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Ray Rice

Raymell Mourice Rice (born January 22, 1987) is an American football running back for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).

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No. A privilege is an opportunity that can be fleeting. Ask Ray Rice if playing…
It's taking me 50 years to make this. It better be good.
we knew months ago Ray Rice dragged his unconscious fiancé out of an elevator. How did the NFL think it happened?Slip an…
Swear to god if I get a pink eye cause of ky Ima have to ray rice her *** 😡
Dude last time I saw you, you had to change your name to ray rice
If Kilo don't get tf man imma Ray Rice her *** 😤
And this video is being passed off as how "fake rice" is being made... this is how traditional pop rice…
I'm guessing all these fake rice news came from shows like this one & someone thought it was true.
can get 2 both with rice instead of sweet pot. Table 110 plz
I'm gonna buy some jerseys... thinking Hernandez, OJ Simpson, Vick Falcons J, Kobe and Ray Rice... see how many people I can *** off 😭
What's going to happen first - the Sixers finally winning a game, or the judge finally giving her verdict on Ray Rice's ap…
I think the key issue is that people are visual creatures. There was a video of Ray Rice, so people actually saw it = done
He did get on here to defend Ray Rice after the video came out...
Her: You have to eat something with the way you drink . Me: you ever see that Ray Rice video?
Ray Rice taking his wife out for drinks
If Wifey is Ray Rice, does that make you Michael Vick?
Ray Rice and Corey Redding offered advice to Ravens' rookies during OTAs
Ray Rice will serve as volunteer assistant football coach at his former high school
Ray Rice is taking a more active role with New Rochelle football — as a coach:
Watch: talks racism in the NBA, and Ray Rice on CNN:
Ray Rice. OJ Simpson . Aaron Hernandez . These guys are true scumbags who fell hard from grace. *** even Ray Lewis is worst than 🐅. IMO.
as if they won't be next. Michael Jackson, James Brown, O.J. Simpson, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Mel Rynolds, Ray Rice, and others
"I'm taking responsibility." From Gianforte to Jason Giambi to Ray Rice, it's not sincere if you fess up after being caught. Ugh
Pick 3... One has to be a RB... Ray Rice, Lamar Miller, Bernard Pierce, Jacquizz Rodgers, & Julian Edelman...
2016 Aroldis Chapman vs 2014 Ray Rice in a Respect Women-Off would be a legendary battle.
I don't think George Hill is coming back. And when he backed up Ray Rice for knocking his girl out was a bad move.
Like Chiefs fans with Tyreek Hill, or Ravens fans with Ray Rice.
I'm guessing you would also defend people like Brock Turner, Ray Rice, and Josh Duggar. I sincerely…
I'm confused. Ray Rice can't play in the NFL, but Joe Mixon can?
Fair point but I would also point out the different times. Ray Rice scandal and Will Hill…
Roger Cossack was go to legal advice for over a decade. Felt like he was on everyday for Ray Rice, Lance Armstrong, Arod, etc..
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Always different when it's a fave. See Chris Brown vs Greg Hardy and Ray Rice.
Hey, you know OJ Simpson graduated college right? Aaron Hernandez graduated college. Ray Rice graduated col…
Joe Mixon may get a pass on his assault of a woman but Ray Rice couldn't get a second chance. Im js it depends on timing…
United's gonna become the Ray Rice, Chris Brown, James brown, Bobby brown of all airliners now.
Makovsky: Ray Rice, a running back with the Baltimore Ravens, and [] Janay Palmer, were involved in a brawl." FAIL.
Ex-Bronco Montee Ball says he accepted plea in DV case bc he wouldn't get a fair trial as a black man post-Ray Rice: ht…
Am I the only one who would be totally stoked if the Giants signed Adrian Peterson or Ray Rice?
But you're comparing this to Ray Rice hitting his wife on video. Same with Chapman last year they found the gun and holes
they don't suspend athletes like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson after evidence comes out about their 3/
Maybe the diff. b/t a Ray Rice, Peterson, & Rothelisberger vs a Kaepernick is violence is stoked in culture & challenging that is unideal.
I don't hate Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Chris Brown, etc, or on their ability to earn. Just never going to be a supporter.
But why not speak on Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson & more back in the NFL? Why not speak on ACTUAL issues instead of…
Dave Chappelle going from Ray Rice to the Color Purple is a classic
We waited ten years for Dave Chappelle to get back on stage and tell some lukewarm Ray Rice jokes? ***
This guest talking about collusion is an *** Kaep is a distraction like Tim Tebow, not Ray Rice. Dave forgot that one.
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Dave Chappelle on Ray Rice tape: "don't rush people that's trained to stiff arm people in the clutch."
When Dave compared Michael Sam to Ray Rice on domestic violence 😭😭😭
I think it's part of the NFL's general policy to not do anything drastic unless there's a huge public outcry (ex Ray Rice)
says the guy teammates with Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, And Terrell Suggs
Former teammate of Terrell Suggs who played for a team which employed Ray Rice and Ray Lewis coming out of the wood…
Ray Lewis murdered a guy. Ray Rice is a wife beater. You have like 12 personal fouls as a Wide Receiver.
Your former team had Ray Rice and Ray Lewis...
Steve was teammates with Ray Lewis and Ray Rice. Don't see a single comment about them ever from him. 🤔🤔🤔
Coming from a guy who played for franchises that employed Rayenthal Carruth, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, Matt Elam, Ray L…
He played for the standard of Ray Lewis/Ray Rice on the Ravens and the Panthers who kept Greg Hardy, then calls out…
I would hit her with the meanest Ray Rice, Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, Falcon punch, Floyd Mayweather, Ike Turner combo f…
Ray Rice was 27 Joe Mixon was 18 when they committed their DV. That's a big difference in maturity he was a kid
Joe Mixon may get a second chance, but what he did will follow him forever. Ask Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, Mike Vick, etc..
should not of drafted Jim Brown. Bills should not of drafted OJ Simpson. Ravens should not of drafted Ray Rice. Browns and Mixon?
You dont think getting hit in the head every day does anything? Look at, Jim Brown, Ray Rice, OJ, Mixon... etc. RB's are just crazy...
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yes but without them, how else could we celebrate 6 time accused woman beater Terrence Howard while chastising Ray Rice?!?!
reboot avail talent... Johnny Manziel, Michael Vick, Roddy White, Marques Colston, Ray Rice, Laugh but it could work, if done right.
"I wrote my case on domestic abuse. His name is Jim Quinoa instead of Ray Rice."
Anyone that didn't vote for Terrell Owens for the HOF needs to get punched by Ray Rice.
makes Ray Rice look like a nice guy.
Thats why Greg Hardy, Josh Brown and Ray Rice are out of the league.
Like Greg Hardy, Josh Brown and Ray Rice? Yes, Vick is on the same class.
Tell that to Greg Hardy, Josh Brown and Ray Rice. But we all know how cruel blacks are to animals.
"you won't know REAL love until it HITS you" - Ray Rice
I mean...Ray Rice: 2 games until video became public. People don't seem to care unless they have a visual.
Joe Mixon has decided to go pro. NFL scouts say he has the speed, toughness, and quick jab to become the next Ray Rice.
Somebody need to send Ray Rice, Chris Brown, Ike Turner and Greg Hardy after this wanch! . iheartmiko's video
He took the Jay Z route. I'm taking the Ray Rice.
Ray Rice got two games for beating his wife on camera, Aldon Smith get a year and more. Where is the logic in…
If you disparage guys like Ray Rice & Joe Mixon while rooting for Tyreek Hill, it shows what matters to you is they aren…
We already had that scenario: Ray Rice. Janay was rightly not charged.
In 2014, ESPN suspended Stephen A. Smith ONE week for saying Janay Rice shouldn't have provoked Ray Rice to hit her
Joe Mixon's assault video is similar to former NFL star Ray Rice's assault of his then fiancé, Janay.
the same way Ray Rice could be suspended without a conviction for hitting Janay. Different standards for school, courts.
I didn't like him prior to this game like I don't like Big Ben and I don't like Greg Hardy and I don't like Ray Rice
He's suspended 10 games...Ray Rice hasn't played SINCE his suspension...but Ben rapes women and he isn't even disci…
It still trips me out that no team gave Ray Rice a second chance. Especially The Packers or Seattle who could definitely need him.
Just because he's on the hometown team doesn't mean we can disregard it. Hill should be as synonymous with DV as Ray Rice is.
Here's my story from the preseason on Ray Rice's meeting with Messiah Horne last offseason:
The need to sign Josh Gordon for the injury of AJ Green and Ray Rice for Giovanni Bernard being out for the season
I just pray I'm not engaged to Ray Rice.
I would drink at Bill Cosby's bar with Flint Michigan ice cubes & take an elevator ride with Ray Rice before I vote for Donald Trump
Rip to to my car keys. They had a good life. Now they are as dead as Ray Rice's career.
Brian Baldinger gets a 6 month suspension for talking, but Ray Rice & Josh Brown get 1 game for beating up women? That's the
Ray Rice and Brian Leonard both from New York. We need to find those types of gems again.
Ex-NFL player Ray Rice knew his life was over after he hit his wife in Atlantic City hotel
I see Brian Baldinger has proposed a bounty on Zeke. That is only slightly less heinous than Ray Rice clocking his wife.
man did the NFL screw up with Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Josh Brown. Goodell is ruining the NFL!
Yeah, Alfred Morris and Ray Rice are some players I wouldn't mind signing. I think Booker and Bibbs can carry the load…
NFL may have to use pre-Ray Rice procedures for other Josh Brown violations, via Mike Florio
John Mara: 'As leaders of this sport, we were slow to react and the original punishment of Ray Rice was insufficient.'
Josh Brown got 20x the amount of domestic abuse incidents as Ray Rice and the Giants still gathering info???
Ray Rice been apologizing for 2 years and haven't gotten the type of support the Giants have given Josh Brown in 6 hours
What bugs me the most is that people are comparing the Ray Rice situation. Ok, that was on video so the proof is bob there
Just because his actions weren't caught on camera he can't be taken to the cross and crucified like Ray Rice??
On Josh Brown and Ray Rice, what one can tell us about the other:
The NFL saw both Ray Rice and Greg Hardy as a menace. They didn't see Josh Brown that way. And he has a long history of…
"Our goal is to eradicate domestic violence within our league." That was John Mara after he rubber-stamped the Ray Rice r…
Ray Rice is a much better man than Hines Ward. In other news, everyone knows USC pays their players /s/ O.J.…
NFL kicker, Josh Brown beat his wife at least 20 times. Still on the roster. Ray Rice can't get a tryout.
Like these people be waiting all year to put on some brown foundation and be Trayvon Martin or Ray Rice and his fiancée in the elevator
Imagine the Bob McGinn column if TT were to sign Ray Rice?
Ravens had their former RB Ray Rice speak to all their rookies Wednesday, telling them his story, "the good and bad."
Hey Chris, if he was in shape, why not bring in Ray Rice for a test drive? (Am serious). He's paid his dues.
Rutgers commit Micah Clark with Scarlet Knights legend Ray Rice on the sidelines at High Point Solutions Stadium be…
Schiano was head coach, he had Ray Rice, Petrino was Louisville head coach... Fans rushed the field twice ala Texas/ttech
Things I trust more than a James Franklin coached team: elevator rides with Ray Rice, drinks from Bill Cosby, Flint ta…
if Josh Gordon can get back to the NFL then why Ray Rice can
The most excited people have been at a Rutgers athletic event since Ray Rice and Kenny Britt went here... and it's…
Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Ben Roethlisberger, Greg Hardy, Donte Stallworth, Chris Cook, Adrian Peterson, ...but NOW you want to ?
is NOT Rae Carruth, Ray Lewis or Ray Rice. should stick to things he is familiar with: Failing drug tests.
Rae Carruth and Ray Rice didn't even get as much hate from NFL executives than how much Kap is getting
Ray Rice knocked his girl out in an elevator.
SO let me get this straight...the last person hated so much by the NFL was Rae Carruth?so they approved of Hernandez & Ray Rice?
Colin Kaepernick has the right to sit down. People have a right to not like it. But please. He's not Ray Rice or Rae Carruth. Locate chill.
where are your comments about Ray Rice? Rae Carruth? Darren Sharper? Aaron Hernandez? scrolling through timeline
Also, since Carruth we've had Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Hernandez and more. Let that sink in.
Keep in mind...Aaron Hernandez, Greg Hardy and Ray Rice are all since Rae Carruth
that's just insane. You think players like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Josh Gordon, Rae Carruth, or Darren Sharper didn't lose fans
Aaron Hernandez, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Josh Brown inflicted harm on others, but Colin is the most hated since Rae Carruth ***
Execs saying they haven't seen this much hatred since Rae Carruth like Ray Rice never existed. I'm tide.
The bro drafted Ray Rice and Matt Barkley in our fantasy draft 😭
John Mara's defense of Josh Brown confirms the NFL has returned to its pre-Ray Rice mindset
Final point: the explained fully its suspensions of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy. Needs to do so with Josh…
Cam Newton, James Winston, Ray Rice till they found the video,
unless your name is Bill Cosby, O.J. Simpson, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Ben Rothlesburger...the list goes on.
Ray Rice, Aroldis Chapman, Floyd Merryweather, Jose Reyes, Greg Hardy, Johnny Manziel, and Hope Solo have what in common? Domestic Violence.
Ray Rice can go to CANADA and play with Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson, and Tim Tebow
Chris Brown and Ray Rice walk into a bar. Sorry the punchline hasn't hit me yet
Al Davis were alive Ray Rice would be a Raider and the Raiders will be a lock to win the West
If you're okay with Hope Solo playing soccer, you should be okay with Ray Rice playing football.
Hypocrite didn't want on his team, was OK w/ wife-beater Ray Rice
and with Reyes and Olivera and Brett Myers and Ray Rice and Greg Hardy
Chapman to the Cubs!! Bears should just sign Greg Hardy and Ray Rice too. Get Josh Gordon next off season.
**Second Chances**. Congrats to Ray Rice!! He signed a one year deal to play connect four at the YMCA of...
Ray Rice says he will donate his entire 2016 salary to charity if signed by an NFL team.
Ray Rice tells me if he gets a chance to play in 2016, he'll donate his entire salary to domestic violence programs. http…
White ppl say Ray Rice should nvr get a Job in the NFL bc of domestic violence but a white cop shoots unarmed black n keep job
It's a slap in the face that Greg Hardy is still in the NFL and Ray Rice has to offer his money in order to even have a c…
Ray Rice willing to donate entire salary if signed(ESPN)
Spot on, but the only thing I disagree w/ is this being his "defining moment." No, that was the Ray Rice debacle
My only disagreement: that Deflategate was Goodell's defining moment. No, that was Ray Rice.
Nick Saban's defense of Cam Robinson sounds a lot like the NFL's attitude toward arrests pre-Ray Rice elevator video.
Tom Brady can "cheat" lose four games, Ray Rice can end his career after his wife didn't press charges. Greg Hardy and Big Ben still play..
Like, we cool with cheering Ray Rice now? Greg Hardy? It takes Aaron Hernandez for us to finally cry uncle?
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Yall catching the strength of Ray Rice, Ike Turner, and Chris Brown in one slap lmfao
With Greg Hardy and Ray Rice in the front row?
wonder if Mike Ditka will wow the GOP convention crowd with his "Ray Rice's earning potential is severely damaged" take.
My *** lit, lol that's my bestfriend he know I got him no matter what, I'll Ray Rice anybody for him😂😂
He hired Ray Rice to run his ground game.
Ray Rice: "That was a physical, executed beat down."
Ray Rice, for instance. Woman repeatedly attacked him & he slapped her. Reciprocal violence. Still think he should have backed down
ray Rice... Honestly no idea they just look similar
How does this even happen ??? Did he not watch the Ray Rice video???
but it's not 5yrs ago. Domestic Violence Awareness has really grown past 5yrs or Ray Rice would still be playing football
I wish Steven A. would mind his own business & stop trying to tell grown women how to behave. Still remember his Ray Rice comments.
Polian is an *** remember how he changed story half way through interview about Ray Rice tape being lost at 345 park ave?
How about a 30 for 30 on Rae Carruth? Ray Lewis? Ray Rice?
"Big Ben" is up there with Ray Rice and Aroldis Chapman in my book of "Awful Athletes Who Should Be Castrated"
Hey keep looking for that I bet it's under the Ray Rice tape next to the concussion data.
What are you talking about sir they need to be kept in line somehow. Regards Ike Turner, Greg Hardy and Ray Rice
I live in Wisconsin and am a Badger fan. I thought the punishment was fine. This was not Ray Rice or Greg Hardy.
Ray Rice wishes Dan Mullen was the coach of the Ravens
What Goodell did to Brady was more than "get his hair mussed'. Borges conveniently forgets Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson were guilty.
What's the difference between Chris Brown, Ray Rice, and Johnny Depp? Brown and Rice were torn up by the media. Depp wasn't.
Well I was just saying that it was clear Chris Brown/Ray Rice actually beat them. Rice was later
I see more hate for Steph Curry than I do Ray Rice or Greg Hardy...and that's mind blowing 😳
Yardbarker: Ray Rice still hoping to play in NFL in 2016? (Larry Brown Sports)
and Johnny Manziel and Sean Penn and Woody Allen and Nicholas Cage and Alec Baldwin and John Lennon and Ray Rice and Michael Fassbender
How TF are Alexi Lalas and Ray Rice above Carli Lloyd? This list is nonsense
I loved Ray Rice but was lukewarm on Forte
For example if guys like Ray Rice, Terrell Owens, Ocho Cinco, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, and all these other guys file a suit could they win?
Ray Rice was the greatest small running back I ever saw live. And Brian Leonard, Im amazed my head didn't explode
Smh. Add in their Ray Rice, Anthony Davis, Brian Leonard just to name a few! 🤔
Did Scott Van Pelt seriously just compared Tunsil smoking weed to Ray Rice abusing his girl from a "PR" perspective! Gimme a break!
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Scott Van Pelt just compared tunsil smoking to the Ray Rice beating women. how high are you?
Scott Van Pelt just compared the Tunsil smoking video to the Ray Rice video. Uh, no. No.
would stand up...if the NFL didn't tell Ray Rice to never come back
Ray Rice and Ray Lewis convinced you that character matters?
How many Ray Lewis or Ray Rice jerseys are in that room?. Idk but how many have blood on them?
Ray Rice got off after being busted on tape. It's not always a black and white thing. It's more a power/wealth thing
Has public perception indicated Johnny Manziel for his actions, much like they did Mike Vick, Ray Rice...ect.
There has been more chaos over how much air was in a football then when Aaron Hernandez killed a guy and Ray Rice hit his wife
as Mike Irvin would say, "DON'T LOSE THE INTENSITY!" Ray Rice hits woman, he was the Headliner! "WHERE IS JOHNNY?" Headline?
that's very unfair. But Peter you must admit that ur Ray Rice reporting and cryptic retraction raised very legit questions
*** Ray Rice and Mike Vick had an easier time than Tom Brady.
2 game suspension for Ray Rice, almost 2 years in court for Brady... That's where your NFL commissioners priorities are.🐸☕️
Man... I think I'm avoiding elevators from now on. First Jay and Solange, then Ray Rice and now PRINCE?
Elevators been bad for celebs last couple years.. Ray Rice, Jay vs. Solange, now Prince found dead in one.
Ravens are cooked. I'd take Ray Rice back and deal with the media rather than sign Trent Rich and his lack of vision.
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