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Ray Allen

Walter Ray Allen (born July 20, 1975) is an American professional basketball player who is currently playing for the Boston Celtics in the National Basketball Association.

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Me hearing drama about Ray Allen's Celtics team from 10 years ago and not letting it distract from the fact that Warriors bl…
He also is comparing Ray Allen to Robert Horry...your opinion is stupid
But if people wanna say bring up Ray Allen's shot for Bron, we gatta talk about Robert Horry, and Fisher…
LeBron James has joined Ray Allen, Reggie Miller & Manu Ginobili as the only players in history with 300 career…
Players who scored more than 50 points in a playoff game over the last 20 years:. M Jordan. Iverson (3x). Ray Allen. Westbrook. a…
Autistic. Kobe never had the 3point snipers lebron has had. Ray Allen, Mike Miller, korver, f…
Can you also update comeback attempts of Ray Allen, Gilbert Arenas, And Greg Oden? Those will also matter, right?
Jimmy Chitwood is the Ray Allen of basketball movie characters
1.) A&M beats Florida + LSU in 2012 and wins the Natty. 2.) Ray Allen misses the 3 pointer in the…
Smart shoots 29% from three and Brad has him shoot it like he's Ray Allen
if y'all release Meyers y'all can sign Ray Allen or Nate Robinson KEVIN MARTIN Y'ALL NEEE TO SIGN SOMEBODY WHO CAN SCORE
Distant Replay: When Ray Allen reminded everyone he can do more than shoot 3's.
Ask Garnett,Pierce,Ray Allen, Ortiz, Pedro,Gov.Deval Patrick... if the entire city is racist
Ray Allen and joined the latest SLAM Podcast to talk about the the NBA MVP race and more: https:/…
The Series that made me hate Rondo and HATE Ray Allen.
Ray Allen is the best basketball player of all time don't @ me
Mj, Kobe, James Harden, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, D Wade and that all i can name
Glen Davis says Ray Allen should be invited to 2008 champion Celtics reunion .
I liked a video Glen Davis takes Ray Allen's side - He should be at Celtics championship reunion |
See if you put Reggie Miller, Dale Ellis, Alan Houston and Ray Allen in a blender and blend them up.that's how...
Danny Ainge says he wants Ray Allen to be apart of the '08 reunion: . It would be like me celebrating the '86 title without…
Steph Curry passes Ray Allen for 5th most 3-pointers in a single season. He now owns 4 of the top 5 seasons with most 3'…
Pippen/Rodman to Wade/Bosh, but Lebron also had Ray Allen(who hit that game 6 shot to save Lebron's career)
Ray Allen wasn't only former Celtic not invited to 2008 title reunion
Ray Allen wasn't the only former Celtics player Rajon Rondo failed to invite to the 2008 NBA title celebration.…
The same people that didn't like the way Russell and the Thunder handled Durant's departure agree with the Celtics shutting out Ray Allen 🤔
Doc Rivers bailed on his contact because he didn't want a rebuild but we're gonna crucify Ray Allen for leaving? Grow up guys
Thankfully, Leon Powe has now spoken about the Rondo/Ray Allen rift.
No invite to the 10-year reunion for Ray Allen as former teammates plan get together. .
Thank you for your class toward Ray Allen! I cannot believe so many of your old teammates are black-listing him like that. SMH.
Ray Allen supported IT for MVP ("I'm biased because it's Boston") then Rondo came out like sorry bro there's a party and you…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Rajon Rondo says Boston Celtics will have 10-year anniversary for '08 title -- and Ray Allen is not invited
the Ray Allen situation just makes *** pick sides. None of them *** show Bill Russell enough love so.
"Why you gotta talk to Aunt Sally like that?? I thought we were family!" lmao Ray Allen's acting so trash in He Got Game. Voice mad weird
Ray Allen talks about Chris Collins and the Bulls future
Like for ex. Gary Payton turned into Ray Allen into Jeff Green into Kendrick Perkins into Enes Kanter for SEA/OKC (2 of 2)
same thing for Perkins and Ray Allen?
Ray Allen hits the circus shot to win Uconn it's first Big East tournament against Iverson's Georgetown.
21 years ago today, the Big East title game ended with Ray Allen and Allen Iverson dueling it out down the stretch:.
I have Towns, btw. I also have Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Ray Allen (88), and Shawn Marion (85). So, I'd do the trade because I'm bored.
If joins he's the Ray Allen to 's Paul Pierce. Can that mean... wait is that KG aka 's music?!
Here's top 5 Huskies of all time: 5-Swin Cash 4-Maya Moore 3-Diana Tarausi 2-Richard Hamilton 1-Ray Allen
my favorite LeBron James clutch moment was when Ray Allen hit a clutch 3 late in game 6 of the 2013 Finals.
lets not forget Celtics had Tony Allen, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett stop it bro
or Paul Pierce Ray Allen and KG,Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Rip Hamilton,Tashuan,and Chauncey,or Pau,Kobe,MWP,and Andew B.
I can't believe no one is comparing Kevin Durant moving to GSW to Ray Allen moving to Miami. Probably because Ray Allen was…
I hate Boston Celtics as the Laker fan I am but boy It was a privilage to watch Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce play in their prime
Darren Williams went full sell out by signing with the Cavs. Ray Allen knows what I'm talking about.
The Golden State Warriors should bring Ray Allen out of retirement to replace Kevin Durant. It would be the greatest pairing of all time.
all I gotta say is did lebron have to go up vs Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in a final
Ray Allen . Kyle Korver . Steve Nash. Peja Stojakovic . Brent Barry. Mike Miller . - Players who are 10x better than Curry shooting 3's. Tbh
How the stole Kyle Korver, lebron's new Ray Allen from Atlanta is still unknown to me
2 new events cards and 1 new card: Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Kyle Korver
We just used to Em stealing the whole album from *** with one verse, he not that guy anymore he Ray Allen with the Heat
Detroit Bad Boys 2? Lmao . KD Westbrook harden all first finals all sucked. . Ray Allen saved him vs spurs. . Kyrie vs warriors too
He left Ray Allen out of the photo.
I would check with Kendrick Perkins and Ray Allen if Rondo is good to go!
man, who is the last Buck to make that list?! Brandon Jennings rookie year? Ray Allen? Can't imagine Bogut or Redd made it.
Steph Curry has as many career games with 7 made 3s as Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash and Gilbert Arenas combined.
What?? Why you hating on Stephen Curry?? He is NBA's greatest shooter of all time. Better than Ray Allen. Or 😂LeBron James!
Ray Allen used to have shooting contests with a 10-year-old Steph Curry. Curry says he was learning from the best:
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Teaming up with future HOF Ray Allen, Shane Battier and Dwayne wade + All star Chris Bosh in MIA and Kyrie and Kevin in CLE didn't help
Later he got Ray Allen who was known as the best shooter of all before Stephen Curry not to long ago.
AUDIO: George Karl joined Chuck & Winkler, explains why the Giannis era will not end the way the Ray Allen era did. https:…
Pretty cool! Ray Allen's mother runs into Charlie Villanueva while he's wearing her son's jersey
Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett. AND Rajon Rondo was there. Instead of joining them like Durant did, he went…
There were the Celtics that had Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo. So no he didn't.
Yeah this is just wrong. Boston had Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, KG... sorry Steve that's ignorant.
a sorrier team? So then he left just to struggle with another team? No. 3. The Heat had Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, James Jones
Steve has become forgetful in his old age. KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen would disagree.
Sorry Steve but he could've joined the big 3 in Boston (KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen)
Most of yall didn't know this Ray Allen 😨
Can't nobody hold KD idk why he doesn't force his will on the game more.. You're 7 foot with Kyrie handles and a Ray Allen strap 🤕
Seattle adding Devin Hester… Just like when Miami added Ray Allen? And that corner 3? 😯😯😯 (via
Could the next Ray Allen be a transfer from the New England Small College Athletic Conference? https…
Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis should've been Steph Curry and Klay Thompson if they were in the right system
I miss the watching the Celtics with KG Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. They were just so dominant!
Bro ain't good unless he got Paul Pierce, kg & Ray Allen on his team 😂😂 trash
Ppl say Ray Allen, Allan Houston, etc have the best or prettiest shooting form. I always thought MJ's form was the best.
Do you believe that your hall of fame class is the best yet? (KG, Duncan, Ray Allen, and of course yourself.)
I hope he is paying Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving's kid's college tuition. They made him the…
Ray Allen, Usher, Chris Brown might as well cancel my account for about a month each.
The NBA pays tribute to Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen
, Ray Allen, KG , and Paul Pierce gotta get a team going once Paul finally leave the league bro. For…
KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. (I know Pierce isn't retired...but he should be.)
Off the top of my head, players who publicly squabbled w/ Karl: Melo, JR, Kenyon, Iguodala, Ray Allen, Boogie, Paul…
and it's pretty easy to win when you coach guys like Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Kendall Gill, Glenn Robinson, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony.
George Karl had Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson, Melo in their primes and still couldn't win a title, he should be quiet
Ray Allen watchin at all this George Karl slander on the TL from his private account that only follows IG models an…
Lmao at "a lil bit" lmaooo! A young Ray Allen would smoke Bradley Beal like a pack of Virginia Slims . 💨
Yeah, since he made the play call. With your logic, Tim Duncan is overrated because Ray Allen hit that 3 in 2013.
Been saying it since the season started, Malik Monk will be the NBAs replacement for Ray Allen. Looks promising tbh
lol idk man I don't think I'd pick him in beer pong. I'd go with Ray Allen lbs
Lang your 3 point shot is one of a kind. Reminds me of a young Ryan Anderson. Or Ray Allen
like kobe surpassing Ray Allen, A.I., Steve Nash, T-Mac & etc. D'Angelo will do the same to his peers
"They can get Ray Allen, Ray Charles, and Rey Mysterio. Don't make me no nevermind."
he met Ray Allen and Craig Campbell too. So nah, I don't think so
Meeting Scarlett johanasson, Chris Evans, Craig Campbell and Ray Allen today. It's gonna be a good day.
Chris Evans, Ray Allen, Craig Campbell & Scarlett Johansson are at the USO rn so I went to the gym bc it's dead 👌🏼
Ray Allen would be nice. I'd be happy if they just had someone come in for a few days like KG did with the Clippers.
Russ spent the first 47 minutes shooting like Michael J Fox trying to thread a needle, then turned into Ray Allen from mid range in overtime
Cody, Ray Allen on the Heat was a glorified Mike Miller. He only did one thing LLS
that's a garbage basketball team .. I think it's the bucks😂😂 s/o to the goat Ray Allen
It's crazy how the past 2 days, my relationship with Ray Allen "Jesus Shuttlesworth" is a lot more elevated because of our basketball IQ
Some people say Ray Allen was just a shooter 🤔
Question... who else could have played Jesus Shuttlesworth besides Ray Allen? Lol maybe Iverson. I can't see anyone else.
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KG, Paul Pierce & Ray Allen are white too, so is Dennis Johnson & Robert Parrish
"Game 6-Norris Cole's reaction on the bench after Ray Allen's 3 to tie the game" kinda happy
People don't realize that Ray Allen was a heck of a dunker too
Wise words from the legend Ray Allen.
So Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Elton Brand, Ray Allen and Amare Stoudemire will all enter the Hall in 2021?
"Don't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.". - Ray Allen
Everyone's got a Ray Allen story. Here's my favorite (from
Durant's the man... like Larry Bird & Dirk combined with Ray Allen
Ray Allen in the Basketball Hall of Fame with Kobe, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett in 2021. That probably will be the best…
Denzel shoulda gone to the league, he taught Ray Allen everything he knows.
Not just a shooter!. It's the TOP 10 DUNKS from Ray Allen's remarkable career!
This letter written by Ray Allen to his 13-yr old self is EVERYTHING
David Ross is the Ray Allen of the MLB 😂😂😂
...shooters that I respected such as Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Allan Houston, Ray Allen, myself (lol) etc.
Ray Allen the Barrack Obama of NBA?Um,Chuck Cooper was the 1st drafted African-American in the NBA & Allen's legacy…
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.has one very distinct memory of Ray Allen 😳
Great photo of 13-year-old Ray Allen reading the letter he penned to himself on The Player's Tribune.
Time to call Ray Allen from the bullpen 🙏
Count them down: the top 10 plays of Ray Allen's career!
The 2021 Hall of Fame class of Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Ricky Davis, and Ray Allen is going to be absurd.
Ray Allen takes flight with some of the best dunks of his career!
Ray Allen finessed us all. He was plotting on coming back. He was waiting for Kobe, Kg, Tim to Retire to form the greatest…
No Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan. I now know how the old heads felt when MJ, Magic and Zeke retired.
Ray Allen confirmed he’s retiring in a letter to his younger self on The Players’ Tribune. (Getty).
From the a look at Ray Allen with the
Ray Allen, one of the greatest of all time 🙌
As he officially leaves the game, look back at Ray Allen's incredible career. WATCH:
It's sinking in: We'll never see Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Elton Brand, Chauncey Billups, etc.…
I said that so many legends retired over a short period of time. Kobe, Tim Duncan, KG, and Ray Allen all retired within a
On this day 20 years ago Ray Allen played his first game in the NBA , 20 years later we celebrate the amazing career
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Ray Allen somehow managed to have like 5 distinct careers.
Crazy to think that three of the greatest shooters of all time had terrible flaws in their shot. Larry Bird, Reggie Miller and Ray Allen.
NBA All-time 3-point leaders. Ray Allen. Reggie Miller. Jason Terry. wait what
I talked to Erik Spoelstra about Ray Allen, his unrivaled work ethic and all the "Oh sh t!" stories over the years. http…
Heat doing a Ray Allen montage here in the first time-out.
This Wade quote on Ray Allen's shot in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals is great:
Ray Allen just wrote on The Players Tribune that he is indeed "retiring from the game" as a 41-year-old "completely at p…
Ray Allen is Hall of Fame eligible in 2019. We have three years to make sure Denzel Washington is the one introducing him…
Ray Allen was more than just a shooter.
Rajon Rondo on Ray Allen's retirement announcement: "I thought he'd been retired."
.on Ray Allen and the art of letting go:
Source: Ray Allen is planning on meeting with David Blatt this week or early next week. Has already informed players h…
Did you know that Ray Allen is 1st all-time in history with 2,973 made three-pointers AND in threes drained in the playo…
Ray Allen finally retiring, brought the celtics the first title I have seen in my lifetime
I swear I thought Ray Allen had already retired..
Lebron would only have two rings if it weren't for Ray Allen
Was going to ask about Ray Allen retirement, but w/ Avery Bradley not here there is nobody left who played with him in Boston.
Sad to see one of the greats leave the game! Ray Allen will forever be one of my fav players, he's the reason the 3…
Ray Allen. these dudes killing my child hood left and right.
Ray Allen announces his retirement. This year has been a loss of so many legends man. Kobe. Tim Duncan. Kevin Garnett. No…
Don't get it twisted, Ray Allen was not just a jump shooter... (h/t
Ray Allen is responsible for the greatest single moment in sports that I witnessed in person. That Game 6 man. Greatest shoo…
All the greats I grew up with are retiring. What a career Ray Allen. Best looking jump shot I've ever seen.
Ray Allen formally announces retirement, ultimately ending in ...
With Ray Allen's retirement, the NBA is down to only 3 active players who are former Sonics:. Jeff Green, Kevin Durant and Nick C…
Ray Allen has officially retired from the NBA.
Ray Allen, the top 3-point shooter in NBA history, retires: MIAMI (AP) -- Ray Allen won championships ...
One good thing from Ray Allen retiring today: Norris Cole's 77-inch vertical on the sideline is going to get 1.7 billion…
Ray Allen announces his retirement from the NBA 😢
NEW: Former Sonics great & future Hall of Famer Ray Allen announces retirement from basketball after 19 NBA seasons: https:/…
Watching Kobe & Ray Allen go at it back in the day was intense... Sad that yet another all-time great is retiring.…
Ray Allen retiring and joining these goats
In honor of Ray Allen retiring, let's remember the greatest shot he ever took. Shooters shoot
Much respect to Ray Allen. He put in his time & he's going. out like a champ ✌🏾️
Wow Ray Allen wow truly inspirational wow oh wow what success is all about this guy's amazing
On this day 20 years ago Ray Allen made his NBA debut and today after having played 19 NBA seasons he has announced his re…
SO LONG, SHUTTLESWORTH: With Ray Allen announcing his retirement, is this his best shot ever?
Congratulations to Ray Allen on a championship career
Remember watching Ray Allen shoot nightly in empty UConn gym at 18 years old -- and empty late-afternoon NBA arenas at…
Had to repost this for Ray Allen's Retirement
2,973 threes in games, millions more in an empty gym. Practice made Ray Allen perfect.
Ray Allen, one of the Bucks all-time greatest players, has officially announced his retirement »
You'll be missed Ray Allen. Thank you for giving me this moment that I'll never forget 🔥
Ray Allen has officially retired from the NBA
Ray Allen's first 3 ever... and his last.
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THIS JUST IN: In a letter in the Players' Tribune, Ray Allen officially announces his retirement from the NBA.
Thank you Ray Allen for what you did for the game of basketball. 🏆🏆
Never liked Ray Allen until he went to Celtics. THEN I liked him. THEN he joined LeBron and I hated him. THEN, Game 6.…
As he announces his retirement, Ray Allen pens a letter to his 13-year-old self:
Ray Allen officially retires from the NBA at the age of 41
Relive Ray Allen's historic night as he lights up the Sixers to force Game 7 of the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals.
Ray Allen is the last of his generation to shoot a 3 while chewing Gum like a hood rat
BREAKING: Ray Allen comes out of retirement to announce his retirement.
Ray Allen has retired, which means that the number of Sonics left in the NBA is down to three (Durant, Jeff Green, Nick Collis…
Ray Allen was always splashing 3's and chewing gum
Ray Allen is most known as one of NBA's greatest shooters. But there were countless times he reminded me how much he used…
Ray Allen officially announces retirement with lengthy letter to his 13-year old self.
Today seems like a good day to remind everyone the Bucks traded an in his prime under contract Ray Allen for Desmond deep deuce Mason
Ray Allen on his formal retirement, meaning last NBA game, indeed, with Heat.
Ray Allen officially retires from the NBA. Say what you want but this man helped raise
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Terrell Davis, Ray Allen and Champ Bailey carried my childhood. *Clinton Portis for like 2 years
Ray Allen has officially announced his retirement from the NBA. He finishes as the the league's all-time leader in made three…
Penny Hardaway, Charles Barkley. But Jordan Brand still wins with Ray Allen and a very slept on Michael Finley
Ray Allen might be my favorite NBA player of all time
Ray Allen officially retires from NBA by writing emotional letter to his younger self.
Man that Ray Allen and Rashad Lewis duo was so deadly!
Ray Allen announces retirement from basketball . (via )
Ray Allen formally announces his retirement on Players' Tribune, after two years of speculation about Celtics, Cavs, Warri…
Remember when Rodney Hood became Ray Allen on my Lakers last year? I mean a Duke brother but I was sick.
Nahh you been on more NBA teams than Ray Allen
Ray Allen, former NBA star, blocked me for commenting negatively about his Hillary endorsement
Today's warriors are equivalent to having AI, Ray Allen, Larry Bird, and Dennis Rodman in their primes and on the same team.
Still convinced that era whiffed completely when they had to settle for Hughes when they missed out on Ray Allen.
No big deal, just hanging with Ray Allen, Mike Piazza, Rip Hamilton and Alonzo Mourning on South Beach this morning.. 🍊🏆 ht…
Well then who is the greatest shooter of all time? Ray Allen is Miller is is
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not a chance people hated because it was Bron...when KG and Ray Allen got up in Boston with Pierce everybody was wood ridin
Remember, Boston traded for KG and Ray Allen, they didn't just up and leave for Boston.
Paul peirce acting like the Celtics in 09 weren't a super team, Rondo, Peirce, , Ray Allen, KG.
Paul Peirce acting like the KG + Ray Allen acquisition wasn't a super team move 🙄
Paul Peirce would've never seen the Finals if it wasn't for KG and Ray Allen
Honest question. Who would win in a game: Golden state Warriors with KD vs LeBrons Miami team with Ray Allen?
My favorite team to watch growing up was always the Celtics with KG Paul Peirce and Ray Allen
Do y'all remember when J. Crawford broke off Ray Allen something stoopid😩
Ray Allen lost to and joined Miami and won a ring...nobody mentions that AT ALL.
"Babe why tf is Ray Allen calling you?" "So... Blake Griffin callin and you just gon let it ring?"
The will not retire Ray Allen's number 34. It will be given to Keith Benson. Via:
Heat apparently not retiring Ray Allen's number. No. 34 has been given to camp longshot Keith Benson.
Bucks will be signing Jason Terry, not Ray Allen, for last roster spot. Everything is fine. Everything is ok.
KG, Ray Allen, Rondo, and pierce should have at least three ships TBH
Man nobody was stopping the Celtics when they Had Rondo, Paul , KG , Ray Allen & Jason Terry @ me
My cuz texting me pics this week of her in Miami hanging out with Dan Marino and Ray Allen like it ain't no thing 😲😎😂
Who we got left from the 90's? Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Andre Miller... and why wont Ray Allen retire?
I liked a video Ray Allen giving some tips to Lebron James on how to shoot pre game Beijing
Giannis has the chance to be up there with Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson, Big O & Lew Alcindor for Milwaukee. One of th…
My experiment worked ✅. These stats are from last season. Klay Thompson as Ray Allen. DeMar DeRozan as Paul Pierce.
doesn't Eric Andre look like Ray Allen on crack?
Paxton and Kerr made shots true indeed but MJ took your soul. Ray Allen much respect hall of famer but Mike Miller mo Williams Jr smith
I propose an expansion team for these "comeback" guys: Baron Davis, Ray Allen, Derek Fisher, Stephen Jackson, et al
3. Stephen Curry is the best shooter of all time. Reggie Miller and Ray Allen could shoot, but this man Curry unbelievable.
so Danny green a bad defender cause Ray Allen made that one shot cmon quit tripping
Me :Why are white people so good at 3 pointers ..?. : like Ray Allen ?. 💀
Young kids these days think Ray Allen was just a 3 point shooter smh
*** they was 22! Bron had an experienced dwade, Ray Allen.. They already had rings! Russ and James didnt!
Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen will be Celtics tomorrow.
"Spike Lee has been trying to recruit me... We've been texting." - Ray Allen . (📷:
*** been tryna recruit Ray Allen 🤔 boul like 41 and ain't been in the league in 2 years can you please tell me what is he gonna do..
Ray Allen has talked to the Celtics & Bucks about a comeback, & Spike Lee has reportedly tried to recruit him to the Knicks (NBC…
Ray Allen has spoken to the Celtics about a potential comeback.
Ray Allen's ability to hit transition threes could be what coach Jeff Hornacek needs. More here:
Celtics getting Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Blake Griffin by monday.
Ray Allen has spoke to the Bucks and Celtics about a potential comeback.
Ray Allen has spoken to Celtics about possible comeback
18. Klay Thompson is a better shooter than Ray Allen.
MJ: 6 for 6 in Finals w/ 6 MVPs. LeBron: Meltdown vs Mavs. Saved by Ray Allen after unclutch finish in G6. Lost by rec…
Just like how I don't see Thompson thriving anywhere else as any more than a second option on offence. Just like a older Ray Allen in Bos
I'm not scared to say it. You're better off comparing Klay Thompson to Ray Allen 🤔✌🏽️
sacrificed winning to have cap space to add the big 3. Added Shane Battier & Ray Allen to that squad. Pat the gawd fam
hey mike, do a "What if the Timberwolves kept Ray Allen" and if you don't know what i mean, well here...
Man I remember I had a White boy in my Class name Ray Allen doe😂
Early 2000s was a great time for shooting guards. Kobe, AI, T-Mac, Vince, Ray Allen, Michael Redd.
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Most only remember the 3 shooting Ray Allen. *** he was nasty in the lane.
Can't wait to watch thier First Game with KD & Ray Allen 🏀.
In honor of Ray Allen's birthday, relive his epic shot!.
When your favorite team signs Kevin Durant but then passes on Ray Allen to sign Andy V.
They turned down Speights, Ray Allen and Sanders for Andy LOL. They got KD though.I'm not sure how I should feel.
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