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Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Caroline Ferguson (born 21 July 1986) is a British singer and songwriter. Ferguson came to prominence in 2010 when she became the runner-up of the seventh series of The X Factor.

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Liverpool singer Rebecca Ferguson invited to perform at Trump inauguration. She'd consider it if she can sing Strange Fruit.
Rebecca Ferguson asked to perform at Tr*mp's inauguration ceremony; accepts so long as she can sing 'Strange Fruit': http…
Rebecca Ferguson offers to sing at Donald Trump's inauguration if she can sing 'Strange Fruit'
Rebecca Ferguson says she will perform at Donald Trump's inauguration on one condition
Rebecca Ferguson agrees to sing at Trump’s inauguration, if she can do Strange Fruit:
Here's the new poster for starring Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, and Jake Gyllenhaal:
James Franco has joined starring Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, and Danny McBride
'I was a mess and I had a nervous breakdown' says singer Rebecca Ferguson | Nottingham Post
Wired: Rita Ora promises fans they will hear 'the London influence' on her new record.
This Memorial Day, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, & Ryan Reynolds are on the Watch the first tr…
When I was on the X-Factor, I found that I grew a lot as a performe...
Superwoman by Rebecca Ferguson. This album is a triumphant return and set to be a huge success and deservedly so!
True you'll find me listen to some Rebecca Ferguson can't use that to define me akere it's all about the mood nje
Ye Liu joins Rebecca Ferguson in 'The Lady and the Panda'
Ye Liu Joins Rebecca Ferguson in Historical Drama ‘Lady and the Panda’ via
Ye Liu joins Rebecca Ferguson in the historical drama 'Lady and the Panda'
Actress Ye Liu has come on board the historical adventure “The Lady and the Panda” opposite Rebecca Ferguson.
Take a first look at LIFE starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson & Ryan Reynolds in this new trailer-At Cine…
Watch Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds in the trailer for LIFE now and see it in theaters Memorial Day.…
Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson & encounter alien life in the first trailer for sci-fi thriller, 'Life'.
same for me it's all about the vocals and instruments Leona Lewis, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Rebecca Ferguson 😊
Rebecca Ferguson with Janet McTeer and James Frain behind the scenes of the White Queen, 2013
Everybody is a suspect in with Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley…
Looks like so much fun!cast at the world premiere! Luke Evans, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Pa…
📷 Paula Hawkins, Tate Taylor, Emily Blunt, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson and Haley Bennett on the red...
Some cute pics inside world premiere Luke Evans and the 3 ladies! Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Hal…
Also, Rebecca Ferguson for the Katherine Hepburn biopic please and thank you.
Rebecca Ferguson who fainted live on tv from overwork when pregnant.
Hot Bill Withers is faster than frozen Rebecca Ferguson (actress)
Very happy to be back on the UK show this year. The last year I was on it we found One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher and Matt Cardle
Don't know if Poison Ivy is being planned for an appearance in the Harley Quinn solo project but can Rebecca Ferguson be cons…
If they ever cast a female Bond ("Jane Bond"), my money would be on Rebecca Ferguson ("M.I.5: Rogue Nation")
Will also accept Lynn Collins or Rebecca Ferguson. . Now, if it's time to talk Power Girl I need to close the shades.
DAYUM! I forgot how much *** Rebecca Ferguson kicks in MI: Rogue Nation.
Rebecca Ferguson at the World premiere of 'Florence Foster Jenkins' in London, England.
Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Katheryn Winnick, Brie Larson among others have been named. Whos your pick?
now someone should just put Emily Blunt, Gal Gadot &Rebecca Ferguson in a movie as all bad *** &im good
Finally saw Mission Impossible & *** was it good. Regret not seeing it in IMAX. I also have a crush on Rebecca Ferguson now.
Dear Paramount or whoever runs the Mission Impossible franchise, PLEASE give Rebecca Ferguson her own movie!
Jake Gyllenhaal is heading to Mars for 'Life' with Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson:
Mr Bright Eyes by Rebecca Ferguson is in Bison and Bird, London.
- Ryan Reynolds to Star With Rebecca Ferguson in Mars Mission Thriller "Life". at …
Rebecca Ferguson returns with second album 'Freedom'
Already Rebecca Ferguson, UB40, Example, & more - tonight we exclusively add 2 more HUGE names to
We add 2 more big names to the lineup on tonight's show! 8.30pm .
I think for the next Mission Impossible, should bring back his last 3 female costars, & Rebecca Ferguson
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Rebecca Ferguson at O2 Guildhall Southampton later this evening. More details at
Rebecca Ferguson is nominated in Best Female Newcomer category at You can vote for Rebecca here
Priviledge having Miss Rebecca Ferguson with us today. Looking forward to your performance tonight
Florence Foster Jenkins movie is in theaters May 6th, 2016. Rebecca Ferguson at 0.34 in the new teaser trailer
Ryan Reynolds is considering starting in sci-fi thriller Life. Rebecca Ferguson is already attached to the project. Daniel Espinosa directs
Rebecca Ferguson - Nothing's Real but Love playing now on 1159.FM
"I love hats and winter is the perfect time for them. I love winter time fashion." -Rebecca Ferguson
Just to remind ticket holders that tonight's performance of Rebecca Ferguson has been postponed till 6th Nov.
UPDATE: Rebecca Ferguson has joined Ryan Reynolds in Life, from the writers of
Ryan Reynolds reuniting with writers for sci-fi film ‘Life’ with Rebecca Ferguson:
Ryan Reynolds in talks to join Rebecca Ferguson in Life
Ryan Reynolds to head into space with Rebecca Ferguson for Life
Rebecca Ferguson's "I'm going to murder you in your sleep" icy stare/eyebrow thing in The White Queen is the stuff of epic p…
Unfortunately you’re linking to the wrong Rebecca Ferguson in the article.
Mission Impossible 6 filming begins summer 2016; Rebecca Ferguson to return with Tom Cruise?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Life as a mum-of-three helps soul singer Rebecca Ferguson to keep it real
North Wales' best gigs in 2016: From Lionel Richie, Shane Filan, Rebecca Ferguson to Wet Wet Wet - there's lot...
🔸🔹 Great interview with Alicia Vikander, about Rebecca Ferguson, Noomi Rapace and more!
Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation) may well be the wonderful reincarnation of Ingrid Bergman.
I thought Rebecca Ferguson was superb, too. Hope she's in the next one.
I agree. Rebecca Ferguson was a super badass in her role. Love women who kick butt. No patience for crying and falling.
I'll speak for me, my family & friends, MI: Rogue Nation is our favorite because of Rebecca Ferguson. Action packed
Just watched Rogue Nation - very very good. What a hypnotic actress that Rebecca Ferguson is.
My dad's watching Rogue Nation and I've just remembered Rebecca Ferguson will be back for the next one. Standout of the f…
'Rogue Nation' is better on 2nd viewing. Almost neck-and-neck with 'Ghost Protocol'. Rebecca Ferguson is something else.
I approve 100% of Selena and Niall because she's like the first WOC to be girlfriends w the boys other than Rebecca Ferguson w Zayn in 2011
And so did Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson, and Nicky McDonald and Sam Bailey
Rebecca Ferguson to return with Tom Cruise & Director McQuarrie for MI:6!!
Rebecca Ferguson to Return for Mission: Impossible 6: Christopher McQuarrie will also return to write and dire...
Rebecca Ferguson is coming back for the next 'Mission: Impossible'
Danielle Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson step out for kids&charity Christmas party - Liverpool Echo
Danielle Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson step out for kids' charity Christmas party
Caroline. Harry. Danielle. Liam. All we need is Rebecca Ferguson and Hannah Walker and backstage would be more awkward tha…
‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Thinking of getting Christopher McQuarrie and Rebecca Ferguson to come back
I added a video to a playlist Rebecca Ferguson actriz
Hah, I used that exact Rebecca Ferguson image for my Ball Fondlers poster
I hope they bring back Rebecca Ferguson.
La parte clave "with the studio also holding an option for Rebecca Ferguson to reprise her “Rogue Nation” role". Adiós a Alien…
But hey, more Rebecca Ferguson is good for the world.
‘Mission: Impossible 6’ eyes Christopher McQuarrie and Rebecca Ferguson to return:
was just as good on my tv than it was in the theater. Rebecca Ferguson is such a badass.
It's actually about something. Also has a tighter script. Also Rebecca Ferguson.
Check out sizzling new co-star Rebecca Ferguson. Available TODAY on Vudu!
Director Christopher McQuarrie and Rebecca Ferguson may both return for Mission: Impossible 6
I'll say it again: Rebecca Ferguson on the $20 bill. She stole the show in MI6. Hollywood leading lady who kicks ***
Catch singing superstar Rebecca Ferguson at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with her 'Lady Sings the Blues' tour!
'The Girl on the Train' will be released on 10/7/16. Stars Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Edgar Ramirez &…
you got the answers to the 1D quiz wrong. You said Matt Cardle came 2nd & Rebecca Ferguson 1st in X Factor. Was other way round.
So, if Fox wants Rebecca Ferguson in Alien: Paradise Lost, what will happen to Noomi Rapace? I hope she is still part of it.
Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Cruise & Christopher McQuarrie at the Shanghai premiere of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
Rebecca Ferguson and Christopher McQuarrie in Shanghai, China for the MI5 - Rouge Nation premiere (05.08.2015)
Rebecca Ferguson wanted to change management and went to court to get out of her contract and failed.
with the voices of:. Danny Golver, Jess Harnell, Rebecca Ferguson, Brian Drummond, John Goodman & Ken Watanabe (not sure)
Ah The White Queen [[Max nods his head]]The plot was amazing and the cast especially Rebecca Ferguson
It's the way he slings himself off a motorbike because he knows Rebecca Ferguson is too cool for him.
Big screen Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation loaded w spunk thx to Swedish daredevil Rebecca Ferguson who did her own stunts. Best MI
rebecca ferguson - nothing's real but love...not my music but great song and instruments are superb, funo like it so ts good :P
I love Rebecca Ferguson should have let her sing😊
Rebecca Ferguson offering Little Mix tickets on Keep It In The Family is so wrong 😒😒😒
I think Rebecca Ferguson is honestly stunning 😅
I liked a video from Rebecca Ferguson - Fake Smile
Rebecca Ferguson behind the scenes of The White Queen, photographed by
Photo: hollywood-fashion: Rebecca Ferguson in Christian Dior Couture at the Shanghai premiere for Mission:...
In my dream, rebecca ferguson kiss me. Why its not real
Nothing's Real But Love by Rebecca Ferguson is in The Black Bull, Richmond. Download it now at
Beverley Knight, Rebecca Ferguson or even Mel C could've done that better!
Well this is my favorite rumor ever. Rebecca Ferguson for Carol Danvers.
nahh shes perfect for cersei. Rebecca ferguson? Tyra banks?
From ARGENTINA: REBECCA FERGUSON, great candidate for KATHERINE HEPBURN´s biopic! Make that film! OSCAR for both!
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation was good. Rebecca Ferguson was too good . But Tom Cruise was the best. 7.5/10
This 'Captain Marvel' rumor might be a bit premature, but it's the best one we've heard yet:
▶ like the Bond films in that respect. 😕 I did like Rebecca Ferguson, though. 😃)
Think I just spotted the beautiful actress Rebecca Ferguson here in Bruges. She's stunning.
that would be a bit too subtle for most. I just about twigged Rebecca Ferguson's character name!
there is Rebecca Ferguson and one more is there um Geneva Lane???
I liked a video from Rebecca Ferguson talks jazz with Jazz FM
British acts are really making the best music right now. From Jess Glynn, Rebecca Ferguson, Emeli Sande, one direction. The list is endless
Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson greet fans at the Shanghai gala premiere of Rogue Nation!
thanks Martin, Rebecca Ferguson - Teach Me How To Be Loved for my beautiful wife Kayleigh thank you ;)
I look up to these girls. 😍💪. Rebecca Ferguson. Gina Carano. Ronda Rousey
MI 5 Rogue Nation is just BRILLLIANNT ...Rebecca Ferguson and Sean Harris are AWWWEESOOME and Tom Cruise is EATABLE
other similarities between Alicia Vikander and Rebecca Ferguson: they're both swedish.
Rebecca Ferguson top class in Stole the show for me.
Casting: Chris Evans, Miles Teller, Anne Hathaway, John Boyega in The Circle, Rebecca Ferguson in Girl on the Train
Mission Impossible: Find Diversity . Sorta starring Rebecca Ferguson as Token Woman and Ving Rhames as Token Black Man
Rebecca Ferguson filming The Vatican with Matthew Goode. Directed by Ridley Scott but as yet unreleased.
Rebecca Ferguson on set of The White Queen, photographed by
A week and a bit after seeing Rogue Nation, I can remember nothing about its plot or characters outside of Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust.
Rebecca Ferguson, Lea Seydoux, and Abbey Lee on shortlist for Gambit
My is Rebecca Ferguson in the new Mission Impossible movie because THAT DRESS, THOSE MOVES, DEM EYEZ
Rebecca Ferguson in 'Mission Impossible: RN' a knee-weakening mixture of Romy Schneider and Diana Rigg
Note to makers of Mission Impossible 6: Bring back Rebecca Ferguson. She was immense.
Photoset: Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson on location at the Vienna Opera House filming stunts for Mission:...
M:I's Rebecca Ferguson & Mad Max's Abbey Lee in the running for Belladonna Boudreaux
Seriously though, Rebecca Ferguson aside, the secret weapon of Rogue Nation is Eddie Hamilton's tight-as-a-drum heart attack editing.
In a better world they would've made Spider-Man older and cast Rebecca Ferguson as Mary Jane!.
I would have said get Rebecca Ferguson in a DC film, but Wonder Woman was already taken. She's a mix of Ronda Rousey and Ruth Wilson. LOVE!
I hope Kevin Feige & crew over watch Rebecca Ferguson in & see how to make a movie.
Wow, Rebecca Ferguson is amazing in Mission Impossible. What a woman! Great film, highly recommend it
Loved Rogue Nation. That was just what I needed, and like the rest of the planet I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Rebecca Ferguson now.
Our w/ Rebecca Ferguson, who quickly became one of our fav people:
Opera scene was fantastic. And man... Rebecca Ferguson. Please cast her in everything. She could have been in every howard Hawks movie.
After seeing last night, I'm practicing my best moves to be Rebecca Ferguson's sidekick.
Watch the third trailer for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson.
Hugh Grant and Rebecca Ferguson film steamy scenes for Florence Foster Jenkins 😘
Little Giant Ladders
Glad to see the new Rebecca Ferguson & Robert Glasper Trio dropped as well.
Hugh Grant transforms as he joins Meryl Streep and Rebecca Ferguson to film Florence Foster Jenkins: The actor…
I thought the singer on the andrew marr show was Rebecca Ferguson - they sound exactly the same on the radio!
Rebecca Ferguson is the new Michelle Monaghan, right?
Rebecca Ferguson to play Sunday Night at the London Palladium
starring Rebecca Ferguson and Charles Dance new promo! Check it out!
Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson in new image from Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation:
Terry Wogan on Rebecca Ferguson after singing Embraceable You from Lady Sings The Blues. 'Your musicians were brilliant'
11:00 Weekend Wogan: Terry Wogan welcomes Kip Moore and Rebecca Ferguson to the studio to chat and perform live
New post: Brits 2015: Paloma Faith and Rebecca Ferguson match as ladies in red as they joins star-studded guest list
Video By UK artist Rebecca Ferguson premiered the brand new single “Get Happy,” which was previously recorded by Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. “Get Happy” is the first offering from her forthcoming third studio album, Lady Sings the …
Listening to Rebecca Ferguson sing Take Care just does me in ✋❤️ time to sleep.😔
Rebecca Ferguson multi-tasks with baby Arabella while at work via
'ONE DIRECTION STORY' PT. 35. Final: the boys lose against Rebecca Ferguson and they gain the third place
Rebecca Ferguson - The Making of Lady Sings the Blues: via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watching the White Queen..knew by Rebecca Ferguson's face that she had Irish in her .. turns out her mother is Anglo Irish
Prepare for goosebumps as Rebecca takes on Billie Holiday
Rebecca Ferguson's new album's called Lady Sings the Blues.
Follow for direct line to civil rights activism in Ferguson + around country
Head to Official Store to pick up the SIGNED edition of Lady Sings The Blues!
Looking forward to this - Jazz music ins't given enough credit
Order your signed album today folks!
VIDEO: Prepare for goosebumps as Rebecca Ferguson takes on Billie Holiday
theUKNewz: Rebecca Ferguson accountancy scam accused to stand trial -
Rebecca Ferguson accountancy scam accused to stand trial -
Rebecca Ferguson accountancy scam accused to stand trial. Pair in court accused of six fraud...
Southport couple accused of Rebecca Ferguson accountancy scam to stand trial
Southport couple accused of targeting singer Rebecca Ferguson in alleged scam to stand trial
Catch play her new album at in London this Feb/Mar! Tickets here:
Rebecca Ferguson accountancy scam accused to stand trial
Breast Cancer Awareness
Two people accused of targeting Rebecca Ferguson in an accountancy scam will face trial
They put Rebecca Ferguson right next to zayn in the metro YIKES
Rebecca Ferguson hasn't given up on love despite her ex cheating on her when she was pregnant. 'I am an old romantic,' she told us.
Check this out what a soul voice Rebecca Ferguson - All That I've Got (Official Au…:
And then I saw a picture of Rebecca Ferguson looking like this and now I. AM. DEAD.
shak, Rebecca ferguson and Anastasia r my best ones x x x
Why not? I love Rebecca Ferguson and I love Billie Holiday. I have no problem with it and look forward to it.
I'm looking forward to Rebecca Ferguson covering the whole of Lady Sings The Blues to mark Billie Holiday's 100th birthday.
Losing your soul will cost you more ♫ Glitter & Gold – Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson x Teach me how to be loved
Ausi Mavis soon to preach reconciliation to Dudu the new madamme. Rebecca to sing yashi Gomorrah sodoma
Best of the Best "Glady,Rebecca and Mavis moments are the best!
Sounds stupid, I know, but 'Freedom' by Rebecca Ferguson remains a powerful and important song to me. Thank you
I read Rebecca Malope some how"Anyone know a site where I can download Rebecca Ferguson's album?"
X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson reveals the father of her new baby dumped her during pregnancy
my live cover of Glitter and Gold by Rebecca Ferguson … … … … … … … … … … … …
bc Rebecca Ferguson has done so much since she left TXF. those crisp adverts were perf :) :) :)
"1D,Ellla Henderson,Little Mix,Leona Lewis,Cher Llyod,and Rebecca Ferguson are the best acts to come out of any XFactor tbh."
Why are white people scared of black people's rage at Michael Brown's death? | Rebecca Carroll
Feds approved no-fly zone in Ferguson to keep the media out in August
.and Rebecca Ferguson on the London Set for Mission: Impossible 5 http:…
check out cover of Glitter and Gold - Rebecca Ferguson : …
I don't know the scale of his involvement with them but he was tour support for Rebecca Ferguson so he's obviously known to them
Didn't know rebecca ferguson got herself a new job hosting xtra factor
Rebecca Ferguson style. All of the beats, none of the movement.
Lola needed to go home she was sounding worse each week she reminded me of Rebecca Ferguson without the sob story
It's like Rebecca Ferguson lol, sounded like a goose farting in a fog & everyone was like ooh she's so jazzy, but she was awful!
Lola doing her best Rebecca Ferguson impression there. Dull.
She needs to learn how to make sounding flat work, like Rebecca Ferguson.
lola reminds me of Rebecca her voice.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Seriously, Lola. We don't need the Rebecca Ferguson we've already got. A spare is definitely surplus to requirements.
She's got a bit of a Rebecca Ferguson about her voice ...
this girl reminds me of Rebecca ferguson and she can sing too
Ferguson's no-fly area designed to keep away news helicopters during protests.
.voted FOR open carry. Anyone asked Rick how he feels about residents openly carrying guns?
Rebecca Ferguson shares first picture of her new baby!
Our Molly hanging out backstage with Rebecca Ferguson & the Kittens xxx Happy Birthday x
Video: helps Rebecca Ferguson up after fall on MI:5 set in Vienna
Video: and Rebecca Ferguson rehearse jump from Vienna Opera House http…
Another video: and Rebecca Ferguson after jump @ Opera House
Rebecca Ferguson shares impressive baby bump selfie: Former X Factor finalist jokes that her pregnancy curves have 'grown over night'
Rebecca Ferguson, ABC, Jethro and Billy Ocean ,are peforming in a Grosvenor Casinos Show Bar soon get tickets here.
Goan listen to Shoulder to shoulder by Rebecca Ferguson
Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson in talks for Mission: Impossible 5
I'm giving away tickets to see The Pogues, Katherine Jenkins, Rebecca Ferguson, Suede, and Deacon Blue! Listen tomorrow at 7:40am
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Rebecca Ferguson at Grosvenor G Casino Coventry in Coventry , West Midlan ds, GB on 07/25/2014
I'll take care of you lyrics Rebecca Ferguson (live at Liverpool Echo Arena)
We gave them Rebecca Ferguson, Marcus Collins, Chris Maloney, Ray Quinn do I need to say many more?!?!
zyan cheating on you with Rebecca Ferguson and Stephanie Davis I'm telling you the truth you cannot married him.
Hey how's it going u?! Thanks it was great fun touring with Rebecca Ferguson, she's a gem! U still playing? : )
This was one of our favourite tracks Rebecca Ferguson did live on her European Tour, it was such a pleasure...
Modest makes me upset. So many artists dropped them. Just look at what Rebecca Ferguson posted before she left them. http:/…
Two members of British singer Rebecca Ferguson's extended family were wounded in a suspected drive-by shooting in England last week (begs31Mar14).Karl and Craig Dures, who are the uncle and grandfather of Ferguson's two children with her ex-partner, who is also...
Rebecca Ferguson is ''shocked'' after her children's grandfather and uncle were shot on Tuesday (01.04.14) in Liverpool.
As if my dad went Germany for like a day or two to see Rebecca ferguson
My rig for Rebecca Ferguson's european tour. Thanks for the amazing tone!.
BANG Showbiz. Rebecca Ferguson 'shocked' after family members shot.
Now is the not the time to have this silly Rebecca Ferguson song stuck in my head.
+ Subscribe it's free: We hooked up with Rebecca Ferguson for an exclusive A64 rendition of her track "All That I've Got" from he...
Special day today! Opening for Rebecca Ferguson in Cologne AND its Adrienne's Birthday!!! The after party tonight... h…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Team Ferguson hope the family stay safe x
Rebecca Ferguson: 'I've got the Rolex phase out of my system now'
Rebecca Ferguson 'shocked' after family members shot (Contact Music)
Contact Music - Rebecca Ferguson 'shocked' after family members shot
Rebecca Ferguson - Rebecca Ferguson 'shocked' after family members shot -
if you ever read about them and what happened with Rebecca Ferguson you'd feel so sorry for her.
Rebecca Ferguson 'shocked' after family members shot
Rebecca Ferguson 'shocked' after family members shot -
Seen that shooting in Everton Sware we've rented to them?
They kept Rebecca Ferguson from seeing her kids they also made her work when she was exhausted. ht…
Rebecca Ferguson 'in shock' after 2 members of family injured in Liverpool drive-by shooting Published April 06,...
X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson 'in shock' after two members of her fam…
X Factor singer Rebecca Ferguson is said to be in shock after two family members were injured in a drive-by shooting
Rebecca Ferguson echo arena this sunday great seat
Myself n Ryan Young at Rebecca Ferguson on Saturday night in the waterfront, any suggestions of where's good to go after for drinks??
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Fame & Fortune: Since success on The X Factor, Rebecca Ferguson, 27, has dealt with the pitfalls of fame but emerged a savvy businesswoman
Rebecca Ferguson - i hope :)Quling:) dat song bathong mxm pliz download it if u wana knw it
Music video of Maelle performing "I Hope" of Rebecca Ferguson. Recorded and mixed @ Rabbit House Studio (Turin, Italy). Follow:
Rebecca Ferguson is often regarded as the most naturally talented singer to emerge from The X Factor TV series. Her million selling debut album ‘Heaven’ launched her in a blaze of critical acclaim in 2011. The album went on to become double platinum in the UK and generated hit singles like ‘Nothing’...
So I've been looking through my pics of march and have just realised how bloody good it was! Nanny and gramps meal and a wknd away and seeing my girl crush miss Rebecca ferguson! Who may I add was totally and utterly breath taking. Let's see if April can be as good :)
Rebecca Ferguson-I hope.I fell in love in first hear!.where there's money love is blind
If you see Rebecca Ferguson out in public today make sure you give her big hug or a nice smack on the butt 😜 Today is her birthday! 🎉She is a strong lil lady who gets to celebrate another year of life. Plus if it wasn't for her there wouldn't be a Parkah Shay. Happy Birthday, Mom! Love ya!!! 💝
Well Rebecca Ferguson is goin to and the kiddos r gonna get this house in order and go for a walk in the woods!.I think the girls r more excited than I am lol
Is anyone interested in seeing Rebecca Ferguson at Thetford Forest 12June with me ?
News: Rebecca Ferguson joins Boyzone, Suede, Katherine Jenkins on Thetford Forest live line-up
Rebecca Ferguson is playing at the MCTheatre in Amsterdam on April 10. Tickets are still available!
We have three block A tickets for Rebecca Ferguson for this coming Weekend at Echo Arena Liverpool. £100 for the three
Friendly reminder that Rebecca Ferguson sued Modest! Bc they're making her work too hard and she can't meet her family :).
Today I'm talking to Rebecca Ferguson ahead of her Echo Arena Liverpool show - if you have any questions for her do let me know
we booked former X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson for a corporate event in this wk
Rebecca Ferguson collapses LIVE on Loose Women and Myleene Klass rushes to help.
feel sorry for Rebecca Ferguson ,she collapsed on stage yesterday ,on Loose Women show .I hope I hope I hope I hope she gets better .
Rebecca Ferguson 'fine' after collapsing while performing on Loose Women: Singer Rebecca Ferguson collapses on...
Not Beyonce related but hope Rebecca Ferguson is okay
What's that? Rebecca Ferguson farted at the end of Loose Women?. I thought that was my trick.
Rebecca Ferguson collapsed on the programme Loose Women. That's shocking! I can't believe that programme is still on...
assures fans she is felling better after collapsing on live TV this afternoon -
If I saw Rebecca Ferguson faint on live TV I probably would have laughed :/
Did anybody else see Rebecca Ferguson collapse at the end of Loose Women?
Don’t worry, peeps, we’ve had a word with management on how she’s doing...
Rebecca Ferguson faints on live TV: Former X Factor runner-up Rebecca Ferguson caused a slight panic on Thursd...
Rebecca Ferguson's spokesperson tells us what happened on earlier:
Is Rebecca Ferguson ok after her collapse? Take a look and find out
Planning on doing this at the end of every forecast from now on.. just for added drama via
Not sure why we find this so funny in the office.but we do. .
Rebecca Ferguson collapsed on Loose Women... Hope she is ok xx
Rebecca Ferguson this will be me getting ready for carnival lmao!
Rebecca Ferguson collapsed on Loose Women .hope she is ok bless her . no news given yet . hope we hear news soon
Wow can't believe rebecca ferguson collapsed during a performance, must of been from all that energy that she puts into them.
Don't see what the fuss is about Rebecca Ferguson. 28 year old professional artists are always collapsing live on TV. O, wait...
Glad to hear that Rebecca Ferguson is feeling okay now.
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