Rashida Jones & Aubrey Plaza

Rashida Leah Jones (born February 25, 1976) is an American film and television actress, comic book author, screenwriter and occasional singer. Aubrey Christina Plaza (born June 26, 1984) is an American actress and comedian who has gained popularity through her deadpan-style comedy, and currently co-stars in Parks And Recreation as April Ludgate. 5.0/5

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Rashida Jones isn't the ONLY opp that Aubrey Plaza is friends with, our very own Nora Sagal is now on her best...
I used to get Aubrey Plaza &Rashida Jones mixed up all the time, but let me tell you, I now know the difference& is my spirit guide
It's borderline impossible not to fall in love with Aubrey Plaza or Rashida Jones
Aubrey Plaza & Rashida Jones at Parks And Recreation - Season 5
After years of back & forth, I've decided the winner of Rashida Jones vs Aubrey Plaza is Natalie Morales
Jessica Williams, Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, Issa Rae, Tisha Campbell...there are so many better options!
i would sell my soul to have a 3some with Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza
Google Poll: Rashida Jones or Aubrey Plaza? Who is more attractive? Send me your opinions!!
Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza ...Love at first sight =(.
I would do things to Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza
I'm in love with Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones, and not by circumstance April and Ann Perkins
Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza can both get it. Simultaneously.
Dear Rashida Jones and/or Aubrey Plaza. Please marry me. Love just another creepy *** dude on the internet, Jimbo
Watching Parks & Recreation from season 1 and always thought I had a fancy for Aubrey Plaza what with the eyes and ice queen personality; NOPE! Now it's Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones and that's how I know I'm getting old.
Tonight in Primetime on KCBD KCBD-NewsChannel 11 - 11.1 7:00PM - Parks And Recreation: LONDON Leslie (Amy Poehler) wins an award from an international Women in Government organization, and travels to London with Ben (Adam Scott), Andy (Chris Pratt), April (Aubrey Plaza) and Ron (Nick Offerman) to accept it. 7:30PM - Parks And Recreation: LONDON PART 2 Tom (Aziz Ansari) hunts down the mysterious businessman who is trying to put Rent-a-Swag out of business, while Ann (Rashida Jones) and Chris (Rob Lowe) settle into the next phase of their relationship, Jim O’Heir and Retta also star. 8:00PM - NBC SPECIALS: THE WOMEN OF SNL 10:00PM – KCBD-NewChannel 11 at Ten KCBD-THIStv - 11.2 7:00PM - 9:00PM – WarGames (TV-PG, PG, ***) A computer-game whiz previews a new video game, but he fails to realize that it is a military missile defense system that threatens to cause a nuclear war.
you're the Rashida Jones to my Amy Poehler and together we are Aubrey Plaza
Sara attended the launch of Rashida Jones' jewelry line and Amy Poehler & Aubrey Plaza were there, too! This is important to me!
Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones do it for me. Big time.
I'm in love with too many celebrities right now. Piper Perabo, Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, Carrie Brownstein...
Aubrey Plaza's pretty hot.but not as hot as Rashida Jones.
The only good thing about the Parks & Rec marathon on FXX has been Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones. That and the mute button.
FXX started out with a bang: Parks & Rec marathon! My crushes on Aubrey Plaza & Rashida Jones have been renewed.
Watching Parks And Recreation and I can't get enough of Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza
here’s a photo of Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones & Tatiana Maslany on the P&R set cc
I have a massive crush on Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza. I wanna marry a woman like either of em. Baybeee baybee
Started the pilot of It has Rashida Jones AND Aubrey Plaza! Not sure I can handle so much beauty.
next you'll tell me Carey Mulligan, Jane Levy,Rashida Jones, Jennifer Lawrence,Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza didn't make the cut!
I've heard and I've seen, I love Amy Poehler and I also love Retta, Rashida Jones, and Aubrey Plaza...
Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones are hot. Makes watching Parks And Recreation good on the eye as well
I just died after seeing Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, and sing "Time After Time"! LOL! Highlight of my weekend!
I just want to sit in a love seat with Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones and watch Antiques Roadshow. Is that too much to ask?
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Nick Offerman laughed on Parks And Recreation last night...Aubrey Plaza sung...Rashida Jones was gorgeous and Rob...
Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza can both sing? Totes Hotzz!
Hey Rashida Jones or Aubrey Plaza yes I will marry you
I will never be happy until Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and Tina Fey are my BFFs.
I don't know who's responsible for this but thank you for Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones, Retta singing Time After Time
It makes me happy that Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza had so much screen time today. 😍
Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones singing time after time on Parks and Rec.yes.
But seriously, for my birthday, can someone get Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones to sing Cyndi Lauper to me?
There will never be a better scene of television committed to film than Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, and Retta singing "Time After Time."
If my life ever turns around I will look back at Aubrey Plaza & Rashida Jones singing Time After Time as the very moment it all started.
Heaven is Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza and Retta singing forever.
And every girl here is beautiful... Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza (of course) and Jenny Slate (in a weird way lol)
Still dreading that horrible day when Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza make me choose between them.
In this Parts of Rec, we look at Parks And Recreation episode "Correspondent's Lunch" and see who could possibly steal Amy Poehler's jokes, what great ideas Chris Pratt has for Adam Scott (Actor), Aubrey Plaza, and Aziz Ansari, and why Rashida Jones is talking to Nick Offerman about Rob Lowe in this solid but not quite amazing second episode from Thursday. Click below to read more.
Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza both need to marry me
"Rashida Jones & Aubrey Plaza, you beautiful creatures…"
Rashida Jones & Aubrey Plaza, you beautiful creatures…
That moment when you fall in love with Rashida Jones.
Been watching some Parks And Recreation in preparation for the shoot tomorrow. Did anybody else get Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza mixed up at first? Are they supposed to be sisters?
Parks And Recreation... Deadly funny. And theres Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones... Laughter and lust... Nice combo
I love Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza!! That is all.
I find Rashida Jones to be very attractive...May have to start watching P&R...just a thought
A clip from the evening of women's essays that Kathy Directed at Joes Pub -- Glamour Mag produced starring Oliva Wilde, Zosia Mamet, Ari Graynor, Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler and Goria Steinem
Anyone else out there watch Parks and Rec solely for Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones? - Seriously though, I wi…
"WOMEN IN GARBAGE" 01/24/2013 (08:30PM - 09:00PM) (Thursday) : LESLIE FOCUSES ON WOMEN'S EQUALITY IN GOVERNMENT - Lucy Lawless ("SPARTACUS") GUEST STARS -- In order to get more women hired in government, Leslie (Amy Poehler) and April (Aubrey Plaza) handle a garbage route. Meanwhile, to help his growing business, Tom (Aziz Ansari) enlists the help of Andy (Chris Pratt) and Ben (Adam Scott) to teach him about basketball, and Ron (Nick Offerman) is left to watch Diane's (guest star Lucy Lawless) kids while their babysitter is out of town. Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, Jim O'Heir, Retta and Rob Lowe also star.
Aubrey Plaza is hilarious. Rashida Jones is also really funny even though they stopped giving Ann any story
Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones park their recs at the Trevor Project - General
"Keep your head up. No feeling is final. You're a very special person. Anything you need, you can always find support and you are not alone. There is always someone out there who can help you. It's okay to be different; being different is the best." -Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones & Aubrey Plaza at Trevor Live
I'm also thankful for Parks and Rec for having the sexiest females on TV on one show. Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza, and Rashida Jones.
Photo: Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler, and Rashida Jones at the Glamour Presents These Girls performance party at...
i might have fell in love with Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones.
I loose the ability to feel negative emotions when Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza are in the same scene. Wierd.
Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza off Parks And Recreation >>>>
Did I really have to be *convinced* to watch a hilarious show that stars Rashida Jones & Aubrey Plaza? The *** s wrong with me?
Amy Poehler hangs out with Rashida Jones, Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman and Aziz Ansari on the reg. She’s too real.
I think the reason I watch is my constant self debate between who is hotter: Rashida Jones vs. Aubrey Plaza. Who ya got?
Watch out Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza is giving u a run for your money
suicideblonde: Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler, and Rashida Jones at an event in NYC, October 8th
I mean, I would enjoy Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza "can getting it." But, Amy Poehler... she just... reminds me too much of my mom.
I'd rather Aubrey Plaza have my babies than Rashida Jones any day
Rashida Jones, Zooey Deschanel, and Aubrey Plaza all have permission to pee on me if they want to.
I think I'd love to love Rashida Jones & Aubrey Plaza. They'd probably love to know that creeps like me didn't exist to make life less weird
Rashida Jones, Alison Brie, Hannah Simone, Aubrey Plaza are some of my favorites on tv. simp all of 'em
No, Complex Magazine, Tina Fey is not the second hottest woman in comedy TV beating out Rashida Jones, Allison Brie, and Aubrey Plaza.
"Complex Magazine lists Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza & Rashida Jones as three of the Hottest Funny Girls of All Time." Rashida isn't a comedian
Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler. In the same show? That has been going four seasons? What have I been doing with my stupid life?!
Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza will break the 4th wall and ask me to judge a "who's the more amazing dinner date" competition.
Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones are so pretty.
Aubrey Plaza, will you please join in on this open mouth kiss between Rashida Jones and myself?
Thank you American Netflix. Get to watch Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza moving around and being funny on Parks And Recreation.
After every episode of Parks and Rec, I have to ask myself if I think Rashida Jones or Aubrey Plaza is hotter...
Jennifer Lawrence, Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, please bring Amy Poehler back to host again
Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza are my favorite reasons to watch parks and rec.I'm in love with both of them
Parks and Recs is like the best show. Aziz Ansari is hilarious, then you have Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza what more could you want?
Rashida Jones just gets cuter and cuter to me. I used to not really care for her, but Ann Perkins has won me over. Still no Aubrey Plaza.
I've met my Doppelgänger of Aubrey Plaza, and she was something 😌 Now I NEED to find my Doppelgänger of Rashida Jones 😍
Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Rashida Jones, and Aubrey Plaza. What do these women have in common? Beautiful and funny. This is why I'm alone.
Aubrey Plaza is a banger, but she shouldn't be on the same show as Rashida Jones.
Watched season 4 of Parks & Recreation...safe to say Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones should be switch hitting on my dong.
Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones make Parks and Rec so great. And so do Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman.
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The cast of is incredible. Aziz hilarious, Offerman, too. Would also marry either Rashida Jones or Aubrey Plaza. Or both.
Its already a super good show BUT, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza make Parks And Recreation so much better... marry me. Both of you.
I just want to hang out with Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones.
has kissed Aubrey Plaza and met Rashida Jones. Why not just play on parks and rec? Life would be good.
I literally want to be Rashida Jones, and Aubrey Plaza is obviously my spirit animal.
Season 4 finale of Parks And Recreation. Definitely a bit in love with Aubrey Plaza now, possibly Rashida Jones too.Spreading my love around
Louis CK is the best part of Parks & Recreation's first season. I mean, apart from Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones being cute.
We need a show that combines the talents of Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, Tina Fey, Kristin Wiig, Kaley Cuoco, Alison Brie and Abby Elliott.
I tried getting into that show because Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza are hella hot but I just couldn't.
Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Aubrey Plaza! These 3 kill me on Parkss!!
Started watching Park and Rec for Rashida Jones, stayed for Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza
3rd shift keeps my sleeping schedule messed off... Bout to watch some Parks & Recreation since I'm up... Love Rashida Jones (Quincy Jones' daughter) and Aubrey Plaza! And the reason I started watching, my dude Aziz Ansari! Dude too funny!
If you are one of the following, call me maybe? Carly Rae Jepsen, Olivia Wilde, Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones, Valerie Poxleitner (Lights).
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