Raspberry Pi & Arch Linux

The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Arch Linux (or Arch, pronounced ) is an independently developed, Linux-based operating system for i686 and x86-64 computers. 0.7/5

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Finally got graphics on my Raspberry Pi using Arch Linux after several re-installs. Sometimes I feel I need more degrees to do this stuff.
Raspberry Pi: changing the memory split on Arch linux
Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi runs like a boss
The first thing I did with my Raspberry Pi was to wipe the disk and install Arch Linux. Idk. Maybe I can still install it somehow...
Tutorial on how to install Arch Linux, Logitech Media Server and Squeezelite on a Raspberry Pi
Resolve hostname with Arch linux on a Raspberry Pi - Note: you can change your hostname by editing:...
Switched on my Arch Linux based Raspberry Pi earlier. Updated it, stared at the screen for a bit, scratched my bum, then shut the Raspberry Pi down while thinking "And?"
Whoo hoo! My new BeagleBone Black arrived today from CPC. That's a new Raspberry Pi and a BBB 2 setup next wk with Arch Linux...
arkOS: build your Cloud with a Raspberry Pi
A startup called the Citizen Web Project has raised over $23,000 in crowdsourcing funds for an alpha-stage fork of Arch Linux intended for hosting easily-administered web services on low-end hardware. Initially available for the Raspberry Pi, ArkOS is designed for securely self-hosting websites, email, social networking accounts, and cloud services via an open source “Genesis” server gateway application.
arkOS 0.3: Your data, your rules, your own operating system on the tiny Raspberry Pi hardware, based on Arch Linux
Just splodging an image of Arch Linux onto a random SD. Raspberry Pi awaits :)
Thunks and even thinks ... I ought to instal 'Arch Linux' on my new Raspberry Pi model A ... A is for Arch :)
French Canadian Apple keyboard layout now possible on your raspberry Pi (Arch Linux)
Wondering what I exactly would/could/should do if I bought a Raspberry Pi!! Any suggestions?
Work proceeds on the next issue of the arch-based Raspberry Pi sd card image. I have the system running in a more user-friendly way now - using tint2 for a system tray, conky for system-monitoring and nm-applet to handle internet connections. I will upload in the next day or two.
On January 26th at 2PM, Make Lehigh Valley will be hosting a talk by Jason Plum (of Arch Linux ARM/on the Raspberry Pi, Arch Linux ARM, and uses of the Raspberry Pi for appl
Resisting working on the Raspberry Pi until I finish working on the PogoPlug. Arch Linux still fails to boot up but at least I haven't bricked the Pogo.
Recompiling OpenELEC for the Raspberry Pi in an attempt to get it to work w/ the Wiimotes!
Pi is surely making waves across the globe, attracting considerable interest both from Linux hobbyists and embedded computing enthusiasts. The credit-card sized computer, that can run Linux, Fedora and Arch Linux, was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to get the youth of today to try their hand at engineering. Raspberry Pi has a low price so enthusiasts can afford it, founder Eben Upton recently told TechRadar. There is no denying the fact that the $25 device has helped raise awareness of the possibilities for not only small but also inexpensive computers. But it is pertinent to note here that it's not the only option in single-board computing. Check out these five alternatives to Raspberry Pi, which offer power well beyond their size.
Issuing a top command via Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi!
Second time lapse using the Raspberry Pi
Getting started with the Raspberry Pi using Arch Linux
In case you missed it last night. New blog post! Arch Linux and desktop adventures with the Raspberry Pi
I just received an email and ordered my I look forward to putting Arch Linux ARM on it and running the smallest server ever.
Liam has just uploaded new versions of the Debian and Arch Linux ARM distributions to our mirror system. Head on over to the downloads page. The Debian image contains the following updates to the prior 13-04-2012 release:
More video from Liam: Arch Linux, Quake 3, getting audio working and more Posted on April 17, 2012 by liz You’ll need a spare 20 minutes to watch this (and I have to admit, a spare 20 minutes is not something I expect to have any time soon, so I kind of skipped through; but I...
In case you missed it last night, a RT: Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi now available for download. See for details
If you're in a position to torrent and seed Arch Linux Arm for Raspberry Pi, we'd be grateful - see
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