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Ray Rice

Raymell Mourice Rice (born January 22, 1987) is an American football running back for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).

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I wish Steven A. would mind his own business & stop trying to tell grown women how to behave. Still remember his Ray Rice comments.
Polian is an *** remember how he changed story half way through interview about Ray Rice tape being lost at 345 park ave?
How about a 30 for 30 on Rae Carruth? Ray Lewis? Ray Rice?
"Big Ben" is up there with Ray Rice and Aroldis Chapman in my book of "Awful Athletes Who Should Be Castrated"
Hey keep looking for that I bet it's under the Ray Rice tape next to the concussion data.
What are you talking about sir they need to be kept in line somehow. Regards Ike Turner, Greg Hardy and Ray Rice
I live in Wisconsin and am a Badger fan. I thought the punishment was fine. This was not Ray Rice or Greg Hardy.
Ray Rice wishes Dan Mullen was the coach of the Ravens
What Goodell did to Brady was more than "get his hair mussed'. Borges conveniently forgets Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson were guilty.
What's the difference between Chris Brown, Ray Rice, and Johnny Depp? Brown and Rice were torn up by the media. Depp wasn't.
Well I was just saying that it was clear Chris Brown/Ray Rice actually beat them. Rice was later
I see more hate for Steph Curry than I do Ray Rice or Greg Hardy...and that's mind blowing 😳
Yardbarker: Ray Rice still hoping to play in NFL in 2016? (Larry Brown Sports)
and Johnny Manziel and Sean Penn and Woody Allen and Nicholas Cage and Alec Baldwin and John Lennon and Ray Rice and Michael Fassbender
How TF are Alexi Lalas and Ray Rice above Carli Lloyd? This list is nonsense
I loved Ray Rice but was lukewarm on Forte
For example if guys like Ray Rice, Terrell Owens, Ocho Cinco, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, and all these other guys file a suit could they win?
Ray Rice was the greatest small running back I ever saw live. And Brian Leonard, Im amazed my head didn't explode
Smh. Add in their Ray Rice, Anthony Davis, Brian Leonard just to name a few! 🤔
Did Scott Van Pelt seriously just compared Tunsil smoking weed to Ray Rice abusing his girl from a "PR" perspective! Gimme a break!
Scott Van Pelt just compared tunsil smoking to the Ray Rice beating women. how high are you?
Scott Van Pelt just compared the Tunsil smoking video to the Ray Rice video. Uh, no. No.
would stand up...if the NFL didn't tell Ray Rice to never come back
Ray Rice and Ray Lewis convinced you that character matters?
How many Ray Lewis or Ray Rice jerseys are in that room?. Idk but how many have blood on them?
Ray Rice got off after being busted on tape. It's not always a black and white thing. It's more a power/wealth thing
Has public perception indicated Johnny Manziel for his actions, much like they did Mike Vick, Ray Rice...ect.
There has been more chaos over how much air was in a football then when Aaron Hernandez killed a guy and Ray Rice hit his wife
as Mike Irvin would say, "DON'T LOSE THE INTENSITY!" Ray Rice hits woman, he was the Headliner! "WHERE IS JOHNNY?" Headline?
that's very unfair. But Peter you must admit that ur Ray Rice reporting and cryptic retraction raised very legit questions
*** Ray Rice and Mike Vick had an easier time than Tom Brady.
2 game suspension for Ray Rice, almost 2 years in court for Brady... That's where your NFL commissioners priorities are.🐸☕️
Man... I think I'm avoiding elevators from now on. First Jay and Solange, then Ray Rice and now PRINCE?
Elevators been bad for celebs last couple years.. Ray Rice, Jay vs. Solange, now Prince found dead in one.
Ravens are cooked. I'd take Ray Rice back and deal with the media rather than sign Trent Rich and his lack of vision.
You hadn't heard about Elon Musk's new laser-guided shrink ray prototype? Should be 'go' for production in 2018.
She did something similar to me during the Ray Rice issue.
their case, but then the Ray Rice video came out and then no one else accepts that anymore
People that hate Ray Rice but love Kobe Bryant...the hypocrisy is strong in sports.
This guy on ESPN just said "America is a very forgiving public" and he couldn't be more wrong. See: Ray Rice, Hope Solo, Michael Vick, etc.
- I wonder what honorable hashtag and mentions Ray Rice will get when he retires? Or Ghomeshi when he dies/rots in ***
the rice mobile. Beginning to end. Lol
Unless it's serious, you might get a bunch of tears or ray rice in the elevator.
Ray Rice Knocked Out Fiancee - FULL VIDEO. This is what a two game ...
Same people that are bashing Ray Rice are the same dumb individuals that support Greg Hardy.
All these girls love Kobe but hate Ray Rice.
hearing about AAA baseball is about exciting as going on a double date with Greg Hardy and ray rice.
it was right after the whole ray rice, or hardy, situation. Teams weren't even gonna get near such thing.
if social media were around then he would have gone the route of Ray Rice
Ray Rice is an *** and the Ravens couldn't care less via
I hope we sign Ray Rice back for a pack of Oreos just so the NFL can suck our ***
homie always says football is a mans game and basketball isn’t . I’m just like oh you mean Greg Hardy and ray rice? The women beaters?
I'm a Ray Rice supporter so good luck beating me 😅
October: "TMZ got the ray rice story!!". Now: "TMZ is always wrong don't believe everything you hear"
Hmm. hate the NFL for playing Ray Rice, but celebrate an admitted rapist.
They don’t call me Robert Ray Rice for nothing
it's amazing all the sports women who crushed Goodell and Ray Rice just love Kobe today.
You'd think after the Ray Rice debacle people would be more critical of NFL not caring abou…
Same as Ray Rice, off the field scenario. I think legally, but not by the NFL, same for Rice
there was video of Ray Rice, Greg Hardys "witness" never testified. Innocent until proven guilty remember? Its bs.
Greg Hardy's case was much worse than Ray Rice's, but guess who is still playing and who isnt? . . The NFL is trash.
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Happy Kobe Bryant paid millions to avoid going to jail for rape, is worse than Greg Hardy & Ray Rice:
Smacked his chick up twice. Doesn't get the Ray Rice or Greg Hardy treatment
i wanted to sucker punch her I Wanted To Ray Rice Her
The details of Kobe Bryant's rape case are worse than Ray Rice or Greg Hardy. Yet Kobe gets a total pass. Why?
.with an update on what Ray Rice is doing now
When someone tryna take your phone you put on that Ray Rice jersey
"I really don't know why women still listen to Chris Brown's music," said the woman in a Ray Rice jersey as she played R. Kelly.
Greg Hardy is in the same group as Murder Ray Lewis maybe ESPN will hire Ray Rice and Greg Hardy
Stephen A. Smith justified Ray Rice, but D'Angelo Russell is too toxic for him
NFL players that would've been great in WWE:. Tyron Smith. Ray Lewis. Ray Rice fighting divas . Ronnie Lott. Mel Blount
wonder how he feels about the Ravens, who essentially talked the Atlantic City DA out of charging Ray Rice.
did the Ravens backing Ray Rice make you despise that franchise?
Same reaction I had to Edwards story, and that was true. TMZ had Ray Rice vid. Even tabloids can hit scoops
Replace Johnson with Ray Rice and that would be Americas version 😂🙌🏽
sooo , Terrance Cody get 9mths in Jail for some *** dogs . . but Ray Rice get nothing for beating his wife on camera 🤔
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So if someone signs Johnny Football...then by default someone has to look at Ray Rice right
So TMZ basically kicked Ray Rice and Johnny Manziel out of the
Let's see if Johnny will get the same treatment that Ray Rice got!
He must be related to Johnny Football and Ray Rice 😂😂
Anybody notice how many chances the media gave Johnny Football in comparison to Ray Rice, Josh Gordon, Andrew Petersen, Kobe Bryant...
Johnny Manziel should of been waived like how the Ravens did Ray Rice!
"What should I do with my Ray Rice jersey?". "Keep wearing it?". "Great idea!"
y'all still got Arian Foster, Anquan Bouldin, Mike Wallace, and Greg Hardy 🙂 don't forget about Ray Rice & LaMike James too 😶
Things I trust more than Clinton & Trump: Flint, Michigan tap water, Michael Vick walking my dog, Elevator rides with Ray Rice & me driving.
Ray Rice is 29, ready to go, healthy, and will work for league minimum.
Got the Ray Rice jersey, that's a wife-beater
Check me out, I was rocking that Ray Rice rookie jersey.
Someone get Hillary off the stage. This is starting to look like a Chris Brown/Ray Rice beat down. *** the feminist are going to cry.
Have we forgot what Peyton is accused of.guess u hve to be a QB in this nation (jamis Winston). Ray Rice played the wrong position
I submit Ray Rice for your eval. Dude is caught on tape hitting Janay Palmer in the face so hard she loses consciousness.
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I'm assuming y'all are underestimating the Ray Rice situation because I said "Ray Rick" which makes sense
possibly. I think Ravens are done lolWhen the Ravens had Anquan boldin. Torrey Smith. Jacoby Jones and Ray Rice
If Adrian Peterson had raised Ray Rice, none of this would have happened.
"Stadium Club tickets? Great! that's in the basement. Just take the Ray Rice memorial elevator to the bottom."
So, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson were thugs when you heard about their domestic violence situations, but Johnny Manziel isn't?
18 months ago Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson were in the news for all the wrong reasons Anything changed since then?
I am wondering, if the NFL is going to suspend Johnny Manziel like they did Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.
I admired Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Stephen A. Smith. They have become as inexcusable as Jerry Jones, Romanowski a…
Based on OJ, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, I'd say Joe Mixon has the most upside.
Ray Rice to coach running backs in NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Saturday
The only thing scarier than making eye contact with Ray Rice in an elevator
Jim Brown paved the way for players like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Dez Bryant, Johnny Manziel, Ray McDonald...see a pattern?.
Report: TMZ paid over $10 for Ray Rice videos - Sports Illustrated: CBS NewsReport: TMZ paid over $10 ...
.report says paid more than $100,000 for Ray Rice footage at Revel
TMZ blackmailed Justin Bieber, paid more than $100G for Ray Rice videos and millions to massive network of ... - New York Daily News:...
Of course, like Santa: "On Ankiel and Kirby and Ray Rice and Google. On Will Leitch & Rob Ford and (weeps for Baltimore)"
Things I trust more that Hillary, Flint Michigan tap water, Bill Cosby drinks, elevator rides with Ray Rice, anything from Chipotle.
recently? I can think of the exact ones. Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, Ochocinco, and maybe 4 or 5 others
Michael Vick, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Josh Gordon, Johnny Manziel just to name a few ahead of him
Lol Johnny needs help but Ray Rice is still an animal. Jesus Christ
BREAKING: Johnny Manziel, Ray Rice, and Terrell Suggs all sent to play for the NFLs new team, The Compton Inmates.
That's true. Ray Rice has acknowledged what he did, apologized and gotten counseling.
Michelle Beadle bashed Ray Rice and Floyd Mayweather for domestic violence. Yet has nothing negative to say about J Manziel.
NFL did the domestic violence ads thru season, after they messed up w/ Ray Rice, now Johnny Manziel, & 1 more arrested
Ray Rice beating his wife, Roger Goodell covering it up, Johnny Manziel partying. Football's a dysfunctional family.
Right about now Cam Newton is probably starting to feel like Ray Rice's girlfriend.
Correction: NFLPA. The NFL essentially blackballed Ray Rice from the league. Hardy got bailed out by the NFLPA
So Johnny Manziel and Ray Rice walk into an elevator...
unless you're dating Johnny Manziel or Ray Rice
Players the NFL is lucky never won a Super Bowl MVP include Junior Seau, O.J. Simpson, Lawrence Taylor, and Ray Rice.
Not equally in the mainstream media they aren't. Go ask Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Johnny M.
Johnny Manziel hits girl: let's get him some help . Ray Rice hits girl: let's get him out the league
I actually like Johnny M so I'm not going to harp on it BUT... Where's the media that slaughtered Ray Rice???
Ray Rice hits a woman, he's trash. Johnny Manziel hits a woman & we're so worried about HIM. Let's hope the NFL can help HIM? Foh.
To *** with Johnny Manziel. Drinking isn't an excuse to beat a woman. Everyone feels "sorry" for him but didn't hesitate to bash Ray Rice.
weird that none of the concern was for Ray Rice's, Adrian Peterson's or Greg Hardy's well being. Abuse is abuse
Ray Rice is out of the NFL but Johnny keeps getting chances. Let the NFL & the law deal with Johnny. Tired of him in the news
That's so nice that they're letting Ray Rice coach the Pro Bowl
Does anyone else find it weird that Bruce Irvin and Ray Rice are captains of the teams?
...than have *** like Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, etc. on the team. Its bad enough Jim Brown is regarded so highly. He's a terrible man.
Ray Rice if I want her to live. Hernandez if she outta here.
Ray Rice can't find a job but Blake Griffin and Greg Hardy still employed 🤔
How is Greg Hardy on a team, but Ray Rice isn't?
Greg Hardy, there was evidence, he's a scumbag. Same with Michael Vick, Ray Rice, etc.
Pro Football Talk - - Maccagnan Jets have discussed Ray Rice doesn t foresee signing him
Ray Rice to coach/mentor RB's in NFLPA Collegiate Bowl is this a good choice? or still a C…
Ray Rice coaching at NFLPA bowl game via
Former Ravens running back Ray Rice to coach in NFLPA Collegiate Bowl this week .
New post: Ray Rice poised to return to football as coach of NFLPA Collegiate Bowl
Former Ravens RB Ray Rice serving as assistant coach this week at
Ray Rice will be the co-running backs coach on Mike Martz's staff at the NFLPA Collegeiate Bowl.
Ray Rice will coach at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.. Related Articles:
Ray Rice is going to coach in NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.
Fantasy News: Ray Rice, 29, still hopeful of return to NFL - Ray Rice | FA
Ray Rice coaching running backs in NFLPA Collegiate Bowl
Saw a lot of good players come through Morgantown, like Ray Rice and Chris Johnson, but Fitzgerald was by far the best
Tom Brady now has more playoff rushing TDs (6) than Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Frank Gore, and Arian Foster 😯
Just remember: Ray Rice got two games. Burfict gets three
it's an old Ray Rice trick. Caught on video spitting on Browns Phil Thomas. No one from league cared.
I feel dirty saying this but just get Ray Rice
Colleges are selective about "dirty money". Bill Cosby and Ray Rice money became bad yet DuPont money isnt?!!
C'mon Jerry Jones, lets go full on crazy. Hire Sean Peyton, pick up Bob Griffin, John Manziel and Ray Rice!
Should the Steelers sign Ray Rice just incase D. Williams can't play?
If Williams is out I'd love to see Pittsburgh sign Ray Rice
Steelers should sign Ray Rice if williams is going to be out
The league worries about Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Tom Brady ruining the brand, yet, the hurts the brand the most...
if DeAngelo Williams can't play next week the Steelers need to pick up Ray Rice :)
If DeAngelo Williams is out, the should troll the universe and sign Ray Rice for the playoffs.
Can someone answer why Ray Rice isn't in the league yet Brandon Marshall and Greg Hardy, among others, are?
Can we sign Ray Rice if DeAngelo Williams seriously injured
What are the futures of Aldon Smith, Josh Gordon, Ray Rice, and Joel Embiid?
I head a podcast where a comedian described having a meeting with him. Out of nowhere he started defending Ray Rice
how is Riley cooper and Richie Incognito STILL in the NFL while Ray Rice remains black balled? Skin color?
It's cool how women detest Ray Rice & Greg Hardy, want them unemployed, yet are huge Chris Brown fans, attend his conce…
It's like Jimmy Savile, Ray Rice, Bill Cosby, and Ike Turner moving in together.
Agreed. The credibility has long been lost. Norman isn't your smoking gun though - Cody Wallace, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice are.
Ray Rice returned to Baltimore this week to help with Toys For Tots:
BaltimoreCP : WJZ: Ray Rice returns to Baltimore to help Toys For Tots
What has happen to Ray Rice? I guess he was just white-balled out of the NFL. Ray Rice had a lot ball left in him.
the NFL has been embarrassed day after day. Started with the Ray Rice situation, Greg Hardy, deflate gate, referees..
It's not like NFL didn't lose the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, or even Tom Brady appeals XDDD
The NFL gives Greg Hardy a chance but not Ray comes down to productivity. Because at the end of the day Rice is more remorseful
Ray Rice deserves a second chance for one simple reason... Greg Hardy got a second chance. After all, America is the land of second chances.
coincidence or is there meaning in having Ray Rice and the star of "Concussion" on the show on the same day?
Ray Rice should be on a NFL roster if Ben roethlisberger and Greg Hardy are on teams !
In 5 minutes on the , Ray Rice has shown more contrition than Greg Hardy has to this day.
Ray Rice about to join Dan Patrick in studio. Should be good. Danny doesn't hold back.
Big day on the Dan Patrick show today. At 9:20 former Ravens RB Ray Rice, Will Smith at 10:35 and Former Patriot...
An NFL workout is nothing more than a plane ticket, cab ride and a gym day and Ray Rice can't even get that?!
Don't you think Ray Rice can be a good option? I know that he is the proverbial "leper" but at the end of the day, he is
Today, NHL star Patrick Kane is exactly as old as NFL star Ray Rice was the day he punched out his fiance in an elevator: 9,886 days.
And I'm sorry, if you throw shade at Greg Hardy/Ray Rice but cheer on Big Ben, then you are a hypocrite to the highest degree.
Ray Rice, the McCourty twins, Kenny Britt, and Logan Ryan are some of the NFL talent Schiano has recruited in NY/NJ/CT area
I'm gonna throw some names your way for the RU job:. 1. Ralph Friedgen. 2.Ray Rice
Roger Goodell: NFL officials are doing an 'extraordinary job'...I am also a BIg fan of Richie Incognito,Ray Rice,Leonard name it
Josh Freeman and Ray Rice are just sitting at home and staring at their phones. .
Terrance West looking like Ray Rice on that play.
Maybe should have signed Ray Rice instead of Murray. You would have liked that wouldn't you?
Congrats to Our moment: We both guested on re: Ray Rice. *She* was great
And how's he different from Ray Rice who was a pariah? No difference. If Hardy cut no one else picks him up.
How do people like Aldon Smith make multiple mistakes keep getting a chance while a guy like Ray Rice makes one terrible mistake and is gone
I don't think I'm a bad guy, maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm just a monster like Ray Rice.
So is Ray Rice? . But then Tom Brady is the evil man?
The same Dez the media said was on video doing something "5x worse than Ray Rice," and they didn't acknowledge when they …
Everyone hates on Ray Rice and Greg Hardy but have no problem in sending Ray Lewis to the hall of fame
- oh my!! Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, etc. could have solved cancer. who knew??
Ray Rice wants to raise awareness for domestic violence 😂😂 I'm done
Ray Rice on photos of Greg Hardy DV case: Shouldn't take photos to understand the severity of domestic violence
Eric Winston says he believes there's a concerted effort to make sure Ray Rice doesn't play in the league. Why Hardy and …
Ray Rice also got off scott free bc he's not a cowboy. Wait...
Amazing how NFL lost Ray Rice video and couldn't get Hardy photos - but still produced 243 pages on Brady's balls?
I remember the Peter King and Mort Reports saying that there was video of Ray Rice knocking out his girlfriend in that
Stephen A Smith, who was suspended for comments about domestic violence (re: Ray Rice), is hosting SportsCenter that led w/ G…
Disgusted with the Cowboys owner for allowing this man to still be on the team and call him a real leader when Ray Rice was shunned
same reason why Ray Rice would still be in the league, pics and vids change everything in its should not but it does.
Here's some more ether and I'm done. To you Cowboys fans that want Hardy gone but keep saying we need Ray Rice.nvm. …
Ray Rice was released within the hour of the video surfacing
I just…. I can’t support Hardy being in the NFL. Him and Ray Rice are on the SAME level and yet only one is out of the NFL. Disappointing.
Jerry Jones said THIS after the Ray Rice incident:
Jerry Jones won't cut Greg Hardy. Jones would sign Ray Rice if he thought Rice was better than Darren McFadden.
The NFL gave Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy another chance and better yet Aldon Smith. They will not give Ray Rice a secon…
If you don't think we had the best costume.. 😏 Ray Rice & Janay Palmer 😘👊🏽😍
Since Jerry Jones is looking to extend Hardy maybe he should bring in Ray Rice and trade for Aldon Smith
Greg Hardy playing in the NFL while Ray Rice isn't doesn't make sense to me
What about Vick, Big Ben, Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, Aldon Smith? Forgetting some, huh? But focus on the Dallas Cowboy. https:…
Which is why Ray Rice & Ray McDonald are out of the league, right?
THATS disgusting as guys like Hardy are making money, Ray Rice is on the FA list and Ray McDonald got 4 chances
Ray Rice should be in jail for murder
Things I trust more than Hilary Clinton:. An elevator ride with Ray Rice. Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby. Obama's Nuclear…
no difference between him and Ray Rice! Except Jerry Jones need a DE not a RB! Disgusting
So does Maurice Jones Drew and Ray Rice not play ball anymore ?
Buoyed by recent success of ARod and Pete Rose, FOX Sports announces broadcast team of Ray Rice and El Chapo Guzman for NFL p…
Greg Hardy wasn't guilty victim never showed up. Ray Rice wasn't guilty and neither was OJ Simpson that means nothing!!
Chad Hall, Tebow, Jason Campbell and Ray Rice for Brady and Calvin Johnson is fair trade in fantasy right?
Report: Ray Rice has support from NFL to return via
The leagues football operations department would support embattled running back Ray Rice r...
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