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Ray Wilkins

Raymond Colin Wilkins MBE (born 14 September 1956 in Hillingdon, Middlesex), often known as Butch Wilkins, is an English former footballer and at present a television pundit.

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Ray Wilkins his assistant too. Between the two of them they might have the right stuff. Watch this space.
reminds me of when Ray Wilkins used the money got from Sir Les and bought Mark Hately, Ned Zelik and Simon Osbourne...
I've worked out who Ray Wilkins is slowly turning into. His metamorphosis is nearly complete.
John Terry's leadership has been the platform for Chelsea's success, says Ray Wilkins
Fabian Delph turning down Manchester City is 'almost like a new signing' for ... -
Coppell, Stapleton & Robson smile as a worried & Ray Wilkins are tasked with stealing VCRs.
Ray Wilkins has advised Jack Grealish to ‘live like a monk’ in order to fulfill his potential as Tim Sherwood insisted the young Aston
I reckon Ray Wilkins will help the team a lot coaching wise hopefully a couple of signings will do the trick!
Please tell me these Witsel rumours for 34 million euros is rubbish. I remember the pride of Ray Wilkins. RLC has more talent!!!
Puma Kings every time. Closely followed by Adidas World Cups (with tongue flapping over a la Ray "Butch" Wilkins!)
I see Ray Wilkins was saying Fabian Delph should be applauded the other day. Does anyone know what's going on
I got faith in Sherwood mate, plus we got your Ray Wilkins now havn't we 😉
more good news is the fact that Ray Wilkins has joined Aston Villa as no2 lol ***
Delph said he would stay, then found out Villa had hired Ray Wilkins and would sell Benteke, and people are surprised he changed his mind!⚽️
as a chelsea fan, I respect the midfield mind of Ray Wilkins, but his legs have gone and if he is the only signing villa look fooked
At the friendly game in Portugal and Ray Wilkins has just stated to a guy "we've lost Delph" .
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I can't believe I literally had no clue until today that Ray Wilkins is at Aston Villa...What kind of cave was I living in?
Grealish will only fulfill Aston Villa potential if he lives 'like a monk', says Wilkins |
Ray wilkins heart must be broken after what he said about Delph a coupla days ago lol. No loyalty left. Its sll about the money
“He (Delph) could have gone to ManCity for a lot of money but he wants 700 games and a good career” Villa assistant Ray Wilkins last weekend
Slightly concerning that Delph's actions seem to have this effect on the coaching/playing staff. Ray Wilkins:
A Ray of hope: Delph decision restores Wilkins’ faith in modern footballers
Aston Villa: “Fabian Delph should be applauded for his actions" says Ray Wilkins
Ray Wilkins on Delph's loyalty to Villa on the 14th July:. 'It's rare in football to see that happen. I thought it was fantastic'.
Ray Wilkins on Delph: We were sitting here moping about as dark as the biggest hole on the planet, then Tim comes in an…
Mark Bowen, Graeme Jones, Ryan Giggs, Ray Wilkins, Cousillas, Koeman's brother - and that's it for me!
Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast – the best bits: Monday, June 29: Danny Kelly and Ray Wilkins were joined on toda...
NEW BACKROOM ADDITION: Ray Wilkins joins us as assistant manager. The full story:
Ray Wilkins has been confirmed at Villa, but we've decided to show you Vic Mackey instead.
Ray Wilkins on the academies are not working ? £m's spent on these academies and nothing spent on grassroots…
Ray Wilkins has just heard Alan Hutton is still on the playing staff at Villa.
Tim Sherwood and Ray Wilkins at There will be banter.
Former Chelsea midfielder Ray Wilkins (58) will join Aston Villa as assistant manager to Tim Sherwood
Don't think Alan Hutton will like Ray Wilkins coaching style at Villa.
Trevor Francis, David Healy, Colin Hendry, Ray Wilkins. Couple of contentious ones in there.
Alan & Dom Cork LIVE from Ascot from 6 tomo. Ray Wilkins, Bernard Gallacher, Terry Butcher, all on the show.
Tops 10's podcast now includes : Jonny Nelson, Ray Wilkins, Dave Beasant, Carl Froch, David James and more! Go!!
12/6/80 Ray Wilkins celebrates his goal as Eric Gerets and David Johnson couldn't beleive their eyes
can someone swap in Ray Wilkins or Big Niall Quinn for Henry please?!
So who should be go for as No.2 Pako, Rene , Hyypia, Sammy Lee, Steve Clarke, Karl Robinson , Ray Wilkins its always Ray Wilkins right
just listened to Ray Wilkins from last week what great football knowledge. Keep up good work!
... Ray Wilkins today on Alan Brazil Breakfast show 'Jose Mourinho has the ability to make them play better than they can' ?!?
Ray Wilkins selecting Willian in his "Chelsea team of the Decade" over Michael Ballack, on the premise that he gets goals. 6. . Ever. .
I'll pick Ray Wilkins,Alan McDonald and Paul Parker,these are players I've seen play.
OOooh...please follow me as you're in my top 3 Chelsea Legends (with Ray Wilkins and Kerry Dixon ! )
Ray Wilkins was spot on this morning regarding John Barnes' black manager claim. Refreshing to hear someone brave enough to s…
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Has anybody ever seen Ray Wilkins & Uncle Fester in the same room at the same time?
Sajid Javid still looking like Ray Wilkins going to a fancy dress party as Uncle Fester
Ray Wilkins and Alan Brazil slagging Man Utd of this morning ... only lost 2 in 22 games .. Get a grip you deluded fools.
Former midfielder Ray Wilkins believes the Red Devils will NOT sign Falcao & will look elsewhere in the summer
I know Arsenal fans are unhappy, but one man on the radio just accused Mezut Ozil of being 'a glorified Ray Wilkins'.
Avram Grant, Alain Perrin, Paul Le Guen and Ray Wilkins all currently managing in international tournaments. What a time to be alive.
yeah, can see your point How about Ian Ferguson from his post in Australia? Tommy McLean, Alex Miller, Ray Wilkins,
Leeds should have bought him when *** Jones Retired! Peter Shilton & Graeme Souness, Ray Wilkins,we Dominate football!
My first taste of European football was AC Milan and the great sides through the 90'S. Channel 4, Ray Wilkins and James Richardson
I never thought I would miss Ray Wilkins now we got the likes of Townsend and Owen on our football programs.
Graham and Ray Wilkins in their Chelsea days.
When did Ray Wilkins sign for Liverpool. Play sideways play backwards.You score by playing forwards you create problems by playing backwards
Ray Wilkins has to be up there for outright favouritism whenever Chelsea were on
Big Ray Wilkins, for his stories... 'I met (insert footballers name) at a charity event and he is a lovely chap'
I think Andy Townsend remained impartial throughout, he is a true professional, up there with Ray Wilkins as a co-commentator legend
Ray Wilkins commentated on Spurs v Madrid and he referred to Spurs as 'we' as if every English person wanted Spurs to win
Maurice Wilkins got a Nobel along with Watson and Crick for running an x-ray machine
I wouldn't necessarily bring in a new manager, maybe Rodgers needs an experienced assistant like Ray Wilkins
We need to take off the Welsh Ray Wilkins & replace him with a footballer
Impey: "Ray Wilkins found it hard being the manager, and one of the lads at the same time"
That Ramsey goal. As the great Ray Wilkins would have said ''My word''
It's 1962, so grateful for Maurice Wilkins's x-ray photographs to help us win a Nobel Prize!
Juan Mata has turned into Ray Wilkins - back, sideways, back, back, sideways back. Suppose it could be worse he could be Fellaini.
Ray Wilkins was Chelsea's manager last time we faced Watford. Anelka got a hattrick, one of those, an overhead.
If you think Ray Wilkins should be the next Rangers manager then please take a long, hard look at yourself..then throw yourself in the Clyde
Remember when Ray Wilkins was on Sky every week. Dark times.
Jazz brunch yesterday at Ryles in tribute to pianist Ray Santisi. Patricia Adams singing, Frank Wilkins on piano ...
A touching picture of Ray Wilkins with Leeds United's Don Revie at his charity game at Elland Road in the 80s!!
Niall Quinn is up there with Ray Wilkins in the worst commentator league
Randy Wilkins just said to Cheryl "I'll Ray Rice you, knock you out on the elevator" 😂😂😂
Watching Everton is like watching 11 Ray Wilkins pass to the side or backwards 15 times and go nowhere
Ray wilkins will be wounded thinking chelsea was going to go unbeaten 😂
I had something similar but I thought it was Ray Wilkins.
8 Ray C. Wilkins . (used middle initial to make it work. Still doesn't really though)
Ray Wilkins believes Didier Drogba can stay at Chelsea for a number of years http…
Ray Wilkins not making much sense on
Who knew Micky Adams was the 1st player to get sent off in the Premier League.for punching Ray Wilkins? I'm learning …
Mike never mind Moyes une,dos,tres,quatre can you tell me why Ray Wilkins never made it into management??
Ray Wilkins struggling on the panel tonight...
You don't ever see Sajid Javid and Ray Wilkins together, do you?
he looks like an Asian Ray Wilkins.
When did Ray Wilkins become a political commentator?
Oh, his name is Sajid, I thought it was Ray Wilkins!
To *** with the naysayers, I think the producers were quite right to get Ray Wilkins on.
A young Ray Wilkins is the Culture Secretary?. You live and learn.
Great dinner hosted by Natwest & Wilkins Kennedy last night. How can we help your business reach the next level it deserves...?
As Ray Wilkins would say 'My word that was a lot of rain this morning'. Fingers crossed tomorrows vs is on
Ray Wilkins is the new coach of Jordan. My word.
.during his brief stay as Jordan National Team manager last year in World Cup Qualifier. Ray Wilkins ...
Ray Wilkins, the new coach of Jordan, looks on
Ray Wilkins, the new mentor of Jordan, qualified prospects a instruction session
The first one on this link is quality.
coached by former England international Ray Wilkins, play South Korea on Friday at 4:30
That's right he got a rousing chorus of "Walker Walker show your *** Walker show us your *** even Ray Wilkins>
Looks like my Christmas has come early !!. Pre order of Blu ray copy of Guardians of The Galaxy winging its way to...
did Ray Wilkins got sacked by Chelsea under Ancheloti
sideways and backwards like Ray Wilkins. Still very rusty but there is some life left in the
In fact, to extend the analogy, I think Danczuk is Ray Wilkins: throwing a daft strop that only hurts the team for no apparent purpose.
Dembele has morphed into a modern day half crab half Ray Wilkins. It's not pretty.
took off our best 2 players and left worst on pitch. Henderson has turned into a port imitation of Ray Wilkins.
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Oscar needs Ray Wilkins to remind him, 'stay on your feet...'
Off to bed can't be bothered to hear ray Wilkins talk rubbish.
Also in this week's Rangers News: Ray Wilkins on league reconstruction.
I thought that was your Ray Wilkins impression Bish.:-)
Ha ha is ray wilkins the ref rl .
You've got your awful commentators like Michael Owen and Ray Wilkins. But Robbie Savage is on a totally different level!
I think it's fair to say that is not cut out to be a football commentator. Makes Ray Wilkins sound good
How about Ray Wilkins goal against Celtic? That was a belter too.
the best, Ray Wilkins was laughing as well the massive ***
Chelsea used to be represented by the likes of Les Allen, Terry Venables, John Hollins, David Webb & Ray Wilkins. Now its JT
Sinton: 'Sheridan along with Ray Wilkins best midfielder I've played with.'
Maarnin! Alan's co-host this morning is Ray Wilkins. . Here's Ray with Kevin Keegan, Trevor Brooking and hair...
Ray Wilkins was right "Stay on your feet" and good things happen. Disappointing the number of times Wilshere falls/dives
v has Ray Wilkins got a tv job? If not, then why do I have to listen to the witless witterings of Andy Townsend?
Loic Remy, Ray Wilkins, Stephane Sessegnon, they are all at it
Listening to Alan Brazil and Ray Wilkins great show great start to the day..keeps you sane stuck in M8 traffic!
Ray Wilkins is the new manager or Jordan and Frank Stapleton is his assistant. Is their a more perplexing management duo in football?
Frank Stapleton becomes Ray Wilkins' assistant with the Jordan national team
Stapleton to join Wilkins in Jordan: Former Republic of Ireland striker Frank Stapleton will act as assistant to Ray Wilkins after th...
Best of luck to former Ireland captain Frank Stapleton in his new role with as assistant to Ray Wilkins.
Can't help but feel there's a TV programme of some sort to be made out of Ray Wilkins and Frank Stapleton coaching Jordan.
See former boss Frank Stapleton assisting Ray Wilkins to manage Jordan.. Would be too easy to insert Peter Andre joke here
Not the only ex-Ireland international getting work today with Frank Stapleton to be Ray Wilkins' assistant with Jordan's national team.
Ray Wilkins and Frank Stapleton just announced as Jordan manager and assistant coach
Ray Wilkins has a new job but he faces a longer commute after roles in west London having taken the Jordan job
Jordan hire Ray Wilkins as new head coach and Frank Stapleton as assistant (photo: Getty) http:/…
Jordan have appointed Ray Wilkins as their new boss. Former Man United and Arsenal forward Frank Stapleton appointed as assistant
Ray Wilkins, London & England, all & featured in Wrong Place Wrong Time
Are you talking to Frank Stapleton today Matt, following his appointment as Ray Wilkins' assistant?
Ray Wilkins and Frank Stapleton the latest footballers to get their heads stuck in to Jordan
Ray Wilkins appointed as coach of Jordan and assisted by Frank Stapleton
Ray Wilkins named Jordan manager with ex-Arsenal star Frank Stapleton his assistant
"Jordan have terminated the contracts of head coach Ray Wilkins and assistant Frank Stapleton less than six months aft…
Ray Wilkins is the new coach of Jordan (the country, btw), and, wait for it, Frank Stapleton will be his assistant.
Ray Wilkins is the new manager of Jordan. Don't worry it's the national football team and nothing to do with him helping Katie Price.
Ray Wilkins appointed Jordan manager - if there's one thing Katie Price needs; it's not a manager...
“Former Fulham assistant boss Ray Wilkins appointed head coach of Jordan" - Ray is the perfect man to sort Katie Price out.
Congratulations to Katie Price on appointing Ray Wilkins as manager.
Good signing for Katie Price... "BREAKING NEWS: Ray Wilkins has been appointed Jordan team head coach"
Best of luck to Ray Wilkins with his new job as manager of the country that now prefers to be called Katie Price.
“BREAKING NEWS: Ray Wilkins has been appointed Jordan national team head coach: . Katie Price has her own nation?.
Manchester United should have bought Hummels and Khedira, not Angel Di Maria says Ray Wilkins (Mirr…
Another defeat for QPR. Off to see them on Sat' for 1st time in 14 yrs. Used to love watching Les Ferdinand, Ray Wilkins, Ian Holloway etc
Former Manchester United star Ray Wilkins has questioned the transfer fee that the club are set to pay for Real Madrid winger Angel Di Maria. Check in to Burnley vs Manchester United The Red Devils...
30 years ago: Ron Atkinson pays £500,000 to bring Gordon Strachan to to replace Ray Wilkins.
Ray Wilkins insists Louis van Gaal's primary objective is to get back in the
Saha has just been announced and confirmed as the 9th Manchester United Legend to play at the Official Opening of Jubilee Park on Saturday 2nd August 2014. Ronnie Johnsen, David May, Clayton Blackmore, Frank Stapleton, David Healy, Keith Gillespie, Michael Mols, Ray Wilkins...and now Louis Saha. Amazing history there, World Cups, Champions Leagues, Premier Leagues, FA cups, Caps, Northern Ireland ’s leading goalscorer, You don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime event!! From the Wilkins, Stapleton era to Blackmore, May, Johnsen, Healy, Gillespie to Louis Saha. Get your tickets TODAY!! DID YOU KNOW?? With the France v Germany Quarter Final taking place in Brazil- this player played for his national team France in a 2–1 win against Germany on 29 February 2012 . That’s only 2 years ago!! – LOUIS SAHA Fastest FA Goal (25 Seconds) in the 2009 FA Cup Final – LOUIS SAHA Fastest goal at the new Wembley Stadium –LOUIS SAHA Twice winning the Premier League, the 2007–08 UEFA Champions League and . ...
Breaking news QPR linked with John Barnes and Ray Wilkins after missing out on Bryson
Ok, we're up to five World Cup stars:. Peter Shilton. Richard Garcia. Ray Wilkins. Steve Hodge. Alvin Martin . Any more?
Well dad gets the World Cup ball signed by Ray Wilkins and Ian Rush
Here's Ray Wilkins picking the winner of the BBC's Italia'90 Goal of the Tournament competition.
Day 2 in the Big Geek House - After waking up in our executive suite, slightly dehydrated obviously due to the rooms air con and not the copious amount of wine consumed, we embarked upon our new quest to boldly go where no geek has gone before ( no sloppy geek seconds for these girls! ) and seek out new celebrities to throw ourselves unashamedly at.. the first lucky recipient was the delightful bowler hatted Danny John Jules and he seemed genuinely elated to see us again, we googled the hand gesture he made when he saw us and we are pretty sure it's a Red Dwarf sign for love!.. Next was Stuart Pearce who apparently is a 'giver' although Ray Wilkins refused to confirm this due to an ongoing legal situation! I have yet to apologise to our Caribbean Pirate friend for using his bath towel as a dress, placing his toothbrush into my mouth and proceeding to spray myself with his aftershave in a very camp way. I MUST do it today as I expect the soon to be injunction will pretty much restrict me being able to be w ...
Ray Wilkins,Stan Collymore,Garth Crooks,Alan Hansen, in fact just Crooks will do what a p..k he is
Chelsea Player of the Year for 2013/14 Eden Hazard has been crowned the Chelsea Player of the Year for 2013/14. The Belgian received the award from Jose Mourinho to a cap a memorable second season with the Blues. Hazard, who scored 17 goals this season including a number of wonderful individual efforts, was thrilled to pick up the award for the first time. 'I just want to say thank you,' Hazard smiled. 'The three nominees all deserved it but it's me! We know it's a collective sport but individually trophies are sometimes good, so I'll take this one home and enjoy it with my family. 'When I play I try to give my best on the pitch. I like the applause and when the fans come they want to see a spectacle.' Past winners 1967 Peter Bonetti 1968 Charlie Cooke 1969 David Webb 1970 John Hollins 1971 John Hollins 1972 David Webb 1973 Peter Osgood 1974 Gary Locke 1975 Charlie Cooke 1976 Ray Wilkins 1977 Ray Wilkins 1978 Micky Droy 1979 Tommy Langley 1980 Clive Walker 1981 Petar Borota 1982 Mike Fillery 1983 Joey Jon ...
Ray Wilkins talking about Ross Barkley: "He's so exciting, I love watching him play, he never fails to let me down". Glowing review?!?
Ray Wilkins singing Sweet Caroline along with us at the Man Utd legends dinner. He's good craic but I think he should stick to footballing affairs lol.
The late Hughie Gallacher will be joining Ray Wilkins as an inductee into the National Football Museum Hall of Fame this yea…
Former Chelseaassistant boss Ray Wilkins is convinced Chelsea will beat Atletico Madrid in the second leg. Former Chelsea assistant Ray Wilkins has praised the effort put in by striker Fernando Torresagainst Atletico Madrid, admitting the Spaniard was starved of service. Wilkins told SkySports: "I felt sorry for Fernando Torres who was running around like a lunatic up front, but the ball wasn't coming to him." Chelsea battled to secure a 0-0 draw at the Vicente Calderon but rarely looked like scoring an away goal. Torres managed just one shot, comfortably saved by Thibaut Courtois, although his four aerial duels won was the highest of any Chelsea player on the night. The Spaniard also made six successful dribbles, three times as many as his nearest teammate on the night as he worked to try and make something happen for his side. Without Eden Hazard in the starting line-up, Chelsea struggled to create opportunities, although the hope is that the injured Belgian will be able to return next week. Despite the ...
Sacked David Moyes: Manchester United should have given me more time By Sky Sports Staff | Last Updated: 23/04/14 10:12am David Moyes: Off-stage moves for big-name players came to nothing David Moyes is frustrated he was not given more time to build a team at Manchester United, according to a Sky source. Sky Sports News understands Moyes accepts his sacking on Tuesday was down to poor results which saw last season's champions slump to seventh - out of the Champions League and guaranteed their worst Premier League points total. But in the months before his departure the Scot repeatedly suggested a major rebuilding job was required at Old Trafford this summer. It is understood Moyes felt some of United's players found it difficult to adapt to his methods following the end of the Sir Alex Ferguson era. Ray Wilkins says Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelloti could be the ideal fit to take over at Old Trafford if he was available. Sky Sports News has also been told that Moyes did not manage to match Ferguson's fathe ...
Ray Wilkins has thrown his support behind Carlo Ancelotti to fill the vacant managerial position at Manchester United
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Ray Wilkins shocked by the Chelski result
bought on was a crab anyway a bit like ray Wilkins
Personally only manager id have would be Alan Curbishley or even Ray Wilkins !
Toss up between him and Ray Wilkins.
Ah Hayes, the home of Ray Wilkins, Greg *** and er, the mother in law.
Last wk,Ray Wilkins gave Sunderland no chance against City and Chelsea. Said there's no way they were gonna get anything from both.Got 4 pts
Dean Saunders really is a plum. Worst commentator I have ever heard... Apart from Ray Wilkins, what a tosser that man is
Chiles hosting, Niall Quinn and Lawrenson pundits, Andy Towsend and Ray Wilkins on commentary. Hideous.
Ray Wilkins,Clarke Carlisle&Sam Matterface. Awful. Tyldesley for his obvious bias towards the mancs.So much drivel to choose from
can't look much further than the entire current ITV crop. My throw Ray Wilkins in as co-commentator as well.
don't publish if you don't want a debate. Lovely man, but doubt anyone ever clamoured for Ray Wilkins.
reminds me of Ray Wilkins and THAT goal... what a day!
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our RAY WILKINS Conundrum. Nice one!
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble RAY WILKINS in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
you can go in goal mate, I'll just play in the style of Ray "the crab" Wilkins tonight and hold back featured in NBC s Science of Love
Heard Andy Cole and Ray Wilkins my word yesterday and they were like arsenal needs to buy but at the same time the players need to perform
Total Giftz: Turning passion for sport into online store: WHEN construction workers Ray Wilkins and Darren Kav...
I'd rather we didn't the money on a proven coach like Ray Wilkins , no more wasted transfer fees
..., according to former man Ray Wilkins.
he even managed to ruin Ray Wilkins for me
Used to have Ray Wilkins but I don't know what happened to him.
Nice for the Spanish to name a cup competition after Ray Wilkins.
Would never have known Ray Wilkins worked for chelsea
explanation on why Barca have lost their edge was great, guy knows his stuff! A Spanish Ray Wilkins ;)
yep, Ray Wilkins, Poland game, Martin Hodge should have gone, on 🔥 then off t'Barc & ⚽️ biggest cheat😡
2 for you - Andy Cole and Ray Wilkins. And Andy - of course!
"3 players helped me at Ron Harris, Ray Wilkins & David Hay. David was a great guy. On the pitch he could do everything"
that is Ray Wilkins on the left isn't it?
Ray Wilkins is on my stream, actually makes me ill that he's still working in football.
Ray Wilkins & Andy Cole rather Carroll to Giroud in their team. *** ! That's y u sitting in a studio not pitch side
Breast Cancer Awareness
Watching Hammers at Emirates. They've shown Arsenal goal about 20 times Ray Wilkins (looking like Uncle Fester) one of pundits. Sky in Doha
Anyone else noticed how Ray Wilkins looks like Fester from the Adams family?
“It was nice to hear Ray Wilkins speaking so articulate” MICKY QUINN
Ray Wilkins is so close to being festa Adams it's a joke
You remind me of a young Ray Wilkins — My word!
ray Wilkins, Alan McDonald, Simon barker, clint hill and
Ray Wilkins everybody:. It has been a season of upheaval, but we are seeing a bit of progress being made and that’s the important thing
Ray Wilkins:“Man United will be back fighting next year, they’ve still got a lot of hard work to do but they knew...
Ray Wilkins: "Next season, Man United will be fighting for the top spot with David Moyes and a number of new signings this summer."
Ray Wilkins England home shirt from 1983 game v Hungary
Great Live chat with Ray Wilkins, Alan Curbishley, and, um, me!
Former Chelsea coach Ray Wilkins has backed John Terry to be in the England side at the World Cup if, and only if, the FA initiate talks with him. Murs and the boys, Michael and Chelsea. Admin. Michael Kevin Ahamefula Emenalo (born 4 July 1965 in Lagos, Nigeria) is a retired Nigerian footballer, currently technical director at Chelsea. Career Emenalo played college Soccer in the United States at Boston University from 1986 to 1989. From there, he played for Molenbeek in Belgium, Eintracht Trier in Germany and Notts County F.C in England before going back to the US. Emenalo was part of the original allocated players for Major League Soccer and spent two seasons (1996–97) with the San Jose Clash. After that, he played with Lleida in Spain and Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel. Emenalo won 14 caps for Nigeria and played in the 1994 FIFA World Cup, missing the first game through injury but then played against Argentina and Greece before Nigeria were knocked out by Italy. He joined Chelsea when former manager Avram Grant was in charge in 2007. After the departure of Ray Wilkins, Emenalo was promoted from his position as chief scout to assistant ...
John Terry has been urged to come out of international retirement and play for England at the World Cup. Terry’s former coach at Chelsea, Ray Wilkins, believes the former England skipper is still one of the best centre halves in the country and should make himself available to Roy Hodgson’s squad fo...
It's a good shout off Ray Wilkins for John Terry to go to the WC. I wouldn't play him but his experience and presence would be massive.
David Moyes and Pep Guardiola Oh that's where Ray Wilkins is now.
Former Chelsea assistant manager Ray Wilkins: Moyes needs two or three transfer windows to solve United crisis
Henning Berg, Niall Quinn, Ray Wilkins, and Gary McAllister will have their say. Join Al & 6am til 10am!
Back in the game The MEN said: One thing you can guarantee ahead of Sunday's game is that we're going to have to put up with a one-sided analysis no matter what the result. You see, former Liverpool players dominate the UK punditry scene, and they're sure to be out in force again at Old Trafford. You might get the odd splash of Gary Neville on co-commentary (also an England coach), but otherwise it'll be a face-full of Jamies Carragher and Redknapp and Graeme Souness. We say: That is true – Jamie Redknapp, Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness are former Liverpool players, and they are also prominent in the world of television punditry. But that's because they are very good at what they do, and their thoughts on the game have been cultivated from careers under good managers playing good football. Carragher and Souness have won European Cups, after all. There is also, of course, pundits like Dwight Yorke, Gary Pallister, Dion Dublin and Ray Wilkins, all who have played at Old Trafford. Older and wiser The M ...
I see Ray Wilkins almost every week for two hours on my TV. He makes me want to cry.
Tim Sherwood goes the boozer with Ray Wilkins and Andy Townsend
I know, Dave Bassett is Director of Football, he keeps bringing in staff, just brought in Ray Wilkins, my job isn't safe lol
Kyle Walker...the modern day Ray Wilkins, sideways and backwards but never forward, dear oh dear.
What have Ray Wilkins and Tom cleverly got in common? None of them has ever passed forward
Wilfried Zaha is one of four men to make first-team appearances for & Crystal Palace. Others: Wyn Davies, George Graham, …
The next day we got hammered 4-0. That was the end of movie night. Ray Wilkins was gutted as he'd had Mulan lined up for the following week.
Congratulations to Danny 'RAY' Wilkins and Alice on the birth of their baby son. Also to Uncle Sam who needs to get babysitting.
a rare forward pass from Ray Wilkins.
in the words of Ray Wilkins... 'my word'
Ray Wilkins down the prestbury 😂😂 rather stick pins in my eyes than listen to that boring ***
want City to win tonight, Barca's Tika-Taka style bores me, pass the ball 5 yards sideways all the time, it's like watching 11 Ray Wilkins
without cheating the last three give it away. It's Ray Wilkins :)
Mr Wilkins said "there's a 6 xray limit per year" and I'm over here like . I've gotten about one X-ray a week and a ct scan JUST in 2014
Ms. is truly a living was made for her. ht…
77: The 77th greatest player in Scottish football history is RAY WILKINS
Ray Wilkins used to say Didier and Frank when he was commentating, like they grew up together
Maybe Townsend is doing his Ray Wilkins "we" bit -- becoming the first English commentator to admit that Arsenal are English.
“Double Chocolate Cookie Bars in the words of Ray Wilkins ... MY WORD ❤️😘
if Rangers offered me £850K a year I'd snap their hands off, but I'd hire Ray Wilkins as a coach to back me up
Seeing pictures of Brad Friedel and Ray Wilkins with hair makes me fear I will be as bald as they are now one day
ha. Do you remember how good I was at that game. Bet you do. "My word young man". Ray Wilkins would have said that about me
Ray Wilkins. Midfield . 1973-79. Appearances/goals: 198/34. Honours: no titles won unfortunately, yet was captain at 17.
This FRIDAY come celebrate with TINA at raspberries
Adrian Chiles, Ray Wilkins & Micheal Owen would make the worst punditry panel ever. I can't stand any of them. ITV & BT Sport better fix up😭
Ray Wilkins, Michael Owen and Adrian chiles would be the worlds worst punditry panel
I said it last season, and I still believe it to the case. Rangers should have snapped up Ray Wilkins when they had the chance
Walking past the Mrs and she's told me that Ray has just won Dancing on Ice. She's still hasn't told me if it's Winston or Wilkins???
I said from day one that Ray Wilkins should've been brought in to support Ally but it seems he preferred friends
They got rid of Martin Jol, Rene Meulensteen, Alan Curbishley, Ray Wilkins and even the Michael Jackson statue...
On my live stream for the football Ray Wilkins is doing analysis for the Six Nations.
Ray Wilkins thinks that the challenge on Micah was the "highlight of the first half"... It was a red card from where I'm sitting you Cnut
Just switched over to see the second half of man city v Wigan, Ray Wilkins is looking like Uncle Fester more and more
Suprised to hear that Demichelis has given a penalty away at the Wastelands. He needs to take some advice fron Ray Wilkins...
Aye, you could say the same about Ray Wilkins.
FA Cup triple header in the company of Ray Wilkins and George Boateng today. Live on in 10 minutes.
Wayne Rooney is essentially turning into Ray Wilkins. only with worse/plastic/chinese slave/horsetail hair
A poem; by Felix Magath. ‘I think that I shall never win, I wish they'd appointed Ray Wilkins.’
Watched 2nd half of Chelsea v Tottenham. Why did Spurs wear ice skates after half time ? as Ray Wilkins would say.
So we played like a team of Ray Wilkins's...
Ray Wilkins' reaction to being sacked by Fulham
Meet Black Singles 300x250
tell Cojak(Ray Wilkins)he's a poor Knowledges&an *** embarrassing he's self in front ofTV saying arsenal are going2loss2day
"There isn't a better atmosphere in world football than Celtic Park." Ray Wilkins (ex-Glasgow Rangers player) (2012)
Richard Keys sums up the many famous names he has worked with, including a less than fulsome tribute to Ray Wilkins
Manchester United are set to announce Wayne Rooney's £300,000-a-week deal on Friday. Nemanja Vidic is closer to joining Inter Milan from Manchester United. Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood has leapt to the defence of underfire striker Roberto Soldado. Mesut Ozil has apologised to Arsenal fans for his penalty miss against Bayern Munich. New Fulham boss Felix Magath has taken full responsibility for the brutal sackings of Rene Meulensteen, Alan Curbishley and Ray Wilkins. Carlos Queiroz has urged Manchester United to keep faith in David Moyes. Crystal Palace face a fight to keep Marouane Chamakh with Aston Villa keen on the striker. Manchester City are ready to rival Atletico Madrid for the signing of San Lorenzo's Angel Correa - a young forward dubbed the next Sergio Aguero. Mathieu Debuchy has thrown his Newcastle future into doubt by hinting he could join close friend and former Magpies teammate Yohan Cabaye at Paris Saint-Germain, having already followed him to Tyneside from French club Lille. Paul Lambert ...
News: Football: Premier League side Fulham have sacked former boss Rene Meulensteen and coaches Ray Wilkins and Alan Curbishley. The Cottagers replaced Meulensteen as boss with Felix Magath on Friday but the Dutchman said he remained under contract at the club. The trio, who were only appointed in the past four months, leave along with coaches *** Priest and Jonathan Hill. As part of the changes, Tomas Oral comes in as first-team coach and Werner Leuthard is the new conditioning coach. Former Bayern Munich coach Magath signed an 18-month contract with the Premier League's bottom side last week.
Ex-Fulham assistant manager Ray Wilkins reveals he is suffering from the same illness as Man Utd's Darren Fletcher since 1990
DAILY MAIL . Furious Manuel Pellegrini has accused Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson of cheating Manchester City out of their Champions League dream against Barcelona on Tuesday night. Ray Wilkins, sacked as assistant manager by Fulham this week, has revealed he is suffering from the same debilitating illness as Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher. Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola has insisted Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is not a failure despite his nine-year trophy drought. Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes is in talks over a loan move to Leeds United. The Brazilian is third choice at White Hart Lane. Fulham have confirmed they have sacked head coach Rene Meulensteen following the appointment of new manager Felix Magath. DAILY MIRROR Manuel Pellegrini slams referee Jonas Eriksson after Manchester City lose to Barcelona in Champions League. Jack Wilshere says Arsenal will be 'intelligent' going into tonight's Champions League clash against Bayern Munich. Portugal's Carlos Mane is wanted by Man U ...
Muelesteen would make a great number 2 to Brendan Rodgers...Ray Wilkins belongs on the bin.
Wayne Rooney will sign his new £300,000-a-week contract at Manchester United before the end of the week. Fulham are set to announce the departures of Rene Meulensteen and Ray Wilkins as the club's managerial situation descends into farce. Arsenal's attempts to sign Schalke midfielder Julian Draxler, 20, failed in January because they did not meet the German club's asking price. Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer is desperately trying to integrate his January recruits into his Cardiff ranks as the Bluebirds return their focus back to Premier League survival. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes Premier League scheduling gives Manchester City the edge in the title race. Bolton boss Dougie Freedman is looking to tie up a deal for Swedish left-back Mikael Dyerstam, who is currently out of contract. Manchester City will be given a second chance to sign midfielder Isco - who played under Manuel Pellegrini at Malaga - in a £30m deal in the summer because he has failed to settle at Real Madrid. New Fulham manager Felix Magath ...
More changes at Fulham as they sack technical director Alan Curbishley and assistant head coach Ray Wilkins.
Imoh Relishes Eagles Chance, Vow To Impress. Ahmed Musa Tips Vitinho To Succeed In Russia. Kingsley Eduwo Insists Sunshine Stars Can Win League Title. Roy Hodgson has been backed to continue as England manager for the next two years even if the national team fail to impress at the World Cup this summer. Roy Hodgson says the Football Association board is to decide whether the national team should continue its controversial pursuit of 19-year-old Manchester United winger Adnan Januzaj, who was born in Belgium to Kosovan parents. Roy Hodgson says the forthcoming World Cup finals will offer Manchester United's 28-year-old forward Wayne Rooney the opportunity to finally fulfil his promise as a "world star" after two disappointing tournaments. Fulham assistant manager Ray Wilkins admitted he had a touchline altercation with Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers during the 3-2 defeat at Craven Cottage on Wednesday and left the bench only 10 minutes into the match, but insists the relationship between the pair is now "s ...
On this day in 1988, Rangers beat St Mirren 4-0 thanks to goals from Davie Cooper, Mark Walters, Ray Wilkins and Richard Gough.
BBC Sport John Terry's current form and defensive partnership with fellow Englishman Gary Cahill has led to calls for the former England skipper to return to the national side. Pat Nevin, Mark Lawrenson and Ray Wilkins *** the situation and whether he should be on the plane to Rio. http:// sport/0/ football/ 26035204
A new addition can officially be added to the list of woeful commentators. Michael Owen. Andy Townsend. Ray Wilkins. Niall Quinn. Clarke Carlisle
still better then Ray Wilkins and Niall Quinn!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I thought Niall Quinn and Ray Wilkins were the only commentators worthy of the mute button,how wrong was I,que Itv and Clarke Carlisle...
ray Wilkins the new fulham assistant head coach
Deep impact - Ray Wilkins said Cardiff's retreat into "the suicide zone" allowed Sunderland to *** an unlikely ... ht…
Ray Wilkins being 'interviewed' by some Millwall fans. Worth watching until the end
Former Chelsea coach Ray Wilkins has joined Premier League strugglers Fulham as assistant to manager Rene...
THE BIG TRANSFER GOSSIP THIS HOURRR... Chelsea want to bring former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso, 32, back to the Premier League after the Spain international snubbed new contract talks at Real Madrid. Full story: Daily Express Manchester United are preparing to send 19- year-old playmaker Nick Powell to Hull City on loan after his success at Championship side Wigan. Full story: Daily Mirror Liverpool are planning a £7m bid for Udinese's Ghanaian midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu, 23, in January after Reds boss Brendan Rodgers bemoaned his lack of squad depth. Full story: Metro Everton manager Roberto Martinez can "guarantee" that left-back Leighton Baines, 29, will not be leaving for Manchester United during the January transfer window. Full story: Sky Sports Stoke boss Mark Hughes wants to bring Former Chelsea defender Michael Mancienne, 25, back to the Premier League - in a loan deal from Hamburg. Full story: Daily Mirror QPR manager Harry Redknapp wants to sign Tottenham striker Harry Kane, 20, o ...
ROFLMAO! Coach to Asst. =))) "Fulham appoint former boss Ray Wilkins as assistant coach"
Ray Wilkins is the second Fulham back room staff signing Fulham have made over Christmas. He joins as assistant head coach
Gutted we did not get Ray Wilkins in as a coach, would have been a huge benefit if we insist on sticking with kids
So Fulham's coaching staff is Rene Meulensteen, Ray Wilkins & Alan Curbishley. They're not making it easy for themselv…
I hope Ray Wilkins new job means he isn't going to be on sky sports anymore.
Ray "The Crab" Wilkins sets himself up to talk about a different London club like they're the only team in existence
Glad to see ray Wilkins back in the game . Very intelligent football man. So glad we've got Ian Hendon and Neil McDonald instead!!!
Ray Wilkins joins Fulham? Happy new year, Fulham fans! The suicide booth's over there. Form an orderly queue.
Were safe Uncle Festa (Ray Wilkins) has been appointed head coach at Fulham
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Ray Wilkins is more of a failed coach, to bring him into a decision making role at ur football club is regressive. His ego surpasses talent
Fulham name Ray Wilkins assistant. Also have Alan Curbishley. Should get David O'Leary to complete trio of bookies dug-o…
has Ray Wilkins gone to Fulham would have liked to see him back in millwall coaching role
Ray Wilkins has returned to Fulham, 15 years after leaving Craven Cottage...
Ray Wilkins has joined the Fulham coaching staff, all we need now is Glen Hoddle & we'll have a full set of second rate has beens
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