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Raymond Burr

Raymond William Stacey Burr (May 21, 1917 – September 12, 1993) was a Canadian actor, primarily known for his title roles in the television dramas Perry Mason and Ironside.

Perry Mason Jimmy Stewart Rear Window Barbara Hale Steve Martin Grace Kelly Hamilton Burger Della Street

Oh, it's the best! Jimmy Stewart's blue eyes! Raymond Burr before he was Perry Mason! Grace Kelly...for EVERYTHING!…
If you see Raymond Burr out that window, look away and wait for Thelma Ritter to bring you lunch. Best for a speedy recovery!
On this day in 1971, the 100th episode of “Ironside” aired on NBC-TV, starring New Westminster’s Raymond Burr.
Are Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale on any top ten onscreen couples lists? I feel they should be.
He thought Harrison Ford was a real president, so maybe he wants Raymond Burr (buds w/ Fred Douglass?) to rep him in court?
Did you watch Ironside? On TV from 1967 to 1975 starring Raymond Burr as Robert T Ironside, a consultant for the San Franci…
*** Don't lower yourself to television analogies. Besides, there are few that can stand up to Raymond Burr these days.
Perry Mason Raymond Burr leaning on rail looking at jury 8x10 Promotional Photograph …
“Lizabeth Scott & Raymond Burr in a publicity still for ‘Pitfall’ (1948) André de Toth. https:/…
I always mix up Perry Mason and Ironside and freak out every time Raymond Burr stands up.
Dig up the corpses of Raymond Burr and Andy Griffith.
It's like what the fellow with the waistcoat and watch chain shouts at Raymond Burr 20 minutes into the show.
Look's like Raymond Burr from the neck down ?
Tonite on IRONSIDE: Raymond Burr shoots a promo, but insists on wearing a balaclava, "to add suspense".
Perry Mason Raymond Burr classic pose in court room 8x10 Promotional Photograph
I just added 20 episodes of Pat Novak For Hire to the lineup. 16 of those star Jack Webb and Raymond Burr.
Barbara Hale has died at the age of 94. She was a lovely woman who helped me on my biography of Raymond Burr.
RIP Barbara Hale - unforgettable as Della Street on with Raymond Burr.
Raymond Burr's screen test to play Hamilton Burger
George never recovered from not being able to upstage Raymond Burr and is still tramatized today.
I visited with Raymond Burr in his house once. Does that generate any credits?
I'm watching Raymond Burr in Ironside. Retreating to the 70s
Yup. Anything longer than Raymond Burr's commencement address at my college graduation will be too long.
Bette Davis, Michael Rennie, Hugh O'Brian & Walter Pigeon took over for Perry Mason in 4 episodes where Raymond Burr made only cameos.
So cold this a.m. that hubs murmuring, "Raymond Burr. Aaron Burr. Cocklebur. No good brrrs."
My favourite description of how writing works, by Raymond Chandler, in a letter to his editor.
This is why I'm glad the original was released on blu-ray Raymond Burr was a man of integrity and the onl…
Product placement throughout American 84 Godzilla. Raymond Burr was told by director to drink also, but stared back…
Natalie with Raymond Burr in a publicity still for A Cry in the Night (1956).
give me all the movies where Raymond Burr plays a creep
I am an unmarried man, as opposed to a single man. A bachelor, accordin...
I do not agree with Thomas Wolfe... about anything. You can go home...
I once had a long relationship with a lady, and wherever I went in ...
My son told me I look like Kevin James the other day.. or was that... Raymond Burr? Either way I look more like the…
60 years ago Raymond Burr screen tested- for the role of D.A. Hamilton Burger:
that voice! Raymond Burr was great as host too though.
You know the thing that interests me about 'Unsolved Mysteries?' It'...
- Serizawa name reference, similar character to Yamane, facial expressions of Raymond Burr's Steve...
Raymond Burr reprised his character as the journalist Steve Martin for the American version of this film
Oh god please tell me you didn't sit through the Raymond Burr version of the original.
I'm not very actorish. I don't play actor 24 hours a day. When the ...
So will reboot 'The Honeymooners?' This will be as bad as 'Perry Mason' without Raymond Burr.
I like it. If they re-use some of Raymond Burr's lines in the movie as an homage to KOTM, I'll cheer!
Was also an old US tv show starring Raymond Burr: Perry Mason. Perry, get Putin on the stand.
I am a better cook than I am an actor. If I have any ego, it's about...
100% mo-Capt. Raymond Burr to be performed by Andy serkis's second cousin!!!
That old title has been stuck in my brain since I was a tiny larva on the couch watching the Raymond Burr edition of the first film.
Raymond Burr was a cop also on the show Ironsides
Well, maybe dropping THE is a little surprising. Helps set it apart from the 56 Raymond Burr film, I guess!
USA release of 1984 was going to be screwball comedy. Raymond Burr refused to participate if not kept serious.
The muppers are shouting about Raymond Burr and rapping about states of matter, and I need coffee coffee all the coffee.
Quiz: Guess the TV star by a blurred image. I got 9 out of 10 correct (Raymond Burr brought took down.)
when I was a young kid (and maybe still) when I though God, I got vision of a ghostly Raymond Burr (in Ironside wheelchair)
I have a broken foot feel like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window I hope I don't see Raymond burr
Try and live your life the way you wish other people would live th...
...and Amber does her impression of Raymond Burr as Ironside
11 things you never knew about Raymond Burr's Ironside
Seriously - quite seriously - I firmly believe that marriage is to...
The guy who wrote the Raymond Burr scenes for the American release of Godzilla was offered either $2,500 or 5% of the pr…
11 things you might not know about Raymond Burr
11 things you never knew about Raymond Burr's 'Ironside'
Website Builder 728x90
Lautoka, - The tour continued with a visit to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a tropical plantation…
Eric also wants the bodies of Raymond Burr and Patty Duke exhumed and shot
I know that while watching that was joining me in hoping a Raymond Burr reference was made.
I grew up near the sea in British Columbia and San Francisco, and lived in Malibu and Fiji for
I remember watching the original (uncut and sans Raymond Burr!!!) Godzilla re-release at an old Rialto about 10 yrs ago.
At the Park theater at the Bruce McCoullough comedy show & Brian Connolly looked stoic like Raymond Burr!!
. Brian Connely has stood stoically like a young Raymond Burr at the
I love wines, except when I'm dieting.
So you think she will win now? I mean how can you lose with Godzilla on your side? (Raymond Burr knew this well).
I feel like I've seen Raymond Burr age in reverse. I saw his 1980s work first, and only recently saw any of his 1950s TV shows and movies.
Raymond Burr, TV's Perry Mason, is in the 1956 US recut of Godzilla.
When we started 'Perry Mason,' w e thought it might go a year.—
you look like relvis.a cross between Raymond burr and a blimped out elvis Presley.a little less fat conversation.
I only hope that I can regain my own identity once I decide that 'Perry Mason' and m—
love Raymond Burr Perry Mason & reading that Wiki he had make up elaborate stories about wives/even a child 2 keep his career
Little Giant Ladders
"People" say that Trump is investigating "Cy Burr." Trump reportedly thinks it refers to Raymond Burr's secret brot…
54 years ago tonight. . . Raymond Burr and Perry Mason play nighttime 'Password' with Allen Ludden on
On "Perry Mason" Raymond BURR played Perry Mason and William Talman played Hamilton Burger!. BURR and HAMILTON!. I gotta get some sleep...
But who can we trust to appoint the ghost of Raymond Burr? That is who that is, right?
Raymond Burr Plays 'Stump the Stars' with Perry Mason cast (July 8, 1963) via
Watching Godzilla 1984 God I forgot how boring this film is with out Raymond burr
I just don't see Chuck Conners and Raymond Burr supporting
I voted for "Perry Mason (Raymond Burr)" in a POLL: Who was the episode MVP in Perry Mason: The Case of the Jaded Joker via
Is it just me, or does Trump breathe in tribute to Raymond Burr?
Does Donald have the sniffles or is he doing his best Raymond Burr impersonation?
I don't overeat. I only eat one meal a day... but my body has been one of those that has almos
Saw Pitfall, Noir film that deals nicely with family-man going astray. A violent, menacing obsessive is excellently…
I liked a video from 1985 - Bumper - Raymond Burr on the next Live At Five - Jack
You’d think Raymond Burr would win the NC Senate without an issue. His portrayal of Perry Mason was… oh wait…
2/2) & discussion followed. People got to see Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, & Raymond Burr. Next Week: Godfath…
yes but 1980s Japanese Gong Li who dislikes all foreigners except Sean Connery and Raymond Burr
comes out this month, so I blog about the Raymond Burr Godzilla: King of the Monsters .
July 11, 1976: Raymond Burr shoots George Hamilton during a heated taping of "Battle of the Network Stars"
Growing up during the Depression, I worked for the Forest Service and ...
Just informed by someone that 212 years ago today Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel by Raymond Burr. (cue "Perry Mason" theme)
My greatest satisfaction in acting on television is to have the opport...
Raymond Burr is great in this film. One of his finest in my opinion.
Visit to the Gardens of the Sleeping Giant. Once owned by Raymond Burr.
Vintage photo of Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr having a conversation. April 10, 1
Watched a Johnny Carson rerun with Raymond Burr & Robert Klein. How was your Sat. night?
Raymond Burr tells it was difficult for him to sit down when he was on Ironside.
Raymond Burr tells about his vacation home on Fiji.
Raymond Burr is way too serious for me.
Raymond Burr later had a falling out with after he made fun of his weight & refused to appear on his show.
Did you know that Raymond Burr was born in Canada? New Westminster, B.C. to be exact.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
notes Raymond Burr was wearing curly hair in that clip of Mallory
mentions this was Raymond Burr's first appearance on The Tonight Show since they were in NYC.
Raymond Burr tells that neither of them will make 100. Burr died in 1993 at the age of 76.
Watching rerun of Carson and Raymond Burr is on. cc:
Will watch the old movie american version Godzilla King of the Monsters with Raymond Burr.
Watched "Rear Window" (again). When Raymond Burr spies Jimmy Stewart in the apartment opposite my blood runs cold. And Thelma Ritter is aces
TIL The day after Raymond Burr's death, the American Bar Association president released a statement: "Burr's portrayals of Perry Mason repr…
Seriously inspiring! Thanks for the follow Aaron Burr, sir! :D
Vintage photo of A photo of a Canadian actor in film and Television Raymond Burr
It's just like when Raymond Burr, TV's "Perry Mason", decided to get a law degree and hang up his shingle. Except...
(Gasp!) Raymond Burr as a villain in "Raw Deal" in which throws a pot of hot coffee on his girl friend,
Yep. The Japanese version of Godzilla aka Gojira 1954 with no Raymond Burr was the best. Thanks also Akira Ifukube.
Classic noir from in July - A Cry in the Night with Edmond O'Brien, Raymond Burr and Natalie Wood! https:/…
I don't have much of an ego, but I have a great deal of confidence!...
Hoping Raymond Burr's expert legal mind on this Perry Mason rerun gives drunk me the inspiration needed to write the best *** cover letter
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Looks more like Raymond Burr. Perry Mason really overstepped his authority sometimes.
FYI, Raymond Burr played Perry Mason. I know this because my dad watches it every night while eating peanut butter.
My mom: Did you know that Raymond Burr was an expert on orchids?. Me: uhhh. No. No one knows that.
Watching 'Godzilla, King of the Monsters!' This is the one with Raymond Burr.
'98 was bad... the one I hated most though was Godzilla '85, the American one... with Raymond Burr dubbed in...
. "When I grow up, I wanna look just like Raymond Burr."
Did you know Raymond Burr originally auditioned to play DA Hamilton Burger?
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason, Barbara Hale as Della Street, and William Hopper as Paul Drake
No objection here! On this day, Raymond Burr won an Emmy in 1959 for playing TV's Perry Mason.
Can't wait to see Jack's impersonation of Raymond Burr as Phoenix "Perry Mason" Wright in the famous Batman v Superman trial
Raymond Burr played the role of defense attorney Perry Mason. (1958)
Raymond Burr is on my list,if you could have dinner with anyone past or present. Did you know he was an amazing cook
kid is about to find out his dad is Raymond Burr
.Have you considered a show PART sports/part singing/part Raymond Burr? That would kill w/the key demo of half *** 18-25
In "And Weep, Like Alexander", should it have been Raymond Baxter, not Burr? Or did I miss a joke?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Bill Miller, Esquire huh? AKA Raymond Burr before or maybe after he came out of the closet.
that might be an interesting read for Dad, he has heard that Raymond Burr was *** but claimed to have been married.
Dad watching old Perry Mason movie, he used to like Ironside so Google Raymond Burr, his old vineyard is for sale!.
Nothing against Raymond Burr, but if you're going to watch the original Godzilla, make sure it's the unedited Japanese version—Gojira (1954)
Remembering Perry Mason with Raymond Burr. by Mr. Brian McFadden - Kohner, Madison & Danforth.
Sharing: Although Raymond Burr was not disabled when he played Ironside he did portray the disabled in a positive
Sad news: in a case of drunken mistaken identity, the cast of Hamilton killed the cast of Raymond Burr, the Musical
When you're a little fat boy in any kind of school, you're just persecuted ...
When I was growing up I wanted to be a lawyer.Ltr I realized I wanted to be Raymond Burr playing Perry Mason.
*Jimmy Stewart voice* well, if only Raymond Burr lived there, and more to the point a young Grace Kelly was my girlfriend
Landru actor Charles MacCauley was the executor of his friend Raymond Burr's estate 🐩
Squiggy to Lenny "If the grim reefer ever rings my bell I want you to have my picture of Raymond Burr with his shirt off"
Fort Laramie radio program with Raymond Burr before he was Perry Mason. Many episodes written by women, which may...
Maybe Raw Deal, which has Claire Trevor and Raymond Burr too but is hopefully and actual noir™
Washington State used to show all prospective jurors a video about jury duty narrated by Raymond Burr ..
Canada 2280 set of 4 Booklets BK381-4 MNH Canadians in Hollywood, Raymond Burr
Had shoulder surgery Fri. and will be down an arm for about a month. Just like Rear Window, but at least I can run away from Raymond Burr.
Is it me or does old with a beard look exactly like old Raymond Burr?
One obvious opportunity is the possible remake of the old “Ironside” show, which had Raymond Burr.
Poor Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale-these Perry Mason's in the 80's must have been painful! Bad actors and implausible story-lines.smh
Raymond burr is the best. ..the cab is an absolute beast
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason on The Jack Benny Program - Jack on Trial for Murder.
It might be interpreted by the prior post of ranking Godzilla below something. No, Gojira Raymond Burr Edition is a rerelease from 1954
I loved it, Morgan. You're excellent.👌 Raymond Burr was a great actor. Perry Mason is one of my favorite TV shows😍❤️
All that is needed to know about mutant lizards Now where is Raymond Burr when we need him!
thanks for not saying Raymond Burr.
35mm slides of Raymond Burr July 4th 1971 Main Speaker at Rebild Bakker Denmark
Lenore (Barbara Anderson) got a lot of notoriety from the Raymond Burr show Ironside
Raymond Burr and Montgomery Clift in 'A Place in the Sun.' It was Burr's favorite movie.
A Man Called Willy Brandt bombed in the ratings so they rebooted it with Raymond Burr
Way more shocking than the Jim J. Bullock example was finding out Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) was ***
For thinking Moore is Bond. I do that a lot. Warren William is Perry Mason, not Raymond Burr. I tend to do that w/ actors.
was Raymond Burr aka Perry Mason subliminally telling us what he was looking for in REAL life???
I need some information on a film narrated by Raymond Burr (Perry Mason/Ironsides) in the mid-to-late 1960s. Title "WHO WE ARE."
Raymond Burr was considered for the role of Matt Dillon in radio's 'Gunsmoke' before CBS chose William Conrad.
Orson Welles, looking like this, could get it. It's when he tried to merge into Raymond Burr where I drew the line. http:/…
Watching 1949's Bride of Vengeance. Check out Raymond Burr's amazing makeup.
The secret life of Raymond Burr Imagine having to hide the one you love for 35 years SHAME ON US
Trust me...when you gave the great Raymond Burr a back rub, it always ended with him insisting on a "Boston Steamer."
I actually am Raymond Burr. Raymond Burr hates the FBI and loves Jahar. How does that make you feel?
Love your icon...Raymond Burr was known worldwide for his varieties of orchids (Perry Mason...Ironsides) -a Canadian...
I liked a video Canada's Walk of Fame - Raymond Burr
All about Raymond Burr ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Honorable Mention: Raymond Burr pushing Jimmy Stewart out of the window in "Rear Window."
Btw, love the name! I remember watching Ironside reruns (& Perry Mason) as a kid. Raymond Burr was a lege!
Weeden has the body type and mobility of Raymond Burr. As either Perry Mason or Chief Ironside.
Hillary is to America as Raymond Burr was to a smooth young Thai boy after he ate a chili dinner.
Yet somehow inevitable. I never liked the "original" Raymond Burr dub of Godzilla because they killed him.
Raymond Burr in “Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson” NBC-TV 7X9 Photo - Bid Now! O…
James Stewart in Rear Window: "Sorry Grace Kelly, you're beautiful and all, but I just can't stop thinking of Raymond Burr..."
Is it me or is Beck looking more like Raymond Burr's Lars Thorwold character in Hitchcock's
Tonight the original Japanese version of godzilla in Lake Worth no Raymond burr yay
Is that the 1956 movie with Raymond Burr?
Clint Eastwood, Raymond Burr, others used to make regular treks here. Ahnuld and Oprah have cabins hidden away on the island
But it's horrible how he shot Raymond Burr, putting him in that wheelchair and all.
/A PLACE IN THE SUN/ (Stevens, 51) "If you're an Eastman, you're not in the same boat with anyone." Forgot Raymond Burr derails perfection.
For others, it's the 1954 original -without Raymond Burr! Each to their own tastes, I say.
For the Perry Mason fans out there, this is the day it all began. Starring Raymond Burr, it premiered on CBS on September 21, 1957
Similar to King of the Monsters: an American edit of Godzilla 1954 including new scenes featuring Raymond Burr as a news reporter.
Raymond Burr is out with a toothache. Who can we get to fill in for Perry Mason? Bette Davis isn't busy? Get her on the phone!
Have you ever heard the name Aaron Burr? Not Raymond Burr who was Perry Mason but a man that ran for president...
watching Godzilla King of Monsters.. Raymond Burr has gone from Perry Mason guy to Outstanding and varied Noir Guy
I just love the old black and white Perry Mason shows. Raymond Burr was sexy. Really!
Scott Walker: An abortion is not a decision between a woman and her Dr. It's between the ghosts of Raymond Burr and Joan Rivers.
Raymond Burr and the Old North Church in this city
Sometimes when I stretch, I make that little noise Jimmy Stewart makes being pushed out a window by Raymond Burr.
The US edit w/ Raymond Burr makes some odd changes but I was a big fan of that cut when I was younger. Especially liked the ending narration
Christie dressed well, but looking more and more like Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Two words, Raymond Burr. "As this debate wears on, I am less and less fixated on Christie's hair. I'm obsessed!"
Raymond Burr only today's actors simply can't compare. Hollywood needs to come up with something original.
Reminds me of Godzilla w/Raymond Burr & gal singing "And the words get stuck in my throat...". streetartglobe's photo
Something about American cultural neo-colonialism and Raymond Burr, who was also mentioned in that scene.
Can I go straight from college to the retired life and play golf and watch home improvement and everybody loves Raymond all day?
Let 1,000 Raymond Burr references flow. MT Snark Factor is live. Tonight our guest is
Still catching up, Desperate, w/ bad guy Raymond Burr, love his old roles! Looks intense
Yes and I love her for it ---Adore the old Perry Mason's with Raymond Burr
A fine selection of red wines and a top notch port; free tastings in a beautiful setting at Raymond Burr Vineyards.
Had a truly splendid, leisurely time sampling fine wine and enjoying the scenery at Raymond Burr Vineyards.
Basil Rathbone is like another Raymond Burr. He played a lot of villains but is probably best remembered as Sherlock Holmes
.I❤ Summer classics - we were just talking about "Rear Window" -Raymond Burr is the villain for a change.
When Raymond Burr says "I'd hit that," he adds an "s." . . I'm on Snark with these psychos on Tuesday.
Is Raw Deal the one where Raymond Burr picks up a fire and throws it at a lady? Because that one rules.
Things I learned during :. Raymond Burr took on Perry Mason role to atone for playing bad guys so very well.
No, it hasn't. Raymond Burr Festie on *another* channel. Why don't you go look for it, for a while?
You know it's solid carpentry when it can withstand a falling Raymond Burr.
I have complete sympathy for Raymond Burr's managerial problems.
Raymond Burr gonna show up and slap the paper lanterns around.
I always thought Raymond Burr was good looking. Call me crazy, but, he had some charisma!
My new favorite Raymond Burr line, "You must've studied to get that stupid!"
I do love sexily menacing Raymond Burr.
Raymond Burr was skinny fat in this film
Notice everyone but Raymond Burr came out to taste the batter.
I confess I don't get the big Raymond Burr love.
Raymond Burr playing someone not even Perry Mason would defend? Ouch! I'm intrigued.
Amazing how many of these flicks feature Raymond Burr.
I won't make it through all of but I need a little Raymond Burr before sleeping to take the edge off 😳
I'm in for Criss Cross. We have to look for Tony Curtis & Raymond Burr in small parts, right?
BlueGardenia. Raymond Burr is a scumbag this time. Innocent girl saddened by war news goes out of her element & into disaster
Later on "Desperate" (1947). Raymond Burr, Steve Brodie & Audrey Long. "Ready to kill for the right to live!"
Perry Mason, I mean Raymond Burr, is in this one. Another actor who turns up a lot in Noir Country
Godzilla: King of the Monsters, w/ Perry Mason (who is sometimes incorrectly credited as Raymond Burr).
*tricks, movie tricks to blend Raymond burr in
Raymond Burr's pyromania is reminiscent of Lee Marvin's fetish in The Big Heat.
The notion that Movie stars going to TV is a recent thing overlooks Telly Savalas, Rock Hudson, Peter Falk, Robert Wagner, Raymond Burr etc
Where does Raymond Burr fit in here?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I love that Burr bit, those are the people he's making fun of. But of course he gets labeled a sexist for that
I always think that Raymond Burr looks so unimpressed when they kill off Godzilla. Takashi Shimura will forever be fantastic though.
Emotionless standing and staring. They could have had cardboard cutout play this role. You're better than that Raymond Burr
I think they recycled Raymond Burr's scar on Barry Sullivan in QUEEN BEE
Raymond Burr is desperately trying to figure out how to get back in this story
omg does anyone else see that Raymond Burr is trending?
All these shots of human suffering are so good, too bad they cut so much of it so they could add Raymond Burr
I take it these scenes were all shot on Raymond Burr's day off…?
James Whitmore and Santa hunt Raymond Burr in the LA sewers.
Raymond Burr is doing color commentary like this is the Macy's Day Parade
Raymond Burr, the king of unnecessary commentary.
I'm glad Raymond Burr is telling me everything I'm seeing... it would make no sense otherwise.
Raymond Burr starred in a Godzilla movie two years after Rear Window!? What a career!
That said, Raymond "Reaction Shot" Burr feels like an ancestor of the pained reactions in the first Star Trek motion picture.
FWIW Raymond Burr could look a little more surprised.
It just keeps blowing my mind that Raymond Burr's name in Godzilla was Steve Martin.
I think Raymond Burr thought he was the only one that could have smoke coming from his mouth.That was until
The news building has a good view of the actions, meaning we get more Raymond Burr reaction shots
Now that I think about it, Raymond Burr was stalking me.
"Not like anyone's ever going to watch this *** film anyway, where's my paycheck?" -- Raymond Burr, while filming Godzilla.
I'm sure glad that Raymond Burr is remaining so cool, calm, collected and blase during this disaster. Oops, he almost gasped!
Also, I'd like to see the original Japanese version w/subtitles. Half this movie is Raymond Burr just standing, staring & smoking a pipe.
There are a whole lot of shots of Raymond Burr looking concerned in this version
Is there something that Raymond Burr could be doing right now to be helpful besides looking pensive?
I imagine while filming his scenes, Raymond Burr said, "No way I'm going to pretend to look at a lizard. I'll just stand here."
Raymond Burr: King of the moving photobomb.
Raymond Burr on Tokyo is so bizarre, but dang if it doesn't just seem to work perfectly
"But I tease Raymond Burr!...No, seriously, go on, you're doing great, Ray!" -Me, drunk. To the television, just now
Raymond Burr lives with a guy obsessed with cheese who takes him on walkies. He also knits.
What country is Raymond Burr from? What's up with these weird pronunciations?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I like that in the middle of mass panic stands Raymond Burr, taking an "...the eff am I looking at?" attitude
Watching Godzilla, King of the Monsters on TCM channel😀 1956. Must have been filmed before Raymond Burr starred in Perry Mason.
Raymond Burr and Peter Stormare drive up to the Twin Cities to kidnap a car salesman's wife.
Raymond Burr highly underrated for his ability to stand around and look concerned in various directions.
Look, I can grasp why filming these Raymond Burr scenes were necessary at the time, but not subtitling everything else?
Did Raymond Burr and the dude in the tent just have "a moment"?
A treat on TCM. The version of Godzilla with the ludicrous additional ftg of Raymond Burr (as reporter Steve Martin)
Awesome! I adore this score. It's so haunting at times. Raymond Burr's version is okay but the original is so much better
I like how Raymond Burr says 'heely-copter'.
Every time they refer to Raymond Burr by his character's full name, Steve Martin, I expect to see
The working title of this was RAYMOND BURR WATCHES THINGS WHILE SMOKING A PIPE. But it was too long for the marquees
Watching Godzilla, King of the Monsters, and looks just like Raymond Burr.
Next to his other cast members, I estimate Raymond Burr is the largest person in Japan, second only to Godzilla.
The original Godzilla: king of the monsters (Raymond Burr version) on TCM. Love the soundtrack.
When was rebooted in 1984, the 1985 US version rehired Raymond Burr to reprise his Steve Martin Role.
I would definitely run from Raymond Burr!
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