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Raul Gonzalez

Raúl González Blanco (born 27 June 1977), commonly known simply as Raúl, is a Spanish footballer who currently plays as a striker for German Bundesliga club Schalke 04.

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My sympathy to Raul there will be no other, the next heros of the revolution depend on the Elian Gonzalez, heres to them!
This Cavani na real PANT... One on One but e think say e be Raul Gonzalez...
Raul Gonzalez, 37, charged with murder + 2 counts agg battery in connection with the Chinatown stabbing last night.
The winner was a Raul Gonzalez volley from Kiefer Cooksey's cross. Wow.
Raul Gonzalez Fernan Hi there We invite you to that adult cam free of charge register Click on my profile.
Ain't nobody got more classic touches than Raul Gonzalez.
I once heard that Raul Gonzalez is a fan of Fairuz.
Raúl González: "The most dangerous player of Real Madrid is Cristiano Ronaldo. He's at the best moment of his career and plays all matches."
The history of Madrid derby is never comple without Raul Gonzalez -A true legend.
Congratulations Raul Gonzalez on your 2007 Honda Element. We hope you enjoy your vehicle
Instagram photo by Raul Gonzalez Nova • Aug 21, 2016 at 3:59am UTC
RUN. Repost . He is Raul Gonzalez Ceron and seek wi…
Texas A&I University fans really do win! Congrats to Raul Gonzalez on having his name drawn as the winner of a...
This would be my dad Gonzalez Raul and boo boo
Instagram photo by Raul Gonzalez Nova • Aug 20, 2016 at 3:54am UTC
buddies, do you know if Lupita González is a relative of our great walking champion Raúl González? Anyway congrat.
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Police executed 22 people in raid last year - Mexico rights body: Raul Gonzalez, president of Mexico's Nation...
I just started following Raul Gonzalez on
The new collection is here!🔥💥 amazing suits are a must have this year. 📷 by…
.digs the hitting conditions tonight. No. 1: No. 2:
that's how we're gonna play. Jose Cruz Jr. Raul Mondesi. Alex Gonzalez . Alex Gonzalez. Billy Koch. Juan Guzman. Rob Ducey
Memphis Tigers men's soccer player Raul Gonzalez named to AAC preseason all-conference team.
While i think his profile suits more to that from Raul Gonzalez.
Congrats to Pete Kessler, Anthony Carnacchio and (unable to attend) James Beck and Raul Gonzalez being selected...
The creator of Legos made a policy of no military sets because he didn't want war to seem like child's play.
Thanks Raul Gonzalez for all you do for MISD and for stopping by!
Most of the problems in your life are due to two reasons: you act without thinking, or think without acting
Proud to volunteer with Raul Gonzalez President of Mansfield ISD School Board at
Sending out prayers to my brother Raul Gonzalez who got wrongly incarcerated..󾌹
Shout out to Raul Gonzalez and the Bexar County Kutz. This city should reward these for there kindness. Awesome...
Raul Gonzalez has selected Cristiano Ronaldo in his All Time Best XI.
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for Raul Gonzalez and family as he struggles through health concerns.
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Before Del Piero, Raul Gonzalez and Thierry, this man had my heart and soul.
Raul Gonzalez Blanco, Predrag Mijatovic, Zinedine Zidane, Iker Casillas and Fernando Hierro: what a meeting of...
lol some of us have been watchinh football tey.. Raul Gonzalez took Butraguenos shirt as a teenager as a 9
E1's, new left fielders, and lots and lots of arguing. Gamer:
Lowriders in Space: Book 1 by Cathy Camper, Illustrated by Raúl Gonzalez: via
I remember watching Raul Mondesi's dad. Did I just become old?
Another errant throw, sparked by Raul Mondesi. This one by Jose Alvarez, with two outs in the eighth. Two runs score. It's 7-3.
Rough early art for "Whispers at the Altar" from local artist, Raul Gonzalez. This is the "mother" of one of the...
Dunno how anyone can tell me Raul Gonzalez is wack because he never won anything with Spain
Raul Gonzalez on the red carpet with Awards in Berlin
The soul of Real Madrid,. The prince of Santiago Bernabeu,. Raul Gonzalez Blanco.
6 years ago today, Raul Gonzalez announced that he was leaving Real Madrid after 16 years.
But I still support Spain and would never forget them, Raul Gonzalez and Luis Figo, they are more than enough as for me..   10% Off
Raul Gonzalez played for Real Madrid C and then for Real Madrid B and after that he got promoted to Real Madr...
Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez is talking about Messi
Big shout to Raul Gonzalez III from be sure to check out his amazing illustration…
This just in! The Speaker at the Ccba law gala will be Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Raul Gonzalez!
This just in!! Texas Supreme Court Justice Raul Gonzalez will be the Ccba Gala speaker this year!
A day like today nineteen years ago l got married to my best friend and love Raul Gonzalez,thanks for the great time
Raul Gonzalez represented at in New York this week. .
Thanks to Raul Gonzalez for sharing his story, passion, & teaching. Students loved creating their own characters!
HUGE thanks to creative arts council for bringing Raul Gonzalez to grade 6.
Wrong! Raul Gonzalez will be brought to replace Florentino Perez should he fail to resign at the end of the season.
who's better Jesse Gonzalez or Raul gudiño
Raul Gonzalez coach of talks about special feelings playing against Juan Pastor
Juan Carlos coach speaks about friendship with coach Raul Gonzalez
Don't like the Real Madrid of this decade, used to like them when they had Raul Gonzalez, Zidane, Figo, Roberto Carlos, the real Ronaldo
Raul Gonzalez scored that goal and kissed his marriage ring
One week left to see cultural portraiture of Raul Gonzalez III on display @ Thompson Gallery on campus:
Thank you Judge Raul Gonzalez for being a part of the Austin Bar Association's Lawyers for Literacy project. You...
Grade 6 welcomes the amazing artist Raul Gonzalez! What an wonderful day thus far! Thank you,
The Miss CAM Antonio race has begun w/Raul Gonzalez & Inessa Kosub. Cast your LIKES on the Miss CAM Antonio fb pg.
I liked a video Raul Gonzalez last match Real Madrid vs. Al Sadd Santiago Bernabeu
do you know maldini? Xavi Hernandez and Raul Gonzalez Blanco?
Raul Gonzalez: "My heart belongs to Real Madrid and I wish them all the best, but now, my job is to work with all first …
Raul Gonzalez: "Real Madrid? I want to stay in New York for three years, then we'll see what happens."
We have our winner! Congratulations to our daily Holiday 12 Pack winner, Raul Gonzalez! Raul has won a Heineken...
Also part of artist reception of Thompson Gallery w/Raul Gonzalez
i remember that game. Our defense was awful and we made Raul Bobadilla look like Raul Gonzalez !
for Raul Gonzalez who is having eye surgery Monday.
The next Raúl González? Meet the 18-year-old C.F. starlet who has caught the eye of Zinedine Zidane
Three way battle for supremacy, featuring all time greats: Thierry Henry vs Ronaldo De Lima vs Raul Gonzalez.:...
La Sorpresa De Tu Vida! and hosting new Saturday night show on
Sid Lowe on one of my earliest favourite players - Raul Gonzalez
Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez prolonged his career by 1 game by scoring the goal to send NY Cosmos to the final. http…
And then someone else says Luis Suarez is better. . Better than Raul. . THE Raul Gonzalez. *sigh*
Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez announces his retirement for end of season (Video)
Sioux Rd construction from Raul Longoria East starts tomorrow. Be advised of all road closures
Carles Puyol and Raúl González are the best captains i've ever seen. Character, fair play, perfect mates, first at training..
New York Cosmos Raul Gonzalez Blanco kicks for a good cause.
We would like to welcome Dr. Raul Gonzalez to our Editorial Board.
2006 the first time I started to support Real Madrid until 2015 I've known only captains "Raul Gonzalez & Iker Casillas".
raul gonzalez. Mind-blowing Rihanna Images. You may like:
nice! I like him when he was in Milan, but of course he had to go to Chelsea. Barf again. Lol mine is Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez is one of the greatest ever.
Mexico international Raul Jimenez has completed his move to Benfica!
I love Soft Rock Music,I love a man with a guitar.I love Oldies but goodies.I love Pianos..Ruth Raul Cabrera Gonzalez
To know the full meaning of love, watch Raul Gonzalez's last game for Real Madrid here
► "Real Madrid finally may have produced the new Raul Gonzalez." on Mayoral.…
Raul Gonzalez was named player of the week in the NASL.
Raul Bck Gonzalez.playoffs are almost here. I think you started cranking up the Spurs Hair Kutz.what you...
You know that Raul Gonzalez is my favorite player of all time? When he retired from the Spanish national team i wanted to cry 😭
will wear the "7" in the back with the Spanish National Team as his idol - Raúl González - did.
Delta Tau Delta got to meet the amazing artist Raul Gonzalez!
totally agree,didn't come out to be the strongest, tallest either but was magic. One my favourite strikers ever. RAUL GONZALEZ!!
"I'm happy with the level of Real's football": Raúl González was "disappointed" with Real Madrid's latest defe...
Marlon Gonzalez vs Raul Villareal, King of the Bar Spain 2015 Final: via
One of the THREE Most Outstanding Articles in Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015 recommended by an Editor-in-Chief of PAR, Prof. Raúl González-Garcia.
Spanish soccer player Raul Gonzalez talk about NY Cosmos team via
gonzalez in a press conference with the New York Cosmos.
Ma Sport icon was Raul Gonzalez cos of d way he alwz kises his wedin ring after scoring a goal,also Hapi birthday 2 ma bro Nwanna
Check out Raul Gonzalez's self-portraits reflecting life on "La Frontera" tomorrow at 5pm in the Hollister Gallery!
Everyone knows what Madrid represents to me…my love for Madrid has no limit. -Raúl González Blanco..💗
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Saying goodbye to Raul Gonzalez III's exhibition in Gallery 2. At least we have his awesome mural outside our...
Do you think Ronaldo will catch Messi’s record of 21 El Clasico goals?: Cristiano Ronaldo match Raul Gonzalez’...
Cheryl Raymond, Raul González and 17 others posted in Post it Here!.
I was invited to Brazil by Dr. Raul Gonzalez-first plastic surgeon to publish about 30 years ago!
I added a video to a playlist Raul Gonzalez y Katty Ferrer Doral Prohealth
Lionel Messi has scored 59 UEFA Champions League goals and. is behind only Raúl González (71).
. New documentary of Raul Gonzalez. Directed by. . wishing you nice watch 🌹
“71 goals in Champions League - 0 Penalties. Legend before the era of cr7,Raul Gonzalez was my idol
A new render of Raul Gonzalez was added to the website - View it here:
Dr.Mazin, Dr.Fayez Great experience at a workshop with the king of buttocks implsnts Dr.Raul Gonzalez , from Brazil
yeah Raul she was talking to me not you *** 😂
Raul Gonzalez debuts with New York Cosmos in Hong Kong February 19, 2015 at 04:05PM
First goal of Raúl González Blanco with the NY Cosmos. They won on penalties:
see raul gonzalez and marcos senna play @ Hong Kong Stadium
Raul Scores His 1st Goal for New York Cosmos with a Pre-Season Penalty: Raul Gonzalez Blanco is best known for...
What could it be better than getting a "red pocket" from Raúl González Blanco with his signature on…
UCL all time scorer Lionel Messi-76, Raul Gonzalez -76, Cristiano Ronaldo -76..still counting to the former and current World best players..
Schalke did what Real should have. Retire for the angel of Madrid, Raul Gonzalez!
Only one of these 2 clubs honored the legend that is Raul Gonzalez, and no it's not the boys in pink
Are Raul Gonzalez and James Purefoy the same person?
Which team received Messi's 71st goal in the CL which made him the top goal scorer of the competition alongside Raùl Gonzàlez?
'Cubano 100%: The Cuban national identity and its relationship to the United States' Raúl González Bastart, 20th Feb
Dr Anas Gherissi with Dr Raul Gonzalez in the workshop on the buttocks augmentation with implants…
Schalke will always have a special place in every Madridista's heart, Raúl González played there!
[News] icon Raul Gonzalez believes that his old club will have a more difficult game than last time against Schalke 04
Just checked that I can see the New York Cosmos football-game (hrhr) with Raúl González Blanco \o/
Spanish legend Raul Gonzalez talks about the UCL matchup between his beloved teams: and
Raúl González scored five of his 71 goals in in a two-year spell with Schalke. He had spent 16 years with RM.
Di Maria is not bigger than Realmadrid because the prince of bernabeu even left I mean Raul Gonzalez Blanco
Luis Figo , Raul Gonzalez , Ruud van Nistelrooy and Zinadine Zidane always be the best player they had before Ronaldo
Finally had 1 of my 2 Raul Gonzalez's works framed. Love it.
you don't go to Real Madrid to develop.. Unless your name is Raul Gonzalez and it's 1992.
We have four new exhibitions planned for the February First Friday. Get a preview of Gallery Two artist, Raul...
NY Cosmos will be in town next month, not sure if a certain Raul Gonzalez will come or not...
Raul Gonzalez is gonna play a friendly game in El Salvador!!!.
It took Raul Gonzalez 16years to score 323Goals for Madrid while KING RONALDO have scored 288Goals in 6years. Amazing Record !!. WORLD BEST
I ain't mad man I like Real Madrid but I just don't like CR7 I used to love Raul Gonzalez back in the days
started this incredible scoring run at definite to beat record holder Raul Gonzalez
Superb assist from benzema reminds of Raul Gonzalez. Goal CR7
Raul Gonzalez RIANCHO: “I fall asleep and wake up thinking about football”
Raul Gonzalez Blanco!"Who is that player you will never Hate?
•Soon . last production for the il senior Raul Gonzalez 💜
Great weekend for Falcon athletics began on Friday and went into Saturday, with Senior Raul Gonzalez winning 4...
Good times are here. Great times are coming. "Raul Gonzalez on Joining Liv…:
Gold Medalist Raul Gonzalez presenting today at the NSCAA Convention in attendance
Raul Gonzalez on Joining the New York Cosmos, Living in the Big Apple, a...: via
Thanks to Ann Dualton Staff for inviting me to honor Raul Gonzalez for School Board Appreciation month
Volume 9, Issue 1 is up! Raul Gonzalez, Gretchen Marquette, Karen Fischer, Sydney Thompson, Melissa Holm and more!.
Crush 40 - What I'm made of... I don't care what you're thinkin' as you turn to me. 'cause what I have in my two...
I rmbr Nelson idolising tht man like he was anything close to Da Lima or Henry or Raul Gonzalez
Ruth Raul Cabrera Gonzalez...If Looks can kill,I would it have been dead by now!!
Pic: Raul Gonzalez and are the only Spanish players to win the MoTM award in the final of Club World cup http…
Raul Gonzalez : "Del Piero is the best player in the history of Italian football. Huge respect and affection for Alex."
Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez: "Alessandro Del Piero is the best Italian footballer in history." GdS
Messi broke Raul Gonzalez ucl goal record,kobe Bryant surpasses michael jordan in NBA all time goal scorers.
Raul Gonzalez, Real Madrid legend, joins .to shape the future of youth player development.
Thank you to the Z-Team 393 for covering shifts, putting up with me..and supporting me through this! Johnne Bravo Rodriguez, Rob Vera, Fernando Sotelo, Augustine Pena Raul Gonzalez and Joe Soriano too..didn't forget about you man!
"I'm Raul Gonzalez, the most list of the class"? En serio?
"Ronaldo could become the best in all history". Raul Gonzalez
Kai raul Gonzalez is still fine oh... Wonder what happened to that poster I had of him
Raul Gonzalez: "I think now Cristiano is at the top, & if continues the same way he could be the best of all time." htt…
Raul Gonzalez: "I think Cristiano and Messi are two of the best players in the history of the game."
Raul Gonzalez: "I am sure Cristiano will beat my record & become the RM all time top scorer & I'll be happy for him." h…
Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez backs Cristiano Ronaldo to become world's ... -
Raul Gonzalez: "Cristiano Ronaldo could be the best player of all time."
Lionel Messi scores 3 goals against APOEL Nicosia to pass Raúl Gonzalez and become highest scorer in Champions League history
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Just today, the day has he lost his record, all our admiration for Raul Gonzalez.
TRIBUTES TO Lionel Messi ON BREAKING TELMO ZARA'S RECORD AND RAUL GONZALEZ RECORD: * Messi is Incomparable and the best ever - Vitolo (Sevilla) * Messi is the "greatest in History" - Rafinha Alcantara (Barca) * Messi is "beyond decription" - Andres Iniesta * Messi has always been the "god of football" and the best ever - Koke (A.Madrid) * It's "an honour to play alongside Messi" - Marc Bartra (Barca) * "Today is a very, very great day and I'm lucky to be a team-mate of this phenomenon. Whatever words I give would not be enough. It is an honour to have you as a team-mate and a brother." - Dani Alves (Barca) * Congrats Messi.You are the best in History - Carles Puyol (Barca) * Great game and 3 very important points! CONGRATULATIONS Leo, you keep on making history!! - Luis Suarez (Barca) * It's a very big privilege am sharing the dressing room with a Legend like Messi.He has always been my idol - Munir El-Haddadi * Congrats Leo! You keep on making history - Sergi Roberto (Barca) * Congrats my friend! Am very ...
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Whatever happens tonight, Raúl Gonzalez Blanco will always be known as Mr. Champions League.
Messi had surpassed Real Madrid legends Raul Gonzalez all time UCL Goals Leaders. Well, this guy is fabulous
Congratulation for FC Barcelona's ace, Lionel Messi who broke Raul Gonzalez record as the UCL top goal scorer of all time
:Raul Gonzalez wasn't d Worlds Best wen he set d record. Messi breaking it doesn't make him d WB
Congrats to Leo Messi for breaking the Raul Gonzalez record
Update your maps at Navteq
In a week El breaks 2 records ; record for UEFA Champions League and being the best...
The greatest of all time exceeds maximum gleador Raul Gonzalez Champions.
Raul Gonzalez made me a Madridsta, the greatest goal poacher of all times.
Darn!! Its painful seeing the record of my greatest football idol, Raul Gonzalez blown up. Making it worse its a Barca player.
lol..Messi just broke his own record just now..respect to Raul Gonzalez though
Messi breaks yet anoda record. His 2nd of the week. Beats Raul Gonzalez to all time UCL scorer... Alien Messi!!!
Leo Messi breakes another record . he broke Raul Gonzalez record with 71 goals .. Messi now has 72 goals and...
Teams like "Apoel Nicosia" weren't in the Champions League when Raul was running it. Void record. Gonzalez Blanco 5eva.
MESI. 0-2. Top scorer of the Champion's League. See you later Raul Gonzalez.
Come on Messi just one Goal again , you can pass Raul Gonzalez ! (Y) :)
You clowns raining arguments on my TL about messi breaking or equaling Raul Gonzalez's all time UCL record now u knw.The record stays equal.
My beautiful grandparents that had great style in 1960. Love you both Grandma Hilda and Abuelo Raul Gonzalez
If Leo Messi scores today, he will break Raúl González's record. That would be 2 records broken in 4 days. Legend. http:/…
There wil never ever be a striker like Ruud van Nistelroy,Raul Gonzalez & Gabriel Batistuta I'm talking about real finishers
Let's wait and see CR7 breaks the record of RAUL GONZALEZ with 71 goals in UEFA Champions League tonight ! Now CR7 gets 70 goals and MESSI gets 69 goals! I really hope that CR7 will break this record tonight at 2:45am!
Raúl González Blanco hold the record of the highest goals in the champion league
UEFA should honour Cristiano Ronaldo should he break Raul Gonzalez's record
CR7 will break raul gonzalez record in style
Cristiano Ronaldo will break raul gonzalez record
the record Cristiano Ronaldo is about to equal is that of Raul Gonzalez
Before we begin the day,a minute of silence to Raul Gonzalez's record...
the answer for today's question is Raul Gonzalez with 71 goals
the answer is Raul Gonzalez of Spain
The Record Cristiano Ronaldo will be aiming at is the Legendary Raul Gonzalez Record
raul gonzalez with 71goals holds the current record. Can't DM you cos I aint been followed by you. Pls ff back.
CR7 has Raul Gonzalez record in sight
Ronaldo is trying to brake Raul Gonzalez Uefa Champions League Top Goal Scorer Record
. The record goal scorer of the UCL is Spain's and Real Madrid's Raul Gonzalez. Thank you. Iwueze Ebere
Ronaldo is attempting to break Raul Gonzalez's record.
Raul gonzalez. Ronaldo is aiming to beat his record
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it will be a sad happy moment for i am a diehard Raul Gonzalez Fan!!! Then again am a fan of Cristiano!
You should never question God. But why him?Why Raul?. He was such a amazing, positive person . That will do anything just …
‘Lowriders in Space’ kids graphic novel ready for launch by artist on Wednesday: Somerville’s Raúl Gonzalez will be…
Cristiano Ronaldo is not obsessed with beating Raul Gonzalez - SPORT English
Soccer in New York is going to be fun to watch in 2015.
Raúl González's reign as the top scorer in UEFA CL history could end this week compares his goalscoring feats against challengers CR7an Mess
Cristiano Ronaldo needs one goal to match the Champions League's all-time leading scorer when Real Madrid hosts Liverpool on Tuesday. At the rate the forward is sweeping in goals, Ronaldo has a good chance to match and even break Raul Gonzalez's mark of 71 goals in front of the same Santiago Bernabeu crowd that used to chant Raul's name. Madrid would qualify for the knockout rounds with a second straight win over Liverpool in Group B. Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Barcelona, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and FC Porto can also advance from the group phase this week, leaving two games to spare. Here are some things to know about round four of the Champions League group phase: –- RONALDO UNBOUND Ronaldo is doing his best to erase memories of Portugal's poor showing at this year's World Cup and boost his chances of winning a second consecutive Ballon d'Or. Ronaldo has scored in 12 straight appearances in all competitions for Madrid. His goal on Saturday, which sparked a 4-0 rout at Granada on Saturday, made him the ...
Photo: cr7planet: Cristiano Ronaldo is to 50 goals to beat a legend, Raul Gonzalez Blanco. Cristiano...
Who wants to go running with me? anyone? Gus Soto Fernando Martinez Roger Gonzalez Raul Flores
Raul Gonzalez was a true legend, it was a pleasure to watch him play.
Raul Gonzalez has signed a deal to play for US side New York Cosmos.
Mr. Gonzalez had his Cobra GT500 delivered to him by his cousin Raul. Thank you from Fincher's Texas Best.
Pic: Even a Liberty statue celebrates the arrival of Raul Gonzalez to New York Cosmos. [photo via Marca]
some stars who had a miss at the ISL Ist edition. Ronaldinho, M.Owen, Raul Gonzalez, Diego Forlan. Hope to see them soon!
Cristiano Ronalo's goalscoring ratio at Real Madrid is Freaking insane: roughly 1.02 goals/game. Surely he's gonna be their all- time goalscorer given he's just 70+ odd from Raul Gonzalez Blanco's all time record.
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need 6 more goals to equal the record of Raul Gonzalez with Europe's top scorer with 76 goals in the Competition
A real threat from Cristiano to Raul gonzalez
So today we're signing Eto'o. Is Raul Gonzalez still kicking about? Rumour for tomorrow?
Talkin abt lengendary, wher is Raul Gonzalez?.
Getting geared up for studio visits. Gonzalez
Have you heard ‘Jesus Nazareno De San Juan Sacatepequez (Luis Raul Gonzalez O.)’ by Notas Sublimes on
"Pic: Raul Gonzalez Blanco vs barca and they complain about messi being man handled
Raúl returns to where it all began: A tribute will be made to Spain and Real Madrid legend Raúl González this ...
naa ..omò orô Ronaldo wore the No.9 Jersey for the 1st season then the coup de tat happened Raul Gonzalez got shipped out
Raul Gonzalez shirt, perfectly combined with the city..if you know what i mean
"His passion is like a fire that gives light to candles.The only difference is that his passion never quenches". Raúl Gonzalez on Ramos.
will be pleased that Raul Gonzalez has won the World Player of the Year award.
So to today's poll. 'Who is the best finisher to have played football ever'? Let's us know your thoughts ."Raul Gonzalez
Watch the incredible moment passengers pushed a train to free a man’s trapped leg:
Raul Gonzalez 7 is the greatest Spanish player!
They say that Fernando can take ANY car to the podium. Alonso, we challenge you - get this there in Spa!
Great article about the Havana underworld
Congratulations to Raul Gonzalez-Aviles for starting a new customer!! Welcome to the team, Yuliana Dominguez!!!
Myt jus pick Raul Gonzalez Blanco as d best spanish player i watched...
My blog post on Cuban Mafioso Raul Jerez at site:.
I pray the spirits of David Villa and Raul Gonzalez Blanco bless Roberto Soldado with a decent season
Raul Gonzalez, longtime Univision star, jumps to Telemundo - Until late last month, Gonzalez, a native of...
Thank you and for a well considered review.
PEEK a BOO PEEPS! Sunday, June 22 - noon to 5pm Just when you think the market is leveling out... comes Performance Artist and painter Raul Gonzalez COME DANCE WITH US ON SUNDAY! Watch the Vimeo and get ready...
Raul Gonzalez, Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas, and Guti Hernandez. They all are Captains. They all are
4 years ago today I married My best friend, little did I know that the years would fly by and we would experience so many things together, from moving to a different state, visiting fun places, him taking me to my first club lol, having our daughter, making it through deployment, finally moving back to Texas and now being in school together! It's been a wild ride and God couldn't have blessed me with a better Partner to share this journey with. I love you so much Raul Gonzalez!! Happy Anniversary!!!
I really like it so far. Not sure if all Qatari players are real but the big players are there! (Raul, Niang, Lucho Gonzalez)
I am going to spend the day with my mom...getting our nails done and then doing a practice run with her makeup for the big day tomorrow...she is marrying a wonderful man tomorrow.he has came into our crazy family lives and no matter how insane my family is he still sticks by her side.i am so happy they found each other and really excited about tomorrow i love you mom and Raul Gonzalez
Spain's standard will be hard to beat - Raul Gonzalez
"Accusing Iker for Spain's exit is probably the most unfair statement anyone could make, his gloves are privileged to be worn by him, the captain's armband has made it's place in world history ever since it was assigned to him, It is an honor for past and present Spaniards to have played in the same team as him, Legend knows that everyone has their time to shine, Having lifted every cup as a captain, i think Iker has been worth more than any of the big names in football today, the difference? he's a true Madrista! he's never had the need to weigh himself on the transfer market" - Raul Gonzalez Blanco
I wish i can meet Raul Gonzalez in my dream 🚶😞😂
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"He´s a player who can unbalance you at any moment." Raul Gonzalez on Ryan Giggs
I don't even know if he's screwing around with us anymore or not. He's put Raul in before and it never worked...
Serious Scioscia: "Raul is hopefully getting more comfortable in box. He's had some good AB's this series & Masterson is very tough on RHs."
I'm glad the Spanish dominance is over. I'm just sad Raul Gonzalez never got to enjoy their success.
Raul Gonzalez ain't walking on to that pitch.
I loved the Spanish team from Raul Gonzalez, Iker Casillas and Carlos Puyol era. Gotta say goodbye to now that they underperformed.
Raul Gonzalez warming up for are gonna win this match 4-2
These money minded people cannot play. Bring on RAUL GONZALEZ.
"If you wanna come back it's alright it's alright, it's alright if you wanna come back to me" Raúl González Blanco.
Raul Gonzalez it's even better than any striker in the field
the third Spanish player that don't make me cringe, after Raul Gonzalez and Xabi :))
So is Raul Ibanez's foul ball from last night still missing?
You'll be happy to know that Collin Cowgill is now pinch-running for Raul Ibanez.
al saad will play against us in asia :| ! Raul Gonzalez play for them now
Sosh needs a dose of reality and shake up the lineup, also who in the world plays Raul over Cron
Raul Meireles's reaction to Pepe's red card was priceless 😂😂😂
Raul Meireles' reaction to the Pepe red card.
What Raul Meireles thought about Pepe's red card:
I used to love them but I hate them because of their arrogance, the coach, &how they never called Raul Gonzalez for the team
We love this inspiring story about Somerville Artist of the Month Raúl Gonzalez
Beckham magnificent control,Raul breathtaking headings!Roberto Powerful kicks!Ronaldinho hatricks always a thrill to C legends @ its best
Getting set up. Works by Raul Gonzalez and Alex Dubois. Artist Studio Clearance Sale
"My heart will always be with Real Madrid. Real Madrid is my life and my home.”. - Raúl Gonzalez Blanco
Watching a SkySports documentary on some of the Greatest Players to have played the game.. The likes of Raul Gonzalez, Luis Figo, George Best, Ryan Giggs, Denis Bergkamp, Roberto Baggio, Ronaldo, Pele, Diego Maradona, Paulo Maldini, Gerd Muller, Zinedine Zidane.
Boyle Heights "Art Box" project. The project transformed nine generic City utility traffic-light boxes into original works of art along the First Street Arts Corridor, which is currently undergoing $12 million in Metro funded improvements that Councilmember Huizar helped secure. Councilmember Huizar, champion of the City's recently adopted mural ordinance, sponsored the Art Box program as a way to promote and encourage more public art in the City of Los Angeles. Special thanks to Raul Gonzalez, Boyle Heights Art Box Program Coordinator, and the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles for leading the tour. Featured artists include Gonzalez, as well Fabian Debora; Nuke; Lilia Ramirez (LiliFlor); Vyal One; Ricardo Estrada; Blossom; Sonji Mariposa and Carlos Callejo.
2 - Sergio Ramos is the 2nd Spanish player to score two goals against Bayern in a game (Raul Gonzalez in 2007). Tarzan.
UCL top scorers of all time: Raul Gonzalez - 71 goals, Lionel Messi - 67 goals and Cristiano Ronaldo - 66 goals. Who among Ronaldo and Messi do you think will surpass Raul's record?
Luiz Ronaldo vs Andriy Shevchenko vs Thierry Henry vs Raul Gonzalez vs Samuel Eto'o vs Didier Drogba who was/is the best finisher between these strikers ?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
BARCELONA, Spain (AP) -- Lionel Messi scored twice, passing Alfredo Di Stefano on the La Liga career scoring list and tying Raul Gonzalez for third as he led Barcelona over Rayo Vallecano 6-0 on Saturday night. Messi's 228 league goals are one more than di Stefano, and the 26-year-old trails only Telmo Zarra (251) and Hugo Sanchez (234). His sixth two-goal game this season raised his goals total to 24, including 13 in the league. Adriano put Barcelona ahead in the second minute, Messi scored on a chip in the 36th and assisted Alexis Sanchez's goal in the 53rd. Pedro Rodriguez scored three minutes later and Messi got his second goal in the 68th. Neymar entered in the 62nd in his first appearance since an ankle injury on Jan. 12 and scored in the 89th. Barcelona (19-2-3) leads the league on goal difference over Atletico Madrid (19-2-3), which ended a three-game losing streak with a 3-0 home win over Valladolid. Raul Garcia scored and set up Diego Costa's 21st league goal of the season. Real Madrid (18-2-3) ...
Al Sadd outclass Al Gharafa Brazilian playmaker Rodrigo Tabata turned in a man-of-the-match winning performance to help Al Sadd score an impressive 4-2 victory over Al Gharafa and move back to third place in the Qatar Stars League. In their 20th-round match at the Al Sadd Stadium, the defending champions won, thanks to goals from Nadir Belhadj (11th), Tabata (22nd), Raul Gonzalez (51st) and Khalfan Ibrahim (68th). Argentinian striker Lisandro Lopez (41st) and Othman Alawi Al Yahri (63rd) found the target for the losers. Meanwhile, Al Ahli paid for their wastefulness in front of the goal as Qatar Sports Club came from behind to hold them 1-1. Iranian midfielder Mojtaba Jabari put Ahli ahead in the 71st while Jin *** Shin (86th) equalised for Qatar SC. Elsewhere, Al Rayyan defeated Al Kharaitiyat 2-1. Kalu Uche (third) and Jarallah Al Marri (80th) netted for the winners while Mahmoud Saad (20th) found the back of the net for the men in blue.
Fernando Hierro on the way down under, and perhaps Raul Gonzalez too
Replacing David Beckham, Raul Gonzalez, and Luis Figo for wearing number 7 shirt and provide more than them is very brilliant, you know
One of the Best Goal of Raul Gonzalez in Intercontinental Cup
"To give people hope and empower them to make their dreams come true is wonderful" by Raul Gonzalez.
To mu sugar bum,lover and my crush for 10yrs U made '13 awesome. Thanx for d laffs,d smiles,the kisses nd d sweet dreams
oh well good thing. If not that would've got all infected. And yeah poor thing. Raul tapped it today and he went off lol
Artist Raul Gonzalez working on a Mural that will be displayed at the New Years Fundraiser Tomorrow-
I'm broadcasting LIVE right now on Mixlr. "Ototo Raul Gonzalez's Mixlr". Tune in:
. on Raul Ibanez, who turns 42 in June but still believes he can be a productive run producer...
Only i would be taking about my love for Raúl González at almost 2 am
Now on Angels finalize deal with veteran Ibanez
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