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Ray Romano

Raymond Albert Romano (born December 21, 1957) is an American actor, writer and stand-up comedian, best known for his roles on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and in the Ice Age film series.

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"She took a gamble. I was 25, I was riding my bike to work. And now she has a 2,200 square foot closet."
I thought I had a deep radio voice turns out I sound like a mix between Kermit the frog and Ray Romano.
If Ray Romano isn't nominated for an Oscar for the whole thing is rigged. RIGGED. R. I. G. G. E. D.
Just watched the big sick and now I wish ray romano was asleep on my couch
the big sick was suprisingly better than I thought it would be. Ray Romano and Kumail (not surprisingly) really steal the film.
plus who could forget the Drake song about hanging out with Ray Romano
When did Ray Romano get so funny? The Big Sick & Get Shorty are both really good, and he's amazing in them.
Rewatching The Big Sick and can we just give Holly Hunter and Ray Romano some kind of Best Couple award? I mean rea…
@ eye doctor and I here someone walk in and talk to the optometrist and I thought to myself lol that sounds like Ray Romano
The Big Sick is a great movie. I've seen it twice now and Ray Romano is a legend
I just figured out this dad is ray Romano, I think?
Get to play with my old pal, Ray Romano tonight! Who says you can never go back?! new time slot...
The Big Sick was okay. The lead character was annoying, unfunny mostly. Ray Romano and Holly Hunter were great. 6.5/10.
Ray Romano talks hitting it big, romancing his wife, and explaining on-screen threesomes:
So great, Ray Romano was really great
me: ray romano is p cool. my mom: Ray Romano is my favorite cheese. me: me too mom, me too
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Man this pic of ray romano makes him look like the emcee from cabaret
Tune in to now on with guest star Ray Romano.
Things I've learned from podcasts today:. Ben Pack and Paul Rust have the same voice. So do Ray Romano and Darren Aronofsky.
PSA: Saw "The Big Sick" last night. Amazing film. is exceptional, cast is wonderful; Ray Romano particularly great. cc…
I loved it. Idk. I think it was Ray Romano that just got me hooked.
Ray Romano is hilarious and he sounds exactly like Kermit The Frog
Light test tomorrow for this!! Also staring Harvey Keitel, Ray Romano and Bobby Cannavale. Good…
We're jealous of Ray Romano's spacious ranch home. Are you?
Every time Ray Romano comes on my TV, my dog goes insane. I guess everyone DOESN'T love Raymond.
Not as much as David Allen Grier's "...Jell-o Shots WHO!", but nonetheless, Ray Romano is beyond great.
Anyone else love Ray Romano in It's continuing this weekend at the Twin. We'll get the popcorn ready!…
Ray Romano has done his part. Now it's up to you. Spread awareness and give Canada a helping hand in these dire tim…
did Ray Romano just call in to the show
Hey, at least I'm not telling you these bad jokes in my Ray Romano voice. That's worth something, isn't it?
(2017): Delightfully funny, contemplative and deeply sensitive film. Ray Romano and Zoe Kazan are great.
For the record The Big Sick is the funniest project Ray Romano's been part of that I've seen him in since Everybody Loves Raymond ended.
I just saw the Big Sick. I cried a few times. Kumail Nanjiani, Ray Romano and Zoe Kazan were wonderful.
fans rejoice! Ray Romano is reuniting with Bobby Cannavale and Martin Scorsese for
The great Ray Romano on now with Amani and Dan. LISTEN:
Dumping Zoe Kazan from the marketing and focusing on Kumail & Ray Romano is going to save THE BIG SICK's box office.
I have posted jokes about Kesha, Ray Romano, Zach Braff, and Bill Clinton, all of whom I've eventually met. Tom Hanks Tom Hanks Tom Hanks T
Julian Casablancas died in 2003 and was replaced by Ray Romano
Sonic should be played by Joe Pesci, Bubsy is Ray Romano, and Gex is Andre Braugher wait this turned into…
Watch and Ray Romano charm in this new trailer for
Steven really just thought Ray Romano was the guy from Seinfeld
Trivia-On "King of Queens" sitcom created by golf fans Ray Romano and Kevin James, Kevin's best friend's name is Deacon Palmer
Just me? Or does Gord Miller look and sound like Ray Romano's Manny?
Is your husband a Ray Romano or Kevin James type?
Peter Peckarsky looks like John Kerry and Ray Romano had a baby.
didnt know Ray Romano looked exactly like what Zach Braff will in 15-20 years
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if you need help comin at Ray Romano, do you think Jim Jones will help?
my dad caught me looking at Ray Romano memes again and he is furious. i can hear him doing pushups out in the front yard thi…
As a Caucasian male I should have Ray Romano's back but de lo mio has me playing bachata and eating plantain,deadass, my guy.
There's definitely some Ray Romano in there!
Ray Romano Voice. Oh noo... Now after eight years of executive orders we want to know what they are. Frank. Holy cr…
Ray Romano in American Crime Story is the role of a lifetime.
Got to serve up Chana Masala to the delight of celebs Ray Romano, Chris O'Donne…
EAA career. & a life... of consistency & professionalism that is unparalleled. &. a man doin' same thing over & over.
No guest?..So what...Brand is still strong nailed it w/ watch out Ray Romano is…
at least Ray Romano is getting work
As much as I love Bill Murray and Ray Romano, I only want to see them hitting shanks this week.
School shooter in a ray romano shirt
Where's Ray Romano when you need him?
Ugh I like Ray Romano on Parenthood so much more than I ever wanted to and I feel like I am betraying Mark Cyr!
(1) EAA man who can be "real"... a blurry line but oh so true truth.
Every year at an enjoyable visit w Ray Romano.
Thank God my prof talks like Ray Romano or else my 8am would be unbearable
Not ONE mention of Underwater Ray Romano until I came up with and documented for slow cooker baked beans.
These guys are truly breathtaking! Check out these wooly mammoth reproductions at the live on
You guys got to talk about Charles Oakley giving Knicks owner that wild Ray Romano treatment last night
Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up. – Ray Romano
It's Pebble Week! Here's Ray Romano in one of our favorite photos from tourneys …
where in Queens did you grow up? So many greats from there like Ray Romano, you and me of course. FHHS class of 93
You gonna get Oak to walk you out when you fight Ray Romano?
Why does the middle-aged alcoholic dad look fit Ray Romano so well?
a guy at one of my tables i was serving spoke like Ray Romano
I'm seriously gonna kill ray romano if I don't find my keys
R.I.P. Ray Romano, truly an outstanding entertainer. So sad to see him go
Making sloppy Ray Romano movie posters could be my ticket out of the slums
EAA woman so very scared of bein a joke. &. a man 2 bring her fear 2 life. Kevin Nealon's Lie Detector Test: Ray Romano.
I wonder if ray Romano or George hw bush is gonna die first
Is it true woke up this morning I was wondering the very same about "Based on the comedy of Ray Romano"
Thought this guy ordering an omelette behind me was Ray Romano. Sounded identical. Nope... Just be a non-famous weirdo with a dumb voice
We just did another screening. It is such a thrill to share a stage with Holly Hunter & Ray Romano. Legends. Also, another rev…
It's that time of year ray romano been working hard. Andy Garcia might be tough to beat
Man just went full savage on Ray Romano (I agreed)
Warren Buffet and Ray Romano interviewing for the manager position on The Office. 😂😂😂😂
still love the wrestling (Sting today) references. Put Ray Romano in the Figure Four. How do we get an episode from the Bronx?
Freaky man crush: Ray Romano... Don't judge me
EAAn insatiable Need&Feed. a man who'll make a joke about 'almost' anything. &. an unholy💔ngHug. Lie Detector:Ray Romano. ht…
My work ("Ray VII", 2006) featured in Antiques and the Arts Weekly from 's booth at the... https:/…
My prof had a chili pepper on rate my professor yet he looks like a fatter version of Ray Romano... I feel scammed
Lauren Graham did in Parenthood, but she was in a conflicted position between him and Ray Romano. 😂
Charlie Sheen does fit the description... I'm thinking along the lines of Henry Wrinkle, Ray Romano or Martin Short perhaps.
Watching The Walking Dead. Negan shaved and now he looks like Ray Romano's brother in Everybody Loves Raymond.
I assume these morons think the Little Ice Age is a movie sequel staring Ray Romano.
Not to state the obvious, but it's as cold as Ray Romano's career outside right now.
Had to turn off my music during the production meeting to hear Ray Romano talk from LA. o...a...
this kid looked like ray romano when i graduated with him and now he's hot as *** now HOW IS THAT RIGHT
seriously tho ray romano in deck the halls wood have been wonderful About
Am i the only one who thinks looks like Ray Romano?
I like how Principal Flutie is like an even sadder Ray Romano, a thing I never thought possible
"You know who else shares my birthday? Ray Romano"
Ray Romano in parenthood is like the greatest thing ever 😂
If our downstairs neighbor can hear me accidentally slamming doors, I hope she can also hear my tiny Ray Romano groans of surprise.
"Ray Romano Kept This Secret For Nine Seasons". Yeah, the secret was that his show sucked. Wasn't a very well-kept secret either.
Artificial Intelligence: AI, starring Molly Ringwald and Ray Romano. Directed by Ridley Scott, music by The Clean. Budget: $105m
I was talking to a super cute boy at the club on Friday and here comes screaming "KISS!" In a shrilling Ray…
Ray Romano networth is 120 million. i wnna say a huge chunk of it is those Ice Age movies and ELR being in syndication
I don't think men talk as much as women, but when we have something on o...
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Rhodes island landmark, Port entry, Mandraki. The medieval lighthouse fort (at the background), and the two…
Welcome to Mooseport: a small town Ray Romano runs for mayor against the former president of the United States, Gene Hackman. Yawn.
In a crowd of sufficient size, somebody with Ray Romano's voice exists and can be heard clearly.
Let's say a few prayers for Ed O'Neill, Ray Romano, Kelsey Grammer and Tim Allen. And throw in Jerry Seinfeld & Ted Danson for good measure.
EAA holy 💔. a life that had just come back 2 him. & a cancer. that would keep it away.
The Apple commercial with Ray Romano's older brother brings the emotion every time I see it.
EAA glorious goal. & lovely lead to follow... 'to help people'. TU Ray& )Anna.
EAA soulful start on a symbolic sojourn. & awe inspiring accept. a truly touching take. 'he left 2 make sure u were OK'.
"Twas the night before Christmas..." *close up through attic window of ray Romano as he's…
LMAO my dad was watching the walking dead and he goes "man I can't take Negan seriously, he looks like Ray Romano's…
So & I wrote a movie & it's going to Sundance! It has Holly Hunter, Ray Romano in it!
Fan Outfitters Zone ? of he Day Is Ray Romano as famous as Michael Jordan and Emmitt Smith?
Did we need a Jake La Motta movie starring William Forsythe? When can we expect a Henry Hill movie with Ray Romano?
Mark Ruffalo is like a hot Ray Romano
2 of 5 stars to Raymie, Dickie, and the Bean by Ray Romano
Guys, Ray Romano is the best. He's a big enough name that you know him in a show right away, but he's always so the character, & so not Ray.
Views are my own. They are in no way associated with Ray Romano and his healthy family
I think I'd do a great job hosting SNL I can do a Ray Romano impression
Did you happen to catch Barkley on the Hank Haney Project? Best TV ever! Rush was on, and Ray Romano was good too.
Speaking of, I’m surprised we haven’t had a Ray Romano appearance yet. Those two work together in everything
new dark comedy “Get Shorty” starring Ray Romano & Chris O’Dowd rounds out cast of series regulars
Ray Romano looking hot as heck with that man bun on
Oh. I wonder if they'll ever pair Rachael Ray with Ray Romano, or better yet , Liev Schreiber.
I got really sad when I remembered I won't be able to watch Bobby Cannavale, Juno Temple, Olivia Wilde, & Ray Romano on Vinyl anymore.8
A concept: Ray Romano as Superman and a Cannoli as Lois Lane. "This is my cannoli. You are my cannoli."
Up until this moment I thought Ray Romano was in Ray Donovan.
Wait, Ray Romano really gonna be a love interest of Lauren Graham's in this show?
"Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" directed by C. Saldanha with Ray Romano, Chris Wedge &
"Ice Age: The Meltdown" directed by Carlos Saldanha with Ray Romano, Chris Wedge &
I wonder what Ray Romano is doing...Everybody Loves Raymond was pretty funny.
Doris Roberts, who played the nosy and overbearing mother to Ray Romano's character on the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond
Who is watching the masters ?? I've got Jordan Speith in my bet with Ray Romano! But he has Rory!! Who will win ???
There would only be one voice more annoying than Chris Evans' - Ray Romano.
I'm teaching on Deborah today in Sunday School. I really want to deliver the whole lesson in Ray Romano's voice just to mess with the youth.
Ray Romano to lead public memorial tribute for Doris Roberts
Ray Romano is hosting a tribute to Doris Roberts
Ray Romano to host Doris Roberts tribute, featuring a performance by Barbara Cook →
So we just played blackjack with Ray Romano's voice double
Everything and a Kite by Ray Romano SIGNED 1998 1st/1st Everybody Loves Raymond
While watching my sister yelled "when Ray Romano walked out. I'm so ashamed.
I like doing film, you know, single-camera.
SPOILER: Jon Snow reincarnate has the voice of Ray Romano.
Royal Flush vs Triple Aces while Ray Romano is playing at the same table. .
It's weird to see Ray Romano playing a coke head on tv
Royal Flush vs Quadruple Aces while Ray Romano happens to be playing at the same table
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
You don't want to shock them and do something totally opposite, but you als...
I got annoyed in the first episode when they slagged Slade off but Ray Romano is good
The Waterboy, starring Neve Campbell and Ray Romano. Directed by James Cameron, music by Gary Glitter. Budget: $100 billion
I think I just passed Ray Romano in a red Prius
Ray Romano on Reuniting With 'Raymond' Co-Stars to Remember Doris Roberts: 'She Meant So Much to All of Us'
Sure, she played Ray Romano's mom, but she'll always be Grandma to us. RIP Doris Roberts.
Ray Romano remembers Doris Roberts: She "had an energy and a spirit that amazed me"
Vinyl is a pretty meh show in a lot of ways, but it easily in the best show on TV featuring Bo Dietl and Ray Romano doing cocaine together
I really wish Max Casella & Ray Romano jumped ship and had a spinoff show, take Juno Temple with them.
You guys don't like Ray Romano's performance?
I love that new Ray Romano show... "Everybody Hates Vinyl"
They should remake the movie Young Frankenstein , with Brad Garrett as the Monster and Ray Romano as Dr. Frankenst…
"It's the surreal trifecta, shall we say." . Ray Romano on reliving the '70s in >>
I wonder what Ray Romano was for Halloween in 1997
Where a MAD MEN rip-off will be interrupted by a scene taken from THE GRADUATE. But we do get Ray Romano impersonating Redd Foxx!
Shout out to Ray Romano for killing it in VINYL. Bobby Cannavale is awesome too
Ray Romano looks like he's about to snap on the Jimmy Kimmel show
Named my son Stevie Ray Vaughn after my hero: Steven Spielberg. The Ray is for Ray Romano. The Vaughn is because I myself am Vince Vaughn.
EAATouchingRe-TurningPoint. I luv u DavidLetterman. a beautiful brutal moment of joy. gr8ful but so gangrene. Ray Romano
Ray Romano's son helps lead Campbell Hall to win over Heritage Christian
Ray Romano is the guy that looks like right?
Ray Romano gets a dramatic role, and it's alongside a guy who could stand in for Brad Garrett.
The only really enjoyable part of the pilot of Vinyl was when I realized the Jewish guy was played by Ray Romano in a hairpiece
I just rang up a guy who sounded like Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond and I tried so hard not to laugh😳😂
Spent the day with Ray Romano, Josh Duhamel, Steve Young, and Alex Smith among others. My first…
Ray Romano and Jimmy Falon on sex in film! I’m dying laughing!!
With 2016 marking the 20th anniversary of Everybody Loves Raymond's debut, star Ray Romano told ET on Friday that a reunion…
Put Kermit, Ray Romano, Bryant Gumbel AND Al Michaels in the same room and they will sound the same
Not the biggest fan of either's sitcoms but February is the month where . David Schwimmer and Ray Romano will be seen a new dramatic light.
Ray Romano > Jason Ritter because growing up I only watched Everybody Loves Raymond (like a weirdo) that's also why I love Patricia Heaton.
Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton Remember Sawyer Sweeten *** *** would of being loaded
Got banned from Wikipedia for making all the verbs on the Ray Romano page hypothetical :(
Adam Sandler and Ray Romano guest appearances were always a good time on King Of Queens
My family used to be friends with Brad Garrett/Ray Romano and I found a pic of my grandma Brad Garrett
the guys sounds like Ray Romano and it's bugging me
are u actually Ray Romano I'm being serious
! recent finding I think I just found out what happened to Ray Romano
Pokemon: RAY ROMANO may be seen around Munich, Taiwan. It likes to have diarrhea and roll toilets.
Watching Arsenal play is literally like watching Everybody Loves Raymond. And Arsenal are Ray Romano.
anybody ever tell you that you're Ray Romano's doppelgänger?
It's funny that Ray Romano plays a mammoth in Ice Age, because his brother is a mammoth in Everybody Loves Raymond
to paraphrase the great Ray Romano; I don't know about you but my wee wee just went whuup-boing
This doctor has the voice of Ray Romano.
Roses are red, violets are blue, farts are Hawaiian, and Ray Romano is Mexican.
you know they way Sin in FFX is like a punishment for the sins of man? Do you reckon thats what Adam Sandler and Ray Romano is for us?
is back in a BIG way for Ray Romano’s birthday! Learn how to draw Manny from
Dear America, . Please stop telling Ray Romano he's gonna die. . We will all die one day, and are content to ignore that fact for now. -VP
I don't know what Ray Romano and John Leguizamo are up to, but Denis Leary definitely doesn't need the money.
"Next time you see someone famous like Ray Romano ask him to help you out. Gotta start somewhere".
I now own a blue robe so I'm one step closer to becoming the ray romano I'm doomed to be
"The show also stars Olivia Wilde, Ray Romano, and lots of cocaine"
needs to watch the show Men of a Certain Age. He is basically Ray Romano's character.
I'm glad I wasn't alive when the Ray Romano mammoths roamed the Earth - Jackson Baly
atleast you dont sound like Ray Romano... I do lol
Ice Age 16: it turns out Sid was Anne of cleeves and Ray Romano has to save him from Henry VIII
Ray Romano was great in Everybody Loves Raymond didn't like his role in Parenthood
Currently annoying my mom by changing the lyrics of religious Christmas songs so they become odes to Ray Romano. It works with all of them.
Wish my voice was as annoying as Ray Romano's.
Classify Ray Romano and where can he pass?
Can someone tell me what Ray Romano is famous for?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Its like Ray Romano and Elijah Wood had a babby!
Ray Romano as Cyclops is great casting.
Only if the nudity includes Ray Romano.
86% of men from Quebec look like Ray Romano
the new Star Wars character Rey was named after Ray Romano, who they originally wanted for the role
your Ray Romano sounds like a drunk Kermit the Frog
the worst is when they don't even follow you and they think they're some big shot like Tim Allen or Ray Romano
my Star Wars oc is rey Romano played by Ray romano
do you ever feel like Ray Romano's family compared to David Beckham's family?
I'm convinced that Demitri Martin is the love child of Ray Romano and Jason Schwartzman.
You never see Ray Romano and Demitri Martin in the same room together at the same time
Patricia, will Ray Romano make another appearance on The Middle
Demetri Martin now looks like younger Ray Romano
He may not visit hookrs but he sure "cheated" in more ways than 1. Olivia Wilde Bobby Cannavale & Ray Romano emmy mag
Check out the from my shoot with Olivia Wilde Bobby Cannavale and Ray Romano for EMMY Magazine HBO
Breast Cancer Awareness
Enjoyed Stand up for Heroes last night with Bruce, Jon Stewart, Ray Romano, John Oliver and Seth Myers!
Supporting research, doing good for Jack Mishkin Memorial Golf Classic -https:/…
Do you have your tickets yet for THIS Saturday?
Ray Romano in Parenthood makes me so happy
Won't Ray Romano be joining the cast?
Is it weird that I keep seeing Ray Romano everywhere and that I keep wanting to call him Jerry Seinfeld?
I'm going to look like Ray Romano from Parenthood when I'm 55.
Forget that wale and jerry. let's make the Everybody Loves Ryan EP with Ray Romano lolol
Watching Parenthood and Ray Romano makes me think of
Where is Ray Romano when the Mets are in the
Can't believe I'll be seeing Louis CK, Ray Romano and... in one week! And it's all for a good cause 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Will I ever get followed by Ray romano?
My favorite TV show by a comedy man is Ray Romano's next door crazy family
Every single drunk Ray Romano impression is better than the last.
My idea of eroticism is doing a ray romano impression while nude and putting my fingers between toes
Found this really interesting Marc Maron, Ray Romano, Judd Apatow and co talking comedy
My math in liberal arts professor sounds like Ray Romano.
Why can't Ray Romano be my best friend
Still undecided on whether or not I should dress up like Ray Romano and yell random phrases from Everybody Loves Raymond at kids tomorrow.
Bruce joins on 11/15 with John Oliver, Ray Romano, Jon Stewart & more.
Dustin Hoffman, Ray Romano & Pierce Brosnan all hope to restore this prized but battered Malibu beach
RIP little ray J, u was a real one :/
do my Kermit/Ray Romano/Shakira voice. It's not very good, it just sounds funny.
The Clippers are the polar opposites of Ray Romano.
Controlling sleep by watching good ol' ray Romano's stand up comedy.
To be real I would toss Ray Romano a quick serving of the hands that he would never forget
Gene starts off with Oscar win in Bonnie & Clyde, finishes career in Welcome To Mooseport with Ray Romano. No justice.
Pretty sweet that Ray Romano is on your podcast.
Dustin Hoffman, Ray Romano and Pierce Brosnan are among the Broad Beach residents who have agreed to contribute $3.1m annually for the
*in best Ray Romano voice* with the shake and bake, then drops it in the fryer basket!
Ray Romano is me and I'm crying because he gets how hard it is.
Think I just swiped left on Ray Romano
Could be worse. I'm often mistaken for Ray Romano.
*brother hears Marco Rubio talk abt vocational ed in highschool* . *voice that sounds like ray romano as a muppet* . "Hey that's what i do"
.Ray Romano voice is my favorite thing on the internet.
It's nice Ray Romano had time to call this basketball game this evening.
Bobby jindal is shorter , tanner, angrier Ray Romano
Indian Ray Romano is running for president!?
Ray Romano and other well known actors will be playing in the to raise money for mesothelioma research.
Ray Romano, Kevin Nealon, Joe Mantegna and scores of TV, Film and Comedy Celebrities To Hit the Links at ...
thinks Ray Romano and David Schwimmer are the same person
If I were a comedian, my biggest influences would be Jack Benny, David Letterman, Fred Armisen, Ray Romano and Dave Chappelle.
Kenny vs Spenny but with Ray Romano and Brad Garrett
Everyone Loves Raymond is as timeless as Andy of Mayberry. Ray Romano is brilliant and the ensemble was brilliant. I met Peter Boyle.
Ray Romano totally killed it tonight at Comedy Cellar. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!
Each year, Zach Braff is progressively turning into Ray Romano.
Lauren Graham and Ray Romano have as much chemistry as two rocks.
Can't wait to graduate from suffolk county community college and write the sports articles in newsday like my idol Ray Romano
John has a natural character sound with some quirk, think a young Harold Ramis or Ray Romano
When you have a crush on Bill Hader and Ray Romano...
to me Demetri Martin looks like a combination of Jason Schwartzman and Ray Romano
my mom on one of the Shakespeare actors we saw in Othello tonight: "I love his accent, it's like Ray Romano does Shakespeare!"
Oh god, this reminds me of my little brother watching Ice Age sometimes twice a day. Ray Romano haunts me.
it was called "Men of a Certain Age" Scott Bakula, Ray Romano, and Andre Braugher. Totally ruined that song for me.
I'm going to make Everybody Loves Raymond an aesthetic so I can use post Ray Romano pics on my iG and put him on t shirts like Seinfeld
Saw Ray Romano at Comedy Cellar and Hot Chip at Baby's All Right. This week is dope
Mad crush on Ray Romano, have thing for big noses
NYC comedians in general just don't do it for me (this includes Ray Romano)
it's a good job Ray Romano is funny because his face looks like a dump I took yesterday
Ray Romano: So disappointed u couldn't find 1 minute out of your imp. day 2 send a "Happy B-day" 2 my 96 yr old mom Wanda, stuck in rehab 💩
Went to the Comedy Cellar saw Louis ck and watched Ray Romano do stand up
Surprising appearance by Ray Romano at Comedy Cellar - 😂😂😂 gotta love NYC 👊
Too bad Ray Romano got relieved of his duties in Detroit. He'll be ok.
I just saw Ray Romano and Sarah Silverman unannounced at because NY's the best
Imagine what Ray Romano's singing voice would sound listen to a song.
I got told I look like a posh, better looking version of Ray Romano...not sure if I should be offended or flattered
And now Ray Romano in the same episode?! This is almost too much.
Mike Ybarra reminds me of Ray Romano...not sure if everyone loves him though.
u got the legend ray Romano I'm bringing my a game tonight
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