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Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort (born 5 December 1949) is a New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist. Comfort started Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master in Bellflower, California and has written a number of books.

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I have brought Out of this World Comfort and Value of and back to in the name of…
If someone close died, yes it'd hurt, but they're gone to comfort, and I'd do things to make it comfortable for them.
You know it's a good laugh if comfort can't stop it for twenty whole minutes!
Sending prayers of comfort to our Governor, .during this difficult time.
How Ray Abboud Crushes the House Reno and Flip Game in Pennsylvania - The Comfort Killers via
The size of our churches means nothing if they prove to be full of false converts. (Ray Comfort)
Catching the last of today's ray's from the comfort of my bed. Sun = HAPPINESS! 🌞happy Thursday…
I liked a video Ray Comfort tells a Joke
Banana Man by Ray Comfort is being released on the 1st September 2017. Pre-order your copy here:
“Inerrancy is the ship’s rudder, the traveler’s compass, the lamp to our feet and light to our path.” (Ray Comfort)
“To forsake the inerrancy of Scripture is to snuff humanity’s only candle of truth." (Ray Comfort)
Ray Comfort, I don't know of many kiwi *** but he certainly is the king of ***
Ray comfort blocked me because I refused to capitalize god. Not kidding.
Loved you in Stanley, but can you say anything about the Ray Comfort film you narrated? Are you anti-evolution?
Finding comfort in talking to one person >>
I want Ray Mears to become my generation's Fred Dibnah. Inexplicably commissioned for Sunday evening comfort documentaries.
I think the secret of Ken Ham and Ray Comfort's success and popularity is their whimsical accents...
Comfort is the enemy if achievement. -Farrah .ray
No big homie no deal watch what I do doe 😈😈 @ Comfort Suites Lake Ray Hubbard
"The Bible says that the earth is immovable. It cannot be moved." Ray Comfort
Spend an evening under the stars at Martin Ray Winery!. Spring comfort food, wine, and a guided tour of the stars!…
Comfort is the enemynif achievement. -Farrah;.ray
Ray of sunshine though for Lab: existing constituency boundaries. Cold comfort but softens the blow.
One ray of sunshine for Labour - this GE will be fought on current constituency boundaries. Cold comfort though, I suspect.
I'm late to the party on this one, but here's Ray Comfort's "Atheist Nightmare" Debunked! .
Looks like that ray of sunshine that breaks through clouds after the rain. Feels like bosom hugs that comfort you.
Tell that to Ken Ham, Ray Comfort et al. You will hear a different tune
Trying to get out of my comfort zone.
I feels close and comfort whenever we meet
And you created a moron, named Comfort (Ray).
Ooo Ray Comfort is still a thing, I'd forgotten about him (which is obviously good). Still spouting nonsense and making bad films. Lovely.
Lots of ibuprofen and comfort foods. Periods are just lovely, huh? ❤
Ray Comfort compromised by appearing on false teacher - Joyce Meyer's show
"I do admit to mocking atheists, because mockery is a legitimate form of debate according to my rule Book." Ray Comfort
I thought slavery had been abolished? Oh I forgot not in the whacky world of Ray Comfort and his bum chum Kirk Came…
I liked a video Ray Comfort vs. Logic
Evangelical preacher Ray Comfort… That guy wants the rough end of a pineapple up his backside!. Discuss…
It's like we try to have a good time but we all just want to be in our own settings alone but still want each other's comfort
That's why I always wait till the Blu Ray release and I can watch it in the comfort of my own home.
Apparently, Dawkins nominated Wendy Wright as his 2nd but she declined. No matter,…
The problem for Christianity is not people like Dillahunty. It's people like Ray Comfort.
Watched it on blu ray in the comfort of my own home on my own last Sunday. The last hour is the best…
Having a book about with a foreword by yosp is like having a book about atheism with a foreword by Ray Comfort.
Are you related to Ray Comfort? You seem to have exactly the same issues with logic.
I liked a video Lawrence Krauss vs. Ray Comfort
Because they listen to Ray Comfort. Throw them a twist. Tell them spontaneous evolution would prove god.
Ray Comfort is a comedian for fundamentalist Christian. He's like Jay Leno doing jaywalking. Who rebuys Jay Leno?!.
Even Ken Ham & Ray Comfort came up with better garbage than you have.
Really? I bet u prefer Ken Ham & his boy toy Ray Comfort. They both think like u.
Lucas is spot on. I've tried several times to point out the dishonesty in the "Ray Comfort" way you debate.
I liked a video from The Thunderf00t - Ray Comfort discussion (Part 1)
Hawking has violated the unspoken rules of atheism. He isn't supposed ...
If you are not concerned about your neighbor's salvation, then I am concerned for yours. - Ray Comfort
you're going to post a picture of Ray Comfort?
You know, there’s some really beautiful people out there who always comfort other people while they hide their own sadness..…
Ray Comfort spends a lot of time thinking about homosexuals doesn't he!
Common sense says that if something possessed the ability to create it...
I just wanted Ray Comfort's newest video he'll be coming out with shortly. It's entitled, "The Atheist...
How to comfort : Give them little compliments that mean the most.
if you seriously want to attract any skeptics, you should stay the *** away from Ray Comfort. The man is a clown.
.You are as stupid as Ray Comfort is. Let that sink in...
I have had this pic saved for ages. I used it to make fun of Ray Comfort and now I use it against anti-GMO types.
A theology of comfort presupposes a theology of suffering - Bruce Ray
Beyond is comfort level is what it is all about.
Good one. :-) I'm having a good day, though at the moment I'm wrecking it by watching Ray Comfort on creationism. :-/
So not the new one by Ray Comfort. Who is calling his latest film atheist delusion.
Most human beings have enough sense to know that if they work in a cit...
Great video exposing Ray Comfort & the false gospel that he promotes. This is a must see video!!!
Apparently Ray Comfort is going to be hanging around outside.
"Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed!" - Ray Lewis
powerful Click 2 find out where to watch it 4
Never stop pleading with the lost. As long as there is breath in their lungs, there must be hope in our hearts. -Ray Comfort…
When God looked at the cross, He saw you. Now, when God looks at you, He sees Jesus. Ray Comfort
Salon is to the left what Ray Comfort is to Christianity.
is my favorite character. She's true to herself and willing to go outside of her comfort zone.
"If there is ever conflict between Science and Scripture, the problem must be on the science side." Ray Comfort
powerful over 5 mill views. Click 2 watch it 4
"You know that the law of gravity will kill you when you jump." Ray Comfort
This *** was found too close for my comfort to my Aunt Judith Rose-Valente and Uncle Ray Valente. What have...
The Sea Ray 270 Sundeck Outboard is geared for incredible stability, comfort and handling.
You must be more committed to self-mastery. than you are to your own comfort and convenience. -James Ray
She's not just ignorant. She's AGGRESSIVELY ignorant. She's Ray Comfort if Ray was a rabid dog.
Oh we will, especially since it seems to make people like Ken Ham and Ray Comfort crazy that we even exist.
On page 102 of 175 of How to Bring Your Children to Christ...& Keep Them, by Ray Comfort
has been seen by over 5 million viewers. Find out how to watch the film ht…
"The more a nation gets into darkness, the more it's going to hate the light. The more it's going to run from the light..." - Ra…
Science is a wonderful discipline, to which we are deeply indebted. ~Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort is a great mind of our times
I skipped it to sneak in and listen to Ray Comfort
REQUEST: The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort -
So cool new blu ray player I recommended now in kithen watching doctor who in the comfort before bed
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I often take (too much) comfort in the (false) assumption that my marriage will last for (my) ever...
Get away from your comfort zone.. let the magic begin and use your skills to grow and live.. ~ Ray. .
Waiting to get my X Ray and this little girl walks in and when I say her daddy so fine I want to go comfort her and be her new step mom
research doesnt count if its YouTube videos of Ken Ham or kent hovind or ray comfort
It takes more blind faith to believe in evolution than God. Watch Ray Comfort ask these scientific majors to show...
Bet it's not a patch on Ray Comfort and his bananas. 😕
Before anything great can be achieved your comfort zone must be disrupted -Ray Lewis
Star Wars The Force Awakens is out on Blu Ray 🙌🙌 finally I can enjoy it in the comfort of home.
For a self proclaimed Ph.D your timeline is oddly petulant and harebrained. Ray Comfort? Lol.
Atheistic evolutionists believe that nothing created everything - a scienti...
Elder Scrolls Online - Preaching in the Town Square to the players in Tamriel using Ray Comfort's *** s Best...
Get out of your comfort zone. Take a step of faith. You can’t play it safe and expect to reach your highest potential.
Agreed. Duti sounds like someone who refuses to look at anything that would disprove fairytale comfort stories.
That is the best way to comfort females, so you're doing well
This is the amazing video testimony of Ray Comfort
By Ray Comfort, "Scientific Facts in the Bible...100 reasons to believe the Bible is supernatural in origin." - a great resource book
You take the words of Ray Comfort, a renowned ***
has a Ray Comfort quote pinned to his TL. 😂😂. Good luck!
Aim to "get past your comfort zone every day." More on Ray Sajulga receiving 1 of Fund's 300-some scholarships)
A fb friend shared a Ray Comfort video followed by a Blue Lives Matter video. Nope. Bye.
I'd much rather live next to Ray Comfort than Osama Bin Laden, that's true.
It is beyond hilarious & repugnant to plug Ray Comfort's swill & claim it is educational. Hope you don't have kids
1st, you failed the moment you brought out Ray Comfort. 2nd, the "No True Scot" crap he spews is uncut
.Go easy on him. Christians have had 2,000 years to produce evidence and all they've got is Ray Comfort's banana.
The 'science' for which the United States is respected has nothing to do wi...
Comfort is theienemy of achievement. -Farrah .ray
Comfort is theienemy of achievement. -car ah .ray
Ken Ham and Ray Comfort would have to go back to their own countries. Then I would apologize to Australia and New Zealand.
I think he left us to dwell in his moms basement watching Ray Comfort videos on repeat!
What is a Ray Comfort video supposed to show, besides Ray Comfort is a charlatan?
The Bulls need to win tonight because Adam is the one who's gotta comfort me tonight not the other way around lol
Before anything great is ever really achieved... Your comfort zone must be disturbed! -Ray Lewis
We were asked to provide comfort and support to a fellow comrade who had to make a very hard decision. Zachary...
"[If I had literally heard the voice of Jesus] I'd check myself in to see a psychiatrist." Ray Comfort
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"When men don't fear God, they give themselves to evil". - Ray Comfort
yeah ... If I can't get Louie for my next youth event I'm gonna contact Ray Comfort!🙄
Strange. But I've always put you in the same camp as Ray Comfort. So the list kind of makes sense to me. ;)
Wishing Phife a relaxed journey to the other side if the veil. May music greet and comfort him.
Find and try something new that you never done. Shift away from your comfort zone. Find a hobby…
Loud. Reckless. Unapologetic. We leapt way out of our comfort zone to get this one right for Ray Ban.
Unlike your anonymous account & unknown name Ray Comfort comes up with MORAL authority to spread the God's Word. You're a fool.
- I like their 'God's Perfect Hand Banana' theory best. Ted Haggard could shove it right up Ray Comfort's a**!
lol! Did you see Sargon crumble vs Brooks? Sargon can't make points, he used the Ray Comfort leading ?s tactic.
the mainstream creationists *all* lie about science - Ken Ham, Kent Hovind, Ray Comfort, etc, etc. etc.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Ray Comfort: "Most atheists bristle at the thought that atheism has anything to do with faith, but not Penn Jillette."
Well done Lawrence Krauss voted "Humanist of the year" and to Ray Comfort for being voted best ambassador for banana consumption. Go Ray!
*** s Best Kept Secret. Are you leading others to Christ to just have them fall away. Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort
That is lower than Ray Comfort's ballsack. I'm telling
did Joe take his opening schpeil directly from Ray Comfort?
Reasonable Faith is trying to be the Ray Comfort 2.0
Watching Ray Comfort's latest film so you don't have to.
If Floyd Mayweather loses tonight he can take comfort in the fact that Sugar Ray Robinson was once 48-1. Although it only took him 4 years!
I liked a video from Atheists Watch Ray Comfort's "Evolution Vs. God"
Ask Ken Ham, Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron, they'll tell u the truth
A really funny go at us Aussies, But he forgot Ken Ham and Ray Comfort. Your bad Bill.
.. Nah. Hovind is the tax criminal with the fake PhD. Ray Comfort is banana man.
Not going to lie, as a Christian, "Audacity" would have really made me think. Ray Comfort really does seem to be genuine w/ his concern.
Watched Ray Comfort's "Audacity." It did a decent job getting across his message, no matter how baseless in reality. Acting was quite good!
Texas country night with Allen Ray & Southern Comfort!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I liked a video from Ray Comfort meets the Evangelist's Nightmare
I'm sure the Ray Comfort NatGeo column will be hitting the press soon. --Johnny
Ray *** Comfort ridin' my Kim's coattails . Way to exploit people for your own personal satisfaction, Comfort!
Ray Comfort has been busy again, this time using Kim Davis to double the viewership of his movie Audacity to 12.
A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.
Please take him and Ray Comfort back. We'll trade him for that guy who says he's Jesus. He seems harmless.
We need you in Morehead, KY, this Monday!. Ray Comfort (and Living Waters ministry are heading...
Finally watched Mad Max Fury Road. Out of my comfort zone. Didn't love it but def. appreciate what's been done!
Worth a watch re: homosexuality AUDACITY - Full Movie (2015) HD - Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort to use Kim Davis' return to work to promote his own anti *** movie -- The media has not…
Ray Comfort will be on hand when Kim Davis returns to work Monday in order to promote his anti *** film:
180 Ray Comfort 33 Minits that will rock your world Advisory Graphic Content
if, as Ray Comfort says, the banana is proof of "god", what does the pineapple prove? Cos FYI those things cause damage!!
You are trying to come off as Brian Greene and are coming off as Ray Comfort,
I'd rather listen to some dope like Ray Comfort spout off about bananas than watch Dane Cook's "comedy."
. Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Eric Hovind, Lee Strobel, etc. would all disagree.
Sin is never acceptable. Don't let grace comfort you in sin, let it free you from it.
Our Food Court just called. A 'Ray Comfort' guy asking folks if they 'consider themselves to be good people'. SECURITY!
Out of the Comfort Zone book by Ray Comfort Living Waters video
All brown comfort food in honor of Ray's last day. You're gonna go far, kid
Now don't tell me you're related to Ray Comfort. Sorry, you must get asked that a lot.
Ray Comfort talking sounds like me trying to finish a 5 page paper with only 2 pages done. Just rambling on and on, never getting anywhere
"You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can't Make Him Think." - Ray Comfort
"...the Catholic Church didn't get their information from the Bible" Ray Comfort
Wise words from Ray Comfort: "One great key I have found in overcoming the temptation to lust is to pray for...
Ray J - Anytime via Anytime I need comfort I think of you...beautiful begins with friendship
.I can't hate something I don't believe exists and quoting Ray Comfort - this is the man who thought bibliophile was an insult
I liked a video from Creationist Ray Comfort: Stephen Hawking Is A Fool
check out Ray Comfort's Way of the Master: True and False Conversion
sye ten is Eric Hovind and ray comfort 😜
i just bought a blizzard from DQ, it's not enough for comfort.
As stated I saw your prof. Also I like Ray Comfort. Good day
and how do I know Ray Comfort spouts bogus crap? simple: he puts forwards the same old William Paley argument
So now I have to actually put a check mark towards the good for Ray Comfort. So many visuals.
have you watched Ray comfort videos
Ray Comfort Open-Air Preaching Huntington Beach 2010 one of my hero's!
Your mind is anything but scientific. More like, duped by Ray Comfort.
we need to show this to Ray Comfort!!! :-)
No one will take you seriously if you take Ray Comfort seriously.
Anything Ray Comfort has ever said, done, or thought.
Times like this, I really do miss ray's comfort.
It would bring me instant comfort.I could probably be left out in the wilderness on my own and instantly feel okay if I hear that song. 🙏🏾❤️
Just found out Ray Comfort is a kiwi. On behalf of all of NZ I want to apologize to the world.
Photo: in-love-with-my-bed: mikeywaves: How Wood is Cut I feel great comfort now. this explians so much
Yeah, you keep saying that. One could be forgiven for thinking you were Ray Comfort's puppet.
I believe in the cause "Audacity: Ray Comfort's First Scripted Short Film" by Living Waters Publications
"There's no comfort in the truth. Pain is all you'll ever find."
When it comes to troll Ray Comfort, always post your name, coward! You're the moron deceiver, not him.
Sweet Baby Ray wings for lunch. Comfort food for my allergies.
Well if Ken Ham, Ray Comfort and what seems like a Jerry Falwell relative, reckon it's good, it must be.
(Video) If you've never seen it before, you must watch Ray Comfort's video about abortion.
Heading to UCLA with 400 copies of Ray Comfort's "Evolution vs God" DVDs in the backseat.
Ray Comfort rightly notes, "The preacher promises a bed of roses for those who come to Christ, but those who are...
Q: Where are you from?. Ans: New Zealand. Q: Are you friends with Ray Comfort?. Ans: No, no New Zealander would be silly enough to admit that.
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If you've been to our store you'll know of The Way of the Master. Here (founder) Ray Comfort share's his story.
This is Ray Comfort’s story like you've never heard it before.
Please send this to atheist sites: Angry Woman Warns Youth About Listening to Ray Comfort
The real Noah has launched! Watch the movie now and share with friends... This movie is endorsed by Ray Comfort.
Spring meatloaf? Yes, a light version of this comfort food classic does exist!
I'm a homebody and adventurist. I love the comfort of my own home and the safety of it but I love to explore.
Some of my favorites are Erwin Lutzer, Ray Comfort, John Macarthur, Raavi Zacharias, and John Piper just to name some examples!
Ray Comfort has been posting on FBook about atheist tracts .
Ken Ham vs. Kirk Cameron vs. Ray Comfort. Who's the worst person and why?
I believe Ray Comfort and Ken Ham are actually Andy Kaufman in disguise and this time the joke is on all the Christians.
By the way, if you laugh at Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, because he's harmless/wrong/etc, look into Comfort's anti-cancer-treatment books
If you're in Southern California on August 15th come and see me. Part of Ray Comfort's upcoming movie Audacity.
I watched it. Ray Comfort is especially unfun to watch. The guy isn't good with his formatting or setup of questions.
The genius scientist that everyone knows may be the least understood -- until now. Ray Comfort explores the life and beliefs of the world's most iconic man of science.
Probably one of the most misunderstood verses in the Bible is “Judge not lest you be judged” (Matthew 7:1-3). A woman recently accused me of doing that when I was open air preaching. I allowed her to read the verse, to speak, but when It came to my turn to answer her accusations she refused to listen. The world often takes this verse out of context and uses it to accuse Christians of being “judgmental” when they speak of sin. In the context of the verse Jesus is telling His disciples not to judge one another, something the Bible condemns (Romans 14:10; James 4:11). In Luke 6:41,42 He speaks of seeing a speck in a brother’s eye. In John 7:24 He said, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” If someone steals, lies, commits adultery or murder, etc., the Christian can make a (righteous) moral judgment and say that the actions were morally wrong, and that these sins will have eternal consequences. Chuck Colson said, “True tolerance is not a total lack of judgment. ...
Directioners. Zayn: "I wouldnt date any of u bc none of u picked me". *niall tries to comfort zayn*
Can we get rid of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron while we are at it?
. New Zealand needs to own Ray Comfort too. He has overstayed his welcome.
Never mind, Ray Comfort has a opening for a bum chum...
The series examining the books of apologist Ray Comfort continues with a look at the second and third chapters of Comfort's book, You Can Lead an Atheist to ...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Now that you mention it, the dude at the front of the procession DOES look a bit like Ray Comfort.
I liked a video from Book One, Chapters Two and Three - An Atheist Reads Ray Comfort
Oh, and in case you didn't know: Ray Comfort is a danger to the world.
Ray Comfort or Paul Chuckle, never in the same place at the same time
If you're walking through a hard time, take comfort and know it will bring glory when Christ reveals your sacrifice 😊
I added a video to a playlist Thunderf00t -- Ray Comfort Discussion, Round 2! (1 of 2)
I don't mean to be petty but if you had real poor ray comfort would not be talking about bananas.
I just accepted a friend request from Ray Comfort.
I've never seen this before. It's not raining, but there is lightening lighting up the clouds. A flash twice per second like God's electric brain current keeping his heart beating and if I were Ray Comfort, that might be what I would claim. I can't explain so much lightening, but I refuse to caulk up the gap with a god because under the wear and tear of science that caulking will crack and pull away leaving the gap exactly as it was.
I liked a video Ray Comfort invites atheists to the creationist museum to talk
Just finished a great book. For my Christian friends it is a must read. For my atheist and agnostic friends I challenge you to read it with an open mind (if nothing else you will know what we have for ammo in the eternal debate.) The book is "How To Know God Exists" by Ray Comfort (co-host of the show "The Way of the Master" with Kirk Cameron.) It is worth the purchase but let me know if you want to borrow my copy.
.. Various verses in the bible. But usually from Ray Comfort's comedy sketch propaganda video.
'Kinds' is from Ken Ham and Ray Comfort I think.
.. Yes. It means you are a Ray Comfort fan boy.
before I click the link, is it Ray Comfort?
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The friendzone doesnt actually exist it was made up by unattractive boys to comfort their broken ego
Each of us is sinking into death, and God is the only known lifeboat. ~Ray Comfort
Lots of screenings of still available to book or watch DVD/Blu-ray in the comfort of your own home
I thought his debate with Ray Comfort was bad. That way infinitely better than this. Sye give up mate.
"I am surprised that anyone can profess to be an - Ray Comfort . Oh Ray.
I would really like to see intelligent men stop debating *** like Ray Comfort. It's like trying to mix water and oil.
Yesss!! I find comfort when I'm having a bad day on youtube :) Oh just imagine the world with them ah
WOWzer! What an Awesome interview with Ray Comfort on the Carole Liberman Show. It's amazing that she was...
I liked a video Ray Comfort on the Carole Lieberman show
I liked a video from Ray Comfort Gets Equal Time on Cosmos
I wish my sister was here to comfort me while I cry
I was thinking Ron Comfort, not Ray oops
This is your brain on Ray Comfort. -
Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.
I just learned that Ray Comfort's books are published by WorldNetDaily, which is just so beautiful and perfect I can't even.
It's always easy to stay in the safety of our comfort rather than go out into, what seems to us, "the…
Of course, as long as she listens to people like Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, and James Dobsin, she probably won' change.
Checkout this awesome 30min Video from Ray Comfort...Very well done...GodBless..
Watched it and its hilarious.Also if ray comfort is an expert then u guys r lead down the goat trail to his big pockets lol.
. i assure you they exist. google ray comfort or Ken Ham. the latter has a musuem in KY dedicated to it.
Oh no! Ray Comfort?!? He's the evolutionist's kryptonite! Whatever will we do now?
Ray Southern Comfort not that I'd actually call him a theologian tho...
U have to be willing to move out of ur comfort zone if u want to experience life in a new way. Do what successful ppl are doing
Unbelievers review: "Thus fulm is ruduculous. Gud vs. Evolution is the true musterpiece.". By: Ray Comfort
.Your dismissal of theistic arguments is as uninformed as it is confident. You know, like Ray Comfort's dismis…
"atheists are not intelligent"? Seriously—Ray Comfort is who you want to publicly represent your worldview?
- A rap battle I'd like to see IF you guys can do is The Mythbusters (Jamie and Adam) vs. Ray Comfort ... A rap...
Hmmm… Ray Comfort is a rat. Autocorrect for the win.
Andrea Ray Bibee earned our Brave Beelievers Courage Award for the month of May for stepping out of her comfort...
We all grew up differently, I suppose. What you define as comfort has a lot to do with what you had and did not have as…
Hey folks, is there a place online that I can find the yearly income of the likes of Ken Ham, Ray Comfort,Eric Hovind? I want to do research
A Christian who has no time to PRAY is like a man chopping a tree with a dull edge AXE. He won't stop to sharpen the axe because he wants to get the tree chopped down. Sharpening the AXE for a few minutes will GREATLY speed up the job. TAKE TIME TO SHARPEN YOUR AXE THROUGH PRAYER! ~RAY COMFORT... *** S BEST KEPT SECRET" TODAY PEOPLE OF GOD!
"The irony when it comes to God and His creation is that many of us have eyes, but don't see" - Ray Comfort (How to Know God Exists)
...To be content & at peace with life as is. . Strive for better but have comfort in what has already come about...
Have you ever listened to this audio? *** s Best K... — Yeah i really like ray comfort! I also really like Fr...
.Somebody who reads Ray Comfort has no business calling anybody dumb.
in fairness, Ray Comfort and Ken Ham were both imports from somewhere…. ;P
From Ray Comfort (Living Waters/ Way of the Master) ... from the Scriptures... There are certain passages in the Bible that I call “goose bumps verses.” One of them is John 8:55-59 where the religious leaders were arguing with Jesus over His very strange words. To understand what happened next we have to go back to the book of Exodus, where Moses asked God for His Name so that he could tell the Egyptian leaders Who sent him. The reply was “I Am that I Am” (Exodus 3:14). God was saying that as He is eternal, He is, and He always will be. Back to the discourse between Jesus and the leaders. Jesus then said, “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad.” They were flabbergasted. Abraham lived a thousand years before Christ. How could he “rejoice” to see Jesus? So the leaders replied, “You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?” Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.” Goosebumps. Now from me . JESUS is...
The sooner you step away from your comfort zone, the sooner you'll realize it wasn't all that comfortable..
My impression of doing an impression of Ray comfort gets better every time I listen to .
I wanna hug Ray irl to comfort him... He really needs it.
Hey Ray Comfort:You do know that the modern banana is a product of human engineering,not a creation of your imaginary friend,right?
42% done with The School of Biblical Evangelism, by Ray Comfort
I liked a video LAND OF THE GIANTS - 'Witnessing to the Demon Possessed' - Ray Comfort
I am fully aware that Ray Comfort only spouts nonsense. I just think is important not to use unscientific terms.
Smart people often are left speechless in front of ray comfort´s stupidity and arrogant ignorance.
I added a video to a playlist john p kee-comfort me.wmv
Nothing good ever comes out of comfort zones
Do you know who Ray Comfort is? He made the YouTube video you just posted.
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