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Rear Admiral

Rear admiral is a naval commissioned officer rank above that of a commodore and captain, and below that of a Vice Admiral.

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper Grace Hopper Vice Admiral

Agreed ... the Rear-Admiral basically said this guys will never advance further than they currently are
Careful what you wish for. I registered as Rear Admiral and ever since has greeted me with…
There's a title for everyone. Don for the mobsters, Ensign for the trekkies, Rear Admiral for *** people... 😂
Frakkin' hyped, Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock is out! I voice Rear-Admiral Lucinda Cain. Check it out!
I was Rear Admiral of the Kitchenette at a previous job.
The Battle of the Nile, 1–3 Aug 1798. British fleet was led by Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson; they decisively defeat…
Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, 1800.Visible on his cocked hat is the aigrette given by Ottoman Sultan as a reward fo…
Did you know, Clone Commander Pavel D2 is secretly The Rear Admiral
"And he wants Rear Admiral Timothy Gallaudet, a former Oceanographer of the Navy, to be assistant secretary of...
Thank you Rear Admiral Shen Hao for visiting our children at & for the generous donation
A surprise for Rear Admiral Newton. Junior sailors with Pipes & Drums of 12 Wing Shearwater. Junior ranks have been a pr…
It turns out The Rear Admiral deliberately cuts Kenobi's leg off
Michael Faraday was an American computer scientist and United States Navy Rear Admiral. He explored a variety of themes over the (1/3)
Thank u Rear Admiral Newton for your clarity of thought, strategic leadership, dedication to Canada & unfailing commitment
Pleased to attend the Change of Command from Rear Admiral John F. Newton to Rear Admiral Crag A. Baines
Rear Admiral John Newton's parting message: "I ask you all to look out for each other, no matter where you're from."
"Of all the people in the navy to take over from, im not sure anyone wants to take over from John Newton." -Rear Admiral…
Members of the on parade at Rear Admiral Newton's Change of Command Ceremony.
A very fitting send off for Love the man. Welcome to the new Rear Admiral http…
new US ambassador to Estonia is a friend of Steve Bannon, also a co-author at Breitbart. Rear Admiral Masso served togethe…
Also if interest, Rear Admiral Timothy Gallaudet to Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere...
Rear Admiral Craig Baines addresses attendees at the MARLANT Change of Command ceremony.
You may call her Rear Admiral Froman-Blue (Ret.) I just call her Reverend Ronne. Great job Gala last nigh…
COL's RADM White's statement on president's intent to nominate Rear Admiral Gallaudet as deputy administrator ht…
Commodore Imran Ahmad SI(M) of Pakistan Navy have been promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral
We will sentence traitors to death when back in power - Retired Rear Admiral Weerasekara
Our founder, Aliko Dangote, has been honoured for his work to eradicate malaria.
A Note to Roosevelt. It is no other than to return to the East that which belongs to the East. Rear Admiral Ichimaru
Let's all say goodnight to Rear Admiral Woody 😒
Command flag of Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter removed from SMS Hindenburg prior to scuttling at Scapa Flow 1919.
Congrats to Honorary Member, Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams on being named Acting US
PLA rear admiral and TV celebrity Zhang Zhaozhong got very emotional, when discussing China's naval achievements on a TV prog…
Obama fired Rear Admiral Stephen W. Rochon, the first African-American Usher, and replaced him with R…
Just assist Real Admiral Oxby with his rear would you good sir?
Amidst recent tensions, New Zealands Defence Force has had its group admin attacked by Australian Rear Admiral aamberix…
Absolute honor to interpret for Rear Admiral June Ryan, Sr Commander for the Great Lakes & St Lawrence Seaway…
Alumnus Rear Admiral Vincent L. Griffith (81C) encourages graduates to be better every day than the day before.…
Is Rear Admiral Doctor the Rt.Reverend the Lord Nuttall K.F.C. and Bar suggesting by use of 'droves' that his flock…
Robert Peary was born 161 years ago today in Cresson, PA. Rear Admiral, reached the geographic North Pole.…
My colleague, the Belgian Naval Component Commander Rear Admiral is visiting the Finnish Navy.
Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams is the third African American to be U.S. Surgeon General.
She also calls me Admiral Snitch. My official title is Big Rear Admira…
"Lifetime"? Sure,that's why she replaced Rear Admiral Stephen Rochan--it was a…
Celebrating the Veterans of the Battle of the Atlantic... Rear Admiral Couturier thanks Canada's heroes of WWII
I heard he recently received a promotion to Rear Admiral.
Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet talks about how the U.S. Navy is involved in alternative energy. Watch SUN w/ Craig…
Telegraph quotes a retired Rear Admiral: "we could cripple Spain [and] still singe the King of Spain’s beard".
from Grace Hopper - Rear Admiral in the Navy & Computing Pioneer... all in a day's work!
A hefty bit of for all you lucky people! Grace Hopper - Rear Admiral in the Navy/Computing Pioneer…
Good advice fm meteorologist to scientists who want to communicate their research & make it count:
I served in the navy for 28 years and I loved every minute - Rear Admiral Ohene Kwapong
During we celebrate computer scientist and Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Grace Hopper
Congratulations Peter Ellis! Former Rear Admiral with RCN, chosen as Executive Director for
From then on, when anything went wrong with a computer, we said it had bugs in it. - Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, US Navy
In the new film, Rear Admiral Jean-Luc Uhura mischievously learns how to fly a Star Cruiser
Rear Admiral Abdul Aleem has taken over the command as Commander Coast in an impressive change of command...
Engaging in even when its hard, is crucial for society to be able to make decisions for the environment .
Markey is the epitome of "relentlessly stupid". Married to Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthal, who keeps an eye on her poor boy.
Pushing Past Politicization: today on the blog, we're excited to share an interview with
we're bringing on a Secretary General, Rear Admiral, and Dalai Lama.
GL Grad Rear Admiral Greg Fenton will be addressing the GLHS Class of 2017 during their Commencement Cermony.
Yikes. Though to be fair, the Rear Admiral (Upper/Lower) Half confuses a lot of non-sailors. Why'd they ditch "Commodore"?
Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera & TGTE Representative who clashed at side event seated next to each other at
20Mar 1646: William Penn soon-to-be rear-admiral arrives Bunratty Castle to check Royalist privateering from…
Rear Admiral Mirsolaw MORDEL, Inspector of Polish Navy, who is on an official visit to Pakistan, called on Gen. Zub…
TGTE representative Manivannan replying Rear admiral's statement calls him a war criminal, calls on Swiss Govt to arrest him in Geneva.
Surveyor Rear Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort (born 1774) named the Beaufort wind scale. Wonder if he had anything to…
Terrific time event. Especially enjoyed meeting Rear Admiral Carpenter - one of the first women Naval A…
Outstanding after dinner speaker - Rear Admiral Terry Loughran at dinner - autonomy will change the…
Rear Admiral Ather Mukhtar of called on TS this afternoon.
Spags, rear admiral and nate would be a unstoppable content crew in Vegas.
Q: As a Q, your options are LIMITLESS!. W: Then why are you a Commander? . I would be Mega Rear Admiral. From the ba…
Watch most of these, literal, *** still walk away with most of their six-figure pensions. And Rear Admiral Lovel…
American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral. Presidential medal of freedom. Hopper
Rear Admiral Grace Hopper invented the first compiler for a computer programming language.
They REALLY got her name wrong! It's . Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Report from Plymouth- Rear-Admiral Utber's squadron has taken 5 or 6 Dutch and French prizes.
Celebrating an iconic lady, Rear Admiral "Amazing" Grace Hopper with some this htt…
I'm the kind of hard pastor who talks about butt sex a lot. . Unrelated: I like to think if I'd stayed in the navy I'd'a made Rear Admiral.
Q62: What is the British equivalent of the US Navy rank Rear Admiral (lower half)?
Remainers will be forced to bow to Lord Farage, Rear Admiral of the imperious Brexitee…
Honored to hear USPHS Rear Admiral (NP!!) Susan Orsega in a fireside chat with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy!…
full I am a Rear Admiral in the PvP Scrubmarine fleet of the Imperial Noob Navy. This is why I don't PvP.
America has chosen far worse men as president than says Rear Admiral . James Buchanan. Warren Ha…
Thanks to for inducting our founder, Matthew Swan, into the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame. To our rear a…
Menu for a dinner honoring polar explorer Rear Admiral Richard Byrd, who with the crew of the Ford Tri-motor...
Gov Obaseki receives participants of Nigerian Defense College led by Rear Admiral Samuel Ilesanmi Alade, at Govt H…
.Excellent points raised on US domestic pressures on China policy by Rear Admiral McDevitt (Ret)
Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett joins for perspective on the latest survey on sexual abuse in Canada's military
The doctor accidentally finds cure for virus eradicated from Romulus 70 yrs ago. An Officer ponders if he is a Commodore or a Rear Admiral.
The United States Navy underwent an admin attack by former Rear Admiral WhosKarma yesterday. The situation was handled accordingly.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Rear Admiral: PLA capable of warfare in 2 seas
Rear Admiral: PLA capable of warfare in seas.
There's a great TED talk by a Rear Admiral on the security implications of climate change. The military are taking it seriously in a big way
Rear Admiral Waseem Akram has been promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral with immediate effect. Vice Admiral...
Without Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, who knows where computers would be today.
It turns out Rear Admiral Jar Jar Picard is secretly Janeway
Its original owner was a highly regarded rear admiral .
It turns out The Rear Admiral naughtily cuts The King's leg off
Rear-Admiral Bennett says we need to do more about the methods of reporting and increasing the confidence
Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett says Gen. Vance says even one case is too many
Now on Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett on what is doing to counter sexual misconduct revealed in rpt.
Presidential Medal of Freedom goes to Grace Hopper, trailblazing computer scientist and US Navy Rear Admiral.
Presidential Medal of Freedom award winners Margaret H. Hamilton and Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.
Congratulations to Rear Admiral (Amazing) Grace Hopper & Margaret Hamilton. sometimes it takes a bit longer to cele…
“A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” --. Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Drop down menus that allow me to be 'The Right Honorable Rear Admiral Sam Nugent' for a few seconds are a small relief in a hopeless world
For all types of woodwork that you need, you can contact us at Juvante Group or visit us at 4b rear admiral freedom way Lekki phase 1.
"A sign of strength and solidarity between our nations" Rear Admiral Malloy USN on CTF 50 .
"The most damaging phrase in the language is: 'It's always been done that way.'" ~ Rear Admiral Grace Hopper
On the blog: 60 years ago Rear Admiral Dufek and his crew flew south, the first visitors to the pole since Scott
Rear Admiral Grade Hopper posthumously received the for her work on the earliest computers ever made.https…
26 NOV1916- Rear Admiral Robert E. polar explorer,. writes that is vital to U.S. coastal defense.
Thanks Rear-Admiral John Newton for the tour of the Base in
Computing pioneer. Navy rear admiral. Woman. Grace Hopper wasn’t one for barriers
. Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd was murdered by Japan at Pearl Harbor!. A relative I never got to kn…
thought he was kicked out for being a Rear-Admiral on a male marine?
As part of IT Pro's month, read about Grace Hopper, Rear Admiral who helped shape computer programming
Pres. Obama posthumously awards the Medal of Freedom to computer programmer Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.
Exactly. Except for this Rear Admiral who invented the programming language COBOL:
My brother knows John Kirby. He says he is a grasping political operative who was never going to advance past Rear Admiral.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Nothing to see here folks per john f. kirby who spews obama's lies. Hard to believe he is a retired Rear Admiral...
Minority Leader Kopka?. Who on the Council will adopt FakeMoniker Rear Admiral, now that Kenny Z is gone?
GREEK NAVY. What's the highest position in the Greek Navy? . Rear Admiral!
Q Whats the highest position in the Greek Navy? A Rear Admiral! :)
I'm actually a Rear Admiral in the Swiss Navy. I command the 3rd U-Boat Fleet but I'm not at liberty to tell you what lake they're in.. ;-)
Same way Vice Adm Ezeoba chaired an extra-regimental c'ttee on maritime security whilst he was a Rear Admiral
No! Rear Admiral of the Red was killed. Damnit
Rear Admiral of Med Fleet, Gaouette removed shortly after
David Braben - Horizons Release Date – Tuesday 15th December: see more. Rear Admiral and Duke respectively, I t...
Just as Commanders can be captains(of a vessel) so can Admirals, So Rear Admiral Crunch remains a captain. ;)
a privilege to promote CDRE Martin to Rear Admiral. Congratulations and lead well
When Naval legend Rear Admiral Tom Lynch just strolls by your desk to say holla!
coz hes a rear admiral of course. Man is a joke nothing more then an insurance sales. A piebald
This is Arlo got the dreaded rear admiral.
LOL'd in a staff presentation today. Someone was giving a talk on History and they said "he caught his wife with the rear admiral"
All these *** pirate puns are gonna get me promoted to rear-admiral.
Belichick is Pro Navy that may be why he calls Brady his little "Rear Admiral"
I can't decide if I want to go with the poop deck or rear admiral joke
Led by Rear Admiral Alberto Correia (PRT N), SNMG1 departed Cagliari and is participating in NATO’s...
Get my new Fed Naval promotion, think i will join you Rear Admiral :D
It seems odd that even after a number of hit records, the Captain never got promoted to Rear Admiral ...
"Leberecht Maass' rank was Rear Admiral. That's my target for now."
B1075 YARNLETS The human side of the Navy by Rear admiral Edward Simpson 1934.
Rear Admiral Robert Girrier (Director of Unmanned Warfare Systems) gives insight into unmanned systems.
Rear-Admiral John Newton gives a briefing at the Halifax Security conference
Rear Admiral assumes charge as assistant chief of naval staff .
HMCS Fredericton requires minor repairs: Rear Admiral: A top navy official confirms HMCS Fredericton will have...
Today(July 29th) is birthday of the Marine officer at G-2 base, Rear Admiral Kadar!!!
Commander Fleet Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer at the Memorial in today
Navy confirms some issues with Details from the Rear Admiral, tonight at 6:00.
Rear-Admiral John Newton describes new Arctic/Offshore ship as "pickup truck" that could be deployed to crises like Haiti …
That is career touchdown pass No. 28 for Reynolds, who is 1 shy of tying the program record held by Rear Admiral Bill B…
General in the Navy starts from; Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral and finally Admiral of the fleet
Took a break in DC with Catalan-American David Farragut, 1st ever Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral and Admiral of US Navy ht…
And maybe Mt. Rainier could use a name change? Lord knows the Rear Admiral never set foot in WA...
Just got invited to a rear admiral's house for dinner this week...what😳😳
"As result of the blind promotion committees, 24% of Rear-Admiral promotions in 2013 were women..a landmark victory."
sorry Admiral but I don't expect to have to wait till Wednesday for a replacement rear screen for my car via Autoglass !
Original Morning Press Bulletin Broadside: REAR ADMIRAL SAMPSON hero of the day
Argentine Rear Admiral Allara,We, as professionals, said it was just too bad that we lost the Belgrano"
I recommended a pair of docs on today...
He's a character is Shaun Micallef's Mad as *** - like Rear Vice Admiral Sir Bobo Gargle...
I'm just gonna come right out and say it: if you use military time, you're an insufferable *** rear admiral
Commemorative photo of Captain McNutt and Rear admiral Stanger on yesterday's tour of the Seawall on…
It didn't take long for StateSPOX Kirby to--jump ship. He was SPOX for DoD and a Rear Admiral...
Another hero of was Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Robert Duncan, US Coast Guard. they rescued over thirty thousand lives
What's the vice of the Vice Admiral? Guess? . And. The Rear of The Rear Admiral! N…
[new chief was replacing Rear Admiral Wagner Lopes de Moraes Zamit…
Honored to meet Rear Admiral Dawn Cutler, Chief of Information at 2015 PA/VI Symposium.
I will salute mine today, after all they have more stripes than a "Rear Admiral."
First full admiral in U.S. history, along with being first rear-admiral and vice-admiral, I believe.
Auvust 5, 1864 - US Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay won by the Union led by Rear Admiral Farragut with the cry...
The Rear Admiral was a great scholar & contributed so much to the program & our country. Where'd you work for him?
Today in 1864 - Rear Admiral David Farragut wins Battle of Mobile Bay, sealing off last Confederate port on Gulf Coast.
Rear Admiral bingbonk is slaying tonight.
Rear Admiral ( Retired ) Vijayant Rao Shinde says that criminals in IIEST are threats to national security. Dr. Amartya Kumar Bhattacharya
No reply yet from Boris to Rear Admiral Beverstock - probably too busy being an MP to bother?
That's one lesser victim for "Gender Study" or "Communication Degree", and they honour Rear Admiral Hopper's legacy.
"You don't manage people, you manage things. You lead people." Grace Hopper, Rear Admiral, pioneer programmer.
I thought Bruce was in the Navy. Wasn't He a. Rear Admiral..?
Today in 1862, President Lincoln signed legislation creating the rank of Rear Admiral in the US Navy.
Today in 1862 - Congress creates rank of Rear Admiral. David G. Farragut is named the first Rear Admiral.
- Farragut honored with rank of Rear Admiral on 16 July 1862.
Rear Admiral Grady led this team and he is a Domer!
I'm on WEEI tonight after game. In meantime, here's today's podcast, with Barstool's in-studio:
Farewell to Rear Admiral Midgette who has been a great friend of Canada
Council salutes Coast Guard rear admiral from Freehold
Rear Admiral Ryan takes the helm of District Nine! The is critical to marine commerce.
Capt. Ronald C. Copley, selected for promotion to rear admiral (lower half), will be assigned as deputy director...
On today's podcast, Barstool Sports' joined me in-studio. Listen here:
It'd be pretty funny if your boat was named "Take 'R' Easy" & then you had to sail it on a river of fire for eternity - Rear Admiral Satan
" Rear Admiral" Kirby gone from lying for the Pentagon to lying for the State Department_ Good news is he's not lying in uniform anymore_
Chinese Submarines' activities in the Indian Ocean Region by Rear Admiral Sushil Ramsay
Chinese submarines' activities in Indian Ocean Region by Rear Admiral Ramsay
02JUN1991: WWII Vet Rear Admiral Robert Crutchfield, US Navy (Ret) died at home in Virginia Beach
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to a Rear Admiral and Navy Seal….See you soon!...
USS Hornet made rendezvous with USS Yorktown and USS Enterprise 350 miles northeast of Midway. Rear Admiral...
Listening to Rear Admiral Bill Truelove from Royal Canadian Navy at Vancouver. Never gets old listening to our military speak
Rear Admiral Bill Truelove "the navy keeps our seas open for business". Thank you!
Hilarious kickoff to Canadian Navy’s Rear Admiral Truelove speech--he invites us to Google him. Go ahead, I dare you. Vancouver CIO
Shouldn't she be a Rear Admiral, if that's the case?
In the news - James Rendon, 54, a rear admiral, took command of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in...
Commodore Asif Hameed Siddiqi of Pakistan Navy handed over command of CTF 151 to Rear Admiral of Japanese Navy 3/3
NEW YORK (May 29, 2015) Rear Admiral Dawn Cutler, Chief of Navy Information, speaks with Mr. Ron Vega about the...
Speaking to an Italian Rear Admiral on Sunday. More ships are involved on a daily basis rescuing immigrants than took part in Dunkirk.
Rear Admiral Pynumootil is ACNS: Rear Admiral Philipose G. Pynumootil, native of Thiruvalla in central Kerala, has…
Rear Admiral 'Sam' Salt obituary. Long after the Falklands war was over, controversy continued to dog the sinking...
The next promotion is dated to October 20th 1872 (Rear-Admiral). //
And, does Rear Admiral Kirby remind anyone else of Junior Justice?
WAYS TO REQUEST ANAL SEX. In the butt, Bob. In the bootsy, Collins. In the O, Henry. In the *** Scott. In the rear, Admir…
.photographed an air guitarist named "Rear Admiral Kick *** " I assume he is Navy air guitar champ.
Rear Admiral Debby Piers, the boy from hero of the inspiring leader
That's not an ESB. But true to FFF it's very hop forward and they made it t... (Lord Rear Admiral)
Yeah the Rail Guns are super cool, which is basically what the rear admiral in charge of their development had to say, hah
This guy with the SWO-pin collar devices just gave an order to a guy with Rear Admiral collar devices…
The commemoration address at the Bathurst Anzac Day service was delivered by Rear Admiral Tony Dalton CSM RAN:
Toasted grain and caramel corn - Drinking a Lord Rear Admiral by at —
The Reefs being layed at the Cenotaph by Brig Nanson Col of RRF, Mayor Wiseman of Bury & Rear Admiral John Trewby.
An after brunch cocktail! A very nice bitter, smooth and tasty!... (Lord Rear Admiral)
Can't help giggling at the AFL commentary:. That ball is penetrating deep. He needs an easy rear disposal. He received it dam…
So are you going to be a rear admiral?
LTI Rear Admiral and Gladiator Weekend Warrior Sale!: 2x RSI  Rear Admiral Packages on sale at $519 a piece to...
New Iranian fleet to reach Gulf of Aden in July: Navy Commander Rear Admiral ...
Just added Three Floyds Lord Rear Admiral on tap. See our full beer menu:
Rear Admiral Cecil Thursby who was in charge of the landing, advised Hamilton that a full-scale evacuation was out of the que…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Navy Commander: Iran to Send 2 More Fleets of Warships to Gulf of Aden: Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah...
I'm stuck at Rear Admiral since I'm too lazy to move up~ = w =
It's a tasty beer but doesn't for the style imo. - Drinking a Lord Rear Admiral by -
Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayari confirms Iranian ships will not leave the Gulf of
"UFOs are entering our atmosphere at very high speeds and obviously under intelligent control." - Rear Admiral Delmar Fahrn…
Must be those God Dam Catholics making trouble again ? Am I right Rear Admiral. Nice Name. You like them young ? Just guessing
Lots of character for ESB - Drinking a Lord Rear Admiral by at —
Pairs well with carne asada sandwich at Jerry's in Wicker Park, this... (Lord Rear Admiral)
"the most dangerous phrase in the language is 'we've always done it this way'- Rear Admiral Grace Hopper-
Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari rejected media reports that Iran has been shooed...
Here's some great promotion for The 1701st Fleet! Rear Admiral (Lower) Sarah Van der Veken. Commanding...
Rear Admiral says we need to learn the lesson of the Collins subs:
worse, a one-star is "Rear Admiral, Lower Half". (Which is why Grace was styled Commodore Hopper, even though peacetime.)
rear admiral from us navy enters north entry to japan.south entry to japan is a grid with korea Vietnam. you need a flag
"Spike",Vice Admiral Blandy & his wife cut the cake celebrating Operation Crossroads as Rear Admiral Frank J. Lowry looks on
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"You manage things; you lead people." - Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper" Groundbreakingly Simple! There is a difference in these two ideas
Good luck with that then. Rear Admiral before you know it.
I asked the Rear Admiral how Leahy got in the way. Avoided question.
Rear Admiral with a specialty with the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS), yes another evil 3 letter, in charge of the CDC.
Nigeria's rear admiral Okoi says fight against will be done by March 28 elections. Then the fight against sleeper cells begins.
was thinking about you last night, i'm reading 'reminiscences of a naval surgeon' by rear admiral T.T.Jeans, (navy + biology)
is on BBC radio now talking about military spending as she's a fully qualified rear admiral. I might have lied a bit there.
integration is a journey not an end state. - Keynote Rear Admiral Elizabeth Train
Sickening to watch Rear Admiral Robyn Walker saying everything but battlefield inj's are responsible for ADF suicides.
As we care deeply, we matter greatly. -Rear Admiral Suarez
Rear Admiral Saeed Zahrani (from Saudi Navy) warmly welcomed by the PR Manager Mr. Mian Khalid .
-Ep 42 . Which rank in navy is equivalent to General in Army?. A) Rear Admiral. B) Admiral. C) Commodore. D) Captain
Obama’s officials are ordering our soldiers to keep the Bible out of the army! Rear Admiral.
Rear-Admiral John Newton and crew working to preserve legacy as an nation (via http:…
Rear admiral Nutless sent a transmission about an idea to build new fleet. Thank you sir but I will have to pass.
The mission to is being headed by Rear Admiral John Newton, centre, snr cmdr of Maritime forces on east coast
Honored to hear Navy SEAL, Rear Admiral Ray Smith speak this morning. "Loyalty above all, except honor". Powerful words from a great leader.
Are the rumours true? Have you been promoted to Rear Admiral?
Rear Admiral Ray Smith shares the attributes of enduring leadership.
Rear Admiral Ray Smith retired head of speaks to the greatest advisors in the industry Summit
how does someone who never commanded star ship become a commodore? (rank = rear admiral, lower half in US navy)
Posing as a Rear Admiral,. you are to seduce the woman known as. "Octopoopy" and pump her for information. as to the whereabouts of Goldfinger.
Horatio Nelson Lay (23 January 1903 Skagway, Alaska, USA - 1988 Perth, Ontario) was a Rear Admiral of the Roya... |
Sorry, meant to make arrows. Commodore -> Rear Admiral -> Vice Admiral -> Admiral
Brigadiers and a Rear Admiral. I'm proud to have served my country in the Airforce.
today underwent a transfer of command of its Maritime Task Force (MTF) to Rear Admiral Flavio Macedo
I'm so excited to watch it! Rear Admiral Hopper's a hero of mine!
I love to hear Rear Admiral Barry Black (Retired) pray. Senate Chaplain.
Rear Admiral Robert Day, US Coast Guard (Ret.) on Now is the Time to Plan for an Emergency
A commemorative stone was unveiled outside 1 Diamond Terrace this morning in memory of Rear Admiral Eric Robinson.
Read why Rear Admiral of US Coast Guard (Ret.)  and Principal at Bob Day and Associates LLC Robert Day, feels ...
Yeah, he's probably having a go with the "Rear Admiral" as we speak.
Hey Captain Crunch has been the same rank for 52 years. It's time to promote him to Rear Admiral Crunch.
Rear Admiral Bennett presented Commander Harvey a Commendation for his @ Naval Centennial 2010.
Navy rear admiral explicitly targets and claims "it will take us 50 seconds to destroy every US warship.”
'You manage things; you lead people.' —Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper cc
Little known fact that David Farragut was a Rear Admiral in the *** the Torpedoes" wouldn't have worked in WWII
Bayelsa State Governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson (M), flanked by his Deputy, Rear Admiral John Jonah (Rtd) (L), and...
Robert Sansum, alleged anabaptist in earlier years, becomes captain of third rate Resolution as Rear-Admiral of the White.
Apparently, its considered inappropriate to giggle when introduced to a . Rear Admiral
John Wayne and Ward Bond on their way to dump Rear Admiral John Ford into Galway Bay...
Rear Admiral coming to the barracks tomorrow 😳😳
I would like to call you Rear Admiral Grumpy if that's ok
Rear Admiral Scott Deitchman, M.D., M.P.H., actually is able to see the forest for the trees and has diligently championed more c
The story of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper — "The Queen of Code" via
Please consider signing our petition for It's not just about a flag, it's about
Thank you for your moral support! Please consider signing our petition at
Join us this Thursday for our monthly Professional Development luncheon with Rear Admiral Craig Faller, Chief of...
R5: Winner/Rear Admiral Claim £10 no deposit with Code: germanracing10
I'd be the rear admiral of this ship if you know what I am saying my friend
Civilian to replace Rear Adm. John Kirby as Pentagon spokesman: Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman a...
Grace Hopper was a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy and she worked on the first computer becoming "The Queen Of Code"
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