Raymond Burr & Perry Mason

Raymond William Stacey Burr (May 21, 1917 – September 12, 1993) was a Canadian actor, primarily known for his title roles in the television dramas Perry Mason and Ironside. Perry Mason is a fictional character, a defense attorney who was the main character in works of detective fiction authored by Erle Stanley Gardner. 5.0/5

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That's exactly what my dad said! Raymond Burr is the perfect Perry Mason.
Seeing him play Perry Mason was a switch! Especially being used to Raymond Burr!
I'm at the point in the Perry Mason series where Raymond Burr was especially large.
Raymond Burr in this dual role as the (maybe he's supposed to be a Cockney) seaman. Perry Mason has jumped the shark. No mean feat.
Having first met Raymond Burr as Perry Mason it's been a hard education to learn about his film career as a menacing heavy.
55 years ago tonight.The great Ken Lynch and Joan Vohs in "The Case of the Stuttering Bishop" on 'Perry Mason' with Raymond Burr on
asks Raymond Burr how Perry Mason lost three cases. RB: "It wasn't easy."
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason in The Case of the Fatal Framing (1992)
Good thing it wasn't Raymond Burr because Perry Mason never loses his cases.
Today in in 1952, Raymond Burr, who would later become Perry Mason, debuted on the Gruen Guild Playhouse.
This was the 1st Perry Mason movie filmed after Raymond Burr's death with Paul Sorvino as an opera loving lawyer…
I knew Stephen Stills was on an episode of Perry Mason--one of the made-for-TV movies. Stephen Stills and Raymond Burr. Wild.
55 years ago tonight.James Coburn, Robert Bray & Jeanne Bal in "The Case of the Angry Astronaut" on 'Perry Mason' starring Raymond Burr.
It's amazing Raymond Burr is so affectionately remembered as Perry Mason, given how many pure evil roles he played in classics.
Perry Mason and Judge Wapner inspired me with a love for the law. The inspiration left long ago. Now the Judge has joined Raymond Burr. 😥
52 years ago tonight.Virginia Field and Kent Smith in "The Case of the Meddling Medium" on 'Perry Mason' starring Raymond Burr on
Thsts my Gov one tough SOB in Wheel chair Ironside has returned (what Raymond Burr did after Perry Mason on TV)
Oh, it's the best! Jimmy Stewart's blue eyes! Raymond Burr before he was Perry Mason! Grace Kelly...for EVERYTHING!…
I always mix up Perry Mason and Ironside and freak out every time Raymond Burr stands up.
Bette Davis, Michael Rennie, Hugh O'Brian & Walter Pigeon took over for Perry Mason in 4 episodes where Raymond Burr made only cameos.
So will reboot 'The Honeymooners?' This will be as bad as 'Perry Mason' without Raymond Burr.
Raymond Burr, TV's Perry Mason, is in the 1956 US recut of Godzilla.
When we started 'Perry Mason,' w e thought it might go a year.—
I only hope that I can regain my own identity once I decide that 'Perry Mason' and m—
54 years ago tonight. . . Raymond Burr and Perry Mason play nighttime 'Password' with Allen Ludden on
On "Perry Mason" Raymond BURR played Perry Mason and William Talman played Hamilton Burger!. BURR and HAMILTON!. I gotta get some sleep...
Raymond Burr Plays 'Stump the Stars' with Perry Mason cast (July 8, 1963) via
I voted for "Perry Mason (Raymond Burr)" in a POLL: Who was the episode MVP in Perry Mason: The Case of the Jaded Joker via
You’d think Raymond Burr would win the NC Senate without an issue. His portrayal of Perry Mason was… oh wait…
Just informed by someone that 212 years ago today Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel by Raymond Burr. (cue "Perry Mason" theme)
TIL The day after Raymond Burr's death, the American Bar Association president released a statement: "Burr's portrayals of Perry Mason repr…
It's just like when Raymond Burr, TV's "Perry Mason", decided to get a law degree and hang up his shingle. Except...
Hoping Raymond Burr's expert legal mind on this Perry Mason rerun gives drunk me the inspiration needed to write the best *** cover letter
FYI, Raymond Burr played Perry Mason. I know this because my dad watches it every night while eating peanut butter.
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason, Barbara Hale as Della Street, and William Hopper as Paul Drake
No objection here! On this day, Raymond Burr won an Emmy in 1959 for playing TV's Perry Mason.
Can't wait to see Jack's impersonation of Raymond Burr as Phoenix "Perry Mason" Wright in the famous Batman v Superman trial
Raymond Burr played the role of defense attorney Perry Mason. (1958)
Dad watching old Perry Mason movie, he used to like Ironside so Google Raymond Burr, his old vineyard is for sale!.
When I was growing up I wanted to be a lawyer.Ltr I realized I wanted to be Raymond Burr playing Perry Mason.
Fort Laramie radio program with Raymond Burr before he was Perry Mason. Many episodes written by women, which may...
Poor Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale-these Perry Mason's in the 80's must have been painful! Bad actors and implausible story-lines.smh
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason on The Jack Benny Program - Jack on Trial for Murder.
I loved it, Morgan. You're excellent.👌 Raymond Burr was a great actor. Perry Mason is one of my favorite TV shows😍❤️
For thinking Moore is Bond. I do that a lot. Warren William is Perry Mason, not Raymond Burr. I tend to do that w/ actors.
was Raymond Burr aka Perry Mason subliminally telling us what he was looking for in REAL life???
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Love your icon...Raymond Burr was known worldwide for his varieties of orchids (Perry Mason...Ironsides) -a Canadian...
Btw, love the name! I remember watching Ironside reruns (& Perry Mason) as a kid. Raymond Burr was a lege!
Weeden has the body type and mobility of Raymond Burr. As either Perry Mason or Chief Ironside.
Raymond Burr in “Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson” NBC-TV 7X9 Photo - Bid Now! O…
For the Perry Mason fans out there, this is the day it all began. Starring Raymond Burr, it premiered on CBS on September 21, 1957
Raymond Burr is out with a toothache. Who can we get to fill in for Perry Mason? Bette Davis isn't busy? Get her on the phone!
Have you ever heard the name Aaron Burr? Not Raymond Burr who was Perry Mason but a man that ran for president...
watching Godzilla King of Monsters.. Raymond Burr has gone from Perry Mason guy to Outstanding and varied Noir Guy
I just love the old black and white Perry Mason shows. Raymond Burr was sexy. Really!
Christie dressed well, but looking more and more like Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Yes and I love her for it ---Adore the old Perry Mason's with Raymond Burr
Things I learned during :. Raymond Burr took on Perry Mason role to atone for playing bad guys so very well.
Raymond Burr playing someone not even Perry Mason would defend? Ouch! I'm intrigued.
Perry Mason, I mean Raymond Burr, is in this one. Another actor who turns up a lot in Noir Country
Godzilla: King of the Monsters, w/ Perry Mason (who is sometimes incorrectly credited as Raymond Burr).
Watching Godzilla, King of the Monsters on TCM channel😀 1956. Must have been filmed before Raymond Burr starred in Perry Mason.
same, although even more of a fan of Perry Mason back then, in part because my father was the spitting image of Raymond Burr.
Warren William not Raymond Burr was the 1st actor to portray Perry Mason
Raymond Burr's Perry Mason actually started out as Dist. Atty. R. Frank Marlowe in A Place in the Sun.
I don't know if Raymond Burr was *** or not, but he was hot as Perry Mason
On this day in 1993 we lost one of the greats – Raymond Burr, of Perry Mason and Ironside.
One of the best Hitchcock films ever. Raymond Burr (aka Perry Mason & Ironsides) was so creepy as the bad guy. Such a classic.
"Originally William Talman auditioned for the title role of Perry Mason and Raymond Burr auditioned for the role of Hamilton Burger" WHAT
Job searching and saw in the description for an office assistant "think Barbara Hale as Della Street to Raymond Burr's Perry Mason."
Raymond Burr Perry Mason or is there a new Perry Mason?
In 1950s Fleming was Cleopatra to Raymond Burr's Mark Antony in Serpent of the Nile Technicolor Few yrs before Perry Mason
Raymond Burr's final made-for-television movie appearance, Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss.
Raymond Burr starred in the 1950s TV classic Perry Mason and countless films. He and his partner Robert Benevides...
glad I have enjoying Perry Mason w/ the great Raymond Burr...thinking about my dad. Steiner's brilliant theme.
Photo: Bette Davis took over for Raymond Burr on one episode of Perry Mason, 1960s, with Barbara Hale.
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I've been watching Perry Mason like it's my job of recents! Gotta love old TV starring Raymond Burr.
Raymond Burr in his most famous role: Perry Mason
Bette Davis as Perry Mason! (Well, actually filling in for an ailing Raymond Burr in 1963.)
Ahhh, Perry Mason is in this. As a lawyer. Raymond Burr just had one of those faces, I guess.
1957 "Perry Mason," starring Raymond Burr, premiered on CBS. One of my all time favorites. Right now I watch it twice a day.
On this day in 1957, New Westminster’s Raymond Burr made his first appearance on CBS-TV as famed trial lawyer Perry Mason.
Raymond Burr debuted on his first hit drama, "Perry Mason," on this day on CBS in 1957. It aired for nine...
in 1957 courtroom drama series Perry Mason starring Raymond Burr was 1st aired.
In the 50's and 60's Raymond Burr played "Perry Mason" on tv. He always proved the real murderer on behalf of his client. 1/2
your avi is Perry Mason. Who is Raymond Burr. Perry Mason was literally my favorite show as a kid.
she was Perry Mason's secretary. He later played a PI in the Perry Mason movie series opposite his mom and Raymond Burr.
3Sept/1966: CBS airs the final episode of Perry Mason starring Raymond Burr
In 1966, New Westminster-born actor Raymond Burr starred in the last original episode of the CBS-TV legal drama, Perry Mason.
““Whatchall know bout Perry Mason?” RIP Raymond Burr. The show Matlock tried to be.”
what if officer was nearly pummeled 2 death before shooting? what if? Did you ever watch Perry Mason w/Raymond Burr? Highly rec
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Perry mason played by Raymond Burr. Who was gaya in Real life.😁
I loved Perry Mason as a kid, and something that I always felt without ever quite being able to put my finger on...
Photo: Raymond Burr brilliantly portrayed one of the greatest characters in TV history, Perry Mason.
And with no further to do. A movie star that needs no further introduction. Ladies and Gentlemen; Godzilla! I grew up watching and loving the 1954 Toho Productions sci-fi classic Gojira. Only to be released a year later as Godzilla, King of the Monsters with Raymond Burr (TVs Perry Mason) as an American journalist who gets swept up in the 200 foot tall monster's destruction of Tokyo. You have to remember that this was a decade after the leveling of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the killing of tens of thousands by the most powerful weapon man has created. The Japanese were very opposed to the nuclear testing race between the United States and the then Soviet Union. The creation of Godzilla (God - Gorilla "A tribute to the original giant monster King Kong.") seemed only a logical answer nature's reply to man's quest to become the master of Earth. So Toho Productions followed up with about 60 Godzilla films and The Ultraman TV show. In most cases Godzilla was actually the friend of man and children; awakened ju ...
I suspect I'll succomb to the massive amount of GODZILLA promos flooding the airwaves, and see the film. That being said, Raymond Burr (aka Perry Mason) will always come to mind.
If you guessed Ray Milland from my previous post, then congrats on your film knowledge. Mr. Milland was another surprise for me (but I like the guy too much so I'm not going to be angry at him unless if I find a really bad film here) because he directed not one, but five films between 1955 and 1968, each one distinct from the other. Milland needs no introduction (anyone here seen The Lost Weekend or Dial M for Murder?): a wonderful actor that surprising became a really good director for films and television, but let me start off in the beginning, with Milland's first film he directed and starred in titled A Man Alone (1955). The basic plot for this film goes as follows: On foot after the mercy killing of his horse, Wes Steele (Ray Milland) finds a stagecoach and a number of dead passengers. He takes a horse and rides to Mesa. A corrupt banker, Stanley (Perry Mason himself Raymond Burr), and partner Joiner (Grandon Rhodes) discuss their stagecoach holdup with Clanton (Lee Van Cleef before he became famous ...
Raymond Burr got another job after Perry Mason, what's you're feeble, blame it on someone else excuse? Alan Alda?
Perry Mason was played by Raymond Burr. This is clearly how Mason Raymond got his name.
Nineteen years after CBS bid adieu to its classic legal drama \"Perry Mason,\" starring Raymond Burr
it's just too perfect Perry Mason was played by Raymond Burr.
Erle Stanley Gardner selected Raymond Burr to play Perry Mason, and used Ventura's Courthouse (now City Hall) as...
I started season 7 of Perry Mason this week. Counting that season, I just have 3 seasons left. I'll miss Perry when I'm done. He's been like an old friend. MeTV also airs Ironside--maybe I'll start that next. Raymond Burr is one of those rare stars who had more than one successful series.
We'll talk about Raymond Burr and Perry Mason when Barbara Hale join us soon on TV Confidential.
Classic legal drama "Perry Mason," headlined by Raymond Burr, reached the 200-episode mark on this day in 1964.
He was also Paul Drake junior to the returning Raymond Burr's Perry Mason.
Walter Pidgeon's Unusual "Perry Mason" Connection. What a fine actor Walter Pidgeon was. The Canadian native of St. John, New Brunswick Province, is best-known for his appearances in the Academy Award-winning film "Mrs. Miniver" with Greer Garson and "How Green Was My Valley" with Maureen O'Hara. But, Pidgeon also had a fascinating connection to Erle Stanley Gardner and "Perry Mason". From the St. John, New Brunswick website: "An avid reader of everything from the classics to Erle Stanley Gardner mysteries, he could talk knowledgeably about any subject that was raised in his hearing. When television grew in popularity he declined many times the roles offered him, as did the majority of the stars of Hollywood's golden years, but eventually he agreed to help out a friend in need. "In 1963, when Raymond Burr, playing Perry Mason, was taken ill and four substitute 'lawyers' had to be hired to keep the show running for a month, Gardner himself, who I had met many times, called and asked me to be one of the gu ...
I hear you go. burhrhrhrhr & I don't mean Raymond Burr. hehehehehe (Perry Mason) in case u may not know who he is.
This morning I was getting so productive and then at 10am it all fell apart because Perry Mason came on. *** you Raymond Burr.
ESG selected Raymond Burr for the part of Perry Mason, and the actor played him until the day he died. In time...
We just turned on the bedroom TV and saw Bette Davis subbing for Raymond Burr in an episode of "Perry Mason." What the ***
Good morning Me-TV fans! What's on your agenda this morning? How about a little Raymond Burr in Perry Mason and...
Can't do Daniel Boone. Even just listening to it. But Perry Mason is a winner! I love Raymond Burr.
Watching old Perry Mason re-runs, and didn't Howard say his Rockville Centre Dad said Raymond Burr was ***
Perry Mason: Alive but a prisoner? Perry Mason (tv series in black and white featuring the late Raymond Burr)
If you love courtroom drama or suspenseful shows they're showing a marathon of Perry Mason movies from the 80s-1990s starring Raymond Burr on the Hallmark Channel starting at 9/8 Central AM tomorrow morning. Perry Mason was a succesful show on TV premiering in the 1950s and ran for nine seasons. It was before Matlock and other suspenseful shows. :)
I have to say it. I love Raymond Burr and the Perry Mason show. It just makes me feel good inside. Kinda calm.
Never underestimate Perry Mason. I visited Raymond Burr's garden in Fiji, and it was amazing: by Alexis C. Madrigal
Home watching Perry Mason. Raymond Burr was so *** handsome!
I had no idea Raymond Burr was *** I was looking at his Wikipedia entry to find out why Perry Mason had his arm in a sling and found out. I bet that fact destroys a bunch of people's idyllic version of the "conservative" 1950s!
Remembering my wonderful friend Triane Bulescu (January 7th 1955 - March 15th 2008 ). Triane would have turned 59yrs old today if he had lived. Sergeant in the Canadian armed forces ( Seaforth Highlanders ). Roots Rocker ( Front man for “The Rebez” ), an actor who did many cameo's and principle parts in the late 1980's and early 1990's ( here in Vancouver ) .reborn Christian, man about town, loyal & devoted friend, coffee shop philosopher. and referred to by many of us as “The eternal optimist”. For those of you who never knew him, he was a “living legend”. He was a combination of Elvis Presley, Sebastian Cabot, Jackie Gleason and Raymond Burr playing out the role of Perry Mason. Pal! Where ever you are “Happy Birthday” and “Thank you” for touching our lives in such a wonderful way.
Watching Perry Mason on MeTv. Raymond Burr was such a stud.
EMMY AWARDS, 1961. Winners Barbara Stanwyck (Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Series, "The Barbara Stanwyck Show", NBC) and Raymond Burr (Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Series, "Perry Mason", CBS).
Please "like" and "share" God's Word to reach more souls for Jesus Christ: Psalm 5:11-12 "But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee. For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favor wilt thou compass him as with a shield." Some of you with hair the color of mine remember the old television show "Perry Mason." A defense attorney played by Raymond Burr, Mr. Mason rarely if ever lost a case. In the series, Mr. Mason would take on cases that looked "cut and dried," and those of us watching just knew this was one person on trial that would not be able to get off the hook. But he always surprised us by coming up with something everyone else had missed that would prove his client innocent. The psalmist was keenly aware of the One who defended him and all who put their trust in Him. Is God defending you? Sometimes we turn to the world for help when we are being persecuted. We t ...
There's a Perry Mason sketch to start it off. I've seen Raymond Burr's Perry Mason so the show hasn't lost me yet
The Case of the Killer Kiss, the last Raymond Burr movie as Perry Mason (1993) is on tonight at 8:00 eastern time on MeTV (244 on Comcast). I'll let you know if he won or not.
Finished watching Gojira. That movie was alittle bit longer than the U.S. Version Godzilla:King of the Monsters with actor Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) then again this was the one the US Banned in 1954 because it was an anti nuke arms race movie (Stupid controversies) still the best monster movie of all time and the saddest because Godzilla died and the scientist didn't want to kill him he wanted to study him because he was a rare specimen of both reptile and marine mammal origin. Until someone figured out how to kill him but destroyed his own work believing there was only one and not knowing that another Godzilla still roams the world but that's another story. Anyway it was more depressing that the first Godzilla died than the guy with the eye patch.
I think that I am obsessed with Perry Mason reruns. I love the sound track for it and I watch it every night. Raymond Burr was brilliant, Della Street was perfect, and who didn't love cool Paul Drake?
Binge watching "Perry Mason" first season, 1957.it is excellent.Raymond Burr is quite a good actor.and what's going on with Della Street? There was no sex in the 50s so it couldn't be that.good show.and again, great, great cars!
A couple for the kids on this snowy day...his and hers car glazing ads! Barbara Hale, aka Della Street and Raymond Burr aka Perry Mason.
I love Perry Mason, and I adore, simply adore Raymond Burr! (love those eyes!)
I'm sorry. I think of Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. Can't get past it.
See why actor Raymond Burr of Perry Mason & Ironside fame fell in love with
Television Series Review: Ironisde (2013) I can't help but to come in the door extremely skeptical of a 1970's police detective series being remade, especially after the failed remake of Kojack a few years back. In that case the character just didn't have the personality required to pull it off successfully. This time around they went an interesting route, whether it was intentional or not is anyone's guess. In the original series Raymond Burr had just ended his run as famed defense attorney Perry Mason and they cast him as the wheelchair bound chief detective. In the new series Blair Underwood, most known for his defense attorney role in L.A. Law was cast as the main character. I'm not sure if they meant to work it that way, but it seems to be a major plus for the show. Ironside was always a darker themed show, even with the original. I hope this show makes it because it is well worth the time. 9.5 out of 10 on my scale.
I didn't know Raymond Burr was *** until he died. Raymond Burr is Perry Mason for those who didn't know.
Raymond Burr will always be Perry Mason and Ironside as far as I'm concerned. Yes that makes me old.
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(1993) – Death of Raymond Burr, 1917 – 1993 (RIP) Perry Mason will never die in the hearts of its audience.
20 years since death of actor Raymond Burr / Perry Mason and Ironside, his main roles were.
After much deliberation. I've decided to settle on Perry Mason.stoic attorney.Raymond Burr was very dapper in his day!
And Raymond Burr played Perry Mason and Paul Drake Jr was played by Willam Katt(ri)!
the door to NORAD shows up in a bunch of stuff. They filmed a Perry Mason here & Raymond Burr bought from us
Personally I'm a fan of Raymond Burr's Perry Mason. Now there's a movie I want to see.  
I learned last week that Raymond Burr was *** . Really ruined a positive image I had of all those Perry Mason shows.
Me, too! Loved original Godzilla as a child & thrilled to get to work with Raymond Burr-also loved Perry Mason
Perry Mason has become a career for me...all I know is that I work, eat and sleep Perry Mason. -Raymond Burr
Well, there was also Ironside on a lot, which at least had Raymond Burr, & sometimes (late era) Perry Mason, ditto
You will love this. Before Raymond Burr played Perry Mason he starred in this movie. A lawyer feels bad after getting an acquittal for his client and then fi...
Ever since I was a little kid, my mother has been watching Perry Mason reruns. I never understood why still, because with cable she has so many other choices; yet day in, and day out there on her TV screen is Raymond Burr, destroying DA Hamilton's cases against his soon to be found innocent clients. So yesterday, when i went into her room to to see how she is doing, she was as usual fixed to the screen watching Perry Mason. Then to my absolute shock, she said to me, "I've never seen this episode before!"
Raymond Burr was primarily known for Perry Mason and Ironside television series. The Canadian actor originally tried out for the job of Hamilton Burger, who was the District Attorney for Los Angele...
wow!I'm watching a old classic on TV called "IronSide" starring Raymond Burr playing a chief detective in a wheel chair for San Francisco Police Dept. well one of the guest played on show today is Harrison Ford. Wow! he looked like a collage grad kid in the show & look great! 1967 I believe it aired on TV..Then decade later Harrison Ford hits big on Star Wars. Raymond Burr was a big hit on "Perry Mason that was a big hit from 1957 - 1966 before cop shows we see today came it hit like Law & order.
So it was Iron side in the whelk chair and never Perry Mason?
Perry Mason is on. I'll see you all tomorrow. Prayers for all of you and yours.
Shocking admission by my mother today: "You know, I think I like Ironside more than Perry Mason." No!
Perry Mason: She was to meet a man who had a package. Me: Why Perry, that's no help. Every man has a package.
Dear Hallmark Channel, you sick SOB. You're completely screwing with my afternoon viewing habits. First you gave me Perry Mason mystery movies. I was sucked in by the charm of Raymond Burr. Then, you took them away. Eventually replacing them with reruns of the Waltons. I was reminded of the folksy entertainment a Depression era drama could produce. Now, you've cancelled them. Sick sick *** ..
Did you know Raymond Burr the actor who played Perry Mason, and Ironside was a *** man and had a life partner. Crazy I woulda never guessed that.
Needing sleep badly...weepy eye and all...doped up with Benedryl, so at least I know it will dry up for awhile. Happy to have gotten lots of captures of my inspirational fella, Bill Talman. Season 3 is easier to get through as he wasn't in part of the season. Bad luck Bill was fired temporarily for being in the wrong place at the wrong time...glad that Raymond Burr and Perry Mason's producer (?) went to bat for him and got his job back. I just can't stand to watch an episode without my beloved "Ham" Burger...just takes all the fun out of it without seeing his craggy ol' mug and his courtroom outbursts. Amazing how everything happens in God's timing according to His plan...a year ago I wouldn't have dreamed I would love Perry Mason so much...well, the show that is...and it's District Attorney... :-) G'night, ya'll...
.Yes, I turn my phone on silent while watching Perry Mason. Don't judge me. Raymond Burr was a sexy *** man. Lol.
What is it about watching old reruns of Perry Mason that I enjoy so much???
Can you guys please watch Raymond Burr's Perry Mason and learn how to do it right. Adaalat looks pedestrian in comparison.
Well, what do ya know? Perry Mason figured it out again! I thought they'd get away with it this time but that man is just too smart.
Ironsides starred Raymond Burr as a wheelchair bound detective. It was his second biggest hit after Perry Mason. Unless you count Godzilla.
"Godzilla'' the Geico Gecko on atomic steroids on TCM, with Raymond Burr, who as Perry Mason defends the monster against an arson charge of burning down Tokyo. Incidentally, Godzilla's lines are not dubbed.
Watching "Godzilla, King of the Monsters" and wondering how badly did Raymond Burr need a paycheck to do this movie? Must have been his days before "Perry Mason".
Raymond Burr (AKA Perry Mason) is in this Godzilla movie & now I have that Perry Mason song in my head by Ozzy Ozborn.
Raymond Burr was in that.I can only picture him as Perry Mason!
Watching the 1956 Godzilla movie starring Raymond Burr. Mr. Perry Mason himself. Next is Creature from the Black Lagoon. The lady star in this movie plays Castle's mom on ABC.
After tonight: Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1956), starring Perry Mason.
We’ve changed our cover picture to the Brillig Calendar June photo taken by Mary Conwell. Here’s the story of the photo: “What better home than a lily pond in an orchid garden in Fiji. This frog was spotted in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant near Nadi, Fiji. This beautiful garden was built by Raymond Burr (of Perry Mason & Ironside fame) to house his collection of orchids. The garden has grown to more than 2 hectares and is home to over 2000 orchids and a cat named Obama. This was just one of many beautiful tropical sights in the Fiji islands.”
Am I the only one who thought Raymond Burr as Perry Mason was sort of sexy?
Watching Ironside on MeTv.Im totally feeling this old classic show.It was another hit show for the late Raymond Burr after Perry Mason ended.Its genius for Metv to pair these great shows off and excellent writing
You can now get a double dose of Raymond Burr weekday mornings on Me-TV! Catch Burr on Perry Mason at 9 followed by Burr on Ironside at 10, starting today!
Check out my movies list. TCM has shown these Perry Mason films from the 30's and they are so much fun. Before Raymond Burr, William Warren was Perry Mason. A completely different performance and character. Back in the earlly 30's movies didn't need all the extra junk to make them go on for hours. These are fast paced, well acted, and fun to watch. I got the set. Good bargin too. More will be added. Cheers.
Fav Edith moment: Ref. to Raymond Burr's transition from Perry Mason, always jumping up to object, to Ironside: "He don't jump up no more."
I have to admit, I think of Bette Davis only because she substituted for Raymond Burr on Perry Mason when he was out.
I could watch Perry Mason all day long. Which means of course I could watch Raymond Burr all day long! And starting Monday Ironside on MeTV!
If there's ever to be another reboot of Perry Mason, I'm sure Nicholas Cage will get the Raymond Burr role. They look almost identical!
I need to be going to sleep but this episode of Perry Mason (what can I say this is classic TV!) has got me hooked! Raymond Burr was the man!
One of the best quotes from a TV show ever: "I'm not a police officer, I'm lawyer and I want the TRUTH." - Raymond Burr as Perry Mason.
Priceless episode of Perry Mason, "The Case of the Dead Ringer", from 1966. Raymond Burr plays a double role: his usual role as a lawyer and the other his evil look-alike, a grungy seaman with a Cockney accent. Awesome acting!
Turns out Everybody Loves Raymond was about fans of Perry Mason's Raymond Burr. Right, ?
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Me: What happened to Raymond Burr to make him paralyzed and in a wheelchair? David: Honey, he was not in a wheelchair for real. It was an act on Perry Mason! Duh! (It was a pretty funny moment.)
On the lighter side (at least, as compared to my last post) -- I see that NBC is bringing back and updating / modernizing the t.v. show "Ironside." The basic premise is still the same, a police detective solving crimes while confined to a wheelchair. The lead character is being played by Blair Underwood. The setting has changed, however; instead of San Francisco, it's in New York. At least they aren't trying to cast someone else as "Perry Mason." Raymond Burr truly defined that role on t.v. (And to a lesser extent, did the same with Ironside, but I guess it's fair game.) I guess what's old is new again.
Grilled steaks for hubby's 45th birthday...er...in honor of Raymond Burr day! I think I ate too much...feel kinda sick. Watching the last episode of Perry Mason for Season 2 and then it's off to bed. Chemo day tomorrow for my dad...really hope to get some writing time late night tonight...
Today -- May 21st – would have been Raymond Burr’s 96th birthday. Although he died in September, 1993 -- (It will soon be twenty years), it’s hard to believe, since we still see him, each weekday, in "Perry Mason" episodes from the 1950’s through the 1960's, and made-for-television movies, from the 1980’s to 1990’s. As the years have passed, my admiration for Raymond Burr has only grown stronger. I've seen these productions, countless times – yet, there is a great deal of comfort and satisfaction, in watching them achieve new success, on Memorable Entertainment Television (ME-TV), and the Hallmark Movie Channel. It’s hard to describe, but, that unmistakable voice, those unforgettable eyes, and the obvious, on-screen chemistry between Raymond Burr and his longtime co-star, Barbara Hale (“Della Street”) – are always compelling. Raymond Burr was larger than life. However, there was something rather humble and gentle about this man. He was remarkable, in so many ways. His varied backgrou ...
Mr Oliver salutes the birthday of Raymond Burr - long before he was Perry Mason, Mr Burr was one of the greatest of Film Noir Villains in such films as "Raw Deal" and "Blue Gardenia", and was a memorable wife-killer in Mr Hitchcock's "Rear Window". The fact that he was also a *** man who, with his partner in life Robert Benevides, owned one of the first and most successful celebrity vineyards makes him even more of a hero in Mr Oliver's book.
Doo do doo DOO! Do do do do DOO! Da da da da da dah da DA, da da da DAA! Da dada Da da dad DA, etc... DA DA DA DAH! Theme song to Perry Mason, transcribed. :) We watch it every night except when I fall asleep. Sometimes it drives me nuts when I fall asleep halfway through and don't find out hoodunit. Happy Birthday, Raymond Burr.
Raymond William Stacey Burr (May 21, 1917 – September 12, 1993) was a Canadian actor,[1] primarily known for his title roles in the television dramas Perry Mason and Ironside.[1]
Raymond Burr, Actor: Perry Mason. Born Raymond William Stacy Burr on 21 May 1917 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Burr spent most of his early life traveling. As a youngster, his father moved his family to China, where the elder Burr worked as a trade agent. When the family returned to Canada,…
Happy Birthday to actor Raymond Burr star of my favorite television show, "Perry Mason." I record his show daily on my DVR on the Hallmark Movie Channel=)
Still watch Perry Mason, have lots of episodes on DVR
Perry Mason was one of my favorites. Also saw all the Perry Mason movies. Raymond Burr was one of a kind.
I'm glad they show Perry Mason on MeTV. Huge fan of Raymond Burr. Loved him in Ironside and even the New Perry Mason.
I haven't seen the trailer yet but I agree, the original was great - Raymond Burr was also good in Perry Mason :)
This is like when they brought Raymond Burr back to reprise his role as Perry Mason. Grayer and slower.
How did Raymond Burr hide his raging homosexuality on Perry Mason all those years?
I want a faceoff between Raymond Burr's IRONSIDE and Blair Underwood's new IRONSIDE. My money is on Perry Mason /the Godzilla guy.
Will anyone be able to take the place of Raymond Burr? I also loved him in Perry Mason. Keep saying I'll ask for it in Lost Themes
.There was a Perry Mason reboot many years ago with Monte Markham. He's no Raymond Burr
NBC orders a new series of Ironside. Can we also have a Perry Mason reboot please? It was always my favourite of Raymond Burr's TV roles.
Tonight I created a new Raymond Burr Catalog with ten Feature Films, five episodes of Perry Mason and three Other Raymond Burr Television Appearances. Accessed via the Feature Films, the Mystery, Detectives and Crime Drama catalogs and also the Catalog of Stars. Thanks to Richard Karch for suggesting I look for Perry Mason episodes.
Raymond Burr returns to help the Pentagon... in full-on Perry Mason mode.
After the Jodi Arias Trial is over, CNN Headline News vows to bring back Perry Mason. Raymond Burr remains uncommitted
What this story lacks in plot line it makes up in great cinematography. The angle and lighting to get those great shots of the actors backs is simply amazing.BTW-did your mom name you after Perry Mason?
Actor Raymond Burr who played Perry Mason on TV had Portuguese Water Dogs.
love Perry Mason! Grew up with it, Raymond Burr was great!
Ozzy did a metal song about Perry Mason because Raymond Burr was so heavy.
Watch Please Murder Me starring Angela Lansbury and Raymond Burr in their pre-Jessica Fletcher and Perry Mason days:
"Today in 1967: Raymond Burr, formerly known as Perry Mason, took on a new persona as wheelchair-using Detective" Love Perry,Ironside & Burr
Perry Mason holds up well after 50 years. But who knew Raymond Burr was ***
dude, no. Thought you were one of them lawyerin' folk! Raymond Burr + William Talman == old old Perry Mason reruns. No I'm not 80
- Raymond Burr was Perry Mason and Ironside :-)
I like watching old 'Perry Mason' episodes b/c Raymond Burr, was also *** sexy (with no interest whatever in those of my gender) *sigh*
Up and help me, I am watching Godzilla, King of the Monsters starring Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) on Meet Me in St. Louis it ain't.
Watching "Godzilla" at the office. Can't look at Raymond Burr and not see Perry Mason. Especially since he plays role exactly the same.
Have no idea what this is about, but the "Perry Mason" of my era (Raymond Burr) was _not_ noted for his looks.
Why can't I get the Hallmark Channel in HD? All I want is to see Raymond Burr as Perry Mason sucking in his gut and breathing awkwardly.
Had no idea that anyone had ever played Perry Mason except Raymond Burr. 1935 movie on TCM has another actor playing him.
Denzel Washington for PM (Perry Mason) movie or series see Warren William and Raymond Burr
woops Raymond Burr was Perry Mason. Raymond Baxter was tomorrows world.
Going to watch Perry Mason tonight. Raymond Burr in da house!
perry mason wasn't in a wheel chair, Ironsides was. Both played by Raymond Burr (I'm old enough :-) )
Going way back this time for a Perry Mason movie starring Warren Wiliam who was a superstar back in the 30's. It's title "The Case of the Howling Dog" 1934! Now I have been watching Perry Mason on tv from the 1950's when Raymond Burr was in shape. The other Perry Mason series was in the 80's and was filmed in Denver and Perry was not in shape! I wonder how many more Perry Mason movies have been made. Needless to say I am a big Perry Mason fan :-)
Perry Mason is fantasy Hollywood! You try to get your attorney out of bed at 3am!! Aint gonna happen
I just got through watching "Perry Mason" on ME TV. Raymond Burr was young in this episode. Detective Tragg came in and shot a bad cop and called him a fink! I haven't heard that work in years! It really brought me back to my childhood!
Watching Perry Mason right now. Episode called "Woeful Widower". Episode with Jerry Van *** from 1964. Jerry told me years ago about his experience filming this episode. Told me that Raymond Burr turned out the episodes fast. Over 260 were filmed between 1957 and 1966. He had a home right there on the lot where they filmed Perry Mason. I'm amazed how many people I've met living in Memphis Tennesse, Little Rock and Bentonville Arkansas.(Elvis told me to keep playing the piano and to enjoy the gift of music all my life.that was in Memphis around 1958.).hf4ever.
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There was a Perry Mason filmed here in 80's. Raymond Burr bought stuff from mom :)
I hate it when media outlets give no way to privately contact them. I guess I'll have to go public: KTXD-TV! MeTV! WHAT THE *** ARE YOU DOING? The reason we oldsters watch your station is for the wonderful, old series'. You want to eliminate some of them with your stupid news-talk programming? And now, you have introduced a 4-woman talk show like The View that is preempting Perry Mason? Let me clear things up: Women who watch KTXD would NEVER watch a foursome of blathering liberal college girls! We could watch The View instead of a cheap imitation if we wanted to watch that idiotic mess. DO NOT TRY TO COMPETE WITH MAJOR NETWORKS! Your audience likes the oldies format, without the mock-conservative commentary. We do not really care what your "Sage" news team thinks about anything they report on. Who cares? Sorry, everyone who had to read that. There was no other way to express my outrage.
Hello Ashley,I would love to see George Clooney play Perry Mason as Raymond Burr used to do, and you as his brainy assistant.
I would like to see remake of the old Perry Mason show with Mason as an openly *** defense attorney and with Paul Drake his trusted detective side kick *** as well and with Della Street his secretary as *** also. Of course Raymond Burr who played Mason was *** and I think it would be who done it show with a *** twist. The time has come I believe.
Productive morning so far: moved some snow, did some laundry, took a bite out of tax work - all before 9 a.m. Now - breakfast! Oooh! Raymond Burr is playing a dual role on today's episode of Perry Mason!
Blair Underwood as Ironside I'm loving the idea NBC and I hope you'll do because Blair is perfect and he's very smilair to the late Raymond Burr now if someone will do a remake of Perry Mason with Blair
Baby boomers may remember the hit NBC crime series Ironiside from the '60s and '70s, which starred Perry Mason actor Raymond Burr as a detective confined to a wheelchair. According to Entertainment...
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason really turns me on. Does this mean I, you know, have a lawyer fetish?
This episode made me want to watch more Dragnet (and more Perry Mason, just for Raymond Burr)
Cocktails with Ross and Tom, and now.. Perry Mason on Hulu... what an exciting life.
DID YOU KNOW: When asked why Perry Mason never loses, Raymond Burr once told a fan: "Madam, you only see the cases that I try on Saturdays."
Thank you all for your birthday wishes. The strangest thing happened this morning I thought I'd share with ya'all.This morning as I was having my breakfast I was watching an old episode of Perry Mason. In the dialog Raymond Burr used a word I'd never heard before and I was curious enough to jot it down for later lookup. The word was vituperative. Later, after I dressed for the day and was waiting for my hair to dry before leaving my apartment I picked up a little book that I'd picked up last year. The book was a little throwaway that was given to the troops during WWII to help occupy their downtime and it was entitled Humorous Stories and was a collection of short and funny stories. The one I picked was entitled Pigs Is Pigs and had to do with an argument between a mail clerk and a customer over the shipping cost of a pair of Guinea Pigs. The customer left without paying and, instead, went home and wrote a scathing letter to the president of the shipping company. One line in the story went something like ...
Transformers! Robots in disguise! There's a robot pretending to be Taft in the Hall of Presidents! That one's Raymond Burr as Perry Mason!
1st episode of Perry Mason. got this dvd a few years ago, finally watching. Raymond Burr, so...svelte. everyone smokes on this show...
As an aside.Mom and I listened to one of the old Perry Mason radio show broadcasts. Man, he sounds totally different.like a tough talking detective. Raymond Burr really made something different with Perry -- more demure, more cultured and much .calmer? Very cool, though.
It just occurred to me that Perry Mason's last name is "Mason". And so, Raymond Burr has carried the location of the Grail to the grave.
In season 8, episode 14 of Perry Mason “The Case of the Ruinous Road,” Perry Mason defends a young _ who is accused of killing his immediate superior, Joe Marshall. Both worked for a construction firm.
Prized Possession: an autograph from the actor Raymond Burr signed "Perry Mason, Ironside, and the guy who cut up his wife in Rear Window."
Here' a couple moments from Perry Mason with friend in my head the legendary Barbara Hale and the late great Raymond Burr
I have always found Raymond Burr handsome. But my goodness that Perry Mason theme song is so *** sexy!
Tonight's Perry Mason is the one where Walter Pidgeon took Perry's place. It's my 2nd fav of the four when Raymond Burr was out.
How's that for a title? Lawyer Raymond Burr (seeming very much like Perry Mason) brilliantly defends Angela Lansbury, who seems certain to be found guilty...
Other than Perry Mason what are some your favorite Raymond Burr roles?
Television Trivia - Name the female screen star who pinch hit for Raymond Burr in a 1963 episode of "Perry Mason?"
Perry Mason conundrum... I like Perry Mason. Of course, like most people, my introduction to Perry is through the fantastic TV show with Raymond Burr. I've also read alot of Earle Stanley Gardner pulp stories as well as some Masons well, we're lucky that ME-TV airs Perry Mason at 11:30pm every night, so I get to watch & relax. Tonight's episode is the Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe, which is an adaptation of one of the novels.. well here's the conundrum: I'm actually reading this *** book right now and I have 50 pages left this so much pisses me off...
In 1965, Raymond Burr the famous American actor who played the leading role of Perry Mason and Irongside purchased an idyllic Naitauba, a 4,000 acres (16 km) island in Fiji, rich in seashells
ifs of history What if Dana Andrews had replaced Raymond Burr in Perry Mason?
TIL That Raymond Burr had been dead for 2 years by the time Ozzmosis was released. Perry Mason not good choice for being put on case.
I woke up when they were discussing it. I don't know how Raymond Burr could go from being Perry Mason to a murderer!! ;)
Directed by Allen H. Miner. With Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Talman. Sandy Sandover is in many ways an ideal employee. A company accountant, he is fastidious in keeping...
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so excited CBS has episodes of Perry Mason streaming on their website. Raymond Burr was such a fox, y'all.
wasn't Perry Mason the lawyer played by Raymond Burr?
The actor Raymond Burr was best known for his portrayal of Perry Mason, a trial lawyer who never lost a case. Growing up, I was a devoted fan of the show and it probably influenced my decision to beco
and it was nice seeing Raymond Burr outside of Perry Mason.
Are they really that desperate?NBC is trying to revive “Ironside,” the old Raymond Burr-in-a-wheelchair series that ended its run in 1975.The pilot, if it gets the go-ahead, would be...
NY Magazine's Vulture blog tells us that NBC is developing a reboot of Ironside, about a San Francisco police detective who is paralyzed after being shot by a sniper and ends up working as a consultant for the SFPD along with a team he has put together, one of whom is the main suspect in his shooting. Raymond Burr starred in the original and his track record for mystery-of-the-week shows is pretty much unparalleled in TV history, with 9 seasons and 2 Emmy wins for Perry Mason plus 8 seasons and 6 Emmy nominations for Ironside...And only a one year break in between the two shows!
When asked why Perry Mason won every case, [Raymond] Burr [who played Mason] said, "But madam, you see only the cases I try on Saturday."
Larry Hagman played 2 iconic TV roles as did Raymond Burr (Perry Mason & Ironside) and James Garner (Maverick and Rockford). Who else?
Added to Wish List: 'Perry Mason: Season One, Vol. 1' by Raymond Burr via
Darn. If only it was Raymond Burr. Nothing goes with Thanksgiving petter than Perry Mason.
Almost noon and time for Perry Mason, or what I like to call "The Raymond Burr Witching Hour."
I forgot how much I watched the Hallmark Channel Till I had the package added to cable that includes it. I watched Perry Mason movies all afternoon and even stayed awake. The last one was dedicated to Raymond Burr and had all kinds of soap actors and actresses in it. It was great. My kind of show.
I was under the assumption that Perry Mason was always played by Raymond Burr. Who the heck is Hal Holbrook?
Crime solving continues ALL DAY with Raymond Burr in a Perry Mason Marathon on Hallmark Movie Channel!
Directed by Ron Satlof. With Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Katt, David Hasselhoff. A tennis player is accused to having killed his wife, a rich heiress. The facts are against him as he was seen in the arms of his former girlfriend in the night before the murder. This is a case for Perry Mason.
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Too funny… I was posting to find the name of the famous person that gave me that “star struck” feeling in my past. We were talking about being star struck. I had to admit that I have been so, several times in my travels. In writing this post it came to me. It was Raymond Burr; Perry Mason. I meet him in the Pittsburgh Airport, he was going thru security. Was a beautiful man, he was in person every bit the image of his TV personality.
Here are the rest of my summaries of all the Dragnet and Alfred Hitchcock Episodes. I have spent countless hours on this project. I've recorded the names of each actor and the role they played in every episode. There were 97 episodes of Dragnet and 293 of Hitchcock. I did this as a hobby. I made it a challenge to analyze every episode. I've done this same project for every episode Twilight Zone (171 episodes). The first show I did this for was Perry Mason. There were about 220 episodes of the first Perry Mason. Then Raymond Burr took about 16 years off of tv and then when he came back he filmed about 80 more episodes. I've written up every single one of those.
Jazz Quote of the Day: 'I like Jazz. Everything from Jelly Roll Morton to Dave Brubeck.' (Raymond Burr playing Perry Mason)
My Fiji Experience I visited Fiji thanks to Annette, her husband and her sister who invited me to accompany them on their holiday..thanks Annette . Just to share my experience of Fiji...thought i d give all of you an update.. its a good thing we went now and not centuries ago or else we would have been eaten for breakfast... On our 1st evening we had our dinner under a cabana ..were serenaded by a group of Fiji lads stringing the guitars/banjos...they are descendants of Africa and hence have rhythm i their blood.. the guests at the other table danced the the energetic haka to the music. Tthe next morning we did a tour of Nadi..the island on which our resort Denarau was located. 1st stop was the market except for apples pears and kiwis their produce was all local andwe did get a chance to taste the fruits which were so sweet and delicious becauseno pesticides are used. Onto our next stop where we enjoyed the tropical splendour ..at the garden of the sleeping giant where Raymond Burr actor of the Perry Maso ...
I believe Raymond Burr and his partner, Steve (?) had a vineyard in California that made really good wine!!
In the second half of Perry Mason, Season 7, we get fifteen episodes, all remastered and presented in the set. Perry (Raymond Burr) and his assistant Paul Drake (William Hopper) sort through the clues of murder to free their clients from their respective prison sentences. With so many murder cases f...
Perry Mason, the popular TV franchise that inspired a genre of courtroom dramas returns with the second half of the seventh season. Raymond Burr continues igniting the screen as a brilliant attorney who will stop at nothing to crack the most impossible cases to uncover the truth.
Here's a moment from the classic show Perry Mason with the late great Raymond Burr & friend in my head the legenda
Look up Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) for the New York Times obituary. Would you believe NYT / married three times or wikipedia/ h was ***
Isn't it true that the radio version of an immensely popular courtroom drama debuted today in 1943? Isn't it true that the TV series would debut 14 years later? Isn't it true that Raymond Burr would become a huge sensation from it? Isn't it true it's "Perry Mason"? Well, isn't it?
One of my favorite shows is on Me-TV,channel 32.2, Ironside with Raymond Burr,he was also TV's Perry Mason before Ironside.
Good morning all, watching the original Perry Mason from 1936 with Warren Williams. Who knew Raymond Burr was the the second! lOL
Did you know that Raymond Burr appears as lawyer Perry Mason on a 2009 USA commemorative stamp? Catch the PERRY...
is watching Perry Mason. Too bad Raymond Burr is dead...
I love "Perry Mason"...fun watching how they solve murders without computers or modern technology. It's also fun to see all the character actors and occasionally even future stars, like Robert Redford. AND Raymond Burr was kind of cute. :)
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Raymond Burr did NINETY FILMS in ten yrs!!! before he did Perry Mason. *** I thought doing a half a dozen in two yrs was good, but I guess I AIN'T NOTHING compared to Mr Burr. HE WAS A REAL actor, I'm just a guy finding stuff to do. I do believe I hear a wake up call.
Raymond Burr, born in 1917, had his first film in 1946, "San Quentin"... he did 90+ films before starring in PERRY MASON in 1957.that means he had his first film role at 29, and did not do Perry Mason until he was 40. ergo - IT TAKES YEARS for an actor to get their best roles. that makes me feel A LOT BETTER, reallly. most acting careers are NOT quick things. at least not successful ones!
Huh Perry Mason's on TV... I keep forgetting I should go check out Raymond Burr's grave since it's like a block from my house
Who'd have guessed that the loathsome creep Raymond Burr would go on to become the underdog's champion Perry Mason?
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