Ray Hudson & Lionel Messi

Ray Hudson (born 24 March 1955 in Gateshead, England), is a retired professional football player and former coach who currently works as an English-language football commentator on Gol TV and NBC Sports. Lionel Andrés Messi (born 24 June 1987) is an Argentine footballer who plays in La Liga for FC Barcelona and captains the Argentina national team, mainly as a forward. 2.7/5

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Ray Hudson commentating on Lionel Messi is perfection.
Ray Hudson: “In America, we give hurricanes a name. If they ever call one Lionel Messi, you'd better evacuate.”
"In the United States, we give Hurricanes a name, if they ever name one Lionel Messi, then you better evacuate" - Ray Hud…
"In the USA, we name hurricane by names. If you ever hear one named 'Lionel Messi' you better evacuate!" - Ray Hudson http:…
Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi: "Centipedes go to bed dreaming about a left leg like his".
“The man who makes the tulips drop their head in shame. Beautiful from Lionel Messi!”. — Ray Hudson
"Name 1 player in Football who has ever been compared to Pele or Maradona? There's only 1, Lionel Messi." Ray Hudson
"In the United States of America, we name hurricanes by name. If they ever name one "Lionel Messi", you better evacuate." - Ray…
Mike Mayok is a bigger homer than Ray Hudson is for Lionel Messi..That, I never thought was possible.
"He could follow you into a revolving door and he’d still come out first." ~Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi
"They tell me all men are equal in God's eyes. This player makes you seriously doubt those words. Lionel Messi!" - Ray Hudson.
"They should name a constellation in the heavens after Lionel Messi." - Ray Hudson. (
"He stretched the defense like a pair of spandex on a Miami beach and left Casillas naked." - Ray Hudson on the genius of Lionel Messi
For your hearing pleasure: a collection of Ray Hudson's screams set to clips of some Lionel Messi guy scoring goals.
Soccer announcer Ray Hudson's reaction to Lionel Messi's goal last weekend is just plain crazy! I would love to...
Even Houston's rock station is playing the Lionel Messi goal call by Ray Hudson.
Order Miche Bag Online!
- I think Ray Hudson has an erection for Lionel Messi
Ridiculous goal by Lionel Messi. Commentator Ray Hudson blows his load about it
I think Ray Hudson is the best football commentator I've ever heard and his manlove of Lionel Messi is rather amusing
I like how the author compared Luol Deng to (kneels) Lionel Messi. As if Deng could get Ray Hudson to swoon like Messi does.
"They should name a constellation in the stars for Lionel Messi" -Ray Hudson..
I'm pretty sure I just heard Ray Hudson say Lionel Messi is like a diamond made of sledge hammers. I hope I heard right.
Ray Hudson: "Lionel Messi is connected in blood with Diego, and by divinity with Pelé."
, Lionel Messi's grandpa is the pope. Do you know what channel Ray Hudson is doing color commentary on?
Amazing pas from Lionel Messi and a beautiful series of comments by Ray Hudson.
Missing person Alert: yesterday, a small young man named Lionel Messi went missing against Real Madrid. If you see him, call Ray Hudson.
Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi: "He doesn't live in the tactical world or the technical world, he lives in the magnetic spectrum of genius."
If you’ve ever heard Ray Hudson commentate on Lionel Messi before, you’ll know what’s coming. If you haven’t, prepare to be amazed.
VIDEO: Lionel Messi scores again, and commentator Ray Hudson has another great freakout
Ray Hudson: ''Lionel Messi knows the laws of physics. But the laws of physics don't known Lionel Messi.'' -xXx
"They tell me that all men are Equal in Gods eyes, Lionel Messi makes you seriously think about those words!!" Ray Hudson quote
Lionel Messi: Like an alligator with a twitch and a crystal ball going inside his head-my man Ray Hudson
"Lionel Messi defies Mother Nature and gravity at the same time." - Ray Hudson
Ray Hudson's enduring love of Lionel Messi is as legendary as any of the on-field exploits of his laudable muse.
Ray Hudson: "Lionel Messi produces more braces than an orthodontist."
"He doesn't defy gravity; he teases it, he taunts it." - Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi. Really did light up Deportivo this weekend.
Ray Hudson and Lionel Messi are a match made in heaven.
Ray Hudson - "Lionel Messi, The Most Complete Footballista that I have ever seen."
On the FB: does the near impossible: write about Messi without Ray Hudson-esque nullifying superlatives
“Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi: "His left leg is like a big Hypodermic needle."”
“Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi: "The insane becomes the routine with this man. He is nothing less than a ball whisperer."”
Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi: "Genius of geniuses. He's like Doctor Spock, he's out of his Vulcan mind. Absolutely out of this world."”
“Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi: "Astonishing footballer of our time. The most complete footballista that I have ever seen."”
I'm no Ray Hudson but anyone who thinks Cristiano Ronaldo in Lionel Messi's league is nuts.
"Lionel Messi scores goals as easy as he orders a pizza." - Ray Hudson
"Centipedes are dreaming, wishing they had two legs so they could be like Lionel Messi" .. Ray Hudson is a mad man
Lionel Messi may be the only player alive who is better in real life than in the video game. - Ray Hudson
Thank You Ray Hudson. "Lionel Messi knows the Laws of Physics, but the Laws of Physics don't know Lionel Messi."
"Do my bloodshot eyes deceive me? Lionel Messi absolutely making a big red baboon’s backside of this one, Phil” Ray Hudson, GolTV
Ray Hudson just managed to work a Liza Minnelli reference into a Lionel Messi goal.
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