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Ray Wise

Raymond Nicolas Ray Wise (born August 20, 1947) is an American actor. Some of his best-known roles include Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks, henchman Leon C.

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Take Ray Ray's wise words, never pay for a feature
I'm bingewatching Fargo s.3 right now and -- in episode 8 -- Ray Wise may have just done the creepiest performance I've ever seen him do.
A wise man once said this. A wise man once said that. He obviously wasn't married as he would have said nothing, and just…
Wise Words from the Greatest Ever Briton. "The equal sharing of misery."
I forgot Ray Wise was in this until I started watching it. Awesome.
Was this one of them? If so, you're in for a treat. It's the last really…
next pitch needed to buzz the tower. At the very least. But the Mets don't play that way. Hence the single.
Ravens fans out here that still own Ray Rice jerseys saying they won't be a fan anymore if they sign Kaepernick
Build time machine. Land in early 90s. Kidnap a Twin Peaks Ray Wise. You're welcome
SENIORS . Here is your first day classroom assignment page. Your name and classroom # can be found on this doc:
I was thinking he reminded me of a cross between Rob Lowe and Ray Wise but this works too.
I think Kyle saying Mr C & Lynch saying DoppelCoop is like when Ray Wise was convinced it was all B…
Good of Trump to hire Ray Wise, playing Satan in Reaper, as his head of Comms.
Though I thought the scene with ray wise in the bowling alley in the third was great
Since when did the PM of Malta run the UK?. A lot of Brits holiday in Malta. . He would be wise not to upset 17.4m of us.…
We obviously did trade-wise as regards trade or we would not need new trade agreements.
C. Taylor and Sea stack early must have 2 me.Yankees that kill the changeup vs Prui…
M2307: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)— Slow, nonsensical, & irredeemable as a movie. Hated everything about it but Ray Wise.
I also call him Senator Ray Wise. You'll figure it out.
TFW you're watching the third season of and Ray Wise shows up...
A Ray of Hope " but only if Europe begins to wise up& speak up!! "
"Hey man, you can't eat this grass" . - Ray Thomas, Summer weights, July 26 2017, wise words spoken to a deer.
Wise up do your homework. Your ERECTION is only for your EGO. We are tired of you wanting to...
Scaramucci looks like an evil Ray Wise
Lucas Duda: "I was very proud to be a New York Met. And I'm going to be very proud to be a Tampa Bay Ray."
& has finished,schls r doing V.S or graduation. if u r wise,kip ur cos new sets of & r released!
Watching Swamp Thing (1982) on I didn't see it when it came out. includes a young Ray Wise, before Twin…
Anthony Scaramucci looks like someone put Steve Buscemi and Ray Wise in a blender.
But when oh when will we get that coveted Guest Lecturer visit from the legendary Ray Wise???
Freshman!. This link is to show the first class you go to in the morning on Monday, July 31, Welcome Bruins!.
Guitar wise, I can be Pete Anderson, Ray Flakes or anybody else you need. I need to work on the Tra…
Every time I see Scaramucci he reminds of Ray Wise in Reaper.
Jennings knew he wasn't good enough for SA and left for England. His Dad's wise man.Ray.
Wise words from my guy Sugar Ray Destin
I'd like to see because of their amazing clip for Wishes w. Ray Wise 😉
Ray Wise being God on Fargo makes a lot of sense--what with Twin Peaks being responsible for TV!Fargo's existence
Ray Wise. Was in Twin Peaks. He is always great.
Weirdest one of the season, and as an added bonus it layered on the Ray Wise.
If you ever wanted to see Ray Wise & a kitten do god's work on the small screen might I point you towards this week's Fargo
Catching up on last week's I don't know what we did to deserve Ray Wise. We should be more grateful.
Pretty good. Ray Wise was great. I quit it because there was too much romance. I used to hate romance in shows.
Ray Wise and a kitten in the latest FARGO so this is the best thing ever.
Catching Mulholland Drive with Justin Theroux..Ray Wise shows up on Fargo.. Will David Lynch recruit Carrie ***
When you need an actor to play a Ray Wise kind of guy, is the greatest guy to get.
A wise man said: You never know what you have till it's gone.
"Correct a fool and he will hate you. Correct a wise man and he will appreciate you." Morgan Freeman
I love seeing Ray Wise in literally every TV show.
This season of FARGO has been a small step below the other two for me, but episode eight was great (particularly the Ray Wise scene).
Hank! And Ray Wise shows up on Fargo? Twin Peaks is pollinating my two favourite shows!
Ray is both alive and dead at the same time. Earlier on the plane Wise told a war story of a man married & not at same time.
I think Ray Wise is the Wandering Jew. Ray Stussey is Schrödinger's cat. Is he in the box (or cat) or not.
Ray Wise gets a break and can finally sit down/not cry.
Nice job earlier in the season calling the return of Ray Wise! I loved all that stuff in the bowling alley.
So sweet of you wise n mature girl she will accept ur apology
Ray 71kg Snt, I'll say PR but he has done 72 but now things are looking much better tech wise.
If Ray Wise could just randomly pop up in every show I watch, that would be fantastic.
The character played by Ray Wise is apparently a sort of Jewish mythos figure
How frickin tired was Ray Wise filming this season?
Agreed. Ray Wise was a charming devil
Recent ep was my favorite so far. Chase through the woods, Ray Wise in a bowling alley. Still lacks f…
Okay, so who had their money on David Thewlis & Ray Wise being huge parts of the best pop culture this summer?
gonna need to know the instant Ray Wise appears on screen
If this means some season far away we get to see Ray Wise knock Billy Bob Thornton's teeth out with a broom handle I am all aboard.
Ray Wise was a delight. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is very good, Carrie *** rules. David Thewlis. It's a great, great season.
I thought so, I recall us discussing the first. The third season is better than the second. Ewan McGreg…
Tons of Serious Man parallels! But is Ray Wise the bowling alley devil to Sam Elliott's tumbleweed god?
Going from "Dougie" to Ray Wise in a bowling alley has confused me. Is this some cross-series dovetailing?
You're very wise for your age. You'll have a very good life.
The wise men presented unto Him gifts! . Question: what gifts are you giving to God?
You also can't tell me there's no Twin Peaks connection with Ray Wise's character. I know…
That dialogue was sorta David Lynch-esque too. Maybe Ray Wise made me think parallels to Twin Peaks though.
“I’m afraid you have to leave the cat.”. Paul Marrane (Ray Wise)
Agh, I'm a couple episodes behind on "Fargo." So Ray Wise came back? Will watch and offer thoughts!
watching Twin Peaks S2E3 then immediately seeing Ray Wise 26 yrs later in Fargo was weird in the best way
The "Smoked salmon on a stick" filleted is the coolest thing I've ever seen, fish-smoked-wise.
Ray Wise aka the guy on the airplane when Chief Burgle went to Lala Land aka Leland Palmer
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Latest episode of Fargo totally saved this season for me. Those scenes in the woods + Ray Wise being ?! = good.
Q: Why will save humanity?. A: Ray Wise ordering sherry at a bowling alley.
Hey Voodoo Ray's! What's the best email to contact you PR/social media wise? Thanks!
last Fargo episode was brilliant. You know something's up when Ray Wise gets stunt-cast in a seemingly minor part
National President Amit Shah wise goes BJP's Presidential candidature nomination for in favour of Daniel Ray
Bro I'll fight a *** or two that try and say other wise ... that cramp would bring the tears outta Ray Lewis 🤣🤣🤣
Dancing around the house like a manic Ray Wise in this morning.
You are immensely talented and wise
Ray Wise - like Steve Martin - has been perpetually 64 years old for like thirty years now.
Anything as long as Ray Wise pulls me from a bag at a backwoods Minnesota bowling alley
Is Ray Wise an angel on ? . He was possessed by a demon on Twin Peaks and the devil o…
This was as good as it got weather wise... Del Ray Beach had not so beachy weather. . There's so…
I have to imagine Ray Wise's decision to portray Laura Palmer's dad felt a lot like pulling the trigger on a face tattoo.
You realize Ray Wise is sitting next to you at the bar. You are ...
Ray Wise was great (as always) on last night but how about this performance in John Carpenter's Swamp Thin…
Catching up on Fargo and what is Ray Wise doing here
Maybe as Sean Spicer? Is that too on the nose? Paul Manafort has to be Ray Wise right? Maybe aged dow…
I've been on it a few weeks with It's still great. Amazing stuff for Ray Wise, not enough for Grace Zabriskie.
How is it possible that Ray Wise now looks 20 years young than David Patrick Kelly?
Richard Beymer, Ray Wise and Sherilyn Fenn are the standouts of the regular cast.
One of the ways Ray Wise is a truly great actor is the fact that he brings his A+ game ev…
Yep. Ray Wise still regrets that decision. Ray Wise owns.
This year has just been a slap in the face fantasy wise
☮♬☮The father of the righteous experiences great joy; who has a wise son delights in him in this infinite universe☮♬ h…
It's as if you are using x-ray vision today to see right throu... More for Leo
"rebuild, restore, revive, renew" wise and heartfelt words from board member Ray.
The Quiet, the Ray of Sunshine and The Bliss of Happiness is what I woke up to
A wise person will make mistakes and will learn from them.
"So we really got home an hour ago, but we got home just now" wise words of B-Ray
“The sacred scriptures are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 3:15
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Wise words from the legend Ray Allen.
Wise is he who enjoys the show offered by the world. Fernando Pessoa
If we're talking about I'd say I'm somewhere between Jessa and Ray personality-wise
This beautiful child, clearly wise beyond her tender years, embodies the attitude of an entire nation. htt…
Could've sworn I saw Ray Wise in the new Wonder Woman trailer...little bit disappointed I was wrong.
Beach House using Ray Wise in their Wishes music video makes me appreciate them even more
A little bit of gratuitous violence in a well-thought-out story is fine.
Ray Wise shows up, yells at beardo (Lloyd) and then we get a reveal that Lloyd tortured some dude's lawyer in the room.
Ray is a great team and no one can ever say other wise, it's was that pep talk that was weak,All in all every one did SO good tonight.
What I have been saying. I think is either wise or stealing my thoughts with his mind ray
Clearly the big missed opportunity for Twin Peaks ephemera was an album of Ray Wise singing standards in-character as Leland Palmer.
.is wise beyond his years. The rapper breaks down why Chicago is so violent. Watch the full interview here: h…
once a wise man said - If you are ugly then you are ugly, dnt talk about inner beauty we dnt travel around carrying a x-ray..
Night of the Living Deb (2015) which stars Maria Thayer, Michael Cassidy, Chris Marquette and Ray Wise!
I really enjoyed it, I think it only lasted 2 seasons. You'll recognize some of the cast (Armand Hammer, Ray Wise)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Tonight's Netflix viewing; Suburban Gothic, a comedy horror with Kat Dennings, Ray Wise and John Waters. This had better be a camp classic.
Ray Wise is in God's Not Dead 2. Here's hoping for a Twin Peaks tie-in and an appearance by Bob, Leland Palmer, and David Lynch.
I'll only see if Ray Wise is playing Leland Palmer. Killer Bob puts God on trial.
What else did "The Chase" have? Charlie Sheen kidnapped someone with a Butterfinger. Ray Wise acted like a snobby version of Leland Palmer.
And obviously lyrics and flows wise, the guy was an absolute genius. BIG had an insane sense of humor too. Literally the total …
The nuns tell it like they see it. And they have HEX-ray vision. :)
Wise Words Wednesday:. “Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat the luckier you get.” – Ray Kroc
and 4th, every girl kinda resembles the originals. The wise craking Venkman, the lovable goof Ray, and the awkward Egon. Patty
.You don't seriously believe anything coming from the *** of Bath? That is not 'information'. Wise up!
there's no way Ciara's other videos compare to GMG or GD..choreo wise..she was GOATing there
Ciara's body is way better than in that picture now. I think it's close body wise. Ciara arm for sure tho. Face wise no comp..
Clean & clear exfoliant scrub it clears blackheads & oil free skin but spots wise.. no
since it's you should know how much you inspire me. You're wise beyond your years and a ray of sunshine in my day.🌟
The great Ray Wise backstage at MALEVOLENT recording session. Join us at
Would be wise move for Midler to keep Kim out of her comfort zone of a bra & panties match. WWE would need Ray J to be the ref
You are wise to keep your feelings to yourself today as the di... More for Sagittarius
Ray Tomlinson: Ray Tomlinson has passed away. Mainstream obituaries are going to focus on his ... Via
There's a certain kind of demented magic in RAY WISE's bad guys. Here he is as loving sweetheart father Leland...
with the option of a sting ray wise open you go with the most cliché animal of a wolf
Me: spencer stop that sign language is dead. . Amanda: not to the blind. . Me:😐 spencer:😑 mr.wise:😕
Uh Oh, Ray Wise just showed up. That means it's going down.
pole sana lakini. O'wise how have you been?
S/O to Shane Ray LB from the Super Bowl Broncos for giving us some wise words at practice today
My wise words today are: don't get into. Relationship if you don't love yourself or your life yet. Trust me.
Here is Dani Lennon with the amazing Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Agent Carter) who portrays her father, Cyrus. He might...
I liked a video from Superstar Actor Ray Wise, Gives Advice on Bullying
I remember A Ray said I remind him of her music wise..I still don't hear that lol. That's how I started jamming her though 👌str8 🔥
sir the tax on PF z Nt a wise decision. bad tym can come anytime. If I want some money of my pf. Y 2 pay tax??
Specialty paves the wise pro the in thing in cooperation with the pentax k5 dslr x-ray machine: TUoV
I love Edgeworth as a character, and he's probably my favorite to play after Apollo but he's not my type appearance-wise lol
w/ the great Ray Wise, who plays her slightly MALEVOLENT dad. Join us at
Proverbs 24:5. A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.
Meet Cru from Italy, 1 of our team, as she draws Ray Wise At
Worried about Actors who played BOB, Log Lady are no longer with us and characters played by Ray Wise killed off
Thanks to "Reaper" the Devil will always look like Ray Wise in my imagination XD
Ray Wise just nails the creepiness. And then the brokenness.
what would you say about Love Ray Allen went to Miami for him, going to Miami make a lot of sense tax wise
I always imagined Mr. Wednesday was written for Ray Wise but Ian McShane is pretty cool
"Ok so all you have to do today is run really fast and when you get to a hurdle jump" Wise words of Frank's 😂
I’m strong enough, wise enough, and great enough to face ANYTHING these days throw my way. I don’t quit…
Too many are not interested in learning about other beliefs & R afraid of them. I think it would B wise 2 have +
Have you seen Ray Wise on ? he's doing a sort of sleazy Leland Palmer act. Great stuff.
Ray Wise is doing his sleazy Leland Palmer act on "Agent Carter"
Ray Wise is in Agent Carter and I really can't think of him as any other than Leland Palmer. It's not possible.
Watching season 5 of '24'. Peter Weller and Ray Wise! This just became 75% more entertaining.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Ray Wise appeared on both and on the same night! Can never get enough Leland Palmer!
Dreamt I had dinner with Nick Miller and Ray Wise's Satan from Reaper. . They didn't get along.
Kurtwood Smith, now Ray Wise... Someone in Agent Carter's casting department loves RoboCop. As should all people.
Looks like fun! Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo and Ray Wise, hey.
Suddenly imagining a world where Ray Parker Jr was Leland Palmer and Ray Wise sang the theme to Ghostbusters
they got 3 big stars black guy from ghostbusters & Ray Wise from Jeepers Creepers II & Twin Peaks
"I want a wait I just need a horse. Yeah that's what I need." Wise words from 🐴🐴🐴🐴
best Ray Donovan season.. Had me thinking Terry was gone
If you want to download or watch the entire Lupin III Master File, you can here. I did a Blu-ray rip:
so from what I gather, they're finally giving Ray Wise really good material to work with.
Youre an amazing ray of sunshine Phil, never let anyone tell you other wise 💙
I don't have x-ray eyes. Don't have a heart so wise. How could I have known you'd let me down.
So glad Ray Wise is on this and, really, all shows
I might give Lazarus Effect more than one star. Or was Ray Wise in anything else recently? Feel like he gets lots of small parts
im wise fam. If i have God money and happiness ion need nothing else lol
thats how im tryna live. Thats the wise and rich.
.I HATED Ray Wise's 1st history-rewriting stint. This time around he was BOSS.
Who knew brining back Ray Wise and pairing him with Justin Hartley would be so INSPIRED? It's like a whole new SHOW!
so Ray Allen shot off the dribble like Steph Curry??? you not on earth if u think other wise
thanks for enlightening me. I just hope it catches on with younger viewers. The scene between Ray Wise and Kyle
would be wise to appoint Allen West as Secretary of State!
Soulja boy is so dumb you think bringing theses two women together is wise
sorry Ray can't offer advice, but if u also hv a defined contribution pension & 50+ you can get free guidance from Pension Wise
Trellis soft sell trace abiogenesis-effectuate la in no wise-making an end actinic ray respecting laser targete...
Melissa Joan Hart, Ernie Hudson, and RAY WISE are in God's Not Dead 2 and I'm losing my mind
They say bad things happen for a reason but not wise words gonna stop the… ♫ Breakeven by (w/ Ray) —
I want to see a movie with Tom Sizemore, Lance Henricksen, Ray Wise and Michael Ironside all playing bounty hunting brothers.
Oh THAT'S what made her lose respect for Ray? Out of all the things...that was...k. Well whatever made her wise up is fine.
Cash is a wise man. Listen up Ray J.
There is no DW blu-ray release schedule. DVD -wise get anything that says Special Edition on , as often 2 disc sets.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I might have to get an X Ray it better be good for next Monday because that's when volleyball try outs start. like wise with
i don't think it's wise to get wasted on a Monday
its a cold ,wet, windy day then you just bring a ray of sunshine in to a other wise crap Monday thank you :-)
definitely check it out. Fantastic. Dead End with Ray Wise is also a gem.
“I’d like to buy a little white picket fenced house in Genoa City and maybe settle down with Nikki." -Ray Wise,
Would of made too much sense. Ray Farmer has 1 more year IMO to show some results. Outside Bowe he did well FA wise tho
Setting politics aside, it would be wise for PM Modi to make a strong statement on
Jason Cook on his return: "I just did the 50th anniversary, so I returned for about 2 months."
Justin Hartley & Ray Wise are on Young & the Restless rn and it's a lot going on.
ray in the wise words of frostynips42: — Surprised that he said something logical for once
technically it's not bada too... it's pronounced in syllabus wise as "Ba"+"ray" it's hindi not punjabi 😒😒😒
I didn't realise Ray Wise was in Robocop I love Robocop
""Learning makes the wise wiser and the fool more foolish." John Ray"
Ray kurzweil predicts: Wise circle floating over the only way he enthusiastically pantomimes heterosexual desire.
Another rapper will be street wise Rapper Ray. Just an amazing rapper
Ray still the best music biopic quality-wise
Windows, we'll be using a custom built and don't have to worry about anything spec wise.
Not a bad start to September blu-ray wise gonna, need to save some horror flicks for October though
indeed. For Ray is most wise in the way of bananas...
I am so excited! The artist--Mike Ray--just put the finishing touches on the painting over my door.
Simple, wise, pick yourself up great words from our one and only Ray Warda... Go ahead listen up!. Hope it guides...
honestly just whatever suits you best time wise! I'd love to go to a qualifying game and then a tournament game next year!
Billy Ray Cyrus has some wise words on parents accepting their children for who they are
Be wise enough to know when you need to walk away from all the nonsense that others are creating all around you.
Every Director should be able to articulate strategy, according to Ray Weekes at Wise words indeed.
Nobody's riding this until told other wise 😴
I am considering getting an all-region blu-ray player just for The Reflecting Skin but I worry it would lead to less wise purchases.
When we seek WISE council we gain an understanding which evokes knowledge. Make sure you…
You know who is symmetrical enough for all humans? Ray Wise.
I love Ray Wise and that's a fact. I'd ask him for his hand in marriage if I could.
When u accidentally post a pic of Ray Wise instead of the pic you wanted, but it still works out bc Ray Wise is holy.
It was a wise choice not going though. The party was really bad. In my opinion, of course... {Ray rolls his eyes}
The famous man thinks he is wise, but he is addicted.
Once you spoil yo girl mentally and materialistic wise, the next Nigha ain't gone have a chance because them some high *** …
I never did, but Ray Wise is a jewel.
Love is more blinder than Ray Charles & more deafer than Helen Keller, and that was a wise woman
Would be wise for Rex to pick up Ray Rice
ASAP - Always Say A Prayer. Wise words from one of my favorite people I have met in my life. My man W.C.
Lazarus Effect - cocktail of Reanimator, Flatliners, Event Horizon et al, but I still had fun with it. Plus bonus Ray Wise!
Holy Crap! I never knew Ray Wise played Alec Holland! That's three Twin…
wait hold on Ray Wise is swamp thing? this changes every thing
Ray Wise is trying to nail Adrienne Barbeau
Ray Wise's performance as Alec Holland is all too brief but perfect
Wise words from the great Ray 'Rabbits' Warren,
Be careful how you live, don't live like fools, be like those who are wise! Make the most of every opportunity in these ev…
Breast Cancer Awareness
the wrath of the Lord is unto those who think they are wise but woefully dumb .. .
saa am stupid for having my opinion and you are what ?for having yours...wise I doubt
All my exes are so different from each other, physically and personality wise, I can honestly say I have no type.
And they will omit revise and manipulate people to blame/see u as crazy once u wise up to their mess.
Also, how is it that Ray Wise hasn't aged at all in the 25 years since Twin Peaks?
Ranieri in a baseball cap: the wise, world-weary police chief months from retirement. Howe: his hotshot young detectiv…
For my birthday, I am wearing my certified MAD MEN shirt worn by none other than Twin Peaks' Ray Wise (before it...
"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer"~Bruce Lee. Great word - thank…
Twin Peaks was like a shooting star that exploded and became part of the American culture immediately.”. —Ray Wise in ht…
Patrick Fischler, Madchen Amick, Ray Wise. any other Lynch players on this show that I missed?
Now Dana Ashbrook, Sheryl Lee & apparently Sherilyn Fenn all in for Hoping for Ray Wise & Michael Ontkean next!
Newsreaders is so good, kids. Ray Wise!
Chris Pine is the ghost of Ray Wise's past.
Anything is infinitely better when it has Ray Wise in it.
"With these hands I'm too nice, gave him a choice in the elevator, you want the Solange or the Ray Rice" 😂😂😂😭
Ray Wise aka Leland Palmer is in this? Ok, now I'm officially terrified.
Lana Del Ray look wise is overrated, got a pigeon lip
Wise & witty why five is the magic number in Canadian politics (via …
we are so proud of our A/A* students. We hope you enjoyed your meeting today and the wise words from Mrs Ray.
I hate to admit it, but Ray Ray's tops anything cincy has to offer BBQ wise
I am Strong, because I have been weak. I am Fearless, because I have been afraid. I am Wise, because I have been...
I don't understand what Ray Wise is doing with his career at this point, but I love it so much.
This show could do with a lot more Ray Wise
Father... while you hid these things from wise and intelligent people, you revealed them to simple ones. -Matthew 11:2…
As a wise man that thinketh i posess the game in my mind, the reason i wear shades you cant see the pain in my eyes
lol yes huh other wise I would said what I was talking about
Wise words from a real American hero. Absolutely blessed to say I had the opportunity to watch him.
On the first day of Christmas I give to you Ray Wise really really young.
Not to worry... Any one can make a mistake... And x-ray eyes aren't always reliable 😀
I'm in the holiday spirit. So I'm going to do 21 days of Ray Wise. AKA 21 pics of him till X-Mas!
I have a soft spot for Ray Wise's turn as Pres. Michael Dugan in Red Alert 2.
That's not a real person, right? That's clearly a Ray Wise character.
Only hoopin wise my young bull we all gone make…
Some of our favourite Twin Peaks stars in roles earlier in their careers:. Russ Tamblyn, Richard Beymer, Ray Wise,...
Angle and Lesnar have a history, its true. But Bully Ray and HEYMAN have history. That's bigger, story-wise.
Wise words from Louis CK as a motivational poster 👏
Am I the only one who thinks Ray Wise and Lionel Hollins look similar??
Ray Wise is in the Agent Carter series, lmao.
"Dainy ray" wise words by the one and only nash Vivian Anthony San Pablo. the third .Grier
Wise or risky? shock jock Ray Hadley tells PM to call an election: "Better to die than live on your knees."
*9 so experience gonna make her a better overall artist. Like he can be Cole's son, rapping wise. He has a P.h. D in rapping
bro *** Career wise who is better? Wayne isn't in his prime anymore. COLE prime just started. Wayne 32, COLE 29 😴😴😴😴
DTN World News: The Precision Chromatic Ray Race of People: Anthony MadridApril 24, 2012WHO is as the wise man...
I was gonna comment on that Ray Allen foreshadow but it's true. In 5-10 years he'll be better than Allen. Shooting wise.
Ray Wise is a national treasure and should be treated as such.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Ooh, new episode. Seven minutes in and we've already broken the Prime Directive and shocked Ray Wise into unconsciousness
Ray Wise back as Leland Palmer for Twin Peaks reboot
there's so many good crossovers like that. Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) was in a TNG episode too!
"Ray Wise and Christopher McDonald are *** brothers who..." That's all I got.
The kid is okay, but hardly a substitute for Kurtwood Smith and Ray Wise.
I had a chance to play a zombie one night with Ray Wise on the roof of The Westin Portland Harborview Hotel. He...
Someone spoke some wise words to me today 👌 my mind set is way different now 👐
Just hearing how he went out even when he wasn't feeling well. Not very wise. Grrr
I appreciate every obstacle. The struggle in things really made me strong. Wise. More aware.
u know there's only one person who could possibly play BOB.ray wise.
The only Satan I want in this movie is Ray Wise's (Reaper), but he's still in, like, Twin Peaks form at this point
might wanna change the Heat banner photo on your TuneIn Radio app page, LBJ&Ray ain't a Heat no mo, just a word to the wise
An interview with Ray Wise talking about Newsreaders and Twin Peaks.
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