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Ray Lewis

Ray Anthony Lewis (born May 15, 1975) is an American football linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).

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Tried hitting that juke on my moma in the hallway and she got me with madden 06 ray Lewis hit stick
Not gonna lie I think I could take a spear from ray lewis without crying or getting winded
not especially. He's not exactly ray Lewis and I want us to suck next year anyway.
What NFL players do you look up to beside Ray Lewis? — Karl Joseph🙌🏽
Ray Rice and Ray Lewis were gone when smith got signed... Try again. He's right the bengals have zero shame..
NFL Superbowl champion Ray Lewis on "the other side of pain" What an amazing life story!
Steve is a 🤡🤡 lost his last game ... vs Ray Lewis (criminal) Bernard pierce (DUI) Ray Rice (😂) + more
even Ray Lewis and are better tatts
says the guy teammates with Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, And Terrell Suggs
"Supposed I told you the greatest pain of my life is the reason I'm standing here today!" . - Ray Lewis.
Former teammate of Terrell Suggs who played for a team which employed Ray Rice and Ray Lewis coming out of the wood…
Ray Lewis murdered a guy. Ray Rice is a wife beater. You have like 12 personal fouls as a Wide Receiver.
Your former team had Ray Rice and Ray Lewis...
some just ain't born to be a Cane bro, like Ray Lewis said it best. Not gone beg you to come, it's either in you or it's not 🙌🏾
Greatness is a lot of small things done well. Day after day. -Ray Lewis
Steve was teammates with Ray Lewis and Ray Rice. Don't see a single comment about them ever from him. 🤔🤔🤔
"One of the most dangerous things you can do is believe someone else's opinion of you." - Ray Lewis
invent a time machine and get '07 Steve Smith. Then you're set. And get back Ray Lewis 😂🤔
Eddie George stiff arms the life out of Ray Lewis in the 2003 NFL Playoffs.
On the dais: William Green, Ray Lewis, PacMan Jones, Levi Jones, Jerramy Stevens, the bouncer & cop on the Southsid…
Van Jones, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Shaquille O'Neal & Steve Harvey. This is your President that u told America trust him he a loving guy. B.S.
Anyone remember the 40 time of Ray Lewis, Ronnie Lott, Teddy Bruschi or Jerry Rice? You can play or you can't.
Griff: *** Jack you're like Ray Lewis. Me: yeah you're like Myles JACK. Griff: *laughing hysterically* that a football guy?
It was 3 years ago today. that's Austin decided to "Ray Lewis" a fan
THE MELVIN 😂 I'll mess around and get the old Ray Lewis injury
no order: Buckeye guy, all things University Michigan, Dickie V, Chris Berman, Ray Lewis.
Obvious pass overrated? NOW on Discovery Green Bay game, and Ray Lewis think Tom emerges, screaming joy, throwing to fight
Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Ray Lewis, Brock Lesner, Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky, Jim Carrey, Lionel Messi, etc...I can go on and on..
I really hope the Saints draft Reuben Foster. I really have a feeling this guy will have a Ray Lewis presence in the NFL.
Just got of a call with Trevor Brooks, Ray Lewis and Jeff Hoffman and we launched this new initiative to get...
Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs. But all from the U so it's fam
Go talk to Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Curtis Martin. They've no interest for solutions for kids who look up to them. Just want attn
May of 2016, Ray Lewis, Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Mike Tyson; were all at the bbq. This summer, not so much.
Ask me who my favorite football players are and imma tell you: Drew Brees 💛🏈Ray Lewis 💜🏈 & Tom Brady 💙🏈
Ray Lewis, Jim Brown, Floyd Mayweather all went to Trump Tower after he won election.
Jason Taylor, K. Warner, Mort Anderson got in the HoF before Ray Lewis, Moss, Terrell Owens, Don Coryell, Brain Dawkins, and Roger Craig.
Pretty excited to hear that "character" is keeping Terrell Owens out from people who vote for Ray Lewis.
Questioning Terrell Owens character when OJ, Ray Lewis, and Marvin Harrison are all in the HOF
Ray Lewis got away with murder and he's goin in probably... TO Chad and moss should all be in
Sports_HQ: When you see tears in my eyes, you see it's not about the wins or the losses, It's about the opportunity. -Ray Lewis
Sports_HQ: When God is with you, who can be against you? -Ray Lewis
Never forget that Udonis Haslem has played 14 straight seasons with the Heat is still going & Ray Lewis totally killed some guy
Ray Lewis killed a guy and it didn't affect his image
This guy would strap up and go head on with Ray Lewis no hesitation. Such a savage. Good luck to my boy
Spoiler alert...Ray Lewis did Hot in here🔥 and had NELLY come on stage! Did anyone think he would do a different song?
Ray Lewis: "I don't have to respect NOBODY but the Baltimore Ravens."
if i would've known you guys had Ray Lewis on set today. I would've gone instead of seeing Rashad Jennings
A program for our youth. Jim Brown and Ray Lewis via
"Coaches, we are Fathers, we are mentors, we are leaders.". Ray Lewis.
Find out why Ray Lewis' quote inspired something in me click the link 👉🏾👉🏾
New episode is up. We talk Melo for K-Love, Brent Musburger, Super Bowl week meltdowns, & get a call from Ray Lewis. ht…
why do you insist on bad guys as commentators. Bill Romanofski and Ray Lewis. Need to do better than those two
I miss watching Troy Polamalu, Ray Lewis & Ed Reed do work 💯🏈
The Ray Lewis rant on today's show was impeccable
what's the over under on ray Lewis stab victims?
Oh, so this is why trump met w/Kanye, Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis. For a minute, I thought he gave a *** abt Black folk.😉
Reuben Foster: best LB I've seen since Kuechly. He reminds me of Ray Lewis. He's a starter on any defense. Will have 110-120 tackles in '17
Did you know Ray Lewis killed a man?
might have to add another head because I see OJ pulling up in the white Bronco... & Ray Lewis is sitting shotgun
Ray Lewis speeches got me mentally ready for whatever!
The annual match up between the NFL’s best players will take place this Sunday, Jan. 29.
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Ray Lewis is one of my favorites but there's alot of em out there
2012 Panini Rookies and Stars Football Card Ray Lewis - Baltimore Ravens by Rookies and Stars
Ray Lewis is great at dodging charges give him a shot at dodging balls
the greatest sport entities that are even associated with Maryland are Ed Reed and Ray Lewis
gimmie Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, and Aaron Hernandez. No one in their right mind would try to hit them.
What's funny is I've heard people call Ray Lewis an Uncle Tom when I'm guessing he's done more for the communities he's lived in then
.Expect him to channel Ray Lewis next week at media day: "Football, football, football. I'm here to talk football."
and in sure Ray Lewis an Ladanian Tomlinson will be next
Lewis Bring at No. 5 and Corey Ray just missed the list.
So murderer Ray Lewis who killed another black man speaking about black on black crime gtfoh his opinion doesn't matter…
because they screw everything up like letting them go to Baltimore, getting Ray Lewis and finally winning a SB
Take Ray Lewis off that shirt and we got a deal
Spotted: in his element at day 1 of Pro Bowl practice. . 📝:
"This ain't no sales pitch. The one thing about it, we don't sell people to come to The U. You're either for us or your…
🤔...So I wonder if this is what Donald Trump was talking about with Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, and Chicago's own…
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Sometimes...I just wanna lock Skip Bayless in a cell with Aaron Hernandez, Orenthal, Ray Lewis, Darren Sharper, Mark Chmura and Rae Carruth
Ray Lewis with his 2nd career murder at UD today
Great to see Kanye, Jim Brown and Ray Lewis ignore black racists like Mark Lamont Hill and graciously meet with…
Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Yeezus, MLKIII, Ben Carson, and Darrell Scott: all "mediocre *** in the eye of racists & dividers.
Try kicking Ray Lewis around or Jim Brown or the OWNER of BET. We know your "price" because you sold out a long time ago!!
Did any of the intrepid reporters shouting questions at Markeith Loyd think to ask if Ray Lewis wants his suit back?
Kanye West,Steve Harvey,Jim Brown, Ray Lewis. All of em had "coffee" w trump. They trynna get to us through them...…
They should add Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Jordan, Shaq, Kobe. Call it the dream team.
Steve Bisciotti, John Harbaugh, Ray Lewis and many others share their thoughts after the passing of David Modell:…
Not sure how you're even comparing the two. Reed's career span more than doubled Taylor's. Also, Ray Lewis, etc.
That was so fun. That Eddie George truck of Ray Lewis had our whole watch party like a mosh pit.
Ask Eddie about that Ray Lewis hit back in them playoffs days
Chad Johnson acting like he ain't get lit up by Ray Lewis back in '09
Ray Lewis called and talked to Steve Smith Sr. in the minutes right after the game ended. Pretty cool.
Ray Lewis is a guest of honor at Donald Trump’s pre-inauguration party hosted by Jim Brown.
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Great show this morning. The Browns need an enforcer on D. We don't have a Ray Lewis or James Harrison. We need an HITTER!!
Marcell Dareus: Unlike stars such as David Harris and Ray Lewis, I am not smart enough to run Rex Ryan's defense.
glover was best D lineman and probably 2nd best defensive player in 00 to Ray Lewis
Jim Brown, Kanye, woman beater Ray Lewis, and Darrell Scott are straight cooning for Massa Trump.
Ray Lewis n that buster *** house *** "pastor" *** no Jim Brown yes he's real and honest !
Not unless they create an Uncle Tom corner... then, he, Stacy Dash, Kanye, Ray Lewis, Denise Rodman and the rest of…
would have agreed more with a communal consensus than Jim Brown going to see Trump with Ray Lewis & Pastor James Davis!
"Jim Brown" and Ray Lewis at Trump Tower discussing how to help the inner cities and problems with unemployment & educat…
Today Trump & Pastor Darrell Scott have met with Kanye West, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, & others to discuss inner city issue…
I wonder what Kanye,Ray Lewis and Jim Brown have to say about their Boy making a Mockery of African Americans in front…
Curious about your take on Jim Brown & Ray Lewis.
Yesterday if you thought kanye: ray Lewis and Jim Brown visiting Donald Trump was weird. Today's visitor was even c…
Ray Lewis entering Trump Tower even though Sec of Defense has ostensibly been filled.
personally I like Kirilloff, Corey Ray and Kyle Lewis. Trammell is interesting as well. And OF COURSE my boy Delvin Perez
Steve Harvey, Michael Jordan, Ray Lewis, are all apart of this NPHC Organization
After meeting with Trump, says the president-elect is aware of his divisiveness
You can not get mad at Ray Lewis or Jim Brown for meeting with…
Attention: Residents of the Democratic Plantations of America:. listen to Ray Lewis and not Deray McKesson!
Ray Lewis explains why NFL players are jealous of NBA players | THE HERD
Listening to Ray Lewis talk about his mtg with Trump like...
He busy with his Ray Lewis, Kayne West, Jim Brown and Jason Whitlock.
Attorney Ben Crump will be with me, Ray Lewis and Chris Broussard talking role of athletes in social justice on
Do me a favor please sir , ask Ray Lewis if he did his pre-game dance for Trump. I'm just asking. 😏
.continues his own personal EssenceFest by bringing in the NFL's Jim Brown and Ray Lewis. Jim Brown "fal…
as soon as I've seen the John Lewis or Coca Cola ads then it's Christmas!
ICYMI After meeting with Ray Lewis, Jim Brown & Kanye, should LeBron meet with President-elect Trump? . and
Ray Lewis might honestly be the greatest speaker of all time. He just has a way of explaining and motivating like no other.
Informative video of Ray Lewis breaking down his meeting w Trump -
you see this garbage yet Video: Ray Lewis Speaks
Y'all bashing Kanye but I ain't heard a word bout Ray Lewis meeting with Donald Trump
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Ray Lewis met with Donald Trump on Tuesday. Lewis talked about the meeting yesterday. I found this interesting:…
Ray Lewis joins us to talk about whether today's NFL players are going soft. NOW on *** yes they are!
Ray Lewis attacked for meeting with Say he wants his kids safer. It's time the men in these commun…
Jim Brown and arrive at Trump Tower Tuesday in New York City
The power of respect is to never disrespect -Ray Lewis
Professor Griff speaks on Kanye West, Ray Lewis, and Jim Brown Cooning f...
More on the world's favorite politician -- Donald Trump.
Ray Lewis takes you inside his visit with Donald Trump | THE HERD (FULL ... via
I thoroughly enjoyed this. We need more people like Ray Lewis, Jim Brown, Bill Gates & my man Curtis Martin. They d…
Trump is smart to meet with people like Jim Brown, Ray Lewis and Kanye West. It sends the right kind of symbolic signal…
Kanye, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis... All met with Trump this AM... Glorious lib melt downs coming... 😂😂 there goes the narrati…
Retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and legendary Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown met with...
Working late tonight. Drinking strong coffee and watching Ray Lewis in-game sound bites for motivation.…
Trump met with Kayne, Ray Lewis, & Jim Brown today? Was this a distraction from appointing David Duke to his cabinet that…
It must be Black People Day at Trump Tower. First Kanye and now Jim Brown and Ray Lewis. I bet Stacey Dash is comin round the co…
you don't get a football player and Kanye West to meet on African AMerican Issues... Trump, Kanye and Ray Lewis are all clowns.
I was gonna say credit to Ray Lewis
If Derrick Johnson at out, there will be no Super Bowl for my Tantamount to Ravens of old losing Ray Lewis.
Greatness is many small things done well. -Ray Lewis @ Lady Bird Lake
Ray Lewis 'Leave Your Mark' (Madden 13 Intro). This still pumps me tf up to this day
Ray Lewis, Jim Dunaway, Darrell Russell (w/ video tape) and let's not forget OJ.
But did Ray Lewis or Jim Kelly or Michael Irvin ever get to play in TWO Russell Athletic Bowls? Didn't think so
Dannell Ellerbe hit em with the Ray Lewis dance
can't blame Reed for playing wit Ray Lewis. Harrison and Dawkins was the best player on their D
Nobody gives a wet fart what Ray Lewis is babbling about. I didn't know he even apologized. I'm happy he isn't murdering folks.
"Not everyone is hanging on [Ray Lewis's] every word anymore." Anymore, ever, what's really the difference?
you mean to tell me Ray Lewis makes sudden, rash decisions?
Can y'all ask Scott about Ray Lewis comments about Flacco? I think Ray struggling to find his identity in media
I told Dak if he didn't score on the last drive, Ray Lewis was going to come show him how he uses his knife. Worked like a ch…
Woodson, Moss & Dilfer causing me to long for the halcyon days of Keyshawn Johnson & Ray Lewis. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Love Ray Lewis, on Mount Rushmore of LBs. But gotta say I face-palmed. "Murder" is not a term I'd use with Ray Lewis
why is this even a question. Ray Lewis
Today's podcast:. Flacco responds to Ray Lewis. Jerry Jones confuses the media. Curt Menefee joins us. Listen:
Can't recall Ray Lewis questioning Flacco's passion when he threw 11 TDs and ZERO ints to win the Super Bowl in Lewis' fin…
1. This is not a dream matchup 2. Don't disrespect Ray Lewis like this
Bruh you kidding me that's just disrespectful to Ray Lewis
y'all are disrespectful af, Ray Lewis would put zeke in the dirt.
Ray Lewis is a terrible analyst btw
It’s Ravens vs. Cowboys this Sunday. Who’d win this dream matchup: Ray Lewis or Zeke?
Ray Lewis swear you gotta act like him to show you passionate or have leadership
Ray Lewis mocked Tony Romo for reading a written statement - Ray, you did the same thing with "No weapons!" and "I plead g…
Listening to today sound like Nate was talking about Ray Lewis and Stephen a Smith.
Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Mike Tyson, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Michael Irvin, all play in their prime. 36 is a good sports age.
Tonight feels like a Steve Smith night. Primetime game. Did the Ray Lewis dance pre-game. I could see a big night from him.
Steve Smith said he asked Ray Lewis for his permission to do entry dance. "I'm a Baltimore Raven. I'm an emotional player."
I actually heard someone say this "Kirk Morrison is the next Ray Lewis so its no surprise they wear the same number" lmao
Ray Lewis, a murderer-- who said that Black people were wrong for protesting the death of Freddie Gray.
look up Rashard Mendenhall vs Ray Lewis. Rashard bad mouthed Lewis,then he hit him hard and clean and broke Rashard shoulder
I think I would go with Ray Nitschke, Ray Lewis, and Lawrence Taylor.
looked like Deion Sanders with a side of Ray Lewis last night.
I'm not a Baltimore fan but your lying if you say you don't miss seeing Ray Lewis and Ed Reed play
Ravens aren't the same without Ed Reed and Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis on Dak: 'He has 'IT'. He gives the Cowboys a different attitude. Shannon Sharpe: '(Cowboys) have magic. He…
You know what my Ravens dream coaching staff is? Ray Lewis at HC, Ed Reed DC, Derrick Mason OC.
Even an older Ray Lewis and Ed Reed scared teams before they retired. Does anyone on this Ravens team give you that vibe?
Ravens haven't been the same since Ray Lewis and Ed Reed left
Lol this ish is funny only way we winning is if Ed Reed and Ray Lewis come out of retirement
I really miss the Ravens that had Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Haloti Ngata and Torrey Smith and Todd Heap and Derrick Mason
Ray Lewis and Ed Reed had countless hits that were on par with this, where do you stand exactly?
Yo this Skins fan on fb told me that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed was some trash so I told him Sean Taylor was some hot garbage😭…
Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis launched a business initiative which aims to find jobs for 1,000 people.
Big Ben really did get away with rape and Ray Lewis got away with Murder...Rae Carruth and OJ Simpson probably stil…
The U that has Ray Lewis as alumni, used strippers to recruit players and has been in trouble for the 90's.
That first half had NOTHING to do with talent. It had everything to do with EFFORT! Need Ray Lewis to give these guys a talk.
I would happily invite Jamie Vardy round to my house for dinner. Vote to see who Ray would choose!
Holy cow, Arius Moore was shot out of a cannon on that one. Read it perfectly. That was some Ray Lewis, elite level read and react.
Ray lewis and this should be the people's only answer
Marquette King surprised the NFL when he imitated the Ray Lewis dance perfectly after a punt.
You over estimate how little people care. Kobe rapes, Ray Lewis murders and they are loved. A little lewd conversa…
Ray Lewis will always pump me up lmao
Tbh before i work out i listen to Ray Lewis' speeches lmao
I think you are thinking of Ray Lewis.
***STILL DRIFTING***. Featuring Legendary Ray Lewis!. December 4th at 7pm. Tickets Available at:...
I need Ray Lewis Ed Reed in that U.M locker room like right now
the most offensive part of this was calling ray lewis a DB
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ray Lewis is at our JV game against Wooton. Apparently his son goes to Wooton?! Ain't he from B-more?
Yeah, I was going to go on and list Ravens (Ray Lewis) and other NFL teams, too ... that league is a moral cess pool
Also today: Ray Lewis on Odell/Dez, Jerry Jones wrong to be surprised by 3-1, Tebow about to get exposed?
Can you invite Ray Lewis to chargers pk
I agree not needed but for an all time great D.a Singletary,Ray Lewis,Brian Rlacher type Ilb would be nice
Me, my son Shareef, nephew CJ, Pops & Kebo. Chilling at the Raiders game. Yeah my son is a Ravens fan. *** you, Ray Lewis! ht…
Ray Lewis, Jim Caldwell, and Ed Reed covered up for Harbaugh. But I've seen his true colors these past few seasons
Marquette King just did the Ray Lewis dance... At midfield. In Baltimore. 😯
Killed em with Merriweather, Wilfork and Hightower-Patriots. Ray Lewis and Reed-Ravens. Von Miller-Broncos. Troy and Harrison-Steelers. LoB-Sea
Apparently is fed up with all the tap dancing from SHAQ & Ray Lewis. 😩😳👀
Ray Lewis said that BLM should address black-on-black crime. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife at a Super…
Whatever it is that Ray Lewis, Jerry Rice, Shaq & Cam Newton been Smokin, Don't smoke that.
Ray Lewis, Cam, Jerry Rice, switching their stances cuz of pressure n prob they folk callin em out. Naaah we heard u the first time coonin
I'm kind of amazed that Ray Lewis considers himself a credible commentator on "black on black crime"
Ray Lewis, David Clarke, Lil' Wayne, Spike Lee, and countless other blacks are fighting back against BLM's narrative as it festers.
Ray Lewis at home wondering why the same speech he gives to high school girls volleyball teams isn't working on black adults
I'd rather have Desiigner read me "The Cat In The Hat" than hear anything Ray Lewis or Cam Newton has to say.
AMRT | What does Javancy Jones have in common with Walter Payton, Ray Lewis and Dak Prescott?.
but for every Ray Lewis there is a Kaepernick, Shannon Sharpe, Brandon Marshall, and a Stephen A Smith
How LB/DE Javancy Jones fits in with Walter Payton, Dak Prescott and Ray Lewis, according to Tony Hughes.
I wonder if Shaq, Ray Lewis, Victor Cruz, Torrey Smith still feel the same bout Kap protest
You're trying reason with a bunch of Stephens(Jango). Don't forget Ray Lewis, Barkley, Jordan and most of ESPN. N victor cruz
I like Randy Moss and Charles Woodson but isn't the same w/o CC, Keyshawn, Ray Lewis, and Tom Jackson.
Hue Jackson's orange sideline gear is reminiscent of the infamous Ray Lewis courtroom jumpsuit.
Ben Roethlisberger and Ray Lewis would bow to each other before they played 'Best Man Win.'
Zach Thomas never got much love due to playing w/ Jason Taylor, and in the same era as Ray Lewis and Junior Seau.
Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Ben Roethlisberger, Greg Hardy, Donte Stallworth, Chris Cook, Adrian Peterson, ...but NOW you want to ?
I liked a video Shaquille O'Neal and Ray Lewis *** Against Colin Kaepernick
"Slow down first don't react so quickly". Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis and Tony Stewart should hang out, discuss Kaep and murder.
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When you hear about Ray Lewis and Ben Roethlisberger questioning ANYONE'S character.
Nice of Ray Lewis to take a stab at this whole situation.
Jesus! Ray Lewis too? It's not about Vets being disrespected. Now it's just folks refusing to hear the message
Mmmm ray lewis always know what to say
Ray Lewis shares his thoughts on Kaepernick
Ray Lewis did like and killed a guy
My media column, on the various changes to the NFL broadcasts this season. Adios, Ray Lewis. via
Somebody paying Ray Lewis to speak out against black people
I wonder if Ray Lewis has ever done anything worse than kneel for a song... Hmm...
Shannon Sharpe was making Ray Lewis look at type of stupid yesterday... An that's his homie 😩
Ray Lewis offers his advice to Kaepernick: 'Take the flag out of it'
I liked a video Ray Lewis to Kaepernick: I understand what you're doing, but take the flag out of it
Same people sayin you shouldn't listen to Ray Lewis about Kap cause he disagrees will tell you to listen to TI's political opinion lmao
I want to hear Ray Lewis speak on the ills of the Black community like I want to hear Richard Nixon discuss normative ethic…
Calling Kap & Marshal thugs and *** is what they've always done. They call Ray Lewis, Cam & Shaq that too when they're mad at them
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Funnier: Those people criticizing Ray Lewis are the same one's that just said they support free speech 👍
"Sometimes your greatest pain, it ain't even about you , it's about a greater purpose" - Ray Lewis
Hey dark skin black men, what's really going on with y'all? Shaq, Ray Lewis, you mfers who cape for whiteness, etc.
in studio to talk Kaepernick, Roethlisberger and more - 'The Herd' (FULL...
Lmao ray Lewis killed two *** this *** opinion on anything already void af
Its funny all the media athletes like Ray lewis come out and speak against Kaepernick but never speak on his reason for no…
Ray Lewis should be quiet ... When that man lost his life on that night ..he didn't think of the flag now did he ?
Same *** "judging" somebody's character, was also the same man who murdered a black teen from Akron for no reason, yes R…
The black delegation offers Shaquille O'Neal and Ray Lewis in exchange for Megan Rapinoe
Ray Lewis has so much to say but shot a dude shaking my head he talks too much…
Got Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe on again?. I'm guessing that people know how to get there...they just choose not to.
If you burn Jersey, but Roethlisberger, Ray Lewis, or Bruce Miller jerseys see no fire, miss me with your hypocrisy.
Ray Lewis got cool points for what he said to kaepernick
It's a shame too. Ray Lewis was always my favorite player.
I liked a video from My Response to Ray Lewis About His Stance on Colin Ka…
Kap can go into ANY HOOD in America right now and have more influence than Ray Lewis. Every single one of em
not all white people are angry with him, just one example, Ray Lewis spoke out against him yesterday and was tore up for it
Ray Lewis has uncles who fought fo the U.S. While he was involved in murders. SIT DOWN RAY!
Lewis Discusses Kaepernick's Protest via - Ray Lewis got away with murder!
Funny how everyone hates Ray Lewis for voicing his opinion. Apparently tolerance and respect for a man's opinion are a thing…
you should have put the Ray Lewis clip on too
Funny. Some of the people praising Ray Lewis for criticizing Kaepernick were the same ones calling him a killer during…
Ray Lewis got it wrong about Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest. Tim Black breaks it down.
Innocent until proven guilty, folks. Not that complex 😂⚡️ “Ray Lewis weighs in on the Colin Kaepernick controversy”.
Luke Keuchly is a player, defensive coordinator, and head coach all in one. Reminds me of a young Ray Lewis.
So rapist Ben Roethlisberger and murderer Ray Lewis have decided to speak up on Colin Kaepernick. Some people don't know wh…
Ray Lewis, you were once charged with murder.
Ray Lewis tells Colin Kaepernick to "take the flag out" of his protest.
Tony Stewart and Ray Lewis should start like some sort of Murderers against Colin Kaepernick organization.
People who should not be on TV giving opinions;. Ray Lewis. Sarah Palin. Donald Trump. Alan Keyes. Allen West. Michelle Bachmann. Sean Hannity
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Rick is really messing up this offseason, you gotta claim that Ray Lewis clone
is NOT Rae Carruth, Ray Lewis or Ray Rice. should stick to things he is familiar with: Failing drug tests.
Also, since Carruth we've had Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Hernandez and more. Let that sink in.
Kaep sat down for an anthem in silent protest... Carruth killed someone. Ray Lewis helped hide a murder. Love the NFL... smh
Top 10 players that should be in the hall of fame: . 1. Ed Reed . 2. Ray Lewis . 3. Peyton Manning . 4. Calvin Johnson . 5. Marshawn Lynch
but I'm missing the point Hulk Hogan John Cena The Rock Johnson live in a gym Ray Lewis live in a gym not related
*** Ray Lewis told Kyle Boller back in the day give us 10 points and don't give them any and we'll win.
Michael Irvin, warren sapp, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, the rock b the people's champ straight legends
unless your name is Bill Cosby, O.J. Simpson, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Ben Rothlesburger...the list goes on.
man that's wasn no normal roach.. It was built like Ray Lewis 💀
Aaron Hernandez, Ray Lewis, and OJ Simpson share your sentiments
happens all the time. I remember when you guys got Matthew Thomas. People were talking like we lost Ray Lewis! Lmao
Horry County grand jury indicts son of former NFL star Ray Lewis in sexual assault case >>
Trent Richardson has been cut more times than a Ray Lewis murder victim.
God changed Michael Phelps life as he turned to Him. Football great Ray Lewis gave Michael a copy of Rick...
Update your maps at Navteq
Here's a video about Ray Lewis that you need to watch with Eddie during the next fight companion
Yes, Jesus Saved his Life! Football great, Ray Lewis providing him, Rick Warren's book: "The Purpose Driven Life"
help you learn who you really are. Wept when Ray Lewis showed up 4 Michael Phelps
Players who never wore the Silver n Black that I wish wore it are Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Deion Sanders and Favre
Michael Phelps, Ray Lewis and Rick Warren in one article! This is a good one.
Remember when Skip Bayless said this about Manti Te'o and Ray Lewis ?
we'll see about all that Kuechly the white Ray Lewis.
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