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Ray Hudson

Ray Hudson (born 24 March 1955 in Gateshead, England), is a retired professional football player and former coach who currently works as an English-language football commentator on Gol TV and NBC Sports.

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Ray Hudson: "Einstein will be looking down at Messi saying this guy knows something about time and space that I don't know."
is entertaining but I thought he was basketball. What are his boxing credentials? He's the Ray Hudson of ESPN in the US
😁 "Says to his team mates I've seen you I don't really need you" Ray Hudson is also a 🐐
This is the greatest Leo comp ever. Also, Ray Hudson commentary is second to none
he talks like he's trying to outdo Ray Hudson but doesn't have the vocabul…
Ray Hudson watching college football over MLS tonight is peak Eurosnobbery.
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What if I totally get the Mary Murphy reference, but have no idea who Ray Hudson is? Still fit in?
Ray Hudson is the Mary Murphy of football commentary. (If you get that, you would 100% fit in at McEwan Manor.)
Ray Hudson is the best in the business 🐐
Ray Hudson commentating on Lionel Messi is perfection.
My ears are still bleeding from Ray Hudson's reaction to Paulinho's goal.
Why is Ray Hudson not a commentator in FIFA yet?
I just can't stand Ray Hudson's screeching
Ray Hudson's reactions to Barca goals ughhh too much hype
plus you get the sultry sounds of Ray Hudson.
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Ray Hudson's commentary gives me goosebumps 😭
What a finish, and ray hudson's commentary doubled the fun
Listening to Ray Hudson describing Paulinho's winner has been the highlight of this weekend.
"Turns the corner like a Ferrari and pummels it." - Ray Hudson on Paulinho, somehow, in 2017
Watching Barcelona games with Ray Hudson on commentary >>>
I can hear Ray Hudson having a *** to Barcelona from down the hall, in my bathroom with the door closed. Man needs help.
Ray Hudson on Paulinho "the Brazilian slicker than Bernie Madoff". He's the best
Ray Hudson in general is slightly disorienting.
R M fans have to wear sunglasses while watching their team because this star-studded team of diamonds is just astonishing. - Ray Hudson.
Ray Hudson said the keeper took off like a kangaroo on a trampoline. 😂😂
Nothing better on a Saturday morning than warming up for college football by watching and listening to Ray Hudson.
It's like Ray Hudson and La Liga. I'll put a match on and forget he's their guy. Immediately I'll have to change the channel.
Lol Ray Hudson is on top form today
First Ray Hudson commentary game of the season.
14 minutes in and Ray Hudson already has the classics out on commentary
Ray Hudson is by far my favorite commentator
“He abides in the magnetic spectrum of genius with the ball. Pure footballing magic.”-Ray Hudson
dear Simon this is wonder boy roi just 8 and destined to be future football royalty,says ray hudson
I never get tired of watching Messi highlights with ray Hudson commentating
Ray Hudson for commentary next year 2019
Ray Hudson for commentary next year
Ray in from 23 yards out Hudson leads 28-13 with 7:50 left in 3rd
Ray in from 3 yards out Hudson 14 Dundee 7 3:06 left in 2nd
Malik Ray in from 53 yards Hudson 6 Dundee 7 with 11:37 left in 2nd
"There's no space or time for him. Einstein might have been confused, but not Messi" - Ray Hudson
"This man is abs the main line of pure footballing magic that belongs to a diff galaxy altogether that we…
Ray Hudson: “He soaks up the defenders just like a paper towel soaks up milk.
Ray Hudson: “Messi invents passing lanes, he doesn't look for them.”
Ray Hudson: "If Isaac Newton was watching Messi, he'd be saying 'boy, was I wrong!' " ..
"He could follow you into a revolving door and come out first!" -Ray Hudson
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wonder boy Roi just 8,according to ray hudson,futures to be football royalty.followed by Spanish scouts
Loving the new la liga setup for FIFA 18. Only thing missing is ray Hudson.
All you guys need is Ray Hudson as a commentator
Rocks have best chance to knock off dbacks. That's what we want. Don't want to face Ray and Greinke and Bradley
Honestly I thought it was Ray Hudson but on tranquillisers
Someone needs to dub Ray Hudson commentary over this clip
Ray Hudson's commentary is over the actual video
Ray Hudson: "always brought the possibility of magic.". "
You need Ray Hudson for your commentary not the same trash ones you use at the moment
Teams with best chance versus dodgers are Dbacks and RedSox because of R…
lmao FIRST OF ALL ray rice a whole running back ok my big *** is a center, i'm more of a rodney hudson 😭😭😭😭
"Born in the crossfire hurricane, he is jumping Jack Flash". - Ray Hudson
Ray Hudson: "Messi, born in the cross-fire hurricane, and he's Jumpin Jack Flash right here."
Ray Hudson makes these La liga games more intriguing has to be the worlds best commentator no doubt
Found a stream with Ray Hudson commentating 🙌🏽
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Talk to Eric Wynalda and Ray Hudson about the state of Arsenal fans and having proper perspective on radio this morning
Would love to see Ray Hudson on sky sports, doing a job for bein sports us
Ray Hudson saying you can't measure Ramos' desire, but I think the # of Ramos' headed goals 90+ min onwards does. It's…
Ray Hudson is like if Bill Walton did a bunch of cocaine and it's the best
Also, Ray Hudson needs a bigger stage than BeIn. Very much the Bill Walton of soccer.
I like Wynalda. Wynalda's got a lot of critics too. My favorite announcers/commentators are Pablo Ramirez & Ray Hudson. Legends.
I could watch this all night. Especially with Ray Hudson on commentary.
wooow i was looking forward to Ray Hudson's commentary on Eden ffs... what is the ugly american guy co commentating
Ray Hudson just called Suarez "The Werewolf". It can only be because he has sharp fangs and likes to bite people... lol 😂😂
In *** every game is a Clasico, Ray Hudson is always commentating and Guillem Balague is always on half time analysis.
Reminds me how much we need a Gus Johnson/Ray Hudson booth pairing in every sport. But you soccer fans hate fun...
The Australian doing the BBC commentary on the athletics is honestly the worst commentator I've ever heard who isn't Ray Hudson
Ray Hudson: “In America, we give hurricanes a name. If they ever call one Lionel Messi, you'd better evacuate.”
jut watch on Bein Sports. They try with their commentary. Ray Hudson is my best there
"In the United States, we give Hurricanes a name, if they ever name one Lionel Messi, then you better evacuate" - Ray Hud…
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Gummi Ben giving Ray Hudson a run for his money. Can't wait to hear his commentary vs. England
hey can we trade Doc Emerick for Ray Hudson? I guarantee viewership would go up drastically.
Ray Hudson (on MESSI free kick): "He wears a number 10 on his shirt, it should be a biohazard sign."
I would say Ray Hudson but thats very generic. So I'm going to say Rob Palmer.
Says the guy who likes Bill Raftery and Ray Hudson
Ray Hudson is to colour commentary, as Sophia Lauren is to timeless beauty.
"Breathing harder than Darth Vadar is the Chilean defenders right now" - Ray Hudson
There's a few. Garry Birtles and Ray Hudson spring to mind
Thames21 Cray Riverkeeper volunteers Ray Hudson, Ron Pearson and Chris Rose team were out yesterday (8th March)...
Ray Hudson on CR7’s goal: "It’s football’s equivalent of a peregrine falcon. He hovers. He hesitates. But watch the jackknifing header."
Ray Hudson is like *** Vitale, Ron Santo, Gus Johnson, Quinn Buckner and Bill Walton rolled into one. Dude's exhausting.
“The lightning inside this trident could power the national grid”. Ray Hudson on MSN
Watching was like listening Ray Hudson describe el classico
He is as cool as a polar bear's backside (Ray Hudson on Suarez)
Messi 2nd Goal vs Granada. Ray Hudson:. "The 3 connect like 'We three Kings of Orient are' ..Suarez, Neymar, Messi."
domain names
Jason Davis in mid-mornings talks the most MLS. Really the station is pretty great almost every time Ray Hudson isn't pontificating.
Ray Hudson on Messi freekick goal vs Deportivo.
Ray Hudson: "I think Shakespeare got it wrong. It is not King Lear, it is King Leo!"
100% chance uncle ray would turn them into Hudson, mulder, zito 2.0
Hudson men plotted to build a to kill & . h/t
Who is Santa Claus and Where Did Christmas Traditions Come From? – by Ray Hudson - is ...
Ray Hudson: "Messi and Neymar nothing less than magisterial."
Hudson man gets 8 years for death ray weapon.
Kroos scored his first GOAL for Real Madrid against Rayo. Here is the goal with Ray Hudson's commentary.
Is this another Ernie Hudson situation? The near denial of his existence on my Blu Ray is a horrible oversight
ouch for being a Wednesday fan. Martin Tyler is a good one and so is Ray Hudson.
Wonderful essay The Essay, Art in a Cold Climate, Art in a Cold Climate: Ray Hudson on Touching Fire by Carolyn Reed
Check Reddit soccerstreams. Beware of that annoying Scottish guy Ray Hudson. Atleti is my fav team now love Simeone so much
22:45 The Essay: Ray Hudson on Carolyn Reed's Touching Fire and the US state of Alaska.
"Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!". The multi-talented Ernie Hudson turns 70 today!
Ray Hudson is majesterial! He is the Da Vinci of TV and his voice is the paint brush. (Best I can do)
Ray Hudson is the greatest. should be ashamed.
Is this the Ray Hudson who left Newcastle United for Tampa Bay Rowdies. a million years ago?
look at the bright side, you'll get to hear sir Ray Hudson call Chelsea games on bein sports.
Designers Ray Pirkle, Kim Bucci use Chicago Faucets in bathrooms in new Rivertown Lodge in Hudson, NY
Ray Hudson: "Bringing Neymar to a footballing match is like bringing a gun to a knife fight."
Unnamed Soccer Podcast: doesn't like Ray Hudson. He's crazy, right? .
Ray Hudson talking about Ancelotti is the best thing he's ever said
He's too too much for High Definition television.This should be on 3D! . Ray Hudson on Messi' goal against Deportivo. https:…
I wish Vontae Mack and Ray Jennings really played for the
NY man gets 8 years in X-ray weapon plot targeting Muslims Eric Feight, 57, of Hudson, pleaded guilty in 2014 to...
Is regretting letting go of asked, answered: https…
Bill Walton is the only real Ray Hudson comparison.
Ray Hudson: "They say all men are equal in god's eyes. This player makes you seriously think about those words."
Think they'll sign an arm. Corbin, Anderson, Ray, Hellickson, de la Rosa, delgado, Hudson, bradley. Lack quality, for sure.
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"His biorhythms oscillating so high, they could deafen a bat." ray hudson.
Congrats to Ray Hudson Pac-12 special teams player of the week!
Cal has 2 Pac-12 defensive players of the week and now a special teams PoW. None on offense
There is no way you cannot love Ray Hudson's commentary to Neymar's goal yesterday. Ooh!
Ray Hudson was named the Pac-12's special teams player of the week.
Now playing on WGMU: Ray Hudson On Ozil by [Unknown] from
Ray Hudson is the most annoying football related person ever. It's like he never had a proper childhood.
Neymar's first goal and Busquets assist with Ray Hudson commentary. .
I will try to upload Barcelona's next games from BeIn Sports HD with Ray Hudson.
You guys have a yesterday match highlight with Ray Hudson commentary on it? Would love to hear it :)
Ray Hudson's calls will never get old
Ray Hudson " Indeed"always always heard that name called back in the day
I'd actually Ray Hudson over this farce of a commentary.
Neymars second goal with Ray Hudson commentary.
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What if Ray Hudson sent me an emoji omg I'd die
I forgot that Kev Egan works with Ray Hudson now, that's too cool
Only two players were nominated for Pac-12 Special Teams player of the week: Ray Hudson and Kaimi Fairbairn
What I would give to have Ray Hudson calling those last 15 minutes...
Hoping that someday Alexi Lalas gets to call a Liverpool game from Anfield the way Ray Hudson got to call a Barça game from …
Ray Hudson spitting bars about Messi like he Shakespeare.
"Three players in a telephone box but he don't care, he emasculates them individually, collectively." Ray Hudson on Messi
Ray Hudson describes Messi like he is God's true son.
Who else heard Ray Hudson's voice in your head while you read that😂😂😂
Ray Hudson on Neymar's first goal vs Rayo Vallecano
Ray Hudson on neymar's third goal yesterday: "Scoring goals like we're ordering Pizza!".
"Scoring goals like we order Pizza!" - Ray Hudson after Neymar scored his 3rd goal
"And today Neymar’s name rhymes with pure goal scoring." - Ray Hudson after Neymar’s fourth goal
"If you say Neymar’s name five times fast, it sounds like pure goal scoring. Or at least it does to me." - Ray Hudson
Every time Ray Hudson says magisterial, my life gets a little better
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There's actually people who like Ray Hudson :/ English commentary should only be with Martin Tyler, Peter Drury or John Helm
Ray Hudson and Peter Drury commentating together is the stuff of dreams
Rhythm n Motion was on Future Radio this Month 107.8FM- Tell me what u think of Hudson's Ray Si…
Ray of sunshine Kate Hudson looking gorgeous in a Michael Stars scratch print jumpsuit while out for…
Ray Hudson is actually a Tigers fan. This is amazing
Wow so stoked for this -> najmi flying triangle ft. ray hudson | episode drops tomorrow on |...
Ray Hudson: "How do you measure somebody that could balance a balloon in a wind tunnel on a needle? -- because Messi is capable of that."
I hear Ray Hudson on the tv you know I'm watching it
Ray Hudson Raw is probably the best thing on YouTube.
News Story. Paul Hudson buys new shirts, ties and a decent jacket. Pity he can't have your sartorial elegance. Ray.
Morning all! Stand to attention for Rhythm n Motion's Single Hudson's Ray coming ✈ soon 😎 fresh on the horizon!
Ray Hudson: "Pressure can kill players, wonderful players. But Cristiano wears it like a necklace of Cartier diamonds."
Ray Hudson is the best commentator in soccer
sue me, I enjoy watchin world class players with Ray Hudson on the call. He catches all the small things that I sometimes dont
he controlled that whole game. It was quite a performance? Especially with Ray Hudson on the call
Driving in LA and saw this!! Can't believe it. I'm so honored to be a part of this.
It was Paul Hudson of course! At least your forecasts are accurate, I say no more. Regards Ray.
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PLAYS: Open auditions at hudson Theatre - NY
Ray Hudson Commentary As sloppy as a soup ...
There is absolutely no way billy Ray is proud with his daughter omg...
Ray Hudson just dropped this gem on BeIn Sport. .
2-0 and nearly Ray Hudson level of backpassing.
"It's from Argentina, and it's cleaner than Neutrogena" Ray Hudson 😂
Ray Hudson almost had a heart attack on air and he wasn't even commentating on messi
Ray Hudson on PSG's 3rd goal, Di Maria to Lavezzi : "That move made in Argentina, with a pass cleaner than Neutrogena"
"Cleaner than neutrogena." Never change, Ray Hudson. The best. Class in a glass.
The worst thing with that PSG 3rd goal is Ray Hudson commentary. You'd think Maradona did that and Pele finished off.
❤️ Ray Hudson makes every match Magisterial to watch ! You are the David Brinkley of ⚽️ journalism
Ray Hudson saying Lavezzi's goal was cleaner than neutrogena just had me dyin 😂😂😂 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ray Hudson's color commentary could make me passionate about competitive sweater knitting
Ray Hudson was right, that pass from di Maria was on a golden altar. Cavani shld have a hat-trick.
Cavani scores. Ray Hudson wakes up on Being sport: "A red carpet pass from IBRA". "A caressed finish as soft as a mother's kiss"
I can't be the only one who finds Ray Hudson somewhat annoying?
Ray Hudson on Ibrahimovic: "I would pay to watch him hang his laundry."
.obscure life goal complete - tracked down a copy of Hudson Hawk on Blu-Ray
So in 40 minutes, Ray Hudson has called Ibra a magician, locksmith, wizard, and the Big Nose. Wow.
Ray Hudson could make watching paint dry exciting.
It would be cool if Ray Hudson commentated on my life lol.
who is your favorite soccer announcer and why is it Ray Hudson?
Ray Hudson the almighty started following me at the same time adil did
The Jamaican coach looks like a mad scientist hybrid clone of Ray Hudson and Steve Nicol.
"In the USA, we name hurricane by names. If you ever hear one named 'Lionel Messi' you better evacuate!" - Ray Hudson http:…
I admit, I do watch quite a bit of one Al Jazeera owned network. But I need to get my soccer somewhere. And they have Ray Hudson.
Ray Hudson "it's been that type of game, more bodies going down than in a Godfather film"
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'This games more tense than 100 wigwams' Ray Hudson strikers again in the Copa America final
You know what makes this more interesting? Ray Hudson. Great save from Claudio Bravo there!
Ray Hudson should be knighted for his co-commentary.
"They say we are all equal in God's eyes. Well, this player makes you seriously doubt those words" - Ray Hudson
Ray Hudson on commentary with Richard Keys, Ruud Gullit and Andy Gray in the studio. America are doing it right.
After disc penalty which Jiminez put down the middle the commentator yelped "straight down Main Street" - he is upstaging Ray Hudson!
I'm watching a stream of Chile vs Mexico and Ray Hudson is commentating. The Alan Partridge of Soccer.
Ray Hudson could learn a lot from the late Richie Benaud. Less is considerably more. I'm certain he's not paid per word.
No, that's him. Ray Hudson. he has a tribute account
any chance that there's Ray Hudson commentary of this goal??
Please tell me there's a video of Ray Hudson commentating on Messi's 2nd goal against Bayern. Please!
Can't tell who I'd want narrating my life or reading me a bedtime story: Jim Ross or Ray Hudson :p. BAH GAWD ALMIGHTY. MAJESTERIAL SUPERLATIVE
Ray Hudson is the Clyde Frazier of soccer lol u need a SAT book while listening to their play by play.# Magisterial
You can keep Jim Nantz, I'll stick with Phil and Ray Hudson
Magisterial! Ray Hudson moved to tears by visit to Barcelona’s Camp Nou [Video]
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Oh my lord. Ray Hudson's words just came through my heart like a bullet. EVERY MADRIDISTA SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS, NOW. https:…
“Giving so much space to Suarez is like giving your neck to Dracula.” - Ray Hudson (FC Barcelona vs. Rayo Vallecano)
Ray Hudson on Xavi's pass to Suarez: It's like showing a neck to Dracula, all he has to do is take a bite
Ray Hudson on Lionel Messi: "Centipedes go to bed dreaming about a left leg like his".
Ray Hudson is the Navjot Singh Sidhu of football commentary
My interview with Ray Hudson for Asian Journal on representing
"This is quantum physics football, and Gareth Bale is Stephen Hawking." . -Ray Hudson
Apparently his name is Ray Hudson. He sounds like that head on the Knight Bus in Harry Potter!
When I die I want Peter Drury, Martin Tyler, Ray Hudson, Nuno Matos and Al Michaels reading my eulogy.
"He falls down just like how you skin a cat... Awful expression, excuse me." -Ray Hudson (Barcelona vs Espanyol 12/07/14) 😂😂😂
“The man who makes the tulips drop their head in shame. Beautiful from Lionel Messi!”. — Ray Hudson
Between Ray Hudson and Arab commentators, the day after matchday usually tends to be quite fun.
Ray Hudson when messi scored a freekick: "This ball had more curves than Pamela Anderson on steroids."
Ray Hudson is the biggest Messi fan boy around
if you hear Ray Hudson's voice each time you see the word "Magesteeerial !!!"
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Ray Hudson is so overrated. It's not even funny, he's just sickeningly pretentious and pompous
"He puts more twists and turns in Espanyol's defense than a cheap garden hose" - Ray Hudson on Messi
After Messi scores his third goal, Ray Hudson described it as "the true caress of a mother's kiss and the deadliness of Jack the Ripper"
Ray Hudson is such a clown why does the man even have a job
The Scifres injury might be legit. Ray Hudson should teach soccer players proper flopping.
Brandon Boldin just crushes the kicker- What a spectacle! Like Monty streaking across North Africa! (In my best Ray Hudson voice)
I'm gonna lose wt, become a pro for 1 game so Ray "Rocky" Hudson can describe my game and goal. :-)
"You'll watch Neymar's shadow. It goes the wrong way." - Ray Hudson
why does Ray Hudson answer you but doesn't answer me...
watch it with Ray Hudson you will def cry
“Magisterial Messi scores another for Barcelona Ray Hudson strikes again!
Further education in hyperbole Brought to you by Ray Hudson PhD.
Highlights of game today with Ray Hudson commentary ?
Here is a bit of Ray Hudson's perspective on Messi. [via
hey man do you have any video of Ray Hudson commentary on the barca vs Espanyol game? Thanks
yeah I heard it is 5 years too, so hopefully next year these won't be photoshopped
I'll say it: Ray Hudson's gurgling hyperbole has jumped the shark / VIDEO: Neymar, Suarez set up great Messi goal
Ray Hudson has the most annoying voice of any commentator. Guy is pure cringe! Martin Tyler the
I don't know who is more annoying: Ray Hudson or Taylor Twellman.
Ray Hudson with an epic call to match Carlos Tévez's epic goal (via
Gonna need Ray Hudson and Jack Edwards to call a sporting event together asap.
For those of you in Europe unaware of the commentary skills of Ray Hudson, imagine Sid Waddell commentating on El Classico
Ray Hudson is to football commentary what navjot singh sidhu is to cricket commentary
its defo Ray Hudson search him on youtube and you will see defo not Graham Hunter :L
Ray Hudson is ruining El clasico for me. Sounds like Sid Waddell is commentating.
Ray Hudson is by far the best character Paul Whitehouse has ever come up with
Apparently his name is Ray Hudson. Imagine Jimmy Five Bellies on speed and you'll get the idea.
"Playing against Ronaldo on form is like finding an alligator in your toilet"-wise words of Ray Hudson
Ian Paul, Matteo Bonetti and Ray Hudson are also good on the show
Do you agree with Ray Hudson on Landon Donovan? at
Poll: Did the Baltimore Ravens do the right thing by cutting Ray Rice?
Ray Hudson: “messi, can only deny genius fo so long. No one playing the game on this planet culd constrct & finish a goal like that NO ONE!”
I seen a lot of post about Ray rice yesterday and it was an all day topic on espn I don't agree with what he did...
Ray Hudson has the voice of an angel
Ray Hudson trying to figure out who some random white receiver is, hilarious
Ray Rice deserves to be dumped in the Hudson river
Watching the highlights from the FC Barça vs Elche match I saw live - the black cat is even more hilarious with Ray Hudson's commentary.
As you watch that Ray Rice video, remember that the Ravens had Janay apologize for *her* role in that.
Remember that time the Ravens were super-happy Janay Rice apologized for being knocked out? http…
Not to be insensitive, but do you think Ray Rice will be a fantasy steal when he gets picked up by the Raiders?
A timeline of the and reactions to the Ray Rice Incident.
Alright Diane? Can one of your DJ's play my Always Here Song or my Hudson's Ray Track!. Enjoy ur evening!
you and Ray in an elevator, who goes down first?
If Ray Rice wasn't sent to prison with this video out there how are battered women with no video supposed to get justice?
No one should commend the Ravens for releasing Ray Rice. They knew what happened months ago but yet decided that he should be kept around
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No she did not. I just saw the Video!! He punched her and then Ray Rice drugged herKH
Colts need to pick up ray rice who care if that *** beats women we tryna win championships
I don't know much about football, but I know that Ray Rice is a piece of garbage who shouldn't be allowed to play it profess…
An extremely intelligent move by the terminating Ray Rice's contract.
Txt'ing with team officials around NFL, they predict Ravens will cut Ray Rice. "Have to." Not sure anyone would pick him up.
It's time for NFL reporters to burn their sources in the league office who lied to them about Ray Rice:
One of Ray Rice's linemen needs to walk in the locker room and give him a haymaker to the temple and see how he likes it.
Ray Rice punched his fiancee out cold. . Josh Gordon smoked weed. . One of them got a year long ban, the other has been suspended 2 games.
Can't believe Hudson Ray is 6 months today! What a blessing he has been!
I am never speechless. That ray rice video... beyond words. Ban him now! ...
THIS got Ray Rice only a 2 game suspension??
Ray Hudson: "A masterpiece from the Maestro! It doesn't get much better than that. Thank you very much Neymar!
If Ray rice snuffed me like he did his shorty my family woulda had his body floating in the Hudson by now
Ray Hudson obviously thinks it is majesterial as in 1. having or showing majesty.
. So? Kim Kardashian is known around the world as well, doesn't make her better than Ray Hudson to comment on football.
It's like playing poker with a witch. You know you're going to lose. - Ray Hudson
"You are trying to play poker with a wizard??", Ray Hudson on Leo Messi, as I gently get trapped in the universe of the football genius.
"Name 1 player in Football who has ever been compared to Pele or Maradona? There's only 1, Lionel Messi." Ray Hudson
I'm actually mad that you thought I would make a grammar mistake
Ray Hudson commentary on Messi: via lmaoo
"In the United states of America, we name hurricanes by name. If they ever name one "Lionel Messi", you better evacuate." - Ray…
"Barcelona is the top of the football tree, and Messi is their Giant Sequoia" -Ray Hudson on Messi
There is only phrase I can think of to describe Thierry Henry's goal.(in my Ray Hudson voice) That was Absolutely Emasculating!
Mike Mayok is a bigger homer than Ray Hudson is for Lionel Messi..That, I never thought was possible.
Tre Watson gets a first down, and then Ray Hudson picks up a first down. New goal of this game: Everyone needs to get a fi…
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