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Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow was an American children's television series aired by PBS from June 6, 1983 until November 10, 2006 that encouraged reading among children.

Levar Burton Star Trek Jim Morrison Jimmy Fallon Sesame Street Lavar Burton Bill Nye Bob Ross Rainbow Rowell Geordi La Forge Romper Room

Did U watch the Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon special 2nite? A fav sketch was him as Jim Morrison! The Doors & Reading Rainbow? Brilliant!
I heard that Shia LeBeouf's performance in the new Lars Von Trier movie was plagiarized from Levar Burton in "Reading Rainbow"
Things We Read has been collecting the best book recommendations from the most famous, interesting and influential minds of our time. Get in the mind of Landon Donovan, Levar Burton (Reading Rainbow), Mayim Bialik (Official Mayim Bialik Page), LTG Robert L. Caslen, Five For Fighting and more. Please watch this short video to find out what we're doing with these great reads and find out how YOU can help. Enjoy books that matter. This is us. These are the Things We Read.
Jimmy Fallon performed the Reading Rainbow theme song as Jim Morrison from The Doors at Comics Come Home in Boston November 16, 2013.
Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, Shining Time Station, Reading Rainbow, Wishbone, Bob Ross, American High, As Time Goes By- some of my favorite tv shows of all time from PBS.
My childhood was based off of Disney and PBS kids. It was all about that Zoboomafoo and THE READING RAINBOW YES.
Take a look, it's in a book, reading rainbow!
im not *** I just said that lol can you read? if not you need to watch reading rainbow
“reading rainbow remix with dmx Lmfaooo”lmao
Take a look it's in book a reading rainbow
reading rainbow remix with dmx Lmfaooo
yeah sir this dmx style reading rainbow video had me so weak... Look it up now!
Butterfly in the sky I can go twice as high take a look its in a book reading rainbow Lol that wasthe song in 3rd Grade.
This uneducated *** needs to take a ride down the reading rainbow.
Jude mom only let him watch Reading Rainbow and Bananas in Pyjamas as a kid
lmao !!! Im weak...We clearly said the Reading Rainbow
♬ I love maps. All kinds of maps. Each one tells me something different.. ♫ | Reading Rainbow Remix
I feel as if I could sob while reading Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl. So many parts of it echo experiences I've had in my own life.
I liked a video Reading rainbow dmx style
Join Us November 23rd & 24th in Vallejo, CA, for a "National Conversation on Race"! On November 23rd we will be honored to have Special Guest Levar Burton (Roots, Star Trek, Reading Rainbow) join us for a Film Showing & Diversity Dialogue of Lee Mun Wah's latest documentary, "If These Halls Could Tak." This is a FREE event! On November 24th, we will be holding a workshop called, "Walking Each Other Home: Cross-Cultural Facilitation Techniques," facilitated by Lee Mun Wah & Aliah MaJon. This is an affordable workshop on a sliding scale fee. Print out tickets for Saturday at: Purchase and print out tickets for Sunday at: THE WORD!
Woke up late, not feeling to hot today - but i successfully taught the E the theme song to "Reading Rainbow" (original series, old school Levar Burton) - marking today off as somewhat productive so far :)
We have an epiphany!! Bobby Doss: hmmm Levar, Levar...oh! That's how I knew I had jungle fever! Watching Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow!! Me: ugghhh!
Why would no one on Reading Rainbow ever take Levar Burton's word for it?
What are you trying to tell me, Levar Burton? . *awkward pause interrupted by the Reading Rainbow transition tune*
Levar Burton talks literacy and his 'Reading Rainbow' app (Plus, a quiz!):
ICYMI: Levar Burton on a new Reading Rainbow app (plus a quiz for the Trekkies out there)!
Yes it is, the host of Reading Rainbow himself, Levar Burton. (
I had the theme song from "Reading Rainbow" stuck in my head for literally the whole ACT. Levar Burton was with me. It's a good sign.
Reading Rainbow's Levar Burton in Rise of the Zombies on SyFy? Classic reading material! Get yo chk, LeVar!
Did it happen on Star Trek, or Reading Rainbow? Play our Levar Burton quiz and listen to his interview here:
Levar Burton is BACK!!! The best kids App is Reading Rainbow. 5 free books and unlimited books for $9.99!
Watching Life After on Levar Burton and it brought up memories of me watching Reading Rainbow! I loved watching it when I came home from school! I am glad there is an app where the kids of this generation can appreciate it too!
Ha!! Lavar Burton on Life After...must record:). I absolutely LOVVED Reading Rainbow!!! Holla if you feel me;)
Levar Burton sits down to talk with Marketplace Tech. Plus, check out our Levar Burton quiz. We'll give you a plot line, and you tell us: Is it a "Star Trek" episode? Or a "Reading Rainbow" book?
"I grew up in an environment where love of the written word was expected. My mother is a great teacher and she was my first teacher and one of the things that she taught me, by example, was that a personal relationship with the written word is the key to being an informed human being. That there is no thing more powerful than a soul that has a thirst for knowledge." Levar Burton, host of Reading Rainbow, actor in Star Trek: The Next Generation
Levar Burton in NPR talking about Reading Rainbow. My day is complete. *singing butterfly in the sky*
I miss the days of Weekly Reader and Reading Rainbow.
I lived during the era of Reading Rainbow. It was that show that got me into reading. Thank you Levar Burton.
holy crap im havin some crazy flash backs, Reading Rainbow, Lambchop, Dinosaurs, Arthur, Hey Arnold, Catdog, PEPPER ANN, Rocket power, Garfield, All that, Cousin Skeeter, the smart kid, as told by Ginger, Doug, and of course power rangers...omg they seriously need to put them back on the air, even if it's just the old episodes
Huey Lewis, Joe Elliott from Def Leppard, Mr. Miyagi's loser nephew, and the guy from Reading Rainbow.…
Arizona's uniforms for some reason make me sing the theme from Reading Rainbow.
Reading rainbow had one of the hottest intros in the 20th century
First episode of Reading Rainbow is about tight times and how poor people can still have fun with ghetto games
Why I got that reading rainbow song stuck in my head?
Reading Rainbow needs to be on Netflix can you help make that so?
Kunta Kente is the Reading Rainbow guy ! LMAO oh *** NAWL !
Reading Rainbow Remixed I'm just wondering when you're album is coming out :)
Whenever I am having a down day I watch the Dmx reading rainbow video
Reading Rainbow BOUNCE REMIX BY B FORD -> say this isn't the most amazing thing and i'll tell u you're lying!
They are playing the reading rainbow song at the gym.
Y'all rember reading rainbow or nahh
I've watched the DMX reading rainbow video about 10 times today. Thanks
I'd love to see Bill Nye the Science Guy or Reading Rainbow to show the girls.
BREAKING: Blacks announce that Gucci Mane will be the new host of Reading Rainbow.
Well out of the 11 actual books (not textbooks) I have to read this semester, I have found my first recommendation. This was assigned reading for my Political/Legal Anthropology class. "How does it feel to be a problem? - Being Young and Arab in America" By: Moustafa Bayoumi. First account experiences in life after September 11th in Brooklyn NY. Take a look, its in a Book. Reading Rainbow.
As Lavar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow, you don't have to take my word for it. The UKES R Great! "The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, known for it's barn-storming live gigs, in addition to selling out Carnegie Hall, The Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House and playing at the North Pole, has played Glastonbury, Womad, and The Big Chill among many other festivals. And in terms of the recordings, in addition to selling hundreds of thousands of copies of it's own CDs and DVDs, the orchestra's tracks have been included on compilations by other companies including the Ministry of Sound. The Ukes get groovier by the minute."
Just watched Life After with Lavar Burton...I use live by "Reading Rainbow"!!
Family Matters, Moesha, Fresh Prince, my cousin Skeeter, My brother and me, Martin, Cosby show, Smart Guy, sister sister, the Famous jet Jackson, Steve Harvey show, The Wayans Bros, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Living Single, a Different World, One on One, The Parkers, Kenan and Kel, Gullah Gullah Island, Proud Family, Soul food, Reading Rainbow. One thing about the 90s nd early 2000s is we had Many Black shows to entertain and related to every community also it show all races that we are all similar even if you were not black but now were back to White television, Pop music with no Soul nd we wonder why our race thinks it impossible to make something out of yourself w/o selling out look what happens when we divide ourselves...rather than reunite into One people nd One mind
Have you guys ever looked up the voice actors / actresses for Captain Planet? Kwame (Earth) = Levar Burton (Jordie Laforge / Reading Rainbow), Dr. Blight (villain) was first voiced by Meg Ryan, MAL (Villain) played by Tim Curry, Verminous Skumm (villain) was Jeff Goldblum for the first year, Duke Nukem (villain) was Dean Stockwell (Al on Quantum Leap) and later Maurice LaMarche (Kif on Futurama, The Brain from Pinky and the Brain, and Dizzy Devil in Tiny Toons), the list goes on and on John Ratzenberger (Cliff Claven on Cheers), Sting, Martin Sheen, Cam Clarke (liquid Snake / Leonardo TMNT), Woopie Goldburg, and Margot Kidder (original Louis Lane). It also guest stared: Neil Patrick Harris, Danny Glover, Mark Hamil, Phil Hartman, Helen Hunt, Ricky Lake, Don Mclean, Fred Savage, and Vanna White. holy crap. No wonder we all loved it.
I still remember when I was a little kid and I found out that the Reading Rainbow guy was Geordi La Forge.
When you become accustomed to a someone in a particular setting or look, it can sometimes be hard to recognize them outside of that context. For example, I spent several years watching Quark run his bar on DS9 and now when I see pics of Armin Shimerman out of make-up, it's like I've never seen him before in my life. Or J.G. Hertzler, he looks nothing like Chancellor Martok. When I was little and watched TNG at the same time as Reading Rainbow, it was slightly disturbing to see Levar Burton without Geordi's visor or white-out contacts. Even now, Brent Spiner seems very pink compared to the pale gold make-up he wore as Data. Tl;dr: No, person who claims to know me from somewhere, I don't have a clue who you are regardless of the fact I saw you "every day."
Can't wait until they reboot Reading Rainbow with Danny Trejo.
In other news: it's going to be like Reading Rainbow in here tomorrow. I plan to read ALL day...until the fight, of course.
That said: I finished reading Rainbow Rowell's ATTACHMENTS last night and I made a lot of kilig faces I thought I'd only see in emoticons.
um. I remember seeing it once or twice. Oh. And reading rainbow. Wishbone. And some other one.
For no apparent reason, the theme song to Reading Rainbow is stuck in my head 🌈
its in a book just take a look. READING RAINBOW
is the best reader hands down. She should bring back Reading Rainbow on PBS
Literacy and Technology with Levar Burton and via
'Aye girl, I'm flying at the average altitude for my kind, so stop bragging about yourself'-butterfly to the reading rainbow song lady
I wanna say it's up there defiantly underrated. I wanna throw step by step in there and reading rainbow
Ethan is reading with his Reading Rainbow app. On our way to see his Aunt T and Uncle J!
"I want a Levar Burton reading rainbow football jersey"
butterfly in the sky...i can fly twice as high.READING RAINBOW
I can't believe that someone as little as a year younger than me has never heard of Reading Rainbow.
I know this random but I'm mad how they took my *** from reading rainbow and made him play in roots...
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I'd still like to see do Reading Rainbow but with grown up books "Today on Reading Rainbow: Naked Lunch"
.chats on about the evolution of Reading Rainbow
I'm not cool enough for college folk. Guess I should go watch reading rainbow or sumn /:
I'll never forget the first boy I had a crush on. I thought that we would get married and watch reading rainbow all day. Awww the memories
The only Poll that counts: The Lester & Charlie Review!.
Oh y'all thought I was playing, huh?? Nah... It's Reading Rainbow time, "but don't take my word for…
Levar Burton and Talk Literacy and Technology - About A Mom via
You never heard of the reading rainbow?!
Stephen Colbert just referenced reading rainbow.
If I don't have a voice later it's because I'm currently shouting the Reading Rainbow theme song.
Thanks to & for taking us back to our childhoods today!
Reading Rainbow is back and better than ever -- gives all the details:
I really miss watching Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rodgers every day.
Corejo's Reading Rainbow: Hasbro/DHX really missed the boat – how cool would it have been if season 2, episode...
No! The correct order is Reading Rainbow and THEN nap time. Geez, get it right.
We bring you a Merry hello and This Week's Poll:
You should probably just go ahead and download the Reading Rainbow app...and then watch this interview
5pm on a Friday: Reading Rainbow MTG card
I'm in audio heaven right now. I'm listening to an episode of the Nerdist podcast in which the guys interview Levar Burton! In addition to talking about Reading Rainbow and Roots, he said that the writers of the Next Generation didn't know how to deal with black male sensuality. So, that is the reason that Geordi was the ONLY crew member who didn't get any love. Even Data, the android, got some.
you've probably heard this a million times by now. but Reading Rainbow really fueled my love of books, Thank you for the show
The Reading Rainbow theme song is stuck in my head 📖🌈
Hank missed the Reading Rainbow lesson on "Tread Lightly"
He rapped over the reading rainbow beat tho. :(
The Doors cover Reading Rainbow theme song!. (kills it again.).
Knows childhood is almost over.goes to a corner .*sobs* (sings) Take a look it's in a book A Reading Rainbow. *sobs more*😭🌈
Check out the app for iPad, with an unlimited library of children's books & video field trips!
is this the number I call to request the "Reading Rainbow" theme song on the bedtime opera vine?
I just earned 3 stars on Reading Rainbow Theme Song with Try to beat my score of 1185! . 4@
I watched Sports at my house. At my grandmas, I watched Reading Rainbow and The Comfy Couch, and The Teletubbies.
Right. I'm sure you watched Reading Rainbow over Sportscenter.
5:45 am and I'm not even mad I'm up. Why? Because the WAY I woke up is a cross between the Reading Rainbow intro and a coffee commercial.
Early to the audition for the Reading Rainbow intro.
Rainbows Bosnian Rainbows are better than: double rainbow, Rainbow Dash. Rainbows Bosnian Rainbows are not better than: Reading Rainbow.
I wish Reading Rainbow and Redwall were still on every afternoon..
Just wanted to say thanks for the Reading Rainbow Young Writer & Illustrator award back in 1996. Have fun in A2!
Hey Levar Burton! Check out my perfect score on Reading Rainbow Theme on Smule Magic Piano!.
Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high; so take a look within a book with reading rainbow!
Reading Rainbow Selection for this week: The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy
Reading Rainbow - Theme. Remember this from back in the day.
Please tell me you've heard this remix of the theme!!
Marigold, lately u just sit there w that vacant smile on ur face. Have u been getting ur stories at Reading Rainbow? *** u Lamar Burton
Take a look... at Smule's Reading Rainbow contest promo video featuring the one and only
I learned how cheese was made on reading rainbow
“I too am excited to play make believe with you. It'll be like our own version of Reading Rainbow.” P…
Ive hit the point in my life where i needed to use "sexting"&"reading rainbow guy" in the same sentence.I also often;
The reading rainbow man like 12 in this.
Readdingg rainbow, reading rainbow, you'llaalways be in my hearrrttt
After that, Clifford the big red dog and arthur were readily on deck. Then the reading rainbow theme song but that's it.
Watch reading rainbow with me until we fall asleep
Photo: Just add that Reading Rainbow book beat…
Just add that Reading Rainbow book beat...
I can go anywhere , friends to know and ways to grow ; a reading rainbow
Boom! Nailed it sir. BTW we freak out every time we watch your Reading Rainbow bit. You're one of our heroes my man!
Just realized my brothers will never know the joy of reading rainbow. Poor babies.
How Much Is a Million? 20th Anniversary Edition (Reading Rainbow Books): Ever wonder just what a million of so...
I saw a man selling newspapers that looked like Levar Burton. So this is what Reading Rainbow has come to.
Hey kid, I ain't Levar Burton, and this ain't Reading Rainbow.
Holding back the urge to sing the Reading Rainbow theme every time Levar Burton comes onscreen during The Next Generation.
Idea cooked up at work tonight: Reading Rainbow, but hosted by David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust
I keep coming back to this fun performance by as Jim Morrison, singing the Reading Rainbow theme: :P
Saw this on Levar Burton's Reading Rainbow years ago. .
I aint trippin. Ya come at me wit that bull n i'll turn a yella *** red n a dark *** purple. Call it reading rainbow 😂
Woke up with the Reading Rainbow theme song stuck in my head. I'm gonna go ahead and blame for this.
This is one of the best things I've ever seen.The Doors Sing "Reading Rainbow" Theme (Jimmy Fallon)
njbclark Reminds me of this, I think.
Trayvon 'star witness' jenteal to star with Lamar burton on READING RAINBOW.
After 29 years I have still been unable to locate Reading Rainbow. This is what happens when you get directions from Geordi La Forge.
Kids! Reading Rainbow art class with is back for this weekend. Click here to know more
Dragon tales, arthur, clifford, maya and miguel, and reading rainbow were my shows after a long day of first grade
The reading rainbow song is stuck in my head...
Reading Rainbow Theme this is my jam
Oh me? I just have the Reading Rainbow theme in my head.
"Macarena", Reading Rainbow theme, and Jurassic Park soundtrack are all swell options.
I have the reading rainbow theme song stuck in my head. Idek why
lmfao I'd sleep but i was slick I knew where we were but mofo's need to get hooked on phonics or reading rainbow or something
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bro you look like the back up Reading Rainbow host in your Avi
Who watched Reading Rainbow as a kid?
Gotta start packing all of my clothes for this weekend. TMNT undies, Mario pj pants, Reading Rainbow shirt. Maybe a bra. A dress perhaps.
I blame my laundry list of social problems on Reading Rainbow and Geordi LaForge!
Seriously. Why do the horror movie commercials have to be so long?! I can only hum Reading Rainbow so loud for so long dammit!
Little kids been acting up since reading rainbow, mr. Rogers's neighborhood and the magic school bus stopped airing.
look up Jimmy Fallon's Reading Rainbow on youtube...
Reading Rainbow was such a great show. It got 8 year old me to watch even though it began with butterflies and rainbows. Thanks
I can't believe I still know all the words to that song! I loved Reading Rainbow!
That moment when the reading rainbow song randomly pops into ur head...
Every D class Black Actor looks like the guy from Reading Rainbow to me 😑
I saw that. So sad - I mean Reading Rainbow! Like pulling over and suspecting Mr. Rogers.
The *** from reading rainbow was the I my black guy on tv when I was growing up
“Zoom... Reading rainbow (although I didn't like it)... Mister Rodgers... Big comfy couch...” we musta grew up together . arthur
*watching Paranormal Witness with sister*. *something scary happens*. *sings reading rainbow theme to soothe self* :I
Little Giant Ladders
No way the dude from Reading Rainbow would lie to me, he was too genuine reading them books. Y'all just hating.
me too! reading rainbow was like my everything when I was little.
y'all , I used to love reading rainbow . 📖🌈
It's 100 degrees in here. My boss just disrespected my wife and my mother. I close my eyes and pretend I'm watching Reading Rainbow.
Levar Burton is this week's Guest DJ on KCRW! And it's the 30th anniversary of "Reading Rainbow!" So many exclamation marks!
can these exciting secret surprise guests beat drunk Levar Burton singing the Reading Rainbow theme? Because big shoes, man...
Couldnt sleep so i turned to the O'Riely Factor show... where he is talking to the guy from the Reading Rainbow...Lavar... O'Riely starts asking Lavar alot of questions about how he would feel if George Zimmerman didn't get charged for murder. huh!!! Then he ask why do African American talk about DWB... then he makes his last statement n says African Americans men have the highest rate in crime then any other race... u should have seen Lavar's face ...he wanted to say more then what he said but he held his composure.. Ok im not Einstein but im not believing nothing people say on tv until i research it..especially when they state facts without proof... i had to turn because the questions were obnoxious... really 2013... first the Cheero commercial now this... Fear of not knowing will make ppl say n act on things before thinking...
From our friends at Reading Rainbow: "How important it is for us to recognize & celebrate our heroes and she-roes!" -Maya Angelou Anne Bradstreet, Sacajawea, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Zora Neale Hurston, Amelia Earhart... From the beginning, WOMEN have been an integral part of our Nation's history! Who are the important women in YOUR history?
The nonthreatening middle-aged former host of Reading Rainbow says he has to go through all this "because I live in America."
Don't know what "white privilege" is? Let Levar Burton (AKA Reading Rainbow guy, and Gordi from Star Trek) and Tim Wise make it crystal clear for you...
He’s not exactly known for bad behavior, but even the former host of the children’s show Reading Rainbow fears he will be mistreated by police because of his skin color.
Wondering what you missed last month? Here are the questions from May! Round 1 1. Star Trek - The host of Reading Rainbow played what character in Star Trek The Next Generation? 2. Planets - What planet is Alf from? 3. Underwater - In what video game would you find under water levels with both Bloopers and Cheep-cheeps? 4. Stars - What green haired Marvel heroine has the power to control magnets, which might explain why she shares a name with the North Star? 5. Yellow - What crime fighter is well known for his colorful rogues gallery and his bright yellow trench coat and fedora? 6. Moons - On what forested moon did the empire built the Death Star’s shield generator? 7. Mothers - What Targaryen heir is known as The Mother of Dragons? 8. Ray Bradbury - What Elton John song, based on a Ray Bradbury short story of the same name, is about the lonely life of an astronaut? 9. Pot Pourri - What movie featured grown up characters from a classic children’s story, as well as lost boys such as Pockets, Ace, Thud ...
Actor-Producer Levar Burton marks 30th anniversary of Reading Rainbow [video chat]
Did you take a look, discover it was in a book, thanks to Reading Rainbow? favorite children's books of
Reading Rainbow presenter Levar Burton stopped by the HuffPost Live studio recently to share his favorite children's books. Check it out above!
Have you seen Jimmy Fallon singing the Reading Rainbow as Jim Morrison?
Hey parents. Reading Rainbow has an app for kids! =)
I love Reading Rainbow. I love Levar Burton. I love everything about Levar Burton. I am Levar Burton.
Levar Burton talks Reading Rainbow, books, and education.
LeVar checks in to talk about the 30th Anniversary of Reading Rainbow and more!
Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow on channel 9! It's been a long, long time. Auuh Im soo old now...
Watching a zombie movie starring Levar Burton called Rise of the Zombies, either that, or this is a really violent episode of Reading Rainbow.
By the way, Reading Rainbow turns 30 today. Like and share if you remember the show and what else Levar Burton has done in his acting career. (Jordy)
Who watched and learned from Reading Rainbow as a young student? Levar Burton will be on KTLA channel speaking of the reading program.. please supprt the Reading Rainbow! and advocate for our future.
Coming up in our 9 a.m. hour... Judith Hill from The Voice is here at 9:15! Then, we'll chat with Levar Burton about the 30th anniversary of "Reading Rainbow" at 9:25!
Dear Levar Burton: I'm going to just assume you lost my invite to today's Reading Rainbow 30th Anniversary party in L.A.
I think I'm going to take Griffin to the library today since this rain makes the park out of the question. We've been watching a lot of Wishbone and Reading Rainbow the last few days, so it'll tie in nicely.
I'm really into Audible these days and have listened to many books. I'm never happy about the narration, though, and now, having watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I finally realized why. Books, when read out loud, are to be read by Levar Burton (who, when speaking, always sounds to me like he's reading a book). This is what endless Reading Rainbow as a child has done to my brain.
Talked to a "trekkie" who said she "loved Scott Bakula on Star Trek because he hosted Reading Rainbow"
Little Bear(Which I still watch to this day) Rugrats, Blues Clues, Doug, Hey Arnold, Puzzle Place, Gullah Gullah Island, Reading Rainbow
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Peaceful day at home, so far. Of course, I've been cleaning house. Casey is gone to the mall & Jess is hanging out with Turtie, watching Doc McStuffin and getting new apps on the Kindle. At least she's getting good ones: the last one was Reading Rainbow. :) So now she's reading a book about turtles and telling me everything she learns about aquatic turtles.
Sitting here watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and now have an urge to watch Reading Rainbow lol
Ladies and gentlemen,Allow me to present to u the SALUTATORIAN of the Reading Rainbow class of 2013,none other than Indiria O Benjamin.She did it again guys,yes she did.Second time on being Sal.I'm extremely proud of my child.She'll be stepping in style tomorrow at her graduation.GO INDIRIA,GO INDIRIA.I'll definitely be one HAPPY MOMMA come tomorrow.YIPIIIE!!!
You know what I just realized… All these years I’ve been mispronouncing “Reading Railroad” on the Monopoly board. It’s named after an actual railroad based out of Reading (pronounced RED-ding), Pennsylvania, and here I kept saying it like it was going to take me to the Reading Rainbow. - Nick
My brother just asked me if the guy who started Reading Rainbow was Kendrick Lamar. He doesn't actually know who Kendrick Lamar is. He's just throwing out the name of random black guys he's heard of.
E-Reading Rainbow: Hachette to bring entire e-book catalog to public libraries via
Watch as Levar Burton reads the Reading Rainbow community poem read in this video:
BLUE RIBBON DAD and NOISES AT NIGHT will be included in a new app from Reading Rainbow. Click here for the press release [pdf].
I have two songs stuck in my head simultaneously. A mash up of Dishwalla's "Counting Blue Cars" and the theme from Reading Rainbow.
Do they still have re-runs of Reading Rainbow or Romper Room? Loved those shows as a kid!
Data was great and Geordi always had the Reading Rainbow. I liked Jonathan Frakes.
Only thing this video lacked was Reading Rainbow's as the team's Nick Fury. That is all.
Need a pick-me-up? Check out these delightful blooper clips of Levar Burton filming Reading Rainbow from Buzzfeed.
Wow - Reading Rainbow, Bob Ross, Julia Child and Mr. Rogers in an amazing talk by at
Guest Star on Reading Rainbow here to read your last words
Is the Reading Rainbow app only for iPhone? I looked for it in the Google Play store and couldn't find it. Thanks!
From May 1st 2012 till today I have read around 25 to 35 books. Reading Rainbow, yo.
I had no idea Reading Rainbow was still around! And it has an app app lol
If you don't email me back, I'm forced to do things like google image search "reading rainbow wallpaper." FACT.
I know what I'm buying in September!! “Reading Rainbow: I Wrote A Book -
Sweet the return of the Reading Rainbow as an app, thoughts?
I was trying to nap but hearing these freshman argue about reading rainbow & mr. Rogers is pissing me off so I guess it's back to the lib
At the library, the la la la librare. Thanks, reading rainbow, for cursing me with that song. Every time I'm in the library.
I've had the Reading Rainbow Theme Song stuck in my head all day.
I've had the Reading Rainbow theme song in my head since yesterday.
RT“reading rainbow was the only show actually got mfs to read lol” lol ikr !
The Reading Rainbow theme song better than most songs nowaday
I plan on preparing by watch 72 consecutive hours of Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow
Brentwood Children's Library was named among the nation's best by the PBS program "Reading Rainbow."
I used to have crush on the guy from Reading Rainbow ! Lol he was so nice.
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Fun fact: his best career decision obviously was Reading Rainbow.
Fun fact: Levar Burton is the guy that's on Reading Rainbow.
It's in a book, just take a look. It's Reading Rainbow!
You can't start a new chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one.
Who remembers that show reading rainbow?
reading rainbow made me love reading. Thank you for inspiring my generation to read more
FREE: "This is easy, feel good reading, with nice places and people, and a little education slipped in for depth."
Why reading rainbow don't be on no more 😡 I just wanna sing the intro
Get her hooked on fun chapter books & her reading skills will grow rapidly, I bet. Even if it's silly rainbow magic...
Reading Rainbow: I Wrote A Book: It’s time for me to come out. My name is Lori and for nearly two and a half y...
Morello is the guitarist of Rage Against The Machine. Burton is the host/owner of Reading Rainbow.
Its like when this woman opens her mouth reading rainbow comes out..
I thought it was more like reading rainbow. (And I meant I couldn't remember if that was the title you said)
This video reminds me of reading rainbow that we had to watch in elementary school...
Who gets living single and reading rainbow mixed up?? Lmao
"PBS, the channel with living single" "that didn't have that?? Reading rainbow, Sesame Street etc yeah...she says I meant reading rainbow
"It's like reading rainbow, but drunken driveway." Thank you Casey.
Juan José Mayor:Ponce, Puerto Rico,1895? If I'll buy the Reading Rainbow singalong for fundraising!
hm, what about Romper Room, The Magic Garden, 3-2-1 Contact or Reading Rainbow?
In its time on air, Reading Rainbow won 26 Emmy Awards while encouraging kids to read. And also had a kick *** theme.
School House Rock, Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Wishbone, and The Book of Virtues. Because I have good parents.
Jimmy Fallon sings the Reading Rainbow song as Jim Morrison (The Doors)
Today I learned that Reading Rainbow will be a part of My life is made.
they are bringing reading rainbow BACK
Looking at my phone with polarized lenses on looks very weird like i'm reading through a rainbow!
I have The Night Rainbow. Can't wait to start reading it. *exercises fingers in preparation for page-turning*
The Soul would have no rainbow if the Eyes had no tears, and the fact that you're reading this means God has kept...
I read a post on fb that said if I am reading it, that I am beautiful like a rainbow. Souped.
a Child Everyday started off with I actually met him at my Hotel last…
Take a look, it's in a book a reading rainbow !
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
READING rainbow prism girl! Finally it was released in my country! I ] it! Better than kirarin revolution :D
Reading at the beach and along comes this beautiful rainbow.
No one was ever down to watch Reading Rainbow past the theme song at the beginning
that knows the theme song to Reading Rainbow by heart
Your a 90's kid if; you remember cartoons like recess .reading rainbow ..pinky and the brain..the simpsons..sailor moon..pokemon..
What does blame for the cancelation of His answer might surprise you:
just found the best special feature on tng bluray sn2. Fav reading rainbow episode ever!
Ohhh how cool. A tribute to Reading Rainbow .lol
High Canadians. :P I just youtubed the Reading Rainbow amazing.
Along with Reading Rainbow. Tied for best songs.
to* illiterate lookin *** Lookin like Hooked on Phonix dumb *** Reading Rainbow ugly ***
Before you go to bed, "take a look it's in a's reading rainbow!" Read a chapter tonight, it…
If you haven't seen as Jim Morrison and the Doors performing "Reading Rainbow" here it is
you deserve it, you're so talented, I hope to see more musical stuff from you like the Doors performing "reading rainbow."
I love the Reading Rainbow app on iPad. $30 for 6 months and it is loaded with books I would choose from the...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I liked a video from Reading Rainbow Dubstep [April 2, 2013]
Lmao he said dude look like the man from reading rainbow 😂😭
is reading me Rainbow fish. Her classes are so hard.
The guy from reading rainbow is young kuta kente lmaoo 😂😂
great coffee break moment this AM: Reading Rainbow theme song (nat'l find a rainbow day). Miss that show every day
Grateful for Bill Nye and Reading Rainbow, I hope today's kids get to hear from these two
Oh yeah. Good point. Well I like reading then. Remember that show Reading Rainbow from a long time ago?
why wasn't reading rainbow ever dubbed in Spanish
I'd probably read more books if Reading Rainbow was on.
Reading Rainbow, the world is so harsh. ;_;
My dad: no staying up all night reading fanfiction, writing fanfiction, or listening to angsty men in tight pants
my 8 year old loves the new ipad reading rainbow app!!! Did you help develop the app? Either way thank you!!
This isn't how I remember the reading rainbow.
My baby b watching the reading rainbow like its new lol
I haven't seen it yet, but Magpie and I were JUST talking about her Rainbow List reading!
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