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Ray Didinger

Ray Didinger (born September 18, 1946 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an award-winning American sportswriter, author, film writer, radio host, TV commentator, and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Writer's Honor Roll).

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Coming up next- Ray Didinger breaks down the huge win against the w/ . LISTEN LIVE:
We're officially into our first EVER 4⃣ DAY pre-game show, the biggest pre-game show of all-time. . Ra…
Ray Didinger just said on Eagles Postgame Live that Jerry Jones "slurps pee" wow!
That's a GREAT point by Ray Didinger on post game as he says Frank Reich helps Doug not get too pass happy.
Funny watching Ray Didinger buried in yellow legal pads while Seth Joyner works the highlighter during every…
Kudos to Ray Didinger who predicted a blowout tonight, something like 44-11. There’s only one Ray.
If PFF told me the color of my orange juice was orange, I'd call in to have Ray Didinger verify.
.InGame LIVE on or our fb page. and Ray Didinger w poi…
Congratulations Ray Didinger! One of the most respected in the business! TV or Radio. I…
Anyone not concerned about the Vikings needs a good old Ray Didinger reality check.
Saw Ray Didinger at wawa about an hour ago ... great omen for tonight's game
So proud to be on hand for Ray Didinger’s induction into the Broadcast Pioneers Hall Of Fame. Congrats Ray! You are lo…
Great night watching the legendary Ray Didinger be inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame. A hono…
Ray Didinger being inducted into Philly Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame tonight.
.GM Matt Klentak joins and Ray Didinger in just moments to discuss the hire of Gabe Kapler‼️
Big week for welcoming -Matt Klentak joining and Ray Didinger at 10:30a. Tune in!
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"For 46 years, Jim Gallagher was the thread that connected generations of Eagles football.". Ray Didinger explains:
For week, Ray Didinger has been telling me that Derek Barnett would be the Eagles 1st pick. Old man still knows some st…
Hall of Famer, Ray Didinger believes Doug Pederson made a key mistake before the season even started. do you agr…
can u ask Mr Didinger is Ryan Mathews plagued or is he just soft? Met Ray at Bruno podcast. Class act.
Coming up next, Ray Didinger compares this year's Eagles team to the 1980 team.
Great lineup for we have Ray Didinger, Wentz honored, looking back at 3-0 starts,Sixers, Flyers,Howard
Thursday's Guests: Ray Didinger on Eagles impressive start, on the Phillies season and U.S. Women's…
Today i can take a break from not listening to Philly sports talk radio because ray didinger is on.
If Ray Didinger says so, it is...Superbowl is in Houston this year.
Here are 2 sacred cows that I know I'll take heat for not liking, but I dislike Vin Scully & (gasp) think Ray Didinger is overrated.
2:12 pm, 9/28/16: Ray Didinger calls Carson Wentz, "a prodigy." Says, "This is for real." Get excited folks, you can now believe.
Every Wednesday from 1-2pm it's on with Ray Didinger. Listen live:
It's If I can get Ray Didinger to taste one of these ales, I'll feel I've don…
Ray Didinger is right, the one person who knew what Wentz was all along was Awesome work Mike, you're an excellent QB evaluator!
Ray Didinger: 'Today is just a day to sit back and enjoy'
Ray Didinger is on with us now and he admits he can't explain what he's seeing with Carson Wentz. Listen live:
Ray Didinger: Fletcher Cox as good as a DL as there is in NFL
Ray Didinger talks what to expect in tonight's preseason opener:
including Ray Didinger and Ron much Oregon State tape have they watched except after he got picked tonight.
I think it's crap for Ray Didinger and Ron Burke can actually criticize the pick of Issac Seumalo.
Ray Didinger signing on Thursday 12/17 from 6-8pm! Great gift idea for the fans in your life!
THE NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA author Ray Didinger will be Montgomeryville, 1271 Knapp Road in North Wales, PA, Dec 19 @ 4pm
Did you miss 50th episode last week? Great show! The Godfather, Ray Didinger, joined us to talk
If you are looking for the podcast of my weekend shows on with Ray, here they are:
In Philly, Ray Didinger on with on to recap win over
Ray Didinger just called the schizophrenic. Ask Chip if they need shock treatment.
Ray Didinger and Brian Westbrook have called the Bills dumb and undisciplined like 3 times already. The Ryan Stamp of Approval.
Ray Didinger and Michael Barkann can kiss my ***
Mister Ed with the big INT. The legend Ray Didinger said it would be close...he called 27-24. Three points. I'll take it.
Nothing like talking football with Bill Bergery, seeing , and Ray Didinger at a tailgate.
Ray Didinger just said "Vegas is so into this they set and over under on Mccoys rushing yards" Guessing he doesn't bet much
Ray Didinger picks the birds over the Bills today 27-24.
I am not liking Ray Didinger picked the to win tomorrow. what's his record?
NFL HoF'er Ray Didinger voted for the Navy QB for the Maxwell Award. Philly does the right thing.
the show with Ray Didinger is the best sports talk show in the hot takes, just reasonable opinions
Look who we spotted Mr.Ray Didinger Philadephia Hall of fame 2005 now with
'Eagles should be ashamed if they don't win the NFC East' |
ICMYI: A solid hour talkin Birds w/"The Godfather" Ray Didinger on the Radio podcast, spon by
NEW pod, spon by Ray Didinger joined me & to talk Chip, & more!
We spoke to Ray Didinger about all things Birds on Radio sponsored by and it was ... awesome:
NFL HoF writer Ray Didinger on the Show right now on
Ray Didinger: should be 'ashamed of themselves' if they do not win the NFC East |
Talking now with Ray Didinger in Studio! . coming up at 8:20!. Listen Live
Back to Philly, talks with Ray Didinger to preview and NOW on
Preach, Ray Didinger! With only 14 snaps, looks like DeMarco Murray's been demoted
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Ray Didinger when asked what percent chance the Eagles have of winning against New England: ''Zero.''
Delighted to let you know that my weekend shows with Ray Didinger will now be podcast on
Ready to fire up with Ray Didinger,
can you ask Ray Didinger if this game may hurt the green team in the rankings
Right after the game, flip to Comcast Sportsnet for PostGame Live w/ Temple alum Ray Didinger Raheem Brock et al
Cherry and White Pregame LIVE right now on w host Ray Didinger and
Ray Didinger tawkin' 'bout it now on WIP.
Quick Slants @ 6 w/ & Ray Didinger. What Eagles need to fix out of bye week. Perfect Pats? Ray's picks for key Week 8 games.
thanks for coming out to Ray Didinger's event last night. Had a great time
I have tremendous respect for Ray Didinger, but on this I agree with
I've heard even Ray Didinger say he thinks Kap would be a good fit. Ray knows football, but c'mon!!
I got a great pick for the Celebrity Guest picker for this weekend's - what about Ray Didinger?
Heroes, History & Highlights starts now with host Ray Didinger!
Check out our gallery from last year's night of Heroes, History and Highlights:
Matt Rhule on Saturday's huge game: 'Enjoy the moment. We don't pretend it's not here.' |
.will be in attendance tomorrow night. Will you? . Get your tickets now:
How the *** did we even get Ray Didinger on CCHS TV?
Special thanks to Ray Didinger for joining us on the show this morning!
Ray Didinger made a stop at the CCTV studio this morning to some talk Eagles
There's still time to get your tickets!
Eagles Heros, Highlights, And History With Ray Didinger:  No one is more fun to talk Eagles football with than Ray…
gonna need to be more of an illusionist than Ray Didinger to make Kate Upton dig Angelo.
You can hang out and talk football with Ray Didi at the Linc on Thursday evening |
Think you can stump Ray Didinger at some trivia? Find out on Thursday:
It pains me that Ray Didinger has 2 talk football with Ed Rendell. think about it. Most outlandish thing since AJ Feely had a radio show
With the this week, Ray Didinger looked at the impact that Pope John Paul II had on the 1980 http…
LIVE on Beautiful new traffic reporter for CBS 3 is live with Michael Barkann and Ray Didinger at Phill…
Ray Didinger, will be signing The New Encyclopedia, Oxford Valley, 210 Commerce Blvd., in Fairless Hills, PA on 6/13 at 3pm
RIP Stan Hochman. Growing up in Philly, he, Bill Lyon, Ray Didinger & Bill Conlin were must reads in Inquirer/Daily News sports sections.
you should see Ray didinger's thoughts on the trade.
Ray Didinger: "Chip Kelly is a genius with Xs and Os. But you know what? He's going to have to be."
Me too. Love Ray Didinger, football guy here. Said Foles even up for SB is a deal w questions. Chip then gave up 2nd & 4th too.
hope so. Ray Didinger doesn't get it so hard for me to either. Hoping it works out.
If one of the greatest football minds, Ray Didinger, doesn't get it, we're doomed.
.leaving WIP means the only time I'll be listening to that station is Saturdays for Ray Didinger
Ray didinger just said when you look around the entire league, the Eagles have to worst skill postion players than any team in the NFL
You were the only one I liked on WIP, well Ray Didinger is great, but you know what I mean. Cya.
Rams should have had to pay Chip to take the $13M cap hit off them. As Ray Didinger said, "this makes absolutely...
Ray Didinger saying Jets prefer Bradford to Foles. That's my only hope right now.
Breaking News: Ray Didinger is currently on his way to city hall to jump off Willy Penns hat over Foles/Bradford trade.
"As it stands right now, the QB trade doesn't make sense. Great for Head-scratcher for - Ray Didinger, CSN Philly
Ray Didinger was speaking highly about Bradford on Saturday.
Ok, we have faith in Chip, but is Bradford an upgrade, at his price? Ray Diddy doesn't like it, that much is clear.
Good grief! Who's left on the Eagles? Seems like great idea to trade known quantity for injury prone unknown.
Agree 100%.This deal is genius if that is what it is...
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I dont know bout this one...I'm getting nervous about Chip Kelly now. This trade just doesn't make any sense at...
Ray Didinger: Chip Kelly could be "blowing up the house" instead of making good roster moves
Ray Didinger doesn't think Eagles will move Bradford because of how big the contract is
Ray Didinger is great in this. Watch his face. He looks shocked.
Nick Foles trade for Sam Bradford. Ray Didinger: "This is a great trade for the St. Louis Rams."
ray didinger is fed up. So eagles fans gonna say he dont know what he talking about?
Ray Didinger spot on in Eagles reax, saying it doesn't seem they have a plan. Agreed, but hard to judge in totality before knowing end game.
Ray Didinger and weigh in on the Nick Foles to the Rams trade. WATCH:
CSN Philly - Eagles: Ray Didinger on Foles-Bradford trade: 'This is a great deal for St. Louis.'
“Ray Didinger just selected John the Baptist in the Eagles mock draft.” Hope he won't lose his head on the field again
Totally agree with what Ray Didinger just said on WIP. Chip Kelly trying to replicate what Bill Belichick has in NE.
I thought I heard Concrete Charlie say on TV that it was in a Championship Game, but Ray Didinger says 11/20/60.
Got the new encyclopedia signed by ray didinger👌🏈
For Christmas: Ray Didinger and the Red Ryder BB gun at the "Christmas Story" house.
Ray Didinger calls the loss in Washington 'disturbing.' What will happen now? He discusses with
Let me guess, Ray Didinger picked the Eagles to win.
According to my copy of The New Eagles Encyclopedia (signed by Ray Didinger!) Zach Ertz just set the team record for catches in a game.
Rob Ellis is the only one worth listening. Don't mind Reuben frank or ray didinger either
Ray Didinger: 'Missing playoffs is a huge disappointment' for Birds |
how about HoFer Ray Didinger as a voter?
If Ray Didinger tells me to keep wearing my lucky hat during Eagles games, then I must.
Ray Didinger incorrect about AZ defense; Denver put up a 41 spot against them.
"Oh my heavens. Save me that tape!" - Ray Didinger when hearing McNabb, Stockton will call Chiefs game Sunday |
Talking with Ray Didinger right now (8am) in-studio. Listen live:
Hey fans! Ray Didinger will be at the Exton B&N on Wed, 11/5 to talk Eagles and sign copies of "The New Eagles Encyclopedia"
Just had a talk with Ray Didinger for over an hour. He's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Will have a profile written on …
Time to talk with Ray Didinger on Listen live:
Great podcast with my favorite sportswriter Ray Didinger. The Tommy McDonald HOF story is great -- via
Fun night at eating steak and talking football with Ray Didinger, and
Awesome to hang with , Ray Didinger & tonight.
Ray Didinger's New Encyclopedia is the perfect bye week read. Grab one today at the Pro Shop!
Ray is a true class act. RTVisiting the Ray Didinger plaque at Football Hall of Fame. Very cool.
Guess who was at the today with and Ray Didinger... E A G L ES fans... .
Visiting the Ray Didinger plaque at the Football Hall of Fame. Very cool.
I really need a show with and Ray Didinger together to happen. Looking at you
Listening to Ray Didinger talk football is borderline poetic.
Football in the air... On the road to with and HOFer Ray Didinger...
Ray Didinger joins next to *** the Eagles at the bye week. Listen live right here!
I remember first week listening to you, some guy called and said "be more like ray didinger". PLEASE DONT, so boring
Didinger believes the boys in Dallas deserve some credit |
Don't miss out to have dinner with Eagles Evan Mathis, WIP Radio Personality Glen MacNow and Ray Didinger next...
Looking forward to Tuesday's Celebrity Series with and Ray Didinger at
Ray Didinger and grade Nick Foles at the bye:
Just listened to the podcast with Great stuff keep it up. Joe you sound like a drunk Ray Didinger.
A terrific clip featuring Ray Didinger, and the at the History Night.
Hey, Jody. Had a great time last night at Ray Didinger's Eagles charity event at NovaCare. He did a great presentation.
Ray Didinger joins me for the latest edition of quick slants... we grade the play of foles, rb's, defensive line, and lb's...
A fascinating story by Ray Didinger on the legacy of Bert Bell, the man who brought the into the modern age:
Ray Didinger on the death of Bill Campbell:
Do you think Vick saved last season? Ray Didinger says he definitely saved Cooper's career in Philly. VOTE HERE:
Ray Didinger: signed John Brodie and Roman Gabriel to contracts...made aware they were ready for business...
Harry Mayes isnt even in the same sentence as Ray Didinger.
On FRESH AIR WEEKEND, Hall of Fame football writer Ray Didinger tells us how the Super Bowl has evolved since he started covering it in the ‘70s, and he’ll decode the secret language quarterbacks speak in huddles and on the line of scrimmage. Also - rock critic Ken Tucker considers a new trend in music: "bro-country" and reviews new albums by country musicians Jason Eady and Jon Pardi. And Terry Gross talks with writer Ann Patchett - best known for her award winning and best-selling novels “State of Wonder” and “Bel Canto”. Her new book “This is the Story of a Happy Marriage” is a collection of her essays written over the years for Atlantic, Vogue, Granta and Gourmet. Tonight at 6 on WVTF!
Ray Didinger reflects on the impact Harry Gamble made on the including his intriguing role with Buddy Ryan:
Another successful season of Eagles Extra. Thanks to Ray Didinger, Brian Baldinger and Team MVP Justin Krapf.
Season finale of EAGLEs EXTRA Tonite: 7p on TCN & 11p on CSN. Find out what the film said to Ray Didinger and Brian Baldinger
Final edition of Eagles Extra tonight at 7:00 on TCN and 11:00 on CSN with Ray Didinger and Brian Baldinger.
Double dip today: 10-1 on WIP with Ray Didinger, pumping up the first Eagles playoff game in 1,091 days. Then I'll be at Lincoln Financial Field, 6-8, for pregame show with Ike Reese, Ruben Frank, Howard Eskin, call-ins from Coach Vermeil and Merrill Reese. We'll pump this one up.
Full coverage on 6p. report on Chip Kelly's take, Ray Didinger's breakdow, with Bill Davis
I was at that game and it was a great evening. MT Ray Didinger on The Body Bag Game.
Ray Didinger reflects on former head coach Mike McCormack, who passed away earlier today:
My favorite sports reporters are Ray Didinger, and then those other people
Ray Didinger will breakdown vs. with next around 9am. Listen live:
talks about what Ray Didinger brings to Two Funny Philly Guys show.
Ray Didinger on The Body Bag Game. That's all you need to know:
Ray Didinger, hall of fame broadcaster & hall of fame person. For you I know we both love Ray!
Is Diddy giddy? Ray Didinger joins the guys now, breaking down Nick Foles performance. Listen live on
Are DeSean's concerns with fans booing validated? What got Shady back on track? Ray Didinger tells
Rube keep hearing from people like Ray Didinger that it does'nt matter how well Foles plays that Chip wants a mobile guy.why
Spuds keep hearing from the likes of Ray Didinger that no matter how well Nick Foles plays he won't be hear next year
Hate all the fan-blaming mT Ray Didinger went OFF on notion that fans to blame for Eagles home losses
Ray Didinger went OFF on the notion that the crowd is to blame for Eagles home losses |
"It's malarkey of the highest order." – Ray Didinger on DeSean Jackson's request for Eagles fans to be nice next week
Audio: Ray Didinger responds to DeSean Jackson's comments today, defends fans |
Ray Didinger going on his tangents are the best. He ripped DeSean a new one for his comments.
Ray Didinger coming up next around 9:20am to break down the Eagles win over the Packers. Listen live:
Chip Kelly at 8am today, Ray Didinger at 9:20am. | Listen live:
2 sports people I'd love to drink with and pick their brain, you and ray didinger.
and that's the point that Ray Didinger just drove home. Lol
Already looking forward to the Redskins next week? & Ray Didinger break down this game:
Does Ray Didinger really believe the game is "in the bag"? & Didinger recap the 1st:
Eagles PreGame Live in 20 minutes with Ray Didinger, & reporting from his home away from home.
includes the two important areas for Nick Foles to focus on and Ray Didinger on the late Bobby Thomason:
Fascinating question raised by Ray Didinger, what if Randall Cunningham played in the era of the read option?
Eagles Extra tonight 6:30 w/ Ray Didinger & Brian Baldinger: Bad day for Chip - why play Vick in first place?...
Ray Didinger is great. Said let themselves & their head coach down by laying down is Eagles last game of season vs Giants.
Ray Didinger (hidden in video on top of this article) -- "Cary William was positively Nnamdi Asomugha-esque"
Happy birthday to hockey's answer to Ray Didinger...a long time team fan who is both knowledgable and objective.
Ready for plenty of on today: Ray Didinger & Brian Baldinger
Ray Didinger coming up next around 7:20am to talk some football. Listen live:
Coming up at 10 p.m. on our resident Hall of Famer, Ray Didinger, tells you which Tight End may be the odd man out. Tune in!
Ray Didinger on Joshua Harris buying the NJ Devils. "He may be money smart, but he is sports dumb and Philly clueless."
PickPicking apart the bones of last night's Eags-Pats game w/ Ray Didinger, 10-1, on 94-WIP. Any questions you want posed to Diddy?
Ray Didinger, Philadelphia loves you but shut up. You're a dinosaur.
Chip Kelly's press conference coming up on with and Ray Didinger with your Eagles analysis
Plenty of talk on our football special Birds of Summer at 10:30 on & Ray Didinger join me to talk birds.
alum Ray Didinger's moving tribute to the legacy of Jerry Wolman, our former owner who passed away this week:
Ray Didinger on Having been to training camps for 40 yrs, you generally have an idea of whos where. Here its hard to tell
Ray Didinger paints a phenomenal picture of the life of Jerry Wolman, former owner, who passed away Tuesday:
I just got to meet Ray Didinger at work... so cool!
Thanks to CSN Philly's Ray Didinger, and Yahoo!'s Mannix is back Wednesday, 1p…
Thoughts? Vick says Chip Kelly may have solved his fumbling problem, but NFL analyst Ray Didinger disagrees
Vick says his fumbling problem could be solved. Ray Diddy says "not so fast." |
Ray Didinger says there is no way Chip Kelly solved Vick's fumbling problem like Vick says |
Ray Didinger has one word for Michael Vick's claim that Chip Kelly solved his fumbling problem |
Eagles need to bring in Ray Didinger as a consultant or something. why hasn't this happend yet?? The guy's a genius.
Ray Didinger coming up next around 7:20am on Listen live:
Ray Didinger agrees with me about Norm Van Brocklin being the greatest qb in Eagles history! Up yours to those who said i was crazy.
In his latest mailbag, Ray Didinger looks at whether Donovan McNabb should make the HOF and have his number retired by the Eagles.
Should Donovan McNabb be in the Hall of Fame? Will the Eagles retire his number? Ray Didinger weighs in:
"This is so reminiscent of the end of Steve Carlton. It was exactly like this." - Ray Didinger on Halladay. Listen:
Ray Didinger & Garry Cobb to John Clark on NBC 10 Sports Final" When Revis is healthy, he is Good, we thought the same on Andrew Bynum"
It kind of makes me laugh. At this point, the Roseman-Kelly apologists are retreating to "oh well a modified version of the read option could work." This because it is now abundantly clear that Kelly is planning to run it. So they have to abandon their old line of "oh, he is not gonna run that offense ... he's a genius and he'll tailor an offense to the personnel ... what do you have against him." But he's getting rid of the one QB we have who can play (Ray Didinger responded to an email I sent him about my black QBs for the Eagles post and said that he feels Foles won't be around), signed a guy who does not have a pro arm or skill set, resigned Vick and now are honing in Matt Scott of Arizona, a projected fifth round pick described as "the best read option QB in the draft." So if you were one of the ones who was saying "no, he wont trade Foles" and telling me I was so stupid and unreasonable in HATING the fact that this unqualified ultimate frisbee coach got the job, now is a good the time to fess u ...
Sportsradio WIP will hold the Great Birds Debate tomorrow beginning at 12 Noon at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly. This is the one and only time of the year that the entire WIP airstaff is on the same stage together. WIP personalities Angelo Cataldi, Al Morganti, Michael Barkann, Ike Reese, Glen MacNow, three time champion Rob Ellis, Howard Eskin, CBS 3’s Beasley Reece, and Philadelphia Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro will all be present to discuss and debate who will be the starting quarterback next season, how will Chip Kelly’s system translate to the NFL, where will the team find the missing pieces on defense and all of the major issues facing the 2013 Birds. WIP’s Anthony Gargano will moderate the Great Birds Debate. Rob Charry and Ray Didinger will host the Debate pre game show from 10-12:00pm and the post game show from 1:30-2PM live from Chickie’s and Pete’s.
On 94-WIP from 10-1 with Ray Didinger. Phils spring training, Papelbon, NFL combine, Nnamdi, we'll talk to Sara Sarah Baicker about the Flyers. All that, plus, honoring Oscar, the best sports movie you probably never saw.
Was it a good idea for the Eagles to sign Dennis Dixon? Will Nick Foles be an Eagle next season? Ray Didinger addresses both topics.
My favorite sportswriter Ray Didinger on last night's Steve Sabol tribute at the Kimmel Center:
Ray Didinger told Angelo Cataldi and The WIP Morning Show that keeping Michael Vick means the Eagles are wasting the season. Do you agree? YES!
Ray Didinger says the decision to keep Michael Vick is a bad one.
Just watched the interview with Chip Kelly on Comcast Sportsnet. I like his initial press conference but here's my question. It's on CSN (Comcast channel) and behind Ray Didinger is a huge VerizonWireless graphic. SMH!
The Eagles are scheduled to interview Jay Gruden, but haven't reached out to his brother, Jon. Ray Didinger wonders why in his latest mailbag.
Back working with my pal Ray Didinger on 94-WIP this morning from 10-1. First order of business: Pay off another stupid football bet I lost to Diddy.
Should Andy Reid have addressed the fans and media on his way out the door? Ray Didinger takes a look:
I wish and Ray Didinger were part of the Eagles brain trust. Love hearing them talk football.
Meet Ray Didinger and Rob Ellis in the Clubhouse tomorrow 10-2
Just like that, Ray Didinger puts a bow on Andy Reid's (& MM) ultimate legacy w/ Eagles. "It's like they never learn."
There are 30 people at my house and my dad has officially shown the book I got Ray Didinger to sign for him to every person twice. Success.
Ray Didinger reviews the film to show that over six starts, Nick Foles gave the Eagles hope for the future:
Eagles Film Study: Foles showed promise in 6 starts: After watching the film, Ray Didinger believes quar...
Christmas Eve edition of Eagles Extra at 6:30. Send your ?'s with for Ray Didinger and Brian Baldinger
Podcast of Ray Didinger with and this morning on
Ray didinger coming up on morning show with me and spike at 825
ray didinger and d.k gunn both said that theyve heard reid may be back next year. Does this owner hate the fans?
Gotta check with Ray Didinger, but this maybe one of the most ratchet teams in Philadelphia history. 1998 squad might be mad at me.
Right now and Ray Didinger are breaking down the 1st quarter & answering your questions live:
Hamilton Collection
At the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter, and Ray Didinger will be answering your questions. Submit them using
Join me, Ray Didinger Leonard Weaver and on Eagles PreGameLive at Noon on CSN
Right now until 1pm, it's and Ray Didinger from Delaware Park. Listen live
I'd rather see Ray Didinger and Ed Rendell playing saftey than the slop we have back there
Watching post game show with the brilliant Ray Didinger and the moronic Ed Rendell.
"This might be the worst team in the National Football League." - Ray Didinger
The players never truly believed in Castillo, says Ray Didinger:
Ray Didinger & discuss what changes-if any-Todd Bowles can bring to the Eagles. Tonight at 6pm on WF SportsNite
If you are a Philadelphia sports fan and get the chance to read even just the introduction to Ray Didinger's latest book, you'll be amazed
Reaction to the firing of Eagles DC Juan Castillo - I talk with Ray Didinger of Comcast Sportsnet:
Ray Didinger says he thinks the defensive unit has a lot of confidence in Todd Bowles
Ray Didinger says he thinks Andy will be taking over offensive play calling duties.
Ray didinger saying the same thing as me about andy calling the plays.
Join myself and HOF Ray Didinger as we talk about the firing of Castillo with Reid's presser live at noon on
Send Eagles questions to Brian Baldinger and Ray Didinger. Use we'll answer on Eagles Extra at 6:30.
.Eagles anaylst, Ray Didinger, will join us at 8:20am to breakdown that ugly loss. Listen Live:
can we fire Andy Reid and hire Ray Didinger. Ray is 100 times smarter than Andy.
Ray Didinger just said it best on PGL.
Ray Didinger summing it up pretty well: Andy and Marty built vertical offense, and line can't provide enough time to stretch the field.
Listening to Ray Didinger talk after Rendell is equivalent of talking to member of Mensa after watching a 2 yr old snack on a pile of LEGOs.
Right now and Ray Didinger are answering your questions live:
Is Matt Schaub among the NFL's best QBs? See what Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger says:
Hangen out with my AMAZING MOM tonight. Goin to the 94WIP Sports Movie Night hosted by Glen MacNow and Ray Didinger... ALL proceeds go to "Michael's Way" Cancer Charity...
tell Dan the Ray Didinger is from Folsom and *** Clark lived in both Ridley and at Drexelbrook
Ray Didinger joins John Gonzalez to break down the game film from the Eagles' 16-14 loss to the Steelers and give his thoughts on what he saw.
Lunch Break: & Ray Didinger look at game film hoping to find a solution to D-line issues
Send your Eagles questions for Ray Didinger and Brian Baldinger with Eagles Extra at 6:30 on CSN.
Send questions for Ray Didinger and Brian Baldinger. Use We'll answer on Eagles Extra on CSN at 6:30
Ray Didinger on the replacement officials: "I have to give them the benefit of the doubt and think they should at least be officiating...Pop Warner ball". Lmao!
Excited for a revamped Eagles Extra on Monday nights. Gametape breakdown with , Brian Baldinger, Ray Didinger and
Ray Didinger offers his 2012 NFL predictions, including teams and players trending in both directions, complete standings and playoff picks.
Yesterday I met and got an autograph from Ray Didinger and guard Evan Mathis.
How will Birds treat preseason opener amid tragedy?: Reuben Frank and Ray Didinger discuss how the Eagle...
The morning show interviews Ray Didinger, and Joe Santoliquito about Garret Reid, listen
Ray Didinger on Joe Paterno in 1982, he doesn't sound like a nice guy: . .
Ray Didinger takes a look back at two-time NFL champ Tommy Thompson's career with the Eagles.
Desean Jackson walk-off punt return for a touchdown. Eagles beat the Giants on December 19, 2010. Commentary by Desean Jackson, Andy Reid, Ray Didinger, Bria...
In the latest edition of Ray's Replies, Ray Didinger looks back on Joe Montana's amazing comeback against Buddy Ryan's Eagles.
Good read on Joe Banner leaving the Eagles By the great Ray Didinger
Ray Didinger doesnt buy Joe Banners reasons for leaving-
If he retires, as is a reported possibility, former Eagles center Jamaal Jackson would leave a legacy of professionalism, says Ray Didinger. Speaking of former Eagles, Ty Detmer was elected to his college Hall of Fame.
In this Ray's Replies, Ray Didinger answers question about Vinny Curry taking snaps from Brandon Graham:
Great to hear Ray Didinger on say that Vinny Curry reminds him of Trent Cole considering Eagles history w/ "2nd Rd." DE's.
ok. I just want to say that I've had enough of all forms of talk radio with the exception of Ray Didinger and Mike Francesa
Ray Didinger takes a look at Roger Goodell's verdict on the bounty scandal:
CSN Mock Draft, Pick 3: Vikings upgrade OT: In the latest edition of our 32 in 32 Mock Draft, Ray Didinger think...
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