baby in you, Rebecca Lowe
"We can't get that Jose Mourinho interview right now," Rebecca Lowe. "We know what he would say," says Kyle Martino, increasing his worth.
Now Rebecca Lowe states on kickoff at 20 mins past the hour from Stamford Bridge.
Rebecca Lowe is such a babe. Talk football to me 😍
Rebecca Lowe has reported on a delay in the Arsenal-Chelsea match due to an "incident"
Did Rebecca Lowe set this up at halftime on stating that Utd have never lost at home in Premier League when leading at HT?
. soccer anchor Rebecca Lowe is married to ex Torquay player and manager Paul Buckle.
Rebecca Lowe tickles my fancy for some reason.
After watching Houston lose, nothing can bring my spirit back like Rebecca Lowe and a big beer!
Rebecca Lowe is wifey but that's lowkey
Rebecca Lowe of is one of the best anchors in sports, male or female.
Some advise for the NBC Premier League halftime show. Less highlights, more Rebecca Lowe.
Man, Rebecca Lowe on is such a babe 😍
Ah Rebecca Lowe on my TV almost makes up for the Dallas' cancellation
Been saying Rebecca Lowe could get the D for quite a while now
Rebecca Lowe continues to be flawless. agrees.
The beautiful & talented Rebecca Lowe (is reporting Gabby is, in fact, ill. Not injured.
Rebecca Lowe looks like she enjoys giving head but hates a dirty kitchen.
Can someone teach Rebecca Lowe how to pronounce the word "Manchester"?
Rebecca Lowe on nbc sports soccer is a babe
All purpose parts banner
Hull scores against Palace, and all I can see is Rebecca Lowe punching right in the throat.
I could listen to Rebecca Lowe all day. I love to hear her speak.
I love Rebecca Lowe, but you're right. No one should speak when YNWA is played...
Usually I love Rebecca Lowe, but not during our song...
'Cleats...never heard the word. They're boots.' 😂😂😂😂 love Rebecca Lowe!!
That NBC/Xerox commercial with Rebecca Lowe is one of my favorites!
Rebecca Lowe and the team put all other soccer/football coverage to shame. Ultra professional and relevant
If you don't love Rebecca Lowe, you're mentally ill.
Your weekly reminder that Rebecca Lowe and the folks at NBC provide some of the best coverage/analysis around. Regardless of sport.
Hard to do, but I'm more attracted to Rebecca than I am Rob Lowe.
I love Saturday mornings...big breakfast, Rebecca Lowe and those blonde locks of hers. Yeah Saturdays are Great!
Rebecca Lowe and co. are such an improvement-I didnt even know to hope for this
Watching Rebecca Lowe talk about soccer is the best way to start a Saturday
I think something is wrong with hearing? Did Rebecca Lowe just say Lambert was starting?
Promo film from last night Thanks again to
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Rebecca Lowe and In the words of NBC's legendary Mary Carillo, "That's cracklin' good television."
Rebecca Lowe throws her hat into the ring for the impression without even knowing it.
Love Rebecca Lowe, she's so amazing doing recap soccer games.
A tiny bit of background: Glad for her; remember her on Conference footy on Setanta.
Ahead of the new season Paul chats with Rebecca Lowe and Robbie, presenters of NBC's Premier League Coverage in America. Up for discussion, the growing US fa...
I think actually has this covered. Also, they have Rebecca Lowe.
The soothing tones of Saturday mornings are back. My god Rebecca Lowe, how we have missed you.
American Reds will appreciate this:. "Great to Have Doing So Well" | Rebecca Lowe and Robbie Earle Interview
New season, new long hair for Rebecca Lowe. Oddly, she's a doppleganger of a good friend of mine.
America gets Rebecca Lowe on their television screens. England gets Chevy on Man United's kits. Pretty fair trade if you ask me
Anyone else disappointed not to see Coach Lasso at the desk with Rebecca Lowe? I know I am.
My Sunday mornings are now complete. The EPL and maybe more importantly Rebecca Lowe are back on my TV.
Rebecca Lowe even makes me swoon. Love her.
Rebecca Lowe has been the best part of my Saturday.
Good to see Rebecca Lowe in mid season form.
The best feeling is seeing Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe on your TV every Saturday morning😊
Holtman's Donuts, coffee, Manchester United underachieving, and Rebecca Lowe. Welcome back, EPL.
So happy that Rebecca Lowe is back in my life.
You and Rebecca Lowe make a nice tag team.
Oh, Rebecca Lowe, it's so lovely to see you again...
great leadin yesterday on your favorite show with studio guest Rebecca Lowe
You know, Rebecca Lowe is good and all, but does anyone think the lovefest for her is a bit overboard and weird?
been up since 4am watching Robbie Earl and Rebecca Lowe ha ha!!!
It's great to hear Rebecca Lowe and Martin Tyler again.
Rebecca Lowe, I have missed your pretty face.
Stayed out way too late. Drank WAY too much. Made it up to see the beautiful Rebecca Lowe 😍😍😍😍 which cures everything!
Woke up to Rebecca Lowe's voice. So it begins...
Hearing Rebecca Lowe’s voice first thing this morning almost brought a tear to my eye.
Rebecca Lowe on yesterday was a turning point for me in becoming a Premier League fan
This Vine of Rebecca Lowe’s valley girl impression is pretty much the only season preview you need.
"We are hoping that everyone's alarm clocks are working this morning because you don't want to miss this." - Rebecca Lowe …
The question is... Will it be Rebecca Lowe's, Arlo White's, or someone else's panic room?
I really wished NBC, not FOX, got the rights for World Cup. Love Rebecca Lowe. She's a great host and they have great analysts + Arlo White.
TIL Rebecca Lowe is married to Paul Buckle, who is the TD of MetOval
I can't wait to see Rebecca Lowe and Arlo White every weekend
The return of Ted Lasso featuring Arlo White, Rebecca Lowe, and Timmy Howard! 8 days away from kickoff
Our Premier League "Enhancement Kits" are available now. Limited Edition. Send your Ravens. The kits have been ergonomically designed by Ian Hutchison so the second you see Rebecca Lowe on the screen, you can break out the mugs, raise them to the old gods and the new, and beseech them to guide (Insert your team’s name here) to victory. Buy Here:
How long before Rebecca Lowe fills in for Brian Williams or Bob Ley for Diane Sawyer?
Arlo White will call NBCSN's two ICC matches with either Kyle Martino and Robbie Mustoe alongside, and Rebecca Lowe hosting.
Arlo White and Kyle Martino will call Liverpool-Roma at Fenway. Rebecca Lowe and the Robbies will be live on-site for pre-game coverage.
NBC Premier League host Rebecca Lowe should add to this discussion and have y'all used all of Paul's 5 good soccer seconds?
No Rebecca Lowe in studio means I'm working on stuffing my face at halftime, not listening to analysis of the first half.
I'd watch if Rebecca Lowe was announcing it
The only thing lacking from this brilliant World Cup is the divine presence of Lady Rebecca Lowe.
we met Lia, Marcus Butler, We the Kings, Shay's sister, Rebecca Black, Andrew Lowe and a few more.
People I still wanna meet, o2l boys, jennxpenn, Andrew Lowe, lohanthony, thatsojack , Rebecca black, funforlouis, and the Brits
Seriously, you can ask Rebecca Lowe is my girlfriend
please tell me that it's ok for me to love Rebecca Lowe.
I don't know who this blonde girl is that's hosting ESPN's World Cup coverage, but she's no Rebecca Lowe.
This second rate Rebecca Lowe knockoff on ESPN does nothing for me.
Everytime this studio crew comes on I can't help but think of Rebecca Lowe calling her agent about a raise.
Jenna went into an elevator that Rebecca Black and Andrew Lowe were in
Can ESPN just make .the new Rebecca Lowe. Please? Pretty Please?
my dad's taking it really hard. keeps calling it "devastating" and wishing we knew how Rebecca Lowe feels about it
This Rebecca Lowe Lite just makes me miss Rebecca Lowe even more.
I'm just glad that Rebecca Lowe isn't required to cover this story. He should be strung up by his possibly venomous fangs.
Crystal Palace because Rebecca Lowe is awesome sauce good at her job
Missing Rebecca Lowe from in this World Cup. She's a far better studio host than anything ESPN has trotted out thus far.
Deitsch and AA would Arlo White/Rebecca Lowe the *** out of Ray Ferraro if he worked in America.
Carowinds this Sunday? Megan Katharyn Tiffany Talato Kasia Budusky Dakota Faulkenberry Rebecca Lowe? Who else wants to go? We can car pull from Gso.   10% Off
Rebecca Lowe is pure class. I never used to watch or care about the relegation battles until NBC got the EPL.
does the MIB sat nav sound like Rebecca Lowe?
Can you ask Rebecca Lowe if she's going to the Philadelphia Union vs. Crystal Palace friendly?
Pick up Rebecca Lowe and make it Jules and Jim
We are in Stamford. Rebecca Lowe, 2 Wobbies, do you want to meet us for a drink?
Christian suspense by Rebecca Anne Lowe: Snowy Abductions. Soon to be out: Rainy Deductions. Looking for an agent.
Rebecca Lowe, there is a cheesesteak and a seat at PPL Park with your name on it
The Columbus Crew will host Crystal Palace on July 23. Fully expect Rebecca Lowe to be in attendance at Crew Stadium.
Crystal Palace coming to PPL Park means Rebecca Lowe is coming to watch, right?
Crystal Palace to visit Richmond Kickers for a friendly on July 28th. Someone call Rebecca Lowe.
When Rebecca's not here gym is so intolerable
“Rebecca Lowe stopped by the NYC man cave today info on English Premier League
Excited for the Premier League to start back up so I may once again listen to the dulcet tones of Rebecca Lowe.
Also on the show, NBC's Rebecca Lowe to wrap up all footy matters in England. If you cannot listen live, catch the pod when it drops Monday
One hour (or pod later) listen as and I talk to on series and NBC's Rebecca Lowe
I had Rebecca Lowe and Rebecca Lobo confused for a moment there.
I’m going to miss Rebecca Lowe and the Robbies this summer. Can we get them on a pirate feed for the World Cup?
Watching makes me realize just how good coverage was this season. I miss Rebecca Lowe already!
saying Sanogo will score the winner proves he doesn't watch the Premier League on NBC With Rebecca Lowe!
he's no Rebecca Lowe. He's not even Bob Ley.
Going into Rebecca Lowe withdrawals from watching this abomination of a studio show on FOX.
Likewise. Rebecca Lowe is a great host too. Arlo White is good but I miss Ian Darke with his ESPN calls.
How he's going to get through this match without Rebecca Lowe
would you at least give Rebecca Lowe a weekend talk show for the summer?
Rebecca Lowe in Pre Prep says swim well to all the Prep swimmers!
With the news of the Swansea City match in Milwaukee, time to invite Rebecca Lowe to the Brew City this summer.
Mary Lowe from with and Rebecca Storm on tonight
Look out for Mary Lowe with Rebecca Storm, and on tonight!
It is well stated and totally true. Rebecca Lowe is headed for big things!
Good article, especially because it praises my mate Rebecca Lowe!
EPL viewership in U.S. more than doubled from last season. Our Lady Rebecca Lowe surely the reason.
Parents of Rebecca Mason, Logan Dam crying through opening statements in Lowe trial
You've written about Rebecca Lowe before, right? Best new addition to sports TV in past year, in my opinion. Not close.
Can Fox borrow Rebecca Lowe for pregame show to balance Gus?
NBC Sports EPL coverage is made special on site by & in studio New York Rebecca Lowe 2 good professionals on top of their game?
I would hope that ESPN looked into a loan deal to bring starlets, Arlo White and Rebecca Lowe onto their World Cup roster.
In the future I will be writing a column why Rebecca Lowe should be the primetime host of NBC's Olympics coverage when …
Well done my friends Robbie Earle and Rebecca Lowe for making enjoyable t…
Moyes out. Rebecca Lowe mysteriously absent. Do you think... surely not... could she be Manchester United's new gaffer?
apparently Rebecca Lowe was friends with Peter Crouch as kids…
Rebecca Lowe is our Queen. Queen Rebecca I, the Duchess of National Broadcasting Company.
I saw Rebecca Lowe but she ain't talkin soccer? Where's the game?!
Courage of Zimbabwe human rights lawyer captured in film | Rebecca Lowe via
Rebecca Lowe representing the 'burg well
New with guest Rebecca Lowe, talking Liverpool-Everton, Manchester City, and more
We need more Rebecca Lowe interviewing hockey players please.
Sorry but I don't like listening to Rebecca Lowe.
Rebecca Lowe is hot...and love the accent
It's a Sunday morning and I'm watching Rebecca Lowe on
Sunday mornings with Rebecca Lowe, is there a better way to spend the time? I don't think so
Not sure why England let us have Rebecca Lowe but thanks!
I'm alright with this Tanith Belbin/Rebecca Lowe intermission report personally
Please Please hurry back from the Olympics as I for one miss you desperately on the pre-match and half time shows. Your knowledge about the game and the league is awesome. Technical questions addressed to your commentators and allowing them to answer them is great. Hats off to you and the rest of the NBC coverage team who stand head and shoulders above the FOX crew. Thanks Mike Childs an Everton fan stuck in Worcester MA USA
I would like to officially nominate Rebecca Lowe as host for coverage this year
Do you think Andrew Lowe actually did anal with Rebecca Black
“I want summer so I can just lay outside on the grass at night & stargaze. 🌌🌛🌠”
since the Olympics are almost over, here are my power rankings: Johnny Weir/Tara Lipinski commentating skating, the announcer at the speed skating arena that says "rheaaa deey", Al Michaels dropping betting knowledge on curling, Rebecca Lowe on NBCSN. bobsledding
So Rebecca Black and Andrew Lowe did anal oh ok.
Are all the anchor chairs broken? Al Michaels and Rebecca Lowe seem to be in a permanent recline.
Rebecca Lowe. You need to remember this. featured in NBC s Science of Love
The women's bronze medal curling game is live right now on I feel very royal when Rebecca Lowe tosses to us at the Ice Cube.
Yeah, I always think, "Brian, what are you doing with them?" He should go to NBC Sports and be with Rebecca Lowe.
with access to Rebecca Lowe's wardrobe and hair technician?
Al Michaels makes on air curling bet. Clearly he does not have a gambling problem.
Rebecca Lowe is the first person I saw when I woke up today and let me tell you that is the proper way to start your day.
Just had a Rebecca Lowe sighting on All is right with the world.
Rebecca Lowe is dressed like a dominatrix again. There must be a creepy and rapidly growing corner of the internet dedicated to her.
Finally found Rebecca Lowe on NBC, just wasted doing this. Should be calling our sport of the future since right
Rebecca Lowe is the hair apparent, no?
Have caught some of Rebecca Lowe during the daytime coverage? Really good.
Cool piece over at on who might be the successor to Bob Costas at NBC. Big Rebecca Lowe fan.
1970's office wholesale furniture and no Rebecca Lowe. I miss NBCSN
There's only one rebecca lowe sorry Fox Soccer maybe you should have picked up on incorporating women sooner
I'd rather watch a solo Rebecca Lowe than these four on Fox Soccer.
From Rebecca Lowe band: the jam Do I like them: haven't heard of them Seen them: nope Favourite song: don't know Like for a band!
Ah! Thought had learnt her lesson lol 🍻 cheers 'hic'
Rebecca Lowe in Louisville I thought she was in
Just like I too deeply love Rebecca Lowe-
James Brown filling in tonight on the CBS Evening News. Does that mean we can we get Rebecca Lowe to fill in on NBC Nightly News as well?
Rebecca Black and Andrew Lowe have done anal.
like Jennxpenn, Andrea russet, thats0jack, Andrew lowe, Ricky Dillon, Ardenrose186 and Rebecca black, alexa losey, YOUTUBE.
I've enjoyed Rebecca Lowe's cheerfulness since her days on Sentana Sports. "After the break, it's back out to the hocke…
can we talk about the fact that andrew lowe and Rebecca black have done anal
to be fair, she is only part of what's left of Fox Soccer. Rebecca Lowe is the "face" of soccer here-Smart and classy
Rebecca Lowe: you don't need to remind us that you are British. Your accent does that quite well, so please stop bringing up soccer and rugby. You are covering the WINTER Olympics.
We need a Lohanthony, Rebecca Black, and Andrew Lowe for the Fab Five.
Happy 18th anniversary to Rebecca Lowe and Paul Lowe. If me and and Greg are half as happy and in love as you two in 18years we will have it all.. Love you both Lots and thank you for everything you two do for all of us x
Hi All , A post from Rebecca Lowe this evening . How far these little angels have come, we are indeed very lucky parents. Thank you to everyone for their continued love and support throughout this journey xxx Please share will everyone you know.
Now, if it was me running NBC's Olympic primetime, I'd go Mary Carillo or Rebecca Lowe. And get praised the next day fo…
Andrew Lowe and Rebecca Black have done anal
Rebecca Lowe-Tomlinson this made me think of you and outlaw
NBC is incredibly loyal to mediocre talent, unless your name is Ann Curry. Let Rebecca Lowe shine, NBC.
So happy to of had my families joined together for my baby boy Greg Tompsett birthday love you all Rebecca Lowe Paul Lowe Vanessa Tompsett Philippa Gardner Jemima Louise Durrant Andy Smith, Nan, Chris and Craig xx
Enjoying a chilled glass of white wine out of my new wine glass Rebecca Lowe & Gill Smith ! Xx
Dear NBC, You had the good sense to send Rebecca Lowe to cover the Olympics. She's competent, young, cute, and British. Maybe you should trust your instincts and let her be awesome for a broader audience since both of her eyes work, and she uses less hair dye than Michaels and Costas. Yours, The Premier League fans that love her.
Zach Parise gets to talk to Rebecca Lowe. Lucky
Rebecca Lowe just called Ryan Suter and Zach Parise "chaps." SHE CALLED THEM CHAPS.
Hee hee. My friends are stealing the show. Nice one Natie M Davies, Daniel Leek, Rebecca Lowe. Hey Judith Parry and Penny Parr you should so be part of this!
Little late on this, but NBC having Matt Lauer fill in for Bob Costas tonight is lame. Why not Al Michaels, Rebecca Lowe, or Dan Patrick?
Crisis averted! Got a flight to Jersey tomorrow before the storm! We will make it in time for the wedding Rebecca Lowe and David Underwood!!!
It almost hurts to tune in to the Olympics on NBC. I cringe every time Costas speaks, for fear he will let more political stupidity out of his mouth. I'm also wondering what's up with Rebecca Lowe? Do we REALLY need a Brit that specializes in Soccer (football to the rest of the world)? Isn't Piers "The Tool" Morgan enough? (Yes, I know Piers isn't NBC's fault)
Good morning all here is the updated tally Rebecca munari. 42 votes Zoe blackie 9 votes Sue Perkins. 1 vote Rebecca Lowe. 1 vote There is still 2and a half hours to go should anyone be up to challenge Rebecca for the $100 voucher Will update you all again at 12pm good luck to all !
I miss Rebecca Lowe's pretty face and her genius commentary but Steve Bower is doing a good job in her spot.
Rebecca Lowe's hair is not fancy today!?!?
My god the Americans just hire anybody who's had any relation to the Premier League. Huge talents all moved over the pond like Warren Barton, Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop, Rebecca Lowe, Georgie Thompson and ex ref Peter Walton to offer the expert opinions.
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glad NBC made Rebecca Lowe co-host in Sochi instead of Michelle Beadle. nothing worse than a woman who thinks shes funny and cute
Check out this lineup of NBC Winter Olympics hosts for the Sochi Games in February: Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Dan Patrick, Lester Holt, and Mercersburg's own Rebecca Lowe ’99.
Rebecca Lowe just came on stage at the (Snow)party. Needless to say, we're blushing...along with every man in Joe's Pub
Welcome to the crew Dan Patrick, Rebecca Lowe & !
Dan Patrick, Rebecca Lowe, and Lester Holt added to announcing team for
We're excited to welcome Dan Patrick, Rebecca Lowe and Lester Holt to our coverage team for
John you were right. Rebecca Lowe is great. Unfortunately, Kyle Martino has a lot of opportunity for improvment.
Rebecca Lowe and Robin Mustoe are keepers for NBCSN's soccer studio show. Not seeing it with Kyle Martino.
wish I had 5 tv's and cable boxes to go with them! Rebecca Lowe far easier on the eyes than Warren Barton and his fake tan!!
NBC's coverage: positives - Rebecca Lowe is more attractive and less orange than Warren Barton.
How you know Roger Ailes doesn't run - close ups when male analysts talk, but mainly wide when Rebecca Lowe talks. Strange call.
Full credit to Michelle Beadle - she's leading lady. But I think the network's real treasure is Rebecca Lowe. Stellar this AM.
The hilarious juxtaposition of Rebecca Lowe and Michelle Beadle.
Bridget Regan continues to be a red-hot property, now with a major arc on White Collar. The Beauty and the Beast stunner will recur in nine episodes of the USA Network drama as Rebecca Lowe, a rare...
Gymnastics: Rebecca Downie qualifies with the second-best score for the European uneven bars final in Moscow
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Now all NBC needs is another in there team, as love Rebecca Lowe, but NBC needs a hard hitter to give concise info. ?
we're not even friends, I'm gonna throw a plugged in electrical device into the bath when he gets in.
Not to totally slam I really like Rebecca Lowe. Love her British accent.
Arlo = quality. I guess Lee Dixon and Graeme Le Saux as color guys. Don't know much about them. Rebecca Lowe in studio is solid.
“In your opinion, what's the most exciting aspect of NBC's EPL coverage plans? Rebecca Lowe!!!
I am so happy that hired Rebecca Lowe, but so bummed that they did not hire Sir
Comment on Rebecca Lowe Joins NBC Sports to Present Premier League Soccer to USA Beginning This August by The ...
More info RThost Rebecca Lowe talks to about the EPL
NBC's starting lineup for EPL next year: Rebecca Lowe, Arlo White, Robbie Mustoe, Lee Dixon, LeSaux, Gary Linekar. You had me at Lowe.
The Crossover: NBC Sports Premier League host Rebecca Lowe joins The Crossover to discuss her history of dealing with tragic events a...
NBC networks to televise EPL next season: Arlo White, left, listens as Rebecca Lowe speaks during a joint NBC ...
American EPL fans are the most sophisticated," says Rebecca Lowe We do love !!
is Rebecca Lowe contractually obligated to say "the AMURICCANNN"?
Will she call it soccer or football during NBCSN coverage? Rebecca Lowe's sticking w/ football 4 now!
Up next we switch gears a bit & welcome new host Rebecca Lowe to the family!
The fact that sports reporter Rebecca Lowe took time to talk to me & give me the same advice she was…
Coming up tomorrow on EPL Talk - exclusive interviews about EPL coverage with Richard Scudamore, Rebecca Lowe, Arlo White & NBC execs
Gary Lineker, Lee Dixon, Rebecca Lowe and Arlo White confirmed in NBC's all-star American Premier League coverage
or Graeme Le Saux doing colour. Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe in studio in US. Gary Lineker to host some games on-location.
You just answered my next question was Rebecca Lowe well known in the States and hands off CJ lol
probably wanted someone American audience recognized. Rebecca Lowe is that
Gary Lineker, Lee Dixon & Rebecca Lowe make up on-air talent for NBC's coverage of Premier League
Rebecca Lowe is a good step from the little I've seen of her.
and Rebecca Lowe are great hires for them.
Working @ NBC Sports is amazing! I talked with Rebecca Lowe about the sports broadcasting industry & how to get in it!
Also recall working with young, inexperienced Rebecca Lowe at in Tunisia 2004. Can't say she learnt anything from me!
NBC taking on football in US is huge. But Rebecca Lowe? She's absolutely insufferable.
On stage: NBC soccer producer Pierre Moosa, Rebecca Lowe, and some other guy you might know:
just heard NBC signed on presenter Rebecca Lowe for US coverage of EPL next season. Thoughts?
Rebecca Lowe admits she did six months of high school at a boarding school in Pennsylvania. Doesn't name which one.
Congrats to Rebecca Lowe on her appointment for their EPL coverage. via
Arlo and Rebecca Lowe speaking now. Arlo recalling Leicester's imaginary 37 game unbeaten run when he was childhood announcer
I love Rebecca Lowe, so glad she was added to the team. Just wish she would eat a burger & plump up a tad
Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe will provide commentary from NBC's new broadcast center in Connecticut.
Rebecca Lowe will host All of NBC Sports Group's Premier League coverage
Glad to see Rebecca Lowe get a good job though. Best interviewer on British football TV IMO
Rebecca Lowe is brilliant. Completely wasted on ESPN
“Jamaican and Chinese make a good combination!” Lol Lowe it that sounds nasty
Rebecca Lowe, Roberto Martinez and Colin Kazim-Richards. ESPN really know how to put together a punditry team...
Can someone fill me in on this Lindsey Lowe trial? Who is she? What did she do? I'm always the last to know😳
Lindsay Yenter: Sean Lowe just wasn't in love with me, I wasn't asked to be the ...
Another great idea What are the Father of the Bride’s Duties Before & on the Wedding Day?: By Rebecca Lowe, sp...
'Bachelor' Sean Lowe proposes to Seattle native Catherine Giuidici in season ...
This is the last week we'll be able to see Sean Lowe shirtless. Soak it in ladies 💪
Mom: "I just realized Sean's dad's name is Jay Lowe, like J-Lo" lmao
Clinton Rotary Club's Students of the Month The Clinton Rotary Club's Student of the Month Committee, co-chairs Annie Stirna and Marcia Bird, recently recognized Haddam-Killingworth High School junior Zachariah Carmichael and Morgan High School junior Erika Renkl as February students of the month at a reception at Clinton Country Club. Kaitlin Sullivan-Freimuth, Carmichael's nominating teacher, said she chose Carmichael because, "Zach is a very mature young man, who appears to be wise beyond his years. He is quiet and unassuming. Zach is the total package: outstanding academic performance, involvement in a wide variety of co-curricular activities and a devotion to helping others. He is also a member of our Varsity Math League." His father Paul Carmichael and mother Rebecca Lowe were in attendance. Renkl's nominating teacher, Jean Sunny said she chose Renkl because, "she is conscientious, she shows strong leadership skills and exhibits high integrity." Sunny explained Erika's "leadership skills". "Erika t ...
So Paul Buckle quit his post as Luton manager as ESPN presenter Rebecca Lowe, his partner, is off to the States
Got to be a first as presenter Rebecca Lowe is the partner of boss Paul Buckle!!
Luton Town manager Paul Buckle's fiancée Rebecca Lowe presenting the game for ESPN today. Has to be a first! v
Available for purchase at: Cat lovers will laugh out loud at the quirkiness of ...
Lovely catch up with wine and pancakes with Rebecca Lowe
So sad I am missing this--but it is going to to be amazing. Yasher koach to Rebecca Garfein Gellman and Cantor Shayna De Lowe for their hard work and dedication!
Like your favorite Photo!! The Person with the most likes by February 22 at 6:00PM wins a Free Pair of Ariat Boots
Going to cut my hair much shorter and get loadsa red in it
Please feel free to Tag photo's of your recipes and pictures! :) A little humor and inspiration :)
Who inspired you to run the Virgin London Marathon?
Going on postie watch today are. Melissa Taylor, Racey Tracey Bartle, Leanne Roney, Danielle Rebecca Lowe. Thanks for your prompt payments guys. Pls let me know when received x
Visitors of all ages are invited to a free day at the museum, with bilingual tours, free programs, art-making activities, and live music by Triple Chicken Foot at 12:30 and 2:45 pm. Triple Chicken Foot is an old-time trio playing early American fiddle and banjo songs. With Ben Guzmán on fiddle/mando...
Well another well attended coffee morning in the Boston Resource Centre today. Pancakes and coffee were enjoyed and the raffle for the valentine’s teddy was drawn. The teddies name was Darcy and she was won by Mrs Pat Lowe from Stamford. We would like to thank Amanda who treated everyone to pancakes with delicious toppings and to our lovely volunteer team Rebecca, Nigel and Colin, thank you very much everyone had a great time and I am sure they will be looking forward to it again next year! Well done 'A'Team !!
Team-news ahead of Leicester v Huddersfield in around 30 minutes - Frank Sinclair & Steve McManaman are our guests with Rebecca Lowe.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Rebecca Lowe is Luton boss Paul Buckle partner and she interviewing him on espn
Slightly odd that Paul Buckle is being interviewed by his partner, Rebecca Lowe, on ESPN…
I'd have Rebecca Lowe presenting the football over Ray Stubbs every day of the week. Get rid of Burley as well for Georgie Thompson.
I got another card!! Thank you Ms. Nancy Watson! I Love it!! We also got cards from Michael and Rebecca Lowe and from Michelle! With DONUT MONEY in them!!
We got Christmas Cards from Nancy Watson, Michael and Rebecca Lowe and Michelle! With Santa dollars included!! Thank you so much!!
Rebecca Lowe: 'The post-match interview is the hardest job in football broadc.. via
Up for the cup? Guess who have lined up as pundit? None other than Also with presenter Rebecca Lowe is Martin Keown
And a another shameful plug for my interview with 's Rebecca Lowe: via
I spoke to 's Rebecca Lowe about her career, sexism in football, and Muamba. Interview here: via
Good overview of Iran situation, quoting Hans Blix, Peter Weiss, Shirin Ebadi, by Rebecca Lowe in IBA Global Insight
ESPN Video: Rebecca Lowe, Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop review Day 7 of Euro 2012 which saw Italy draw with Croatia and Spain crush Ireland, which means the Irish are the first nation knocked out of the tournament.
H/T UKR 0-0 FRA The most exciting thing about that rubbish was Derek Rae calling Rebecca Lowe, Becks, right at the end there.
Bob Ley heard Ian Darke say "clinical" and has now said it 7 times since the half ended...please bring back Rebecca Lowe.
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