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Ray Charles

Ray Charles Robinson (September 23, 1930June 10, 2004), known by his shortened stage name Ray Charles, was an American musician.

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I love “Hit the Road, Jack” as sung by Ray Charles. He calls her the “meanest ol’ woman,” but she gives him no quarter
James Brown was not the king of soul or R&B, Ray Charles controlled the voice of Soul, and Willie Dixon ruled the sound of The Blues
My grandfather 78 loves In his car he has James Brown, Ray Charles, Barry White, Patti LaBelle and Alicia Keys CDs only.
Now Playing LIVE Ray Charles feat. Mary Ann Fisher - What kind of man are you presented by Radio Airwaves
How hard is it to tell Rich Spencer is an agent? I mean cmon now. Dude is in pictures with Laura Bush. I’m Ray Charles to him.
Long gone are the days of Jackie Robinson, Ray Charles, James Brown, The O’Jays, Carl Lewis
Having performed with greats including Ray Charles, Michael Buble & Tony Bennett, will be here on 16/12…
Billie Holliday didn't do the song "Georgia" justice. the way Ray Charles did.
Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry & Ray Charles: all among the first group of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, 1986. Photo: Lyn…
what up respect .love . if u are Michael Jackson reincarnated. then im Ray Charles. artist blood stay the same. Love ya brotha
Nice trolling. Miles Davis, Ray Charles, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, among others, would no doubt agree with you.
James Brown, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Thornetta Davis and many more tonight on Nightside! Donovan Boxey hosts from 11 to 2.
Starting in on the 50s today and talking about legends like Ray Charles, Miles Davis, and Hank Williams Senior. Don't miss it!
They're playing all kinds of favs from Jimi to Janis to Chris Stapleton to Ray Charles to John Mayer to Gary Allan…
I'm almost certain Ray Charles is in charge of filling potholes in the state of Michigan.
*** Big Ben..:did you play with the Ray Charles shades on?😎😟
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Ray Charles had the ability to hear music, he couldn't see it and it was through that ability he was able to envision himself as a musician.
Ray Charles couldn't see but he had a vision for his life embedded in him.
Great movie even better ! Charles Lee Ray I usually use FJ but the entire ride to school!
Cab driver asks where I'm from. "Georgia. Ray Charles! Jimmy Carter!" Apparently what we're known for in Boston.
Even better! Charles Lee Ray took over and beat the crap out of him, and I don't feel freezing any more
hey Seth, are we gonna hear 'The Mess Around' by Ray Charles in the Orville this season !?!? :P
Tom Hamilton can paint pictures that Ray Charles could see!
Gonna have to buy a new speaker before I go to Momo's. She's gonna want me play some Ray Charles.
Who are these critics? Hellen Keller, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder?
Surely best away kit? This John Charles inspired away kit was Kappa's crowning glory in their Wales days
Then you're actually not Ray Charles if you say something to her
i'm full time Ray Charles on everything.
all I’m saying is, I see my friend cheating, forming the rass, getting on like she don’t have man, I’m Ray Charles
4 in the top 25, 22 in the rest incl, Aretha, Ella, C Berry, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Billie Holiday,…
LCW Eames plywood chair, created in 1945/1946 by Charles & Ray Eames
Ray Charles could see this is fake.
The Eames Stools were originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames for New York City's Rockefeller Center. .
If you can listen to Ray Charles sing America the Beautiful and still hate this country while living in it. GTFO. .
Our throw in linesman should have gone 2 specsavers ray charles would have saw that
Your kids are lucky. I was awakened on Saturdays to the sounds of "Ray Charles Sings Country."
3. No way Greene pitches to Lindor. What hurts you there a GS!! That's i…
New on CP: 'Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita'. Admired by Charles and Ray Eames,…
Music is like breathing. I don't get tired of it. ~ Ray Charles. "LILY WAS HERE":. .
Looking for Just lie down&stretch all 4 like Ray&Charles or read this worthwhile article ht…
The worked closely with on exciting releases for the Eames Elephant & House Bird:
Rex Ryan obviously is delusional, saying "Who could have seen this coming?" from Ray Charles, Ste…
Two legendary musicians share a birthday. Ray Charles and John Coltrane were both born on this date.
This is playing America the Beautiful in front of the State Capitol in the style of Ray Charles and yea…
Reckon Stevie Wonder was the original builder on this Brick Lane job we’re on, with Ray Charles as his labourer. Credit to
My neighborhood block party had the DJ play "Hit The Road Jack" by Ray Charles to tell everybody to go home
Breast Cancer Awareness
Georgia on my mind - Ray Charles. I've got you under my Skin - Sinatra. What a wonderful word - Armstrong . Summertime…
"He stood by himself even in comparison with Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, James Brown."
God is love and love is blind. Ray Charles is blind, therefore, Ray Charles is God.
Another shot by Tony Evans of birthday boy Ray Charles. This caption says 1970; not sure which date is correct.
Is there a prince statue, what about James Brown, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, or little Richard.
Ray Charles & Elton John - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (2004).
Who is dude with Tim Brando on this Louisville-Purdue game? He just said "Ray Charles could have made that call better than that."
Normally you put the old folks on the Oasis who did adultery or when a guy ask his woman back ,or thieves ,now...
Bence dinlenmeli.. Marsalis, Jones ve Nelson. Here we go again album. Ray Charles cover. cok severiz 😧
"My music had roots which I'd dug up from my own childhood, musical roots buried in the darkest soil."--Ray Charles
Feel bad cuz I picture Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles before actual Ray Charles
Five years ago, at Daddy's funeral, and now you are gone, too! God how can this be true?? Charles Ray Blankenship...
I added a video to a playlist Ray Charles - (Night time Is) The Right Time
“I was born with music inside me. Like my heart. It was a necessity for me - like food or water.” - Ray Charles
If you have no vision then im Ray Charles to what you lookin at.
New video is now LIVE! Check it out: Ray Charles King Reynolds.
I saw hin return nothing ,clothing !!!. You stole clothing from my store ,. Never you worked here only teasing me...
The Drowning will be available on Blu-ray & Digital August 1 .
Anytime I hear the outro Ray Charles song I'll think of the show. Thanks for all the years of entertainment
I've been trying to get this one chick attention but I guess she ray charles
Now playing: Georgia on my mind by Ray Charles! Click here to listen {
MT Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack this song's for you
This hour on Project H, Gerald Cannon Ray Charles, Monk & more
I think I'm going ray charles cause I can't see y'all
"Dreams, if they're any good, are always a little bit crazy."- Ray Charles. . I love to look…
King GC Juliana ,. Super/Whites and Super/Blacks stand above me when they do normal ,also half bloods they play my...
CHEERS to this bold new direction for Ray Donovan. JEERS to David Lynch
Take a break and enjoy some truly delicious "Sweet Potato Pie" by Ray Charles (with James Taylor) from the album...
Jerry Lee should absolutely be in the Country Music Hall of Fame!! Right next to Ray Charles. Both were huge...
I think it was Ray Charles! Crawford's more like the new Mike Tyson in any case.
Newt Gingrich is blinder than late Ray Charles considering the ppl who pushed down the Lee statue were white.
Good way to start the day, with Ray Charles singing "Georgia on my Mind". .
The cast on this movie is *stacked*. Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown, John Lee Hooker, John Candy, Carrie Fisher
"I got Chicago on my mind like I'm Ray Charles georgia. I promise I'll be faithful "
Here Jamming "Georgia on my mind. " One of my all time classics by legendary Ray Charles.…
Ray Charles, Fats Domino, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Taping of Fats Domino and Friends, June 1986 in New Orleans.
Let the Ray Charles cue in the background.
Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles -- The list goes on. We celebrate those that stood up for change with their music. https:…
Yes! These great Ray Charles songs are timeless!
I just cofrmd, Ray Charles never heard of her
Go live - ft think im going ray charles i can't see ya'll ... Tell me im not on my ones here 🔥🔥
Ray Charles--a classic, a legend, an amazing man in the world of music
Oh how I love Ray Charles --- This will be played lots today. Thanks for this... totally good stuff !!
This is true. Except she was barking at Ray Charles- maybe she is disoriented
Now you put a camera out and going to crime on some one because you have oasis you think ,You are one brother...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jaehyun also recommended Ray Charles' Deed I Do from the movie Intern
I'm just now finding out that Kanye sampled Ray Charles
song of the day: YOU DON'T KNOW ME - RAY CHARLES
No break for this BC day weekend. You'll 'feel good' w/ Ray Charles / James Brown Tribute.…
Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles would've gotten MP jr. Right..
Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder the real mvps they really chased that check lol
Feel So Bad hit w/Ray Charles,end of 1960s,cut at his RPM Studio, bassline improvised in Bass bk,fun date:
We've heard Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to name a few. Oh now it's Norah Jones and Ray Charles ❤️
Johnny Cash and Ray Charles sharing a laugh, 1994
Music Mt. Rushmore you get 6 who you got? I'm picking Hank Williams Sr, Ray Charles, Elvis, The Temptations, Michael Jackson & The Eagles
Talk Show Host Kenneth R. Petrucci,MSW rare never before released Interview with Legendary singer Ray Charles! . https:…
pumped for the show at the Cale cod Melody Tent tonight! My dad's first concert of yours! Can you do a Ray Charles song? Lol
obama and clinton continue to be losers always have been and always will be. Total criminals ! ! !…
Ray Charles introducing the la last track : "... everybody can understand the blues "
You telling me Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles been blind since childhood playing instruments but I still can't avoid walking into a *** door
Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack (Original) via Why does it Always have to come back to Money?
Ain't somebody checking into Fleitz's affiliations? Ray Charles can see he's full of it!
I'm selling this great Ray Charles Singers on via
is Fleitz for real? Ray Charles can see that this is full out conspiracy!!! He's an ads.
To be this Zen it takes a lot of patience. I'm Ray Charles to the bull but I'm still wide awake. WOKE ✨
Have you ever heard play the Ray Charles' version at the end of the show…
Your Cheating Heart by Ray Charles at - Buy it
It's what they do. We get made to look like bad guys, they're all on it. We are done wrong…
Charles Brewer, you should join Ray Wilder today, just saying
like the time we got a flat on CHARLES st and ur kid RAY..was wit us..then scooped us..i was like.ray Charles? lmao
We've been saying this for the past 2 seasons but Bobby's Ray Charles smh
Coz imma b that cat changed moz like ray charles, i do this shi*t wit my eyez closed, . sir JEREMIAS, its happening. .
The Democrats are so blindsided that they are the offspring of a bat and Ray Charles
making an impression with our new teens, sounding like Ray Charles.
Bruh I'm Ray Charles'ing every pregnancy scare like this. From today onwards!! 😂😂
Ray Charles could have told you that, EU is going down
Now Playing: Strike Up the Band. by Ray Charles BB. on Jazz90.1 Swing & Blues Radio.
I've got a Woman - Ray Charles . -gave birth to Kanye Wests iconic hit
In 'Walking Dead' emails, ex-showrunner weighs in on series' cameramen: "Ray Charles could operate better."
Garth Brooks is on this list over Freddie Mercury? Marvin Gaye? Ray Charles? Stevie Wonder?
A hunt entails making an effort to find something. Ray Charles could see what a crook you and your entourage are.
Ray Charles could see that the media is bias toward Trump and his supporters. Do they know ISIS leader is…
Who are the 8% backing Skrtel? Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, David Blunkett and Helen Keller.
Now playing: Seven Spanish Angels by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson! Click here to listen {
I was born in the 80's. Because; . I learnt to play in the street. I love soft music, jazz . I aspire Ray Charles an…
No, nothing can ever take away from a film with James Brown, Cab Calloway, Aretha, Ray Charles, John…
Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Helen Keller, Jeff Healey, and Louis Braile himself could see that coming.
Beloved Aussie tv star Steve Irwin is being given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Rumoured to be in between Sting and Ray Charles.
I added a video to a playlist Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles (Lyrics)
I liked a video Bizimkiler: Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack (Folk Cover)
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Ray Charles could see Hillary was going 2 lose.…
Johnson and Thompson defending together like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles!!
Cee Lo.If you would've asked Ray Charles he could've told you what the writing on the wall said.
With 5 wins tonight, David Bowie now ties with Ray Charles for most posthumous Grammys won in one night. https…
Wil just told me "to never quote Ray Charles" to him when in reality I was quoting Rick James.
Some heartbroken Etta James with visuals from Ray Charles & The Only Wonder - Stevie.
More of the new vinyl being checked in today at Underdog ... Includes Black Angels, Ray Charles,…
(1) Chuck Norris is the only person to ever win a staring contest against Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder.
I'm confused. If David was such a racist why would he do a song with Ray Charles? Maybe he changed later in life...
speaking of good comics from a good family life John Belushi plays Beethoven & Ray Charles
"You're right, Ray Charles!" as Joe Tex so soulfully sang. Sunday sundae to
Rene Russo helps Ray Charles regain his putting stroke, giggles when he asks, "Is…
Even Helen Keller & Ray Charles can see how jayne operates... Very malicious & bitter to police..
Just got caught off guard by how good Ray Charles voice is even though I already won't happen again
Trump IS insanity overload. The guy has grave mental issues, even Ray Charles can "see" it.
yep! Made it so even Ray Charles could see it. But there isn't any mirrors around. Grace banned them
even dead & blind Ray Charles can see Trump's insane--SMH
Some of you may even know Ray Charles? No? Well he was lead tenor in this band.
bro the customers acted like they didn't even see dude lmao they were real Ray Charles to the bs
"I see you shining *** even Ray Charles can you got money". Paid in Full.
Acts i have opened for or sung with, no lies here!!!. Ray Charles. Paul Rodgers. Bonny Tyler. Sam Brown. Ruby Turner...
YES!!! Ray Charles was Blind and I think even Ray Charles could see the Lame-stream media trying to de…
*** Roberson is 2/19 from free throw line??? Not even Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles
*** even Ray Charles could "see" that Trump was colluding w a putin oper…
Metre Taxi drivers have declared war on the Uber and Taxify companies and even with public outcry, the police are Ray Charles to it all.
I don't even find u attractive if ya married.. Ray Charles to dat *** . I can't see ya baby😎
Sending prayers up for Ray Charles "Brightest Smile in Town". by Gregg Allman Band.
I agree!!! She wouldn't even get a second look from Ray Charles!! Looking for a payday!! Wanting money!!!
Will settle for destroying you? Obvious. Ray Charles can even see through this and he's blind And deasd
Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles seen that I honestly wasn't even mad about it lol
Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Helen Keller can even see that Dorit likes to party - He…
Ray Charles momma iont even see the dope
Ray Charles even saw that slide was safe.
For those of you too stupid to get it when the Aryan Nation throws his support behind Pat Buchanan even Ray Charles can see he's a racist
Introducing the youngest to Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Otis Redding and Diana Ross. Seems to be happy so far.
They are playing Ray Charles at Ross rn
When I first wrote it, in my mind I heard Ray Charles singing it, & he did it some years later. . htt…
This set: Benny Goodman, Ray Charles, & Robert Parker. Gettin' dancey over here on
One of the best bass players full time. Carol Kaye's playing for Ray Charles was sublime.
Bobby Womack claimed in his autobiography that Ray Charles once (briefly, yet non-fatally) insisted on piloting their tour plane!
Some awesome old footage of Art and Oscar!!! --Ray Charles on Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson & Nat King Cole
Taylor Hackford had so many interesting stories to tell! Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Ray Charles, Jamie Foxx, the…
Ray Charles has a better percentage shooting *** that Donavan Mitchell has shooting a basketball lately. What the *** happened to him?
Check out Baby, It's Cold Outside by Betty Carter & Ray Charles on Amazon Music.
Today we paid homage to James Baldwin's now derelict home in France. Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Nina Simone all visi…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Ah ha! Ray Charles & Betty Carter 'Ev'ry time we say goodbye'. Representative of Kirsty's grief.
A little biographical artwork. What does Ray Charles, Ruby Bridges, Bob Marley and Rosa Parks have i…
On radiohhh_com BLUE "Over the Rainbow (featuring Johnny Mathis)" by Ray Charles from 'Genius Loves Company'
."I just let Ray Charles play with my *** & I came all over his blind man glasses" Fred as Nicole Bass. Stern Show needs u
You may cool but you will never be Ray Charles singing "Ring of Fire" live on the Johnny Cash Show cool.…
& Wayne Holmes sing the hits of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder & Marvin Gaye tomorrow at Gerritsen Beach:
Me: Fun Sis and I always agreed on Ray Charles, and Roy Orbison and Bonnie Raitt. Muses: No fighting. Me: No fighting with those artists
She has performaned with artists such as; Ray Charles, Dizzy Gillespie, Buddy Collette, Joe Williams, Gerald...
Ray Charles,, Cass Elliot, and Elton John - Heaven Help Us... Elton is so young..u should do this song
Jerry Reed, , , and Willie Nelson w/ Ray Charles start off today's edition of
Celebrate the musical legacy of the one and only Ray Charles with Maceo Parker and the Ray Charles Orchestra...
Getting to it Just lining up my playlist to write to Ray Charles, Blues Traveler & Marvin Gaye - Tammi Terrell. Happy Writing!
I missed "America the Beautiful," too. Ray Charles's version, especially.
Albritton's ability to draw conclusions based on reasonng like that have led him to worship at the First Church of Ray Charles.
Yep 10% of the population made Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder+ some of the richest in the business U'll never loose tha…
I liked a video from Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles - Living for the city (live)
What if Jamie Foxx kept making movies where he's Ray Charles?
Plant seeds!Make lists,prospect,make tons of calls!an then follow up(plow!)this shld be 80% of ur time!
Jamie Fox's best performance in a movie was when he played Ray Charles, if you say another movie let's be real you tripping
See the complete list of the $17 in 2017 concerts from Rachmaninoff to Ray Charles at
ray charles is so good. like,,SO good
Worst movie. "King Leonidas murders everyone Ray Charles works with to teach lesson. Ray blows up prison. Learns nothing."
listening to ray Charles makes me want to be in love
Mood been on ray Charles all mornin. Ignoring the mess out my students 😂
"Jimmy Scott has more pain and prettiness in his voice than any singer anywhere."--Ray Charles
Dear God ESPN if you wanted to go viral for hiring someone from the Ray Charles Memorial School of Graphic Design, well…
The reply was so cold tho. Br 😩😩😩. . All you had to say was thanks... Have a nice day also and Ray Charles the r…
the little boy in first Sunday was little ray Charles.
Charles Schneer to Harryhausen: "Sorry Ray, there's only enough money in the budget for 3 tentacles."
Ray Charles - America,The Beautiful (LIVE) HD god she's His Grace of us. Let's not forget🙏
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ray Charles can see I'm gettin money 😂😂😂
oh, you're Georgia, huh? So what, you're on Ray Charles' mind? Well guess what, Ray Charles isn't even ALIVE. boom, roasted
If you find child's play scary/Chucky idk what to say lol it's all about a doll that's possessed by Ray lee Charles lol
can you play baby grand by Billy Joel and Ray Charles. Love this song, and was signing it at work the other day. Ty
Awesome jam session with 3 of the greats. Fats Domino,. Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles. Check out who's doing... https:…
Brayden doing his best Ray Charles impersonation while he gets some light treatments.
I'm listening to 'You Don't Know Me' by 'Ray Charles' on Moochin' Abouts Stateside Hitlist 1962
just finished your Ray Charles ride. 💯. And you've inspired me to put up my feet tonight w/ some Ray and a glass of wine to relax.
My child will be well versed in the sounds of Ray Charles, Etta James, parliement funkadelic, sugar hill gang, Mary j blig…
Oh come on, it's like asking me if I heard of the king, James Brown, "I feel good",even Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder
I'll get on that list right after some Rev. Al and Ray Charles 👌🏼
If you missed it last Saturday meeting & listening to Corey Robinson, son of Ray Charles at the…
George held his own singing with Aretha, Smokey Robinson & Ray Charles. C'mon! Not easy to do!
George Michael had recorded duets with legends like Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John https:/…
Can you believe! Corey Robinson, Son of Legend, Ray Charles debuts in LA County! Join US Xmas🎄Eve!
I don't know what it is about Christmas time that makes people start driving like Ray Charles getting road head from Helen Keller.
I know that it's very hard to fill in your father's shoes, the legendary Ray Charles but Corey Robinson has shoes...
The track team calls me Ray Charles because my glasses turn to sunglasses at meets and practices -CHS
It's jazz today in Tampa bay TDADDY will be there the new Encore estates Ray Charles ave .
Wow. Just confirmed the legendary Maceo Parker with the Ultimate Tribute to Ray Charles! Maceo fronts the Ray... https:/…
try Anderson Paak for a change instead of your Ray Charles n Aretha Franklin old ***
DYK: R&B legend Ray Charles got his start in His old clubs are gone but his legacy lives on.…
Ray Charles by Chiddy Bang is in Bison and Bird, London.
Ever hear of Charlie Pride? Maybe Darius Rucker or Ray Charles. Black musicians who sang country.
"They can get Ray Allen, Ray Charles, and Rey Mysterio. Don't make me no nevermind."
What is eternal love?. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles playing Tennis.
if there any good are always aways a little crazy. Ray Charles
I love music. Ray Charles and Jonny Cash. Check out this cool episode:
All that jazz on WBOM. Now playing: James Taylor - Ray Charles - Sweet Potato Pie.
Lately I've been in love with musicians from older times. Ray Charles, Webb Pierce, etc etc 💖
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
cool wen that bill arrives lemme slide that ur way or are u gonna be doing Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder alla dat lol
Listen: Joe Camilleri on Regression Session w/ Barry Divola + songs from Ray Charles, The Kinks & more:…
I shoulda dressed as Ray Charles so I wouldn't have to see some of these costumes
CJ Sanders confusing his role here??? You're not playing young Ray Charles here young man!!
Funny thing is, did really already forget who Alfred Morris is ?? I mean Ray Charles could probably take one to the crib behind our o line😂
I liked a video Ray Charles - I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
Prometheus Trump sings old Ray Charles refrain: "Unchain my heart... You don't care a bag of beans for me."
When it's your m8 doing the cheating you will all Ray Charles yh? But if it's your m8 getting cheated on you will come lik…
RODNEY JONES, who recently performed at the White House for the President's celebration of Ray Charles' career,...
Heaven Help Us All by Ray Charles & Gladys Knight on Genius Loves Company [Bonus Track] in Kaise
On this day in 1985, "Happy Anniversary" episode of The Cosby Show with lip-synching Ray Charles' "Night Time is th…
my takeaway is that is an excellent performance by Nate Parker. He was Nat Turner, like Jamie Foxx was Ray Charles
Now playing: "Every Saturday Night" by Ray Charles with The Count Basie Orchestra from 'Ray Sings, Basie Swings'
If ur stressed:. pour yourself a bowl of cereal, play Frank Sinatra/Louis Armstrong/Ray Charles in the house, and bool out for a minute
I was 11 Years Old when song was release - Ray Charles & Willie Nelson Seven Spanish Angels 1985
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Caldwell Stars just performed a outstanding Ray Charles tribute!
Willie Nelson and Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels . my emo music.but it's all good.
What'd I Say by Ray Charles is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness.
You'll never make it to Ray Charles status. Seven Spanish Angels
Ray Charles' Place - Duke Ellington and Coleman Hawkins - Labour of Love.
Live music on the show from - Plus Motown, Rock, Northern Soul, Ray Charles, Wanda Jackson, Wilson Pickett, and LOADS more!!!
Sept 23 was Ray Charles' birthday! Rocking out this night with 'Seven Spanish Angels'...
Ray Charles would have turned 86 today. Singer and songwriter who pioneered the genre of soul music. https:…
Today was the late, great Ray Charles birthday. 🎆🎉. Party it up like his cool cameo in THE BLUES BROTHERS with John…
Born today, 1930: the late Ray Charles, who moved easily b/w jazz, R&B, and country ("Seven Spanish Angels" with
he seriously told someone. Do it look like Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder driving the bus? Why'd you have your hand up? Nobody safe.
Final piece onnthis edition is the Ray Charles version of "A Song For You" by Donny Hathaway & originally by Leon Russell
Alan Roy Scott has written songs for big name artistslike Celine Dion, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Luther Vandross & Ray Charles to name just a few.
Ray Charles, Otis Redding, James Brown always performed for white people but still had to use a "Colored" toilet
Just found out Ray Charles got his start in Seattle ... Don't give up on the city man
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Every since ol gal came into my life, I've been Ray Charles to every female in the city.
Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Scrapper Blackwell and Mike Cooper. Mark Harrison and Lazy Lester - all on last...
So far, I've got . Ali, . Robin Williams, . Michael Jackson, . Leonardo DiCaprio . and Ray Charles' mother . on my studio wall. Who shall I add?
Ray Charles to French Montana. This is what happens in a studio session with 🎉
Everyone felt like they knew Ray Charles and in a way they did, because he was embodied by hi
Lightnin' Hopkins, Doc Watson, Dr John, Sleepy John, Ray Charles, Leon Redbone of course... Everyone should have...
Gonna have to slow dance with my future husband to some Ray Charles 🔑
There are singers that I have enjoyed, from Nina Simone and Ray Charles onward. But the music t
Ray Charles' Brightest Smile in Town cover by Gregg Allman!. Wishing a quick recovery to RT
ClintHuff I would love to hear Ray Charles sing Georgia and Charlie Daniels The Devil went down to Georgia
Pastor Robinson and Bishop. This is Ray Charles son. What an honor.
Playing a Ray Ray round. Ray Charles on the front. Ray Floyd on the back.
I have just listed: 'Ray Charles: Man and Music', for 5.62 via
Sheila Raye Charles, daughter of Ray Charles, performs live at in New London CT 2016.
Like the kind where Porter is grabbing all the food with the Ray Charles version of "America The Beautiful" playing in the background
On this day in... 1958: Ray Charles' performance at the Newport Jazz Festival was recorded for a live album.
Ray Charles to start my Hectic Monday! Can I please dance on my desk?
Frfr I be listenin to old music like The Temptations, Heatwave, Ray Charles, Smokie Robinson, even Etta James
'Long Black Veil' by Johnny Cash is a really dark dark song. Jeez! TF for Ray Charles to lift the soul.
You Dont Know Me cover, performed at the Ray Charles tribute at the White House
I liked a video Watch President Obama speak -- and sing -- at White House tribute to Ray Charles
Demi Lovato performing You Don't Know Me at Ray Charles' Tribute at the White House - February 24th
Heaven Help Us All also performed at the White House honors Ray Charles
They can't see a *** like going blind. Ray Charles read lines move white girl like Ann rynes seeing flaws but my flow fine
Album of the Day! "What'd I Say" is an American Rhythm and blues song by Ray Charles, released…
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