Real Madrid & El Classico

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (Royal Madrid Football Club), commonly known as Real Madrid, is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain. El Clásico , also known as El derbi español, is the name given in football to any match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. 5.0/5

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Alexis Sanchez: 26/10/13-scores against Real Madrid in El Classico. 20/2/17 - comes on as a sun against Sutton United in the FA Cup.
Imagine being Sanchez. 2014 - Coming on for Messi against Real Madrid in a El Classico. 2017 - Coming on for Iwobi against Sutton FC😂😂
That is incorrect. What about El Classico -> Barcelona/ Real Madrid? The Madrid Derby? Come on man you are better than that!
The El Classico in the euroleague Barcelona vs. Real Madrid was better than the La Liga version this year
"ln 1983, in the El-Classico Maradona scored such an amazing goal at Santiago Bernabeu that even Real Madrid fans applaud him."
Rafael Benitez confident of Real Madrid bounceback in El Classico
So in the past 3 months Mahrez has been linked to Barcelona and Vardy to Real Madrid. looks like a mini El Classico in Leicester
"Barcelona v Real Madrid: How the players rated in Sunday's El Classico
not that game,it's el classico,Barca vs Real Madrid..
La Liga: How will Real Madrid lineup against Barcelona in the EL ...
El Classico is derby?? So what is Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid called??
ME when Barcelona lost against Real Madrid at el classico
To Me, The Best way to get over tension is to watch a Real Madrid vs Barcelona (El Classico)
Top story: EL CLASSICO: Real Madrid whip catalan giants, Barcelona | 36Daily | … see more
The 1st El Classico of the season Goes To My fav Real Madrid... After trailing by one goal (from Neymar) within 4...
My el classico predictions:. Either Barça will win. Real Madrid will win. Or it will be a draw . one of these
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'El Classico' is well known as one of the best Big Matches in football game had been early morning today! If I've watched this game on live, I would have really enjoyed the game. Many people says Real Madrid had run the game quite nicely. As all of Real players did very well so they defeated Barcelona 3-1. I wanna watch for lots of star players' including Ronaldo, Messi playing
Congratulations to Real Madrid on their 97th El Classico win. Well played Barca. But the weekends ain't over yet. It's that time of the year again when two greatest English Sides..lead by two great men face each other tonight. It's the Red devils who take on the men in blue. lovers...
No fight in el classico today because Real Madrid won.lose is just normal
EL Classico Facts: This was more than a performance, it was a statement(Real Madrid). Lionel Messi has been booked 7 times against Real Madrid, three times more against any other team in all competitions. Toni Kroos is Real Madrid top Assister in La Liga this season with Five Assists. World Best Player Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in 16 League games out of 17 League games this season. Hala Madrid 4 LIFE
World Biggest clubs Real Madrid & Barcelona head to head. .Real Madrid won the El classico . . Lovely plenty by Cristiano Ronaldo, and 2 goals by Pepe and Benzema . . Great team B-)
A Besart Berisha hat-trick lead the Melbourne Victory to a 5-2 win over Melbourne City, while the Kiwi's defeated the Kangaroos in the opening clash of the Four Nations before Real Madrid came from a goal behind to beat Barcelona this morning in El Classico. What was your highlight of the evening? And what are you looking forward to tonight?
THE 180th El Classico is today and the football biting champion Luis Suarez may make his debut appearance for Barcelona. Considering the line-up of stars in both teams... who do you think will take today's game... Real Madrid or Barcelona? Can Lionel Messi break the goal scoring record? Will Cristiano Ronaldo continue his superlative goal scoring form? Let's have your say...
Logic of some people here really shocks struu. *Why do you feel so offended and swear at people who predict that the team you love is gonna be beaten? *Has it been winning all its games ever since its existance? Yesterday in one of my post I said Barcelona will beat Real Madrid today and some dudes started swearing at me and told me how stupid I am and how nyaope is making me sick lol I have every right to believe that Barcelona will beat Real Madrid because in the last El Classico this year at the very same venue the final score was R. Madrid 3 Barcelona 4 and it was not for the first time Barcelona beat R. Madrid in their own backyard. *Do these people know that Barcelona once came from behind and beat R. Madrid 6 - 2 or are these people the so called '2014 World Cup fans'? MAY THE BEST TEAMS WIN TODAY!
9 days to go el Classico Barcelona vs Real who will it be ?
Barcelona's Upcoming Unstopable Striking Force(Suarez,Messi and Neymar).do u think Real Madrid can overcome this Striking Force in the upcoming El Classico on 25 Oct.?
Its 'El Classico fest' tday! . Njoy with us d very best of Real Madrid in recent El classico's..Hala Madrid!
La Liga Day 6: Finally a nice game to watch in Spain besides El Classico. Atletico Madrid vs. FC Sevilla. Champions League Runner-Up vs. Europe League Champions. Sevilla won four of the first five games and has the same amount of points as Barca. And Atletico is on 3rd place just two points behind! Saturday 1pm TX Time. Real Madrid @ 7th place FC Villareal who only lost one game so far. Saturday 9am. And FC Barcelona vs. FC Granada. Saturday 11am. Premier League Day 6: Liverpool Derby! FC Liverpool vs. FC Everton. After five games Liverpool is 2-3!!! Saturday 6:45am. Chelsea London vs. Aston Villa. Villa after five games is 3-1-1! 3rd place! Saturday 9am. Manchester United will host West Ham United, who just beat Liverpool last week. Saturday 9am. Bundesliga Day 6: One of the biggest games in Sports! Schalke 04 vs. BVB Dortmund. Both cities are only 55 miles apart. Saturday 8:30am.
Just watching some el classico gold. Love how Real Madrid fans applauded Ronaldinho's goals
Just realized that Real Madrid has Ronaldo, Bale, Rodriguez and Barcelona has Messi, Neymar, Suarez. El Classico is gonna be insane :o
"Cules: Di Maria was the most dangerous player in El Classico bla bla Real Madrid sold him" . Forgot them?
Watched quite a few Real Madrid games last year and on his day Di Maria is as good as Bale and Ronaldo,especially in the el classico matches
Dream: watch a match of Real Madrid vs Barca during the El Classico with He can watch the match. I can watch him jump around!
I can't wait for El Classico so all these Barca fans can shut up when Real Madrid crushed them
the best one was everyone is so busy with el Classico that no one even realized that it's Real Madrid vs barcelona lol 😜
Real Madrid gonna win el Classico for sure no doubt 👌
Toni Kroos to Real Madrid n Suarez to Barca the el classico this year is gonna be mad
Toni Kroos went to Real Madrid 😱😱😱😱 the El Classico is going to amazing
James Rodriguez to Real Madrid and Luis Suarez to Barcelona..the El Classico just got better👍
Real Madrid with all these elite players dam but Barca ain't holding back neither:) can't wait for el Classico(: Barca needs a good defender
Next season will be crazy. Suarez off to Barcelona. Falcao off to Real Madrid. Already looking forward to El classico
Zidane and Seedorf will Former legends of Real Madrid will travel to New Delhi in 2015, India
Legends of Real Madrid vs Veterans of Barcelona to be played in India in 2015?? So technically India will be hosting an El Classico?
A good news for all football fans of India: New Delhi to host an El Classico in March 2015!! Although it will be played by the former legends of both the clubs but people will get to watch football greats like Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos etc. N.B(for those who don't know what El Classico is) : El Classico is played between two great spanish clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona
"Real Madrid planning veteran's El Classico in -
El classico basket 👍 ".All set for game one against Real Madrid
Diego Simone is d best manager dis season. He ended d dominance of El Classico (Real Madrid Fc vs Barcelona) in Spanish top division. He made Atletico Madrid a top team in La Liga ahead of Real Madrid & Barcelona from a mid table team.. Success of Koke, Diego Costa, Thiabaut Courtois, Arda Turan r d examples of his majestic managerial skills.
It was arguably, one of the greatest EL CLASSICO encounters ever. Edge of the seat action. Nail biting atmosphere. Treat for even the purists of soccer. FC Barcelona were extremely lucky to scrape through with a 4-3 win. But, to be honest, Real Madrid played the best n classy football of the night. They attacked n pounced with sheer pace which caused FC Barcelona to struggle in all sorts for most of the game. Real Madrid deserved to win but it was simply not their night. So unfortunate. ANGEL Di Maria was sheer class n brilliance personified. In my opinion, he overcame the likes of CR7 n Leo Messi to be the player of the evening n that too at an El Classico showdown where the stakes r so high that the Big Star players such as the above, lift their game, up the ante n exhibit numerous sparks of their brilliance. What swift feet, excellent accuracy in synchronizing assists n passing n supersonic speed in movement. He delivered two of the perfect assists from heaven to Karim Benzema. He was simply sensationa ...
It has always be my desire to see Real Madrid winning when it comes to El Classico since Madrid has always be in heart. But I had a conviction y'day Madrid can lose because of mind frustration & win at all cause sentiment that Madrid will take into the match thus putting a lot of pressure on them to commit needless mistakes and rough play. But as I rightly said, Madrid play with so much frustration & much resentments that In my opinion, put Madrid under more pressure thus made them commit too much tactical mistakes & rough play.I was really looking forward to this game but Ronaldo and Bale were very disappointing and ordinary! Both DiMaria and Benzema were excellent and Modric had a pretty good game too. However, Ronaldo just pranced about and Bale was virtually invisible, did very little checking back and tootled around waiting for the ball to come to him instead of looking for it! Excellent game overall marred by an inconsistent Referee. I now understand why Ronaldo was so mad when ozil left to arsenal. ...
Real Madrid -vs- Barcelona :: El Classico :: My match analysis From the very first minute FCB made the people understood that they are gonna win the match by their mentality of play style. They will be throwing every weapon they have to their opponent and will be not going home disappointed. Lionel Messi was outstanding by the way he created chances and the way he glide passed the central defensive and defensive mid-fielders... Andres Iniesta was often left unmarked by Carvajal which was a serious mistake committed by the RM leftback as Iniesta is capable of devastating outcomes both inside and outside the penalty box. This fault led to the first goal by Iniesta was Carvajal was busy marking the progress of Messi even though he was already marked by Pepe and Ramos. Benzema missed few glorious opportunities. Much more is expected of a player of his standards.. He should have scored at least 2 more goals. According to me, BBC was a flop show. Bale had no control over his speed and body and ball control. a . ...
Wishing & the whole Real Madrid team all the best for this evenings El Classico game!!!
Real Madrid to get a red card in the El Classico on 16/5!!! Worth £20 I think
the World Cup final or the Champions League final or the El Classico, Real Madrid vs Barcelona!
Right!! Checklists done, bags packed, got as much graft done as Deanly possible! This dream is finally going to become reality. Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo and Bale all in one game! Heading off to the city of Madrid to go watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona in the football spectacular known as the El Classico derby!! Yes man!! Can't even deal ( not even a little bit!) Madrid hope you ready boet cause the South African invasion is coming!! Can't wait to make lifelong memories in Spain :)
What would happen to "El Classico" between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid if Catalonia becomes and independent nation?
In every El Classico, Martin Tyler says, "When Barcelona plays Real Madrid, it's bit more just than a club match."
DID YOU KNOW? -Arsenal have scored in all the matches of UEFA Champions League and Premier League. -Neymar and Romario are the only Brazilians who scored in their El Classico debut. -Aaron Ramsey has more goals this season (9)than Crystal palace combined (7). -With their win against Madrid,FC Barcelona ended their 1 year winless drought against Real Madrid. -Rudolf Kargus holds the record in Bundesliga for the most penalty saved with 20. -Robert Lewandowski is the first and only player to score 4 goals in a UCL semi final match. -Vicente del Bosque is the only manager to win the Champions League,World Cup and the European championship,Real Madrid in 2000,2002,World Cup in 2010 and European championship in 2012 with Spain. -Ronaldo is the quickest Real Madrid player to reach the 100 league goals. -At the age of 16 years and 329 days,Jack Wilshere became the youngest Arsenal player to appear in the european football. -Samuel Eto'o is the only player to have won the treble in two consecutive seasons with two ...
Could this be another El Classico defeat to Real Madrid? Iya oni bawa mo ooo... Oti Sure Ju!
Jese Rodriguez with his 1st goal for Real Madrid this season in El Classico (1/2)
El Classico will be Epic with C. Ronaldo and Bale playing for Real Madrid and Messi and Neymar playing for Barcelona
The first El Classico this season is on Sun Oct 27th. Barcelona v Real Madrid.   10% Off
Yesterday's El Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona has once again refreshed the question who the best player be between Messi and Ronaldo; and the best club between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Lionel Messi is the current world best player but his performances over the part days are questionable as he fired blank when he was needed most against AC Milan and Real Madrid. Real Madrid humbled Barcelona 3-1 at their backyard just days after Dani Alves had claimed that he would not sign any Madrid player were he were he was a coach. Cristiano Ronaldo has shown the world the stuff he is made of from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United to now in Real Madrid. Lionel Messi have not tested another league or club in his career, staying in one club breaking goal-scoring records. In the Premier League, which payer has scored 70 goals a season? Ronaldo held a record 42 in all competition before he left for Madrid. That show you how competitive the EPL is. The history of El Classico is one that have favoured Real ...
When Barcelona win the kings cup, Real Madrid win La Liga, when Real win the kings cup, Barcelona win La Liga... That set another El Classico super cup. Europol need to investigate. Congratulation Real, you fully deserve it. I have never seen my Barcelona play so bad.
El Classico! Today, its aleady 3 nil, 70 mins, now 7 more mins; and Real Madrid will load in more into Barcelona's net... Makes me remember Oct 29th 2009, when Barca gave Madrid 5 nil. Same facial expression on d faces. Mourinho is really a special one, wants to win a 2nd Copa del Rey Cup. Did u see Di Maria dribble, wind & split Puyol. I can see fireworks too.
There are some games in football which unleash all kinds of passion and emotion such as the El Classico in Spain (Real Madrid Vs Barcelona), the Merseyside Derby (Liverpool Vs Everton), the Manchester Derby (Man. Utd Vs Man. City), the North London Derby (Arsenal Vs Tottenham), The Milan Derby (AC Milan Vs Inter Milan), The Derby of Rome (Roma Vs Lazio), The Old Firm Derby (Celtic Vs Rangers) &The Derby of Buenos Aires (Boca Juniors Vs River Plate). These games take place annually and the teams compete in these derbies for pride and bragging rights over the crosstown rivals. But tonight's clash between Real Madrid and Manchester United is the peak of the tie in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. It's one of a kind which is unlikely to take place more than once in a decade. This match will be contested by some of La Liga & The Barclays EPL finest talents just some months after the debate arose of which league is the best, after all the players nominated in the FIFPRO XI were playing their trade in Spai ...
Today is the 1st El Classico in 11 years without Real Madrid captain Iker Cassilas
Not impressed by Madrid's Game tonight.. Good fight by Barcelona.. Xavi & Iniesta are legends & they controlled the game with experience & exhibited best of their skills. Once again bad tactics by the Special one (Mourinho). Ronaldo gave his best & was on fire throughout the game .. Benzema spoiled it all, so did the great Argentinian Forwards Di Maria & Highuain !! Ozil's Assist was the best once again. KAKA got no time to be in business.. Overall a Great Match & Barcelona was always the better side after 3 consecutive misses by Benzema & Di Maria … Barcelona is still 8 points ahead Real Madrid along with Athletico Madrid (19 Points Each) leading the La Liga points table, whereas Royal Side is spotted number 5 on the chart with 11 Points. NOTE: Cristiano Ronaldo scored a total of 8 Goals in 3 Games within a week. Thats not all, Cristiano Ronaldo breaks El Classico record of scoring in 5 consecutive games against Catalan Giants set by Chilean Striker Iván Zamorano (Real Madrid Career 1992 - 96) as well ...
El Classico:::FC Barcelona 2:2 Real Madrid.goals from Cristiano Ronaldo of Madrid & Lionel Messi of Barca .
Soccer Sunday! Two big games- El Classico~ Barcelona vs Real Madrid and then The Cascadia Cup final Sounders vs Timbers. I am a happy girl. Here is an interesting bit by Sid Lowe about Real Madrid~ "Pegada means punch. While Barcelona are technically precise stylists, dancing around, jabbing you into submission, Real beat you to a pulp. And when they do not, when their opponent may even be winning on points, they have an incredible capacity to land the knockout blow. It can come out of nowhere and it can come from anywhere, making them more dangerous. As one La Liga coach explains, “Barcelona make you feel worse than Madrid, more inferior. You never touch the ball, you just drop ever deeper and protect yourself. Against Madrid, you feel like you’re in the game, you get the ball, you play, you attack … and that is when they score.”
Footbal. We Luv you. Does anybody know that Christiano Ronaldo has scored two hat-tricks in his last two matches.. And also that Real Madrid will take on Barcelona this Sunday's El Classico? Can't wait to see my "favorite sports"... Who cares about a regional *** local game of Cricket...
If Real Madrid vs Barcelona is dubbed as 'El Classico' Then surely Real Madrid vs Man City should be dubbed as 'El Cash ...
Great result for Real Madrid last-night. Christiano Ronaldo has now scored in the last five of the "El Classico" meetings with Barça...
An epic showdown in the Champions League semifinal will pit the world's two greatest players against one another over an enticing two-game stretch. Much is at stake, the winning team will earn the right to represent Spain in the Champions League Final and the player on the winning team can also earn bragging rights and sway soccer enthusiasts opinions as to who the best player in the world today is. This past Saturday April 16 saw Barcelona and Real Madrid play to a 1-1 draw in an "El Classico" showdown where, not surprisingly the goalscorers just so happened to be Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.A penalty apeice saw the two share the spoils and further build up the anticipation for the first leg of an all Spanish semifinal scheduled to be played on April 27. The two players are regarded as the best of this generation and have attracted comparisons from the media, fans and analysts for the past couple of years. Both players have won the Champions League title, Messi with Barcelona and Ronaldo with Manc ...
Leo Messi said that he has a score to settle with Champions League winners Chelsea and Liga BBVA holders, Real Madrid. h...
The Goal that Beat definetely Barcelona in El Classico, Barcelona 1: 2 Real Madrid. I think this was the most decisive moment in La Liga. Waiting now for the next season.Hala Madrid
When it comes to football this season I feel like I got the heart of champ.My German tankers Borrusia Dortmund blew the Bundasliga to smithereens for the second consecutive season,hw impressive.Turin massive,my Serie A select ,Juventus stunned the league this season finishing the season as the invincibles, grabbing their title back with aggression,true Champions they deserved it. Real Madrid my spanish mistress won el classico for the first time under Jose & went on to be La Liga champions this season,Amazing. Then comes the fairytale of my first love,she is so special wen she loses I get nightmares at night.Her story this season was more thrilling than they did in Manila in 1975.She had so many ups & downs,in & outs something special had to give..or sorry forgot to say,her name is Chelsea,I get too much into it when its something to do with that girl,she drives me bonkers.To cut to the chase she proved all the odds wrong gave us, her supporters the opportunity to let our haters face their worst fear upfr ...
We had 10 pts. of leadership and lost 6. We won El Classico on Camp Nou and became the champions of La Liga. Max. trolling by Real Madrid :)
Sami Khedira and Ronaldo seals a 2-1 win for Real Madrid at Camp Nou in El Classico. Congratulations to Jose...
El Classico tonite. Barcelona vs Real Madrid at Camp Nou. It should be a footballing Master Class to watch. Don't miss Neone.
El Classico: Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2:00 PM ET - Hovering the last defeat against Chelsea, the match is insignificant for me. The decision of winning the La-Liga doesn't really on the control of Barca win rather depends on the RM's defeat. The aggregate win over Chelsea of very very Big Match on Tuesday "Champions League" can only heal this wound. Anyway, let's watch the match today in 1080P on 36' HDTV (135 Oakcrest Dr.). Arbind Shrestha, Ram Chandra Baral, Ashok Khadka, Manoj Chand, Purushottam Sigdel.
Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema holds the record of scoring El Classico fastest goal after just 23 secs of play.CONFIRM!
Will the Barca fans emerge tomorrow or will they remain in hiding since Chelsea defeated them? From what I gather Real Madrid fans are happy with their away goal and expect a win tomorrow Agua de El Classico @ Mile Tree Bar Tomorrow from Midday Dress Code: Beachwear and football Jerseys You don't have to pay a cent to get in, it's a FREE LIME Bb 21e25d19 for directions
Chelsea playing Bayern Munich will be a good final match in the Champions League. Let Barcelona and Real Madrid thrash it out in the "El Classico" Spanish League!
When Barçalona VS Real Madrid its called el classico. What about Manchester United VS Chelsea or Arsenal. Isn't there an El Classico for English Premier League?
Real Madrid to lose Champions League semi-final, El Classico and La Liga
The European Champions League curtain is gradually drawing to a close. In about a month and a week’s time, we would have known the champions of Europe’s most prized club football. Tongues are already wagging and the four top teams are also ready to entertain tomorrow and next in semi final first leg fixtures. The encounters also show the strength of the leagues in Europe. The La Liga of Spain presents two big clubs, German Bundesliga one and the English Premiership in spite of its hype having only one as well. But the attraction is on the two Spanish sides; Barcelona and Real Madrid which at the moment boasts of the two best footballers in the world-Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. Both are a delight to watch any day and any time and have been fierce rivals not only in club football but globally. And many are already predicting a repeat of their El Classico rivalry in the finals to be decided in Germany May 19. But to see that happen, both will have to spearhead their teams to overcome the tricky ...
Who do you think will win La Liga title this year Real Madrid or Barcelona? Real Madrid have four point advantage over Barcelona with 5-6 games to go. . . They face each other in an El Classico on 21st april. . .
Barca's weakness at full-back makes the purchase of Gareth Bale a no-brainer if you're Real Madrid & crave those El Classico wins
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