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Ravi Shastri

Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri (born 27 May 1962) is a former Indian Cricketer and captain. He was an all–rounder who batted right-handed and bowled left arm spin.

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Why not include SL, David Boone, Ravi Shastri, DDCA with Haryana, Punjab, Delhi , Delhi Municipality to solve stub…
Retaining Dhoni & replacing Fletcher with Ravi Shastri is like replacing Fardeen Khan with Dino Morea in a Tusshar Kapoor directed film.
plz don't select Ravi Shastri as coach. He has no good character about cricket. He is a robot like Man Mo…
Ravi Shastri slams 'jealous' critics of MS Dhoni, is he taking a dig at Saurav Ganguly?
My first on Ravi Shastri congratulates team India, Dinesh Karthik and Gautam Gambhir ge…
Manyavar ad featurig Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma would have been lot better had they had Ravi Shastri & Virat Kohli in…
Bhai u must watch 'what the duck' season 2 with vikram sathaye - R Ashwin's episode & see what he said about Ravi Shastri.
Ravi Shastri: . Lost last Test at Galle as Team director. Won 1st Test at Galle as India head coach. India beat Sri Lanka…
'Ravi Shastri is a Fabulous Person to Have in the Dressing Room'..
Two guys would beat Vishwanathan Anand on form if they were chess players right now are Amit Shah and Ravi Shastri.
Journalist: dada, what is team India's future under Ravi Shastri's coaching. . Saurav Ganguly:
'There'll be batsman that come & go, there'll be bowlers thay come & go but as a package, he is the KING' . Ravi Shastri on Jacques Kallis 😭
Ravi Shastri Cricket Council Won't b surprised if he bcm PM tomorrow
BCCI have announced new coaches, in accordance to Ravi Shastri. Read:
Nothing against Bharat Arun but how many international matches he had played, is he more experience than ZAK? Ravi Shastri…
Ravi Shastri harmed Indian Cricket a lot as player as captain and as Director He will now harm Indian Cricket a lot as the c…
BCCI appoints Bharat Arun, Sanjay Bangar as bowling and assistant coaches respectively. .
Great play by Ravi Shastri to get his favourite coaching staff selected for Indian Cricket team.But no place for sir Zaheer and sir Dravid😢😢
Now you know the real purpose behind Ravi Shastri being appointed. He's the recruiter.
How vl Ravi Shastri perform as a coach?
No issues with Zaheer & Rahul. I have spoken to both of them. Their contribution to team most welcome: Ravi Shastri
Spoke to both individuals personally,they are fantastic cricketers, their inputs will be invaluable-Ravi Shastri on
Ravi shastri the freaking party crook appointing his drink buddy Bharat Arun as the bowling coach!His bowling statistics are the fun part.
your decision of backing Ravi Shastri is the beginning of your downfall , Mark it words of today
Know more about Indian Cricket team coach Ravi Shastri: via
Ravi Shastri gets his team: Bharat Arun returns as India bowling coach, Sanjay Bangar assistant coach
also decided to retain Sanjay Bangar as assistant coach and R Sridhar as fielding coach
Bharat Arun is new bowling coach of Indian team. . Well played Ravi Shastri 👏👏👏👏
The has made a new appointment, while Ravi Shastri has spoken about the roles of Dravid and Zaheer.
Bcci appointed ravi shastri as a father of bcci!! .
BREAKING: Bharat Arun appointed as India's bowling coach. Sanjay Bangar to be Ravi Shastri's assistant coach.
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Even a person who watch only World Cup matches will not replace Zak and appoint Bharat Arun after seeing this Stats. Ravi…
Because B Arun & Bangar has backing off Ravi Shastri who has backing of Kohli and Kohli at the moment is king of Indian Cricket.
I am starting to hate Ravi Shastri with a passion.
Likes of Kohli and Rahane have better technical skills than Ravi Shastri. Batting, bowling coach alag se bhar diye. Shastri bas chaatega?
Who is Bharat Arun? Why was Ravi Shastri so keen to appoint him as bowling coach over Zaheer Khan?.
appoints as bowling coach. Read story |
No issues with Zaheer & Dravid. Their inputs invaluable. They will be onboard: Ravi Shastri on Zaheer Khan & Rahul Dravid
Welcome to the era of Ravi Shastri.
Ravi Shastri hired 3 more coaches so that he can play cards in dressing room when team is on the field..
Talent doent work in BCCI only setting n setting ;becoz Ravi shastri is just a puppet of Vi…
Union Minister Smt. taking charge of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi htt…
Ravi Shastri gets Zaheer Khan replaced with Bharat Arun as bowling coach. . Never seen this kind of a phase in Indian Cric…
Ravi Shastri, Zaheer Khan and Rahul Dravid appointed to key roles in new-look coaching set-up. More ➡
Ravi Shastri will be head coach for Indian team till 2019 World Cup...
Ravi Shastri appointed India head coach till 2019 World Cup and Anil Kumble to be the head photographer.
If this means Ravi Shastri won't be doing commentary anymore, then Sanjay Manjrekar and Rameez Raja should also apply to be…
David Coulthard is the Ravi Shastri of F1 post race presentation.
Ravi Shastri would prove to be a perfect "chaatu" of Kohli. . Gary Kirsten was Best for India. . bring plz.
Can't believe I am saying this but someone pls remove Ramiz Raza from the commentary box and bring Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri is quickly becoming the reason why I'm changing television channels. .
And they worship this *** You might as well pray to Paolo Coelho or Ravi Shastri next.
Sachin,Ravi Shastri, Kapil Dev,Sunny,Kambli,Anil Kumble all had played at ispat stadium once.
Just wish Ravi shastri and Danny Morrison were commenting to this.
channeling his inner Ravi Shastri there.
I liked a video Indian Cricket Legend Kapil Dev take on Ravi Shastri, Not talented but Useful
bachalo Bhai India Ko 🙏 . I can Acsept Ravi Shastri again but can't Acsept Dravid as India's coach.
"Before I forget, the Man of the Match." Ravi Shastri, ladies and gentlemen.
Kane williamson the very personification of 😐 after being forced to speak to Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri saying was in total control of this from start to end, he don't know that it was in total control of Dravid
Ha. Ravi Shastri tells its 10 pm now. Wow! The sentence started with pearls of wisdom. Yep. We go lt it
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Ravi Shastri needs to fix watch. Good 50 mins slow
Samson opens his account with a SIX over long on. "Clean as a whistle" describes Ravi Shastri on air.
Ravi Shastri: "...a good finish - in the end...". Why do TV companies employ this clown...?
Though a fan hate it when Hooda hits a big one just because Ravi Shastri will go 'Hooda Man' yet again.
*Wedding Night*. Ravi Shastri: Something goes up in the air! . Wife: and taken .
The only enthusiasm I can see in the match is in Ravi Shastri's voice!
Mr Ravi Shastri, how can you mistake Shreyas Iyer for Cummins 😯 Looks like you are over hydrated and the innings is not even over
Only Ravi shastri can confuse Shreyas Iyer with Pat Cummins
*CATCH TAKEN IN THE IPL ALERT*. Ravi Shastri, a man who does an awful lot of commentating, said. 'and that's a grea…
Ravi Shastri, Really? Really? It's not Pat Cummins. It's Shreyas Iyer. Atleast he got the bit about being an outstanding catch right
Ravi Shastri should retire from commentary. He thinks he is intelligent n his English is very exotic but it's very irritating
Ravi Shastri is talking as if he can pick all the googlies/flippers/top spins...
They're Afghans, not Afghanis! Ravi Shastri remains as ignorant as ever even after being told the difference.
Ravi Shastri, what are you smoking, bruh? 😂
ravi shastri plz decide whether it's Christmas or diwali
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Harsha Bhogle is the best thing that happened to Indian Cricket but we get to hear the nauseous Ravi Shastri. Talent is not rated
Why not Ravi shastri and Harsha Bhogle
ya just remove Danny Morrison n Ravi Shastri, u will be fine!
Leave loudspeakers.. Ban Ravi Shastri !!! . Else please tell him he has bloody mic in his hand.!!.
Ravi Shastri was heard condemning to be held in June 2017 - then comes the commentary list and his name is missing 😂
Sir Ravindra Jadeja is the doctor whose order Ravi Shastri keeps talking about. Cling On Jadeja
No need for Ravi Shastri phrases now..last match was enough..looking for a comfortable win to consolidat…
Kevin Pietersen's epic reply to Ravi Shastri on changing the topic: 😎
Martin Tyler is as bad as Ravi Shastri.
Yes! We waited for Ravi Shastri vs SGanguly battle in the CT commentary .but after seeing The Commentator list,All hopes Gone!
. Agree with Ravi Shastri(only on this). No need to send a team for Champions Trophy. ICC will know d power of BCCI.
This doesn't have names of Ravi Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar. Now who will describe the moment if India wins it 🤔🤔
Ravi Shastri : Its Head,Virat has won d toss. GP : Kudos to Rahul Gandhi for pressurising to ask "Head".
Ravi Shastri : Its Head,Virat has won the toss. Gourav Pandhi : Kudos Rahul Gandhi for pressurising Virat to say "He…
Sourav Ganguly to be back in the commentary box. . ICC excludes Ravi Shastri from the list. .
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No Ravi Shastri. No Sunil Gavaskar. . This is a good bunch.
Thanks for selecting Nasser Hussain and Ian Bishop but I'm going to miss my favorite commentators Ravi Shastri and Harsha Bhogle
sir you,Ravi shastri and Harsha Bhogle are best commenter of India. Specially your game plan which is always valid to game
Ravi Shastri has all the copy rights for making cricket as the winner sire
Best Commentator awards goes to Ravi Shastri and Danny Morrison . Voice of the World cricket
Ravi Shastri questions Champions Trophy’s existence, says there are too many ICC tournaments
Somewhere Ravi Shastri is yelling .. Anyone can win from here. Anybody's match & in the end Cricket​ is the real winner.…
Ravi Shastri could only manage "What a shot" for most of the innings: 2 special performance
Kids will remember Ravi Shastri as the uncle who gives awards.
Ravi Shastri: How important is it to win these tough games?. What lousy question? Does he expect some one to say "NOT very important".
Ravi Shastri forgets to call Bumrah for Man Of The Match Award. Kevin Pieterson took advantage of him and trolled...
Kevin Pieterson's reply to Ravi Shastri on changing the topic:
Kevin Pieterson's Epic Reply to Ravi Shastri on changing the Topic :p :D
Sunil Gavaskar is best in commentary with his timing humours and Ravi Shastri with his daring dialogue.
Ravi Shastri lauds Murali Vijay's technique, feels he will continue play... via
Ravi Shastri with hat looks like wannabe Tony Greig
NASA reveals that the first cricket test match in the Harappan civilisation was played in Mohenjo-daro & Ravi Shastri was the…
“First man on the planet to reach 200 in ODIs, and it’s the. superman from India – Sachin Tendulkar” – Ravi Shastri.
Ravi Shastri: Ben Stokes won Man of the match. Kedar Jadhav won man of the series. Piers Morgan: If KP is playing, he would h…
But when i left out Saurav Ganguly, Ravi Shastri was high high. Sorry shouldn't give interviews post party. Hic
Virat Kohli must be jealous of Sachin. He had Tony Greig to commentate on his best innings . Kohli has Ravi Shastri & M…
Saurav Ganguly won't have to omit Ravi Shastri from the list of top 10 coaches of India because didn't let him become one…
What crap is Ravi Shastri talking? When did Simon Taufel ever have a bad year? Aleem Dar and Dharmasena, yes. But not Simon Taufel.
Proud moment for Jayant Yadav as he receives the Test cap from former India captain Ravi Shastri
Have you seen this Amazing Cricket Mimicry of Harsha Bhogle, Ravi Shastri, Ian Chappell, To...
Most dialogues in biopic. Sushant Singh Rajput and then Ravi Shastri...
. Ravi Shastri should not have done so.The coach only has the right to handle. It is just undue meddling.
Happy birthday and I miss your voice include Harsha Bhogle and Ravi Shastri.
Pahlaj Nihalani or Ravi Shastri, find out who readers think would make the best cricket coach:
Ravi Shastri, former team India director, resigns from ICC Cricket Committee. He was representative of the media
Anil Kumble's appointment: This is what 'disappointed' Ravi Shastri, Sandeep Patil said...
'Disappointed' Ravi Shastri has this to say after losing out to Anil Kumble.
oh please make Ravi Shastri or Rahul Dravid the coach!. Zaheer Khan bowling coach!. No venkatesh prasad please!
Top Indian contenders like Ravi Shastri, Anil Kumble, Sandeep Patil, Praveen Amre & Venkatesh Prasad are all likely to be present in Kolkata
Anil Kumble's application as India coach *** the pitch for Ravi Shastri via
Ravi shastri, you missed him and even shiva
I think the only fact Azhar movie hs shown is tht Ravi Shastri is a Womaniser!!!
where was the humility when got husband FEROZE killed.She got Lal Bahudar Shastri killed inTashkent
The recent biopic of Azharuddin portrayed Ravi Shastri as a womanizer. I hope that helps :)
Help me write a piece:. I need the positives and negatives of Ravi Shastri's BCCI career.
Rahul's campaign is similar to BJP Ravi Shastri's batting in ODIs in 80s. Both help the opposition more than their own Teams.
Sir, it will be a deadly combo. Adding Ravi Shastri as the Team Director will be icing on cake.
Yes, Captains should confirm themselves at the toss, Umpires can be involved, what Ravi Shastri did in IPL is wake up call
blame Ravi shastri - 'In the end, cricket is the real winner'
Files reveal how Nehru jettisoned Non-Alignment in 1962
Well well well, here is a new controversy. In match Gambhir won the toss but Ravi Shastri went to Vijay for his…
Did you know? ML Jaisimha & Ravi Shastri are the only Indians to bat on all five days of a Test match
Ravi Shastri says he has no intentions of watching 'Azhar'
*In Ravi Shastri voice* IN THE END, Phased Prohibition is the real winner!
Going by Ravi Shastri, end of the day, alcohol is the loser!.
Ravi Shastri Controversy in Azhar Movie - Know the Facts! via
Looks like will be too close to call. A proper nail biting finish. Can we get Ravi Shastri on Podhigai TV please?
this sounds like Ravi Shastri.. The only thing missing is "there's a buzz around the ground".
Hilarious! Ravi Shastri picks wrong winner of the toss and affects the match result
4th May KKR vs KXIP. Gambhir won the Toss but Ravi Shastri declared Murli Vijay the winner, who later decided to Bowl first. FIX
Some role like ravi shastri, Manoj probhakar, Sidhu totally miss matched..Balaji is the problem..dnt knw what was...
Ravi Shastri can now drink officially, now that the match is over. continue their winning streak. They r doing a
Ravi Shastri s voice is sounding different. Why?
Ravi Shastri is a lousy commentator when the match is not "going down to the wire" . Oh wait! .
Judging by his voice on air, Ravi Shastri seems to have a sore throat. All that needless yelling has finally taken its toll!
ravi shastri has lost his voice after cheering and hooting for kohli! Lol
Ravi Shastri has drunk heavily. Listen to his voice.
Will Ravi shastri's voice also go down the wire tonight? Sounds like he has already gulped down a peg or two..
Ravi Shastri has lost his voice screaming hoarse during inns tonight. Made for each other. Eternal love.
During the toss.. Kohli - haids. Ravi shastri - congrats kohli so what wud like to say bfore scoring another hundred?.
So much of action and we don't remember one thing Ravi Shastri said. Only Kohli could have shut up the Human cannonball.
Virat Kohli is second only to Ravi Shastri on my favourite cricketing personalities list
If pakistani cricketers aren't allowed in the IPL so should be their commentators. BC Ramiz Raza. Pakistan's answer to India's Ravi Shastri.
Ravi Shastri's commentary clearly suggests he likes MI and RCB more than any other team
In 20s, all tall men were called Ravi Shastri..
Why not name overs after Ravi Shastri ?
Ravi Shastri looks drunk in that chat with Don't blame him, Bangalore rains has tht effect on people
last home game Ravi Shastri? Wrong!! will be here right through till the finals!! :D
awesome Gauti 😘😘 u just nailed it as Ravi Shastri 💃🏼💃🏼 finally I saw u on the big screen 😊😊
Just wanted to know who thought of casting Gautam Gulati as Ravi Shastri and Varun Badola as Kapil Dev in Subtle humor?
Just as Ravi Shastri was praising Vinay kumar, he went for 20 runs per over.
tbh the only person happy with would be Azharuddin.Ravi Shastri was potrayed as a tharki,Sidhu dumb af, and Kapil Dev was plain ugly
Ravi Ashwin and Ravi Jadeja always in the team ever since Ravi Shastri became Director. Ravi's getting favorable treatment in this regime?
Only real Threat to Ravi Shastri Coaching job is Ricky Ponting..Both have same Self Belief,brilliant with young plyrs
Can't believe there was a time, years ago, when I liked Ravi Shastri's commentary.
as Ravi shastri says, top knock from the top player,
No holds barred piece about The BCCI, ego and the general lack of access and freedom for sports media. via
India players want Ravi Shastri back at the helm. reports ||
Will try next time. Btw, I'm a big fan of your unreal articles. Personal fav: Ravi Shastri stuck in the elevator with Lawrie!
Tough for even Ravi Shastri to answer?
MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli want this player to become India's coach :o. Guess Who ? very shocking :o See Here :
Sounds like Ravi Shastri is on the comms here
Gautam Gulati fits in the role of Ravi Shastri with perfection in Balaji Telefilms' AZHAR. Here's *** : Trade News
.: might be the perfect choice for Here's why >
AZHAR: Gautam Gulati might just be the perfect choice for Ravi Shastri. Here's why! - News
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Just what the doctor ordered? Ravi Shastri gets players’ backing to continue as team director
right abt the team not the commentator ! Infact the best is back Ravi Shastri 😎
Pathetic Intolerance from high & mighty BCCI,Sad to see Harsha who I have known for 30+ yrs ill-treated
wow GG its lovely. but also wanna see ur pics with the great ravi shastri ji. apne ggian ki inni si baat vi nai manoge aap?
Wife- oh.. baby.. m so wet.. wt did u jst do.. Ravi Shastri- "and up goes the finger"
IPL is back, Ravi Shastri is back, Siddhu is back, Ishant is back & Rohit Sharma is also back into the pavilion.
Ravi Shastri's tenure as team director ends. New coach to be finalised soon. Details -
Rahul Dravid becoming coach will be good for the Indian Cricket team, but... WARNING: Ravi Shastri will then be back in…
Not sure who will replace Yuvraj Singh in the playing XI: Ravi Shastri .
In case you are missing Ravi Shastri folks..😛
A wicket made by Ravi Shastri! Not ideal for T 20 but why should we complain given our spin attack !!
yes. It's been increasing. Anjum chopra was pretty good. Much better than what we get with Ls and ravi shastri
If this outfield isn't a true-blue definition of Ravi Shastri's tracer bullet, then I don't know what is.
Glamour boy of Indian Cricket Ravi Shastri is the Director and interim coach of our team.
Not done Ravi shastri and Daniel vettori pick their first 5wicket hall in tests
in 1981, Ravi Shastri achieved this feat against NZ.
in 1981, Ravi Shastri took his first five wicket haul in Tests - 5 for 125 v New Zealand at Auckland.
watched many times. Loved whole teaser. And loved Ravi shastri's comentry and Dhoni Dhoni chanting in background.
True. Favorites tag came back to bite them in the back. This might shut Ravi Shastri up!
Voice of station master. Face of sushant. Voice of ravi shastri as commentator. &name of director
Gayle has done disaster to Eng bowling Attack First Analyse your Situation Our Cricketer and Ravi Shastri is There
. The best thing of is the the commentry by ravi shastri . India wining World Cup after 28 years proudly
Loved Ravi Shastri's Comentry and dhoni chanting in background.
true. Ravi Shastri was more of a straight hitter.
Let them ( Former Aus cricketers )sit in Aus & talk about their pitches. Tell them not to waste their time about Ind t…
I would pay money for ticket for this game yaar, to *** with the five days. - Ravi Shastri, team director.
Ravi Shastri completely out of line to abuse Sudhir Naik, curator at Wankhede. Showed disrespect to age & fellow test …
Dhoni, Ravi shastri and bcci thinks that bcci is their father property. you dont change captain, he does not apply brain..our fate..
bring back Ravi Shastri and pair him up with Nasser Hussain.. The banter will keep you awake through any match!
Here's how big man Shasthri was defending it | Nothing wrong with turning tracks: Ravi Shastri
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Ravi shastri solely responsible for yesterday defeat of India against
Meanwhile ravi shastri was seen beating the pitch curator with unused bats of indian batsmen tonight
MS Dhoni The Untold Story - Teaser That Ravi Shastri excerpt at the end will never fail to cause goo…
Yes yeh hui na baat.. Hope ravi shastri gives confidence again.. We r still best team💪💪
Breaking : Ravi Shastri running frantically around the stadium in search of the curator.
Asia Cup: Ravi Shastri says India will not take Bangladesh lightly.
What our gen finds in Ravi Shastri Voice (comm in Ind matches at crucial occasions) next gen ll find same for in hindi comm.
Killers got killed accidentally. Ravi Shastri should not play with preparation of pitches Repeatition of history since Eng tour
Ravi Shastri would say, Superheros would win.
the teaser was awesome. Hearin Ravi shastri in the background gave me goosebumps. U know u're gonna have a dream opening everywhere.
Ravi Shastri has gone to buy a trampoline. Says India will bounce back.
and Ravi Shastri's commentary in WC final... Unforgettable :-)
i wonder how many tv broken by ravi shastri yesturday, he abused pitch maker for flat track on 5th ODI vs sa
Ravi Shastri right now, after seeing team performance.
and that six was d best in history. Ufff ravi shastri commentary is d best
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Waits patiently for Ravi Shastri to praise the Nagpur pitch
You must be tired seeing Dhoni winning so many tournaments. Still some of you want him to go: Ravi Shastri
Wherever you play in India, India-Pakistan match will draw huge crowd- Ravi Shastri, Indian Team cricket team
New post (Kapil Dev backs Ravi Shastri in Wankhede pitch controversy) has been published on
In the end cricket wins. Ravi Shastri
Still remember Ravi Shastri's commentary.. "First man on the planet to reach to a double century and it's a superman from India"
But not the likes of Amir sohaib, Ravi shastri and Gavaskar
Mahendra Singh Dhoni deserves respect, not flak: Ravi Shastri...
The Tribune – . . Bangladesh displayed a stunning form in the one-day internationals last year as they defeated...
Team India director Ravi Shastri speaks to the media at Fatullah
Rediff -. My memory is not that good." However, Shastri warned his team not to take Bangladesh lightly.
east or west our maahi is best. He can't be blamed fr other's forms the thing is mr ravi shastri and selec…
If you shake a tree in Pakistan a fast bowler would fall down - Ravi Shastri on Pakistan's fast bowling talent!
Ravi Shastri claims to forget about Mustafizur mauling Team 8 months ago in Dhaka
Ravi Shastri Want Winning starts from India in Asia Cup 2016
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Will Team India skipper MS Dhoni play in the opening game of Asia Cup? What is his current fitness condition?...
We don’t always want to come from behind: Ravi Shastri
'My memory is not that good, I've forgotten the losses in Bangladesh': IMAGE: Virat Kohli ...
Winning is a habit, important to keep that habit going: Shastri's mantra ahead of htt…
India and Shastri choose to focus on recent T20 success against
Ravi Shastri wants Men in Blue to keep winning momentum intact.
"I have seen cricket in Bangladesh grow. I am happy to see Bangladesh evolved as a team.": Ravi Shastri.
India will not take Bangladesh lightly, says Ravi Shastri. There are days when you miss Virender Sehwag off the field as well.
Shastri calls for winning starts from India: India team director Ravi Shastri has urged India to star...
Asia Cup: Doesn't matter what pitch we get, says Ravi Shastri
I miss the voice of Ravi Shastri in the commentary box... Such a legend 🏏
It's all Sanjay Manjrekar's fault. Who keeps him on commentary when Dhoni and Yuvraj are batting? History says Ravi Shastri.
Ravi Shastri after winning praises d pitch but after losing scolds. So pitch plays better n not the cricketers ??.
Hayden Criticises Shastri, Says He has Right to Talk on Cricket: Matthew Hayden has lashed out at Ravi Shastri...
Matthew Hayden hits back at Ravi Shastri on pitch debate via
Matthew Hayden blasts Ravi Shastri for swipe on Australian critics - India Today
Matthew Hayden hits back at Ravi Shastri! Read more here -
Matthew Hayden lashes out at Ravi Shastri over comments on pitches
Ravi Shastri and Matthew Hayden take jabs at each other. Read more here -
Hayden lashes out at Ravi Shastri's comments
TIL Desk Sports/ Australian opener Matthew Hayden has responded to Ravi Shastri's jibe at critics of the...
Matthew Hayden Lashes Out at Ravi Shastri, Says He has Right to Speak on Game's Betterment
Art of grafting innings diminishing - Shastri: India team director Ravi Shastri has said one-day ...
BREAKING: Ravi Shastri recommends 'Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna' award for pitch curators in this test series.
Popular TV actor Gautam Gulati will play the role of former Indian Cricketer Ravi Shastri in the forthcoming b...
Rohit Sharma, Ravi Shastri: both Brahmins. India has been losing due to hateful Hindutvawaadis in team. We need representat…
The Audi A3 was showcased by Ravi Shastri & Ileana d'cruz at the Auto Expo - The Motor Show 2014
What a relief in the dressing room after losing three matches. Ravi Shastri hugging everyone, as if the World Cup is ours.
Ravi Shastri says tri-series before was sheer waste of time and energy
Dhoni, Srini and Ravi Shastri partying late into the night as they celebrate the systematic destruction of Indian Cricket...
domain names
Pak intel intercepted Ravi Shastri's coded message to Indian batsmen to be explosive.
Waiting for Ravi Shastri to claim "I am the best manager India ever had" lel
Ravi Shastri will be thanking his lucky stars for the *** at the ground. This will divert the scrutiny coming the way of Indian team.
Where is Ravi Shastri hiding? Where are his big talks which started right from WC2015?
India will lose a string of matches under Ravi Shastri. That's what the situation seems like now.
Barring Ravi Shastri, why its seems almost all Indian commentators are painful to listen. Especially Laxman Shivram Krishnan.
Ravi shastri: On a given day, we will surprise you with the squad. Why does Rayudu needs so much hype?
Indian Cricket team should send out Ravi Shastri to catch the bottles
Fans at Cuttack have got Ravi Shastri's and Virat Kohli's call for aggression all wrong.
People started throwing bottles when Ravi Shastri said Khattak instead of Cuttack.
Man I wish Ravi shastri or Sidhu were commentating instead of these guys
cuttack audience are trying to aim for Ravi Shastri
What a game by Indian Cricket team hats of to Mr Ravi shastri what a bullet team in the making
Cuttack crowd have resorted to throwing bottles on ground. If Ravi Shastri was on air he'd have screamed - "And the crowd goes wild".
"The crowd sensing intense humidity is sacrificing what little water they had to make sure South Africans remain hydrated" - Ravi Shastri
In short, Ravi Shastri shud be sacked before Mourinho
Harbhajan is the new age Ravi Shastri. Keeps getting opportunities. His best is at least five years behind him...
First we lost against Bangladesh, then Zimbabwe and now South Africa. Time to replace Ravi Shastri as coach with Gajendr…
Innings break:. Ravi shastri : Guys, look, there's always a chance. Still we can win. You remember that quote, they say…
Hallo Mr Ravi Shastri you are good for nothing .Stop doing lobby.
Failing in T20s first step towards being back to No 1 in Test Cricket: Ravi Shastri
Pic 1 : Indian team under Gary Kirsten. Pic 2 : Indian team under Ravi Shastri .
Shastri sees a champion leader in Dhoni: Mumbai, Sept 25 : Director of the Indian Cricket team, Ravi Shastri o...
Ravi Shastri to Take Rahul Dravid's Advice on Future India Players: Ravi Shastri, Indian Cricket team director...
"one of the best captains world." Read on. Ravi Shastri abt Dhoni. a legend - The Economic Times on Mobile
Ravi Shastri hints at Mahendra Singh Dhoni batting at No. 4, calls him a legend - Economic Times
Mahendra Singh Dhoni's records make him the best: Ravi Shastri [ad ]
Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the all-time greats in ODIs : Ravi Shastri via
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