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Ravi Zacharias

Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias (born 1946) is an Indian-born, Canadian-American evangelical Christian Apologist.

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Life Beyond the Grave: An Easter Meditation from RaviPosted by Ravi Zacharias on April 16, 2014 I was only nine years old when I attended my first funeral. It was my grandmother’s funeral; she was in her seventies when she passed away. For the first time in our home we experienced the pall of death.…
There is life beyond the grave. Yes, the grave has its tears. Even the Lord of Life wept at the grave of his friend Lazarus. He knew we would feel the pain of loss but because of him it does not need to be a permanent loss. Because of him it is only a temporary loss, a loss like saying goodbye at the train station or the airport, a loss tempered with the joy that one day we will be standing at the “arrivals gate,” receiving the one to whom we had bid a temporary farewell. Only in that paradigm can our struggle with death and evil be explained. Ravi Zacharias
Jesus’s triumph over death captures my defeat and takes me into his victory. - Ravi Zacharias
It should be no surprise that apathy becomes the legacy of relativism and reason is crucified at the altar of our egos. - Ravi Zacharias
I really love this guy's patience and willingness to approach complicated matters so thoughtfully. I once lived like an atheist. On a very basic level, I was one, without realizing it. I hated Christians. Through the work of guys like Ravi Zacharias, God changed me, and made me into something I used to hate.
"Worship is a posture of life that takes as its primary purpose the understanding of what it really means to love and revere God." Ravi Zacharias
"Death is either full stop or a comma. In the Christian worldview it is a comma.". Ravi Zacharias on the Resurrection of Christ
"Jesus didn't come to make bad people good. He came to make dead people live!" - Ravi Zacharias
You can watch the most recent event at here:
Solomon once wrote that there is nothing new under the sun. Despite the seemingly endless changes our modern world produces, the truth of human existence is still very much the same: we stand in need of a Savior. Ravi Zacharias concludes his message this week with an affirmation that in an...
"Free thinking is great, but right thinking is greater". -Dr. Ravi Zacharias
End of Reason A Response to the New Atheists by Ravi Zacharias
Sense and Sensuality by Ravi Zacharias Jesus talks with oscar Wilde
Just like all of us, Moses was flawed but that didn’t stop God from using him in an amazing way. You'll be encouraged as Ravi Zacharias tells us about the qualities of this man that was used by God. Join us for Just Thinking at 11:30am.
Give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar; give to God that which belongs to God. God's image is on you! Ravi Zacharias
Just Found out Ravi Zacharias is going to be in Cincinnati on April 29 to speak at CCU. Look forward to hearing him speak
Please be invited to a Get Together Mini-Conference that will be held @ Way of Life C.C. over the weekend of 25-27 April 2014. More details to follow. Our distinguished guest speaker is Dr John Njoroge, a team member of Dr Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.
Unfortunately, you don't expect the Protestant Scholars to tell you the Truth, or could they? Here is my very BASIC biblical question to one of their prominent Scholars, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, who is the main speaker of a radio and TV program shows called: "Let My People Think". Here is my question: Dear Dr. Zacharias: In the Bible, God tells us that “4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.” 1 John 3:4 (KJV). Since God decreed that SIN is the transgression of the law, I would assume that God means His Law, here, not necessary a traffic law, or a human law. If that is so, then, should Christians be obligated by the Bible’s mandate to keep God’s law in order to stay in God’s Grace, after they have repented from their sins? What’s your wisdom on this biblical matter? I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks. Best regards, And here is Dr. Ravi Zacharias's ministry's answer: Dear Reang, Thank you for your recent email to Ravi Zachar ...
"How much more grand is the work of our Heavenly Father as he pulls together all the varied strands of life to reveal his grand design?” ― Ravi Zacharias
“It is easier to hide behind philosophical arguments, heavily footnoted for effect, than it is to admit our hurts, our confusions, our loves, and our passions in the marketplace of life's heartfelt transactions.” ― Ravi Zacharias, Can Man Live without God
I found this to be a quite enjoyable way to start the morning. This is a wonderful articulation of the "Withering Western Worldview" by Ravi Zacharias. My wife mentioned it to me yesterday and so I wanted to check it out. It was well worth it. I look forward to listening to the next portion tomorrow. RZIM
Can someone recommend me Podcasts of Christian Speakers? I like the style and subjects of Henry Cloud, William Lane Craig and Ravi Zacharias. So, someone similar, (deep, yet respectful, but not mocking and making fun of others), in the areas of Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Literature and History. Thanks.
God has disclosed himself in descriptive terms that give us enough information to be able to know who he is, and he has hidden enough of himself for us to learn the balance between faith and reason...Ravi Zacharias
Children and Violence Perspectives on Our Global Future (the washington forum) Ravi Zacharias
Anyone who denies the sovereignty of God as a Christian is not biblical, anyone who denies responsibility to God is not biblical. -- Ravi Zacharias
"Love is a commitment stronger than merely the flutter of the heart." -Ravi Zacharias
Read a sample or download The Radical Cross by A. W. Tozer & Ravi Zacharias with iBooks.
have you ever heard of Ravi Zacharias bro???
Truth of Cross in 3 Minutes with Result (by Ravi Zacharias): via
Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. Romans 13:8 NIV I recently heard a muslim student ask Ravi Zacharias how christianity could be a great religion when, unlike Islam or Judaism, the New Testament does not give its followers a comprehensive set of laws on how to live (no legal/penal system, no complex rules for cleansing/purification, rites or system of worship). The truth that Jesus taught was that all the Moseic law could be summed up in two things: Love God and love each other. Look at the 10 Commandments for example. The first 4 deal with how to relate to God; the other 6 on how we relate to each other. If we truly love God, then His love in us helps us to love others; and when we get it wrong, there is a system of grace in place, rather than punishment. That's the world I believe in, and am convinced I will one day see, when the Lord returns.
"One often sees a call only in retrospect. This too is God's design. often reinforces our after we Him, not before." ~Ravi Zacharias
"In the 1990s kids lost their power to reason. Less and less were they taught the very basics of language, truth, and logic and they grew up with the irrationality of a postmodern world. In the new millennium, kids woke up and found out that somewhere in the midst of all this change, they had lost their imagination. Violence and perversion entertained them till none could talk of killing innocents since none was innocent anymore." - Ravi Zacharias
Unshakable: Standing firm in Changing Times A One-Day Conference with Dr. Ravi Zacharias May 17, 2014 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CCF Center, Pasig City Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ravi Zacharias Dr. Ravi is a sought-after evangelistic speaker and scholar who authored and edited over twenty books, including "Can Man Live Without God". His ministry with RZIM equips believers around the world on Christian apologetics. Session Speakers include: Krish Dhanam and Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Note: Early bird rate of Php 300.00 only until last day of April. Regular rate is Php 500.00
Only through repentance and faith in Christ can anyone be saved. No religious activity will be sufficient, only true faith in Jesus Christ alone - Ravi Zacharias
"May we sit still long enough to take in what God has for us." Ravi Zacharias
"I have traveled the world. I have searched high and low. I have found nothing that satisfies my mind, my heart, and the deepest longings of my soul like Jesus does. He is not only the way, the truth, and the life; He is personal to me. He is my way, and my truth, and my life - just as he can be for anyone who reaches out to him.” — Ravi Zacharias (runnin-onfaith)
"Morality requires God" – this is the basic assumption of all believers, the fundamental of their social theory. Isa ito sa mga sinasabi nilang necessity of the existence of God. Philosophers do not usually use this argument, but most Christian Apologists used it. According to Ravi Zacharias, "moral law requires a moral lawgiver." (Can Men Live without God? Word Publishing, 1994 pp. 182-184). Only God can provide the meaning of morality and the foundation of a moral absolute. More @
Joseph was raised in a desert for a life in a palace. Moses was raised in a palace for a life in the desert.- excerpt from Ravi Zacharias God used both of these great men. Trust God that no matter your current situation, it may not be your final destination.
I liked a video from Deus se importa | Ravi Zacharias
"Nothing is so valuable as the truth, and that is why Jesus said, "If the truth shall set you free, you shall be free, indeed." - Ravi Zacharias
"Somewhere deep in all of our world views and our thinking. Whatever your worldview may be; at some stage you have to come to the conclusion that THE TRUTH DOES MATTER. Especially when YOU are on the receiving end of a lie!" -Ravi Zacharias
"For the Christian, worship is co-extensive with life. Life is already an expression of worship."-Ravi Zacharias
Sin brings indignity to our essence & pain to our existence. It separates us from God. -- Ravi Zacharias
Listening to Ravi Zacharias podcast while working
"These days its not just that the line between right and wrong has been made unclear, today Christians are being asked by our culture today to erase the lines and move the fences, and if that were not bad enough, we are being asked to join in the celebration cry by those who have thrown off the restraints religion had imposed upon them. It is not just that they ask we accept, but they now demand of us to celebrate it too." ― Ravi Zacharias
" what you think of GOD will TRULY define everything else about your life"-Ravi Zacharias
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From the book Why Jesus by Ravi Zacharias. The Samaritan woman, an ethnic outcast; the woman with the alabaster ointment, the moral outcast; the children with their childlike trust, the intellectual outcasts. .of such is the kingdom of heaven.totally unexpected, totally unearned.
Thank you Sandy! Ravi is named after Ravi Zacharias. The famous teacher. Hannah from Samuel's Mother.
Just ordered my tickets to hear Ravi Zacharias!! cannot wait!
"the response of the heart and mind [to the gospel of Jesus Christ] the life of gratitude is lived out in worship" - Ravi Zacharias
"Fyodor Dostoevsky predicted that at first art would imitate life, then life would imitate art, and finally, that life would draw the very reason for its existence from art." ~ Ravi Zacharias, Can Man Live Without God
'One of the most staggering truths of the Scriptures is to understand that we do not earn our way to heaven. …works have a place–but as a demonstration of having received God’s forgiveness, not as a badge of merit of having earned it.' Ravi Zacharias
God raised up Joseph in the desert to use him in the palace and God raised up Moses in the palace to use him in the desert : Ravi Zacharias
Full moon watching while listening to Ravi Zacharias lecture about Christianity in the Public Square.
Yes,if truth is not undergirded by love,it makes the possessor of that truth obnoxious and the truth repulsive. ~Ravi Zacharias
"If you're a praying Christian, your faith in God will carry you. If you're not a praying Christian, you will have to carry your faith and you will get exhausted bearing the infinite." - Ravi Zacharias It's kinda funny how awkward posting something like this can be for me on FB. I don't believe I am ashamed of my faith in God. But, I have known what "not being ashamed" has meant for so many other folks. While they may not be ashamed of their faith in God, they should be ashamed at the faith they've placed in their own shenanigans, which I find can be offensive to both God and man. That said, I often feel like more is present to me than is helpful in orienting myself in daily life. At times it's debilitating. Some have encouraged me not to worry. Some have encouraged me to wait. Some have probably just wondered, "What's going on with this guy?" I sympathize mostly with those in the last group. Today I can see I have been lacking in prayer. It's not that I have not been praying. But, I have not been praying ...
I listened to several videos from Ravi Zacharias last night . He is a Christian missionary Alliance apologetist who defends what the Bible says on modern day issues that are effecting the church. His views are quite good and he uses scripture to back it up most of the time. When I am faced with modern day views from people, God's Word and Christ my king is my final authority. Even if I may have to suffer persecution for the sake of righteousness.
"There is no greater discovery than seeing God as the author of your destiny." -Ravi Zacharias-
really not accountable to humans unless he chooses to be. Annoying, but that's how it is. Have you heard of Ravi Zacharias?
Apparently Ravi Zacharias isn't speaking at ccu today.. Whoops.
On page 82 of 272 of Deliver Us From Evil, by Ravi Zacharias
My longings, my hopes, my dreams, and my every effort has been to live for Him who rescued me, to study for Him who gave me this mind, to serve Him who fashioned my will, and to speak for Him who gave me a voice...Ravi Zacharias
Love is a commitment that will be tested in the most vulnerable areas of spirituality, a commitment that will force you to make some very difficult choices. It is a commitment that demands that you deal with your lust, your greed, your pride, your power, your desire to control, your temper, your patience, and every area of temptation that the Bible clearly talks about. It demands the quality of commitment that Jesus demonstrates in His relationship to us. Ravi Zacharias
Has your faith in God changed who you are? - Ravi Zacharias
THE CROSS OF Jesus Christ " We are entering into the most important week of the year on the Christian calendar, called Holy Week, encompassing the last week of Jesus' life before the cross. In light of that, I wanted to share some thoughts on the Cross of Jesus. Ravi Zacharias, in his book "Why Jesus," quoted Richard Niebuhr as saying that the New Spirituality has preached "a Christ without a cross." This modern trend does not give us a new form of Christianity, but something else entirely, something powerless. As Max Lucado writes, "The part that matters is the cross. No more and no less." The following are selections on the theme of the cross that I've collected from my reading over the years. I'll shortly follow this up with another post on the theme of the resurrection. I hope that you take the time to consider the implications of the cross. "The cross is that centre of the world's history where all men and all nations stand revealed as both enemies of God and yet loved by God." - Dag Hammarskjold "W ...
We are here not by accident. We are here by the mind and design of a Creator. The creation narrative gives humans intrinsic worth and essential value. - Ravi Zacharias "When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?" -- David, in Psalm 8:3-4
We would like to invite you all to a special session of the Saturday PM this coming Saturday, 19th of April at 6:00 PM. The speaker for the day will be John Njoroge of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, coming to us from the USA. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is an apologetics ministry involved in making a rational case for our faith. Their aim is to help the thinker believe and to help the believer think. John Njoroge will be taking us through Matthew chapter 22 and speaking about how Jesus answered difficult questions directed to him. You are all welcome.
Dr. Ravi Zacharias is my life's inspiration
I liked a video from Ravi Zacharias Answers A Question About God Condemning People to
"Unity does not have to be uniformity. What Ultimately defines whether you're a Christian or not is not what denomination you belong too but whether you know Jesus Christ in your heart..." - Ravi Zacharias Ross Jenkins
It may be Monday but Sundays coming!
"Have you ever wondered why God had Joseph raised in a desert to work in a palace, and had Moses raised in a palace to work in a desert?" - Ravi Zacharias Your present place may not speak to where God is taking you. Let your faith grow with patience. (Hard, hard lesson.)
"This generation listens with its eyes and thinks with its feelings." . Ravi Zacharias
"Here are the two options: We are either a creature created by accident or a creature created by God." -- Ravi Zacharias
"When secularization has done its full work it will produce a generation devoid of shame." - Ravi Zacharias
Download video from our massive event at in February!
Last Sunday night, we watched a debate between Prof. Richard Dawkins, an atheist scholar and Prof. John Lennox, a Christian Apologist and intellectual on the topic: "Has Science Buried God?" During the class analysis, we realized the lack of depth of atheism in providing basic answers to the origin of the universe and of human consciousness. It would take no less a strong eye for details, to note how Dawkins was unable to sound intelligently convincing enough and show proofs of God's 'absence' and thus, shifted grounds as a result of the indisputable points raised by Lennox. Truth is, even science today corroborates the story of the Bible. Its foolery to deny God's existence. Somehow, having seen men such as Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Josh Mcdowell, Prof. John Lennox among the many other apologists, I believe we need to raise youthful saintly intellectuals who would take over from these fathers, rising from the ivory towers to shake the very foundations of atheism and vain religions with both the Biblical and in ...
Is God at all concerned about our happiness? Ravi Zacharias answers a question from a student at Columbia University. These and over 40 other timely and chal...
According to Ravi Zacharias, it is not uncommon at Cambridge these days to see renowned scientist (and atheist), Stephen Hawking, in an evangelical church. When asked about it, Hawking replied, "Maybe I'm on a spiritual pilgrimage."
I thank the Lord that, even though things were so wrong in my life here, I finally was brought to the realization of what all those struggles were about. There are some wonderful things from your painful past, things with a beauty you may not have realized at the time. ~ Ravi Zacharias
"The greatest discovery of the human heart is to discover how God sees it." - Ravi Zacharias
The longest journey in life is the one from the head to the heart. Ravi Zacharias
"There can be no reproach to pain unless we assume human dignity, there is no reason for restraints on pleasure unless we assume human worth, there is no legitimacy to monotony unless we assume a greater purpose to life, there is no purpose to life unless we assume design, death has no significance unless we seek what is everlasting." Ravi Zacharias
People who do not like the word 'sin' and argue against it prove the point that at the core of sin is pride and violation of purpose. Ravi Zacharias
one does not simply own a Ravi Zacharias book and not finish it!
hello my beautiful brothers and sisters! WHAT ARE YOU DOING Monday, APRIL 14 at 8pm?!!!? I'm part of the serving team for The Veritas Forum at UCLA. If you don't know what that is,The Veritas Forum creates events engaging students and faculty in exploring life's hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life on various campuses. Instead of a tense argumentative debate, it's more of a respectful conversation between a Christian and a non-Christian of their views on things. Last year, we had RAVI ZACHARIAS talk about the topic "Is Tolerance Intolerant?" If you don't know who he is, he's a greatly respected man of God and HE'S LEGIT!! this is his talk from last year: YEAR, we have DAVID SKEEL coming to speak. He's a Christian Professor of Corporate Law at UPENN. His bio can be found on our site as well. This event is open to both UCLA students and GUESTS (YOU!) I wanted to invite you guys because these events really challenged me to think about sensitive real-life issues which I never con ...
Ravi Zacharias shows why you must take the Bible in context (Funny)
In the second oft of two nights of live streams, Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden will be speaking on "Why I Am A Christian" at the University of Uppsala (...
DR RAVI ZACHARIAS SHARED THE FOLLOWING STORY Dr. Ravi is a Christian Apologist who travels around defending the Christian faith. In one of the countries he went to a little girl came forth and shared the following testimony. I was frustrated within myself and decided I won’t serve God again because of the situation that I was in. I raised my hands to heaven and told God that I will never use my hands to praise God again in my life and took my bicycle and headed for suicide. I went to the rail track and there awaited a travelling train. As one was approaching I planned to suddenly ride into it but something happened to my bike and I fell and it was only my two hands that fell on the tracks and the train crushed them. When I woke up in the hospital, my mum opened a scripture and read to me, I gave my life to Christ and has since then decided to become a missionary. After I shared the testimony for the first time, an aged woman that was in the congregation said she was in that train that crushed the girl ...
God orders our steps and stops our steps until our work is finished for HIM - Ravi Zacharias
To sustain the belief that there is no God, atheism has to demonstrate infinite knowledge, which is tantamount to saying, "I have infinite knowledge that there is no being in existence with infinite knowledge." Author: Ravi Zacharias
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"Only when holiness and worship meet can evil be conquered. For that, only the Christian message has the answer."~Ravi Zacharias
"An expenditure of words without an income of ideas will lead to conceptual bankruptcy" -Ravi Zacharias .
Lessons from History – a warning 1. One person can lead millions into untold evil -- Manassas (see 2 Kings), Hitler, Lenin, Mao 2. Loss of critical thinking skills of many in the general population 3. The ultimate test of any civilization is what do we do with our own children -- Ravi Zacharias
On page 40 of 143 of The End of Reason, by Ravi Zacharias
"We will find out through life that in some of the most tense moments in which we live, that the very One who brought us into this world is also the same One who is going to drive us to our destination." ~Ravi Zacharias
Love closing the day watching 2.5 hrs of Ravi Zacharias.
"God alone knows how to exalt you, without flattering you and humble you, without humiliating you." Quoted by Ravi Zacharias
“What you applaud you encourage, but beware what you celebrate...”. ― Ravi Zacharias
"The ultimate test of any civilization, is what we do to our children." Ravi Zacharias
For those who like me are interested in Christian Philosophy, there is this particular discipline called Apologetic; which means basicaly the defense of the Faith. Therefore, you can check out the following website: . I believe that Ravi Zacharias is relatively comparable to Apostle Paul when it comes to break down deep questions concerning Christianism of today and in the future. RZIM | HELPING THE THINKER BELIEVE. HELPING THE BELIEVER THINK. UPPSALA – On Wednesday, April 2, Ravi Zacharias will speak at Uppsala University in... RZIM.ORG
"The Jesus of history is the Jesus who meets all of humanity in the innermost regions of our hearts' hungers and in our minds' needs.He is the one who transcends cultures, boundaries, circumstances.He is the one who by his identification with us has given us intrinsic value.He is the physician of our souls.He is the one who gives us eternal life through his own death and resurrection."-Ravi Zacharias *Has Christianity Failed You?*
In this session from Columbia University, Ravi Zacharias tackles the tough question: Is God concerned about your happiness?
In regards to the question/problem of killings/atrocities committed in the name of religion/Christianity: "Never judge a philosophy by its abuse" - Augustine "Look at the person of Jesus Christ and what He taught and see if you can find anything wrong with Him" - Ravi Zacharias
"Unity does not require uniformity." -Ravi Zacharias . Debate over denominations causes us to lose the unity in...
"The message is massaged into the subconscious by the media that make the undesirable attractive and the good appear boring and flat, while shattered lives look intriguing and full of the divine" I'm only about 10 pages into "Why Jesus?" and Ravi Zacharias is already blowing my mind.
Every life is built fundamentally and finally on one’s view of God. Ravi Zacharias
How do we know the Bible is true? Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden
Sobering message from Ravi Zacharias detailing his observations, concerns and upsets of our times. In this, the first message on Biblical Authority and our C...
All religions are, at best, superficially similar but fundamentally different. - Ravi Zacharias
I copied this comment from a different post. Relativism: Ravi Zacharias records this transaction to highlight the self-contradictory nature of relativism Buddhist: “When the mouth opens, all are fools.” Christian: “Your mouth just opened to tell me that.” Taoist: “He who knows does not speak; he who speaks does not know.” Christian: “Did you speak? If you spoke, you do not know. If you do not know, does it really matter if you spoke?”
“A friend asked the author,"If this conversion you speak about is truly supernatural, and why is it not more evident in the lives of so many Christians that I know?” ― Ravi Zacharias, Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend
Live in such a way that you will draw lines that you will never cross. Ravi Zacharias
Lord God, I have never spoken to you, but now I want to say how do you do? You see God they told me you didn't exist, and like a fool I believed all this. Last night from a shell hole I saw your sky, I figured right then they had told me a lie. Had I take time to see the things you made, I would have known they weren't calling a spade a spade. I wonder God if you'll take my hand, somehow I feel that you'll understand. Funny how I had come to this hellish place, before I had time to see your face. I guess there really isn't much more to say, but I'm sure glad God that I met you today. I guess zero hour will soon be here, But I'm not afraid since I know you're near. The signal, well God I'll have to go, I like you lots, I want you to know. Look now this will be a horrible fight, who knows I may come to your house tonight. Though I wasn't friendly to you before, I wonder God if you'd wait at your door. Look I'm crying, I'm shedding tears, I'll have to go now, God, goodbye. Strange now since I met you, I'm no ...
"It's not that you will never stumble; just don't stay on the ground." -Ravi Zacharias
God is like the light, prosperity is like the shadow. If you turn and chase after the light, the shadow will always follow you, if you turn from the light and chase the shadow, you will never catch the shadow. - Ravi Zacharias, Let My People Think
Watch RZIM's live-stream now (1pm EDT): Ravi Zacharias is speaking on "Secularization, Its Control & Power" at Uppsala University: Please pray!
Now it's time for Q&A at Uppsala University! Please pray for Ravi Zacharias, Michael Ramsden, & Nabeel Qureshi as they engage the audience:
I love listening to Ravi Zacharias. His lectures are always intellectually stimulating while at the same time being spiritually revitalizing. He is like the modern day C.S. Lewis!
G.K. Chesterton — 'Meaninglessness does not come from being weary of pain. Meaninglessness comes from being weary of pleasure.' By Ravi Zacharias @ Uppsala University, Sweden, April 3.
I've just spent the last two hours listening to a live broadcast of Ravi Zacharias speak. Live on line tomorrow "why I am a Christian". RZM website to view the live will be blessed. thx
If you build your marriage on feelings, very few marriages will make it, Marriage must be build on a moral commitment, the more you are morally committed the more the feelings will follows and you will have a sense of belonging. Ravi Zacharias
Just back from the second evening with Ravi Zacharias. . Totally awesome!!!. Watch on RZIM on youtube.
my favorite preacher Ravi Zacharias wears paisley ties too like me!
"He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know." - Lao Tzu I once heard Dr Ravi Zacharias in a lecture to a University mention this quote, then he began to show why this is a false statement, or better self refuting. Anyone know where I can read that quote by Dr Zacharias or listen to it again? Know what Im talking about? Interested, thankyou
Sin is a tug at the human mind for the destruction of the soul. ~ Ravi Zacharias
"Goodness in the face of evil is magnificent, because it is more than goodness; it is the touch of God." - Ravi Zacharias
I love hearing the word from Dr. Ravi Zacharias from the fisrt time I heard him speak; many years ago.
"All religions are not the same. All religions do not point to God. All religions DO NOT SAY that all religions are the same. Every religion at its core is exclusive. You hear it a thousand times and more growing up in the East 'We all come through different routes and end up in the same place.' But I say to you, God is not a place or an experience or a feeling." - Ravi Zacharias
My bird likes Ravi Zacharias. He hears his voice and starts singing.
Another respected Christian Leader falls into apostasy.
"What is the problem with a totally secularized consciousness? The problem is one of definitions". Ravi Zacharias
I could use some podcast suggestions for my roadtrip tomorrow. So far I have ravi zacharias . Podcasts you Love??
Such and honor to be listening to Ravi Zacharias at the closing banquet of a fantastic conference!
I just bought: 'The End of Reason' by Ravi Zacharias via
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Alternative Stories In a very perceptive book called Life: The Movie, author Neal Gabler argues that entertainment has conquered reality. All of life has become a stage, and the way to success is through the pathway of becoming a celebrity. Gabler suggests that we spend our lives buying and shopping according to images and ideals that we hold as we seek to shape ourselves for our own performance. The constant use of significant celebrities to model lines of clothing, sporting goods, and cosmetics tell us subtly that if we own these items, we too can be like our heroes. We are strategically convinced that we don’t simply have to watch the rich and famous; we can become them. The democratization of credit and the availability of easily-accessed goods guarantee our ability to play the part or parts we choose. The practical aids are many. Credit and finance options bluntly inquire, “Why wait?” In earlier times people had to consider whether they could afford such ...
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Faith in the biblical sense is substantive, based on the knowledge that the One in whom that faith is placed has proven that He is worthy of that trust. In its essence, faith is a confidence in the person of Jesus Christ and in His power, so that even when His power does not serve my end, my confidence in Him remains because of who He is. ~ Ravi Zacharias
"If you cut off a person's nose, there is no point in giving them a rose to smell."A REALLY good article by Ravi Zach.
I challenge someone to listen to Ravi Zacharias today...
"Do you know why the Middle East is in the cauldron of hate? Because it's living with the logic of unforgiveness... I was talking to one of the founders of Hamas. His name was Sheikh Talal. About six or seven of us have gone to the Middle East to try and bring the people together to a peace table... [Sheikh Talal] served 18 years in prison for all of the killings that he'd been involved in. His son, himself, had been in prison. He'd lost many of his children, some of them in, I think, in suicide bombing... I said, 'Sheikh, I just want to say this to you: Not far from where you and I are sitting, 5000 years ago, Abraham--whom you revere, whom I revere--went up a mountain. He took his son. You say it was Ishmael. Christians believe it was Isaac. Let's not get argumentative about that now. Let's just agree that he took his son up the mountain.' He said, "That's right." I said, 'And offered him as a sacrifice to God, and God stopped him in the nick of time, and held back his hand, and said, 'Stop!'... Do you ...
"You can't have your own law of gravity and think, 'If I jump, I won't fall.'" Ravi Zacharias
"Character is who we are when no one is watching." - Ravi Zacharias. Ravi Zacharias is my hero. The sharpest mind of our of generation.
"Humor aside, I think the reason we sometimes have the false sense that God is so far away is because that is where we have put him. We have kept him at a distance, and then when we are in need and call on him in prayer, we wonder where he is. He is exactly where we left him. Ravi Zacharias
Habakkuk 2:20- “But the Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the earth be silent before Him.” "Many Christians have so busied themselves with programs and activities that they no longer know how to be silent and meditate on God's word or recognize the mysteries that are in the Person of Christ." -Ravi Zacharias
Legislation can only force compliance but can never produce the love necessary to change an attitude. -Ravi Zacharias
Come to the Universitet Huset at kl 16 to hear Dr. Nabeel Qureshi speak on his story from a Muslim faith to Christianity. And at kl 19, you can hear Dr. Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden speak on "Why I am a Christian."
The Bible reminds us to guard our doctrine and our conduct. Our youth know firsthand what the world has to offer. They need to be reached at a younger age because of the world of the Internet that ravages young minds sooner than ever before. Building their faith is not a prime strength in our churches today. We seem to think that we need to entertain them into the church. But what you win them with is often what you win them to. They can see through a hollow faith in a hurry. Their minds are hungry for coherence and meaning. They long to think things through. They long to know why the gospel is both true and exclusive. None of these issues are often addressed within their own reach. I believe this is the most serious crisis of our church-going youth today. Their faith is more a longing than a fulfillment. We have a special burden for the youth. We will keep at it as we try to reach them. It’s a tough world for the young. - Ravi Zacharias
What ultimaltly determines if ur a christian is not what denomination u belong 2 but if u know jesus in ur heart- ravi zac…
Ravi Zacharias is releasing a book postmortem. I don't blame him given the contents of that book. It says a lot
Here comes Ravi Zacharias in Sweden.. Let's watch and hear it
"We’ve made everything a moral issue and forgotten that the salvation message is what morality alone cannot solve." Ravi Zacharias
If you're unfamiliar with RZIM ministries, please visit the site or download the app - Dr. Ravi Zacharias delivers the word like no other!
“The reality is that most people in Sweden don’t know a Christian and have never even met one,” said Barrett...
I shared my thoughts! I'd luv to hear yours. Interesting RZ article: With Gentleness and Respect
“Time is the brush of God, as he paints his masterpiece on the heart of humanity.” . -- Ravi Zacharias
"Only God is able to humble us without humiliating us and exalt us without flattering us." Ravi Zacharias
Light in the Shadow of Jihad : The Struggle for Truth by Ravi Zacharias 2002 VGC via
I was saddened to read these statements from Ravi Zacharias in Outreach Magazine:
Our intellect is not intended to be an end in itself, but only a means to the very mind of God. (Ravi Zacharias) Truth , believe it or not!
"Any human being who violates the laws of God only ends up proving them, not destroying them." --Ravi Zacharias.
"To think freely is great, to think rightly is greater." Ravi Zacharias
Anyone wanna go with me April 29th to see Ravi Zacharias speak at CCU?!?! Legitimately amongst the best Christian Apologists in the world
I liked a video Night One: Uppsala University Open Forum with Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden
Success is often more difficult to handle than failure. Ravi Zacharias. Success without wisdom or humility leads...
"Philosophy comes at three levels: 1-argument (reason) 2-the arts (illustration) 3-the kitchen table (application)." -- Rav…
Parents shouldn't try to raise a young Bono in the same exact way as a young Ravi Zacharias. .
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Watching the replay on my tv right now of the Anchorage Baptist Temple Sunday morning service that was from earlier this morning. Ravi Zacharias was in town this weekend for the Alaska Governor's Prayer Breakfast that was on Saturday & he also was the message speaker this morning @ ABT. Here is a "one thought take away" I just wrote down from what Mr. Zacharias said during his sermon talk that aired on the tv: "Do not use God like a slot machine!"
Dr. Ravi Zacharias will be speaking at ABT on Sunday, after being the guest speaker for the Governor's Prayer...
"Any human being who violates the word of God ends up only proving it not breaking it".- Dr. Ravi Zacharias The Scriptures cannot be broken! Have a great weekend.
God is evicted from our culture and then He is blamed for our carnages. Ravi Zacharias
This morning has been powerful with God.I feel led to ask all those with Jesus in their hearts, rooted in the Bible to pray about this message cutting through the hardened hearts of the lost. Ravi Zacharias, an anointed apologetic evangelist, once said, "The Bible has outlived it's pallbearers".The Bible cannot be disproven...I challenge any skeptic, agnostic or atheist to prove anything wrong, untruthful or contradictory... it's instructions and guidelines are designed to, and will, provide a peaceful, victorious life with greater rewards after this body ceases to exist.. Praise God!.. We have been given a book containing prophesies from thousands of years ago, specific ones with signs of his second coming spoken by Jesus himself... signs given are happening right before our eyes.. 97 major earthquakes have been reported around the world in the last 7 the last year or so, 2 meteors entered the atmosphere on each side of the earth, causing damage.. sickness, or pestilence as the Bible puts it, is ...
Ravi Zacharias, one of my favorites, will be on the Tx A&M campus on Tuesday night speaking at Reed Arena (9pm)and will be speaking on Wednesday night in Rudder (7:30). "God or No God- The Quest for Absolute Meaning" . I recommend going and seeing him! You will be encouraged!! He is a great resource!!
I liked a video from Ravi Zacharias answers a Question About Homosexuality
Ravi Zacharias - Making a difference in World History! New! Must Watch Zacharias was born in Madras, India. Zacharias claims descent from a woman of the ...
Ravi Zacharias: morality and the unbeliever
Life’s Inescapable Questions, Part 2 of 2: For more than forty years Ravi Zacharias has traveled the globe to ...
Ravi Zacharias keeps me up at night.
you sound like a Passionate Person ... If you get a Chance watch Ravi Zacharias A Christian Speak At The Mormon Temple on U Tube
"True spirituality is not a religion, a “guru,” or a miracle. True spirituality must follow where all these lead in ultimate truth — and that is to Jesus Christ alone." -Ravi Zacharias
"I respect any man or person that does anything he pleases, I can respect a womanizer,a person who loves the immoralities of abuse, partying, loose behavior of heavy consumptions of drinking, destructive behavior of himself. But what I won't respect is when he adds God and his son on the mix, that I won't respect". -Ravi Zacharias
- "(quoting Ravi Zacharias when he interviewed him) 'Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Judaism, Islam--all of them have one common assumption in one way or the other, whether they be pantheistic or theistic, that the means to your destination is good works at the keeping of certain moral framework, or certain laws, or certain rules.' Every religion, except Christianity, says, there is a saviour, & you meet them every morning in the mirror." [Mark Driscoll, James: Jesus' Works, Your Works]
"The loneliness moment in life is when you have just experienced that which you thought would deliver the ultimate, and it has just let you down. " Ravi Zacharias
365 Things I am Grateful for - “How wonderful to know that when Jesus Christ speaks to you and to me, he enables you to understand yourself, to die to that self because of the cross, and brings the real you to birth.” (Ravi Zacharias)
“What I believe in my heart must make sense in my mind.” -Ravi Zacharias .
"The world was made for the body. The body was made for the soul. And the soul was made for God. -Ravi Zacharias
NT Wright in Austin this Tuesday. Ravi Zacharias in town on Wednesday.
This video consists of excerpts from a Q & A given by Christian philosopher and apologist Ravi Zacharias at the University of Michigan. Part 3 of 4.
Pure morality points you to the purest one of all. When impure, it points you to yourself. The purer your habits, the closer to God you will come. Moralizing from impure motives takes you away from God. -Ravi Zacharias
"the mind is to soul what the brain is to the body" ~ Ravi Zacharias
Is Jesus God? Great Religious Leader? Surprisingly, Jesus never claimed to be a religious leader. He never got into religious politics or pushed an ambitious agenda, and he ministered almost entirely outside the established religious framework. When one compares Jesus with the other great religious leaders, a remarkable distinction emerges. Ravi Zacharias, who grew up in a Hindu culture, has studied world religions and observed a fundamental distinction between Jesus Christ and the founders of other major religions. “In all of these, there emerges an instruction, a way of living. It is not Zoroaster to whom you turn; it is Zoroaster to whom you listen. It is not Buddha who delivers you; it is his Noble Truths that instruct you. It is not Mohammad who transforms you; it is the beauty of the Koran that woos you. By contrast, Jesus did not only teach or expound His message. He was identical with His message.”[5] The truth of Zacharias’ point is underscored by the number of times in the Gospels that Jes ...
"Could it be, that postmodern spirituality is really the expression of a universal hunger, rather than an answer to anything?" ~ Ravi Zacharias
For the past week I have been substituting listening to music, during work, for debates on Christianity and sermons by Ravi Zacharias, and my mind has been completely blown by all the knowledge poured into it!
Sooo excited to see a bunch of you at the dinner with Ravi Zacharias tomorrow night! If you RSVPed but you can't come for some reason, PLEASE let me know! We have several people on the waiting list who would love to have your spot if you won't be joining us 😉 Annnd, if you didn't RSVP, you can still join us for the Q&A at 7:00 pm--no RSVP needed!
"If love and justice do not combine then you will have no point of reference for moral rectitude." ~Ravi Zacharias
"Forgiveness has to be real. But forgiveness cannot just be love. It has to be just at the same time. ~Ravi Zacharias
"Even heaven would be *** for for somebody who wanted to be autonomous." ~ Ravi Zacharias
Tragedy at NewtownPosted by Ravi Zacharias on January 22, 2014The tragedy that shook Newtown, Connecticut, and indeed the entire nation, defies analysis. What must have gone on in the mind of this young man for him to walk into a school of little children and wreak such devastating carnage numbs the…
"Sin cannot be ignored, it cannot be done away with by the stroke of a pen and pretending that it is not there..." ~Ravi Zacharias
Questions on original sin and the role Christ plays in salvation from a Muslim student at the University of Michigan are part of today’s Question and Answer time on Just Thinking with Ravi Zacharias. Click "Share" below to spread this message!
Listen to Ravi Zacharias answer a question “Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning?” Scroll down on front page
Today's $2.99 and under Christian Kindle Bestseller Markdowns include Ravi Zacharias and another by Max Lucado...
Sunday School: 9:00 a.m. for all ages Worship Service: 10:15 a.m. Theme: "The New Covenant" Scripture: Hebrews 10: 19 - 25 Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another – and all the more as you see the Day approaching. Background: How troublesome is a guilty conscience? Do you have a guilty conscience? What does the Bible say about it? Are you to have a guilty cons ...
Wow. Ravi Zacharias is in Newtown, CT this weekend. Wish I could be there.
Ravi Zacharias presenting at universities and events around the world.
The anatomy of how trouble gets started: "No one sticks their hand in a roaring fire, but when the fire dies down they begin to play around with the fire. Their hands get dirt on them from the fire which makes everything they touch filthy."- Ravi Zacharias
"Sin is a condition before it is an expression." ~Ravi Zacharias
Most excellent book! . 'Jesus Among Other Gods'. by Ravi Zacharias - 1.99 on Kindle
"Just because he wanted to believe in such a world didn't make it real, even for him. And here is the contradiction: He imagined a pure world without any ultimate reason for life and destiny. He amputated accountability but wished for a world of responsibility. That's the privilege of music... It doesn't have to justify its flawed reasoning." - Ravi Zacharias
"Do not underestimate the role you may play in clearing the obstacles in someone's spiritual journey." Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias- Christian Apologist-brilliant speaker, and author- Mr. Higgins knows him too. Will send U a video.
"I said to the man at the gate of the year,'Give me a light that I may walk safely into the unknown'. And he said unto me, 'go out into the darkness and put ur hand into the hand of God, it shall b to u better than the light and safer than the know'."-Ravi Zacharias
"Secularism is a fair arena in which to operate. But if secularism blocks out counter perspectives, then its not just a world view, its an ideological driven prejudice that will undermine society completely.” – Ravi Zacharias
"Pleasure without God, without the sacred boundaries, will actually leave you emptier than before. And this is biblical truth, this is experiential truth. The loneliest people in the world are amongst the wealthiest and most famous who found no bound..." - Ravi Zacharias quotes from
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Your Attention Please We may live in a world full of individualists and individualism, but when it comes to reaching the individual conscience and the individual ear, it is often not so simple. For the one in the crowd, for the individual among the masses, any appeal for moral action or ethical change is likely to be heard more with one’s neighbor in mind than oneself. Whether rooted in human nature or simply another form of individualism, it seems our neighbors’ flaws are far more worthy of commentary. F.W. Boreham noted this tendency in any congregation with more than one member. “[I]n a congregation of two, each auditor takes it for granted that the preacher is referring to the other.”(1) True to form, it is on rare occasions that the prophets, who cry out at injustice and weep loudly for repentance, seem like they are talking to me. Most of the time, they seem more clearly to be talking to a family member, a wayward culture, or a particular philosophy, p ...
We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right. – Ravi Zacharias Join us Sunday as we continue our new sermon series through Galatians. This week, the apostle Paul makes it clear that there is a truth worth fighting for. Join us at 8, 9:30, or 11:15am
"My heart goes back to Angola Prison in Baton Rouge where I met such people whose savagery took them to that destination. It was interesting to see a Bible in every cell and to hear many talk of how it had become their only means of life and hope. Someone with me said, “If we had more Bibles in our schools maybe we would need less of them here.” Ravi Zacharias -NC
As I stated earlier, the gospel is not to be spread at the point of a sword. When Christendom has resorted to such methods, it was not the gospel of Jesus Christ that was propagated, but a political theory that used the gospel for the benefit of power seeking institutions and individuals. -Ravi Zacharias "Jesus among other gods"
When Christian and Atheistic beliefs clash, the question of objective moral standards inevitably comes up. In Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias's Q & A session, someone from the audience apparently understood the moral relativism that logically follows from Atheism.
Ravi Zacharias "Let My People Think" Devotional: Who is God to You? he said, "your morality, your language, the way you treat other human beings, your private values, how you handle money, how you handle sexuality...all of this are the entailment of who you beleive God to be... Wow!
Capturing the beauty of the conversion of the water into wine, the poet Alexander Pope said, "The conscious water saw its Master and blushed." That sublime description could be reworked to explain each one of these miracles. Was it any different in principle for a broken body to mend at the command of its Maker? Was it far-fetched for the Creator of the universe, who fashioned matter out of nothing, to multiply bread for the crowd? Was it not within the power of the One who called all the molecules into existence to interlock them that they might bear His footsteps? - Ravi Zacharias
“Over the years I have witnessed repeatedly what the mature Christian already knows, namely, that ultimately the problems are not intellectual but moral.” Excerpt From: Ravi Zacharias and Norman Geisler. “Is Your Church Ready?.” iBooks.
“The greatest question of our time is going to be: Can man live without God?”– Ravi Zacharias Is America a moral nation? Can our culture survive if we replace right and wrong with political correctness? The Death of Truth and the Decline of Culture with Ravi Zacharias, Dennis Prager and comedian Jeff Foxworthy uses comedy, poetic insight and solid biblical morality to fuel an intriguing and entertaining discussion of these important questions. This new program from RJ Moeller's Hashtag Productions and Total Living Network follows in the footsteps of the popular TV special Faith, Culture and the Fate of Our Nation in providing engaging and candid dialog between internationally known voices. Ravi Zacharias’s mission to defend the faith has led him all over the world to speak to government and university leaders. Founder and President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, he holds a Master of Divinity degree and hosts his own broadcast programs. He is also an internationally read author. A nati ...
"Dawkins, in his lectures to the British Humanist Association, said "There is ultimately no good or no evil; we are all dancing to our DNA." But that is a position that is unlivable. The atheist will say there is no such thing as good and evil, and yet they will then talk about Hitler, or they will attack us for being irrational. Well, there's nothing wrong with being irrational unless there is a moral responsibility to rationality." - Ravi Zacharias
Make plans to come see Ravi Zacharias on either Tuesday at "Breakaway", which starts at 9:00 at Reed Arena or Wednesday at Rudder Auditorium and starts at 7:30. This will be a must see event that you will tell your grandkids about someday. And it is most definitely a must see event if you are a skeptic, have doubts about whether Jesus is who he said he is, or a follower of a different faith. You will not want to miss this, so drop whatever plans you have and make it to one of these two events. :-)
No True Meaning in Life can come,without the practice of the Sacred and the practice of Godly Love. Ravi Zacharias.
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Ravi Zacharias giving example of Nabeel Qureshi + David Wood +
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"You'll never get to a person's soul until you understand their hurts." -Ravi Zacharias
"How can one be salt and light when one has removed oneself from the world?" - Ravi Zacharias
Preparing to visit Newtown, Connecticut this weekend with Ravi Zacharias and the RZIM team... please pray for...
God is the Author of my call. . He has the plan in mind, . and I must respond to His nod. . - Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias Q & A: How Do We Know the Bible is True?: via
Thoughts on a powerful quote by Ravi Zacharias:
Truth that is not undergirded by love makes the truth obnoxious and the possessor of it repulsive. -Ravi Zacharias
"Rightousness is internal, self-aggrandizement is fatal, obedience to known truth is crucial and responsibility is personal" Ravi Zacharias
I never realize how weird I am until I find myself eating nachos with the windows rolled down blaring Ravi Zacharias at the park.
Ravi Zacharias: Young Minds need to be reached at an earlier age the Atheists agree. Is that going to change things?
Ravi Zacharias tells the Story of Andre Stamos: . “In 1945, at the age of 20, he was captured by the So...
. At least if I listen to Ravi Zacharias, I'll learn something. But thanks anyway.
. Thanks 4 invitation- but I'd prefer to listen to Ravi Zacharias- he's quite brilliant and inspiring.
A verse from rapper KB says "Gonna have to Ravi Zacharias you... Uuh!!!" I was like "What?!? Yeah!!!"
"Time is a speck in the sea of eternity" Ravi Zacharias
The Pundit who always proves his point Ravi Zacharias, defender of the Christian faith
Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale spoke an overflow crowd on the evening of April 4th, 2013 at Princeton University titled, "Why I'm Not An Atheist."
"If anything weakens your reasoning, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes away your relish for spiritual things; in short if anything increases the authority and the power of the flesh over the spirit, that could become sin, however good it is in itself." -Ravi Zacharias
"Have you ever made mission statement for your life?" Ravi Zacharias
Joshua Oginni "Answering Islam - Jesus is GOD Why is Buddhism so popular to America today ? "because you can be good without God" Why is Islam attractive to some ? "because of its geopolitical considerations" What is it about the Hindu faith that's attractive ? "It is rich in philosophy, and its tenet of treating the earth with reverence has some appeal today" Why not Christ ? "because he calls you to die to yourself" --- Ravi Zacharias"
On February's Top 5 New Books: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim’s Journey to Christ: by Nabeel Qureshi Nabeel has an impressive résumé: he’s a medical doctor with two master’s degrees in religious studies, and he’s the newest member of the apologetics team at the highly regarded Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. On top of that, his first book documents his emotional journey from Islam to Christianity. Qureshi provides a powerful argument for Christianity over Islam, emphasizing love and relationships. He aims to break down the barriers between Christian and Muslim communication and offers insights into the Muslim worldview. This book offers both a personal account and scholarly research—it serves as both a compelling story and an apologetic resource.
When a plane crashes and some die while others live, a skeptic calls into question God's moral character, saying that he has chosen some to live and others to die on a whim; yet you say it is your moral right to choose whether the child within you should live or die. Does that not sound odd to you? When God decides who should live or die, he is immoral. When you decide who should live or die, it's your moral right. – Ravi Zacharias
Being "stuck" inside was not without its benefits. I was able to "listen" to one of my favorite Christian Apologists on You Tube. His name is Ravi Zacharias and he is worth going to You Tube to hear. Then Elaine decided that being shut in was a good excuse for homemade waffles. They were wonderful! We had the customary butter and syrup to top the waffles, of course. Other toppings we included were peanut butter, Nestle's dolce le leche carmel syrup, powdered sugar, peacans, and tropical fruit trail mix. Even though it was too slick to move outside, we fairly well compensated for that nuisance here on the inside.
"Logic is more often a test for error than it is really a test for truth." - Ravi Zacharias
900 people came to the first night of Cayman Keswick last night at First Baptist Church and enjoyed an incredible night of worship and the Word, brought to us by Ravi Zacharias. Praising God for a great time, excited about the rest of the week...
Wow Ravi Zacharias will be at the Governor's prayer breakfast in ANC on March 22nd and I totally would love to be there.
Ravi Zacharias: 'An opinion you carry..but a conviction carries you'.. xx
Terrence Joseph wrote: In this world we judge by how many serve us, in that world we'll be judged by how many we served! Ravi Zacharias
Keswick 2014 with Ravi Zacharias. If you missed last night, I hope you can make at least one night this week. As an apologist, he is an intelligent defender of the Christian faith. He has inspired the spirit within me to continue defending my faith in God and in The Lord Jesus Christ.
"It is doubtful that the method of Mahatma Gandhi would have succeeded except that he was appealing to the conscience of a Christianized people." - Bertrand Russell "[This] is a stunning comment made by an atheist about a pantheist in his attempt to appeal to a theist." - Ravi Zacharias
Thought of the day by Dr. Ravi Zacharias... "We are his temple. We do not turn in a certain direction to pray. We are not bound by having to go into a building so that we can commune with God. There are no unique postures and times and limitations that restrict our access to God. My relationship with God is intimate and personal. The Christian does not go to the temple to worship. The Christian takes the temple with him or her. Jesus lifts us beyond the building and pays the human body the highest compliment by making it His dwelling place, the place where He meets with us. Even today He would overturn the tables of those who make it a marketplace for their own lust, greed, and wealth."
Truth and Lies A highly placed official of the European Union stands before the Israeli Knesset and falsely accuses their country of unethical activity. Among the outraged people present some wonder at his brazen act speculating whether he truly believed his outrageous accusations? Others were astounded at his boldness in uttering the lies before a group who would immediately know his charges were false. In the United States the speaker of the Senate accuses a large portion of the American people of lying. He does that ignoring the old adage that people do not die for what they know to be a lie. An international leader is so unaccustomed to telling falsehoods the majority of people in his own country do not trust him and his enemies about the world hold him in contempt. All of these people have in common the character of being liars separated from the truth. The Christian, who has a successful witness has a different attitude toward the subject of honesty than held by the people named: “…seeing we ha ...
Outstanding opening night for CaymanKeswick. 750 people, wonderful worship, great challenge and encouragement from Ravi Zacharias. Don't miss lunchtime today with Nabeel Qureshi, noon at Family Life Centre Walkers Road. Then it's Ravi again, 7pm First Baptist.
Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, you have no obligation to do what your sinful nature urges you to do. Romans 8:12 NLT The world has heard long enough how the blood of Christ saves us from the guilt of sin. The world is also watching us to see if it saves us from the power of sin. Ravi Zacharias
I was given a book by Ravi Zacharias, Recapture the Wonder, by Kathleen Duval. Zacharias has such an adept way...
Day Five Swimming In Shallow Waters Whether you have already found your partner or you're still 'sleeping,' you will need to love your partner. One of the challenges we live with is the reality of a world that has adopted a very shallow concept of love. This concept is spread through music, movies, reality TV, magazines, pop culture and pretty much every communication medium. It has a wide appeal because it caters to our selfish interests and quite often it places the responsibility of making a relationship work on the other person. Godly love on the other hand hinges on sacrifice. This love was perfectly exemplified by the life, and quite clearly the death, of Jesus. In no other worldview is there a cross and its staggering implications. Ravi Zacharias, in his book 'Jesus Among Other God's,' talks about Napoleon Bonaparte, that great conqueror of civilized Europe. One day he summoned Count Montholon and asked of him, "Can you tell me who Jesus Christ was?" When the Count declined, Napoleon went on to det ...
The world is circumscribing the boundary around ideas by assaulting the imagination of this generation.we are manufacturing emotions without right thinking any more.Even music today is with picture behind it and mostly the reaction to the sight leads you to entertainment by imagination that gives you all kind of false hints and leaves you emptier . In our imagination evil is more attracting than good but in reality good is much more attracting than evil.Please give your children the discipline of well Reading that leads to Right thinking and Right Imagination. -Ravi Zacharias
Learning To Think CriticallyPosted by Ravi Zacharias on January 22, 2014Danielle DuRant: It’s great to be with you, Ravi, to talk about critical thinking and engaging an audience. Would you begin by defining critical thinking for us?Ravi Zacharias: Let me put it in the simplest words I can. The word...
"Make sure your passions are tamed and one of the ways towards taming them is to have somebody in your life who has the authority to challenge you when he sees you going wrong." - Dr. Ravi Zacharias
If your passions are untamed, your gift is going to be abused, misused and devastated ultimately. - Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Today we live with Alice in Wonderland, where up is down, and down is up, and little in the world makes logical sense. Nowhere is this more evident than the twisted logic used by progressives to literally hijack the “establishment clause” in the 1st Amendment, and then use it to establish a religion of their own. The clause is very straight forward: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” In order to understand its original meaning, we must know the definitions of the key words as they were used during the time period when the Constitution was written. The most accurate source we have for these definitions is Webster’s 1828 Dictionary. It defines several of the key words in the clause as follows: Respecting: 1. Participle present tense Regarding; having regard to; relating to. Establishment (as in, “to establish”): 1. To set and fix firmly or unalterably; to settle permanently. 2. To found permanently; to erect and fix or settle; as, to establish a colony or a ...
I liked a video Ravi Zacharias at Jakarta 2, Retreat UPH 2013
An opinion you can carry, but a conviction carries you. -Ravi Zacharias
"An opinion you carry. But a conviction carries you" Ravi Zacharias
An opinion you may carry but a conviction carries you. Hails to Ravi Zacharias
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Download Preaching and Sermons or watch online of well known preachers from Evangelism to Sermons to Bible Study to Apologetic. Carry it all in your mobile, mp3 or portable player or subscribe in iTunes. Check by Speakers: Billy Graham Joel Osteen Joyce Meyer Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Broadcast A W Tozer David Wilkerson Download from here:
If you'd like to read an uplifting and amazing story that occurred after WWII, google "It Happened on the Brooklyn Subway." A man was reading a Hungarian newspaper on the subway and God linked together an amazing number of "coincidences" to reunite him with his wife who had been in Auschwitz. I heard Ravi Zacharias speak about this incident on the radio yesterday. What an amazing demonstration of God's love and ability to accomplish things that defy all odds.
.Thanks for asking! This topic is addressed in my book, "New Birth or Rebirth? Jesus Talks with Krishna"
Ravi Zacharias .God bless you even more
I liked a video Highlights from: An Evening with Dennis Prager & Ravi Zacharias
"Where the eye is focused, there the imagination finds its raw material. The right focus must be won at immense cost and discipline. Train the eye to see the good, and the imagination will follow suit." - Ravi Zacharias
Between watching serving toddlers, and watching Ravi Zacharias, explain pain and suffering today, I have a renewed sense of why I chose Christianity and why I'm Chosen! w/Marion !
The Saturday morning sermon by Ravi Zacharias was preached at the 2013 PCA Global Missions Conference in Greenville, SC on November 10, 2013. NOTE: ...
Richie Lord - Do you know if PABC has a copy of the Foundations of Apologetics by Dr. Ravi Zacharias that I might borrow? (12 DVD's, a CD of documents, PDF booklets)?
We hear from Ravi Zacharias on hope, purpose, and leadership, and why he has hope for the future in spite of the challenges and pains of the present.
- Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale discuss the problem of evil and suffering at The Veritas Forum at Johns Hopkins University 201...
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