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Ray Liotta

Raymond Allen Ray Liotta (born December, 18, 1954) is an American actor, best known for his portrayal of Henry Hill in the crime-drama Goodfellas, directed by Martin Scorsese and his role as Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams.

Joe Pesci Henry Hill Adam Oates Robert De Niro Mickey Rourke Jessica Alba Bruce Willis Josh Brolin Frank Miller Danny Trejo Tina Fey Jeremy Piven Eva Green Lady Gaga Rosario Dawson Dennis Haysbert Michael Madsen Jaime King

There are a lot bad commercials out there. However, that can't be said about the Ray Liotta 1800 Tequila commerical.
Ray Liotta went from Rat *** in Goodfellas to King as Tommy Vercetti in Vice City to replacing the dude from Sopranos in a commercial
No idea which ad was weirder: GE with a child that has the power of omnitechnopathy or Ray Liotta drinking tequila over ice.
Can Ray Liotta concentrate on making at least one more good movie in his career rather then showing up in Tequila commercials? Cop Land Bad
I'm fairly confident 1800 on the rocks orders have increased 0% since Ray Liotta presented that awful idea.
I not approve of you speaking ill of Manhattans, Ray Liotta.
" if you drink this vodka Ray liotta will have sex with you"
Is Ray Liotta supposed to make me think 1800 Tequila is cool?
Happy Ray Liotta chuckling is back in my life.
DILLIGAF what ray liotta thinks about my drink
Ray Liotta is a little too intense in those 1800 commercials..
Ray liotta doesn't want black people to eat fruit
ray liotta usually gets into character by stabbing a PA in the gut
Ray Liotta can barely move his face with all that makeup on his mask
I think the real Creepy Rob Lowe is Ray Liotta in those bar ads for Silver 1800 tequila.
If I saw Ray Liotta giving my girly drink the stink eye, I would be scared because he looks like if Rob Lowe played a dead body on CSI.
Super Creepy Rob Lowe should have been played by Ray Liotta.
If Ray Liotta was lookin at me w/his 1800 drink, I'd finish my cosmopolitan, eat the cherry, and order another one like a Man
Ray Liotta just gave white dudes the courage to stare down black men in bars. Let me go work these biceps.
Ray Liotta just scared me from drinkin.
Julia Stiles and Ray Liotta join Anthony Hopkins in thriller GO WITH ME:
Have you seen the latest exciting news added earlier today over on
Another congrats to my client Glenn Beck on booking the new Anthony Hopkins/Ray Liotta Feature 'Go With Me'. Glenn is on a role! Way to go!
Dinner with three of my favorite actors:. Jeff Fahey, Chris McDonald and Ray Liotta
(as Ray Liotta) percy Harvin is the only Black player we had Pete Carroll.
Any day you awaken without discovering Christopher Walken or Ray Liotta looming over your bed, is a good day.
Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, Michael Shannon Winona Ryder, and Ariel Vromen at event of The Iceman.
...lets see... what other men have worn eye liner before?... Prince, Johnny Depp, Bret Michaels, Ray Liotta, dude from The Cure, Green Day..
IAMAs on Reddit today: Jeremy Renner, Michael Ironside, Ray Liotta, John Cho, Jane Jensen, and a US ambassador to Switzerland.
Think he’s my fav of the USA team. Got a touch of Ray Liotta about him.
'Stretch' trailer is fun, but is messing with my head because the voice at 0:33 sounds like Ray Liotta's Henry Hill.
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Ray Liotta, Danny Glover, & Denis Leary did the film Operation Dumbo Drop (1995) only for the money.
You were great! 👍😘Can't believe I Introduced my kids to Joey Pants', Ray Liotta's and Seth Green's acting in a G-rated movie!☺
Actors who would've been great in . 1. Ray Liotta. 2. Giovanni Ribisi. 3. John Goodman. 4. Paul Giamatti. 5. Casey Affleck
Ray Liotta uses "Goodfellas" to scare his daughters boyfriends (& uses bribes for keeping them from watching "Operation Dumbo Drop")
'Sin City: A DAME TO KILL FOR': Five Stars (Out of Five)   Sequel (and prequel) to the 2005 hit crime thriller 'Sin City'. It's once again directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and it's also once again based on Miller's neo-noir comic book series (with Miller writing the film's screenplay as well). Two of the movie's four stories are based on the comic and the other two segments were written for this film. Stars Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Powers Boothe, Rosario Dawson and Jaime King all reprise their roles from the original flick. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Ray Liotta, Juno Temple, Christopher Lloyd and many others play new characters in it; while Josh Brolin (replacing Clive Owen as Dwight), Jeremy Piven (replacing Michael Madsen as Bob), Dennis Haysbert (replacing the late Michael Clarke Duncan as Manute) and Jamie Chung (replacing the pregnant Devon Aoki as Miho) also join the new cast. Some of the events in the movie take place before some segments in ...
When you said Ray Liotta, I was thinking of Jake LaMotta. They're 2 very different people :p
I think I could play an Italian Gangster in a movie. Somewhere between Ray Liotta and Michael Madsen.
Eva Greene is naked A LOT in Sin City 2. Us ladies get a glimpse of Ray Liotta's flabby bottom & a bit of Josh Brolin in shadow. Rubbish.
WILD HOGS = 6/10 I do actually really like this film, almost watch it every time it comes on. Family fun with four grown men who love to ride their bikes, the trouble starts when they go on a trip and upset the wrong bikers, who are proper bikers at that. Deffo worth watching, starring John Travolta, William H Macy, Martin Lawrence, Tim Allen, Ray Liotta and Marisa Tomei.
Ray Liotta? Seriously? That's the best they could get? It's kinda like Stephen Dorff for Blu e-cigarettes.
Did you know? Notable alumni of the University include Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Gloria Estefan, actors Ray Liotta and Sylvester Stallone, and E News! correspondent Jason Kennedy, just to name a few.
Remember when Robert De Niro made Karen freak out and drive home real fast and Ray Liotta had a gun and didn't SHOOT HER!!! Yeah me too.
The Place Beyond the Pines is off the chain. . Ray Liotta was born to play a dirty cop/bad guy
People who think Ray Liotta is a made guy.
Muppets Most Wanted was disappointing. Weird cameos too. Ray Liotta and Christoph Waltz? Naturally familiar to all kids.
I want to see the commercial where Ray Liotta, Kiefer Sutherland & Grandpa Dos Equis admit in AA that their wacky stories were just sad lies
Who's laugh was better, Ray Liotta in Goodfellas or Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear?
Ray Liotta makes tequila commercials with the biscuit dough face because of bad plastic surgery.
Ray Liotta and Tim Minchin's love child on this evening
Repeating "Tea Leoni, Ray Liotta" as fast as possible is my new elocution drill.
looks like a rejected villian from *** Tracy.
Wow! Goodfellas is wow! Martin Scorsese, one of his finest work. Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro are brilliant. Intrigued by this movie's genre.
And yet the re-offending rate continues to rise. Maybe that old movie with Ray Liotta & an island is whats needed?
They need Ray Liotta because the last time he was in a good role. Hopkins was eating his brain wit fava beans and a nice Chianti.
I thought this 50 cent movie was going to be a sports movie but he gets cancer. I like 50 cent and ray liotta but not THAT much.
As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster." - Henry Hill (Ray Liotta)
OMG. Imagine Ray Liotta on Ray Donovan? If watch the crap out of that
So 1800 tequila's old spokesman was Michael Imperioli. Their new spokesman is Ray Liotta. They're just moving around the cast of Goodfellas.
While watching 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' I kept thinking it was Ray Liotta narrating.
If they ever make a movie about the Papa John's guy they are going to have Ray Liotta play him I hope.
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Sugar Ray Liotta tequila ad is "people who did not understand the point of Goodfellas"
brainfart on my part. Ray Liotta, not Michael Shannon
The Iceman Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta Movie HD Anyone yet to see this I'd strongly recommend it
"29. What video game would make a movie of, and who would star?" GTA Vice City, Ray Liotta
The "I amuse you" scene from Goodfellas between Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta.
Hey this cute chick on KIK wants to chat with you ;) her username is purpleheartz8
Any chance of returning back to a future or dlc content on a Grand Theft Auto title Mr Vercetti?
It's remarkable how Ray Liotta's face here is roughly twice as childlike as the actual child's
New movie starring ,in theaters Sept. 5th
The real Henry Hill is a far cry from Ray Liotta...
What more could you ask for than Uwe Boll, Burt Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Ron Perlman and awful CGI fantasy? The Stath, that's what.
Ray Liotta vacations exclusively in Portugese-speaking countries.
I feel like every 1800 Tequila commercial is filmed in the moment right before Ray Liotta commits domestic abuse.
Ray Liotta rocks M A Mike Morales' world... to sleep. . Sweet dreams, Sugarbumps.
"Hey Hamas, stop storing high value military targets in schools and residential neighborhoods!" How's that?
My favourite flaw is my chicken pox/acne scars. Brad Pitt and Ray Liotta work it so well.
Uh huh. Which one of you is Ray Liotta..??
Jeez, looks like we landed on Ray Liotta's face.
Am i standing on the Moon or Ray Liotta's face?
My friend Ray Liotta has a guitar riff, a new Tequila... and an attitude. .. that might change your mind
My little bro just worked on 'Texas Rising' in Mexico. Bill Paxton was cool and Ray Liotta was intense. Just like I always imagined it.
I met Shoeless Joe's nephew this weekend and it reminded me how utterly wrong Ray Liotta is as Shoeless Joe. It'd be hard to miscast more.
If a tequila is that good, why pour it over ice. What gives 1800 and Ray Liotta?
TRILLION DOLLAR IDEA: . Replace the US drone program with Ray Liotta's face.
Did they hire Ray Liotta to play one of the cops?
I really miss our ray liotta movie marathons!
If it were my choice I'd have Ray Liotta play all the Avengers. Kinda like Eddie Murphy in Nutty "Professor 2: The Klumps"
Wow! Yep,it's official, Hannibal Lecter will kill the crap outta you and then eat your brain. Just ask Ray Liotta. I have always loved these films. I know it sounds weird...but,these are truly great cinema.
Girl in pub flirting heavily with dude. "I am naturally beautiful without make up too you know" She looks like Ray Liotta.
DB Sweeney played Jackson and he batted lefty in the movie. That pic is Ray Liotta
INSTANTLY LOVE Blow because Ray Liotta is in it 😍
Scolari will be like Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas after this - going into witness protection and living his life like a schnook
Can someone tell me why Ray Liotta is such a man.
Ray Liotta and Dennis Leary beg to differ!
The first date scene with Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco is the greatest shot in film history.
the 1990 Martin Scorcese classic, "Goodfellas" starring Ray Liotta and Robert DeNiro
Didn't they already do this with Ray. Liotta?RT Walt Disney Studios to create a live-action Dumbo:
GoodFellas is a masterpiece. The performances from Di Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci were marvelous.
Ray Liotta's laugh in Goodfellas makes my life.
*Ray Liotta VO*. "Ever since I could remember, I've wanted to be on r/atheism.".
ugh that reminded me of Hannibal Lecter lobotomizing Ray Liotta's brain
I wonder whose face is in Ray Liotta's nightmares.
Once I saw Ray Liotta at Disneyland. I took a picture of him without asking. Thank you Ray for not kicking my ***
{When I see a whole bunch of movies with Ray Liotta and Sebastian Stan on Netflix.}
Thanks. I loved making that with Ray Liotta, John McGinley
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Once again sweet dreams and goodnight Ray Liotta!!
Finally watched Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio is pretty good as Ray Liotta.
The Dr. Melfi - selfie taken with Ray Liotta's wife from Goodfellas
How much Cuervo 1800 has Ray Liotta had tonight?
Ray Liotta. See, I thought you were Ray Liotta because your face has the texture of a decorative autumn squash
Ray Liotta not looking too good in these tequila commercials
Do men really aspire to be like the Ray Liotta character in these tequila ads?
I didn't know ray liotta did Tommy's voice in vice city
I want to be Ray Liotta 1800 cool. That is all
gotta admit I felt bad for Ray Liotta in that trial
I know that celebrities in tequila commercials is a new trend but seeing Ray Liotta in an 1800 commercial pains me.What have things come to?
That Ray Liotta commercial is the best thing I've seen during a Tribe game on STO this year.
Ray Liotta trying to pull in Kat Dennings over tequila? Yeah,right.
watch out bro, it's just like Ray Liotta in GOODFELLAS
Kalenna acting like she's Ray Liotta in "GoodFellas." Girl, sit down!
Ray Liotta just said 'his entire entourage' in reference to Jeremy Piven giving them all up
No idea why, but those 1800 tequila commercials with Ray Liotta always make me LMAO
Sometimes I forget my dad's from Jersey City until he occasionally sounds like Ray Liotta when he speaks and I'm instantly reminded
- Ray showing 100+% he can play a 'good fella' in the movies too ;-)
Plot twist. Ray Liotta is your dad.
Ray liotta got some James hetfield face goin on
Why is Ray Liotta in the 1800 tequila commercials? He was in one movie 20 years ago and he looks like a topographical map.
When Ray Liotta spazzed because Karen flushed the work down the toilet in Goodfellas... Top ten movie moment...
it helps if you say it like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas.
that's the 50th time I am watching Goodfellas. It actually connects me with wiseguys and an all time companion when I am alone
tbh i didnt like the wolf of wall street & the opening sequence is just leo being a try hard poser version of Ray Liotta in Good Fellas
That cannot be right. Why is Kevin Spacey on there? And Robert De Niro. Even Ray Liotta. What is the world coming to?
The casting for this movie is crazy. Jessica Alba, Ray Liotta, Stacey Keach, Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, etc.
Say hi to Ray Liotta for me or i cut choo!
from Ray Liotta and Lorraine always thought this was such a cute picture!
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from "Goodfellas" the gun scene between Karen and Henry
Wanted to finish that movie earlier ray liotta was a wizard or something
Ray Liotta, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Leo DiCaprio should team up and make one grand final movie with Scorsese before they all croak
Saw a movie with Ray Liotta in it today and I had to draw him!
are you watching this hot mess on SyFy? Ray Liotta and Jason Statham are having a sword fight and doing some Matrix moves.
Ray Liotta to play Papa John in the story of the pizza magnates rise and horrific fall from grace
I forgot how many people are in this like Justin Long, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi
Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Leelee Sobieski, John Rhys Davies... how did they end up here?
Muppets Most Wanted was fun, though I enjoyed the last one more. Highlight: Chorus Line audition featuring Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo xD
I'm beginning to agree with Henry Hill/Ray Liotta. Only *** get canned cause they're stupid enough to fall asleep in the getaway car
Killing Them Softly with Brad Pitt,James Gandolfini, and Ray Liotta. On the same vein as Good Fellas and ***
I have some art to display! Mainly nudes of Ray Liotta and Harvey Keitel.PM if interested.
“❤️ Is it me or does he really look like Ray Liotta here? makeup:
My first feature length film I got to help make here in Seattle. What a blast! Learned alot! I am sure God will bring these skills I learned back into use. Will never forget this experience. Featuring: Tobey Maguire, Laura Linney, Elizabeth Banks, Kerry Washington, Ray Liotta, Dennis Haysbert -Christan-
Are we all agreed that Ray Liotta would play Adam Oates in the Adam Oates bio-pic?
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That's Ray Liotta playing the role of Adam Oates.
Adam Oates... a perfect combo of Jack Nicholson's "Joker" and Ray Liotta.
Directed by Jesse Baget. With Val Kilmer, Ray Liotta, Gina Gershon, Kelli Giddish. After killing her bank-robber husband, a Texas housewife must dispose of the body and find the loot while avoiding the local sheriff.
starring Bradley Cooper & Ray Liotta & was a really great film. Why is it so underrated?
Doh. I just figure out Cynthia Nixon is Ray Liotta from movie.
Ray Liotta looks like if David Hasselhoff had sex with with young Ray Liotta -
20 Most Hotly Anticipated Movies Of Summer 2014 7. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Release Date: August 22nd It’s now almost been 10 years since the original Sin City was released, leaving pulp fans purring at the stunning visual design and gritty caricatures that populated Frank Miller’s world, and while the gloss of the film was compromised in retrospect slightly by Miller’s own directorial attempt at The Spirit, it remains an important release. The sequel offers another opportunity to dip into the monotone world again, with a new cast of characters swelling the ranks of those who have returned, and Miller will hope that everyone is still engaged enough with his characters to care that it took him this long to get the sequel written and made. The Selling Point: The original is still heralded as an aesthetic triumph, and something different to throw into the comic book movie world again isn’t a bad thing. The Concerns: The cast includes Lady Gaga, Mickey Rourke and Ray Liotta. What could possibly go ...
Goodfellas defines GOAT. And the fact that Adam Oates looks exactly like Ray Liotta make it that much better
Anyone remember the 1992 film Article 99 with Ray Liotta, Kiefer Sutherland and Forest Whitaker?
I contrast this to Ray Liotta being beaten in "Killing Them Softly'. No music. Purely horrifying in its unsexy and unglamorous violence.
THE NIGHTMARE with the VA in Arizona, on ~~ 'Senators McCain Watch" ~~ has been ongoing for years, and this movie, released in 1992 tried to address it.. Blessed to see it in Santa Rosa, CA about that time, prior to diagnose as PTSD, and have greater experience of what the nightmare consists.. Article 99 is a 1992 American dramatic film written by Ron Cutler and directed by Howard Deutch. It was produced by Orion Pictures and starred Kiefer Sutherland, Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker, John C. McGinley, Rutanya Alda and Lea Thompson. The soundtrack was composed by Danny Elfman. When Dr. Peter Morgan (Sutherland) begins his medical internship at a Veteran's Administration hospital, he expects to breeze through on his way to a cushy practice. Instead, he's thrust into a bizarre bureaucratic maze where the health of patients is secondary to politics. And the temperature really rises when he teams up with some freewheeling physicians, led by Dr. Richard Sturgess (Liotta), who think they've learned how to brea ...
Watched this dude Paul (Ray Liotta) get his brain (literally) fed to him by Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) while he, himself enjoyed (eating) it as well. That scene in that movie is seriously one of the most brutal things I have ever watched in my entire life. *** that movie is ridiculously crazy. Good. But insanely, brutally crazy.
I thought Ray Liotta was on Hockey Night In Canada. But, it's Adam Oates. Boy, was I wrong!
Adam Oates looks like Ray Liotta, Bat Boy and the man without a face had a baby.
Sammi Hanratty (Zoe) Sammi Hanratty has been acting for more than half of her life, and has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest names including award-winning director Robert Zemeckis, Simon West, Barry Sonnenfeld, Jim Carrey, Robin Wright, Gary Oldman, Cary Elwes, Ray Liotta, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jon Hamm, and Tim Allen. In 2013, she wrapped principal production on three feature films: MOMS' NIGHT OUT, Zoe Gone, and The Christmas Spirit. Sammi's extensive television credits include guest starring on Mad Men, Monday Mornings, The Saint, The Unit, Pushing Daisies, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
'Sin City : A Dame to Kill For' has a set of new posters featuring Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba. Robert Rodriguez has put together an interesting ensemble that should do justice to Frank Miller's celebrated graphic novel, who by the way is also co-directing the film. The film also stars Josh Brolin, Eva Green, Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson, Jaime King, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dennis Haysbert, Christopher Meloni, Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, Juno Temple, Stacy Keach, and Julia Garner. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For opens on August 22nd.
sure it was. and it's based on actual events. Am I the only who thinks Ray Liotta looks like Chris Hemsworth? :D
Went to see Muppets Most Wanted today with Karen Mikkelsen, Gavin and Aidan. It was GREAT!!! ...and the cast of cameos was unbelievable: Hugh Bonneville, Sean Combs, Celine Dione, Josh Groban, Selma Hayek. Frank Langella, Ray Liotta, James McAvoy, Stanly Tucci and name a few...Oh, yes and Lady Gaga whom I almost didn't recognize because she looked normal. ha ha Honestly.. It was WONDERFUL!
Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Rodriguez, Channing Tatum and Ray Liotta star in a movie based on the...
The best in was El The saddest cameo, Ray Liotta standing next to him.
I just realized, Ray Liotta looks a lot like Kevin bacon
Billy Donovan looks like what would happen if Ray Liotta and Eddie Munster had a baby together.
PH: 1300 949 570 W: ONE DAY WORKSHOP WITH ANDY McPHEE QLD Andy has 25+ years of credits in Film & TV. Andy has worked on shows such as: Bad Karma with Ray Liotta, Criminal Minds, Choppers Audio CD 'Road to No Where', Neighbours, Jack Irish and Home & Away. He has also worked on Mickey Rourke's feature 'Passion Play' and the US Feature 'The Condemned' as 'Nazi' and Crazy Jack in the series Pirate Islands. His CV includes the features 'December Boys', 'Wolf Creek', 'Broken Hill', 'Summer Coda', 'Matching Jack', and 'Animal Kingdom' winner of the 2010 Sundance World Dramatic Prize and Sons of Anarchy as McGhee - just to name a few! See Andy's credits on his IMDB. Andy is back in Australia at the moment as he is filming Galiopli and will be here for the next few months. He has also been instrumental in the careers of his 2 children Kodi and Sianoa who have been involved in – Rommulus My Father, The Road, Let Me In, Paranorman, Neighbours, As the Bell Rings, HBO’s Hung series 1 & 2, Touchback with Kurt Ru ...
Family film with Bergman & Silence Of The Lambs refs + Ray Liotta & Danny Trejo as back up singers to Tina Fey! It can only be Muppet movie
This conversation happened at the Muppet Movie: Me: Who is this guy? He looks so familiar. Cason: Ricky Gervais. Hosted the Golden Globes twice and was in the British version of "The Office" Me: and That guy looks so familiar to! Cason: Ray Liotta. Good Fellas. The guy that says "You tullkin ta me?" Me: Really? Wait. You've seen Good Fellas? Cason: well Brooks was watching it and I was around so kinda but not really. It's like 3 hours long, you know. Me: K. Thanks there, "Hollywood" Thanks a lot, Brooks and Whitlëy Langførd. This kid is inappropriately awesome. And correct. And still only 8. Remember that.
Ray Liotta looks like when Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't breath on Mars
Just took the boys to see " MUPPET'S MOST WANTED".It was a very cute movie.if you a celebrity buff, you will enjoy all the cameos, including.Celine Dion, Lady Gaga , Josh Groban,Ross Lynch, Tony Bennett, Ray Liotta, Selma Hyeck.just to name a few.I counted at least 20.there were some very funny innuendos as well.they were kind of wasted on the boys...still...worth the money.We really enjoyed it!
Whatever about The Muppets, Tina Fey is brilliant in the new Muppet film! Really funny turn from Ray Liotta as well.
If I were in a gulag, I'd love if it were with Ray Liotta, Jermaine Clements, Danny Trejo and Tina Fey.
Caught Muppets Most Wanted last night.really, really, fun! I don't care for most musicals but this was well done. Tina Fey was brilliant and to see Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo dancing in a chorus line was hilarious! Go!
Goodfellas Goodfellas (stylized as GoodFellas) is a 1990 American crime film directed by Martin Scorsese. It is a film adaptation of the 1986 non-fiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, who co-wrote the screenplay with Scorsese. The film follows the rise and fall of Lucchese crime family associate Henry Hill and his friends over a period from 1955 to 1980. Scorsese initially named the film Wise Guy, but postponed it, and later he and Pileggi changed the name to Goodfellas. To prepare for their roles in the film, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Ray Liotta often spoke with Pileggi, who shared research material left over from writing the book. According to Pesci, improvisation and ad-libbing came out of rehearsals where Scorsese gave the actors freedom to do whatever they wanted. The director made transcripts of these sessions, took the lines he liked best, and put them into a revised script the cast worked from during principal photography. Goodfellas performed well at the box office, grossing $46.8 millio ...
I must admit the movie doesn't really get good until after Ryan Gosling dies. But this movie is full of hotties! Bradley Cooper, Ray Liotta always plays a good bad guy!
FRANKY G (John) Franky G started his career starring in the award winning film “Manito” written and directed by Eric Eason. The film received an award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002 and played in 50 festivals. Since then he has appeared in various magazines, including in being selected as one of the most beautiful people in People Español. His versatility as an actor and his intense energy has landed him roles in various Studio Hollywood films starring opposite Dustin Hoffman, Andy Garcia, Mark Walhberg, and Charlize Theron. His most current credits include “Confidence”, “The Italian Job”, “Saw 2”, “Dead Man Down”, “Blowtorch”, “36 Saints” and “Tio Papi”. He has appeared on television in the title role of Fox’s hip show “Jonny Zero”. He also starred as Joe Garcia in CBS’s drama “Smith” starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen. Franky has also guest starred in “CSI Miami” opposite David Caruso and “Blue Bloods” opposite Donnie Walhberg. Franky has ...
Some big stars are back with new movies. Which are you most excited to welcome into your home? A. Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) B. Jake Gyllenhaal (Enemy) C. Kurt Russell (The Art of the Steal) D. Ray Liotta (Better Living Through Chemistry) Skip the theater, watch these movies from your home on the same day they hit the big screen:
MT “What do Lady Gaga, Tom Hiddleston, Ray Liotta, Hugh Bonneville, and Usher have in common?
Michael Madsen, Ray Liotta, Harvey Kietel, and Mickey Rourke before he had plastic surgery star in "The Greatest Mob Movie Never Made"
Ray Liotta, Hugh Bonneville, Usher, Mackenzie Crook and Salma Hayek among the celebrity cameos in new Muppets movie
Can it possibly be as good as the original? Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez return to collab on the Sin City sequel "A Dame To Kill For", starring another stable of talent including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin, Jessica Alba, Eva Green, Mickey Rourke, Ray Liotta, Stacy Keach, Bruce Willis & more...
When he said "wise guys" I was expecting an close up of Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta.
Just watched Corrina, Corrina for the first time. I love that movie and it's even more reason to love Whoopi Goldberg and Ray Liotta.
Ray Liotta, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Tommy Lee Jones. These actors are the last of a dying breed. There arent any young actors, in my opinion, that could ever be as good as these guys and its sad that some day soon, these guys will not be appearing in any movies!
Ray Liotta laughing expression is priceless.. lol!
Me: Jamie what's your name? Jamie: uh Jamie Ray Liotta.slight pause...uh Harvey ,,,lol!
I think that Ray Liotta is sexy. Hello Harry
Oh wow Ray Liotta is in this movie too? Where the *** has he been?
I have a crush on Ray Liotta. That man never ages. 🍴😋
unless Ray Liotta was whispering it
Ray Liotta was spot-on casting for Krendler - he gets his in spades by the third act & you don't feel sorry for him! What a ***
Shout out to my boy Rohit on signing Ray Liotta to star in his movie!
I'm sorry I said your baby looks like Ray Liotta.
I read the synopsis online. Looks like a series of bad decisions. Plus Ray Liotta gives me the squeckies.
I've seen it already. But with Wesley Snipes/Harrison Ford/Ray Liotta etc
these used to be films that would go straight to video and dvd with Ray Liotta or Jean Claude Van Damme...
Anthony Hopkins feeding ray liotta part of his own brain in one of the Hannibal movies was slightly disturbing
Geoff Moore, our famous Corning East High alumna, will be having his directorial debut on March 14th when his movie, "Better Living Through Chemistry", hits movie theatres :) Ray Liotta is in it!!! Stop by and show our hometown boy your support and like the movie's page. It will be at select theatres- they're working on Corning still. I'll be seeing it in Buffalo :) Mark your calendars.
I'd have a leather jacket like Ray Liotta's in Goodfellas.
I just seen goodfellas for first time couple weeks ago. Ray Liotta! 😍 . Is it like that !? X
Agreed :-) Also the chemistry between Joe Pesci & Ray Liotta is fantastic making some very intense scenes lol
Nice! Yeah I'm a clothes guy. My dream is to have a closet full of suits like Ray Liotta did in Goodfellas
Can't hear 'Gimme Shelter' from the Stones and not think of Ray Liotta with a butt-ton of cocaine
Last night, I dreamed that a bumbling, jerk cop (Timothy Omundson/Carlton Lassiter from Psych, except channelling Ray Liotta) was using my help to help to arrest Justin Beiber and bring down his drug cartel. After eluding us in an underwater scuba suit chase though the labyrinth of caverns and tunnels under his house (the White House), I failed to capture him, so the cop arrested me in Beiber's place. I woke up sooo PO'ed. This is what happens when I sleep in.
For the latest 'Ray-lated' news visit the just updated today ;-) x
If you build it "they will come" I remember when Costner told Ray Liotta hey, "Bruh" I'm not doing this for my health!
I wish Ray Liotta could narrate my life 😕
'I love acting. It's an interesting challenge to make something that doesn't exist appear like it's happening, and to do it in a real way' - Ray Liotta
Elliott's voice sounds like Ray Liotta from Goodfellas this morning!
Seen 'No Escape@ old Ray Liotta (mmmRayLiotta) movie? Been done. Thats what i call a deterrent!
They thought they should know: Plot[edit] During the Vietnam War in 1968, Captain Sam Cahill (Danny Glover) has been working hard to create good relations between the United States and Montagnard Vietnamese in the village of Dak Nhe. The U.S. Army is looking to monitor enemy operations on a clandestine weapons supply route which passes near the village. Cahill is coming close to his discharge, and explains to his successor Captain T.C. Doyle (Ray Liotta), the delicate nature of Vietnamese customs as well as the counter intelligence involving covert enemy activity. In a lapse of judgment with surrounding village children, a child steals a Nestlé Crunch bar, the wrapper, which when found, lets the NVA know of their cooperation with the local villagers. In punishment, Brigadier Nguyen (Hoang Ly) of the NVA, at the disagreeance of his subordinate, Captain Quang (Vo Trung Anh), orders him to kill the villager's elephant, right before a spiritual festival. To aid the villagers, Cahill promises to replace the s ...
Pretty sure Ray Liotta is driving in the car next to me right now.
I just think people make it seem like it's ok for all these young famous to get way with getting drunk using drugs
Used to be the famous were famous from fame. Now the famous are famous from infamy.
So it's1258 am and i have to get up at415am to be at work at530 am and i just for thru watching Suddenly with ray liotta, not a bad movie. But I've lost 1.26 hours worth of sleep,... oh well let me get a cat nap before the darn rooster starts croaking. good morning,btw i will need a large sweet tea from dunkin donuts or Mike Donald. lol ( Charisa Weems and Keya Weems) will probably snitch
I don’t want to talk bad about DiCaprio or Wolf of Wall Street but Ray Liotta did it better the first time.
Casting Net: Amanda Seyfried (Lovelace) is set to star in Seth MacFarlane‘s upcoming sequel to Ted. Seyfried will join returning star Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming comedy, which continues the story of John Bennett and his crass, foul-mouthed teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane). As for Mila Kunis, according to Deadline, who broke the news, she will return for Ted 2 but in a much smaller role. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon) will play Man on Wire aerialist Philippe Petit in the upcoming 3-D film To Walk the Clouds. Robert Zemeckis (Flight) will direct. American Hustle‘s Bradley Cooper is slated to star and produce Warner Bros.’ upcoming crime thriller American Blood. The upcoming film is based on a book proposal by Ben Sanders and centers on an ex-NYPD officer-turned-mob informant who’s living in New Mexico under the witness protection program. Things start to go awry when he gets into trouble for investigating the disappearance of a young woman. The Mortal Instruments‘ Lily Collins is in talks to st ...
Everyone wearing those *** rainbow loom bracelets now. If this keeps up, in two weeks this is going to be me:
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Ray Liotta being fed his own brain.
Premiere on campus for a new movie with Ray liotta .. Found the directors and explained I need to be famous... He asked if I was an actress
Christ, I feel like Ray Liotta and victim-shaming is the Hannibal force-feeding me slices of my own brain.
I have to say Ray Liotta is one of the est actors there was!
Anyone else think that Ray Liotta and Matt Damon are starting to look the same?
Does anyone else think the Caps manager looks like Ray Liotta or is it just me?
Everyday is a good day if you don't look like Ray Liotta
- as Mr Frank Sinatra in the fantastic film 'The Rat Pack'
Found it a bit long if honest. LOVED the girls' performances but thought CB was doing a deNiro impression and BC doing Ray Liotta
Want to make your movie instantly better? Put Ray Liotta in it.
Ray Liotta has been cast in mob thriller The Field.
DANG!!! I totally missed the Nashville premiere of THE IDENTICAL, which I was in, starring Ryan Pelton, Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta and Seth Green. Can't wait to see it!
Ryan Gosling is Like Oat Meal Cookies in Bed, On the Couch He's like Cake, soft.
I thought You Made that stuff back when a bottle of Pepsi cost a Nickle are't you Corrina Corrina's Boss.
Lets Make a Baby and Call it a Mac.
Sushi, Bon Bons & Candy, oh yeah and tid bits the kind that never fit in the middle a little,Or Doughnuts.
Ray Liotta cast in mafia movie: Ray Liotta has been cast in mafia thriller The Field.
I can scream and all masseuses " OY " It is the return of Bad Cowboy Teerak , make yourself beautiful in the beauty salon ! It's not rap Katoi Simon Cabaret If you're attacks me, you will attack Rome M'voir you can sunbathe on the beaches of Kata , Karon My Guigui , I'll t'montrer what it is At t'faire a drive-by on Nanai in KSR if you want your word not Crosses me on Soi Cowboy or Soi Nana If you have fallen on a ladyboy , Somnamna J'connais the Thai on the fingertips If j'baise silent , J'suis sure she'll shout from the rooftops (Han !) This one j'la place to Paola J'baraude on Bangla Road mode Ray Liotta Bottle on blue -ta You want to embrace the world eh You got to lick the line of IE- tha Arita J'suis at the hotel , not far from Honda They call me all Anaconda s'touchant forearm It s'gare on Bangla with our cars I raised tail like a scorpion on einss Bowling J'reviens of Surin, without a helmet on my choupette The future of humanity hangs in the sewers of Phuket Buddy -ca in the pocket , bought at Fa ...
Ronit Roy is a part of Indian mafia film titled 'The Field'
Ray Liotta was kind of a babe back then.
Okay, after I ate dinner and played a bit of video games, I just watched this movie with my parents, and Ray Liotta was the good-guy...
Without makeup on, you look like Ray Liotta. With makeup on, you look like Ray Liotta with makeup on
No Escape - Ray Liotta stars as a prisoner sent to Absolom, an island where inmates rule themselves & live in tribes:
I know. Can't believe Nikki's Dad is Ray Liotta's chubby stunt double too.
Ray Liotta doesn't do television since the invention of HD.
We just got done watching "Revolutionary Road" with Leonardo DeCaprio & Kate Winslet. Now we are watching "Identity" with Ray Liotta & John Cusak.
Nikki's dad looks kinda like Ray Liotta.
Putting in another yardsale/fleamarket movie i bought this past summer (must have a hundred left to watch): 'NO ESCAPE'. Starz Ray Liotta, Michael Lerner, Stuart Wilson, Lance Henrikson, Ernie Hudson, & one of those Dillon bros, Kevin Dillon.
The Identical Movie screening (ft Ashley Judd & Ray Liotta) at NRB Convention. Movie features music and an appearance by Joint Heirs
Much earlier today I updated with official confirmation of something I mentioned on Ray Liotta Connection middle of Jan 2014 - I really do try my very best to bring you the latest 'Ray-lated' news as soon I know
Ray Liotta has joined the cast of The Field, the feature debut of award-winning director Rohit Karn Batra. Guy Louthan and Jai Khanna of Brillstein Entertainment Partners are producing. The film is scheduled to begin production this fall in India.  
Could you imagine if Scorsese made Wolf of Wall Street like 25 years ago and cast Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci in Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill's roles, respectively?
Thanks to Olivia Francessca for the ticket to the screening of The Identical today. Screening for the film we worked on a year ago in October with Ray Liotta , Ashley Judd and Seth Green. I had two scenes and she had 7. Great Monday surprise.
I was curious, did anyone ever see the movie "THE LONELY LADY" with Pia Zadora? Anyone at all? It was one of the strangest, most bizarre films I've ever seen. It wasn't really very good, either. This movie came out back in the early 80's. I only viewed it as a curiosity, and I'm probably one of the very few who even knows about this strange obscure film. "THE LONELY LADY" was about a woman who was struggling to become a movie screenwriter and producer, and this woman was of coarse played by Pia Zadora. All throughout this movie, Pia Zadora does nothing but spend her time trying to make it in Hollywood with her screenwriting, and she has affairs with several men. This film is filled with so many rediculous and laughable scenes, and there is one unbelievable scene when Pia Zadora is attacked with a garden hose by a man. And Ray Liotta played the man who attacked her with the garden hose. Can anyone believe that, a man attacking someone with a garden hose? Isn't that nuts? A few scenes in this film were pret ...
Just another Sunday in the Palisades:) Ray Liotta - Cheech Marin - John Goodman
My Apple genius looks like a hipster version of Ray Liotta. It's so awesome.
Dear Leonardo DiCaprio, Ray Liotta called and he wants his voiceover from Goodfellas back.
Just got thru movie with Ray Liotta
Okay, I think Patrick Matleau was also in GoodFellas! Dude looks just like Ray Liotta!
Just about to watch Copland, (on the new set up! :-D). Superb film, brilliant performance from Ray Liotta, and SUPREME performance from Stallone, his best performance in any film he's done IMHO! If you've still not seen it, get it on your wish list! Now then ... where's that bag of popcorn!!!
Rods Reviews- In the Name of the King, A Dungeon Siege movie: Rick E Fox will pay for suggesting this awful piece of crap of a movie!! It's like seeing everything you love about fantasy movies being brutally tortured and mutilated by a mutant backwoods hillbilly. I mean it takes talent... real god damned talent to make good, entertaining character actors like Ron Perlman and John Rhys Davies look horrible. And to pour salt on the wound, they made Ron Perlmans character look exactly like Renfield from the Keanu Reeves Dracula movie. The script- beyond awful with some of the most ham-fisted, corny, idiotic dialog I have ever heard The plot- There really wasn't one... I wrote better plots than this for role-playing games when I was in high school! A man named "Farmer" has his kid killed, his wife kidnapped, and has to rescue her. Meanwhile Burt Reynolds is a king fighting off Ray Liotta and Shaggy from the Scooby Doo movies with the help of Gimli from the LOTRs. Turns out "Farmer" Farmer is the son of Burt a ...
watching one of my favorite movies John Cusack kills it in this movie one of my fav actors also ray liotta is a good actor to in this movie and very good looking lol :)
Wow...Ray Liotta has had AMAZING Results!!! How could you benefit from using NeriumAD? Get Started today by going to
Cop Land has an awesome cast! Sylvester Stallone, Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, and more. I am so watching this!
I forgot about this Hannibal 2001 movie.he fed the brain to Ray Liotta and someone's kid on the plan! How horrific!
Why is it that every time I hear the name Karen, I hear it in that whiny Ray Liotta voice from Good Fellas?
Guess which Ray Liotta turkey this is!
TONIGHT ALL YOU BRUCE FANS IF YOU NOT SEEN IT BEFORE `COPLAND` starring Sylvester Stallone ,RAY LIOTTA,ROBERT DE NERO,about a slightly put upon copper who only enjoyment is going home & listening to The River album by Bruce springsteen . channel 4, 23.55pm .
is wondering if anyone else has stayed on to watch the women's' rugby and thinks the co-commentator is the spitting image of Ray Liotta??
I'm on a plane to LA and Ray Liotta is sitting in front of me,I got to talk movies with him,he is a really Good Fella! Lol
Just watched "The Details". Toby Maguire, Elizabeth Banks, Ray Liotta. Not underground. Honestly had me wondering why I'm still watching but I stuck it out!!
I watched that movie, "Article 99" Ray Liotta & Keifer Southerland. It was about government budget cut's to the medical benefits for US Veterans. "Wow!", "God bless america,
Loved watching the epic movie HANNIBAL again after more than a decade. Anthony Hopkins is outstanding. The last scene he eating a chunk of Ray Liotta 's head is bone chilling and gross but a fitting finale to the great movie nevertheless.
How was Ray Liotta not nominated for any kind of award for Goodfellas? He acted De Niro and Pesci off the screen. Yeah Pesci was great, but his character was nowhere near as complex and developed as Henry Hill was.
Mhmm...Ray Liotta laugh n all, i mean Henry Laugh lol
The Place Beyond The Pines. Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Ray Liotta. Best *** movie you never saw.
In his entire acting career has Ray Liotta only ever played either a gangster or a dirty cop?!
Marty movie question. TV *** so you go to Netflix. Two lead actors with movies, Ryan Gosling and Ray Liotta. Which do you choose?
I'm trying to decide who is one of the best lead actors in American crime dramas...Ray Liotta Goodfellas, Al Pacino Scarface, Johnny Depp Blow, Robert Deniro Casino or Benicio del Toro Traffic...Hm.
There was a conversation going on in the news pod, on the other side of the newsroom. All I heard were the words 'arrested,' 'forklift,' 'vending' and 'machine,' and I was cackling like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas. Sometimes, life just gives you moments.
Starting to feel like ray liotta in Goodfellas .helicopters everywhere all day .m m
That disappointing moment when you hear: "Next on Conan... Ray Liotta" and finding out he actually said: "Ray Romano"!
Powerful performance from Ray Liotta and 50 cent great job from the entire cast wonderful directing from Mario Van Peebles.
***Movie review*** Movie: Killing Them Softly Stars: Brad Pitt Ray Liotta The movie was pretty good, but I want you to listen to what's playing on the radio during the movie as the characters drive around to their variouse destinations. Also pay attention to the last lines of the movie I for one think they are true, but I'll let you decide for your self.
DEVOTIONS, WAKE-UP AMERICA MINISTRY WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2014 Good Morning everyone! It’s time to rise and shine, this wonderful Wednesday morning. Yes its hump day, and no sign of the camel, so we will resolve that today will be a good day in the Lord! For breakfast this morning you can try one of Ginger’s BLT’s, surely there are tomatoes out there to make this breakfast feast. Grandmother would come-up with these “steak” tomatoes. They were actually the size of a steak and tasted just as good. So get up the spouse, dress the kids and gather around for morning devotions. WAKE-UP SONG: “Man In Black”- Johnny Cash (1971) SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 11: 1 – 3, (NIV) Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (2) This is what the ancients were commended for. (3) By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. MESSAGE: The Bible goes on to say that without faith no one can please .. ...
a botched mob related heist, Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta go on the lam and open a deep sea fishing charter in Miami ." I'll give you a producer credit if you have a good working title.
Catch me eating scrambled eggs and watching Jason Statham, Burt Reynolds and ray liotta in sword and sorcery b movie.
Watching 'The Iceman' - supposed to be decent and to be fair Ray Liotta's in it, so it's worth a watch on that not alone.
Standing Ovation Ray Liotta in ‘Narc’: Looking upon the wide filmographic gulf left in the wake of “Goodfellas...
Is it weird that I find ray liotta hot?
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