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Ravi Zacharias

Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias (born 1946) is an Indian-born, Canadian-American evangelical Christian apologist.

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"When you throw mud at someone else, you not only get your hands dirty, but you lose ground." . -Ravi Zacharias
The most powerful weapon in the world is truth. - Ravi Zacharias
Rev.Dr.Ravi Zacharias: Wen we refuse 2 luv God in return of His luv - God hurts.Not coz He lost sumthing but because we lost sumthng.
"The problem is not the absence of education or culture; it is the presence of sin." Dr.Ravi Zacharias
"Spiritual power may be different to brute power, but it certainly has it's own way of conquering." Dr.Ravi Zacharias
"For love is purest where it desires no returns for itself; and it is most potent where it is purest." Dr.Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias: God has given us enough information to be able to know who He is, & hidden enough of Himself for...
"Success is more difficult to handle than failure." - Ravi Zacharias
Is Tolerance Intolerant? Pursuing the Climate of Acceptance and Inclusion - Ravi Zacharias at UCLA. Via
Changes in language often reflect the changing values of a culture. –Ravi Zacharias
An Evening with Ravi Zacharias, Dennis Prager, Jeff Foxworthy: The Death of Truth and the Decline of Cu…
The wisdom Ravi Zacharias has blows my mind.
"Why are we using words like politically correct, pro-choice or homophobic? Because we are tampering with reality" -ravi zacharias
this is from the Ravi Zacharias Passion speech right? The guy is such a blessing! Gifted orator and defender of the gospel ✨💪🏾
listen to ravi zacharias?I'm sure reletivism is being pushed in academia so that the government can ultimatly define evil, thus be a new god
sir I received a text on fb from Ravi Zacharias asking me to donate to some orphanage. Is this authentic?? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Unplugging truth in a morally suicidal culture by Ravi Zacharias
“Every worldview has to bring together reason and faith.” . ― Ravi Zacharias.
SO AMAZING (entire view is changed): Ravi Zacharias on Homosexuality via
"Freedom can be destroyed, not just by its retraction, but also by its abuse." -- Ravi Zacharias
Read the Case for Christ by Lee Strobel and read. Jesus among other gods by Ravi Zacharias as well/too. God bless.
Great words from Ravi Zacharias and Os Guinness this week in Hong Kong
Tomorrow is the last day to let us know if you are going to the Ravi Zacharias event on May 7. Total cost is $80...
attention atheist who took time to enter my timeline: should I listen to you or C S Lewis, C K Chesterton, Ravi Zacharias, & John Lennox ?
IWU is getting ready to induct it's next World Changer honoree. Find out more about Ravi Zacharias!
I'm not a fan of Hip-Hop, but hearing the words of Ravi Zacharias, who I consider the greatest Christian...
you could instead air some Christian apologetics videos...for example one apologist called Ravi Zacharias
On Wednesday, February 24, at 7 PM EST, Christian apologist and author Ravi Zacharias addressed the University of...
Benny Hinn and Donald Trump are the worst. Ravi Zacharias and Eric Liddell are my favorite Christians.
Does God favor a gender? Ravi Zacharias at the University of Kentucky via
One's faith is not simply based on one's geography. Ravi Zacharias, a Christian Apologist, was raised in India.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
.. No other world view will give you that. The Christian faith alone will give you that. - Ravi Zacharias
Evangelical guest suggestion, Ravi Zacharias, brilliant and could teach you regarding "Killing Jesus!"
Is the BIBLE is THE WORD of GOD? In 7 minutes - Dr. Ravi Zacharias at University of Illinois
“There is no greater discovery than seeing God as the author of your destiny~Ravi Zacharias
look up Ravi zacharias "Ravi zacharias answer a atheist " on you tube because 150 characters is not enought
Ravi Zacharias is one of the greatest Christian Apologist ever existed I can listen to him all…
Ravi Zacharias at University of Kentucky on February 24: Life’s Four Big Questions:
Activities canceled at building Wed Feb 24th for Ravi Zacharias at Memorial Coliseum Wed at 7pm.
God can call us by slow, encouraging methods as well as by dramatic ones. . Ravi Zacharias
Want to come to Tampa? Ravi Zacharias will be here Sunday morning.
An expenditure of words without income of ideas will lead to intellectual bankruptcy. -Ravi Zacharias
Very well explained and I don't find anything else to be added. . A blessed Sunday to y'all!!
Few influences in life are as dominant as the power of culture. - Ravi Zacharias
Yes, if truth is not undergirded by love, it makes the possessor of that truth obnoxious and the truth repulsive. . -Ravi Zacharias
ravi zacharias 2015,Is Tolerance Intolerant Pursuing the Climate of Acce... via
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“Silence lurks where anguished voices should be heard.” -Ravi Zacharias
Pretty please. Can you link some. Ravi Zacharias?
Isn't God being invisible enough to disprove him ?! By Ravi Zacharias
You sited Ravi Zacharias and I made a comment. By the way it is easy to find xtians behaving badly.
Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows - Ravi Zacharias...
"do not judge a philosophy by its abuse" Ravi Zacharias
The End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists by Ravi Zacharias via
I came online to listen to Ravi Zacharias on YouTube. Instead I'm watching top 30 creative passes ever.
Nature abhors a vacuum. If you evict truth, you will bring in one lie after another. - Ravi Zacharias
Yes many,many people saw Jesus after He was raised from the dead. Read Jesus among other gods by Ravi Zacharias.
Only one God/Jesus died of our sin. Yoy should read. the book Jesus among other gods by author Ravi Zacharias.
Christianity in the Public Square for the Public Good Nabeel Qureshi and Ravi Zacharias via
An imagination that runs away from reality too often and too far will run out of the means of generating awe within the soul. Ravi Zacharias
The only way you can say, "The battle is not yours but His" is when He has won the battle in your heart. -Ravi Zacharias
Truth that is not undergirded by love makes the truth obnoxious and the pos...
“We have lost the shared meanings of pain, and so the shared meanings of victory become occasions for jealousy.”. ― Ravi Zacharias,
"Do you take the Bible, open it up, and see that it is really a book that reads you?". - Ravi Zacharias
Men of God,. . We are grateful this year to have Dr. Andy Bannister with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries...
Christian view of Homosexuality well presented by Dr Ravi Zacharias.
I liked a video Ravi Zacharias Answers Questions from the United States
"...if we are to truly understand who we are, we must understand what bread can and cannot do." ~ Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias on the Christian View of Homosexuality God bless you more
Read Jesus among others gods by Ravi Zacharias and. Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. Jesus is only God/way to heaven!
Ravi Zacharias: Western Culture is at the Edge of Dying via
There's Paul Washer, Francis Chan, CS Lewis, John Piper, Ravi Zacharias and a few others. Like once you tap into them you open to a lot. Lol
To paraphrase Ravi Zacharias, meaningless is not the result of pain, but of too much pleasure experienced apart from a Christian worldview.
thanks for sharing Ravi Zacharias, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
I heard Ravi Zacharias sharing on this recently. The infallibility and specificity of God's Word is mind...
look up John Lennox, Ravi Zacharias, Francis Collins, and other apologists on how to talk to seculars abt sacredness of marriage
why don't you invite,Ravi Zacharias,or John Lennox or Alistair McGrath on your show?
"I try to read an F.W. Boreham essay every day." --Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Dr. Ravi Zacharias: evil, justice, love and forgiveness...all four converge at one time/at one point in history/at one place...Calvary!
"Billy Graham... David Platt... Ravi Zacharias. And the minister to the world... SMARTY JONES!!!"
"The ends should not justify the means. The means should justify themselves." Dr.Ravi Zacharias
"What is in your heart must make sense in your mind." Dr.Ravi Zacharias
"Love is a command, not just a feeling." - Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Youth is something only the young have and the old know how to use. -Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Check out 'God’s Plan for Marriage, Part 1 of 2' with Dr. Ravi Zacharias and RZIM:
"How to live?" is the foremost question that needs to be answered. "Origin,Meaning,Morality and Destiny". Dr.Ravi Zacharias
There are three kinds of culture, theonomous, heteronomous , and autonomous. Eloquently described by
I can be forgiven, and it is of the grace of God ... once you understand that, I think the ramifications are worldwide. (Ravi Zacharias)
You cannot worship without sacrifice. You must not give God something that means absolutely nothing to you -Ravi Zacharias
Purpose is Everything. Life cannot be satisfied when it's lived out as a consuming entity. --Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias on the Christian View of Homosexuality -
Ravi Zacharias on pleasure and meaninglessness -
You'll never get to a person's soul until you understand their hurts. –Ravi Zacharias
I enjoy Ravi Zacharias, Piper,Sproul etc. glad I found you.
This whole article is rather disturbing. The church is rather messed up. The Wartburg Watch 2015
"Dr" Ravi Zacharias claims he had the honor of 6 doctorates being conferred on him! All honorary.
Truth is absolute. The way we get to it is step by step. Open forum Q&A: Ravi Zacharias on Mormonism
$5,000 gets you certified by CBMW as a complementarian church who really gets it. However, Dee will do it for $100.
It appears that Ravi Zacharias does not have an earned PhD. And there are a few more questionable things on his CV.
Three of some of the dopest guys I know went to Oxford Uni - C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, & Ravi Zacharias. There's def something in the air
"Need God? What if I don't?" by Ravi Zacharias. Search for that on Youtube. You're welcome :)
Dr. Ravi Zacharias explains our moment in history in this exclusive interview:
'secularisation lives under the illusion of neutrality’ Part 2 - Listen to Ravi Zacharias from Let My People Think
Reaching the Secular Mind: An interview with Ravi Zacharias - Ministry Magazine
Ravi Zacharias - 7 tough Questions people ask about God -
Whats good King? Hope you're still listening to Ravi Zacharias when you can. He's got a ton of wisdom man.
Where destruction is the motive, unity is dangerous.-Ravi Zacharias
Respect for the right of another to be wrong does not mean that the wrong is right. –Ravi Zacharias
Oilfield Paradise!! Time to listen to Ravi Zacharias podcast while waiting for a load
it's true bro...but you're really had on them lol... Dr Ravi Zacharias said love them first, then speak to them...
Incredibly encouraging talk by Ravi Zacharias @ National Day of Prayer | RZIM
The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharias via kindle $1.99 today
Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharias - Lessons from War in a Battle for Ideas, Part 1
“You can fake a lot of stuff even from the pulpit. But when you are alone in prayer before God then the mask has to come off” Ravi Zacharias
Time well spent. The answer, still the same today as it was yesterday. . Ravi Zacharias - At His Best part 1
The Problem of Suffering and the Goodness of God Ravi Zacharias at Johns Hopkins -
We have to find the back door to peoples' hearts because the front door is heavily guarded. –Ravi Zacharias
I liked a video Answering the Biggest Objections to Christianity by Dr Ravi Zacharias
"Love the Lord your God with all of your ... mind" Mark 12:30. "The heart cannot believe what the mind does not understa…
This is a very honest view on why 13 people died today. Ravi zacharias sermon Jam SIN
Night One Uppsala University Open Forum with Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden - Part 1 -
A mood can be a dangerous state of mind, for it can crush reason under the weight of feeling. --Ravi Zacharias
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"But life's joys are only joys if they can be shared.". Ravi Zacharias
“The world is larger and more beautiful than my little struggle.” ― Ravi Zacharias,
ever wonder why doesn't have theologians or scientist that point to a Creator on his podcast or Ravi Zacharias?
Announcing our keynote speakers: Ravi Zacharias and Os Guinness!
In the early 70s this poem was given to Ravi Zacharias written by an…
I'd love to see a panel of You, Ravi Zacharias and Kent Hovind debate athiests and evolutionists- just sayin'
So when we see pastor Mike Abendroth calling out Ravi Zacharias for not bringing the Gospel to Mormons at BYU...
We have immorality in the streets because we have irreverence in the homes. -Ravi Zacharias
Technological advance without virtue in the technician is the nuclear button in the hands of a madman.- Ravi Zacharias -The End of Reason
I'm wondering when the critics will condemn Ravi Zacharias for speaking at Hillsong, Australia & posting a positive report. :)
if you're interested in the objective vs subjective morality debate, you should search Ravi Zacharias on youtube.
I see that Ravi Zacharias will be speaking at Hillsong on integrity in worship. I suspect something may explode. I hope something explodes 😇
One of the great apologists of our time! Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias is such an amazing communicator! One of my faves! Highly recommend his teaching 👌🏽
Ravi Zacharias messages are always so powerful!
"God makes appointments with us in our disappointments." - Ravi Zacharias
We have been spoilt this weekend .. With Dr Ravi Zacharias speaking across the life of our…
Dr Ravi Zacharias such an anointed man of God.
"The older you get, the more it takes to fill your heart with awe and only God can fulfill it."- Ravi Zacharias
Had an amazing message on Worship today with Dr Ravi Zacharias.
This pretty much sums up my response to Ravi Zacharias' message in church this morning. . You…
"I think the reason we sometimes have this false sense that God is so far away is because that is where we have put Him.". -Ravi Zacharias
What an amazing morning in Church & such a fantastic message from Dr Ravi Zacharias! We hope you were…
Ravi Zacharias spoke at Hillsong Church this weekend. HOW COOL IS THAT.
Ravi Zacharias preaching in Sydney. Wonderful to see the response to first message. Praying for the second.
Any chance of getting Dr Ravi Zacharias next fall for convo?
'Our hearts remain restless until they find rest in Him.' - Dr Ravi Zacharias
How to respond when we are accused of being hateful to people against
Looking forward to a great day in church with Dr Ravi Zacharias speaking!
"What you applaud you encourage, but beware what you celebrate.". -Ravi Zacharias.
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I stopped listening to Ravi Zacharias after and Now he goes to Hillsong.
The opposite of sacred is not secular, the opposite of sacred is profane. - Ravi Zacharias
"With no fact as a referent, what is normative is purely a matter of preference." - Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Dr. Ravi Zacharias is speaking tonight in the city! Bring a friend along. Waterloo|6PM
I liked a video 2015 Commencement Address by Ravi Zacharias
Check out this quote made by Ravi Zacharias!!
“The tragedy w/ growing up is not that we lose childishness n its simplicity but that we lose childlikeness n its sublimity.” Ravi Zacharias
We’re kicking off the weekend with Dr Ravi Zacharias. See you there! Waterloo| 6PM
Ravi Zacharias in Hillsong Melbourne church in two weeks
Mr (not Dr) Ravi Zacharias was never a “visiting scholar at Cambridge University”.
"Theology begins with God, Religion begins with man." - Ravi Zacharias (Christian apologist).
Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig answers questions about Christianity (Part 2 of 8) [Full Episo -
With the today's SCOTUS decision, I find this appropriate. Please watch. Ravi Zacharias' Message at Amsterdam 1986
Ravi Zacharias: "There is no other world view, I repeat, there is no other world view that gives respect to woman than Jesus."
Ravi Zacharias - The ultimate test of civilization will be in what it does to its children -
SCOTUS has reduced Americans to "inquiring if words have meaning, while using words to ask the question". -Ravi Zacharias
Kool-Aid vs Clarity: Ravi Zacharias on discrimination, race, sexuality and equality.
Enjoying Christian Hofreiter from Ravi Zacharias ministries. Has to be the tallest human being I've ever met.
Ravi Zacharias' amazing articulation of the Christian view of homosexuality
Unless I understand the Cross I cannot understand why my commitment to what is right must take precedence over what I prefer.-ravi zacharias
"Justice is the handmaiden of truth, and when truth dies, justice is buried with it." - Ravi Zacharias
This video is so wonderful! Ravi Zacharias is definitely my new favorite apologist.
"Before God breaks through the world will try to break you." Ravi Zacharias
Freedom is not only destroyed by its retraction; it is also devastated by its abuse. - Ravi Zacharias
The individual heart is the laboratory by which the poison of sin is brewed by each person - zacharias
Starting day 2 of taping with Dr. Ravi Zacharias. We always take time to pray before we begin. Please pray for us too!
"Worship is a posture... that takes as its primary purpose the understanding of what it really means to love & revere God.". ― Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias answered a tough question on the Christian View of Homosexuality
What is the Christian View of Homosexuality? Watch An Apologist explanation.
Ravi Zacharias once said that the saddest day in a person’s life, is the day after they achieve (cont)
Ravi Zacharias on the Christian View of Homosexuality via
this was a dope interview..King Los name droppin' Ravi Zacharias and Lecare...
Watching this interview, didn't know u got down with Ravi Zacharias, he's one of my favorites! Super solid.
oh you meant watch a good one, lol. yep, listened to his dad for years. Ravi Zacharias is pretty great too.
"Spirituality does not give relevance to life; rather, truth gives relevance to spirituality." ~Ravi Zacharias
"Islam is not the fastest growing religion in the world. It is the fastest enforced religion in the world." - Ravi Zacharias
Lord I am asking for Dr. Ravi Zacharias to have wisdom & energy as he address life's crucial questions! Amen.
King Los shouted out Ravi Zacharias on The Breakfast Club. I'll never limit what can happen on that show ever again lol.
Ravi Zacharias: We are being trapped in the quicksand of the absence of objective truth
Praying with Ravi Zacharias for our taping on answering students' questions.
"When our lives don't match our words, those we are trying to reach will ignore the message." -Ravi Zacharias
God has plan for you. Ravi Zacharias - “If God is the author of life then there must be a script.” Read Ps 119:105 & Heb 12:2
"Experience unattested by truth outside of you can be a dangerous thing" - Ravi Zacharias
"We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right" - Dr. Ravi Zacharias
"We live in a culture today that listens with their eyes and thinks with their feelings." - Ravi Zacharias
Listening to Ravi Zacharias and Oz Guinness speak to Georgia Tech @ Ferst Center Presents
Looking forward to seeing Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler & Doug Geivett this weekend in Bellevue, WA. Check it out...
Ravi Zacharias, author & theologian: "what does it mean to be human?" in The Veritas Forum at Mayo Clinic in 2010.
if you like Ravi Zacharias, you should take a look at John Lennox as well. Good stuff.
"isn't just a fleeting thing. It never moves forward without engraving its mark upon the heart." - Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias might be the deepest speaker i’ve listened to… “Brilliant” doesn’t do him justice. Happy birthday
'There is never a reason to be suffers long and is Ravi Zacharias
Happy birthday to my mentor, spiritual father, role model and daddy, Ravi you so much!
Happy 69th Birthday, Ravi Zacharias... incredibly grateful for you and Margie, and praying God continues to...
We are living in a day where people are listening with their eyes and thinking with their feelings." -Ravi Zacharias
Kirk: "Man, I love Ravi Zacharias. He has a gift and is definitely doing what God wants him to be doing.". Heidi:...
"The rejection of God is, ultimately, not an intellectual dilemma, it is a moral one." --Ravi Zacharias
God knows how to exalt you without flattering you and how to humble you without humiliating you--Ravi Zacharias
▶ Ravi Zacharias - Richard Dawkin's Gaffe (2012) - YouTube. Wow, this gave me a good chuckle!
What you win people with, is what you will win people to. – Ravi Zacharias
"This thing we call sin, but which we so tragically minimize, breaks the grandeur for which we were created."~~ Ravi Zacharias.
"As long as there are mathematics exams in school there will always be prayer in schools!" -Ravi Zacharias
Jesus does not offer . to make bad people good . but to make dead people alive. . ~ Ravi Zacharias
"In the real world good is beautiful, Initiating self sacrifice to benefit others is a beautiful thing.". -Ravi Zacharias
I just finished day 6 of the Plan What Jesus Has Done For Us (ft. Ravi Zacharias). Check it out here:
Thx for the suggestion. We have had non-musical acts in the past such as balletmag & Ravi Zacharias. But we'd love to add to that
Ravi Zacharias & ppl from RZIM try to argue that Christianity is better than H. Watch Krish Dhanam at 1:05
"Beginning well is a momentary thing, finishing well is a lifelong thing." -Ravi Zacharias
Quote of Note:. For the Christian, worship is co-extensive with life. Life is already an expression of worship. ~Ravi Zacharias
"We must be willing to be outshone while shining for God." Ravi Zacharias.
There's more where that came from. Look up anything by John Lennox, Ravi Zacharias, and CS Lewis. Greatest thinkers of our time.
"All religions are not the same." Ravi Zacharias Yes, only YOUR religion is the correct one, based on YOUR personal beliefs
We must not lose heart.God changes history and He uses individuals. We must pray fervently and be instruments for His glory —Ravi Zacharias
The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus Talks with Buddha by Ravi Zacharias Audiobook Download
"Prayer is not a substitute for action, but prayer undergirds action with the strength that makes the difference.". Ravi Zacharias.
Hamilton Collection
Just got tickets to go hear Ravi Zacharias speak.
"Knowing the word and knowing its content is important, but content without conviction is not enough.". ~ Ravi Zacharias
"Most unbelievers are willing to go God's way if God goes their way.". ~ Ravi Zacharias
"The greatest triumphs are those that have survived the greatest darkness." Ravi Zacharias
"All religions are not the same. All religions don't point to God. All religions don't say all religions are the same." Ravi Zacharias
Every religion at its core is exclusive - Ravi Zacharias
Faith without faithfulness is flawed. Ravi Zacharias
I liked a video Fascinating Story of Atheist Richard Dawkins by Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias - The high calling of resisting abortion
"The inability to understand the mystery of evil leads to an inability to understand the sacredness of love." -Ravi Zacharias
"When speaking and writing is our calling, then it is like asking a person to treat breathing as work." - Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias – The high calling of resisting abortion
"Anything that refreshes you without diminishing or destroying you from your final goal is a legitimate pleasure" - ravi zacharias
I liked a video from What is Truth español Ravi Zacharias Os Guiness RC Sproul
Just finished reading, Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias; have you ever read it?
I do recommend listening to Just Thinking & Let My People Think via You can hear it fresh in Ravi Zacharias' on voice
If you are not a book reader, you can still hear much of what's in the book, Jesus Among Other Gods in the talks Ravi Zacharias gives.
I read Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of The Christian Message by Ravi Zacharias. It was a good book; I enjoyed it.
I've met Ravi Zacharias the force is strong with him
"Outside of God not only is there no answer [to evil], even the question is not valid. With God, the question is valid.". Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias on free will and predestination - This article I dug up from somewhere in my computer. Not...
"There is a joy in service that transcends emotional temporariness." Ravi Zacharias, I Isaac take thee Rebecca.
here's another Ravi Zacharias video on why people aren't Atheists. SS minutes:
6 minutes - Ravi Zacharias answering an Atheist in Q & A - will blow ur mind:
ravi zacharias, nabeel qureshi, & voddie bauchmann are other people that I've been exposed to that have good apologetics
Proclamation without presence is too abstract – Ravi Zacharias
Belief, a snippety from the book 'Has Christianity Failed You?' by Ravi Zacharias
"Proclamation without presence is too abstract, faith without faithfulness is too flawed."- Ravi Zacharias
Content without conviction is not enough - Ravi Zacharias
When you change the meaning of a word, you are changing the meaning the world. —Ravi Zacharias
"An expenditure of words without the income of truth leads to spiritual bankruptcy." Ravi . Don't I know it...
"How do you reach a generation that listens with its eyes and thinks with its feelings?" ~ Ravi Zacharias
"Teaching is like a mirror. It can show you if your face is dirty, but it the mirror will not wash your face.” -Ravi Zacharias
“Teaching at best beckons us to morality, but it is not in itself efficacious." . ― Ravi Zacharias
"If you believe in subjective morality, why do you lock your doors at night?"-Ravi Zacharias. Dope.
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