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Rebecca De Mornay

Rebecca De Mornay (born August 29, 1959) is an American film and television actress. Her breakthrough film role came in 1983, when she played Lana in Risky Business.

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You're perfect, you're beautiful, you look like Rebecca…
I liked a video A Table for One - Full Movie starring Rebecca De Mornay
and her name sure aint Rebecca de mornay
God there definitely was something bout Rebecca De Mornay
Tom Cruise & Rebecca De Mornay sex scene on the train in the movie 'Risky Business' is how I'm tryna spend my summer nights
I liked a video Rebecca de Mornay takes a hit from Annabella Sciorra!
Sex on a train? Seems problematic (and kind of bumpy), Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay . Watch full video👉👉
I liked a video Rebecca De Mornay on Arsenio Hall show
I watched Risky Business, remembered when it first came out with the scrumptious Rebe…
For boys this is very much a matter of whether one leaned toward Rebecca De Mornay or Kelly McGillis. Girls just wan…
A movie with Rebecca De Mornay will always trump one with Kelly McGillis
...and now a Grapes of Wrath-y video starring Rebecca De Mornay and Starship. Alright. I disliked this song so much.
she reminds me of Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business 😜🤗
you might be mistaking Tracy Lorde for Rebecca De Mornay. business
for Rebecca De Mornay getting the body started in Risky Business
I feel a terrifically painful disturbance in the natural law of things between men and
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Rebecca De Mornay - made her directing debut with a segment in "The Outer Limits"
Rebecca De Mornay claimed a 1962 birthdate so she would seem the same age as whos 3 yrs younger than her
Rebecca De Mornay (born Rebecca Jane Pearch; August 29, 1959) is an American actress and producer. Her...
Happy birthday Rebecca De Mornay, seen here with Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" (1983)
Happy 57th Rebecca De Mornay as Mrs. Mott in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, 1992, Curtis Hanson.
Rebecca De Mornay, born on this day in 1962
We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Rebecca De Mornay!. Are you a Fan?. Click Share and comment to also wish...
Happy birthday to Rebecca De Mornay seen here in this classic clip from 'Risky Business' (1983)
That's Rebecca De Mornay. She starred with Mr. Cruise in 'Risky Business. She's having a birthday today!
An Inconvenient Woman (TV Movie 1991) Jill Eikenberry, Rebecca De Mornay,Chad Lowe . Based on the novel by...
"You shut your mouth when you're talking to me." -Rebecca De Mornay, The Wedding Crashers.
Yes, yes. What about Trish's mother in Jessica Jones, though? REBECCA DE MORNAY. Even now I know, I still can't see it.
This should be a movie and Rebecca De Mornay should play
Did you recognize Rebecca De Mornay? I had no idea.
Just took a nap, only to dream that I fell off a cliff to my death. Now watching Rebecca De Mornay and Antonio Banderas in some thriller.
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jesus christ I had no idea that was rebecca de mornay on Jessica Jones. she looks like a completely different person.
Hot pics for Rebecca De Mornay had great spice in Never Talk To Strangers
Finally watching the Lucifer where Dekker's mom visits. That's Rebecca De Mornay!
Kevin Costner's new film is quite like the Clive Warren/Rebecca De Mornay film, is it not?
Kevin Costner's new film reminds me of "The love of 2 brains" starring Rebecca De Mornay and Clive Warren!
is definitely thinking of Clive Warren and Rebecca De Mornay when Costners describing his movie
updates Rebecca De Mornay for rank 1727 to 153
I'm voraciously looking to express myself in my work. I love my work.
A lot of people say I remind them of Rebecca De Mornay and to be honest, I get it.
Wally George is Rebecca De Mornay's father. Carry on with the rest of your evening.
Tom Cruise & Rebecca De Mornay, on the set of 'Risky Business,' 1983
Rebecca De Mornay and Jamie King star in an updated version of a controversial classic at 12.35am, Mother's Day.
Actually spent the time catching up on Only noticing now that Dorothy Walker is played by Rebecca de Mornay. Cool.
Rebecca De Mornay's dad. Still hard to believe.
Z has went on a full ten min rant about how Rebecca De Mornay is the white devil. I have passed out.
Vivien Leigh was a phenomenal actress, a very complicated woman, living on ...
Michael J. Fox and Rebecca De Mornay were excited in 1986. - Getty
when's the film featuring Clive Warren and Rebecca De Mornay coming?
I hate plastic surgery. I have a horror of any kind of knife. I don't like ...
Everything I thought about acting and having a movie career has changed fro...
I've never committed to a role without a script.
When I was very young I wanted to be a professional horseback rider. Then I...
It did have pre-90s Rebecca De Mornay. I was surprised she ever had a roll again after this performance.
.the racism! So real. I know the sting. People used to mistake me for Kelly Bundy or Rebecca De Mornay.
A cult classic gets a raw, contemporary make-over at 10.50pm on Horror Channel as Rebecca De Mornay and Jamie King star in Mother's Day.
Bangs : Rebecca De Mornay : : Glasses : Clark Kent. I literally did not recognize her *at all*
buried in a box somewhere I have a classic magazine pic of & Rebecca De Mornay TOGETHER. Why the *** can't I find it online?
Remember when Rebecca De Mornay dies in The Three Musketeers? Ugh. 😢 I love you, Kiefer.
updates Rebecca De Mornay for rank 931 to 1223
but then your mother would be Rebecca De Mornay and your father would be Tom Cruise
Did you guys know that the working title for Risky Business was REBECCA DE MORNAY MONEY, REBECCA DE MORNAY PROBLEMS?
Wow! You are a dead ringer for Rebecca De Mornay!
Wait. I know who that is. It's... errr... hang on...o.aaagh... Aha! REBECCA DE MORNAY!!
updates Rebecca De Mornay for rank 1885 to 931
Blown away that Rebecca De Mornay plays Dorothy Walker in Brilliantly played!
when Tom Cruise scored with Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business
Rebecca De Mornay on as Trish's mom reminded me of this... cuz I'm old as ***
Rebecca De Mornay is so awesome on that I didn't even recognize her until episode 12!!!
It's always a welcome sight to see the brilliant Rebecca De Mornay on screen. So underrated and severely underused!
I kind of love Rebecca De Mornay as Dorothy Walker in
Rebecca De Mornay does not look like herself anymore.
Wow. I did NOT realize that was Rebecca De Mornay for way longer than I should have...
I 100% did not recognize Rebecca De Mornay in Jessica Jones.
Wait. How come I didn't notice that was Rebecca De Mornay?! What's wrong with my brain? Well, many things, I know, but how did I miss this?
Didn't make it home to see my family, & Netflix has only 1 Rebecca De Mornay movie.Thankfully there's
If I had been told that I would spend my 37th birthday with Rebecca de mornay I would have told you you were mad.
Rebecca De Mornay appearing in the Netflix series Jessica Jones? If only they could have got Clive Warren, too...
Rebecca de Mornay! That's who plays Dorothy Walker in Jessica Jones. I like the darker hair.
The best part about is that stealth they snuck in there. The world needs more Rebecca De Mornay.
I didn't recognise her. Nor Rebecca De Mornay. I think I'm losing my special ability.
I did NOT realize that Rebecca De Mornay played Trish's mom on
Rebecca De Mornay. I nominate her to play Hilary Clinton in the movie.
I thought that was Rebecca De Mornay in Jessica Jones
Holy crap, I JUST realized Rebecca De Mornay is Trish's mom on
Cougar rocking the cradle my Rebecca de Mornay
It took me way too long to recognize that this was Rebecca De Mornay in
there was UK flick in the late 80's with Rebecca De Mornay, I only remember her
You guys were sleeping on Rebecca De Mornay playing Dorothy Walker in
I'm on episode 12 and I didn't recognise Rebecca De Mornay until I read a review that mentioned her name.
It took me 12 episodes into before I twigged to Rebecca de Mornay as Mama Walker. This show is so well-cas…
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Oh wow it's nice to see you Rebecca De Mornay!
Rebecca De Mornay is playing Trish Walker's mother, but it isn't listed in IMBd.
also a scene in the movie "Feds" w Rebecca De Mornay and Mary Gross and a scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Anyone written abt the most ubiquitous actors by year? E.g., Rebecca De Mornay in '93, Tommy Lee Jones in '94, in '14
Editing blog w/inspiring maternity quotes - they quoted Hand that Rocks the Cradle. Not the Wallace poem, the movie with Rebecca De Mornay.
updates Rebecca De Mornay rank 1243 to 1735 noted_profile to
Well if she looked like Rebecca De Mornay, she's coming inside.
😂Rebecca De Mornay should be on the next series of Murder in Successville 😄
Not sure how many woman would hire someone as pretty as Rebecca De Mornay as their nanny in real life... 😄
Originally Rebecca De Mornay and Annabella Sciorra auditioned for the opposite roles that they got in this movie
TV Diary quiz: Rebecca De Mornay: A classic that has been done many times in many ways in theater and in film is…
When you had a Rebecca De Mornay movie marathon planned via the pc but Windows felt like killing itself . :( .
I have to be presumptuous, but I don't think Rebecca De Mornay has good intentions with this family.
Ms. Page's scenes on the bus w/Rebecca De Mornay is a She was in first acting class.
8x10 photo Rebecca de Mornay 2 pretty sexy celebrity movie star forma 1983 movie
With an evil babysitter. Where is Rebecca De Mornay gone?
Rebecca De Mornay had great body in Never Talk To Strangers .
After it, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle for some Rebecca De Mornay realness.
Or he has a Rebecca De Mornay fixation. What a psycho!
Just saw The Guest, and it's like a testosterone version of The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. Dan Stevens=Rebecca de Mornay
what a great cast-Julianne Moore, Annabella Sciorra, Rebecca De Mornay, Ernie Hudson, Matt MCoy...just fabulous
Who do you think Greg Anthony would choose? Julia Roberts, Rebecca De Mornay, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elisabeth Shue or River Phoenix?
Ron Howard had Robert De Niro, Scott Glenn, Donald Sutherland, Rebecca De Mornay, and Kurt Russell in a movie about Chicago fire fighters.
As good as Kubrick's version of The Shining was with Jack Nicholson, the Stephen King made for TV version with Steven Weber and Rebecca De Mornay was better.
Watching the remake of the Shinning. You know my feeling about remake. They are butchering Stevens movie. One good think is it got the beautiful Rebecca De Mornay in it.
when the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's Rebecca De Mornay
they thought he was a genius. They'd never thought of putting Clive Warren with rebecca de mornay
Hey new program on coming soon called the knick,starring Clive Warren. Lets hope Rebecca de Mornay does a cameo.
"Lana". "It's what you want. It's what every white boy off the lake wants." Rebecca De Mornay. Boomer Dreams
Apt 1303: Lousy haunted house flick, but occasional appearances of Rebecca de Mornay as hot drunken lady with a guitar.
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Yeah he had quite a right wing following for a while. I believe he was Rebecca De Mornay's estranged father but I could be wrong
Its De'Mornaaay.Rebecca De'Mornay and you better get your toilet book out of here before I punch you in the brain!
Surely you could find a Scientologist and Rebecca De Mornay on Craigslist pretty quickly
I feel like Rebecca De Mornay has been missing for 32 years
You were married to Rebecca de Mornay??? You are my new hero.
I would not be complaining if I was Rebecca de Mornay. I love the bottom of the muffin so much more than the top. You can keep the tops
RUNAWAY TRAIN was dir by Andrei Konchalovsky, is based on a screenplay by Kurosawa, and stars Jon Voight, Eric Roberts & Rebecca De Mornay.
Watching Risky Business cos TC is king and Rebecca De Mornay makes me Rebecca De Hornay :-)
Pool related hot movie scene: Rebecca De Mornay in "And God Created Woman" 1988
Music Within - Still a fun movie to watch again. Music Within is a 2007 drama film directed by Steven Sawalich and starring Ron Livingston, Melissa George, Michael Sheen, Rebecca De Mornay and Marion Ross. The film tells the true story of Richard Pimentel, a respected public speaker whose hearing disability attained in the Vietnam War drove him to become an activist for the Americans with Disabilities Act. The film, which takes place in Portland, Oregon, was filmed on and around the Portland State University campus.
Wasn't "Top of the Muffin to YOU!" just selling scones? Get Rebecca De Mornay on the case.
If you haven’t seen it, pay $8 and get John From Cincinnati season 1! A truly mind bending and masterful show.
Is that film with Clive Warren and Rebecca De Mornay coming out anytime soon?
Forgotten just how god dam gorgeous Rebecca De Mornay  was back in the day, especially in hubba hubba
Watched Apartment 1303 last night. It turns out that Rebecca De Mornay will make anything seem worth it just to watch her.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Where is Rebecca de Mornay of Risky Business Fame Now? -
1987. Rebecca De Mornay and John Savage. They actually showed it on the Disney Channel back in the day. :)
Discovered a real gem on Netflix today. Testament (1983): "A film that tells the story of how one small suburban town near the San Francisco Bay Area slowly falls apart after a nuclear war destroys outside civilization." Amazing acting from Jane Alexander, starring young Kevin Costner, Rebecca De Mornay, and an even younger Lukas Haas Highly recommended.
Rebecca De Mornay, Actress: Risky Business. Rebecca De Mornay was born in 1959. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she got her last name when her mother married Richard De Mornay, who adopted her. After Richard's untimely death, Rebecca's mother moved her and her half-brother Peter from no...
Watched last night. Note to self: never hire Rebecca de Mornay for anything child care-related.
Good time talking with about his journey through Hollywood, podcasting and Rebecca De Mornay:
Think I just saw Rebecca De Mornay on the street. and now my life can start
Rebecca De Mornay. Or should I call you by your other name, the demi-goddess, Helen of Troy? Why do you have to make me be in love with the you from 30 years ago? I want Lana back from Risky Business. *** it all, I need a time machine. Also, the Porsche 928 would be nice. But we can't always get what we want. Isn't that right Gabrielle Labadie?
Another 80's and well into the 90's sexy symbol, Rebecca De Mornay.
1+ Rebecca De Mornay looks, including Pumps, Medium Straight Cut with Bangs, Cocktail Dress and more.
Just channel surfing and now watching Risky Business, a classic 80's teenage film which is good ... and then there's Rebecca de Mornay !!!
Ooh Rebecca de Mornay!!! Second best looking woman on the planet. After Mia Karlsson
Random Icepocalypse '13 observations (Boy Mom Edition): 1) The Xbox version of Pepper Potts looks WAY more like Rebecca De Mornay than Gwyneth Paltrow. 2) When my nine year-old attempts to hum Green Day's "21 Guns," it comes out sounding a heck of a lot like ELO's "Telephone Line." 3) ELO's "Telephone Line" is an insidious earworm - particularly if hummed eighty times in succession. 4) ELO's "Telephone Line" quickly morphs into Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes" - an even more insidious earworm. 5) Tomorrow's 10 am delayed school start cannot come soon enough.
Now catching the end of "Mothers Day"... Seen it before but it's another great movie!!! Rebecca De Mornay is ruthless!!
Apartment 1303.Starring Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay,Julianne Michelle. Watch it now only at
Poop. I have to tell 8 more. 1. I hate mirrors. 2. I completed cosmetology school. 3. Wet hair makes me gag. 4. I have owned four copies of Dirty Dancing. 5. I met Jeff Foxworthy in a gift shop by accident. 6. I've gone to the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. 7. I was my husband's bank teller. 8. I was once mistaken for Rebecca De Mornay in a restaurant. I was flattered.
Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business. Top 5 all time hottie!
With Rebecca De Mornay, Steven Weber, Courtland Mead, Wil Horneff. A recovering alcoholic must wrestle with demons within and without when he and his family move into a haunted hotel as caretakers.
Rebecca De Mornay plays such a good psycho in that film!
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle is such a good film. Always been one of my favourites. Rebecca De Mornay is so evil in it! Great acting.
It's a classic. Although Rebecca De Mornay is still a bit scary in it :-)
Does the name "Rebecca De Mornay" still send a shiver down your spine?
I'd settle for Rebecca De Mornay making my birds life a misery and bumping her mates off for the occasional gobble!
Hand that rocks the cradle is still spine chilling stuff 23 years after it's release! ... Brilliant film! Rebecca De Mornay is an excellent actress!!
What a mad movie Rebecca de mornay is mental
Apart from plotting to kill the mum, Rebecca De Mornay is a fab Nanny. Ungrateful perfect family!
Rebecca de Mornay will play Hillary Clinton when the biopic comes to be made.
BBC1 jst now- "THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE" Rebecca de Mornay. Now there's a woman lol.
OMG the hand that rocks the craddle now!!! Love that film, altho rebecca de mornay plays an evil git, one of the only films I have watched more than twice never fails to have me on the edge of my seat! lol Yip I need to get a life. lol
The hand that rocks the cradle is starting on BBC1 at 11.35. A bit hammy now, but great at the time. . What happened to Rebecca De Mornay?
Who gets the role of Rebecca de Mornay?
I still think that in the 90s, Rebecca De Mornay with blonde hair looks like Dannii with blonde hair from the late 90s! Anyone else agree? ✨
So The Hand That Rocks The Cradle was even better than I remembered it being. Rebecca de Mornay is AMAZING.
Ever see "Risky Business"? Rebecca de Mornay wore one just like that...looked good on her!
who s a better actress Tracy Lords or Rebecca De Mornay?
Hand that Rocks the Cradle actress, Rebecca De Mornay was booked filming another fake documentary.
so.this might be.sexist but I made myself laugh so.I'm sharing. so I'm watching risky buissness and it comes to.the part where Tom's character tells rebecca de mornays he school and ask her to leave after she.makes him breakfast. I said to myself "tom you don't.just ask a woman as sexy as de mornay who's wearing chonees and ur Princeton sweatshirt and that's leave like ask her to do the dishes from breakfast then leave!
I did start to watch a Film entitled 'Apartment 1303' with the Arch Rebecca de Mornay playing a sort of late period pop chanteause from 'before', well, once we got involved with the saga of her daughter leaving home at 24 to live on her own, well I just lost the will to live, this is a Howler, A Dud, Drecht, avoid it like the Plague !!
I am watching Seinfeld and the character Rebecca De Mornay always makes me laugh! :)
I remember a great scene in the movie "Hand that rocks the cradle" where Rebecca De Mornay takes on a bully in the play ground - priceless!!
Watching a movie on channel 5 called a girl like me and find myself going gr I hate u to the lady who played selena's manager in her movie "selena" lol I get like that with Rebecca de mornay from the hand that rocks the craddle and christina ricci in the movie where she got pregnant for her *** friend grrr
Watching 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle'- still scares me! Rebecca de Mornay is pure evil!
New movies for rent on DVD this week at Video Busters: KINGS OF SUMMER, THE(WS) Comedy/Rated R Fed up with his overbearing father's authoritative attitude, Joe Toy (Nick Robinson) recruits his best friend Patrick, and outcast Biaggio to help him build a house deep in woods. Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Nick Robinson, and Mary Lynn Rajskub co-star. REDEMPTION (WS) Adventure/Rated R Homeless and on the run from a military court martial, a damaged ex-special forces soldier navigating London's criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume another man's identity, transforming into an avenging angel in the process. Jason Statham stars. APARTMENT 1303 (WS) Thriller/Rated NR A woman moves into her late sister's Detroit high rise in order to investigate her mysterious death in this supernatural thriller starring Mischa Barton & Rebecca De Mornay. VHS 2 (R&NR/WS) Horror/Rated NR The search for a missing teen leads two private investigators into a derelict house littered with mysterious VHS tapes in this seq ...
Directed by Michael Taverna. With Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay, Julianne Michelle, Corey Sevier. A modern ghost story which turns a love/hate relationship between mother and daughter into a tale of horror. Some rentals are too good to be true.
Today in 8/6/2010: Flipped starring Madeline Carroll, Rebecca De Mornay, Anthony Edwards and John Mahoney is released
definitely best Eric Roberts and best Rebecca De Mornay. Jon Voight was awesome. I work in technology (1/2)
Just listened to the breakfast scene between Clive Warren and Rebecca de Mornay. Comedy genius
Karl's film ideas are hilarious! He picks a bloke who doesn't exist and Rebecca De Mornay as lead actors and has Morgan freeman as a minor!
Rebecca de Mornay nails this femme fatale role in I also loved to hate her in
the Rebecca de mornay/Tom Cruise relationship in is the sexiest on screen thing ever
next is finding a professional who looks like Rebecca De Mornay when she still had her fastball
Does anyone know if Rebecca De Mornay is single? What am I saying, of course she is!
Rebecca De Mornay played the role in the miniseries, and tried to adjust accordingly.
We were talking about City Center's "The Cradle Will Rock" and my co-worker said, "Wasn't there a movie version with Rebecca de Mornay?"
That is not all. Rebecca De Mornay circa 1983. That is also all
Rebecca De Mornay hasn't been in anything since the 80's
Starring Clive Warren and Rebecca de mornay
Side note. Can Danny Huston and Rebecca de Mornay replace Hawke/Delpy in the next BEFORE movie?
holiness the pope, Arch bishop Desmond Tutu, for bringing us all together...Rebecca De Mornay...the bloke down
Either by hypnosis or brain damage, I unconsciously confused Rosanna Arquette with Rebecca De Mornay and viceversa until now. I'm not well.
She is gonna go Rebecca De Mornay all over their ***
Hollywood needs a new Rebecca de Mornay; just sayin'...
Meg Ryan was so unknown in 1986 that at the TOP GUN premiere, US Magazine misidentified her as Rebecca De Mornay.
Hand That Rocks The Cradle is a really great film with the wonderful Rebecca De Mornay. Am I the only one rooting for Peyton's revenge!
i made the mistake of watching The Shining (the TV series, not the film) late last night -- it was cold, gloomy and i was all alone. *nervous laughter* halfway through part 1, i decided to stop and just watch it during the daytime na lang. *sheepish grin*
All that + Rebecca de Mornay at 23 and a killer Tangerine Dream soundtrack. 1 of formative film experiences of my teens. H/t 2
I was told I look like the girl from Risky Business tonight.. Rebecca De Mornay was like 13 in that film? Yea... I'll take it ;)
Okay so Bob Seger's lawyer sent me a threatening email so here it goes: I'm sorry I made fun of Bob's great song "Old Time Rock & Roll" as well as the wonderful people who become very enthusiastic when they dance and sing to it. They are often very nice people and often give to charities and worship in their houses of worship and many have graduated from the top of their class. And, yeah, that song is great. I'm whistling along with it now. And playing air guitar. It's fun. You should try it. ;)
Did Karl's film with Clive Warren and Rebecca De Mornay ever get made?
Not feeling well and in bed BUT watching a horrible horror movie with Misha Barton and Rebecca De Mornay. So bad it's good.
Who out there has seen the MOTHER'S DAY remake? Im finally gonna buckle down and watch it. Just wanna know if Im gonna hate myself for it.
Here's a story: At work today, as I was approaching the restroom, a man I'd never seen before exited the restroom with a notepad in his hand. (It should be noted that this restroom does not contain a foyer with tables where one can place something like a notepad so as to not have to take it into the actual restroom. It's just a bathroom, with no non-bathroom surfaces where objects one might be holding can be placed. So, GROSS. And I'm aware that if the guy was doing his business at the urinal he could've tucked the notepad under his arm until after he was done and had washed his hands. But then you have a notepad with pit funk, which is almost as GROSS.) After I had used the restroom and was walking back to my cubicle, I passed by the office of one of the higher-level managers--we'll call her "Angelina Jolie" (not her real name). Her office door was open, and BATHROOM NOTEPAD GUY was in there, sitting across from her desk, talking to her whilst holding his BATHROOM NOTEPAD! It took just about every ounce ...
Lookylus The beautiful Rebecca De Mornay (The Three Musketeers) stars in this beloved live-action version of t...
It has Eric Roberts being out-acted by a 1980s computer. Rebecca De Mornay looks like a boy. Jon Voight with an accent from who knows where.
Rebecca De Mornay looks fantastic. Ok it's 1985, but she's wearing engineers clothes, is greasy & dirty & still looks terrific.
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On ITV4 right now a brilliant film is starting. Jon Voight, Eric Roberts & the lovely Rebecca De Mornay star in Runaway Train. Get it on.
Just made an 11 year old and boy 5year old cry! Pick on my son in the park and I'll pick on you!!! Simples! .They couldn't have been any nicer to jack after if they tried!
So Sienna is pulling a Rebecca De Mornay in its all a bit
I still get a little bummed out sometimes that Rebecca De Mornay co-produced a Leonard Cohen album.
I'd like to sleep with early 90's Rebecca De Mornay. Let's get the scientists figuring out how to make that happen.
Brilliant but why no part for Rebecca De Mornay?
Look at what I found! (Why it's all Dust Bowl to the future/mixed time periods, I'm not sure, but that's 80's video narrative genre for ya!)
Quite sad that Rebecca De Mornay isn't in the film.
Identity with John Cusack, Ray Liotta, Alfred Molina, Amanda Peet & Rebecca De Mornay. If you haven't seen this 2003 film before, you really should. Smart, witty, scary/creepy, great atmosphere, excellent acting.absolutely fantastic.
Harry Dean Stanton was in a relationship w/Rebecca De Mornay until she left him for Tom Cruise after he got her a part on "Risky Business."
is, in one word, abysmal. Rebecca de Mornay was a ranting mess & Mischa Barton was appalling. out now, miss it
A2: Risky a 'young man' growing up and then suddenly. Rebecca de Mornay
god yeah.. Rebecca de Mornay, she was evil!
So .. I put my 14 year-old on the train to go back to school - first time he has done it and he is on his own. I give him £25 - plenty for the £14.95 fare plus a McDonalds at Waterloo. The ticket man comes along and he asks for a single to Eton Riverside via Waterloo. The man says Eton is not on his machine. Jake texts me madly so I say maybe it is Windsor and Eton Riverside. The man says that is not in his machine either and sells Jake a ticket to Waterloo only for £17. I tell Jake that is an adult ticket and to find the man and get a refund and buy a child ticket. He does. The man tells him to go away since he is not a child. And refuses to speak to me on the phone proffered ..So now he probably doesn't have enough money to get back to school and will be stuck at Waterloo .. What is it about the 4 letter word Eton that brings another 4-letter word out in some people?!! So boring!
Directed by Stephen Herek. With Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Chris O'Donnell, Oliver Platt. The three best of the disbanded Musketeers - Athos, Porthos, and Aramis - join a young hotheaded would-be-Musketeer, D'Artagnan, to stop the Cardinal Richelieu's evil plot: to form an alliance with enemy...
Watching Despicable Me! Yes, Lillian Bryant, I said it! This movie rocks. Are you listening too, Rebecca de Mornay? LOL.
Risky Business Quotes: Love On A Real Train by Tangerine Dream. Risky Business is a 1983 American teen comedy-drama film written by Paul Brickman in his di...
I had forgoten how fantastic Tangerine Dream where, way before their time .Trance at its finest
Watchin the Hand that rocks the Cradle. Rebecca De Mornay. Wot a woman lol.
Starring Mischa Barton (The OC, The Sixth Sense) and Rebecca De Mornay (The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Mother's Day), APARTMENT 1303 is a new spine-tingling...
Noah Wyle (star of the ER TV show): I was at a party four or five years ago, and somebody said, "Do you know Rebecca De Mornay?" I said, "No, but I love your work." She said, "Noah, *** I did six episodes. We had a sex scene."
Hi we are looking for a regular babysitter.preferably one who drives .can anybody recommend someone xx
W/C 6th June 2013 Six new films this week. First is Disney's 51st animated film, WRECK IT RALPH, where the bad guy in a video game sets out to prove he's a true hero. In the thriller FLIGHT, Denzel Washington stars as an airline pilot who is hailed as a hero following an emergency landing, until questions arise as to who or what was at fault. SWEET VENGEANCE is an epic story of revenge set against the backdrop of the American Old West, and stars Ed Harris, January Jones and Eduardo Noriega. Sylvester Stallone is back as a hitman in the action-thriller BULLET TO THE HEAD. APARTMENT 1303 is a horror starring Rebecca De Mornay revealing the true history of that apartment following a suicide. I GIVE IT A YEAR is a British comedy which lifts the veil on the realities of the first year of marriage, and stars Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall.
ahhh for fuks sake... i watched that one with Rebecca De Mornay last night, 'Apartment 1303' 3D
rebecca de mornay in just fantastic. I miss the 1980s
No seen this before might have a wee look at it!
1983 Rebecca De Mornay, in Risky Business, is the sexiest sexpot that ever sexed.
So, these little girls in my kids class told my youngest that she couldn't sing and she wasn't allowed to sing in the talent contest. Operation stage mom commences in T- 5….
Too bad Leonard Cohen didn't make a video re-enacting the door blowing open scene from Risky Buisness when he was with Rebecca de Mornay.
The hand that rocked the cradle.rebecca de mornay a lovely loony
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RENTAL UPDATE... Ahead of the forecast biblical downpour this evening, you had all best come and rent your movies early to save getting soaked. Trust me ! Ok, so maybe a slight white lie, but before you dust down your barbecues though take a look at what's out this weekend. Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of the month is FLIGHT with Denzel Washington where he plays a heroic airline pilot with a dark and damaging private life. It was universally acclaimed upon its cinema release with Roger Ebert calling it 'flawless'. If you fancy something a little less taxing on the brain, then perhaps BULLET TO THE HEAD might appeal. A New Orleans hitman (Sylvester Stallone) and a Washington D.C detective (Sung Kang) form an unlikely alliance in order to bring down their common enemy. On the lighter side we have the new Disney film WRECK-IT RALPH in which a video game villain is desperate to become a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, and there is also the British rom-com I GIVE IT A YEAR which is far ...
If can get a movie then the time is right for the movie. With and rebecca de mornay
I've got a gig for you, Rebecca De Mornay:
Yay! Also the Cannon Movietales -- Beauty and the Beast with Rebecca De Mornay, Puss and Boots with Christopher Walken...
DVD Review - Mischa Barton and Rebecca De Mornay star in horror remake Apartment 1303
Rebecca De Mornay is a nut job in Mothers day... wow! lol
MOVIE QUOTES: In it, nanny Rebecca De Mornay hisses, "When your husband makes love to you, it's my face he sees" (500)
Some women really on that Rebecca De Mornay ish?
Did you hear about the movie they’re making about Big Guy’s old Secretary? They haven’t settled on a name for it just yet; “Rodham” was under consideration unt…
Have any of your children been bullied? How did you handle it? Do you go to the teacher or to the parent or both? We are having a situation here with my oldest and I went to the teacher, who went to the principal, who is going to the parent. The teacher suggested I also go to the parent. What I really want to do is make a giant Mama Bear "ROAR!" But that won't solve it!
please let Karl know there's a Rebecca de Mornay movie on Sky channel 184. Also starring Peter Ustinov.
I found that bit with Rebecca de Mornay going off on one with a bogbrush oddly compelling.
RA Friend Melissa asked something that I wanted to post for discussion or thoughts.Melissa asked... Melissa Davis Reeder ; what if Charlotte actually got pregnant with Amanda's foster brother instead of by Declan? NOW...what we know that could make this an interesting point IS that when Declan questioned Charlotte about not calling him she said she was with Eli and the day "JUST SLIPPED AWAY" do you remember that at Amandas memorial benefit? She spent the day with what makes this an interesting prospect is it could create drama...of course...and maybe bring back Eli for more chaos... Is it possible? and Do we know if she ever hooked up with the drug dealer friend of hers again? She started hanging out with Regina and partying again. ~ Point being.we are assuming that the baby is Declans which by all accounts points in that direction...BUT...what if its not... and last but certainly not least question... WHY ANOTHER PREGNANCY AND BABY ON REVENGE?? I mean they had Baby Carl at an imaginary Grandmoth ...
Rebecca De Mornay in Mother's Day. Her party games and ice breakers are unmatched.
Same here... Though I wish this one was longer.   Part 1-30. The Grudge* Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is in the shower and a hand appears from the back of her head.29. Cape Fear Max (Robert De Niro) tortures Lori (Illeana Douglas) and handcuffs her.28. Cabin Fever* Marcy (Cerina Vincent) is shaving her legs, while also shaving off her skin.27. Slither* Brenda (Brenda James) is impregnated, turns into a huge sphere, and eventually explodes.26. Play Misty for Me Evelyn (Jessica Walter) has her roommate Tobie (Donna Mills) held captive.25. Red Eye* There wasn't exactly a specific moment cited from the film, but the film was discussed.24. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle* Peyton (Rebecca De Mornay) goes into the baby's room, and breastfeeds it.23. Manhunter Francis Dolarhyde (Tom Noonan) holds Freddy Lounds (Stephen Lang) captive and shows him pictures of the families that he murdered.22. American Psycho* Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) kills Paul (Jared Leto) with an axe while obsessively talking about Huey ...
Always thought Rebecca De Mornay would make a great Hillary.
Rebecca De Mornay.THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN PLAY and LOOK LIKE HITLERY RODMAN BOZO BUBBA BUTT BRAIN. can you tell...the one on the left is the actress...the one on the right is the bone headed ego maniac?
I have always thought Rebecca De Mornay was a pretty version of Hillary
I always thought Rebecca de Mornay should play Hillary. She looks like her and has similar mannerisms
Mt Rushmore of movie *** Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business, Julia Roberts/ Pretty Woman... that's all I got.
Rebecca De Mornay, with some makeup to make her look plainer.
I remember when I was a kid I used to fancy Rebecca De Mornay
love how Rebecca De Mornay was Finch's mom in Needed someone hotter than Stifler's mom (who wasn't hot) 2 be in this flick
Rebecca De Mornay - the only person who should ever be cast as Hillary.
Where is that hot little Rebecca De Mornay.
Stephen King's "The Stand" TV Miniseries AKA "Your Stephen King shenanigans do not skeeve-out Lt. Dan!"
d'Artagnian's father. I TOTALLY would have put Rebecca de Mornay as Countess d'Winter though. Not because I like that character but because Rebecca de Mornay is on my list.
What to do on your day off? Create a custom cut trailer in homage to the "last great black and white action film."
Available on DVD and 2D/3D Blu-Ray from 3 June 2013 in the UK. Apartment 1303 is a new spine-tingling horror from Koch Media, starring Mischa Barton (The Six...
Lilli has been getting bullied by a girl that lives in her dad's neighborhood, and she is now doing it on the school bus. Too bad for this other girl that I'm Lilli's mom.
Hamilton Collection
Feel so bad for my sweet Abbs - went to her school to drop of Allergy Medicine and she just so happens to be sitting in the office with an ice pack on her head - bawling :( No one really seems too concerned about her head injury - I ask her to remove the ice pack and she was gushing blood . and I WAS THE ONE who had to bring it to the Nurse's attention."Oh she's bleeding?" -Really Lady??? Did she really just not check her head and throw an ice pack on?? NOT COOL - I know my Abbs is a crier but she was hysterical and hyperventilating cause no one really believed her that her head hurt that bad - come to find out this "child" "accidentally" bashed Abby in the head with the Screen that goes to an Overhead Projector - and this "child" coincidentally happens to be the same "child" that bullies Abby (and this "child" is the size of a healthy 5th/6th grader .they are in the 3rd grade) - NOT A HAPPY MOM RIGHT NOW [ I will say once the principal was made aware of the situation he took quick action to the incident ...
anyone want to buy a Nintendo 64 rare pikachu one offers please
Directed by Sean McNamara. With Hilary Duff, Oliver James, Rebecca De Mornay, John Corbett. A girl from a small town heads to the big city of Los Angeles to spend the summer at a performing arts high school.
Well, watched "Mama" last night.i guess it was alright but wasn't as scary as I had hoped, ***
Top 3 actors and actresses have been finalized! Scream Kings = - Julian Morris - Tobin Bell - David Arquette Scream Queens = - Melissa George - Courteney Cox - Rebecca de Mornay *** you can vote if you like by the way! just tell me!
I'm sorry, but wind chimes ALWAYS sound creepy. They make me feel like I'm in a horror movie and something bad is about to happen.
The hand that rocks the cradle ha ha great film
I got the idea for this list, from my friend Alicia. Being the weirdo I am, you know my version is gonna be a bit outta left field. So here we go: 10. MOTHER'S DAY (2010) Plot: The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests. A remake of a cult-classic horror/thriller. A movie that proves nurture does so much more damage than nature and Mommy doesn't always know best. I prefer the remake and nobody plays psychotic better than Rebecca De Mornay. EXTRA TIDBIT:During the filming of a scene that involved guns, the actors were pulled over and held at gun point by the police after mistaking them for people that actually robbed a bank not too far from where they were filming. After realizing that it was all a big misunderstanding, the police and the film team all had a good laugh about it.  9. STEPMOM Plot: A terminally-ill mother has to settle on the new woman in her ex-husband's life, who will be their new stepmother. Starring Juli ...
Or you could borrow Rebecca De Mornay's famous lines from Risky Business: 'Yes'. 'No'. 'Maybe...' Voicing is all.
Many recall Risky Business as the film that launched the career of Tom Cruise . To the people of Highland Park, it holds a more sentimental place in their memories.
I had a terrible ex-boyfriend. Most women have dated a guy with a few screws loose. You know the one...You find all your text books hidden under his bed with his dead cat... Oh, no? Just me? Anyway...
Why was Ernie Hudson spying on Rebecca De Mornay? Because lustin' makes him feel good. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.
Wow, Rebecca De Mornay really hates plungers. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.
Is it just me or does look like Rebecca De Mornay at the end of "22" with her dark outfit and makeup and cat ears??
Last night I watched Risky Business & I still think Rebecca De Mornay was sexy af...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
posted a pic of Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business earlier which basically sums up my feelings on everything
Rebecca De Mornay, the *** busts Cruise for driving his daddy's $40,000 car (a Porsche), the same price as my Honda truck if bought new.
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