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Real Housewife

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📷 Real married housewife. Full video of me being used at.
.named the 'Best Real Housewife' in Bravo history
Real married housewife. Full video at.
📹 Real married housewife full video at.
📹 Real married housewife. Full video at.
📹 amateurlisa: Real married housewife *** Full videos at.
Just cried watching a Real Housewife of New Jersey's daughters low
Just caught my dad watching Real Housewife of New Jersey reruns🙄
Real married housewife worshiping a BBC by -
to the Networking Reception w/ Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Vanderpump. Did you attend? htt…
For lunch today I had two whiskeys neat and a Klonopin. I'm well on my way to being a real housewife of somewhere
Channel your inner real housewife and let them know what's up! 😉
What a “Real Housewife”-turned-health coach thinks we should all be eating
I need a diet coke or I am going to scream like a real housewife or something
U r my Favorite housewife. I hate when they gang up on u. We love u and see the real u and ur kind heart ❤️⚜
New season, new Housewife, new taglines! The Real Housewives of New York City is making its triumphant return on Wednesday…
Did Peter Thomas creep with a real housewife?
Real married housewife. Real breeding videos at.
I'm joining soon but trying to wait til after 12 so I don't feel like a real housewife drinking so early 😂
Lindsay Graham is my favorite Real Housewife this season.
Real Housewife of Mexico. . Have a marvelous day beautiful human beings. Stay hustling but keep a genuine heart❤
Getting into the holiday spirit! Real Housewife of Melbourne Gamble Breaux goes braless in clingi...
Just spotted a Real Housewife of New York in the tower.
"Real Housewife" star Sonja Morgan is the boss from *** says a former intern.
Someone at work just asked if I could help them match Real Housewife names to their faces. WHY WASN'T THIS A SECTION ON THE SATS?!?
Watching the real housewives. Most of them aren't even married. What qualifications do I need to be a real housewife?
I'm a feminist in the streets but a real housewife on my secret fake wedding Pinterest board.
🖕🏼😂 naw but we take turns now and that's probably exactly what it is *** real housewife of Detroit 😂
5 Great Reasons to Travel to Turkey in the Winter on
*** laundry . Why I have to do this? . She is like a real housewife . lol
I'm not across this Real Housewife thing. Since when do housewives dress like drag queens?
The real housewives of Potomac have the worst style of any housewife franchise .
❣🙃 my real housewife of camas. ilysm❤️ I will always have your back and I think you are such an amazing person
Cardi B *** real deal just seriously said he wants her to be a housewife ☠⚰
I need to get a real housewife award this year for "most articulate shade throwing throughout a season"
Cardi is SO real! I'm not boutta be a housewife either lmfao
Rubio came in third in Iowa caucus and going after Hillary like its a Real Housewife reunion. Calm down.
'Real Housewife' star Teresa Giudice opens up about prison life in new book
Kato Kaelin, possibly the first Real Housewife. So good.
Barrister & Real Housewife of Melbourne joins us tonight LIVE at the desk!
There needs to be some kind of official Real Housewife verification process.
The Real Housewives of Potomac has to be the most awful housewife cast Bravo has EVER produced 🙄
*** I look like a real housewife of New Jersey. 💅🏻
Love time. Real housewife of Fairview meets of NY's and CNN's https:/…
It could be Monday talking but I am open to being a real housewife of Atlanta
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I want to be a Real Housewife... Unemployment is living the dream!
I love how Kim Fields brings her kids everywhere she goes. Motherhood doesn't stop because you're a Real Housewife of Atlanta.
Is it just me or did it look like got his pants from a Real Housewife of New Jersey?!?
I love that Kim took her kids on the trip..I would too Its nice seeing a real real housewife on this show
Real Housewife of NJ turned real fraud has a new tell all out 2/9 about her time in prison
Here we go! Real Housewife drama is coming back!
Is your doctor's office run by a real housewife of some kind?
I had no idea that Rachel Dolezal was a featured real housewife of Potomac.
If was an Real Housewife...clearly she would be on
Still trying (little unsuccessfully) to convince people I'm a Real Housewife of Cheshire
Meet NZ's first official Real Housewife has been cast in the upcoming The Real Housewives of Auckland
It's really refreshing seeing a "Real Housewife" not shoving their kids off to the nanny non-stop
u r a Real Housewife MOM business woman producer director actor you have so many titles for 139 characters. You bring REALNESS
“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice was the Real Bellyacher of Federal Prison, according to her new
Carly Fiorina looks like a Real Housewife of Fashion Bug
Come celebrate TEN YEARS of this Sunday! Will DJ Cohen spin all the Real Housewife hits? 💪🏼👨🏻
Relatedly: Mrs. Bennet is 40-ish and attractive per Austen's text. Play her as Real Housewife of Hertfordshire!
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Former Real Housewife of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak after having mini stroke
Gamble Breaux worries Gabi Grecko may be a no show at the Brownlows: Real Housewife of Melbourne,...
Every time I see a basketball wife pop off or a real housewife confront someone it reminds me of myself. I need to change 😂😂
don't you love that a Real Housewife of Orange County is a consultant now for you!!!
10 minutes in and no explosion. Maybe I am destined to be the real housewife
Brilliant wrap-up by the scathingly witty Richard Lawson! (oh how I miss your Real Housewife recaps on Gawker!)
My mom can go from being very Real Housewife of Orange County to a chola of East Los Angeles in a second.
. is hosting a party & you're invited. Join the Real Housewife for her private tasting event
EXCLUSIVE: 'Real Housewife of Beverly Hills' star Kim Richards opens up to Dr. Phil about her recent arrest.
I've been fermenting just long enough to be a Real Housewife. At only 26, some say I'm a wunderkind.
The fact that it's almost time to think about my future life in the real world terrifies me.mostly bc idk how to be a housewife
I feel like just being a Real Housewife breaks
I love Kyle Richards she seems like the most real real housewife
No, of course, Dr. Oz isn't in it for the money and ratings vs. health concerns. Today's guest: NeNe Leakes, former Real Housewife.
Farrah Abraham looks like every Real Housewife ever rolled into one
for a second i thought you were saying there's a new show called Real Housewife on Craigslist.
Found myself doing lot of unexpected things this summer. Including, now, posting skin care system endorsed by Real Housewife on Craigslist.
I voted for for Rookie of the Year because she is the most REAL housewife yet!
If I was a real housewife, my motto would be "Always nervous for no reason" ✌🏼️
But the real shade is that Claudia not on no more. She's a one season housewife 😂😂😂
is being a Real Housewife a respectable career path???
Spent the morning canning fruit with young moms and talking about unswaddling and the family institution. Am I a Real Housewife yet?
You can tell a lot about a Real Housewife by how they treat their dogs.
Real housewife jumps on neighbours *** - Real housewife jumps on neighbours *** as she...
New TV show.. 'The real housewife's of Colorado'
For real. I just keep telling myself no one likes a housewife that can't cook... Motivation?
Heather is the WORST real housewife she doesn't even deserve to be on the show
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Did you see this crazy article about the new RHOBH lady? This is from a reputable legal news site:
top ATL acts: 1) Mastodon 2) Silento 3) That one Real Housewife 4) the guy that busks around little 5 points 5) Big Boi
one of the real Housewife smut shows I watch, 😉
Husband of star Kristen Taekman is an Ashley Madison subscriber
If your dream is to get married & be a housewife, so be it. If you don't plan to get married early & want to focus on your c…
Dreamt i got chased through Ellacombe and stabbed a couple of times by someone i know. Then a real housewife gave me a lift home 😂
Work went by fast today!! Cooking spaghetti for dinner, folding Kaylani and Tj's clothes.. I'm a Real Housewife of Ind…
"I have no problem with you staring at my *** ..Since you're always one step behind me anyways"- Real Housewife of Apollo Beach Taylor Evans
.tests life as 'Real Housewife' cc:
Tie between Teresa Guidice and Lisa Vanderpump RT: Who is the greatest Real Housewife ever?
LOL I didn't realize Kim Richards in Tuff Turf is a Real Housewife :/ I am good at avoiding info about Real Housewives!
Good daytime banter today on between Brady and Ashley. Sorry, the Real Housewife. I mean Kristen. Oh whatever.…
Jill Zarin former Real Housewife dishes on her famous Matzo Brei pie recipe hope you like piece!
Bailey 'Real Housewife' Cynthia Bailey has no problem with sex toys - New York Post
Real Housewife lyme disease update: Yolanda Foster is at 'war'
That moment when you upgrade from a 559 ratchet to a Real Housewife of the San Joaquin Valley. 👏👏👏👏
Jamie Anderson has the makings of being a Real Housewife!
New pic by the.real.mynt.housewife on
can u ask Angelica Houston if mortisha Adams was a real housewife what would her tag line be.
nah they hire people to do work. A real housewife takes care of the home on her own. Not hiring people. Actual real housewives
Thank you for the Real Housewife Stickermoji App, it makes communicating so much easier.
The are really, really terrible. If anyone on the 0-16 Detroit Lions had a kid with any Real Housewife, their son could start at PF.
Motto of every Real Housewife: Avoid all Negativity (but then don't actually)
I'm trying to come up with a (real housewife of Orlando ) tagline in case they ever come this way lmfao
I got Lisa Vanderpump, and I thinnk that is fitting. She is classy, a businesswoman, the voice of reason, and...
'Real Teresa Giudice shaves $500,000 off her New Jersey home price. Find out here for more :
My advice: don't graduate college. Stay as long as you can. The real world and job searching is hard. Or just be a housewife.
Like a "real housewife" of Arizona misrepresents its beauty."Sedona Arizona
Cooking dinner like a real housewife 😎
"Because nothing says Exodus like a reality TV star." Love you,   10% Off
Life goal: to become a real housewife.
Feeling like a real housewife and cleaning! 👰
i'm in a tough situation..i don't know how sassy i want my 'Real Housewife of…' tagline to be.
Previously on Uvo Luxury collaborates with 'Real Housewife of Beverly Hills'...
I voted "Who's your favorite Real Housewife on "Beverly Hills"?" via
I voted "Who was your favorite Real Housewife on "D.C."?" via
I voted "Who's your favorite Real Housewife on "Melbourne"?" via
I voted "Who's your favorite Real Housewife on "Miami"?" via
I voted "Who's your favorite Real Housewife on "Atlanta"?" via
I voted "Who's your favorite Real Housewife on "Orange County"?" via
I voted "Who's your favorite Real Housewife on "New Jersey"?" via
I just took the Which Real Housewife Are You quiz on It said I was Kim Richards?
when was a real housewife of Orange County
En route to fashion and art event in manner of Real Housewife or similar.
You are tbh omfg that reminds me I did the housewives quiz and got nene let me send you a link
Melons is the best burger!!! makes me want to double as dog walker and a real housewife in your world 🐶😂
it's looking allot like was the HH who counted on HW as a career per book
Looking forward to episode 2 of The Real Housewife's of Melbourne. .
I love this freedom. I could be a housewife... Just need to be a wife first 😂 that's the real challenge.
"Don't make a *** your housewife " . Real Gs live and die by the code...
Was the Househusband that counted on RH as a career?
Girlfriend/Housewife/MILF/ whatever you call it home hot shots are the best what real people do in their bedrooms beats fantasy!
y'all never heard of or read that book by Angela Stanton, Lies of a Real housewife? It makes a who…
The weekend is THISCLOSE! Let's celebrate with every Housewife tagline. Ever.
thank you for putting what I'm feeling into words love you I'LL SHOW HIM WHO'S THE REAL HOUSEWIFE
Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump launches new housewares collection
I was a Real Housewife of Little Haiti for Halloween. So basically I rested on a hammock and screamed…
Cass Tech alum and Real Housewife of Atlanta to donate $20K to DPS Foundation via
Melissa Gorga is my favorite Real Housewife ever forever and always. ✌️💋
Listening to the WE HATE MOVIES fellows talk about TUFF TURF. I did not know that the little blond girl who gets popped at the beginning of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 is now a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.
Lisa Rinna’s Newest Plastic Surgery: Soap opera star and rumored new Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinn...
What sets an Elizabeth Bennett apart from a Real Housewife? Nancy Koehn put Austen in context for
Lisa Rinna: A Real Housewife with a Plan…to quit the show if things get hairy
This is a tight fit — even for the ultimate “Skinny Girl.” Former “Real Housewife of New York” Bethenny Frankel, 43, is now so thin that she can squeeze into her 4-year-old daughter Bryn's pajamas — and she proudly posted the frightening picture on Instagram Sunday morning.
Scott, you would make an even better Real Housewife than me. This is a fact.
We loved having the newest Real Housewife of NJ in our audience tonight! Thanks for coming to see
I chatted with Real Housewife of NY, Alex McCord last night about my experience. Thanks to my
Real Housewife of New York City Sonja Morgan insists candles help her make better money decisions.
Trivia tidbit: The chick in the video is Lisa Vanderpump, now a "Real Housewife of Beverly Hills".
There's a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills in Footcandy with us in Saint Helena. The richness of this place is too much for me to handle.
Watch: Real Housewife of Atlanta thinks *** "need to be saved"
with the boobs of a real housewife of Orange County
I bought a hat that makes me look like a Real Housewife.
so I went to the library Monday and checked out this book called lies of a real housewife and reading this book I found out Phaedra parks from the real housewives of Atlanta show is a SORRY *** EXCUSE FOR A FRIEND smh feeling some type of way about her now but overall it was a real good book based on real life facts. just got this book two days ago and already finished that's how good of a book it is.
If I was a real housewife I'd be one of the originals aka the one that got asked back every season cause their so amazing.
Who want Kenya Moore off of the real housewife put like
How can you be a "real housewife" when you're never home and have nannies raise your children?
Oi nah Mama Joyce should be a real housewife, queen of shade 😩
plus Adrienne Maloof (former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills) is part owner if the Sacramento Kings and she's way underqualified
Best part of being a Real Housewife of Fulton County.. Watching everyday at 4pm!! 👍😊
I would watch a Big Brother house with Donald Sterling, Cliven, Bundy, Dennis Rodman and whatever rehabbing Real Housewife is available.
2 ironic moments that pop into my head 1. Using the d.a.r.e card from elementary school to get free fries because you have the munchies from a blunt. 2. Being told by your mom to stop watching wrestling because it's all fake bunch of stupid scripted characters fighting over nothing but yet she watches every real housewife of anything
*Sneak Peek* "Kandi’s Wedding" Special. Real Housewife of Atlanta Kandi Buruss has jumped the broom and it seems...
Follow me your my fave on Real Housewife
So being off last week means I'm now hooked on the real housewifes of Miami, New Jersey, Orange County, and Beverley hills oh my gosh will I ever have enough hours to watch this .. This is a full time job
Just saw a Real Housewife in the coffee shop. Was strange not seeing her fighting with someone. Like a bear riding a bicycle, or chocolate covered bacon, out-of-context kind of strange.
To the Real Housewife at the gym with the unnaturally white teeth: What happened there? You look like you gave Mr. Clean a ***
"You can't turn a *** into a housewife, but we can pretend.". My Real Housewives tagline
I love how they call this programme "The Real Housewifes of..." I have never seen so many women in one place that have so many false bits!
I despise every Real Housewife show on TV
I wanna be a real housewife of somewhere!
Real Housewifes of Miami just mental!! Need to turn TV off yikes!!!
plz be true that Sheree is returning to Atlanta. my number three real housewife of all time.
you seriously can't expect any Real Housewife to be a role model for young girls do you?
Think imma be a housewife today... cleaup real good, cook a nice lil meal & work on these *** papers.
Why is this my life why can't I be a real housewife
Ms. Addision; I left you a message last night per your fathers request. I am selling Avon now since I am out of work and have been so for the past year. I got really sick now I am finally a real housewife. If you can please send me your email address I will send you a link George said he will take care of the rest. My email is ropscoupe Thank you. Love you cuz.
This Mother's Day, 92 PRO-FM is searching for the Real Housewife of Rhode Island! Enter now!
my life with my juicy track suit. I become a real housewife of Orange County
I'm only afraid of spiders & never becoming a real housewife on Bravo.
I think my grandma is a real housewife
I love new housewife of Orange County-Shannon-She is fabulous & real! well done mr cohen- & son on phone to u-ADORABLE
I've decided if it all goes to *** with the law degree Ricky will be forced to move to Florida so I can be a real housewife
“is Not a Shameful Secret - Real Housewife of NJ Journey http:/…
Burruss you are the realist housewife! Keep Keeping it real!
domain names
Lydia McLaughlin is not your average
We have 1,570 members from Silver Lake on this page and so please vote for a fellow Silver Laker that has been entered into the Real Housewife of RI contest. The Real Housewife link is just under this!! Lets celebrate her winning together. If you have any questions, you can email me. Thank You so much! Silver Lakers are winners!
If any mother deserves recognition of being “The Real Housewife of the Ocean State” it's Jane Piccoli. There aren't many people who can do it all, but she manages to. Without question she is the most selfless person who is hardworking and supportive of her family. The amount of appreciation our fami…
More signs that as a race we've been neutered. Ban together, pride, support, unifying. All things of the past sadly. Next week we'll be giving attention back to Yonce, shower rods, and some real housewife, forgetting the Invisible Truth that affects us daily. (Recorded or not)?
Kevin Johnson did NOT go there, did he? He didn't just put today's event surrounding Adam Silver's ruling on Donald Sterling in the same breath of Tommie Smith/ John Carlos 1968 Olympics and Muhammad Ali's trial against the United States. Look, you got a sound byte of a racist from a Real Housewife Groupie from a *** smartphone. YOU CANNOT COMPARE THAT POINT IN TIME TO THIS ONE. Sometimes I really am embarrassed as to how easy some people are quickly pacified. Sickening
I do not watch Real Housewives of Atlanta I watch Real Housewife of Suffolk, maintaining my own home.
Not happy with ITV2, why have u changed the times for my real housewifes ??? By an hour that was my time before they all came home and i go back to work
Real housewife of myrtle beach. Cleaning and laundry today!
Feel like a real housewife of the s.a (south ayrshire) today, sun is shining, went for a massage, topped up my tan, on a low carb diet and going to the gym later.however in reality, I'm not married, rich or glamorous and it's back to work on Thursday!
IMPORTANT FUN STUFF happening tomorrow! What do a Gsroc Volunteer, a Real Housewife of Long Beach, a Rescued German Shepherd, and Long Beach' Coolest Ice-cream Man have in common?? They've all agreed to be in a photo with me, in front of The Pike Restaurant on 4th at 12:30 pm!
👩I'm a real housewife!! I have gas!!! Finally!! I'm making dinner and lunch for tomorrow!
I've always been wary of Reality TV. I have never watched any Real Housewife show ever. Ever. I adored the first and third seasons of The Real World and I think Project Runway, for all it's dramatic editing/stunt casting, highlights actual talent. I also have a not-so-secret obsession with Chopped. However, if I were to give out the award for Best Reality TV Show I'd be hard pressed not to give it to Cirque du Soleil: Fire Within. I wish it were still airing. It's still as fascinating to re-watch all these years later.
Gosh. I swear my life calling is to be a "Real Housewife."
I want a personal trainer!!! Any ideas? I'm not a real housewife of OC, but at this age i need someone to kik my butt and make me stay grounded!
And would the real housewife of ratchet city please stand up...I mean *** and WHY?
Order Miche Bag Online!
Terri Lynn Land-- Why you got to interfere with my RHONY, girl? Sincerely, Real Housewife of Holt
Today On With Mario Lopez - Beyoncé/Jay-Z rumors, Mila Kunis/ Ashton Kutcher baby news, Real Housewife financial trouble, and a Random Question! All that and more!
What happens when a Real Housewife meets Rolling Stone’s best scribe? Join us at to find out.
We have all under estimated the Real Housewife, Porsha Williams, of her singing ability. She proved everyone wrong by dropping her first single "Flatline" Ma...
I'm going to marry someone rich so I can sit on my *** all day wearing fabulous shoes and call myself a real housewife
Are you ready for tonight's premiere of Here's 7 facts about new housewife
‘RHONYC’ Returns Tonight: Meet The New Housewife!: Bravo is heading back to the Big Apple with a brand new sea...
Lynne is a "Real Housewife". There is no doubt about it. She needs her own show.
thank god Lydia is gone , but can we get back as a real housewife please?! I'll miss him.
Lisa and Kenya need to be kicked out of the real housewife franchise
Will the new housewife on be a good fit? Find out before tonight's premiere:
Watching this this is about the only thing I can watch, this is real life not like that housewife love&hop bull
Real Housewives of Atlanta is making changes already!
It's not all glamorous being a Real Housewife. Just ask Teresa Guidice of
8 Things to Know About Kristen Taekman, the Newest Real Housewife of New York City: Season six of The Real Hou...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
New life goal: become a real housewife of New York.
You're not a real housewife until you cry without tears and your face has the expression when you are happy, sad and angry.
"They say hard work never killed anyone, but why take that risk?" —my tagline should I ever become a Real Housewife.
.quiz idea: Which set of 'Real Housewife' crazy eyes are you?
Definitive ranking of The Housewives (all of them!) via via
.congrats on the gig! Enjoy... A Definitive Ranking of Every 'Real Housewife' Ever
When you get sucked into a Bravo marathon, you start to question everything, like: When was the last time you saw daylight? When was your last meal?* Should you just quit your job and be on a reality show? Could you be a Real Housewife -- or ha...
Any real housewife or ladies want sex and fun for money with place contact me privacy must
Want to bring your favorite Real Housewife of Atlanta to your city? Send all requests to: Lori
NBD just hanging out with Bravo's and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi
I would be a real housewife just for the dramatic mid season vaca
They're back! Watch a sneak peek of here: ... and catch the season 6 premiere tonight at 9/8c on
Njn male 22 vayasu . Real housewife or girls add me & sex chatinglude ,phoniludae nyt calling or neritu chaiyan thalparamula any girls njn unmarried anato ?
Yes, it is time for real housewife's of New Jersey
my ultimate goal is to become a Real Housewife
I've been so domestic these last few days. Unpacking, cooking, cleaning, laundry, spending time with my hubby. Like a real life housewife 😳
Miami Real Housewife used to be a Liquid Ice model circa 2007
Real Housewife of NYC, Aviva Drescher talks new season, new memoir, & more - 1
My gosh I love real housewives animated gifs. They are like Christmas morning - with Pinot.
I'm destined to be a 'real housewife', I just know it.
The real housewifes of jersey. Is on now itv2 how yo doin
A Ranking of Every 'Real Housewife' via for the win!
In case you didn't make it to the lovely fashion show I am accepting orders for this custom Real Housewife of St. Raymond's wine glass $18- contact me at Sparkle Boutique if you would to place an order~
Coffee in hand, ready for the real housewife
I've always thought there should be a ? behind Real & Housewife on the carefully cast reality? TV series.
D.J. Tanner joins a Real Housewife, a Nickelodeon star and not one, but TWO gold medal-winning Olympian …
Counting the hours till I can see my favorite "Real Housewife"
Thanks to the for the fun chat. BACK!
"Encyclopedia Brown is the TRUE Detective; he found my dog," "Mother Goose is the REAL Housewife; she can read,"...
I just told my cousin she thinks she's a "Real Housewife of Stockton"...girl STOP! lmao
LOL so true!!! - she is the only Real Housewife on any series that has a medical excuse to rationalize her behavior!
if I were a real housewife my tagline would be: I will not air kiss your face but I may punch it
I just took a quiz "which real housewife are you?" and I got Nene Leeks, amazing. Great start to the day ♥
Planning sushi dates with my friends makes me feel like a Real Housewife and I'm definitely not mad about it.
I am desperately waiting for a Buzzfeed 'which real housewife of Melbourne are you?' quiz because I honestly cannot decide which one I love the most...
Yor what a day I'm torn out was a real housewife 2day.. Doing the wasing making food wshing dishes over and over shoe!!!
Watch the video Carole Radziwill: Dating After Heartbreak on Yahoo Shine. The author, journalist, and Real Housewife talks about her new book, "The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating"
Amazed at all the Men who want to be friends on this page, Guess they are on the Hunt for a Real Housewife of London :)
If Ezra Klein's Vox can be the Wirecutter of news, it'll be a must-read - " I am embarrassingly uninformed on certain current events. I’m hoping Vox can help fix that." - " It’s not that I haven’t tried to understand what is going on in the Ukraine. I have, kind of. But other content keeps getting in the way. - There’s the tech news I need to follow for work. - There’s the hard news that I already care about and have been following long enough that I at least understand who the main players are (U.S. politics, for instance). - There’s softer news, opinion and blog posts on topics like work-life balance and food. - And then there’s the time-wasting stuff that I sometimes can’t resist (a recent BuzzFeed quiz on “which Real Housewife are you?” comes to mind). - I keep meaning to get caught up on everything else, but I’m not even sure what “caught up” means when I often don’t understand the main issues or years of history at hand. - And sadly, when it comes to choosing between an a ...
I'm sorry but any Real Housewife that can quote is a winner in my book. "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."
Watching these Beverly Hills Housewives. Haven't watched in awhile cause it's always the same ole stuff! Yep it's all still going on!!! They want to see a real housewife ...? I'm sitting here in my bath robe with messy hair and mascara all coming off around my eyes and I'm doing my OWN laundry!
New tv show" I can't wait to see what the survivor did on the bachelor, after dumping the biggest loser, not long after winning amazing race, and before dating a real housewife from Beverly Hills, and beating the fear factor, in the real world of American idols, before the voice takes over the jersey shore, and honey Boo boo eats all the ducks from duck dynasty, and big brother bangs one of the kardashians." I guess then they will go dancing with the stars, to celebrity rehab before ending up as one of Americas next top models, and showing how Americas got talent. So talented that they are now 16 and pregnant and running down project runway with the X factor and Rupaul in a drag race to the shark tank where the undercover boss serves a wahlberger with a side of WHO THE FCARES! Oh my God people! This is our tv! Enjoy y'all!
I am in Real Housewife Heaven right now all my girls are back... Let the DRAMA begin!!
Real Housewife of NYC beautiful and lovely Sonja Morgan along with her hilariously talented cohort Amy Phillips joined us in store today!!! So much fun!
Imma need Peter to stop acting like a Real Housewife mitch...
The Real Housewives of New York City returns to Bravo on Tuesday night. Naturally, we decided to rank them, according to our proprietary and secret formula that prizes bearability, watchability, and how well they've come to define our concept of Real Housewife.
Real Housewife of Vancouver Robin Reichman shares how her penchant for partying is at odds with her Christian values:
Teresa Giudice: 'Real Housewife' and her husband plead guilty to fraud
Blu Cantrell would make a fabulous Real Housewife.
Live in New Jersey and want to meet Real Housewife of New Jersey Kathy Wakile? Even better- want to try her Dolci Della Dea cannolis? Then this weekend is your lucky one!
Rumors have been flying that Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Stewart is pregnant. [ 63 more words. ]
Before she was a Real Housewife, Kathy Wakile said she was, well, a real housewife — an ordinary stay-at-home mother who changed the lightbulbs, and loved to entertain.
Can't decide who looks more like Real Housewife, Joe Namath or Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ad
Real Housewife of New Jersey Kathy Wakile was a featured guest at the recent Hartford Home Show in January 2014. Attendees were treated to a demonstration on the fine art of cannoli making.
Real Housewives of Atlanta: Lies of a Real Housewife: Brazen, incisive, and outrageous, Lies Of A Real Housewife, spa
Real Housewife of DC, Michaele Salahi, was the surprise runway model at Tuesday night's "Fashion's Fight Against MS" event with Honorary Chair Tommy ...
Renee Graziano can’t seem to avoid making enemies this season on Mob Wives: New Blood. But she does have a friend in a fellow reality TV “wife”... a Real Housewife, that is. During last night’s (January 23) episode of the VH1 reality show, Real Housewives of New York star Aviva Drescher took t...
Real Housewife: Underground Railroad was real train via LMAO !!!
Real Housewife: Underground Railroad was real train via
Real Housewife: Underground Railroad was real train via - ok, *** is too nice a word for this bimbo...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Real Housewife: Underground Railroad was real train Yes, as in tracks, an engine and a man behind the lever.
Real Housewife: Underground Railroad was real train via And this is a popular TV show?!?
lmao...this made usatoday -->Real Housewife: Underground Railroad was real train via
Real Housewife: Underground Railroad was real train via lets make 2014 about education!!
So Porsha Stewart of the Real Housewife of Atlanta thought that the Underground Railroad was actually a train. Either that vindicate Kordell or it says a lot about beauty and brainsless, that was embarrassing to see on national TV.
Today in "I can't believe I'm typing this:" Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Stewart thinks the Underground Railroad was a real train:
Lol.. "When a Real Housewife of New Jersey does that, she's doing her job just fine." - Josh Barro
When you have a pay-per-view wedding, you obviously need an equally over-the-top registry. Yes, we’re talking about White House crasher-turned-Real Housewife of D.C. Michaele Salahi and rocker Neal Schon’s live lavish weekend nuptials that you’ll be able to pay to see. And if you’re one of the VIPs…
Chuck is NOT lying! PHAEDRA PARKS is the head doctor, read about it in "Lies Of a Real Housewife"
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