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Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow was an American children's television series aired by PBS from June 6, 1983 until November 10, 2006 that encouraged reading among children.

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Levar Burton Star Trek Lavar Burton Bill Nye Kunta Kinte Geordi La Forge Rainbow Rowell Captain Planet Science Guy School House Rock Magic School Bus

I love Rainbow Rowell's style of writing. It's just so easy to read, full of dialect but not at all boring. It feels real. Fangirl
I once spent an afternoon Googling the kids who recommended books on Reading Rainbow.
I heard you haven't rolled since reading rainbow was poppin
reading rainbow. -this pains me because I loved it so much, I wish it wasn't canceled, I'd probably still watch it. -so…
thought: HHS Secretary Tom Price must be reading the wrong bill.
UP verdict goes beyond Modi wave or demonetisation move.Carefully crafted rainbow caste alliance is crucial in reading this result.
Here are just a few reasons why we love Levar Burton, star of Reading Rainbow:
Like they say in Reading Rainbow, you don't have to take my word for it.
I was a snob. If it didn't have the Reading Rainbow logo on it, I didn't want it
Today’s PBS Throwback moment features the timeless Reading Rainbow. What books did it help you discover? 🌈
Why Team Sky should take a cue from "Reading Rainbow," cloak-and-dagger mischief at Tirreno, and other garbage takes.
Yo there better be a civil war if this foo get rid of PBS! That's Reading Rainbow & Henry Louis Gates Jr. Right The…
Honestly, where would we be without PBS. Reading Rainbow, Magic School Bus, Arthur, Wishbone, Zoom, Bill Nye the Science Gu…
A Kickstarter to reboot the TV show "Reading Rainbow" got 1.5 million dollars in just 8 weeks.
OMG, I used to watch you on Reading Rainbow, then you played an awesome chief engineer on Star Trek. I am so following you.
Still can't over the idea that Levar Burton's Geordi La Forge is that same guy from Reading Rainbow.…
FYI Kwame from Captain Planet was voiced by LeVar Burron of Reading Rainbow & Geordi La Forge fame
When I see the Sweet Pickles bus I automatically start singing Reading Rainbow cause I learned about being my own pers…
"Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high! Take a look, it's in a book...Reading Rainbow."
Watching Levar Burton +Reading Rainbow was so important in our family: we borrowed VHS and ALL the books from our library.
Brett Wallace with a Reading Rainbow-like break on that bloop. Because he read it well. Get it?
Bluetiful thanks to Love The Night Rainbow, looking forward to reading
At least they recover from the Reading Rainbow Reaches 5 Million Mark!
How do mice celebrate Find out in CINCO DE MOUSE-O-->Reading Rainbow Skybrary!
After Reading The Rainbow Comes and Goes and Watching tonight I've decided that Gloria Vanderbilt is my hero.
Thanks! It should look familiar to many Reading Rainbow Kids. ;-)
2 talks in 2 weeks featuring the reading rainbow song :D
I heard a great remix of the Reading Rainbow theme recently on Anyone have the link offhand?
Our Little Learners had a rainbow circle time today, we showed our Mummy's & Daddy's how fun reading 'If you're...
Finished reading carry on by Rainbow Rowell it was awesome rated it 5/5 stars will write a review on my goodreads lena201583
2 comedians, some other dude and the Reading Rainbow *** lol
How reading series like Rainbow Magic and can help children develop their reading
I liked a video from Reading Rainbow Siege w/ FryNation
How do you feel about the school system now a days, compared to when you were doing reading rainbow?
Why did i start reading fangirl by Rainbow Rowell just Now
Listen to this cover of Reading Rainbow Theme Song
Full of leftover "rainbow" rice and salmon cake, it's now time to return to my yearly reading of the (and a lime biscuit and milk).
Reading rainbow was one of the best edutainment shows growing up...
there's a lot of people from here, look it up. And Lavar Burton is from here. he's the guy from reading rainbow
That reading rainbow shirt though. You look better than some hipsters I seen. (1/2)
I remember when I was anti-love story. Look at me now, reading Rainbow Rowell and thinking about crushes all day lmao
I literally just rainbow barfed the Snapchat filter while reading that
The guy from reading rainbow is in it! 😂😂😂
hah! It's like reading rainbow, but medicated.
ok Japanese reading rainbow time friend
Caps for Sale Board Book: A Tale of a Peddler, Some and Their Monkey Business Reading Rainbow Books Caps
Looking for reading inspiration? There are 8 new featured on the Rainbow Book Reviews site today:
The Bounce Reading Rainbow remix we need today.
take a look. its in a book. A READING RAINBOW. that's the jam!
Make a beat sampling the Reading Rainbow theme
Thank you for the Reading Rainbow suggestion, today! :)
Isn't that the reading rainbow dude?
Reading Rainbow feat. DMX . Y'all gotta hear this 😂
it's my friend's bday & he LOVES you, Reading Rainbow, & trek. Could you please wish Jim Falkenstine a happy birthday? Pleease? many children benefitted from 'Reading Rainbow"
Azzie was reading down a bucket list. *Lets see here. . *Rebuild the Castle. *Check. *Help out with The Spider bake sale. . *Check. .
"take a look. its in a book. READING RAINBOW!"
Excellent presentation by Amy for Rainbow Reading indigo task.
Another set of superb presentations by year 7 Rainbow Reading
We think this would be a great addition over a reading nook!
.Re-reading and every time I get to Natty Bumppo, all I can think of is this panel. 😂😂
sacred dog. Video Title: Reading Rainbow: The Gift of the Sacred Dog part 1...
FROM THE NEWSROOM: Emmy-award winner Levar Burton, host and executive producer of the PBS series Reading Rainbow,...
Reading Rainbow in the classroom! Introducing SKYBRARY SCHOOL, a digital library for K-3 & students. https:/…
Also known as Geordi La Forge on Star Trek Next Generation. ;). The quote is from an old show called Reading Rainbow.
Meet Levar Burton at Best known for Star Trek: TNG & Reading Rainbow:
Reading Rainbow is on Amazon Prime. LeVar. Madeline Kahn. My childhood. Goodbye, world.
Chaka Kahn, AKA “Queen of Funk Soul,” sang the theme song to the PBS’s popular educational program Reading Rainbow.
Levar Burton 'Reading Rainbow': Levar Burton of "Reading Rainbow" and "Star Trek: The next generation" was in town…
Levar Burton from Roots to Star Treck to Reading Rainbow! Love him…
We really like your show "Reading Rainbow". Love from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Mont'Kiara International School. Grade 1D.
My kids are going to watch shows like Captain Planet, Reading Rainbow, The Magic School Bus & Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Check out Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere! by Levar Burton; Reading Rainbow on
UN kickstarter campaign for Syria at 1/5 raised to bring back TV show Reading Rainbow with 5 days to go.
I am so excited.Mama just told me Reading Rainbow is casting me.! :-)
It's been over a year since Reading Rainbow rocked Kickstarter. Here's what Levar Burton told us about the...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
First Mr. Rogers next Romper Room and Reading Rainbow. Netflix you keep me guessing.
And the Reading Rainbow tshirt with Lavar Burton on last night's episode sent me OVER the edge!
I'd rock a Reading Rainbow shirt on the first day of school, young Eddie Huang.
Lavar Burton is fingering bowling balls on Reading Rainbow. Its more awkward than it should be
*says the person who has been watching Reading Rainbow & Magic School Bus on Netflix lately*
As a rainbow appears over the belmar pro tent, I'm reading this. I hate losing but the Hawaiian is…
Take a look it's in a book a reading rainbow *bass drops*
Levar Burton provided a Kickstarter to bring back Reading Rainbow a while ago. If u donated to it, u got these mugs :-)
Levar made a kickstarter to bring back Reading Rainbow. If you donated money, you got these 😀
randoms: i'm loving watching yall watch Reading Rainbow
So happy that this has just arrived! I can't wait to start reading! by
Sometimes the best way to spend a Sunday is reading a book cover to cover and what a novel. Rainbow…
Have you been perpetuating any of these myths? We believe all books are for all children!
Okay...So, I'm taking y'all Back w/ me for a moment.Rainbow Intro 1983-1999 via
Rainbow Dash likes to read *** Gym! What in the world is Rainbow Dash reading?
Some of y'all timelines will be filled with football and reading rainbow. Sorry?
Oh snap! I loved reading rainbow as a kid, now my kid might as well. Fingers crossed
If Levar Burton got Reading Rainbow back poppin, I'm pretty sure we can get School House Rock back too.
i'm brooding in the corner reading gravity's rainbow and plotting how to become a trillionaire to buy out every owner and dismantle the NFL
The theme song for "Reading Rainbow" is stuck in my head. I'm okay with this.
Rainbow phonics games: Printable reading games and p
If I don't make it to Block Party today, no amount of Reading Rainbow can console me.
I would suggest research their "news" stories & the PI do some targeted reading b4 launching this study
I was reading and this rainbow appeared
Earlier this morning, my Reading Rainbow class at 😊🙏🏼
Future projects; reading rainbow for adults. Exact same concept save for the extreme content. 1st up "American psycho"
Rainbow phonics games: Printable reading games an
Just tried to get people to remember Reading Rainbow... They did not know *** I had showed them
Let Nate know Mr. Rogers is on Netflix now. Will go good with Reading Rainbow. :)
Nice! Also, is that a Reading Rainbow mug I spy? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Reading's for eggheads like you, Rainbow Dash.
at least my profile pic don't look straight outta Reading Rainbow
Helmeppo must be a Star Trek fan. Or Reading Rainbow. on Toonami
"Oh I was reading one of an electricity called love between two lovely human characters..." The rainbow blooded troll giggled
School House Rock. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Magic School Bus . Reading Rainbow. Kid shows that actually helped me when I got older❤️
you know it! Lol. That show, Arthur, AND Reading Rainbow like what happened to those good shows?!!
hey all the Reading Rainbow Episodes are out of order and just randomly picked from random seasons not cool
I've watched like 4 episodes of reading rainbow on Netflix
They like black people to be "Reading Rainbow" starring Lavar Burton, but my comedy is "Reading White People" starring Anthony Robinson
Was just alerted by that Reading Rainbow is on Netflix. So you know what time it is.
If you're reading this, be happy and stay positive because it will get better. You gotta wait out the rain before you get the rainbow.
oh my god I just saw the funniest segment on reading rainbow about a guy and his bird but i can't find a separate link to it I'm so mad
I started chuckling & he asked why I was laughing & I told him he looked like the guy from Reading Rainbow.
guy next to me looks like the guy from Reading Rainbow.
I wonder if there's a trap version of the reading rainbow theme song...
Brb gonna binge watch reading rainbow on netflix
You know you’re a parent when the song you sing while doing chores starts out as a Sesame Street song and morphs into Reading Rainbow.
Josh reading rainbow is now on Netflix 😭
Enjoyed reading On Top of the Rainbow on Booktrack
omg. reading rainbow is on Netflix 😭
I'm going to try that next year. Not sure I can stomach another huge Pynchon so soon after reading Gravity's Rainbow.
can upload Reading Rainbow but can't upload Stargate SG-1. COME ON GUYS!
Reading Rainbow is Back with New Adventures and the Skybrary
I'm making my 4yr old watch Reading Rainbow 📚🌈
Reason why I love my advisory: we get to listen to the reading rainbow theme song
Reading Rainbow is on Netflix and my life is complete :`D
They have reading rainbow on Netflix
In other news, reading rainbow is on netflix
Having an awesome conversation with my Mom friends who are re watching Reading Rainbow . We are discussing how hot Burton is. :)
Reading rainbow is on Netflix hail yuh
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Reading rainbow is now on Netflix and he looks like he's about to drop his mixtape not some books
Just started reading rainbow colors, outstanding action, and a decent number of unicorns so far.
Why is the Reading Rainbow song stuck in my head
Reading Rainbow is on Netflix now. I'm going to cry.
Lmfaooo why do they have reading rainbow on Netflix ?
You're always reading my mind like a letter. When I'm cold, you're there like a sweater.
What's the angriest someone has ever said "reading rainbow"
why didn't anyone tell me reading rainbow is on Netflix?
Thing1 singing the Reading Rainbow theme song first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day. "I can do anythiinngg!!"
I can go anywhere.It's in a book. a Reading Rainbow!
I be watching the reading rainbow like everyday
26 years old and I am sitting here watching Reading Rainbow before class.
My summer reading paper is like the rainbow fish minus the shiny scales
"Reading rainbow is on netflix y'all..." 😂
I hated everything available to me to watch so I'm watching Reading Rainbow on Netflix and I am proud of this decision.
Thanks to Reading Rainbow, it touched basis on what happened on 9/11. I will never forget that day & shared my story w/ them
I loved reading rainbow when I was a kid ;)!
Reading Rainbow is instant on Netflix and I have no shame in saying that I'm watching it.
Rainbow Fairies...loathed by parents (including me!) but if it gets kids reading...
Reading Rainbow is in my recently viewed Netflix thing & I like that
Funding push would put Reading Rainbow on phones and game consoles -
Rainbow and phonics games: Printable reading games and printable phonic
I'm worried about the hyper-staged, awkward physical comedy Reading Rainbow is teaching my kids.
LOOK!!!. Take a look: Levar Burton takes us behind the scenes at Reading Rainbow
Shenmue 3 has now overtaken Reading Rainbow making it the 9th most funded Kickstarter! Next up: Bloodstained!
I liked a video Levar Burton Reacts to Amazing 'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter Success
It's great that the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter worked so well, but when are we gonna chip in to bring Wishbone back?
I'd love to see Reading Rainbow come back. But it would be a bummer to see kids review Harry Potter and Captain Underpants etc.
Guy in a Reading Rainbow shirt passed out on a guy who looks like Lavar Burton (but a giant muscle-building basketball player Lavar Burton)
A quote from Lavar Burton on why Reading Rainbow was canceled
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
.these were books I checked out of the library. No fault of Levar Burton…it was by accident, not Reading Rainbow. Did not enjoy.
When i find myself In times of trouble, Levar Burton comes to me, Speaking word of wisdom, Reading Rainbow
the expression I just made. Oh and that's Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow! 😁
Levar Burton lost all credibility when he said, "But don't take my word for it" before the book reviews on Reading Rainbow
Festival of Books: Which Levar Burton do you know, 'Roots' or 'Reading Rainbow'?
I think next year for American library week I'm going to have the chorus sing the theme song to Reading Rainbow.
just took an adderall and now I'm living in the reading rainbow theme song
I just got the Reading Rainbow theme stuck in my head...
How nature intended, with copious amounts of oreos, reading rainbow, and creative sarcasm
You don’t know Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rogers?!
if you wish we still watched, The Reading Rainbow at school.
The über passionate on the power of the written word in today's
I find it strange when I hear someone never watched Reading Rainbow as a kid.
Reading Rainbow - 10 Magical Children’s Libraries In Honor of Our Library Theme of the Week!.
READING RAINBOW " TAKe look it's in a book a reading rainbow, I can do anything... places go.. things to know. a READING RAINBOW- PBS L.B.
Order Miche Bag Online!
GIS reading of the day: Colors in Visualizations, a Rainbow of References
I added a video to a playlist The Doors Sing "Reading Rainbow" Theme (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Levar Burton catalyzes a Reading Rainbow rebirth: Also unthinkable not too long ago was the revival of the chi...
LA Times Innovators prize winner on his career from 'Roots' to 'Reading Rainbow' http…
On page 100 of 445 of Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell: Reading and cooking = reading recipes wr...
Innovator Award Winner & his friend Austin show off The Reading Rainbow app!
Levar Burton learned early about power of literature and mass communication, applied it to Reading Rainbow
Love that our school district has Safari Montage! We can watch Reading Rainbow for a wet day recess
TIWWD Follow The Leader - Floyd Mayweather and Reading Rainbow, Taylor Swift's new video, Twerking is...
can I just go back to watching Bill Nye, Reading Rainbow and The Magic School Bus at school please
I liked a video Reading Rainbow: How Trash Is Recycled with Levar Burton
The only Kickstarter I ever contributed to was for Reading Rainbow. Because...books, Levar Burton, RR, and kids getting books!
Yes!!just called Ben Vereen didn't know he transitioned from Reading Rainbow to the NFL
Omg, the guy who plays Kunta Kinte in Roots is the Reading Rainbow guy
Riff Raff should host Reading Rainbow. Way too real
If you don't like Pete Seeger's Abiyoyo from Reading Rainbow, you're not in the club.
I liked a video Pete Seeger Reads 'Abiyoyo' on Reading Rainbow
Rumor has it.Floyd Mayweather gone come out to the Reading Rainbow theme song.. "Butterfly in the sky...I can fly twice as High"
Whether you know him as Kunta Kinte, Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge or the host of Reading Rainbow - just know...
The guy that played Kunta Kinte in roots played in Reading Rainbow
Dragon Tales, Arthur, Barney and Reading Rainbow > had a *** all in the TV as a kid
& Reading Rainbow... Loved the show.. But I didn't like reading much.
The DMX remix to the Reading Rainbow theme will forever be my favorite YouTube video
DMX, a reading rainbow interlude. This will be the highlight of your day, possibly month or even year:.
favorite lines,. "Stop sounding like Tony Stark",. "Stop sounding like you're on Reading Rainbow"
Dmx rocks the reading rainbow intro lol
Another social funding success came out of Kickstarter this month to bring Reading Rainbow back to life. The campaign, launched by Levar Burton and the Reading Rainbow team, aimed to bring its hit television series content to the web for computers, tablets and mobile devices. The initial goal was to…
Absolutely! Only if he sings the Reading Rainbow theme song
There's a guy in the bathroom whistling the theme song to Reading Rainbow..
Just finished reading "rainbow dash and the daring do double dare" thanks for writing such a great book! Now to move on to pinkie
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Jamaican or Canadian Dialect sounds off. Also I think you have the "Reading Rainbow accent" (but don't take MY word for it!)
When you have a bad day just watch DMX Reading Rainbow.
This is so amazing: The Reading Rainbow DMX song just kills. Thanks CC:
I've been singing the reading rainbow theme but instead of saying reading rainbow I've been saying "dodge durango".
Prettiest book shelves of the day award goes to "Reading the rainbow - my Summer Reading Challenge"
I might be late, but this is the funniest thing I've ever heard. DMX Reading Rainbow Theme Song!: via
FYI: the real rainbow to reading for kids & adults
It's the books or the house. Something's got to give. Reading my Rainbow -my summer challenge
If DMX were to do Reading Rainbow lmao
It would've been so rad if Levar Burton filmed Star Trek & Reading Rainbow together. 🎶Take a look, it's in a book/The warp …
DMX in the Reading Rainbow theme song (NSFW)
god *** man I am crying real tears watching that DMX Reading Rainbow video you posted.
I'm a Trekkie who loves Reading Rainbow BEST DAY EVAR "dropped by to see us!. http:…
DMX Reading Rainbow theme song. I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard.
I miss tv from when I was a kid. In The Box, Gullah Gullah Island, and Reading Rainbow. Nostalgia.   10% Off
Im reading FANGIRL-Rainbow Rowell and it is so good. like i mean throughout the book I am like YOU UNDERSTAND ME. One Direction
I wish there was an adult version of Reading Rainbow.
"DMX - READING RAINBOW THEME DJ4AM MIXXX: via You are twisted in the best way possible.
Reading "fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell and just thinking 'this is me 100%!' 😂😂
Reading this, I could feel the weight lifting from my shoulders. Also noticed that birds were singing and a rainbow was forming.
Reading the comments shows SA is not a rainbow nation - Mandela’s legacy of compromise is defective via
Currently reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. ♥ I like how she applies different writing styles on her books. Hindi nakakaumay. :) ♥
At -- Next read: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell ✨. Ha...
If you *read* it, then I already have. If you didn't...Don't be that dude. Find yourself a Reading Rainbow.
I dunno, I might be used to it by now, but I don't remember getting characters confused while reading it! I admit I kinda
The Big Brother family together outside after the letter reading to find a beautiful rainbow in the sky :) http:/…
LMAO HE'S WEIRD BUT NOT THE WEIRDEST but yeah when you see him you start to question what are you reading, and the mido happen
Are you looking for the best books to read about recommends what to read and what to avoid
Reading my Rainbow - my summer reading challenge Which shall I read first - you decide!
Get on this China Hang-up episode about books, featuring and
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Top story: Want to know what the top 1,000 AngelList investors are reading? Che… see more
According to Levar Burton, the host of Reading Rainbow, one in four children in America are growing functionally illiterate
Levar Burton recounts the excitement -- and fear -- that went into his successful Kickstarter campaign to bring back 'Reading Rainbow.'
Currently reading Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park. Been eyeing this book for a like a year so yay for getting the chance to read it now 💃
'Reading Rainbow' breaks Kickstarter record for most backers -
It's worth noting that you can still donate to Reading Rainbow's crowdfunding campaign here:
Iam a big fan I use to watch reading rainbow on pbs as a kid in the 90s
Levar Burton Asked for Help Reviving Reading Rainbow, and the People ... - The Root
I probably start reading Eleanor & Park tomorrow. I'm so not over Rainbow Rowell's books.
Watching a zombie movie at the gym right now and the guy from Reading Rainbow is in there!!!
The sweetest sound is hearing your six year old sing the theme song from Reading Rainbow. Thank you Mr. :)
Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe (Reading Rainbow Books). Three Days on a River in a...
“Are you guys watching this???. I am SO in!! Y'all, do what you can and let's keep this g…
Levar Burton always gives the most incredible advice on Reading Rainbow!
Because physics *** so i end up reading eleanor and park by Rainbow Rowell.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
.on the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter experience in this video: via
I turned on the syfy channel just in time to watch the dude from reading rainbow blow himself up with a grenade. ***
… no, not "Reading Rainbow". Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, fronted by Ronnie James Dio.
Levar Burton recalls Reading Rainbow's $5.4M Kickstarter raise in this emotional video:
Boy why you got on a Reading Rainbow hat ? You don't know whether you wanna be Tiger Woods or Lil Twist
The show that taught us all how to read just made history. When Levar Burton announced he'd be launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring his beloved children's series "Reading Rainbow" to the web, no one thought it would get this much a...
on the brighter side, Reading Rainbow?
(( oh!!! I thought you wrote this super awesome story called Flying Sky High, im reading a story when is an alicorn))
Just read that The Reading Rainbow is coming back as a web series. There might be hope yet for the children!
Thank you for bringing back Reading Rainbow! I loved this as a kid. It made me feel like it was okay to be a bookish girl.
Congrats for reaching and surpassing your goal to bring back. Can't wait to see it again.
To the men paving the street whilst singing the Reading Rainbow theme, congratulations, you have won the day.
Way to go If only all campaigns were like yours!
DMX/Reading Rainbow mashup. This never gets old.
Reading Rainbow Returns to Web & Devices A Kickstarter campaign was started to bring Reading Rainbow...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Levar Burton's 'Reading Rainbow' KickStarter Campaign Breaks Record: A few weeks ago, we shared the story of L...
The success of Levar Burton's Kickstarter "Reading Rainbow" campaign is pretty much the coolest thing
.hit a big milestone with his Kickstarter.
I added a video to a playlist Reading Rainbow Dubstep [April 2, 2013]
When I finish a book I love, I have a hard time not giving it a glowing review into an imaginary camera. Because Reading…
This is great news, Reading Rainbow was after my growing up time, but I know it's a great show beloved by the...
Taking a break from the Game of Thrones series and reading Rainbow Rowell's, Fangirl. I feel like this is the start of something great. ☺
No summer learning loss. Kickstarter brings Reading Rainbow back.Rosie Revere, Engineer on the list.
Though Reading Rainbow’s project is awesome we need to step away from = charity. KS = business.
Reading Rainbow...looks like i's back! I am pretty stoked about being about to watch Burton again with the kids.
A funny I just read... only in America can a Canadian born Latino grow up to be a Southern White Supremacist. Reading Rainbow was right! You... can be .ANYTHING!
reading rainbow... the most popular literacy program in the world. Its been around for over 30 years...
Why Reading Rainbow became the most successful Kickstarter in history via
The potato salad kickstarter is less insidious than the Reading Rainbow one.
I can do anything. If it is in a book. Take a look. Reading rainbow.
Why 'Reading Rainbow' became the most successful Kickstarter in history:
Reading Rainbow and Boardwalk Empire: A Look at the Week’s Top 5 Viral TV Clips via
Seth MacFarlane pledges to match donations for Reading Rainbow campaign - Digital Spy
Seth MacFarlane gives big boost to Levar Burton's 'Reading Rainbow' - LeVar...
"Reading Rainbow" to receive over $6 million through Kickstarter campaign
'Reading Rainbow' brings in $5M, eclipses Kickstarter record for most backers - CNET
'Reading Rainbow' will come to Android after closing ...
'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter ends with record $5.4 million (Take our word for it)
Reading Rainbow will come to Android after closing Kickstarter at over $5.4 million
It's official: Reading Rainbow is the most popular Kickstarter ever
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