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Rebecca Black

Rebecca Renee Black (born June 21, 1997) is an American pop singer and dancer who gained extensive media attention with the 2011 single Friday .

Taylor Swift Andrew Lowe Katy Perry Justin Bieber

Take back what you said about Rebecca Black right now!
Off to a great start, color rush that makes us look like we're away and then the *** male Rebecca Black singing the national anthem
No, Rebecca Black twins, it ain't Friday yet.
I hate when I like black guys that like white girls because they like ALL white girls
Friday Friday it's Friday im not Rebecca Black but Friday yay
I was told you can tell a persons personality by the way they talk to people who are in the service…
I'm really listening to Rebecca Black's EP. ain't bad
In 2006, Warrick Dunn gave Deshaun Watson's (in black sweatshirt) family a home. Watson just gave his 1st NFL check to h…
Escapism - Rebecca Sugar. Not everything is just black and white, there is a whole world of…
ow wow, this guy made a video about Rebecca Black in the year of our lord 2017
. Today I am wearing lacy black underwear for the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them.
Ok guys Saturday by Rebecca black actually kinda slaps lol
Being 26 and feeling like everyone around me still wants a "Rebecca Black friday" and i just want a "friday"..
Black Culture and the New Deal: The Quest for Civil Rights in the Roosevelt Era: Lauren Rebecca Sklaroff: 978146...
when u blow up THAT big off a single, PR comes to u, Rebecca Black STILL makin money off of that wack *** friday
The lady at Sally’s said this and I quote “your name is Rebecca and you look like that, black hair blue eyes .. fuc…
And 3rd Circuit nominee Bibas replaced Obama's nominee Rebecca Haywood, who would've been the first Black woman on that…
My Rebecca never told Jack to get in the car since the scene faded to black right before that. But she wish…
I rate Rebecca Black's Friday higher than this
Inquiry: Are the financial rewards of going viral worth the social repercussions? Example: Rebecca Black - Friday.
Since Lionsgate is developing a film about this legendary man.. I wanna tell you guys about Yasuke, the first Black samu…
“The new Rebecca Black album is pretty good” is a sentence I never thought I would’ve said in my life.
The greatest song of our generation, Friday by Rebecca Black
Why is shook in quotations? Log off, Rebecca. Hire some black people. Jesus.
i am in the nail salon.and they are playing Rebecca Black.
Rebecca Black should've written a song about Thursday tbh. Happy Thursday RU we are back on the air at 5:30 😆
wore all black to match my mental state at the end of the night, blacked out😴😴 @ Moose and Goose
Rebecca Minkoff Vicky is designed with a mix of delicate details — Its moody, black hue keeps any fussiness at bay.…
HI BICH by Dani Bregoli is equivalent to FRIDAY by Rebecca Black. Both suck
So is Nailah, Rebecca Black transforming into Meek Mill or Meek Mill transforming into Miley Cyrus
On page 739 of 1181 of Black Lamb and Grey, by Rebecca West: Pgs 727-9: the nun's story ...
We need to realize it's not about white versus black, cop versus civilian; it's about good people versus bad people. ht…
Are you coming to Black Magic Open Mic with myself and E-Baby. This new open-mic experience begins October 17th...
Me as a pastry chef: in the kitchen, I'm Beyoncé and you are Rebecca Black. . 🍞🍪🍴💯
...But doesn't that just mean that these black people now have the american culture? S…
"The goal of the Russian buyers was to amplify political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos"
Yeah nuclear material is really cool. Rebecca Black 2. I don't have to unlock your phone in the future young grasshopper.
~ Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell via
Taylor Swift's new song reminds me of Rebecca Black's Friday. It so bad yet so catchy.
Me: Friday by Rebecca Black is the worst song I've ever heard. . Taylor Swift: hold my beer
Rebecca Black's "Friday" is better than Taylor Swift's new single tbh
I really never thought we'd see the guy who did Friday by Rebecca Black ever again but here he is doing songs with Taylor Swift now! Wow
Taylor Swift's new song is a mix between Lana Del Rey and Rebecca Black.
Taylor Swift's new song is on the same annoying level as Rebecca Black's Friday.
Not-so-hot take: Taylor Swift’s new song is Rebecca Black-level bad, and those who like it don’t really know *** about music.
I knew I was going to get Rebecca Black 🙄🙄 but that moment when Friday is your first day of summer vacation…
9.16AM Tuesday morning and already we've had Daryl Braithwaite, Britney Spears, Rebecca Black and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. God help us all.
""Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today it is Friday, Friday (Partyin'). We-we-we so excited" - Rebecca Black " - Michael Scott
Jake Paul. Congrats on on iTunes. But... that song was actual cancer. It's worse that Friday by Rebecca Black. It's Everyday No.
Jake Paul's ITS EVERYDAY BRO is the second coming of Friday by our lady Rebecca Black.
Me and John mayer are tenth cousins. . Kolo Toure and are sixth cousins. Rebecca Black and Meg White a…
So far:. Rebecca Black. Deep Purple. BJ Thomas. . Need to keep it going at that level of "excellence."
Marketing Dept. should hire Rebecca Black. I bet she would be good at telling us what day th…
Taylor Swift is one of the worst vocalists of this decade how do people like her like even Rebecca Black had more vocal improvement than her
So... it turns out that Rebecca Black can sing now, and is a bona fide pop star.
I liked a video from Santa Baby - Lauren Elizabeth, Claudia Sulewski, Rebecca Black -
We are deeply saddened to hear of the death of jockey Rebecca Black at the Gore races today. Our sympathies are with her fa…
the Texans are tragic like a Rebecca Black song and as bland as a Michael Bolton album.
Join Skid for a very special Friday episode of XCom 2 - with special guest Rebecca Black! Not really don't worry
So opening song "Light Up the Night" sounds like an awful Rebecca Black remix .
Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber, YouTube just beat you at your own game. Congratulations.
"I bet he could sing Friday by Rebecca Black and make it sound good." -
Rebecca Black was only 13 when she came up with a name for the day between Thursday and Saturday
"Everybody's looking forward to the weekend." - Rebecca Black.
When in an akward situation you now all of a sudden can bring up Rebecca Black and everybody seems happy again.
I liked a video from DESTERY KILLS REBECCA BLACK [Capndesdes Q+A
Court rules that black men running from Boston police shouldn't be seen as suspicious
This whole theme of is going against black people code 💀💀
were we deriding CMM like we were deriding Rebecca Black? Did we love to hate it?
Weenies!! Does anyone have a USM shirt (preferably black and gold) & would be willing to let me borrow it for my senior pictures? Please!
Apparently people don't know that Rebecca Black is back. (I did not before today)
You just gone straighten one side of yo bang, and leave the other one looking like Rebecca Black's lace front?…
"To all the haters!" Marion Cotillard or Carly Rae Jepsen or Taylor Swift or Rebecca Black or like anyone else
It's a Constitutional right to organize citizen militias and patrols but Black Panthers were targeted/murdered by FBI/polic…
Black guy gets killed by police and they remind us of his past mistakes. White guy rapes a girl and they inform us of his f…
Tbh I'm really digging this all black bathtub
please tell me you heard the power trip destroying Friday by Rebecca Black
white ppl: "RIP harambe 😪😪😪 gone too soon" . *video of unarmed black man being shot*. white ppl: "ok... but his toe definit…
WHHHAAT! I was sliding in them black and gold Velcro bratz sneakers 😍
RIHANNA . Halsey. Kelly Clarkson . Fifth Harmony. Rebecca Black . Yeah sorry, Rihanna decided against the festival. Y'all still comin?
The Great Divine - Rebecca Black . dude your girl is back…
when I'm not wearing black and feel like a completely different person
On the real Rebecca Black putting out bangers
Who even knew Rebecca Black still in EDM...
.I really wish still existed so we could have a Taylor Swift troll round... those Rebecca Black ones were stellar
the new rebecca black song is so good im SHOOK
Really want a cup of coffee. Like just plain black coffee
Yeah but really Rebecca Black's new song is actually good
_. | Chapter 1 |. ~. "Alexa, play Friday by Rebecca Black," he yelled at his Amazon Echo from the shower of his one-bedroom
luckily I'm not as trolly as allen, so I won't queue Rebecca Black xD
Does anyone even remember when Mr. Martin would play Friday by Rebecca Black every Friday or is that just a crazy dream I had
Fury as anti-internment march banned from city centre :: Belfast Telegraph -- Rebecca Black:
When is Rebecca Black going to release Sunday?
Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius gives me the giggles, and I don't compare it to Friday by Rebecca Black
"Essos is east. Westeros is West." Arya Stark is dropping her Rebecca Black "Friday" parody.
Pretty sure Farrah Abraham's song is worse than Rebecca Black's Friday...
Hasn't Rebecca Black taught you anything?! :p
I love blasting a little Rebecca Black every once in a while, or Katy Perry. Keeps my coworkers on their toes
The fact that the Infinite Warfare trailer has more dislikes than Rebecca Black's Friday video is mind blowing
Me to a student: "No street cred? Rebecca Black has a rapper in her video. She's more hood than the front of your car."
I liked a video from Friday by Rebecca Black - Cover by Matt Mulholland
Just heard Rebecca Black's Friday for the first time in 5 years and it's even more obnoxious than I remember lmao
Ok but Rebecca black and the bangs in love
“Black and beige casual chic swag fall outfit” by cherrysnoww on Polyvore featuring Dr.…
I stan Rebecca black more than my whole life
NEW VIDEO! 🌸 "Rebecca Black Takes London" Give it a BIG THUMBS UP if you enjoyed :)
honestllyyy as rebecca black once said, so powerfully, GOTTA GET DOWN on friday
Rebecca Black is @ Coachella yet I'm not there. This means we won't lock eyes during The 1975 and fall in love. This weekend is trash.
please tell me some Rebecca Black is next.
First Why not bump a little Rebecca Black "Friday"
actually grandma if I dye my hair black I'll be Ryan Kelly's true love so
"You can't dye your hair black, you're not a goth!" - my grandmother, buying into subcultural appropriation
NWT Rebecca Minkoff FULL SIZE 5 zip MAC in black/gold $295
Rebecca in a black leather skirt...
Pretending to be a DJ for the next 3 hours give me your requests (Friday by Rebecca Black already on queue)
Who else remembers when Rebecca Black "got pregnant" with (Nat's) baby? 🙋🏾😂
Rebecca black was never cute and still isn't cute
Wouldn't be Friday without a little Rebecca Black
In honor of Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary. Always in my heart. Laurel Lance Deserves Better ht…
it's the Rebecca Black on your headphones
I consider the day that I met Rebecca Black the peak of my life. It's all been pretty downhill since then
IT'S FRIDAY! . Were the potato's last words . And Rebecca Black's
Wearing Saints black and gold, fans of Will Smith pay homage by REBECCA SANTANA via The Seattle Times The Seattle …
Rebecca outmaneuvered you in the final task. You were hired b/c you're black. Failed in AC and that's why Trump pulled out!
People I respect more than people who watch Vine and SnapStory on full volume:. Rebecca Black. Bill Cosby. Mussolini. John…
It Friday! Since u guys were so well this week you get an AMAZING 2 days off! now I'm going to go and listen to Rebecca black
and before I forget... get ready for some Rebecca Black :)
Finally can play Friday by Rebecca Black on the appropriate day.
I just found a whole bag of sillybandz in my drawer and had flashbacks of planking and Rebecca Black
*** Daniel, back at it again with the Gangnam Style planking goatse cringe comp Rebecca Black Ice Bucket Challenge viral…
Finally, the time of the week has come where I can sing a Rebecca Black song and not feel out of place.
Last year I saw Rebecca Black walk to the front of a 60 person Starbucks line and order and it was that moment i lost respect for her.
That pattern of using Black women as the bad example, too sexual or too capitalist, is pretty common in allegedly femin…
The disparity in treatment of celebrity white feminists & Black feminists is because seeing a successful white woman is…
Melissa tricked us that she got us Beyoncé tickets but she actually got us Rebecca Black ***
New bone ring with blueberry dye off on it's way to
Curious about our courses, membership or studios? Visit Tuesday March 29, 7- 8pm.
I've now had two people tell me "Good Friday? Isn't every Friday a good Friday?", and I've had to point them to Rebecca Black to disprove.
Thinking about buying Better Black America Bundle Package (Part 2)? Read our late via
Busty MILF Avy Scott gets some black *** Fresh hot Busty MILF Avy Scott gets some black *** - Po...
I wonder what Rebecca Black is doing right now
it's very close to that Friday song by Rebecca black
The seen in Newsroom where the board goes out and Will starts reciting Friday by Rebecca Black may be the best moment in TV history
If anyone see's a black cat with a blue collar on, she's declawed, please dm me!! She has been missing for 2 days.. http…
yeah right. August is as irrelevant as Rebecca Black 💁🏽
Wow ! Look at our page it just got Verified ! But it is black check not blue , but its okay ! wow https:…
"Rebecca Black was wrong, it's not Friday, it's Wednesday"
How are people buying tickets without knowing the lineup? lol what if the lineup was like Akon, Billy Ray Cyrus, Dora, and …
David McNarry signals intention to quit with swipe at SF :: Belfast Telegraph -- Rebecca Black:
Legit where are the good times when I'd be as hyped about Fridays as Rebecca Black?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I only like Fridays because I get to listen to Rebecca Black.
forever beginning Friday mornings with Rebecca Black...
Rebecca Black's new single is called "SUN is the DAY (Sunday)" I bet her single after that is going to be "SAT and UR Day"
Dear Comcast-I'm gonna pour honey on U and roll U around in Legos in front of a Rebecca Black concert til your ears bleed & your soul dies.
happy birthday man, started from sir James black gate, now your here🦄🎓
Rebecca Black has released a single called "Saturday". Must be strange to know she only has another five singles to release.
"This Saturday, We can party all night. One will remember for the rest for our lives." . Rebecca Black - "Saturday" 🎶🎶🎶
my school is playing Rebecca black friday over the PA system. . this is why happen. . we need …
Rebecca Linares posing in black fishnet stockings
WATCH: POTUS: "We know it is black history month when we hear someone say 'heeey, Michelle! Girl. You Look so good!". https…
what you're saying is that the only music you want at your funeral is Friday by Rebecca Black and ring around the rosies?
Food.booze.people. It's Rebecca Black Friday all up in hur
Why does Rebecca black come to my mind when I hear this? 😂
"Rebecca Black doesn't like me because I made a parody of Friday and I was 'mean.' I forgot she was 12." -Bart Baker 2k14
Rebecca black in my head like Friday friday
rebecca black left the conversation. . Today 7:19 PM
I guess you're a critic now? Nice Upvote to Downvote ratios, btw. It's like actually worse than Friday by Rebecca Black.
Is Rebecca Black,Jenna Rose, and the butterflies girl going to form a super group?
There are few joys as pure as belting Rebecca Black's Friday to passers-by when stuck in Friday rush hour traffic
"When daniel wears black vans not white vans"
Have you made a move yet on Rebecca Black? She should be legal by now.
Just introduced Deamber to Friday by Rebecca Black 😂😂😂😂 she stopped it 30 seconds in and was like nope.
Exotic4K - Black beauty Ashley Pink has fun with candles: Fresh hot Exotic4K - Black beauty Ashley Pink has fu...
this is probably because of Rebecca Black y
Anyone ever tell you that you look like Rebecca Black?
Beyoncé looks like kermit the frog and sounds like Rebecca black
sittin in the front seat kickin in the back seat which seat should i take??. IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY. thx Rebecca Black.
Rebecca Black do you kick it in the back seat or sit in the front seat?
5quad, Rebecca Black, Dylan Daurzat, Reed Deming and about to be Bea Miller
Party with Rebecca Black & Dave Days Saturday on with Captain Vern
“Dude you were asking Rebecca Black what day it was.”
I liked a video from Rebecca Black Interview
Stop Bullying. No one deserves to feel worthless. — Rebecca Black
I liked a video Rebecca Black Interview: 'Friday' Singer Discusses the Dark Side of Fame
I liked a YouTube video Rebecca Black Friday live, and My Moment
God hates you because you look for Friday like Rebecca Black.
Rebecca Black is a pretty cool person btw
The Rebecca Black playing ugg boot shop is at it again.
Read an excerpt from SEDUCTION IN SESSION by .+Enter to win h…
ugh Rebecca Black's biggest problem was deciding which seat she should take. Some people have all the luck
Best savings for BECCA by Rebecca Virtue Tivoli Tunic Cover-Up Buy Now at
All Black men do is stay home, play 2k or GTA & be faithful
We're giving away the ultimate Black Ops III Juggernog prize pack. https:…
hey now Wiebe! Be nice or I'll change all your iTunes music to Rebecca Black
What ever happened to Rebecca Black? (Not that I'm complaining)
She not white. She officially black 😂😂😂
You know. I probably would have had a crush on Rebecca Black if we went to the same high school
At least I'm not as hated as Rebecca Black
has an honor to inform that Madam Rebecca Black Mission Director Cambodia, USAID is scheduled to... https:/…
if it was Friday, I'd have sent you the Rebecca Black song. You're lucky
This is horrible, how did they release this?! I'd rather loop Rebecca Black
Cruise by fgl comes on and Kurtis died the Rebecca black dolphin hand thing lmaoo
*opens mouth*. *attempts to sing*. *sounds like dying T-Rex giving birth to Rebecca black singing Friday*. *Quickly shuts mouth*
Do u ever sing along to a song and think u sound like Beyoncé then u turn it down and you actually sound like Rebecca Black
"I'd rather listen to a whole album by Rebecca Black than listen to one song by Taylor Swift"
I played the first song of 2016 at work today. I played "Friday" by Rebecca Black. My coworkers were not happy.
Rebecca Black is actually amazing and I love Taylor but Becks
Really wasnt expecting to hear Rebecca Black 'Friday' on again. I like what you did though.
Assume you've seen Rebecca Black reacting to Friday?
I sing every week so in that way Rebecca Black was hugely successful. Good for her for having a go and being brave!
okay so i did think this hotel was really nice and v posh but then they started to play Friday by Rebecca Black at breakfast...
I feel for any stores named Rebecca and their attempts to get SEO relevance for their Black Friday sales since 2011
Rebecca Black - Friday...That's what Black Friday really means
How will retailers cope with today's crowds?
This is our 1st Black Friday sale. We previously misunderstood the event as a celebration of Rebecca Black’s Friday.
you ever heard friday by rebecca black? THATS real music kids
you guys will be bigger than Rebecca Black one day, I believe it
Wonder if Rebecca Black thinks she's trending? .
Happy birthday buddy. Play some Rebecca Black and enjoy.
London black cabs to accept card and contactless payments
I can't find anything decent in these Black Friday deals 😩
Did you know that searches for 'Rebecca Black' on peak each week on a Friday? You gotta get down on Friday, after all.
Comment: How will retailer's cope with today's Black Friday crowds asks Rebecca Fennell of Tensator
oh this is a Rebecca Black Friday special. The other one may or may not still be scheduled for 9:08
loved the Rebecca black friday song 😂😂
I wonder if Rebecca Black secretly believes that is a day in honour of her song... And now it's stuck in your head.
Black Fridays only good when I'm not working and have money
Producer Josh: How can we celebrate Rob: I know...Rebecca Black Friday song??
if anyone's up please text me because I'm gonna be Black Friday shopping till like 9 in the morning 😂
Raise your hands if you sang that Rebecca Black in your head! Happy long weekend everyone!
10 things to buy this Black Friday to survive the next one
Well, as Rebecca Black once sang, it's Friday, Friday,
cute that after the success of Rebecca Black's song they've actually named Friday after her
Screen your links today. Not 8:30am and I've already been Rebecca Black-rolled
there's no hot guy at the mall on a regular day but on Black Friday ***
Wait. So you're telling me Black Friday has absolutely nothing to do with Rebecca?
If you're awake & looking for Black Friday deals. I got em up to 50% off at
what about if I put Rebecca Black on a loop in your studio?
Gunnar survived his first Black Friday shopping with me😋🛍
Does anyone think it's weird how that Rebecca Black song got so popular it got a holiday named after it?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Like 3 more hours till I go back to black friday shoping😊
Can't believe Rebecca Black Friday has an entire holiday dedicated to it
I'm so happy I could literally direct and produce my own version of Rebecca Black's Friday
Rebecca Black is being added to the shower playlist
This year, please remember the true meaning of Rebecca Black Friday.
Something about front seats. Back seats. Fridays. Rebecca Black.
The awkward moment when Rebecca Black asks Justin Bieber to do a duet with her and he has to say never.
Laganja Estranja's go-to song : My moment by Rebecca Black.
I'll bust out the Thanksgiving music as soon as you provide some non Rebecca Black level songs. Until then I'm blasting Mannheim Steamroller
'Friday' by Rebecca Black outpeaked and outsold all of Halsey's singles.
Matt just told me that the song Friday by Rebecca Black is his favorite song and so is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift!
Maybe Abbi Jacobson is Rebecca Black in the future.
All about Rebecca Black ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
thanks for sharing Rebecca Black, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
After what happened with Rebecca Black, who thought George Dalton would be a good idea? That song gave me AIDS.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
was thinking more Vagner, Susan Boyle, Rolf Harris & Rebecca Black
Connor Franta, Gigi Gorgeous, Rebecca Black, and Rickey Thompson will all be attending the VMA's
Rebecca Black's "Friday" music video has been watched more times than there are Fridays in recorded history.
"Seven a.m., waking up in the morning. Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs. Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal.". -Rebecca Black, Friday.
Naomi Campbell is in it?! This too much my edges are vanishing quicker than Rebecca Black's music career.
heaven is Rebecca Black covering it.
can we trade 5 Austin Mahone & 5 Rebecca Black for solo dms to jc caylen, jennxpenn, trevor moran, or sebastian olzanski?
In the words of Rebecca Black "it's Friday" which means a brand new with guests Erin and Matthew!
Andrew Lowe and Rebecca Black moving into a gorgeous apartment in Californian is my everything goal
Andrew Lowe and Rebecca Black got an apartment together I am D E A D
Andrew Lowe and Rebecca Black went shopping at Target
It's Friday, Friday, gotta get sleep on Fridays. Tell me, what the *** a weekend? Weekend? (Rebecca Black voice)
Mike Posner, Carly Rae Jepson, Iyaz.I also want to say Rebecca Black
Some memelord is in charge of the playlist at the Town Hall KFC: had Rebecca Black's Friday and Never Gonna Give You Up so far.
Anonymous said: Why do you like black guys though
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
It's never too warm for a HOT LBD from Wole' LLC!. Check out the Rebecca Black Tie Circle Dress >>>>>>...
Rebecca Black - Friday, as performed by Bob Dylan via
What this video of young black kids in bikinis & swimsuits being brutalized displays is that police are threatened by blackn…
My dad just compared Katy Perry to Rebecca Black..what are you doing with your life sir..
I hate sitting next to Rebecca Black in class
Can Friday - Rebecca Black be my graduation song
New painting of a pair of black necked swans.. Detail, 11in x 14in, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham...
Anyone else wonder what happened to rebecca black lol
1/2 Police and helo in area of Jameson St in Lorton looking for a suspect in morning vehicle tamperings. He is a black m…
Friday, Rebecca black or one of your songs like "stars" 😏
for a solo dm with Rebecca Black. Mbf me and 💕
Meet the First Black Woman to Play Yitzhak in 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' on Broadway
Remember when Rebecca Black yelled Troyler was her Otp
There's a shocking new member of the Clone Club on 'Orphan Black':
Spending Sunday watching the Black Magic video and pre-ordering the single?! too ;) . Mixer…
in fact, everything about her is a rip-off of REBECCA BLACK.
and spam shoutouts for a Solo with Rebecca Black -rose
Managed to spend £600 in 3 days, all I have to show for it is an awful hangover for two days, a nandos, black hair, 2 new outfits&underwear
Rebecca Black here, can I get verify? .
Didn't know that Rebecca Black was in School of Rock. She look so different
Rebecca Black here, can I get verify?
I think it might be Friday by Rebecca black
Dear Kayne West,. Roses are red, violets are blue, if Rebecca Black wins any awards, you know what to do. Sincerely, the …
what! You're black talking bout swift when we have Beyonce?
u finna collab with rebecca black and finish the weekend off with SUNDAY?
Photo: Untitled by plainly-marie featuring a black leather bootie ❤ liked on Polyvore Rebecca Taylor...
Rebecca Black's song "Friday" is so old I remember Sara and Katy playing it really loud my freshman year 😅
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