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Raza Academy

Raza Academy is the Sunni organization of Indian Muslims that aims to promote Islamic Sufi Culture through publications and research works.

Azad Maidan Sunni Muslim Abu Azmi South Mumbai Narendra Modi

First international standard Tennis Academy of Pakistan, established by Government of Punjab is all set to be inaugurated…
For details regarding the Tennis Academy, watch this space tomorrow!
A lady cop was molested by Azad Maidan rioters belonging to Raza academy. She wrote a heart wrenching poem to let out her…
Tempting comparisons. Would the Media have demanded blood if the rioters were, say, Akali or Raza Academy, or in Bengal o…
by Moslems in Mumbai: Raza Academy has NOT yet paid Rs. 3 Crore Damages assessed by Police !…
Was it taken to logical conclusion by BJP or RSS ? No further action on Abu Azmi & Raza Academy till date.
The hooligans of Raza Academy Molested a Lady Cop during Azad Maidan Violence and got her suspended lat…
Hamid Ansari never uttered a word when Hooligans of Raza Academy did violence and damage of Property at Azad Maidan.
*Protest at Jantar Mantar Delhi*. Tomorrow at 11:00 am. Demand to reopen Aalahazrat Haj House. Raza Academy, Mumbai
They still do . Yesterday they targeted bjp haryana. Are they speaking on a cop…
Raza Academy delegation led by Saeed Noori Saheb met with official of Embassy NewDelhi today.
So Does anyone have the Courage to Arrest and ACT against the Hooligan who Molested a Lady Cop during Azad Maidan Violence by Raza Academy?
Satkaar of Salim Sheikh the Bus Driver who saves the Life of Amarnath Yatris by & Saeed Noorie Sahab Chairman…
This is Raza Academy of Azad Maidan riots fame. They are openly threatening police now to lodge FIR against Sonu...
Need a proper schooling Jhandu. It was Raza Academy. By the way they did thing shiv sainiks r doing for decades
bout Raza academy ! Such is her intellect! Pls ignore her like a mollycodelled child !!
Dr. MM Astro-gemologist MM Raza received honorary doctorate from the renowned American based Academy of Universal...
3 arrests in last few days by Maha ATS.. expect a huge protest march led by Raza Academy at Azad Maidan..
Muslim institution Raza Academy protests against preacher in
Hey , why do you think they mention ISIS is made in US or Israel? Don't you think Raza academy is lying?
I added a video to a playlist After Academy when I come Home ft. Ali Raza Afzal
same but I use khan academy, these sites are the true mvp
Voted for because she feigned ignorance of Raza Academy, anyone remember?
No one gives it like ! Saba Naqvi’s Intentional Ignorance on Raza Academy via
my piece: "The wickedness is also the idea that Islamists are acceptable in our social midst."
Sir how many years since Raza Academy's penalty pending for the Azad Maidan riots?
Misnomer. Pakistani mumtaz Qadri who killed Salman Taseer was Barelvi, so was raza academy resp for Mumbai violence
you are a good man but all are. else it wudnt b possle 4 Raza Academy to attract so much of crowd
why then Raza Academy org rally in Mumbai in support of Rohingyas? . why a Danish/ French cartoon draws violence?
What can be expected from the followers of RAZA Academy which trains people to wage war on India.
is nonsense, Raza Academy is not known, kashmir not part of India. Intelligent
Same type of weapons were used in Mumbai Azad Maidan Riots by Raza Academy.
Raza Womyn created a safe counterspace for womxn @ ucla to feel like they belong in the academy. Counterspaces create community
Well said has a history of subtly, insidiously promoting islamism & jihadism. See this-
Delighted to have contributed to this podcast from BBC Academy - Production - 4K and UHD: Why does it matter?
food for thought: U find intolerence in Sakshi, yogi etc imagine you are a Hindu and listen to Akbar Owaisi and Raza Academy?
Neither fatwa against AR Rahman nor this by Raza Academy goons--forget 26/11--wiped the smirk off Amir Khan's face https:…
when ur RAZA academy boycott u from Islam
. I am asking him to condemn Raza Academy for issuing fatwa against AR Rehman. He is not doing …
I would have admired if any of the Khans' have stood 4 Rahman when Raza acade…
Yes there are many who play that game of sufi Islam Vs Wahabism. Raza academy who threatened A R Rahman are sufis.
All about Raza academy - Saba Naqvi’s Intentional Ignorance on Raza Academy
Your letter missed the point. If ever Raza Academy wins elections and forms a govt you might get
Oh, we won't be hurting brands that AR Rahman endorses as, even though he, too, echoes Aamir, he was subjected to Raza…
Dear sir AR rehman also said he face same when Raza Academy issues Fatwa. Whts ur view on this. Reply plz
's 'ignorance' of Raza Academy Ignore +ves of Hindus -ves of Muslims
All purpose parts banner
A R Rahman says he faced intolerance too. From a fatwa from the Raza Academy. Bollywood never bothered!
when Raza academy destroyed shahid smarak , did u guys feel insecured? did Kiran think of leaving Indian then?
Dear you need 2 b proud of also, he called Raza Academy 'intolerant' 4 issuing FATWA against h…
Hope Leftists who backed SRK & Aamir Khan on their comments about Rising Intolerance will back AR Rahman also,as he blames Raza Academy!
my piece: Raza Academy is a threat to the democratic order of Indian society
What happened after Raza Academy protests at Azad Maidan on the contrary did great disservice to our society
It seems hears of Raza Academy only when some fatwa comes up, some one remind him of 2012 Azad Maidan riots.
As per he has no idea of the Raza Academy, then where was he during Azad Maidan 2012 riots.
SP not allowed to stage dharna at Azad Maidan. [same u could've done for Raza Academy goons]
Stenhousemuir post 160-odd against the Academy XI, Roberto with a "4-for", and Cammy a brace, and Ahmed-Raza a miserly spell.
Many Fans who were at Salman's Residence were Part of Raza Academy which Insulted Martyrs' Memorials at Azad Maidan
Shout out to Khan Academy for teaching me what my chem professor does not 👏
Raza Academy declares its support for Abu Farhan Azmi, Samajwadi Party candidate from Bhiwandi East constituency 🙏 http:…
In my opinion.. is more dangerous to this country than Politicians or Raza Academy.
Years ago as a TOI reporter in Bombay, I had visited office of Raza Academy, goons behind CST rioting. Guess who I met there? One Mr Owaisi
NCP not in picture. To stop repetition of Azad Maidan ban Raza Academy the organizers
Whoever gets the Home Ministry in Maharashtra. First things first ban Raza Academy which is behind Jihadi protests in the heart of Mumbai. is images of PEACE and peace loving people in Mumbai
Alhamdulillāh after our successful Jalsah last week, we have begun this week with the opening of our Madrasah at the new Faiz e Raza Academy
Kings' founder Sajid Raza was released on bail today pending further enquiries by police investigating alleged fraud
Shame for that CM would share stage with Raza Academy goons but not share stage with India's PM…
Now where are those so called messenger of Brotherhood ... who protested in Azad Maidan... where is Raza Academy...
Raza Academy and similar Muslim organizations instigated riots on 11th August 2012 in which reporters and policemen were beaten up; besides molestation of lady police staff.
Mumbai Azad Maidan riot Mumbai District Collector on Thursday issued a Rs 2.73 crore recovery notice to two organisers, Sayeed Noori of Raza Academy and Ahmed Raza Shiekh of Madinatul Ulm Foundation. Many vehicles including media vans were torched, property was vandalised and police personnel were attacked during the riots in August 2012. The incident occurred when angry protestors who were agitating against the atrocities against Muslims in Burma at the city’s Azad Maidan, turned violent. Some women police personnel were also molested by the rioters.
yup, I hv watched, it was huge,,, he gave Waring to raza academy right?
...worse part Mumbai Police hasn't been able to find out RAZA Academy Address since last 2 Yrs
Mumbai, April 18: The Bombay high court has said that the Rs2.74 crore demanded from the Raza Academy and Madina Tulum Foundation for the damage caused during the Azad Maidan riot in 2012 was insufficient.
Govt finally starts the process of recovering Rs. 2.75 crores from Raza Academy
Raza academy which organised a rally in support of muslim brothrs of burma..n then vandalized bombays shahid...
`2.74cr fine for damages 4m Academy and in too little, says
wht is the imp of "floppies" of bollywood barking against modi?? Where were these ppl after raza academy incident.
MEDIA IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE WATCHDOG. HAVE THEY TURNED THEM INTO LAPDOGS ? WHY EVEN IN USA, ETHNIC INDIAN MEDIA IS SO SHEEPISH ? Muslim mob of around 1000 broke away from other 50,000 assembled at the Azad Maidan in South Mumbai. Armed with petrol cans and plastic bottles, hockey sticks, iron rods and bamboo sticks, the mob vandalized The War Memorial, damaged police vans, smashed journalists’ TV cameras – all, over the issue of so-called mistreat-ment of Muslims in Myanmar and Assam. (for videos, click here and here) It may be recalled that the Muslim mobs had adopted the same strategy at the Godhra Railway Station earlier in year 2002 that resulted in burning alive of 59 Hindu pilgrims and ignited the now famous Gujarat riots. The current Muslim uprising is led by the Raza Academy andsupported by groups like Sunni Jamait-ul-Ulma, Jamate-Raza-e-Mustafa and Awami Vikas Party (AVP). The last one is a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan.
Raza Academy protests against US at Minara Masjid in South Mumbai today late afternoon
And how very conveniently you ignore the blatant communalism of the likes of Raza academy or the Mullah muslims in UP.
UK denies Visa to Narendra Modi but welcomes Owaisi with open arms. Is it out of fear or fashion? or Who is more undesirable for elitist Liberals? OK now give peace prize to Owaisi and Raza Academy.
But who will defend women cops from the likes of Raza Academy Goons?
My only point is - NONE of the so called secular have the balls to condemn Owasi or Raza academy - biggest tyrants here
bloody sanjay nirupam defend raza academy whose congressi defend this "OWAISI" ..its duty of congress ans S.P.
Gen VK Singh & Baba Ramdev arrested for instigating violence. Ok now give peace prize to Alka Lamba, Owaisi and Raza Academy
The protest in Delhi should be outsourced to raza academy and ilk, then the police will go soft on them and allow to be molested, beaten etc
Those who lauded Mumbai Police 4 restrain in dealing with 50k violent Raza Academy goons, lauding police attack on 5k peaceful kids
Police can't beat Raza Academy boys kicking national symbols but acting as Pakistan Army against college kids.
: Sunni Dawat e Islami (unsaid guardian of Raza Academy) holding 3 day conference in the same Azad Maidan, Mumbai
Why has the government not banned Raza Academy yet? Please RT.
More than 66A,it is about BalT bashing,eh?Willing to call out Raza Academy,Owaisi brand of politics.Why lament just SS or MINUTES?
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Those that dare not criticize Raza academy goons & Friday matinees by Owaisis feel sorry for others.Define irony
"Taliban and LET want to avenge Kasab's death..." English media... Intellectuals... Palghar girls...Raza Academy... Lets see how many protests and Candle Marches are planned to condemn this. Surprisingly some media is also trying to link Kasab's acts to Narendra Modi speeches and Babri Masjid... The roots go far behind... Atleast to 1947 partition...or even the Babur era if someone desires. Jai Hind !!! Jai Maharashtra !!!
Also r u justifying the riots by Raza Academy? Is that really 'True Indian'?
To *** with rss I dnt care abt them bt can the congress ban raza academy n MIM for the riots in mumbai??
You Will Get the Knowledge of reality of wahabi and other gustakh e Rasool 1. Operation of books and people of wahabi/deobandi/ahle hadees/salafi/tableegh 2.Operation of DI 3.Operation of all type of blasphemy to give a propper treatment to them
Wouldn't be surprised if Raza Academy & Indian Muslim organizations protest in Mumbai for something happening on the Planet Pluto.
An objective view on translations of Imam Ahmad Rida's works thus far: at the risk of sounding arrogant and even impudent: translations i have seen so far are average at best and as a rule are poor. one shouldn't judge imam aHmed riDa by the translations. his original work is very eloquent and sometimes translations tend to lose the point he is trying to make. also at times, translations gives an impression that the imam to have held certain opinion, whereas he held the very opposite! however, one shaykh from south africa [i presume] has translated it better than all others i have seen so far: shaykh abu MuHammad `abd al-Hadi al-qadri. these books are published by raza academy of south africa. --- By Sidi Abu Hasan of
On November 8, 2008, members of India’s premier Sunni Muslim organisation, Raza Academy came together to demand a ban on Zahir Naik’s programme ‘Insaniyat Ke Liye Hal’ to be held from November 14-23 at Somaiya grounds. Maulana Ashraf Raza of the Darul-Uloom Hanfia Rizvia, Colaba also issued a fatwa against Naik. Members alleged that Naik had made derogatory statements about Islam’s prophet. Maulanas from the All India Sunni Tableeq Community were present. Members complained that on many occasions Naik had urged crowds to pray to Allah alone instead of Prophet Mohammed Paigambar, as he claims the prophet is human. They also alleged that Naik had praised, Yazid, the murderer of Imam Hussein. Saeed Noori, general secretary of Raza Academy said, “Naik has been very indifferent about Osama Bin Laden. He hasn’t said anything about Osama, even though we see him as a terrorist.” Ebrahim Tahil, member of the academy said, “He earlier targeted Christians and is now against Sunni Muslims. We have m ...
Raza Academy, a Prominent academic and socio, religious organization would like to put forward following demands in relation to great leader of Indian Inderpendence Movement of 1857.That the Government of India should recognize the services of AllamaFazle Haq Khairabadi, (1797– 20 August 1861) Who was one of the main figures of the of Indian Independence Movement of 1857. It was he, Who had issued fatwa in favor of Jihad against the 'English' in 1857 from Jama Masjid Delhi. Khairabadi had been a chief judge in Lucknow. He was tried and found guilty of encouraging murder and taking a leadership role in the rebellion.He was sentenced for life to the prison at Kalapani (Cellular Jail) with confiscationof his property by the Judicial Commissioner, Awadh Court. He took his last breath in that Jail. His contribution have been forgotten and ignored. Last year was celebrated as Allama Fazle Haq Khairabadi Year by the religious Ulemas and Patriot people all over the country .Many conferences and seminars were or ...
93 days since attack on Mumbai police by Raza Academy goons. Has any "mainstream" TV done a special program on the molested female cops?
will taking action against Raj amount to curtailing of free speech after all he is the hero who took on Raza academy.
A rumour ? : " rivals of raza academy who were opposed entry at Azad Maidan were behind planned riots "
Raj T should stop threatening and just burn down OB vans of hindi news channels and give Raza academy a chance to protest violence now
Does Abu Azmi really exist ? What I know he is a sympathizer of Raza Academy too.
Raza Academy just a protest dukaan: Cleric - The Times of India
The most 'moderate' indulged in .. Even Raza academy was supposed to be 'moderate'.
Charity commissioner may help reveal Raza Academy funding: The special investigating team of the Mumbai police's...
Raza Academy just a protest dukaan: Cleric
sikhs r the victims like KP's.raza academy is traitor like the separatists of kashmir.
Raza Academy is the sympathizer of SIMI & SIMI is anti India a terror organization. So, Azad Maidan vandalism is anti India.
Kasab should be hanged in Azad Maidan infront of Muslims Raza Academy.Period
Sir you should see this rioters asked to pay 4 damages .
Rs 2 crore bill to be slapped on Raza Academy for Mumbai riots. So many people could use Warren Buffet right now.
the soft target of Raza Academy to spread violence and riots in the country under helpless and impotent Congress
Blaming Muthalik on BJP is simplistic.To not talk about Raza academy and thousands of other orgn and not blame Cong?
I don't know abt Raza Academy, but Muthalik was a no entity in Karnataka before the BJP got power I am sure of that...
Pramod Muthalik is neither part of or related to BJP or RSS.Going by ur logic,NCP did Mumbai riots not Raza academy .
Raza Academy should pay medical bills of all policemen injured/died
Damages should be recovered from Raza academy/50,000 moslem mujahideens if required by auctioning their kidne ...
any police action against Raza Academy? if not, does it mean you can riot in Mumbai for just 2 Cr?
Raza academy has plenty of branches-even in pakistan Doesn't seem so indian muslim,eh?
Raza academy common members should watch "Black Friday"... to see what happens to pawns in game
2 most wanted from RAZA academy are arrested.good news for all MUMBAIKSRs
What abt the head of the Raza Academy? He should be taken in first.
Dear Owaisi of Hyderabad, Raza Academy of Mumbai and Jamaat of Lucknow; 19,600 Muslims have died in Syria over 16 months. Care to "protest"?
Arresting Raza Academy thugs is not our country's priority. Censoring social media is!!
Why is there no FIR against Raza Academy.. why are their heads not arrested by Mumbai police... ... Is Raza an extn of Cong?
Raza academy encourages throwing slipper at Salman Rushdie, Vandalizes war memorial..yet it is moderate!
Bunch of *** people earning money by abusing Great Modi but why don't u talk about Raza Academy.
Raza Academy is organizing a rain dance to protest water scarcity in Mumbai.
Raza Academy sees conspiracy, apologises | Argument is "No Muslim would do this during Ramzan"
All non-muslims, as alleged by Raza Academy. I'm guessing RSS swayamsevaks working for CIA/Mossad.
Abdul Kadir who destroyed Amar Jawan Jyot at Azad Maidan during Raza Academy violent protest, is arrested from Patna,Bihar!
but no case for the voilent protest by Raza Academy
“Sonia Gandhi to Congress MPs: What happened in Mumbai is painful and unacceptable”" Take action agnst Raza academy n also MNS goons
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meanwhile in UP "seculars" had vandalized idols of Mahavir and Buddha - a la Raza academy in UP - not reported by MSM
Raza Academy has history of violence. Their protest few years ago went violent too. Under whose pressure was this ignored?
Violence, with many contrasts Ram Puniyani India has been the victim of divisive-sectarian violence for more than a century, more particularly after the British implemented their policy of ‘divide and rule’ and encouraged communal formations to flourish. These communal formations, mainly Muslim and Hindu, in turn spread hatred against other religious communities and violence in the name of religion came to be a tragic part of our nation. Millions of innocents lives have been in this violence, which is instrument in the hands of communal forces. As the violence started becoming more structural, some features emerged. Though they have been changing from riot to riot, the features still have some commonality. Inquiry commission reports emerging from investigations into various acts of carnage post-Independence and documentations by scholars like Asghar Ali Engineer, Paul Brass, Ashutosh Varshney and others pointed out a pattern in riots which distorts India’s pluralism. These findings, also show the na ...
With reports that Home Minister R R Patil met Raza Academy on 6th Aug and Naseem Khan pushed for persmission, secular hand in riots clear.
my apologies to butt in, but Raza academy moderate?.Ghantaa! :P
Now gives me a further shock - newspapers have called Raza Academy as Moderate and Progressive.. I need a comparison chart now
sorry to butt in but If you read English papers, most called Raza Academy moderight n progressive (b4 11th Aug)
no I am doing it.. The worst of the lot in Hindu extremism is like Raza academy .. So I wonder how this 'moderate' tag
I don't see any diff between this 'moderate' Raza Academy actions and any Hindu extremist group actions. Hadd hai! *shocked at my new gyan*
The Raza academy is considered as 'moderate' Islamic group .. Hain??? How .. Compared to who ?
They all mingle with each other, and 'we the people' suffer.!
Another SICKular act by fanatic Congress govt. Raza Academy's website is functional and nationalist HJS' website is blocked ?
These attached pictures show the members of extremist outfit raza academy who in coordination with maharashtra home minister rr patil planned the aug 11th riot.
If raza academy riots in mumbai, they could even the guns and vandalise everything.. If IAC does no violence protest, police acts violent :(
please join raza academy for free English class
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Why ? Arvind Kejriwal Silent on Armed Raza Academy Protest in Mubai? Ans -Eying the Muslim Vote Bank like Congress
training in democratic culture and debate, from Raza Academy
Moin Miyan of Raza Academy, one of the accused in Azad Maidan riots is the brother of NCP Corporator from Mumbra |
"Raza Academy is considered a ‘moderate’ Islamic group and yet it has no qualms about imposing literary censorship".
please read & RT; Raza Academy in India did a violent protest in support of atrocities in Burma
First let raza academy protest agnst slaughter of muslims in syria.19000 dead in 1 year,or shia killings in pak
Don't ever forget, while you outrage , Raza Academy bigots who started all this are walking free and possibly chuckling away!
Dear Raza Academy watch now Headlines Today, get provoked make a scene in Mumbai or elsewhere-but pl b4 that, make sure d HM is ur guy
Arvind made a mistake. He should've contacted Raza Academy. The Police Commissioner would've been there with a garland, Sonia would've cried
India, where peaceful protesters like Arvind Kejriwal are arrested immediately & Armed Raza Academy folks not arrested to avoid reactions.
The pic shows Mr Patil with Moin Meiya from the Raza Academy, which organised the rally at Azad Maidan.
Mumbai Riots: Danger Signals By A. K. Verma The events of August 11, 2012, when a call by Raza Academy of Mumbai for a protest against perceived mistreatment of Muslims in the far away Bodo territory of Assam, led to rioting in which thousands participated, necessitating police firing and death of two and injuries to many more including police personnel, deserve a deeper scrutiny. Muslim groups from outside came over to swell the number of protesters. In Mumbai, Pakistani flags were carried by some. The glass covering the Amar Jawan Jyoti icon was smashed. Clearly, though Indians citizens, there were elements in the crowd who did not mind being identified as Pakistani partisans or opponents of Indian nationhood. Insurgent sentiments have been observed on the borders of the country. However, when a similar attitude is demonstrated within the country at any place, however microscopic, alarm bells should start ringing. There are entities in the neighbourhood which have been trying for decades that such fire ...
morcha walks to Huge crowd. 15000 police on duty. Compare with 800 deployed when Raza Academy goons protested.
Former Police Commissioner M N Singh on Raza Academy Times Now – where he says that Raza Academy does not have a good reputation and other Muslim organizations are unknown. In 1988 Raza Academy too taken organised protest against Satanic Verses crowd went out of control 10 people died. To see video -
Raza Academy, Deoband seminary, AIMPLB etc must be shut down as they have led Indian muslims to ruin & shame. CBSE schools can replace them.
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Owaisi has been seen actively participating in Raza Academy's meet by one of the TOI reporter. Courtesy The Fake Satyamev Jayate
Organised riot in Mumbai : Compilation of incedent from various news reports:- Mumbai : Protest by Raza Academy on Sunday August 11, 2012 – Do we need to take note & do something about it or let it go as one more sensational news item ? ( compilation of various newspaper articles, photos) 1) Women Cops molested by Rioters ( DNA) 2) A few of the rioters had stolen police weapon and fired in the air and at the police( DNA ) 3) CST (VT) station was shut down. ( source HT ) When was the last time this station was shutdown ? Was it Kasab who did that earlier ? 4) Cricket pitches ( 12 – 13 ) in Azad Maidan are damaged extensively (Source Dainik Sakal) 5) 45 police personnel injured;49 vehicles damaged ( Daink Sakal) 6) Most of the protestors were aged between 15 to 25 ( Source Dainik Sakal) 7) 26/ 11 memorial destroyed by protestors ( caught on camera the photo of the person destroying) ( DNA) 8) Cameraman of Daink Sakal grievously injured , attempts were made to throw him inside a burning police vehicle ...
Raza Academy is named after Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi who theorized that the Sun and the Moon revolves round the Earth!! :D
Raza Academy stole a march over the Council: Ulema Council could have averted the mess Th... Free Press Journal
first action /rally by indian muslim at mumbai against media for killed muslims in burma n asam Violence during Saturday's protest meeting at Azad Maidan appeared to catch its organizers and even the small posse of policemen present completely off-guard. None expected a crowd of 50,000 supporters to show up. A dozen Sunni Muslim organizations, which had given a call for a march to the maidan, had made arrangements for about a 1,000 supporters. But as the crowds swelled, the maidan's eastern part opposite the BMC headquarters, where the stage had been erected, turned out to be too small to accommodate the protestors. They began to spill over on the roads. "We had expected a crowd of 1,000 to 1,500. We don't know how so many people converged ," said Ahmed Raza, one of the organizers. Saeed Noorie of Raza Academy said he too was shocked. "Just 1,500 chairs had been ordered," he said. Shamsher Khan Pathan, a retired assistant commissioner of police and leader of Awami Vikas Party, though, said he had infor ...
Hundreds of people poured in at Azad Maidan Ground in South Mumbai Saturday afternoon on a call given by a city-based outfit, Raza Academy, to denounce the riots in Assam and also alleged attacks on a minority community in Myanmar.
Why the word MUSLIM is missing from media reports ? why and what for these *** did this violence ?? for Assam Muslims (they are bangladeshi first and Muslim afterwards, Myanmaar Muslims why Indians in mumbai should destroy their property for Myanmar muslims) why ? Madraso main maulvio ke bhashan sunker ye kutte road per utarte hain aur hungama khada ker dete hai, in salon ko inki aukat yaad dilao. Bloody *** Mumbai violence seems pre-planned: Police Press Trust of India / Mumbai August 12, 2012, 23:05 Police today arrested 23 people on charge of murder in the violence in Mumbai yesterday in which two persons were killed and 55 people, including 46 policemen, were injured, which appeared to be a "pre-planned" act. Besides the 23 people, who were booked under section 302 of IPC, the organisers, Raza Academy and Madina Tul Ilm Foundation, also faced similar charges, police said. The accused were produced in a local court today which remanded them in police custody till August 19. What prompted police t ...
Mumbai Violence: Miscreants not associated with Raza Academy - Indian Express: Mumbai Violence: Miscrean...
Is the failure of the intelligence to ward off the arson and rowdyism in the morcha organized by the Raza Academy the beginning of a Kashmir Valley like situation in Mumbai? Asking for RR Patil's resignation is akin to playing the flute before buffalo. The people should show this Madari the door in the next Assembly elections which are due in October 2014.
Personally I'd like the courts to fine Raza Academy, Abu Azmi and Farhan Azmi crores, bankrupt them, and put them in jail.
It appears, Raza Academy peace-men were asked by police to lower the sound of loudspeakers. Police beaten and Satya-graha followed.
Raza Academy supported by Sunni Jamaitul Ulma and Jamate Raza-e-Mustafa resulted in 2 dead and 40 Injured!
Raza Academy chrmn has already written to International Human Rights Commission. Jab geedar ki maut aati hai to...
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