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Rashard Lewis

Rashard Quovon Lewis (born August 8, 1979 in Pineville, Louisiana) is an American professional basketball player, currently with the NBA's Washington Wizards as a small forward and a power forward.

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I see, how did u get Turl And Rashard Lewis?
F the Knicks. Hope Melo is 7 for new team and Nike does throwback Sonics jerseys. If not, eBay Rashard Lewis, maski…
in the Alvarez-Golovkin post-fight image in Leading Off, is that Rashard Lewis in the crowd?
dawk if u have time and the source can u do Rashard Lewis 27 pts vs Chris bosh 39 pts 4-26-08? I would appriciate it.
Once again that finals team had 3 allstars... Howard along with Rashard lew…
The Big3 was exciting and can't wait for that season 2 and MVP Rashard Lewis !
In NBA 2k19 I want the 2004-2005 Sonics. Ray, Allen, Rashard Lewis, Luke Ridnour. Most fun team to play with.
I Love 2k n all but where's Rashard Lewis?
So those role players minus Lebron would win 2 finals.. can't forget Rashard Lewis too
Led Rashard Lewis, Jameer Nelson and Hedo to the finals. Nuff said
Did Rashard Lewis play before and during the finals averaging 17, 7, and 4?
Did I just see someone say Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson was the leader of the Magic a few years back?
Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson. Go watch their finals run. Jameer was that ships captain.
I imagine the prototypical PF in today's game would be Cliff Robinson sand Rashard Lewis! Perfect for the modern NBA
2K left Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis off the all time magic team
That Heat team had Birdman, Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Norris Cole, and Rashard Lewis coming off the benc…
Can a game not be good that Gus Johnson is commentating? He had me excited to watched Kwame Brown & Rashard Lewis in Big 3 play
I could be wrong, but it looks like Rashard Lewis (wearing sunglasses) is here at Stood well above the floor crowd during anthem
Yess the GOAT vs a glorified Rashard Lewis with a bad hairline
How dare you not include Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu on the All-time Magic team?!
no tukalu of Rashard Lewis on the all time magic team ?
The Magic in 08/09 ? They had prime Dwight and Rashard Lewis not a "stacked" team
goin down today. Is it gonna be Kenyon Martin's Trilogy or Rashard Lewis' 3 Headed Monsters?
So is replace Ricky Davis in the Cavs?Where is Rashard Lewis,Elton Brand,Gilbert Arenas and Lamar Odom?
Knew it had to be Rashard Lewis or Gilbert Arenas lol
Orlando use to be so *** cold.. Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkoglu, Dwight Howard.
had Mike Bibby, Gary Payton, Rashard Lewis, Charles Oakley, Ice Cube and more in Dallas at the…
Nathan and Lucas were the greatest duo since Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis
Rashard Lewis look like he can still play in the league 👀👀
If you want it babi you gotta Earn Earn Earn Earn Earn it .. Elite 8.. Rashard Lewis Basketball…
Rashard Lewis is killing in this I forgot how cold he was in the
domain names
Watch Rashard Lewis pour in 30 points to lead 3 Headed Monsters to a win | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS -
Sharp-shooter Rashard Lewis played HS ball at Elsik High in Houston. It probably would've been off to Kansas in 199…
@ Rashard Lewis the real Seattle super sonics!! I miss watching you guys!!
Rashard Lewis in today's game would be a problem.
Rashard Lewis was that guy in Seattle before KD got there !
Rashard Lewis has been the Kevin Durant of the league. Ranking top players in the BIG3
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the innovative Rashard Lewis meets the likely Andrew Bogut ⛺️
Rashard Lewis contract encapsulates Grunfeld's career. Traded for him to get rid of 💰contract he gave t…
I got Mike Bibby and Ricky Davis graph. I got Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams, and Kwame Brown graph
If Jason Williams didn't go down, I'd say 3 headed monster would win the chip. Rashard Lewis going to cook all these teams
How injured is Jason Williams? Cuz him, Rashard Lewis, Kwame Brown, and Mahmoud Abdul Rauf was the squad!
man just seeing Rashard Lewis go against Mike Bibby is like a dream come true but then you throw Jason Williams in there whaaat
2017 and I'm watchin Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams, and Kwame Brown play basketball together. is the greatest thing to ever happen
Nah dude Im all about this league. A team with Rashard Lewis and Jason Williams with Gary Payton a…
Rashard Lewis with a walk off free throw to take the first game of the League.
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Don't be a bitter Gator and cheer on the next KD/Rashard Lewis on a good day who happens to be a Seminole
(LeBron . Wade. Bosh . R. Allen ). Shane Battier. M. Miller. Birdman . Haslem. Juwan Howard . Rashard Lewis . Don't think I need to go on ..
Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin and Rashard Lewis are among the former NBA all-stars…
Today's fun fact:. John Wall has played with only 3 guys who have made an All-Star team:. Josh Howard . Rashard Lewis. Pa…
Rashard Lewis and some other guy, can't remember his name
Jason Williams is back and teaming with 3-point legend Rashard Lewis to Co-Captain the 3 Headed Monsters team in 🔥
Per Terrence Ross is first Magic player since Rashard Lewis on 10/31/07 to score 24+ PTS in either 1st or 2nd g…
Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkoglu and Dwight Howard once took LeBron out in the playoffs. We don't really talk about that upse…
do u know who Jermain Oneal, Bonzi Wells, Allen Iverson, Charles Oakley, and Rashard Lewis are?
Who remembers this commercial with KD, Mo Williams, Iggy & Rashard Lewis?
we used to be great at it!...Dennis Scott, Nick Anderson, Rashard Lewis, Turk, Reddick...
NEW TEAM: Rashard Lewis and Jason Williams will team up in for the newly formed 3 Headed Monsters!
Big ups to and his 'team' - Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams form first official Tournament team
Rashard Lewis & Jason Williams - led 3 Headed Monsters are already being called the team to watch this season.
Congrats to of the on passing Rashard Lewis (1,787) for 12th on all-time Three-Pointers Made list! https…
A look at Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin, Rashard Lewis and Roger Mason posing with their "Big 3" league jerseys:
read the chart wrong... Not yet eligible (not inducted)... Cauhgt it because Rashard Lewis was really confusing me at ha
how does he not fit? Howard had Rashard Lewis play the same role the Milsap is but the later is a better all around player.
Joe Johnson, Shareef Abdul Rahim and Rashard Lewis made the most cheese and nobody knows about it.
I was thinking the same thing, SVG can resurrect ABs career like he did with Rashard Lewis
say rashard lewis and I know u need a whole one
there is a CWebb out there man, McDyess too, Emeka, Rashard Lewis...
kinda makes me think back at the $118 million contact Orlando gave Rashard Lewis back in '07.
If the Wizards can trade Gil without having to take back Rashard Lewis than Ernie Grunfeld deserves a raise.
Rashard Lewis is clutch...I've always wanted to play like him lol
Okay, how about Rashard Lewis? (Asking more about impact than reputation with this one.)
Curry was being guarded by the best defender on the team Lebron was being guarded by Rashard Lewis...Don't be dumb
Kenyon Martin, Rashard Lewis, and others are expected to play in a new basketball league starting in 2017. Details: https:…
a sorrier team? So then he left just to struggle with another team? No. 3. The Heat had Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, James Jones
My man said Rashard Lewis and Mike Miller shoot 3's better than Steph Curry..I really almost shot this ***
I think it's about scheme..Ibaka is Rashard Lewis plus he's a shot blocker. Vucevic low post Dwight Howard. Payton is Jameer N.
It's too bad iguodala, kd, Rashard Lewis, and no Williams didn't keep their nicknames from the hyperize commercials..
What F/A has ever gone to 'play with Dwight'? Rashard Lewis, maybe?
He's probably not going to gain 30 pounds without some Rashard Lewis type of drugs.
Former Seattle Supersonics Gary Payton and Rashard Lewis will be involved in a new Basketball league being formed... http…
Gimmie Greek, we'll develop his jumper then he'll be unstoppable. I'd hire Rashard Lewis as his personal jumpshot t…
Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis should've been Steph Curry and Klay Thompson if they were in the right system
LeBron loves HGH guys like Rashard Lewis. His agent is no stranger to Biogenesis. Plus his hairline, the jaw growth surgery? Cmon.
What did you have his ceiling as? I was looking at a better offensive/defensive Rashard Lewis.
I believe it was jameer rashard lewis not so much ryno
thank you bro! Btw word is Rashard Lewis might play in the Tuesday league
Yup .. Trey Songz, Allen Iverson, Rashard Lewis .. The list can go on
This is easy: Wall, Swaggy P, Rashard Lewis, Andray Blatche, Javale McGee. Funnest 2K team to play with.
bacc in the Gary Payton and Kemp days or the Antonio McDaniel and Luke Ridnour days? Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis maybe? Lol
Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenas, and Rashard Lewis would be proud of Mike Conley
Marc Gasol, Rashard Lewis, & Gilbert Arenas are the only 2nd round picks to get +$100M contracts. That's going to change soon.
Did you know that only 3 second round picks have signed a $100M contract in the NBA - Gilbert Arenas, Marc Gasol and Rashard Lewis.
Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis would get paid for 70 years if they could have deferred their insane contracts
yeah but they dropped in 09 to the Magic.. Lmao. And Dwight's best teammates were Jameer Nelson and Rashard Lewis
Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis son or did you mean Shawn kemp and Gary Payton?
How can you call Rashard Lewis and Lance Stephenson's draft decisions "disastrous"? Both w/ fine careers.
If you ain't rock with Desmond Mason, Rashard Lewis, and Ray Allen with Sonics, you can't rock with Steph, Draymond, and Klay now 😭
Klay Thompson passed Byron Scott, Steve Smith, Gary Payton, and Rashard Lewis into a tie for 34th all-time in playoff 3's.
Can't wait for the 30 for 30 sequel, "This Magic Moment 2," on Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu, Rashard Lewis, and Mickael Pietrus.
Here is a fun fact. Hedo Turkoglu, Rashard Lewis and Mickael Pietrus shot 43-92 from 3 in the 2009 ECF. Thats 46.7% from 3.
nah he had Jameer Nelson, J.J. Riddick, Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu. They were putting up points.
If I ever changed my profile picture to Rashard Lewis. You would never tell the difference
I like Rashard Higgins and Malcolm Mitchell in the earlier rounds. Michael Thomas (s. miss) and Roger Lewis later
Hield is Ben Gordon, Ingram is Rashard Lewis & Simmons is Grant Hill
Was just thinking how much better Rashard Lewis would have been that McRoberts right now for our roster.
I'm giving away something for you on Rashard Lewis 2004-05 Skybox Autographics. Get it here -
hope I'm not offending, but: Rashard Lewis (that stupid contract), Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin (recipient of J-Kidd passes).
W/in a year Doc would trade him for Rashard Lewis
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the bad Rashard Lewis meets the petite David Robinson 🎒
Harper was supposed to be the next Rashard Lewis. I love those NBA comparisons.
he overpaid Rashard Lewis, Dwight was the reason we made it, he didn't draft him, he is also why Dwight left? Team was trash
what we really need is a tbt Orlando Rashard Lewis
I've always thought rashard Lewis was fine
Joel Bolomboy reminds me an awful lot of Rashard Lewis.
sonics have Rashard Lewis, they'll be okay
All true. I will say though getting Ariza and Okafor back in the day for Rashard Lewis and a 2nd rounder was 👌🏻
Shouts to the dude at the post office in the Rashard Lewis jersey
the heat also had Chris bosh, dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Mario chalmers and Shane Battier
Who's that white bloke wearing rashard Lewis' number ?!?!
One time I saw Rashard Lewis at the fixing-broken-iPhone-screens kiosk at Tysons Corner. We both got our phones fixed. It was him for sure.
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Lowkey still really wish Rashard Lewis still played for Miami..
Ray Allen would do that too but he played rashard Lewis Paul pierce KG & other players who took away from shootin like that
Rashard Lewis playing in 96 western finals who woulda ever thought that was apex of career LOL
Remember LeBron girl was going on dates with Rashard Lewis
Now I believe Lebron girl cheated on him with Rashard Lewis 😂😂
I'd rather sign Rashard Lewis to another max deal before taking Dwight back
plus a game winner by rashard Lewis 😉 let's not forget about that part now cmon
NBA Champ Rashard Lewis giving Maxwell Evans some pointers after 1st Rd Playoff win.
Cleveland 118 Magic 96. We continue to pay them back for Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu. And even Michael Pietrus.
Just a reminder that Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis each scored more points than Dwight Howard in the 2009 NBA Finals
2007 free agency: The Orlando Magic agreed to a sign and trade of Rashard Lewis from the Sonics. His contract was 6years/$118…
Seems like a poor man Rashard Lewis to me
Lol I had no idea I was in the same airport as Rashard Lewis 😳
he had Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis 💤💤💤💤
now we go to the finals with Rafer Alston, Hedo, C. Lee, Rashard Lewis, & Dwight come on now.
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what're you looking for on the Rashard Lewis and the antoine walker?
that Rashard Lewis trade was bad too ik he started to not play well in 2010 but we shouldn't have traded him either
Solid list if you take out Rashard Lewis
I did the left-handed thing with Rashard Lewis... It cost me a "Benoit" Benjamin :(
Just casually said what's up to Rashard Lewis at memorial city mall
Rashard Lewis was slept on in the NBA
Kobe Bryant scores 7 pts in the first quarter and passes Rashard Lewis for the 11th-most 3-pointers all-time.
Sam Bradford and Rashard Lewis have the same agent
especially how the market dictates it. (i.e. Rashard Lewis- market was high you pay a bit more)
Rashard Lewis was up there too. And let’s not forget Eddie Curry.
Ingram is gonna be a Rashard Lewis type, Simmons is a lebron. Idk if you watched bball when lebron came out, no shot
Rashard Lewis got a 120MM contract at one point.
nah Rashard Lewis. Bobby did the Mets a favor because they were bankrupt and owed him money
Rashard Lewis at the top of my list Breh 😂
Lmaooo this list is missing Rashard Lewis
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LRT: Not only did he pay Blatche to go away, he let Rashard Lewis stay home despite the fact he was making like 18 million.
This *** said rashard Lewis was the all star for Miami in the playoffs
Rashard Lewis was in the NBA 5 years too early.
I think heading in we knew Tyler Boyd wasn't going to test all that well, Rashard Higgins and Roger Lewis were pretty dis…
IDK but somehow Edgar Renteria, Steph Curry, Rashard Lewis, and John Elway are involved.
Seriously when is Pat Ewing gonna get the call? He's like Rashard Lewis in the 98 draft green room at this point
All time starting 5 Derrick Fisher, Paul Pierce, Rashard Lewis, big baby Davis and Kendrick Perkins smh feedback lol 🙄
Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis, and Hedo Turkoglu all started on that team
Per Hawks PR, Kyle Korver has passed Rashard Lewis for ninth in NBA/ABA history with 1788 made 3-pointers.
Atlanta Hawks shooting guard Kyle Korver has passed Rashard Lewis for ninth place in 3-pointers made in NBA history with 1,788 and counting.
On this date 10 years ago, Rashard Lewis (41 Pts) and the Seattle Supersonics beat the Toronto Raptors in OT 126-121
can't forget about Rashard Lewis's $118 million dollar deal 😂
with that being said, we need a better stretch 4 like Battier, Rashard Lewis, etc. used to be, so PG is always at the 3.
Since rashard Lewis made the nba from elsik ill like to see a player make the nba from alief Taylor
Ray Ray & Rashard Lewis on the Sonics was the mean duo
Ray Allen fixed Rashard Lewis a plate after this
*** while I'm at it I'll sign Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen for their final swansongs as well. THE FOUR HORSEMEN.
5 or so minutes a game, plays 3-4. I think it'd be a good Rashard Lewis like pickup.
I just won a gauntlet game where I had to guard James harden with rashard Lewis
Rashard Lewis always been a fan of the 3 Point shot she made for both The Sonics and Magic
I remember when RASHARD LEWIS was the highest player in the league ..
true I think he did bulk up theyll probably use him like Orlando Rashard Lewis Myles Turner was a top 5 talent Indy is intriguing
lmao him n a few years ago rashard Lewis could light u up from 3
But i never cared about "broke DMs" shid im gonna shoot my shot.i might not be Steph Curry with the shot but i can be Rashard Lewis
lol one year Rashard Lewis made more money than LeBron.
Baby I could bring you to top put Ya mind to it, you know I make magic happen like Rashard Lewis
saw moochie, Rashard Lewis, Moses, Luther head, Keith hogans, etc...everyone else was really chill except him
Gonna go from Elsik to The Association like Rashard Lewis
Rashard Lewis had the series of his LIFE vs the Cavs
Kevin Durant, Luke Ridnour, Rashard Lewis, Nick Collison, and? Can't think of him
until you take that L and look back on the bad deal like Amare, Gilbert, Dwight, Rashard Lewis, Josh Smith and the list goes on
are you comparing Rashard Lewis to rondo?
Next time mention to SVG he had this dude Dwight Howard who probaly had more do to with Orlando's success than Rashard Lewis
Since Rashard Lewis is idle, 2016 might be a good time for to assemble an Elsik team.
I think I am in the minority here. Rashard Lewis was worth every penny to the Magic.
Fascinating discussion between Stan Van Gundy and on today's Lowe Post about Rashard Lewis' contract:
w/my Willowridge HS Alumni Ansu Sesay & Rashard Lewis...I guess me being 6ft 2in does not matter in this photo 😔
... I mean, there is plenty of nuance out there in mediums where nuance works. He keeps railing on the Rashard Lewis contract...
Van Gundy calls Otis Smith criticism "ludicrous" & Orlando's Rashard Lewis signing "one of the all-time best personnel moves."
Stan Van Gundy credits Otis Smith's decision to "overpay" Rashard Lewis for "turning the whole thing around" in ORL in Grantland interview
yeah first pack i got onyx rashard lewis. I thought they would be good so i pulled 100k & only got jerry lucas & world b free
I seen Dwight lead a team with defensive stars jameer,hedo and Rashard Lewis to the finals so 12
Looking at a list of the top 41 HS to NBA in history and there's no way Rashard Lewis had a better career than Al Jefferson
Anyway, I shall indulge you: I'd like to think that Aldrech will have a role similar to Rashard Lewis in Orlando.
Then you gotta do either Leandro Barbosa or Rashard Lewis lol
Rashard Lewis has been lethal with the shot on every 2K game since the beginning of time.
The original splash bros were Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis on the Sonics 🔥🔥
Them Seattle SuperSonics teams with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis used to be a problem!!!
Rashard Lewis had a rookie PER of 4.5...made 2 All-Star games, scored 15K pts
Rashard Lewis is a former all-star and world champion, not necessarily a diss towards Meek - He's just undermanned here.
Doubt it. Meek is Rashard Lewis of rap, b.
Was watching the 2009 All-Star Game and Rashard Lewis, Mo Williams, & Devin Harris all checked in. Man, time really does fly
Rashard Lewis at lifetime last night
Rashard lewis was so good as a sonic 22/7/4 then got offered that huge contract by Orlando 😳
ICYMI: NBA Champ and Houston's own Rashard Lewis in the building tonight!
RL9 Fall Basketball League!. Looking for teams 9u-13u. There will be a draft for kids who need a team to play on.
Maannn.. Way better, they had Jameer, Hedo, Rashard Lewis, even pietrus.. Cavs got Eric snow, boobie,
Let's take a look back to Rashard Lewis in 2006-07. This man averaged 22.4 points, 6.6 reb…
but him and rashard Lewis was a tough duo tho
hilariously, it was Rashard Lewis who really blew up the Bobcats in that playoff sweep
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Mike Miller is not what the Heat need. Christ, why not bring back Rashard Lewis instead?
Was thinking about creating something for comparing Marcus Morris and Rashard Lewis. Looked at There is no comparison
17s get a 2nd victory this month over a nationally ranked team, rallying to beat Rashard Lewis 9, 60-58 last night! http:…
bro can you do one on Rashard Lewis please
I do if it's for either a wilt Willis Rashard lewis iggy or bogut
But Troy Hudson is probably the top rapper in Magic history... take that back, Rashard Lewis was.
As reported, Rashard Lewis would like to play in 2015-16. Ray Allen, who took last year off, may decide…
Rashard Lewis, Shane Battier, Ray Allen, Birdman, Haslem all players who turned down more money elsewhere to play in Miami.
2015 NBA free agent rumors: Khris Middleton the new Rashard Lewis? - Detroit Bad Boys
Rashard Lewis veut tenter un comeback en NBA via Rob I want this guy.
Free agent Rashard Lewis,who missed last season to knee surgery, hopes to return to NBA next season,his agents Tony Dut…
I remember running with that Sonics team on NBA Live 2004. Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis always went off. That seems ages ago.
used to play with Seattle with Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis back when they win 50 games
don't know for sure but that's the Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Luke Ridnour, Chris Wilcox, Radmonovic era.
*** YES!With a Rashard Lewis and a Ray Allen one...shi ill even get a Wally Szczerbiak one
cant forget about Gary Payton, Rashard Lewis, Desmond Mason, and my guy Luke Ridnour
ok you forgot about Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis, Shane Batter, Joel Anthony all leaving 2
he had a solid team in Orlando. Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis, get the point. Dwight had help.
The Magic used to be so nice. Jameer Nelson, Hedo, Rashard Lewis, and Dwight.
and Rashard Lewis and Antonio Daniels and Luke Ridnour and a young nick collison and Vladimir radmonavic
Yeah dawg, we had players like Shane Battier and Mike Miller and Also Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Norris Cole, Chris Bosh, D Wade and Chalmers
expected to cut newly acquired F John Salmons. should take a look. Much better than Rashard Lewis & Beas…
is there a chance to sign Rashard Lewis if the Mavs sign O'Neal and Amare?
Victor Oladipo should dunk over Rashard Lewis' 2007 Orlando Magic contract and then do the Stan Van Gundy pepsi can sip.
Mike S. reminds me of a poor man's prime Rashard Lewis or Lamar Odom a little bit. Anyone else agree?
Cavaliers roster now stands at 14. Keep an eye on Sam Dalembert, Emeka Okafor, Jermaine O'Neal, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis in free agency
Cuban needs to cut bum *** Dwight Powell and sign Rashard Lewis and jermaine oneal then we are the champs
The five players the X-Man says are tough enough to have played in 80s and 90s. Rashard Lewis did not make the list.
The top bigs available currently are Dante Cunningham, Rashard Lewis, Ivan Johnson, Jeff Adrien, and Bernard James.
owner Mark left open the possibility that Dallas could add either Ray Allen or Rashard Lewis later on in the season
so are jermaine oneal, k-mart, Lamar Odom, Rashard Lewis, Greg oden and Ray Allen. All upgrades in my book
ellyn is john wall. 1 and done. Jacob you are Rashard Lewis. Quit suckin the bag.
Miami Heat return wanted by Rashard Lewis after offseason heartbreak - GiveMeSport
Would you like to see Rashard Lewis come back to the Miami Heat??? HEAT FANS???
Rashard Lewis owned Cigar Street makes his return at Saratoga today off 17 months since winning the Skip Away at Gulfstream last March.
Rashard Lewis Wants to Return to Miami Heat: Rashard Lewis played well for the Mia...
Accordin to sources rashard lewis who was cut by dallas cause of knee surgery has told miami he would love to return to the team
bruh! When Mariah is the Rashard Lewis on your squad.
do you know how much Rashard Lewis made last before Miami? Or Amare Stoudemire?
comparisons that are better than ones from yesterday . Andrew Harrison- Penny Hardaway. Willis-Rashard Lewis
Wonder how good T-mac or Rashard Lewis would've been if they stayed healthy
LeBron was very rarely involved in those schemes. It was Bosh, Birdman, Haslem, and Rashard Lewis (to an extent)
I have Jamal Crawford, Monta, Corey brewer, Korver, Novak, Rashard Lewis, CJ Watson, and Calderon... I get like 20+ threes per game
G3 Winner CIGAR STREET makes return on Friday at for & Rashard Lewis: cc:
that's like saying the rashard Lewis was the same as the one in Orlando, like saying shaq in Cleveland the same in LA lol
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Rashard lewis look like he could be T.I cousin or something
The magic in the late 90s, shaq, Horace grant, penny. Those teams are straight filthy. Kobe beat Dwight Howard and ... Rashard Lewis?
KG I hope you are watching what rashard lewis is doing to us...
and that's a bad argument, Rashard Lewis STARTED!
Rashard Lewis took his minutes because he can shoot a 3.
Rashard Lewis Rumors: Minimum deal likely during season?: Not every deal that is agreed upon in the NBA or in ...
Uk i make magic happen like rashard lewis
Our schedule is a lengthy read. I was right about that Rashard Lewis thing though!
oh and the answer to your question is Rashard Lewis lol
Rashard Lewis had one of the biggest contracts in NBA history 😳😳 how did I miss this?
Dallas Mavericks sign Rashard Lewis: The Dallas Mavericks announced today that they have signed free agent for...
Under the radar solid signing is Rashard Lewis to the Dallas Mavericks. Perfect for the role Peja Stojakovic had on the 2011 title team.
What do Lebron James, Rashard Lewis, and James Jones all have in common?
Richard Jefferson, Rashard Lewis, Greg Smith, Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton and Chandler Parson are all in dallas. .
Rashard Lewis and the Mavs have agreed on a 1 year deal. (Y!)
Rashard Lewis has signed with the Dallas Mavericks for the veterans minimum. ow
I guess Rashard Lewis gives the Mavs more 3 point shooting..
Chuck Norris is back : Rashard Lewis approvisionnera Kaizer Dirk en Gatorade
So we got betrayed by James Jones a Miami natibe who I thought would never leave Miami and Rashard Lewis. Yall shouldve stayed
Rashard Lewis: Rashard Lewis agrees to one-year deal w/ Mavs -
VIDEO: Get to know your new PF Rashard Lewis.
When rashard Lewis gone and sign with the mavericks
Richard Jefferson & Rashard Lewis are 34. Same age as Vince Carter when he signed w/Dallas. Both can still shoot 3 & flourish in right role
I wanted Rashard Lewis so bad the Clippers could've gotten him for the Vet Minimum he was the stretch 4 who can hit the 3
Free Agents are out there? that the Clips can use is Micheal Beasley a FA? Baby Davis,Jameer Nelson I wanted Rashard Lewis
It is so weird that both Richard Jefferson and Rashard Lewis are Dallas Mavericks. Both will be solid for Mavs next year.
NBA free agency: Lance Stephenson to Hornets, Rashard Lewis joins Mavs
Mavericks agree to deal with veteran Rashard Lewis; team still has cash to make another move
Rashard Lewis has signed with the Mavericks for the veterans minimum.
Free agent F Rashard Lewis has agreed to sign a one-year deal with the Mavericks.
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Mavs added Chandler Parsons, Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Rashard Lewis and Richard Jefferson so far this summer.
Oh, Rashard Lewis will be a Maverick next season. Best of luck, Sweet Lew!
Free-agent Rashard Lewis' days with Heat come to an end as he joins the improved Mavericks. http…
Mavericks sign Rashard Lewis to one-year, minimum-salary contract
Just some quick updates Spurs ended 12th in summer league prelims. Will play the Bucks and Jabari Parker tomorrow at 5:30pm -Rashard Lewis signed a one year deal with Dallas -Byron Scott will more than likely be announced as head coach of the Lakers -Lance Stephenson meets with Charlotte tomorrow -Carlos Boozer was amnestied and now teams can do silent bids for his services. If he goes unclaimed, he'll become a unrestricted free agent. -Dwyane Wade signed a 2yr deal for 34 million not a 4yr deal. -Udonis Haslem agreed to a deal with Miami for 2.7 million. -Mike Miller is now a Cavalier with a 2yr deal. -Kris Humphries has signed a deal with the Wizards for a 3yr 13 million dollar deal. -Minnesota and Golden State resume trade talks for Kevin Love. I call bs. I think its a move to get Cleveland to trade Wiggins to Minnesota. "Smokescreen" -NBA also considering a midseason tournament to be played in Vegas (before all star break). More info when available.
The Mavs have added Richard Jefferson & Rashard Lewis my dream of Keith Van Horn & Mike Finley returning is still alive
Rashard Lewis takes Vince Carter's place as the next Maverick to take the ' 'So You Think He Was Washed Up?' role player challenge.
Off the top of my head, most questionable max deals were for guys sub-20 PPG or on the fringe. (Joe Johnson, Rashard Lewis...)
Basically, Danny Granger signed the old Rashard Lewis contract with Heat.
but he trusted James Jones & Rashard Lewis who did nothing at all up until the Indiana series
Around this time 18 years ago, I once saw Korleone Young dunk on Rashard Lewis so many times, Lewis had to be taken out of …
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