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Discussing the mistrial of Officer Ray Tensing with our BLM Collaboration partners and concerned citizens. Change...
ICYMI: New judge assigned in Ray Tensing case after 3 recuse themselves
Been missing your music. So caught up in the trials of Ray Tensing, Michael Slager & Dylann Roof. Feeling so discouraged.
Again❗️Jury fails justice Jury Deadlocks in Trial of Ex-Officer in Killing of Unarmed Black Driver in Cincinnati
A deadlock jury in the trial of Ray Tensing for the murder of Sam Dubose resulted in a mistrial.
this same thing just happened in Cincinnati in the trial of officer Ray Tensing.
Michael Slager and Ray Tensing trials show there are TWO Americas: . Those who FAVOR white supremacy and those who FIGH…
the Ray Tensing trial in Cincinnati recently was just about as bad, jury ended up the same. Not good.
The absence of verdicts for Ray Tensing in Cincy & Michael Slager in Charleston are as sobering & as reflective as the electoral vote.
Ok so I get Ray Tensing getting off but I thought Michael Slager was pretty open and shut guilty.
New judge sets Dec. 12 hearing in murder trial
last week these questions were central in the hung jury in the Ray Tensing trial
Judge sets Dec. 12 hearing in Ray Tensing trial
See what we found in Tensing jury questionnaires.
Ray tensing done beat murder charges, now the officer who killed keith Lamont scott, getting off as well. Street justice>their justice
See what we found in Tensing jury questionnaires. via
What's up with this Ray Tensing case?? It's November 30th.
Ray Tensing thinks this cop was at least a little bit guilty.
Jurors in Ray Tensing\'s murder case may have been biased
Judge orders retrial for Ray recuses herself -
Analysis: Questionnaires give clues to what jurors were thinking, feeling before Ray https:…
Oh my:re Ray Tensing, who shot unarmed Sam Dubose:"already been through enough"; his "life is ruined" via
Prosecutor Joe Deters will retry Ray Tensing for the shooting death of Sam Dubose.
Ohio prosecutor to re-try former cop Ray Tensing in death of unarmed Black motorist Sam Dubose htt…
Keep in mind, HamCo Prosecutor Joe Deters said he will try Ray Tensing again in connex w/ the death of Sam Dubose.
Prosecutor Joe Deters announces there will be a retrial for Ray Tensing for the death of Sam Dubose. Tried under same ch…
So the prosecutor is going to retry Ray Tensing for the murder of Sam Dubose. I hope they get more than 2 Bla…
Let me know when Van Joes goes all apoplectic with Obama over Ray Tensing mistrial and ALL THE OTHERS like he was over…
Deliberations begin in ex-campus cop Ray Tensing's trial in Sam Dubose shooting
WATCH: Ray Tensing's police interview about Sam Dubose shooting aired for first time
Ray Tensing, has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter in the shooting of
Ray Tensing attorneys seek medical records for Sam Dubose: A Hamilton County judge got a pretrial update in th...
$5.3 million settlement reached in death of Samuel DuBose. Officer Ray Tensing still out on bond awaiting trial.
Family Files Lawsuit Against Cop that killed him unarmed at traffic stop
UCPD review panel cautions: Reforms take time via
He stopped him TO kill him. > Samuel Dubose murder: judge sets murder trial for former police officer
My birthday this year will be bittersweet. The filthy *** devil Ray Tensing who murdered my partner Samuel Dubose goes on trial that day😒
If you support the move to sue Officer Ray Tensing directly, instead of taxpayers footing the bill, then help...
On July 19, 2015, Samuel DuBose was killed by Ray Tensing, a University of Cincinnati cop.
Ray Tensing's trial will begin February 11th.
when do we sue FOP for mass murder? "Ray Tensing shot and killed Samuel DuBose..wants his job back—his union is backing him"
Details of civil suit filed by family against ex-UC cop Ray Tensing, charged w/ his murder:
Yea.. Ray Tensing got fired by UCPD, but we need jail time for murder of Sam Dubose
But then I think...well people did that with Tamir Rice's video, Micheal Brown's video, Sandra Bland, the pool party in Texas, Ray Tensing..
Best of luck in the Ray Tensing Case, the Dubose family deserves justice, we ALL hope to C U on the right side of History Sir
Ray Tensing, shot point blank in the head...on camera..and this is the image they ran.
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I liked a video from MVI 8245 Officer Ray Tensing, Charged Incorrectly!
. Ray Tensing will walk, prosecutor Joe Deter is making sure of it.
Fatal shooting of Sam Dubose by officer ray tensing ‘not justified’ according to University of Cincinnati inde...
Police officer Ray Tensing indicted for the murder of unarmed black man
Josh Moses of Silverton writes "Why did Ray Tensing shoot Sam Dubose?" on sidewalk at
STORY: UC report found Sam Dubose shooting was "not justified" and violated UCPD policy
"Michael Slager, Ray Tensing, Brian Encinia, Dylann Roof..have in common? Racial terror". Old to young. .
What do the crimes of Ray Tensing, Michael Slager, Brian Encinia and Dylann Roof all have in common? [ 976 more...
What strikes me about Officers Michael Slager, Eric Casebolt, Brian Encinia, and Ray Tensing, is their cowardice. They wer…
Ray Tensing is a dangerous criminal like a lot of other law enforcement officials
Ray Tensing issued 6 times more citations to blacks than whites, echoing disproportionate arrest rates of UCPD.
I liked a video from Ray Tensing Full Body-Cam Footage Released
Yeah, this sentiment doesn't begin or end with Slager, Casebolt. Brian Encinia, Ray Tensing or Darren Wilson.
Ray Tensing is not being charged because he killed Samuel Dubose. He's being charged because how he killed him.
One way we can fund social security and Medicare is to stop paying Ray Tensing every two weeks. featured in NBC s Science of Love
- Justice For Samuel Dubose , Officer Ray Tensing has been charged with the murder of Samuel...
Badass the brawler. Loves the action.
via Same cop Ray Tensing pulls over a white guy & a black guy to harass them, the knew their rights WATCH
Jared from subway, the dentist who killed Cecil the lion, Officer Ray Tensing, And bill Cosby all need to fight to the d…
Attorney says Ray Tensing was 'a ticking time bomb'
People nationwide offered to pay Ray Tensing's bond— the cop charged with murder
If Darren Wilson had a body camera on when he killed Michael Brown, he'd be in a jail cell charged with murder. Or home like Ray Tensing.
Officer Ray Tensing was arraigned today for murder and his bail is 1 million dollar. We…
In text messages to friends, Tensing mentioned “wishing he had his gun at the scene, and that if he had his gun...
A look at Ray Tensing's file from Ohio State Highway Patrol - WLWT Cincinnati
MH370? Debris found in Reunion Island appears to be from Boeing 777 aircraft; University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing in
Audrey DuBose expressed her gratitude after a murder indictment was announced against University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing.
No charges for 2 University of Cincinnati officers who responded to the scene after Ray Tensing killed http:/…
Former UC police officer Ray Tensing has bonded out of Hamilton County Justice Center
Rick Ross's bail was $2 million. Ray Tensing, who killed had a $1 million bail.
University of Cincinnati campus police officer Ray Tensing pleads not guilty in murder of
U of Cincinnati cop Ray Tensing charged with murder of
Ray Tensing, 25, had pleaded not guilty in the death of 43-year-old Samuel DuBose before Hamilton County Court of...
For any media outlet who needs mugshot of ex-University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing, here you go. http…
BREAKING: Cincinnati media report former UC officer Ray Tensing has bonded out of jail. MORE TO COME
Local CBS & FOX affiliates in Cincinnati reporting former U of C officer Ray Tensing bonded out.
Ray Tensing, Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo, Timothy Loehmann, and other officers like them will always be guilty of murde…
Bond set at $1m for officer Ray Tensing. Next appearance in court August 19th.
*** of the year award keeps piling up nominations: Walter Palmer and Ray Tensing
Also - everyone now knows Walter Palmer's name. How many people feel the same sense of disgust for Ray Tensing?
Walter Palmer shouldn't be the most hated man in America it should be Ray Tensing
Ray Tensing and Walter Palmer should share a cell. They have a lot in common. Repugnant human beings.
Here's the transcript of Ray Tensing & interaction (as seen in body camera video)
Who's the most hated man in the USA right now? Ray Tensing, Walter Palmer or Brian Encina?
Even with a body cam recording his interaction, Ray Tensing was prepared to lie and get away with murder.
Ray Tensing, officer charged with murder in Sam Dubose's death, has turned himself in.
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