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Ray Bans

Ray-Ban is a brand of sunglasses founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb . They were introduced for the United States Army Air Corps.

Ray Charles Cole Haans Michael Kors Maui Jim

Bought myself some new Ray Bans today because 'tis the season to 😌
Ive been hesitant on getting ray bans bc i lose every pair of sunglasses i own but i just got them so lets see how this goes
It took everything I had to not but these Ray Bans I found in Dillard's 😭😭
Trying a new brand, lol I always buy ray bans
Had a dream that I bought another pair of Ray Bans and lost em. Maybe this is a sign to just buy some BluBlockers.
Those are Ray Bans kid you are lost. Lmao
i just found the most perfect pair of ray bans i NEED THEM
Lost my ray bans and one of my Nixon watches this week πŸ™ƒ
"my mum got me some ray bans before I went to Australia but she didn't get me the aviator ones"
I just broke my ray-bans & rear ended someone.. this is how my day is going
Had the weirdest dream about stealing some ray-bans, getting back with my first love, then hooking up with some random female. my brain lost
Some gifts are worth the wait, but that doesn’t mean you have to :) these chic Ray Bans today!…
It's a windows down, Ray Bans on, driving around Beverly Hills with bae kinda day. 😊
Ray bans on I ain't tryna see ya faceee
Was looking for my Ray-Bans, then realized they are on top of a mountain in SLO...
Nikes, Khaki Pants, Black striped Polos, and Ray-bans. This was not planned. (Or was it?) @ East…
My tears be flowing like the Miami River behind these black ray bans every time iLeave here
they're ray bans! They're actually men's sunglasses frames! πŸ’—
The wardrobe clear out is worth it when you find a Β£20 voucher and a pair of Ray Bans
Ray-bans for Christmas? Now that's a neat gift. Come to The Optical Factory & see our great range.
So Biden just slipped on his Ray-Bans in the middle of a speech slamming Trump
The ppl behind me are speculating that Caitlyn Jenner is Becky w the good hair & talking abt how ray bans are a good investment I hate them
Old grievances fade away as forgiveness replaces blame. Nevert... More for Leo
Hey you reading this post!! I sell Ray Bans, are you interested ??
So im on my phone and then im looking around and suddenly i see this girl in a pink shirt and some Ray-Bans. But i didn't…
Tight πŸ‘– ray bans dayglo watch 91x fanny pack. Yep it's the 80's
Just got my first genuine pair of Ray Bans :D
9- The "psst psst allah ybarek khti" Algerian. Will honk at you in his Hyundai Atoz and fake Ray Bans hoping to pull you
70% of all glasses company is really ran by one company. Even ray bans. It's been monopolized pretty much.
Do you like Persol's? What about starting afresh? You do still have your green Ray Bans though?
SO to my aluminum Ray Bans for the 3rd degree burns on my face
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
If anyone sees a pair of brown/bronze Ray Bans at school they're mine and I really miss them. To whoever might've stolen them: I hate you πŸ‘πŸΌ
To the waitress at St Christopher's Place who ran down the street to give me my Ray Bans... THANKYOU!!! I'm SO grateful! πŸ™πŸΌβœ¨
A new favorite: Coke on my Ray Bans by on
Ask my little brother what he wants for his birthday & he went straight for the Ray Bans... I taught him well😎
Remember to hit up Danny Haely Rae and get your free pair of Heelys and Ray Bans just in time for exam weather.
My first ever pair of Ray Bans thx to my aunt Wendy😘❀️ I plan to build a collection nowπŸ˜‡
Michaela lost my Michaela Kors bag, pink Ray Bans, and lily Pulitzer coozie all in one weekend. I'm in so much mental and emotional pain.
Why do Ray Bans have to be so expensive 😭
Check out the Men's team booth this Saturday at for a chance to win 1 of 2 pairs of authentic Ray Bans! https:…
I like Maui Jim's. Polarized lenses across the line (others, like Ray Bans charge up the *** for pol), great repair options.
To the *** who broke into my car and stole my Ray Bans and a car charger, sunglasses might block the sun but your life still ***
Just found a pair of Ray Bans at the park
Upset about taking my front window tint off so I'll be buying myself new Ray Bans to make it all better πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
Treated myself to my first pair of Ray Bans
Can't decide which pair of ray bans I want πŸ™ƒ
I literally own two pairs of ray bans glasses and I don't even use them πŸ™„
You might see me in my ray bans ...
love my mom being the manger for the eye doctor so we could see the new ray bans like YAZ
Hope someone gets me my new Ray Bans for my bday 😁
Still salty that someone I know stole my Ray-Bans
T-shirt and your favorite rock band / Checking your makeup in my Ray-Bans / Breaking hearts like only you can / In your snapback,”
When you go into sunglass world and the girl remembers which ray bans you bought last lol
*** your ray bans were $300? *** lil mama I'll hook you up cus that's outrageous
Tempted to order me some Ray bans this week
Lock your cars people! My golf clubs and Ray Bans were taken this past weekend.
Had one of the best days!πŸ™‚ nails done. New Ray Bans for going away. And a new Bikini I likeπŸ™ƒ
of course, sorry. Those fake Ray Bans cost me Β£1.99. I wasn't going to let them go that easily.
was either Norman was raising his ray bans on to his head or sticking his tongue out uugghhh really annoying me
Just found out you can personalise Ray Bans 😱I've been playing around and made ones with pink lenses!!
Found $180 ray bans in the ocean. I'd say today was a successπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
To whoever stole my ray bans, I will find you.. And I will kill you. Sincerely, (the owner who can actually afford them) 😘
Was feelin a little down today so I bought some Ray Bans
my fake ray bans better come before Friday πŸ˜’
Been spoilt off the girls for my birthday, real ray bans love them! 😎
aye baby you forgot your Ray Bans...and my sheets still orange from your spray tans
Still wondering where my ray bans went πŸ€”
How have my Ray Bans only sold for Β£30 on eBay
I would lose my ray bans at school 😊
Ordered some Ray Bans on Amazon prime - I couldn't say no to free same day shipping. 😎
left my Ray Bans in a couple weeks ago & I called. They said they had them & not they're missing 😊😊😊😊
My bro in law bought me some chill *** ray-bans
You know I really love that my boyfriend took my ray bans & refuses to give them back bc he thinks he looks better in them
Robert lost his ray bans and I shattered my entire iPhone screen .. All in one day πŸ™ƒ
It's days like these where I wish I had my *** Ray Bans. 😠
Another Spring Break, another pair of Ray Bans gone. 4 years strong now
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Zayn's best lyrics so far: "he wears Ray Bans, I wear glasses. He wears sweats and I wear chinos"
Check out these polarized Ray Bans that will be available THIS Saturday at our Spring Preview Event! πŸ˜ŽσΎ‰...
Cynthia! 40% off when the regular price is this? Girrrlll. Ray Bans are less than this
Think I'm going to leave the contacts home today! So all about the Ray Bans!
Coach Jimmy πŸ’€he would've threw the Ray Bans after that
Came to Sport Chalet to buy some Ray Bans for me, but end up leaving with Oakleys for my brother… πŸ˜’ fake asf.
Prabal Gurung Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses by Linda Farrow | See more about Linda Farrow, Sunglasses and Ray Bans. -
This guy will pull up on a sports bike with some Ray Bans on and just stunt on the scene like.
buying Cole Haans and new Ray Bans today? it's like treat yo self all over again
Ray Bans new look is here. Come check out Clubmaster Wood.
To America's white male C-levelers: Please cease posing for images in which you make self-inflating hand gestures whilst wearing Ray Bans.
That's an outfit begging for some Ray Bans. And half a pack of cigarettes.
I want Peter Capaldi as to bust in on a tank shredding on a guitar in Ray Bans and a magician's jacket at my fune…
So these Americans who came to my dad's church got me a t-shirt. I don't know man, Ray Bans would have been nice.
Right before the sea stole my Ray Bans πŸ˜’
Update your maps at Navteq
Kellin Quinn can rock a pair of Ray Bans
My milkshake brings all the bots to the yard. And they're like, Bisexual or flogging hooky Ray Bans.
Silverado, candy painted, Ray Bans, got the whole world shaded - Florida Georgia Line
the fact that car insurance doesn't cover your personal belongings in the event of theft is Bologna.. Golf Clubs, Ray Bans, Watch.. POOF
Cocoa Beach is disgusting first the water stole my Ray Bans and now my belly ring thanks a lot
I lost my golf clubs and Ray Bans in the same day. Stay hot Bryant
Dad talking about the Ray Bans he got my brother in which I delivered to him. 😏
Left my Ray Bans in the rental car that I returned a week ago and just realized today...I'm so smart
Hair cut, MK belt, MK watch, Ray Bans, Cole Haans . πŸ˜©πŸ‘ŒIma be sharper than a lot of you ***
Listening to new hit Ray Bans on Today's New Country Sirius XM Radio 😍😍😍
I wish I could be Dillon Francis and stir my coffee with a pair of Ray Bans
'Ray Bans got the whole world shaded'
I bought the same pair of Ray-Bans I had before someone stole them at a football game last semester. Feels good to be reunited!
Oh well ikr . I wish it was more tall girls but then again no I don't because that's why we're so special πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ
I think I'm more of a middle part girl ... I'm not feeling this side part
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I wish I had a friend that was my height, my size, and loved doing the same things I love to do lol
Like we could be best friends man lol . It's so weird
I want a puppy lol . So it can grow to protect me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ
I love you so much Maddie thanks for being amazing friend I love you so much❀️ I will not lose my soon to be Ray bansπŸ’—πŸ’—
Wait how have I come home with a pair of Ray Bans.
Chocolate covered strawberries and some Ray Bans. got to love him πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
I hope it's not in God's plan to make you loose your soon to be new ray bans.
I am being so taken for granted right now πŸ˜’
wanna buy a new phone case but I just bought a pair of ray-bans...
I'm considering becoming a *** bag and start going to party and wear Ray Bans in doors. Thoughts?
Surrounded by beards, beanies, and Ray Bans.
Homeboy got free Ray bans from sunglasses hut because he knew the guy 😐 why can't good things like that happen to me
Rae Banz in my fave pair of Ray Bans
Wherever it is that I am, my ray bans haven't made in back. This is not okay
Need to get myself the green aviator ray bans😎
Finally got to wear my ray bans today😎
Hate when people think they can just ask me anything . We ain't that close TF
β€œI'm so quick to delete numbers lol .β€πŸ’€πŸ‘€
I don't ask for much .. Yet I still have to settle πŸ˜’
I'm so quick to delete numbers lol .
Trust .. Hard to get but so easy to break
Cute things mom say: I will let you walk blind off of a cliff before I pay full price for Ray-Bans
Anyone have any hookups to sunglasses?? Specifically Ray bans, Fendi and Tom Ford πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
I found your american flag Ray Bans you lost in the ocean, wearing them rn.
I still want gold aluminum clubmaster ray bans ugh
🎲🍯- Florida Georgia Line makes me think of you everytime I hear it. And Ray-bansπŸ˜‚
Paul is KILLIN it with the Ray Bans Right Now
Thinking I can pull off tortoiseshell Ray-Bans 😏
Wonder what's behind them ray bans, eyes of a coward I understand
Gonna sell a pair of my Ray-Bans to buy a different pair of Ray-Bans 😎
Ray Charles ray bans, all I see is $$$
Ray bans, X rays, gamma rays, sweet baby rays, we got it all
Bought new ray bans today... Bet my clubmasters will mysteriously appear now that I got new ones.
Selling Ray Bans, hmu if want them 😎
I'm going to pretend like I didn't give up shopping for lent and that it's totally okay I bought more ray bans
Had the same feeling today! But don't worry, I found my Ray Bans... What a stress relief right?!
Yay, got matching Ray bans with dad πŸ‘¨πŸ‘“
Just took a shower while wearing Ray Bans and drinking a beer. Don't know if that's cool or just sad.
Im currently watching my dog eat my ray bans...and dying ever so slowly inside
Went to the Hamptons and thought I was the man until Mary Kate said my Ray Bans were off brand.
Tara Reid in the desert in a ball gown & Ray Bans, bleeding from the eyes, & praying for death. So, Sunday for her.
An inspiration for this winter by .,A beautiful Fendi bag and the cute classic Ray Bans.
"Waiting for the sun to shine just to rock these Ray Bans".. ✌️😎
John John need to order my Ray Bans 😩
Dear kid who graffitied some cool Ray Bans and a mustache on me. I'm not even mad.
Left my Ray Bans at Camana Bay, my neon green visor by Vineyard Vines at West Bay, and my phone submerged in water.
Anyone from GCU I've lost my glasses in Govan Mbeki HELP HELP my beautiful Ray Bans
"Hey Michael.. .Surely you're not equating the Rwandan Genocide with your Ray Bans?" Yes, I actually heard that on Cape Talk Radio.
"I just wanna take his Ray Bans off so I can see his crow's feet." -talking about Matt Lauer.
Lost my pair of Oakley sunglasses and now my Ray Bans. 😩 I have bad luck with sunglasses.
some Mexican guy is wearing my Ray Bans around Mexico.
I don't know if I can do it. Putting my ray bans away til summer comes again. Lets just sayIt's a touchy subject...😬
My ray bans broke and my grandpa fixed it smhhh now I can't take it to get it fixed smh
PSA: monika looks like jack nicholson when she wears ray bans
S/O to Rita Palazuelos for the ray bans hook up today πŸ‘ 😘
If you are cool you git yourself some ray bans that are mint!
Today I played co-rec A league soccer:. yes I worn the ray bans and yes I yelled at a boy for hitting me with the ball
Fall fashion: Uggs, Ray bans, and every article of my clothing will be monogrammed.
on the plus side I got new ray bans today
you guys ROCK MY WORLD! Lookie what one of my FB friends sent me! Uh huh! A brand new pair of Ray Bans to replace my old ones that need a Raybandaid. Love you Whom Thor Lemonz! I am blinded by your generosity. Much love and thanks my friend! Can't wait to wear em...
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So do I use my tax return on more Ray-Bans or a new iPhone?
ray Bans, Marc Jacobs, and fake ray ban aviators
If your name is Anthony Bond you're aloud to wear white ray bans if not I'm just gonna make fun of you
it is! We do it twice a week. But from 9pm-1am. It's chill tho. I play music the whole time. I needa go up & but some ray bans😁
Black Ray bans on like I'm James Bond I swear yo *** was a ton of fun
Anyone wanna buy some ray bans ? 30 bucks i got em for 300 its a steal
I just entered giveaway to win a pair of Ray-Bans!
I hope I find a lit Halloween party. I'm tryna do that nun with the Ray bans & black Tim's with my rip denims on.
them glasses are nicer than your ray bans in your AVI
Selling some ray bans clubmasters for 80$ hmu
Christmas shopping early while I still have money. Bought my mom a pair of Ray Bans and my brothers Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire
The Ray Bans on my twitcon look fresh asf πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
Happy Birthday to the most tender hearted soul I know;May your machete always be sharp, lipstick be even, & Ray Bans be polished 😘
In case you missed it: Guest Post: The Popularity of Ray Bans
Bruh I was forced to switch to the iphone! Remember? They were in black suits and black ray bans
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ray bans on deck. Who wants some for cheap?
Time will never wait on no man, society will never hold your hand. . Wonder what's behind them Ray Bans, eyes of a coward, I understand.
Ray Charles in these Ray Bans touch them keys with both hands
I thought I lost my Ray Bans but now I feel like KayLynn has them πŸ˜πŸ˜’
put on your ray bans every one she's gonna erase our mem- wait...I don't remember how I got home
I got some dope *** dark brown ray bans, I needa get my lenses in them asap imma go more blinddd
Are rubberized ray bans more durable?
I need some new glasses I love wearing glasses but I hate my frames I only got them bc there were no ray bans but that's what I wanted
I hope whoever has my Ray Bans likes them as much as I did
Ray Charles in these Ray Bans...why??? Cause I touch the keys with both hands
Ray Bans, piggy backs, and some awesome sea food in Victoria BC today πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ‘
to whoever stole my ray bans; just made me $180 poorer, I hope you are too hot and sweaty to fall asleep tonight :)
Come out tonight to rush the kappa trap house. Boat shoes not included. Ray bans are accepted. Jorts only. No salmon colore…
Who loves Ray-Ban sunglasses? is giving away a pair of your choice from Enter now!
which ray bans do you have ..watching and I love them
Today’s hike with my brother, sister, and father was a success, especially after my brother saved my Ray Bans, which had plummeted from my body. (Skyline Drive, here in Virginia)
I'll buy you your 500$ Burberry watch if you buy me my Jimmy Choos and Ray Bans ❀
If you have polarized sunglasses (Ray Bans, Maui Jim, etc), try using iPad in portrait mode w/ glasses on. Eye protection in full effect!!
Just bought some Ray Bans from Tesco, with doubled up Clubcard vouchers.
lol then you're converted I expect Ray Bans and leather jackets from here on out Gibson
A yellow two piece black Ray Bans. Your bare feet covered in sand. White jet trails across the blue sky. Your ponytail showing off the sunshine
I wake up and I have a gift from Urijah Faber. His 300$ Ray Bans. Dope πŸ‘Œ
When people wear Ray Bans just to show they got a pair..
Ray bans on my face I don't even gotta see her 😈😎
Really should have spent the extra $30 for the insurance on my ray bans 😭
"No plans but a drink in my hand no shoes no shirt swimsuit Ray Bans" 🎢
I keep telling myself that I'm going to buy me a Michael Kors watch and some Ray bans but I just can't spend that much money on myself
bruh have you seen my ray bans around the houuush? I think I left them there last week
yo' and this ray-bans ish ain't gonn stop bumping now. Salut
Whenever someone tells me that they have sunglasses like mine at Walmart for only $10πŸ˜’ but mine are ray bans 😠
when mom cops you those new Ray Bans
cheap ray bans able to predict the worstΒ outcome
Ray-Bans on baby we was on some cool shiiis, Ray J if I only had one wish... We could die together & leave our memories on the titanic ship
There goes another pair of ray bans
So annoying I just want my Gold Ray-bans back😩
That moment when jocelyn trys to violate me then realizes i still have her ray bans lmfaoo @
If you walked into a job interview with Ray bans and a hooters tee how could you not get the job?
Ray Bans on my face so I don't even got to see her 😎 .
β€œu know u cant see bro stop playing n be safe fr.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I got the ray bans ***
Vicks pointed at me and said "SWAG" cause I'm wearing my Ray Bans inside. πŸ˜‚
Just realized I left my ray bans in the uber πŸ˜…
So I'm kinda excited for Wayne's Ray bans to get here that I ordered him. πŸ™ˆβ˜ΊοΈ
niall is button down shirt and ray bans makes me go weak in the knees One Direction h…
Pop tops poppin'. Flip-flops floppin'. Drop tops droppin' down. Ray-Bans rayin'. Waves are wavin'. Ladies are layin' out. Feelin' it 🎡
*giant explosion occurs... only Ray Bans and fedoras can be seen for miles*
"Lauren don't wear your ray bans to bed" "but mom I wanna be able to see my dreams"
Found my Ray Bans and my favorite Cake album today. Eat your apathetic hearts out, hipsters!
Ray Bans for sale. $75. List price $150. Never worn. See pictures. Work with buyer for shipping and payment. Cash or PayPal. Message me for details.
Hey girls I have a friend selling designer bags and shades of anyone is interested lmk please she has Louis vuitton codes and Michael Kors purses also have some Chanel & sunglasses Armani Code Bvlgari and Ray Bans dolce & gabana and some Versace.
Thanks to Linda at Safelite for fixing me up with a deal on getting this back window fixed... that and $300 bucks and I'm only out my mobile airpump and cables and my Ray Bans. about another $250... I need a gig!
Loving these new Ray Bans right now😎
Went to the post office today to find some new pink ray bans. Thank you for the surprise babe 😘
ill get you a pair of free Ray bans from my job lol
Pretty sure my IMAX shades are cooler than ray bans. 😎πŸŽ₯
No plans with a drink in my hands no shirt no shoes swim suit ray bans Jaco and Jack
Because I'm a nice person I'm gonna go ahead and letchy'all know Ray Bans is having a killer sale online. Just got some for $30.
I found my ray bans just in time for vacay πŸ˜ŽπŸ’ƒ
Ray Bans, got the whole world shaded😎
The most dangerous is the eighties' sports jacket and slacks Spader. He may have a pair or Ray Bans in his top pocket.
It just took me an hour to decide between two pairs of ray bans decision making is not my thing
Had a heart attack because I left my 200$ Ray-Bans at the nail Solon and they are holding them for me 😌 bless there souls
Mom ordered us some Ray-Bans, I found their little address quite comical.
I want the Ray Bans but I have to be sure they'll a) put frames in a pair I buy and b) won't fall off
Cheap wayfarer ray bans the mocking tone of those voices Uobnziks - the hose about 1/2 inch from Discount Desi...
we all know Matt isn't impressed enough to wear ray bans
I scratched my ray bans I'm killing myself
Ray Bans Wayfarer skylee in addition has done your vertebrae not to mention - has done an important back in...
Still mad I lost my ray bans bc my new ones aren't as good as my others 😭😒 babies come back plz
Ray-bans are on the way, I'm so excited!
Ray Bans for $100 Will post pic once this post gets posted.
Ay man, kill em like FaZe Clan, all blacked out Ray Bans
Ray bans have got to be the only sunglasses that come with instructions to use your sunglasses.
such a good night at work, and I just found a pair or ray bans on my way home too!. GOOD DAY!
See them shades you got on call Ray-Bans, And the shades I got on cost eight bands
The only reason I'm getting contacts is so I can wear my Ray Bans πŸ’Ž
I'm about to get some new ray bans we can match πŸ’πŸ˜Ž
Morning decisions = what gold chain to wear, what Ray Bans to wear and what watch to wear.
Found a pair of Ray Bans on the ground. Perfectly intact. Guess it's my lucky day.
Ultimate online shopping question of the evening... New ray bans or cole hann flats?
ken how long it took me to work out that Ray Bans are called Ray Bans because they ban the rays?
Lost my ray bans so I guess that's a good excuse to buy something better
Everyone looks hot in Ray bans except me. I look like a little boy who found his dad's ray bans
Silver Dollar mini pancakes, Ray Bans got the whole world shaded🎢 πŸ˜‚
Finally got some ray bans I have been wanting forever.
so they break my sunglasses and I get ray bans 😎
I no longer have ray bans... This is not right
Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses 19am after that netcare medical one minuteΒ afterw
Bless firefighters outside starbucks with ray bans 😻
You know what's cool? Ray-Bans and convertible sports cars. . You know what's not? Abortion.
My mom just surprised me with the most beautiful pair of Ray Bans 😍
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Got my ray bans today. That's a pick me up
My mom asked me to send her a list of stuff I want for my birthday 😳 do I see Sperrys in my future or Ray bans or Eminem concert tickets...😁
N so is ma hair n eyebrown n ray bans "nipples looking nice :)"
I'm happy Brad remembered when we swapped sunglasses last year but he genuinely needs to buy me new ray bansπŸ˜‚
Found some Ray bans in the street today
Glen Hoddle with Ray Bans & Martin O'Neil saying he revolutionised football with Leics City 20 years ago, insightful and modern as ever ITV.
Tom Cruise got me started on Ray Bans!
No freakin' doubt.although I would expect to see Ray Bans and a Mohawk included in the attire.
Like this girl didn't even like my classic Ray Bans. For real? They're the same style Don Johnson wore in Miami Vice. Enough said.
Really debating on getting a pair of Ray Bans..
A list of items lost in my house at the end of beach week. -backpack. -3 hats. -Sperries. -Maniac Card . -Ray Bans. -money. -dig…
Hi look on Gray and bull site then press Twiiter and win Ray Bans
Disguised in a beard, wig and Ray Bans, Drake asks random people what they think about Drake on 'Lie Witness News' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Watch the viral video now!
We can't talk about wayfarers without talking about Ray Bans and these guys are a steal at Β£82!
Don't forget about our trunk show tomorrow! We'll have sales reps from Coach, Burberry, Versace, Ray Bans, etc.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Yellow two piece, black Ray Bans, your bear feet cover in sand, white jet trails across the blue sky, your bony tail showing of the sunshine
OMG my mom was just dancing to Ray Bans, idk what to do with life anymore!!
Got the collapsible ray bans though 😎
where can I get decent Ray Bans for Maga?
Last night I had a dream in Canada if you wore Ray-Bans it literally meant that you were ***
I've had a rough week so I bought myself a new pair of Ray Bans. Retail therapy is the best therapy.
Why guys wear ray bans they automatically become 1000x hotter.
Ray Bans, an indie essential to life
I can deal with the baby ray bans, but *** is this kid wearing???
About to go get some new frames tomorrow...I've had my ray-bans for a good year
I can sell my ray bans to you, got them as gift and don't really wear 'em, $30 if you're interested
My future looking bright time to trow on a pair of ray bans
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