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Real Genius

Real Genius is a 1985 satirical comedy film directed by Martha Coolidge. The film's screenplay was written by Neal Israel, Pat Proft and Peter Torokvei.

Val Kilmer Chris Knight Weird Science Uncle Rico Top Gun Jon Gries Sarah Jessica Parker Die Hard Batman Forever Jim Morrison Vision Quest Doc Holliday

Well that would be nice too. But Gloria Estefan is a real musical genius.
We talked about Y&R at Dairy Queen today Topher came up & everyone agreed that he was "real good" with computers 😂
Why does the science genius keep trying 2 prove that God's not real when all that humanity really need is the God grace and not the opposite
We think this product can make a real difference. It has a touch of genius.
"this time around I wanna sing about real things. But I only know how to write love stories. But you. You're a genius"
Now you look like a genius. Brags is the real deal and is only going to get better.
SMent:. -planned every EXO's comeback very well. -they never failed to amaze EXO-Ls. -genius level. SMent is the REAL SENPAI. …
I'm a Winner too A..REAL...F'ING...WINNER. Gotta special treat for you... http…
Genius status: real. Some impossible level skillz there
Females think Nikki body Monster..Naw ya need to Google jay lyrics on rap genius. Cause majority of ya not gonna get the double entendres
OMG, ur a genius & this convo is getting real bad for my health 😂
What the *** is up with ticket convenience fees? You charge me extra money for me to print them out myself instead of you? Wow genius.
What started as a joke became serious real quick
OMG! Real Simple Magazine called the Beekman 1802 Champagne Jelly "genius"! (bottom left)
Woke up from a nightmare that I was drowning in popcorn. I guess that will teach me for falling asleep watching Real Genius.
I remember watching the whole *** video in suspense then being real impressed this man a genius
The usual is someone who 1: has lots of followers, and 2: wants to keep it real.
O the shiver of joy induced by the 'there are no doctors' line! Pure genius of the insanity of the Real.
Who has the guts to come at for real?! Get outta here...she's been at the top & stayin there. She's a genius at what she does
Talking with my son about science, I realized the extent of my knowledge about liquid nitrogen came from Terminator 2 and Real Genius.
Hierro backs Real Madrid to win Laliga & champions League: Real Madrid are still capable of winning La Liga an...
It appears that some drunk genius tried to cook a burrito in the washing machine last night... Is this real life?
They deserve it though, I hope they had a real fun time too. I think that the Gamewisp tiers is absolute genius as well.
so refute it genius cummon. I know uve got 'facts.' But we have REAL facts. Chicken?
No, not a genius, but being a man or woman of the Party is a real blinder, no matter what the party happens to be.
Andrea writer, librarian, author, educator, mom-genius (love it), self-made, the real superwoman.
dj khaled and his Snapchat stories always make my day better for real that dude is a genius bless up
If you question s sanity & REAL writing ability.remember The Gobbledygooker he is a biz man. Not a pro wrestling genius.
Free to play Online Football Management Game. Real Teams, Players. Follow of interested.
Next you're gonna tell me Iron Sheik's account is fake, Santa isn't real & Vince Russo is a genius.
Does this make the laser construction in the movie Real Genius, impossible?
Order Miche Bag Online!
Then bash him like he ain't a genius with a real vocabulary
Barkley.a real genius. Trump is trying to win yes, but he is calling it for real like it is.Barkley is a democrat,no?! Mk
I read a review which said the real genius was to cast the right actor, in the right role, at the right time in his career.
Go time = watching Real Genius as I wrap up the deck. “You are Chris Knight, right?”. “I hope so, I’m wearing his underwear.”
watching Real Genius. Love that movie. Chris Knight, Jim Morrison and Doc Holliday are three of the best characters ever. Awesome
It's true Stacy Peralta played the pilot in "Real Genius"
Watching this odd movie from 1985 called 'Real Genius' with Val Kilmer. It's a lot like 'The Big U' by Neal Stephenson. Best line so far is:
TIL that the actor who played Lazlo in "Real Genius" (1985) is the same guy who played Uncle Rico in "Napoleon Dyn…
Rarely watch tv, but I always loved the 80s movie of meets old-fashioned American greed/corruption, "Real Genius".
A man on the street was yelling that God wasn't real. I showed him a picture of Val Kilmer in Real Genius. The yelling stopped.
Real Genius star Gabriel Jarret joins us at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood Oct 17
Tomorrow is the 30yr anniversary of one of the movies that convinced me being smart might be cool. A very young Val Kilmer in Real Genius.
DID YOU KNOW?: Uncle Rico from "Napoleon Dynamite" was also in "Real Genius" as Lazlo, the guy who lived in Val Kilmer's closet?
How dedicated am I to art? I'm working on a proposal due tomorrow instead of joining others in the house to watch Real Genius. Srsly.
reeenaroo completed the Real Genius quest
Real Genius. Val Kilmer cracks me up as Chris. . Also, I love the Bryan Adams song in the movie.
yea, Pac was genius. Nas is the one that got me to fall in love with Hip-Hop & Pac was a real man like myself. Thats what him dope
I wish brought back real men of genius
genius is in the execution, not its functionality. Anyone happy with Android will prob think a waste of wrist-real-estate
If somebody likes me, I want them to like the real me, not what they think I am.
The BEST meetup & I had was Real Genius/Revenge of the Nerds. A chick won our belching contest.
A real show about young Black students and their college experiences. Genius.
I wonder how many college movies exist with no mention of fraternities or sororities. I can only think of Real Genius.
Conte goes from irreplaceable genius to holding up bits of plastic and watching Juve beat Real Madrid in the CL semis
A real one gonna let you pull up on her at any given time
A REAL GENIUS never says NO to a deal - moneyblitztv:
Bud light presents real men of genius. Today we solute you mr. All you can eat buffet inventor! light
ISIS your strategy to engage Americans in gun battles is a sure fire way to get all the free virgins you will ever want. Real jihadi genius
I had some craaazy dreams last night that lead me to believe that I'm some sort of real life genius for thinking them up…
"She Wolf" is genius just go back and listen to that real quick wow
🔥 Follow the beaut hustler, social media marketing genius that is 👉 👈 Super real, optimistic & zero negativit…
Yep. That was my thinking too. Oh & did you know Jon Gries from the loony bin ep was in Lazlo in Real Genius?
Real Genius with Val Kilmer!..BMX Bandits,Condorman,..people sitting on floor and in aisles for ET cinema was so full..magic.
About to watch that old Val Kilmer movie "Real Genius" with kiddo! LoL Haven't seen it in AGES
The movie Real Genius does that for me. How did they make Val Kilmer look like a baby?
Movie moments: Real Genius, (1985), “I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates who said, ‘I drank what’”, Chris Knight (Val Kilmer)
Real Genius. Gifted to us by cousins upon the realization that I've never seen it/didn't watch it during Val Kilmer Marathon.
what's the chances of Val Kilmer doing a remake of the popcorn scene from Real Genius??
As you can see, our readers are clearly divided on the 'Real Genius' reboot news
Can't hear "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" without thinking of Dennis Miller's old HBO show...or the final scene of "Real Genius".
Or, as Val Kilmer said in Real Genius, "If there's anything I can do for you. Or, more to the point, TO you..."
Tonight in Nick's Theatre, I will be viewing "Willow" and "Real Genius". I love these movies so much. Val Kilmer is just awesome all around. I seriously don't think I've ever seen him in a bad movie. Warwick Davis is a beast as well by the way...
As discussed at the May meeting, the June meeting at the MillerDome will also be a Summer Movie Festival. Russ wants to show a slew of movies that a lot of us may not have seen (like The Court Jester that was screened during the Halloween party) or movies that have not been seen in a while. So, let's see some suggestions. I've already suggested Buckaroo Banzai and Russ suggested Real Genius. Perhaps Dr. Strangelove Flash Gordon Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Some Like It Hot The Apartment The Philadelphia Story Arsenic and Old Lace Jaws A Marx Brothers movie Young Frankenstein Blazing Saddles Since it's Russ' house, he will make the final decisions.
WOW, what an exciting weekend at Horror Hound we had. Got to mingle with some celebs and make friends with them. Got to see some fantastic costumes from different movies and custom made costumes. Nick Gomez from the Walking Dead, he is so cool. Carly and him hit it off like they knew one another for years. Met Deborah Foreman from the movie Valley Girls and Real Genius again. What got me was, I had on my Jeff the Killer make-up and she still remembered me. How cool is that. Got to meet Michael Rooker and Scott Wilson as well. They are so laid back. All in all I would give this weekend a 10 out of 10.
they were a gift from Val Kilmer off the set of "Real Genius"
Hamilton Collection
I usually don't do throw back Thursday but, this is Guy Fahrnow as a teen. Look how similar he looks to Val Kilmer in Real Genius!!! I had to share.
Hey "Real Genius"! Val Kilmer called and he wants his body back.
Tonight we are watching a film based solely on its merit as a mishmash of 1980's cultural icons. Renny Harlin, director of Nightmare on Elm Street 4!!! Val Kilmer, of Real Genius fame!!! LL Cool J of mediocre 80's rap fame!!! And Christian Slater, who can kick Chuck Norris' *** and so needs association with nothing but his own badass self cause he makes the fookin' rules as he goes. He can pump up the volume while breaking arrows if he feels like it. THAT'S RIGHT LADIES AND GERMS.TONIGHTS FEATURE. the lackluster. MINDHUNTERS!!! .yeah. .
Val Kilmer would be a Real Genius if he read
what is the deal with Val Kilmer's face on the cover for Real Genius?
Important Val Kilmer question, yall. What's better, Real Genius or Tombstone?
That moment when you're watching Apollo 13 and you realize that one of the NASA guys is Mitch from Real Genius. I love both of these movies and it makes me feel dumb for not having known this for the past 19 years. It was almost as bad as realizing that Mr. Krabs is voiced by Clancy Brown.
Fun watching Dr. No. Now time to watch the American James Bond... Real Genius!
The reason I love "Midnight City" by M83 so much is that it sounds 100% like something straight out of the Val Kilmer classic "Real Genius"
Trailer for the 1985 teen comedy Real Genius starring Val Kilmer. This teen flick brimming wackiness has achieved cult status over the years & is a solid exa...
.Real Genius?? I thought that was a scene from an old Fritz Lang "Dr. Mabuse" movie.
To continue your 80s movie education, I think you should watch Weird Science or Real Genius. Flip a coin. Both classics.
he's such a genius, I love that interview! 🙌 he kept it soo real lol.
.. That could work... Let me fill out this flight attendant job application real quick & we can do this. 😏
Half of y'all don't like Kanye West, cuz he to real ! Y'all don't understand what the genius be saying😳
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The struggle to find realness is real.
Oh no.. We're in the presence of real genius now.
Blue Is The Warmest Colour was a masterpiece. One of the goodliest deeds I've seen in cinema and overall beauty, genius, more real than real
-If your parents met a real dummy they got to see what a real genius you really are. -But don't genius live in a lamp?
Where have all the bud light real men of genius commercials been at?!?!?
Sean Miller is a basketball genius. Zona is for Real.
I'm so funny in real life like I wish u could all see my comedic genius
Lol at the people who wholeheartedly believe Kanye is a "genius".
I miss the real men of genius commercials
Mack Brown: Tackling is a problem in America today--Oregon is making Mack Brown sound like genius! Tackling is a real problem in Oregon!
Na a real genius doesn't have 2 tell everyone he is a genius. Ego maniac/self obsessed would be a more accurate description
My new sounds: . Only If Its Real Ft. Grey Genius (prod. Amazing Prophet) on
Real genius doesn't need to bully you into its point of view. Real genius seems obvious once it's pointed out to you.
Part of being a genius is drawing in the energy and cooperation of others to make your dream real. No man is an island.
“All hail because the format of the next Real World is freaking GENIUS” ;) you aint kidding baby
Davon Reed leads the Canes with 7 points and 3 rebounds. Miami up 18-14.
"He is. “Kanye west calls himself a genius lol OKAY.”" . *was. Now he lacks the sanity
I understand you feel like your a genius but, *** What about some real issues and not your ego?
Their days are numbered cause it's genius a&r s changing things outside of the industry in real Life
Daily reminder that and song Better Than Words is genius.
For real though favorite part of my job is when I fix somethin on someone's phone and they act like I'm a wizard thank you I am I genius
I feel like Brand exists on the exact threshold between *** and genius,lovable and disgusting, real and phony.
My 3yo said last night "Shampoo's not real poo". I think she may be a comedy genius.
heard it mate half of it is genius, half is total Trollope which lets it all down
Any fool can write a bad ad, but it takes a real genius to keep his hands off a good one. - Leo Burnett
On bar at a quiz, what's spidermans real name? Spiderman.
Nick Cannon calls out Kanye West: ''Real geniuses don't have to tell everyone that they are a genius''
Don't know what Yeezus been smokin' but here's some legit hip-hop genius
suzanneeversole completed the Real Genius quest!
watching Kanye's interview with Sway...he's not a genius or a god...he is just a real *** *** fearless and an artist in different realms
that Mike Dean guy is a real genius
The scene Aamir cries at the end.. Well, no words. Only a genius can make it look so real and who better than
I'm real happy I fixed the wifi by myself watch out world I'm a GENIUS
Sense of humor is way off. Those real men of genius radio commercials still turn my giggle box over
aw man, that would be so cute!!! now i want it to be real and that the girl noticed him. LMAO he was a real genius! that's how
Oh my god you are a genius. Also we are buying a tiny real Christmas tree. Like, a 1ft tall pine. It's gonna be SO CUTE.
I was about to post that Ender's Game is a remake of Real Genius. But it turns out that they were released the same year. I guess you could say they both have the same cynical Cold War sensibility of using our brilliant youth to destroy our enemies.
ever meet a real genius who walked around with his head up his butt I have plenty of times but he's not a genius called me a "genius Bo-liever" as an insult, and I'm the one echo resorted to name calling?
I'm afraid I can't take that credit...the real genius behind that goes to
Margaret nolan is a culinary genius
New FIFA commercal = genius. "It just got real." Also Messi is the greatest ever so yeah.w
Any *** computer can give you answers. But real genius lies in transforming answers into solutions.
Then got so excited he accidentally mistook Top Secret for Real Genius.
Alec Baldwin. How is it possible a guy who plays the genius Jack Donaghy on genius 30 Rock can be such a homophobic *** in real life
I was pulling for my school that game but Auburn is the real deal. Jay Jacobs is a genius for hiring Malzahn again.
Gus Malzahn telling everybody he was the real genius down there.
Say it isn't so! He's my favorite animator of all time. A real genius.
“They thought I lost my spot, so they went and got real comfy/ so now I got to hit ‘em hard, and Bogart like Humphrey” - Drayz
Cronkites real genius was knowing when to bring in people you understood the subject.
real hair and good credit? “Wouldnt mind dating a black girl that have white girl tendencies lol”
I dont know if this is real or not but its genius
NOW THAT IS A GENIUS see it took me so long to get at least decent but you have a real talent ;A;
It's a retelling of Real Genius starring Val Kilmer, isn't it?
"How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Arent Real" do you mean genius
“How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real” I've been trying too calculate this equation for weeks now. Jaden is a genius.
I had real costume envy. I sat there thinking *** wish I had done this terrific work". Shirt collars as headpieces; genius.
This is why I do this. Real recognize real. Shout to for connecting us with the evil genius…
-- Of seeing the real her. She hides behind a chavy, almost, dare I say it, slutty persona but is actually a science genius, capable of--
There's no denying R. Kelly's musical genius. He gave the world 'Real Talk'
If what they say is true, and alcohol reveals more of your real self, I'm full of love and genius. And modesty. Mostly love though.
I adjusted too well socially to ever be considered a genius. my aim is just to be a fantastic student of life and a muse to real ***
When For Real by pops up on the Pod life becomes that much greater and genius is born! MUCH LOVE!
Whoever decided to place the heating vents near the ceiling instead of the floor was a real genius. Lower half of my room's perpetually cold
I guess the real disturbing question is how much depravity are we willing to dismiss in the name of 'genius'?
me too!! He doesn't rap about *** n money he raps about real life like he's a fvckin musical&lyrical genius
do you understand what you're saying? the only real life genius that I can recall we've come across is fiona apple. I WILL TELL YOU WHY.
LMAO VIOLATED! . He is a real donkey for this tho.
Whoever figured out the salt/caramel flavor combo was a real genius
It’s been a while since I’ve watched my favorite & Sarah Jessica Parker movie, Real Genius. (Mitch is SJP’s best role!)
I doubt there's that many interesting things about me, but Amy threw down the gauntlet. 1. I grew up in Murrysville, formerly hailed in Ripleys Believe it or Not for having the "world's largest Arboreal sign." The "Y" in the Murrysville tree sign points to Haymaker Gas Well monument, which was in my back yard. 2. Over the years, I've helped launch and/or operate over 120 space vehicles - and none has ever blown up on the launch pad. (A few didn't make it much longer than that though!) I even lived in Beijing for four months supporting a satellite for the Chinese. 3. As a teenager, I worked on Murrysville Medic I, and one time had to give CPR in the back of a moving ambulance. Last year, I gave a kid the Heimlich maneuver in a moving bus while chaperoning a band field trip. It was much more successful than the CPR... 4. My favorite movie is Real Genius, and I think the greatest tune ever is Stars & Stripes Forever. 5. Growing up, we had dogs, a cat, rabbits, hamsters, and even two white ducks as pets. 6 .. ...
I've created a real life version of Blues Clues at my job respectively called "Jens Clues". I'm a genius
Former Real Madrid Jorge Valdano feels that Barcelona star Lionel Messi is 'the first genius of the 21st century'.
Stupid Val Kilmar. He is so distracting! First" Real Genius" and now" The Ghost and the Darkness". If I play " Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" next my whole day will be brilliantly wasted.
The Liverpool exhibition was marvellous, but made you hunger for more. I do love Magritte- a real one-off genius.
Told grandma Real *** don't eat applesauce , we drink it
Only Genius Can Answer. A man and his wife have three sons and every of. the sons Has a sister.How many are there...
It takes a real music GENIUS to recognize another
you know you wanted me to write you something for Christmas I have thought of the best thing ever I am a genius for real
just bumping my new single coming out real soon you're a genius dude - SO STOKED ABOUT THIS SONG ah
Become an instant Genius: experience real results with the best secrets NOW!
good, I don't like cold pizza.Put a glass of water in the microwave when you warm it up n the crust won't get all mushy
"People with higher IQ's are more likely to experiment with drugs than people with lower IQ's." That makes Charlie Sheen a…
Only genius will get this right!. Two birds in front of a bird, two birds behind a bird,. one bird. in the middle.
Martha Coolidge (born Aug 17, 1946) American film director and former President of the Directors Guild of America. She has directed such films as Real Genius and Rambling Rose. Early life and family-Coolidge was born in New Haven, Connecticut. She is a grand daughter of Arthur W. Coolidge, former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, who was himself a fifth cousin of President Calvin Coolidge. She was date raped at age 16, a trauma that inspired her directorial debut film, Not a Pretty Picture. Coolidge studied illustration at Rhode Island School of Design, but changed majors, becoming the first film major at the school. She earned her MFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Career-Coolidge first made her reputation by directing many award winning documentaries in New York. While in New York, she helped found the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers and the IFP. She then moved to Hollywood in 1976. She spent several years as a part of the Zoetrope Studio created by Francis Ford ...
Current Fruition of Project Tesla: Project Deep Space-Programming through Movies in Isolation--- The Realization of What Movies and Music Braved to Put into the World... I would like to thank from Real Genius to Bonzaroo Buckeye to Spies Like Us to Fletch to Fifth Element to Ghost Busters to Die Hard to GI Joe to Star Wars to Axel Foley and Axle F to the Pet Detective named Ace, Top Gun, Transformers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the Matrix, Constantine, Batman, Spiderman, Woo-Chi, Superman, the Hulk, Chak De, Green Lantern, Thor, Austin Powers, Borat, Star Trek.And the Lady...And the League of the Extra Ordinary Lady's...
Director of the Day: Martha Coolidge. Real Genius(...If I wear it anywhere else, it chafes.), Valley Girl(Proto Nick Cage.), and Rambling Rose(Laura Dern in quirky performance Great stuff, Real Genius is a great film, still. Best use of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World in a movie ever.
As much as we all love Real Genius im sure there was a time when everyone who watched that movie has said "Lazlo...
He is a bit like watching a strange movie, isn't he? He reminds me a bit of Val Kilmer as Chris Knight in Real Genius.
Hold me Chris Knight, Hold me…: . Real Genius is one of the most quotable movies to come out the 80s one of my ...
Just saw You kick *** Nice touch with Tears For Fears...haven’t heard that song in a movie since Real Genius!
just rewatched Real Genius. I wish we could get funny Val Kilmer back. I love the guy & want him to be a star again.
Just re-watched Real Genius, and then realized what happened to Val Kilmer. Heck, he's been playing himself since day one.
Welcome to the world of Real Genius brought to you by co-creators Thomas Owens and Michael Davis
I just heard "Oingo Boingo" on the 80's xm channel. This is purely subjective, but I think "Real Genius" was superior to "Weird Science", though the latter had the best theme song.
All time favorite 80's movie(s)? You can post up to five - I'm rockin' out with Fletch, Revenge of the Nerds, Spinal Tap, Platoon, and Real Genius. I'm gonna break the rule and add Vision Quest, Breakfast Club and Fast Times at Ridgement High.
"Uncle Rico is one of us! I prefer to think of him as Lazlo from Real Genius.
Val Kilmer is doing the publicity campaign for his one man show "Citizen Twain".Sandy & I were invited to see him while he still working on finalizing the program. It is a terrific performance. If you get the chance to see it, you will not be disappointed. Actually, you will probably be mesmerized by him. He has always been one of my favorite actors.going all the way back to "Top Secret" and "Real Genius"...
They're playing the Real Genius soundtrack here at the bar. Suddenly need a large amount of popcorn.
Today In 6/17/1957: Jon Gries, who played Lazlo Hollyfeld in Real Genius is born
Golden age of geek cinema was '83-'85 (Revenge of Nerds, War Games, Weird Science, Real Genius), says
80's movies are still my favorites. Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and Real Genius top my list.
Val Edward Kilmer (Los Angeles, December 31, 1959) is an American actor. He began as a stage actor and then became popular in the mid-eighties, after a series of appearances in comedy films, starting with Top Secret! (1984), and continuing with the cult classic Real Genius (1985), and taking part in action film starring roles, such as Top Gun and Willow. During the nineties Kilmer earns the respect of the critics with a series of films that were also commercially successful, such as The Doors, in which he played Jim Morrison, Doc Holliday in the 1993 movie Tombstone, Batman in Batman Forever in 1995, Chris Shiherlis in Heat - the challenge of 1995 and Simon Templar in the 1997 version of The Saint. In early 2000, appears in some roles well appreciated, as in The Salton Sea, Spartan, and with appearances in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Alexander, and as the voice of KITT in Knight Rider.
Continuing in the fashion of old school I will now watch Real Genius! Love this one!!
Oh ... I would've gone with Real Genius for Massacre Theater, both for geniuses and robots, but also Val Kilmer.
Real Genius fans: Is Guy Pearce not channeling Lazlo Holyfeld in the 1999 scenes of Iron Man 3?
Val Kilmer in Real Genius, Matthew Broderick in War Games, Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future
Real Genius is my movie. Val Kilmer is amazing.
001- Real Genius: In this favorite '80s film starring a young Val Kilmer, some highly intelligent students are...
Val Kilmer movie was a classic for how retarded the film was. It's Real Genius. And it was (
I wish young Val Kilmer did more movies like Real Genius and Top Secret.
Not everyone can be R. Downey JR. from Less Than Zero or Val Kilmer in Real Genius...
I always thought Val Kilmer was hot when he was younger in Real Genius. Love the 80s
They need to remake "Real Genius" with Val Kilmer now playing the head of the school for smart kids.
I love rediscovering old movies I loved as a kid i.e. "Real Genius" with Val Kilmer.
Just watched an episode of Quantum Leap wherein Lazlo Hollyfeld from Real Genius had a minor role. The streams of nerddom have been crossed.
Chris Knight was Val Kilmers character in Real Genius, 80's flick.
I love the movie Real Genius. Val Kilmer is so good as the sexy screw-up/slacker/genius.
yes he's a real genius I mean making vampire sparkling and totally non-vampire like was genius (Y)
Only a real genius could say these four words fast without getting tongue tied: eye, yam, stew, peed . . . Like if u get it .lol
Breast Cancer Awareness
It's just genius. Even the name 'courage the cowardly dog' ?? TOO REAL.
Possible new Real Men Of Genius bar tab "best"... Woops! See y'all tomorrow back here at The Frontier Room Seattle w/me and
one LilMomo559 cause that's your real home genius I know 
The movie Argo is a good film, the real life story is genius.
some more genius real horse names. From
Watching step brothers again. The neighbors seeing eye dogs name is cinnamon. Thats the real comedic genius of the film right there.
"If I Was Your Girlfriend" by Prince was genius. Such an honest, real, dope, fly song.
"Eminem wrote and recorded "The Real Slim Shady" three hours before his album was due." Told you, genius!!!
I got a tattoo of Chevy chase on my *** y'all got martin short.these are real rap lyrics.genius.
Bud Light Present- Real Men of Genius Commercials Beer commercials used to be this good.
you said to Big Brother, I quote "put me up" you are the 1st HOH to put yuself up for eviction in history of BBA. A real genius
Punchlines ight. I loom for wordplay though. That's when you know they putting In some real work. Or just genius
“Real genius of moral insight is a motor which will start any engine.” ~Edmund Wilson
I can't consider auto tuned voices and computerized music as "real" or "true" artistry. An ear for music isn't the same as true genius.
Let me just pull that spare car out of my back pocket for you real quick..
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
The real problem with reality is that there is no back ground music
I mean I doubt it's real but pretty genius idea I hafta say
"Food stamps create more demand and boost the economy." -Nancy Pelosi- Seems like a real economic genius...
Ron's like "Hermione, you're a genius." And then Harry's like "Yeah, for real." And I'm like, "Yeah, guys. That's been a thing for awhile." takes a real genius to copy a saying off a picture and put it as your status. congrats.
When A Man Loves A Woman (8) Percy Sledge is the real genius but Micheal Bolton also done it well, all credit to him
Ab soul is a lyrical, intelligent, moving artist. He is amazing. Pure Genius.
Running Scared and Real Genius two of the most under-rated movies from the 80s and both had Jon Gries in them
Gives us your definition of public health!!! Real Genius Health Promotions: What is Public Health?
My father is a real genius! Seriously?! He is teaching us new things everything single time we talk and he's been doing that for 19 yrs
When I read machine grading I think of recorders in "Real Genius" not good. Just follow and succeed?
Everyone go download my boy mixtape if you want REAL music. Work of absolute genius
he's the real genius for persuading you to do his work :P
The world will never have another Kurt Cobain He was emotionally charged, raw, and a genius. His real music will be forever remembered
I only have 2 real friends and the rest are associates !
The city is genius. Thanks for a breath of fresh air and proof that there are still real rappers in the game.
These strawberry margaritas are the real deal. Budlight your a genius!!!
Ron C. is a genius. Each character he brings back he weaves so carefully & creatively into the show. is a real soap.
I'm not a real genius: I'm the chosen genius whose mistakes are the most valuable thoughts.
She is to real so go and follow nekababyy_ everybody
It's stupid when people say pages that ask for shares suck. Okay so if nobody ever shares them, then nobody else will ever hear about the page. And if nobody else knows about the page how are you supposed to get likes ಠ_ಠ? ¬_¬ yeah that's some real genius there. -Ezio
"I set examples over amplified samples" -GZA
Rumours are that Liverpool are chasing the Spanish playmaker Beñat Extebarria from Real Betis, the sum is believed to be around £20m, what are your thoughts? -Emil-
Watching "Real Genius" with a very young, lightweight Val Kilmer and noticed this as a prop in a dorm scene. ***
hit up that dank Real Genius with Val Kilmer. Reality. I also blacks books is still on there, Dylan Moran is the man.
Being educated does not mean you can't have a sense of humor. Have we learned nothing from the Val Kilmer classic Real Genius? Have we not?
Real Genius with Val Kilmer... Yeah, i think its time.
Daily CW10 Spot 2/11/13 Hey Gang, from now until we get too busy or forget (whichever comes first) us at the CW10 will post some daily thoughts/news items/musings. - Happy Monday y’all! - We got a fun movie in primetime tomorrow “When in Rome” starring Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell. We miss Mars. - Thanks to the Library and all our great movie and CW fans who showed up for the Beautiful Creatures giveaway on Saturday. You guys rock! - Quote of the day: “Wasn’t it the great philosopher Socrates who said ‘I drank what?’” – Real Genius. - I may have unfriended somebody a little while ago and I didn’t mean too. Sorry about that. Have an awesome week!
I love the ABC show "Happy Endings" it's absurdly funny and has so many great movie references. And anyone who hangs out with a Ricketts knows that we are all about the movie references. And last night they recreated the "popcorn prank" from the 80's Val Kilmer comedy classic "Real Genius"!! That made my week!
i need a 80's movie suggestion - I've looked for Real Genius in stores for years and finally got around to thinking about it - found on Amazon, but need another to push me over the free shipping mark ... Go!
LASER like focus in 2013. Much like the one Val Kilmer constructed in 85' in Real Genius
Movie Quote/Trivia of the Day Chris Knight - This? This is ice. This is what happens to water when it gets too cold. This? This is Kent. This is what happens to people when they get too sexually frustrated. -Chris Knight (Val Kilmer in Real Genius) Did you know? The film was inspired and based loosely on actual events at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. Caltech is also the university where Dr. Cooper, Dr. Hofstadter, Dr. Koothrappali and Mr. Wolowitz work on The Big Bang Theory. When Hollyfeld sends a large number of entries to the Frito-Lay sweepstakes, he is mirroring the actions of Caltech students Steve Klein, Dave Novikoff and Barry Megdal, who, in 1974, used a similar strategy to win a McDonald's sweepstakes. Their entries came to roughly 1/5th of the total entries and won them a station wagon, $3,000 in cash, and $1,500 in food gift certificates. The writings on the walls in the steam tunnels ("light your way", etc.) are references to the game "Wizardry" and its seque ...
so my wife I guess is not seen Real Genius. we're going to watch and see if she remembers. but we are going to watch it all anyway. Quotes begin
The people who think "The Big Bang Theory" is about nerds would do well to remember that movies like "Real Genius" and my current Netflix choice, "Explorers" exist. They're just two examples of how being smart and a misfit is awesome. If you haven't seen these movies, do it. If you don't relate, you should go wash your Bazinga! shirt. It smells.
Didnt we see something like this in the Val Kilmer movie Real Genius? That movie was great!
Been a fan since Real Genius even seen u in things like Kill the Irishman ur Doc Holiday is my favorite of ur work. What's us?
I miss the "Real Genius" Val Kilmer. I always wanted to fill a house with popcorn.
They should make a movie where the kids from Wargames, Real Genius, and The Manhattan Project solve crimes together.
I've always liked to think of myself as Val Kilmer's character from "Real Genius." In reality, I'm probably much closer to Booger from "Revenge of the Nerds." At least I'm not Lazlo Hollyfeld anymore.
Funny! I was thinking about that movie Real Genius with Val Kilmer. There it is on Dish Satellite! Mind power!
Oh man! Real Genius on the telly! Young Val Kilmer! Sticking around for the end because it's epic with an epic song!
My goal for today... take on the persona of Chris Knight (Val Kilmer's character from Real Genius). Your mom puts license plates in your underwear?
OK, Everyone I'm home. I wil just say Good Nite!! I'm starting to watch. The classic Val Kilmer movie...Real Genius. I think it was his debut. Before starring in...Top Gun..with Tom Cruise. Well, Anyways Good Nite ..P.S. I think this is the first movie .. That William Atherton plays a dck. Before the Die Hard movies ..
Watching "Real Genius".um how in Gods name did I not ever see this movie before?? Val Kilmer has THE best one liners ever...very Robert Downey, Jr.-esque:))
Fu*k me gently with a chainsaw! This show is going to be totally tubular! Songs from Heathers, Pretty In Pink, Real Genius, Labyrinth, Purple Rain, Vision Quest, Heavy Metal, Earth Girls Are Easy and so so many more. Plus, I am celebrating my dirty 40! Sh.I might start lying about it in the future. But, I doubt it. See you TONIGHT at Bar Standard!
Funny. Val Kilmer in Real Genius (1985) on VH1 Classic and VK in Batman Forever (1995) on Encore. 80's movies are so bad but I still watch them.
Classic 1985 movie with Val Kilmer, "Real Genius" is on VH1
Real Genius with a young Val Kilmer is on now. Another great 80's movie.
Thought of the night: Val Kilmer in "Real Genius" was a completely under rated role and deserves every award in the book. "IT'S A MORAL IMPERATIVE!"
my parents see me as an incredibly smart but lazy failure. basically they think im Val Kilmer from Real Genius
In The Gang on VH1 Classic the four of Real Genius do include Phoebe Cates
Really wanting to watch the movies Little Monsters with Howie Mandell and Real Genius with Val Kilmer. If anyone owns one of these, or both, and would let me borrow, you would be my favorite person.
Real Genius is playing on tv today! I watched that movie a million times and was SO in love with Val Kilmer. Dan has never seen it. I'm stunned.
asdfghjkl Real Genius is on! Ladies and gentlemen, Val Kilmer before he turned into pudding.
The lead singer for FUN. looks like Val Kilmer in Real Genius. Add in the rest of the group and it further drives the point that this generation has no identity of its own. It rather borrows from decades past, and is confused for originality.
Glad I took a break from papers and more papers in time to watch the last bit of Real Genius. LOVE that movie, esp Val Kilmer. ;)
Remakes, reboots, and reimaginings — Here's 5 movies I wouldn't mind seeing remade: Real Genius, Back to the Future, Weird Science, Spies like Us, Looker (look it up) …another 6 about which I'm not sure one way or the other: Big Trouble in Little China, Logan's Run, Forbidden Planet, Metropolis, Flash Gordon, Something Wicked This Way Comes …and 4 more that should never be touched by a new team: Blade Runner, The Princess Bride, Young Frankenstein, Galaxy Quest (but do give us a sequel)
I think he was in Joysticks too. He is a total badass. You gotta see Real Genius. Val Kilmer pre-Top Gun I think. Awesome.
Remember this song from "Real Genius"? Well, here is the very rare video for the single.
he looks like a cross between Kramer and Chris Night (Val Kilmer from Real Genius)
Just watched a cool older movie: Real Genius with Val Kilmer. All that popcorn at the end.LMAO
I was watching the 80's movie "Real Genius" starring Val Kilmer over the weekend and I forgot what an excellent job Sarah Jessica Parker did as the teenaged boy wonder Mitch Taylor.
The whole premise of the Internet is broken if I can't sit at home in my underwear (drunk) and stream Better Off Dead or Real Genius.
watching Real Genius! I love how Val Kilmer looks just like Søren Gertsen :P
Real Genius is still the best Val Kilmer movie ever.
Watching "Real Genius" from 1985. With Val Kilmer. Good movie. I find it hilarious he has mascara on in every scene though.
Real Genius is on. Val Kilmer was so dreamy.
Why was Val Kilmer so great in Real Genius and then we never got that same Val again? Life's mysteries.
"Real Genius".one of the best movies ever made, period. Val Kilmer's BEST work.
Watching one of my guilty pleasures from the 80's. Real Genius with a very young Val Kilmer.
Watching "Real Genius" with Val Kilmer. I forgot HOW awesome this movie was!
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