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Raul Julia

Raúl Rafael Juliá y Arcelay (March 9, 1940 – October 24, 1994) was a Puerto Rican actor.

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A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it - Raul Julia . Start… (at P&B Coffeeshop) [pic] —
Me and Raul are having a conversation I would appreciate if you don't rudely interrupt
Watching Moon Over Parador on HBO. Raul Julia was always a great presence.
- Raul Julia Foundation to provide medicines for dogs affected by
sounds like if they'd done that, Raul Julia would literally have passed out 30 minutes in
J.T. Walsh was so underrated. He's such a good bit player, and him and Raul Julia are great on Tequila Sunrise!
i was half expected T posing Raul Julia to bounce around in the distance while he watched the ladies interface
Glad his last film was a good one. Unlike poor Raul Julia...
Raul Julia was more than talented. He had enough to lift the lower rated stuff he was in.
Why pay $100 on a session when you can pay $25 for a What ever it is will come back; so what, smoke another." Raul Julia
with Raul Julia in Hector Babenco's 1985's classic, "Kiss of the Spider Woman".
U lose yourself in ur Cigar: Your worries, problems & thoughts fade away. They fade into the smoke, & the cigar & U…
60 Minutes visits “Sesame Street” for the 1st time and films the debut of new... by via
Raul Julia was an incredible actor, but the closest he has to a classic film is The Addams Family
Musical theater ppl: why did no one tell me about Nine?. Specifically Raul Julia??. Honestly what is your excuse???
Hey. Loved that movie too. Raul Julia as M. Bison!!
The late, great Raul Julia was born today. Let's celebrate together with his performance in OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BAN…
How is DOOM so far up this last and why is Street Fighter below Mario Bros. Raul Julia carried that movie
it's why, when a name actor popped up (Raul Julia is the best example) it was a mini revelation, AND why Rifftrax never really resonated.
Try to find the one with Raul Julia doing voiceover for a drunk chimp - I forget its name, but it's hilarious.
I know someone who sold a completely fake story to the inquirer about Raul Julia that ruined his marriage
Raul Julia is the key to why that film’s incredible. A lone bastion of acting where everyone around him chews the scenery.
Raul Julia is the best thing in that film
Raul Julia is legitimately amazing in this. Absolutely selling the ludicrous script.
Original bronze doors of the Roman Senate House or "Curia Julia", moved to the Basilica of St. John Lateran by Pope Ale…
Addams Family Values on E4 is just tremendous. Raúl Júlia chewing through the scenery is quite something
Watching the very funny Moon Over Parador. Raul Julia (who I love) makes me think of Bannon.
In this case, I'm currently having a discussion about Raul Julia's amazing acting in Street Fighter: The Movie.
To quote the late great Raul Julia in "the tempest" ..You have nice melones
After watching as I feel he would make an excellent Gomez Adams not that anyone can replace Raul Julia!
I think I saw John Cullum in the lead though I heard Raul Julia was brilliant
Is it just me or does Robbie Russo look like Gomez of the Addams Family (Raul Julia)?
Orson Welles. Raul Julia. The greats all went out in movies from my childhood.
Reminds me of Raul Julia's character in Moon Over Parador
Look closely and you'll see Morgan Freeman, Raul Julia, and Stockard Sesame Street regulars.
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank better be high tiered since Raul Julia.
Raul Julia deserved so much better than he got
What happens when you have racial bias but you are not aware (implicit bias)? Your amygdala cannot keep it hidden,
I see you going for that Raúl Juliá's Gomez Addams look, but it turned out John Waters. Nothing wrong there -- rock it.
Jones did King Lear in the 70s with Raul Julia as Edmund. PBS may have it archived, but the video might be too gra…
every day... is a good day for Raul Julia posts
Have you seen Moon over Parador with Richard Dreyfuss and Raul Julia? It's awesome. And timely even though it's older.
He reminds me of Raul Julia, in that no matter how bad the film, he's far too professional to give it anything but his best.
Raul Julia (3/9/1940) & cast of NINE rehearse on the New Amsterdam Theatre roof, 1982. Via
Happy birthday Raul Julia. I'd forgotten he was in an episode of The Bob Newhart Show.
So weird to see Raul Julia playing any character other than Gomez Adams.
Happy 25th to "The Addams Family" films. Raul Julia & Anjelica Houston one of the great examples of perfect casting.
Raul Julia as Victor Frankenstein, John Hurt as a time travelling scientist, Bridget Fonda as Mary Shelley...
Of course not! On any given day I look like Elton John, Colin Powell, Raul Julia and Kevin James. Guess my mom and…
I want there to be more Addams Family films but Raul Julia & Angelica Houston were so perfect.
you get used to it. I like this Gomez better than Raul Julia. John Astin plays Granpappa!
Look, I LOVED both Gomezes, John Astin AND Raul Julia! But there's only one Morticia for me: Carolyn Jones! Rawrr!
I want to cry at how perfect Raul Julia and Angelica Houston were. They nailed it so hard.
Gothic Grandeur and Cyanide, or Thoughts on Raul Julia in The Addams Family.
I can't believe Terence Stamp was in 'The Phantom Menace' but, then again Raul Julia was in 'Street Fighter' lol
. Watching The Addams Family on Netflix with Raul Julia & Angelica Houston.Started out with a recreation of the Xmas Carol cartoon
Nobody's exit can be worse than Raul Julia's. Poor guy
That's the last movie Raul Julia did. :(
Just found out Raúl Juliá is dead. Been 20 years. And none of yalls told me. Smdh
Raul Julia playing the role of M.Bison is still funny af to me...
You're Welcome Julia me & Johnny are the most amazing fans of and to You
I was always way more partial to the show, but the casting choices for the movies are admittedly pretty great. Raul Julia was 👌
Birthday of fave actress Jill Clayburgh. Here in 1984 with Raul Julia & Frank Langella in Bway's "Design for Living"
um you did! But Raul won't let you hang out with us! 😆
Cover for the Street Fighter rerelease has Raul Julia on the cover twice but not on his flying platform in center.
either Mario or Street Fighter. Depends if I want to see Bob Hoskins having a bad time or Raul Julia having a very good time.
We need this back as a punchline, people!
I've always wondered what it was like to work with the late great Raul Julia?
Had a dream I discovered they had made TWO MORE Addams Family movies with Raul Julia in the 90s. Best...dream...ever.
I'm out of the house right now, but if I weren't, rest assured there would be a Raul Julia Bison screenshot here.
Drop the beards and try the Gomez Addams mustache.but be warned...your competing with Raúl Juliá
oh yea I remember that. Raul Julia was the only worthwhile thing about that movie
some alternate universe where Edward James Olmos or Raul Julia or Jimmy Smits played Carlito
Street Fighter is still awesome just because Raul Julia saved that movie.
No one is truly dead as long as we remember them. Or, in the case of Raul Julia, as long as their voice is in a pinball game on my phone.
What to name the new Monsieur Bison? How about "Raúl Juliá" in the ultimate Capcom/Physics crossover?
happy birthday Tatum love you so so much💘 have a wonderful day 🎉🔥
Raul Julia was a treasure. You should watch The Addams Family next.
Your Welcome Julia and I'm sure when we Celebrate the will have Season 10 and 6th Season
Well now I need to go watch this classic Raul Julia MST3K - THANKS A LOT
Yeah you did great Julia the fans we want 2 say Thank you and
My fellow fans of the World take a Look at this article About Julia's past and became a Star on
I've see the article and it was Beautiful 4 Julia born a New Yorker in 2 a Hollywood Actress tbc
For real you were better that Raul Julia( God rest his soul)
Instead of acting in court, I decided to act onstage.
Enjoyed giving a talk at Teatro Raul Julia at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in San Juan. Read my blog posting!
"We need to think of meditation in only one way but life itself is a meditation." -Raul Julia
Absolutely. I will gladly watch it again for Frank Langella having a ball. (Same with Street Fighter and Raul Julia.)
VIDEO OF THE DAY - Clip from "THE PENITENT" - starring Raul Julia, Armand Assante and Julie Carmen, written and...
This is AND awesome Movie Julia going 2 love it :)
I miss Raul Julia. He was a great actor.
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if you can't respect Raul Julia's final performance you have no heart imo
Also, wonderful though the late Raul Julia was, there's no replacing John Astin.
Guys this stars Raul Julia and it's fantastic
You mean we could be getting Raul Julia back soon. This is awesome news!
‘No man should be judged for whatever direction his *** goes; that’s like blaming a compass for pointing north’ Raul Julia, Tequila Sunrise
This is one of the best films ever made. Raul Julia as Bison is amazing.
The sequel was great! But for both, Raul Julia was just the very embodiment of Gomez Addams!
yea but like anyone else BESIDE raul julia and the movie would have TANKED
Kelsey, Raul and Jared are just Liz, Austin and Julia all over again and their just as annoying and irrelevant
I saw Sergio Franchi in Nine after he replaced Raul Julia. Maybe just cuz I love that show but I think he was pretty good!
Raul Julia, Kevin Kline and Barry Bostwick all once played the Robber Bridegroom! And La LuPone was once Rosamund! I was born too late.
no. Raul Julia was a national treasure
I still get sad about Raul Julia. Man left far too soon.
Raul- I just hope you see outside of the house how much I love you and want to see you again. Mitch- I'll see you in jury ne…
Batman v Superman would have been much better if Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor took inspiration from Raul Julia rather than Robin Williams.
AFAIK, Raul Julia deliberately chose Street Fighter as his last film. He wanted something his kids could watch.
But that prof's lecture I'll never forget. (We also had just watched THE MISSION with Raul Julia who the prof also had.)
Better Film yes, but no one can top Raul Julia Bison "For me, it was a Tuesday"
agree, wondering about all the roles he would have played. Did that for years with Raul Julia and Gilda Radner.
I knew there was something special about the theater for me something beyon...
Raul Julia would probably have deserved something better than Streetfighter.
that's probably because of the strength of the rest of the cast. Hard to stand out next to Raúl Juliá and Anjelica Houston.
We were all too mesmerized by the perfection that was Raul Julia as Gomez.
Thin Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks like Raul Julia playing Negan on the The Walking Dead.
I wanna watch Street Fighter with Raul Julia, better than this
Street Fighter The Movie. It knows it's cheesy and relishes that. "GAME...OVER!" R.I.P. Raul Julia
I realized that when I saw Raul Julia last night on The Addams Family.
Street Fighter is a terrible movie, but Raul Julia absolutely slayed in this scene. Cold bloded!
initially looked up Raul Julia, which led to John Astin, which led to Patty Duke, which led to seeing he is their son.
Spike TV in the UK is showing with Jean-Claude Van Damme & the late Raul Julia.
Sometimes we used to eat once a day... chicken backs. You could buy four ch...
Raul Julia and that killer line is the only reason why there are still copies of that Street Fighter movie around.
Not that that wouldn't be sweet as *** but wasn't Raul Julia a PoC?
Raul Julia, Street Fighter. And even that's an unfair comparison- SF was just bad, not vile
Because no one can match Raul Julia.
I made my character in Fallout 4 look like Raul Julia's Gomez Addams at my girlfriend's suggestion. It's still entertaining me
Raul Julia was a very likable actor. Terrific in Presumed Innocent.
Watching a movie with the late actor Raul Julia, he was amazing.
Gone too soon. Raul Julia was such a talented actor, he had a presence on screen that was like no other.
was Ellen an extra in The Addams Family movie? See the lady sitting behind Raul Julia?
Am I the only one who thought that Streetfighter film was good? not even in a "it's so bad it's good lol" way. Raul Julia was awesome.
Man claiming to be son of Raul Julia. "Doc" promising to show Mayans contacted ET. Big change to CA online media law
Tonight watching Kiss of the Spider Woman and being reminded of what a terrific actor Raul Julia was.
Ming-Na Wen and Raul Julia were the best parts of that movie.
Raul Julia was awesome as Bison, even if the movie was a turkey 🍗
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This is my favorite TV movie from the 90s. I'm still mad that Dennis Franz lost the Emmy to Raul Julia
Raul Julia played Othello 12 years apart - once with Richard Dreyfuss as Iago, once with Christopher Walken as Iago. WEIRD
Poor, poor Raul Julia. To have that PoS as your final film. I actually paid to see it at the cinema for my shame.
God, Raul Julia looks so ill. I think the word is 'sallow'.
. I agree. There are worse video game to films out there. :) Ps Raul Julia is just awesome :)
This is like an entire series about Raul Julia's interpretation of Bison. It's glorious!
Some things I remember. Others not. I remember where I was when I heard Raúl Juliá had died. He was one of my favorite actors.
I wish Raul Julia was still around. He was a master of stealing scenes.
Would be fun to see a list of folks who would have made terrific subjects for RR, but are gone; e.g., John Spencer, Raul Julia.
Paul took my idea. I wanted a 3 generation sitcom w/Raul Julia, Julio from Sanford and Son, & Jesse from fame.
My favorite movie of yours is Street Fighter,.that was awesome along with the late Raul Julia
And Raul Julia is on my 1994 Best Supporting Actor ballot for Street Fighter.
Rewatched Raul Julia's "Romeo" about the life of Archbishop Oscar Romeo of El Salvador. Makes me think of my Salvadoran friends.
Raul Julia as Bison alone makes it wonderful, but even beside that it's just such doofy, campy FUN.
Sawada is the bomb. He was actually on the poll for Tekken X Street Fighter. It also got raul julia bison.
Superb film - very highly recommended. Raul Julia is an amazingly undersung actor.
This is Boomer the aqua dog. I don't know what he's doing but it's entertaining as *** 12/10 (vid by
new tradition before auditions is to get inebriated & watch a favorite actor. Tonight: Raul Julia. I believe his style is vital to Hollywood
A thought I had the other day: if Raul Julia was still with us, he'd be a KILLER Dr. Strange
I think he reminds me more of Raul Julia's Gomez Addams :)
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I'd really like Raul Julia Bison in the rumble now that I think about it
Unrivaled acting by Raul Julia and Paul Winfield. In my mind Oscar performances by both. I don't know who won what in 1990.
Words to live by from Raul Julia in 'The Gumball Rally': "What's behind me is not important.".
The Adams Family never gets old, Raul Julia is a comedy genius!
the one with Raul Julia and Jean Claude van Dam
Raul Julia is indeed the bright shining star. Zangief is worth noting as well
Really not festive but watching Kiss of the Spider Woman. Such an amazing film. Raul Julia ♡ went way too soon
Raul julia is so good, van damme was terrible tho..
Raul Julia was the best part for me
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What's worse: Orson Welles' last movie being Transformers: The Movie or Raul Julia's last movie being Street Fighter: The Motion Picture?
The movie Street Fighter was so bad that it killed Raul Julia 😢
yeah, it really is a GI Joe movie! I enjoy its twist on the SF characters. Also Raul Julia as Bison is absolutely charming.
You do look like him. How about a DNA test? I was born March 9 like. Raul Julia. Bobby Fischer was exhumed to see his DNA
One of my favorite scenes from that film and I loved Raul Julia:
Happy birthday missy!!! Love you and hope you have a wonderful day 💖🎉
She did indeed. No Oscar nomination though but subtle acting in a tricky film from Ford as well. And Raúl Juliá is just ❤️.
Imagine if Jose Ferrer, Raul Julia(God bless their souls) & Benicio del Toro could have been in it.
"It's Christmas, Theo. It's the time of miracles!" Rickman making a strong play for "best line ever not delivered by Raul Julia's M Bison".
Why pay $100 on a therapy session when you can spend $25 on a cigar? Whatever it...
A movie can be bad and have a great performance. Stephen Lang in Avatar, The Rock in Be Cool, Raul Julia in Street Fighter
In this photo he reminds me of a young Raul Julia.. I'd happily be his Morticia *Ahem*
I'd take Raul Julia who played Gomez Addams over Howard, and he's dead
This is literally one of my favourite films in the entire universe, but I always get so sad about Raúl Juliá =(
I will admit to going a bit swoony for Raul Julia
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Raul Julia is seriously hot in this film
like you get mixed up with Raul Julia.
we did not deserve Raul Julia. he was too good for this world, too pure, too perfect.
I love it to death. It is just so fantastically stupid and fun and Raul Julia is just masterfully over the top throughout
Check out this Amazon deal: Julia Magazine 1991 by Sports Collectibles v
Powerhouse show. See it anytime it's near NYC. Sting was the worst Mac(Heath) ever, by miles; Raul Julia, best.
Check out Numerology Compatibility -- Ersie Parisinou and Raul Julia-Levy via
Raul Julia- Dracula performed on Broadway as designed by Edward Gorey.
Raul Julia was the best thing about that movie
Now watching 'Addams Family' until I zonk out. Raul Julia is THE BEST.
Hmm, if only Raul Julia and J.T Walsh made another movie together than Tequila Sunrise.
Raul Julia as M. Bison saying that to those girls in the stands. "For the day Morgan got hurt in your Superdome..."
Might be worth watching the movie just to see this guy chewing the scenery, like Raul Julia in the old Street Fighter~
For a second I thought it said Street Fighter, as in Raul Julia
me too :) Janet said he reminded her of Raul Julia from the Addams Family. I agree with her. Raul prob cheered:)
Breast Cancer Awareness
I loved Raul Julia ! He would have been awesome in that role .. Did you ever see him in Kiss of the Spiderwoman ?
come see danzikumaru give his best Raul Julia impersonation:
No way/ *** yes:. Before his untimely death, Raul Julia (Gomez Adams) was the 1st choice to play the original Zorro in the 1998 film.
He also does a mean Raul Julia and Van Damme impression.
Thank YOU. Ever see the Cassavetes film version of "The Tempest?" (1983?) Raul Julia as "Calibanos."
I'll never marry because my one true love is Raúl Juliá may he rest in peace
Oh and lets not forget the greatness that is Raul Julia as M.Bison.
. Why wouldn't you simply answer Julia Hahn's question? She is NOT dishonest! You are not serving the people by not answering
Apologize to Breitbart reporter Julia Hahn. Breitbart is the most respectable news with millions of followers who now know.
Raul Julia just sells the entire film for me, it's a shame he passed away shortly after the role.
I salute Congressman for exposing "reporter" Julia Hahn for the phony that she is.
Thank you for calling out , specifically the very dishonest Julia Hahn for being a purveyor of deceit.
Really looking forward to the upcoming Julia Hahn or Matt Boyle Breitbart article revealing Raul Labrador as a secret "GOPe Amnesty Shill."
I look like a cross between Christina Ricci and Raul Julia.
Id just like to thank everyone for the support, I'm very happy to announce my verbal commitment to black guys🙏🏿
By the way, who's this Raul Julia guy? I mean I know he acted as M. Bison, but what's so great about him? _JUL00
I think we really messed up by not doing a Wyndham Lewis movie with Raúl Juliá.
Street Fighter is on. A moment of silence for that horror. Of course, this doesn't include the genius of Raul Julia.
you look like Raul Julia as Major Bison
What and missed Raul Julia making the most of being M Bison 😂 -
📷 schweizercomics: I drew this up for Raul Julia’s birthday today.  He’d have been 75 today.   (March 15...
Day 14 of and I look like Raul Julia aka Gomez from The Addams Family
Raul Julia, actor (Addams Family), died from a stroke at 54 on October 24, 1994
Georges is probably the best thing about Escape From L.A. he has a Raul Julia way about him. He pretty much…
Raul Julia in the 1st SF movie showed we can have a good movie, just do it fight and leave the some of the childish writing out
the most challenging role in LEAR is Edgar which I played with James Earl Jones as Lear \ Raul Julia as Edmound
To be fair, that's some mighty wrongs...haven't yet got over Street Fighter being the sublime Raúl Juliá's swan song http…
First suggestions for casting Deckard in Blade Runner included Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman and (picture this) Raul Julia.
So I've never seen this movie from the start before. It's magnificent. Lots of 90s. Lots of Raul Julia and Angelica Houston. ❤
.ok. so Raul Julia played Gomez Adams, But i always get confused and remember it as John Astin playing Bison
Man, Raul Julia. It's impossible not to be sad that the world is missing his incredible talent.
Evan Peters is giving me Raul Julia, aka Gomez Adams with this hair and voice.
It's sad to know that Raul Julia died after the movie the Addams Family values came out
It's weird ever since I was little I always said Gomez Addams/Raul Julia (1991 movie version) looked my dad with mustache and all.
Raul Julia has been gone 21 years? I used to think he was so handsome!
Raul Julia > Pretty much everything else I can think of.
Just knowing it was Raul Julia's last role makes me cry T_T
Also superb as Uncle Fester with the sadly missed Raul Julia in the Addams Family film
I'd not be as badass as the late great Raul Julia as General Bison in Street Fighter.
hope you're ok. I suggest Raul Julia.
the one with Raul Julia or the anime?
The meeting of two Gomezs: Raul Julia and Nathan Lane.
Raul Julia is the freaking man. Seriously.
I can't find a replica of the Raul Julia/M. Bison "Napoleon" portrait. What kind of world are we living in?!
Today in Raul Julia, an actor of incredible depth and power taken far too soon.
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Its like how the Street Fighter movie was super bad but how Raul Julia really good as M. Bison
Raul Julia killed every scene he was in. I miss him. :(
Raul Julia was in some very good movies... this wasn't one of them
I was too young to see Raúl Juliá as Dracula on Broadway, but I'd love to see a recorded version if one exists...
// If only it was Raul Julia who could come back to life, that'd be awesome. =\
Steet Fighter would be super fascinating too. Part bacchanal, part tragic last family vacation for Raul Julia.
Also, Raul Julia is the goddamned king. no one can chew scenery like him
I found a really odd Raul Julia tribute statue/toilet.
An actor I wish was still alive: Raul Julia
A big Toe! A big Toe wearing a Top Hat & Glasses! Mario channels Raul Julia as he cheers the toe w joy. Real Joy!
And don't even get me started with Raúl Juliá... I want him to be my lawyer if I'm ever charged for a crime lol.
Raul Julia died from complications from a stroke. :'( Favorite theme song: Webster
No question. Raul Julia did a good job, but John Astin was excellent. Astin is to Gomez what Bela Lugosi is to Dracula.
So sad that Raul Julia died, I wonder if they would have made more Adams Family movies
31 Days of Monsters and Villains. Day 16: M. Bison (Raul Julia) from "Street Fighter". Ball point pen…
We shd totally do a remake of w J Lawrence, brad cooper, Ryan gosling+Mel Gibson in the Raul Julia role
Rami Malek reminds me of a young Raul Julia for some reason
cant believe Raúl Julià has been dead 21 yrs doesnt seem possible
It's weird how you can go from talking to someone every day to not talking to each other at all
Yeah, someone brought him up -- that one and Raul Julia and Anejlica Huston as the Addams' parents are the best ones so far.
So, in this week's AHS, Evan Peters looks like Raul Julia as Gomez Addams crossed with a twisted Walt Disney. And I kind of dig it.
I enjoy Street Fighter far more than I can justify. Raul Julia gave me an over-the-top villain performance that ranks with the best.
The world lost Raul Julia way too soon.
I've always wanted to ask this: What was it like to work with Raul Julia?
I think about Raul Julia way too much.
Raul Julia performed in musical theater films and on Broadway where he won a Tony award
re: you're Rolling Stone comment on not having anything to compare Hamilton to check out 70s Two Gentlemen of Verona w Raul Julia
• Lily Tomlin, Joel Grey, Carol Channing, Shirley MacLaine, and Raul Julia were also there as presenters
Raul Julia. He was pretty young. John Astin is still kicking though.
Katelyn left her books on top of her car and drove away and they flew into the middle of the road
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Tyree from straight outta compton though😍
if we're going by cheese, I've always been a fan of raul 'it was tueaday' Julia in the Street Fighter movie
My favorite Raul Julia movies are all about Wednesday and Tuesday.
Academy-Award winning actor Benicio del Toro will win the Raul Julia Founders Award and join "Orange Is the New Black" star Selenis Leyva ..
She + Raul Julia were the only saving graces. DASSIT.
Raul Julia playing Bison as a unrepentant villain was the best.
Yeah, notice that wasn't listed. LOL Raul Julia made it somewhat tolerable.
Roarke: Forgoing the comedy element altogether, Raul Julia or Armand Assante would have been fine choices as well.
Has the same expression Raul Julia had as M. Bison in 1994
RIP Raul Julia...truly a lost great. His portayal of Bison is immeasurable amounts of hammy, over the top, brilliant fun to watch
Don't even know how this is possible but my blender just caught on fire
it's like top of my BD want list. (my love for Street Fighter the movie is genuine. raul julia and van damme for 90 mins? yes)
You have to beat up a Brazilian, an Indian, some Asians, smash someone's car, then beat up Raul Julia.
Raul Julia is definitely a life influence!
could you guys do Street Fighter ( Raul Julia as the Delightfully Evil M.Bison )
I think that's the child actress who nearly got mustard in Raul Julia's brain in
I like how the goat is leaning into the kiss. It brings to mind the film Tempest with John Cassavetes & Raul Julia.
I'm a Raul Julia man in an Armand Assante world.
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