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.finds Raphael Cruz for a huge Newport Harbor TD! PAT is good. Newport 21, Huntington Beach 7. 7:04 left to play.
Raphael Cruz doing it on both sides of the football. His 52-yard TD catch from gives a 21-7 lead over HB in 4th.
Raphael Cruz intercepted that ball. 8 minutes left to play. Newport Harbor 14, Huntington Beach 7.
A huge interception by Newport Harbor's Raphael Cruz, who returns it to his own 45. Sailors still lead HB, 14-7, with 8:41 left in the game.
Steve Bannen heard charge is about JFK files and Raphael Cruz
There's already a rumor that Raphael Cruz will be indicted (Ted's father) b/c he was inv…
Rumors that Mueller is indicting Raphael Cruz (father of Ted Cruz). This is rock solid distraction from Obama Admin. crimes. Disgusting!!
Tell us the truth about Raphael Bienvenido Cruz and the Kennedy Assassination.
has a warrant been issued for Raphael Cruz. We know he was involved as you said so
Wake me up when. Raphael Cruz . makes his appearance
So you will not release any of the information about Raphael Bienvenido Cruz. That is really cheap!
Rev Raphael Cruz didn’t even know there was a ballgame—he just heard he had a chance to get…
So, Raphael Cruz is in the clear then you bloated carrot?
What's up with Ted Cruz's Dad: Raphael Cruz and JFK? Raphael was a CIA operative. Apparentl Frie…
One name will be at the bottom of all these redactions.Raphael Cruz.
By micromanaging the NFL, repealing the 1st Amendment & locking up Raphael Cruz?
The only thing that matters here: The vindication of Raphael Cruz. 😇
Now you know Oswald's girlfriend already fingered Raphael Cruz as a CIA agent working with Oswald, right?
Rare public appearance by known assassin, Raphael Cruz.
Looks like Trump confused teamster Miguel Cruz with Raphael Cruz
Living relatives who are related to people implicated in JFK's MURDER...Bush Sr, Uncle Wade Rodham, Raphael Cruz and others.
Keeping the Raphael Cruz watcher in suspense-
Don't leave out the part where you assert to Ted Cruz's father, Raphael, was involved in JFK's ***
Goodie! Now we can learn the real story on Raphael Cruz Sr. Surely he was on the grassy knoll with you.
Raphael Cruz exiled to Canada worked for Bush oil
🎶Raphael is cool, but Cruz. On the other hand, Ted's a boring dude.🎶
Dr in all fairness, if Raphael Cruz (an anti *** Cuban exile) WAS in NO Summer 1963, he KNEW who Oswald was--Period...
Proof that Raphael Cruz had nothing to do with JFK's murder, proving Trump to be a slanderous liar. You know, the…
Well, we know now that Miguel Cruz is a different man, than Ted Cruz's Father, Raphael Cruz.
Why can’t we know the truth about Raphael Cruz?!?! you’re our only hope... or maybe
Raphael Cruz showed lotus his Cheytac Intervention, only plausible explanation cc
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Unfortunately no. Ened up being some guy named Raphael Cruz. No relation
Raphael Cruz now proven to be JFK assassin. Thank you 🙄
And nothing on Raphael Cruz. Very suspicious. If they weren’t hiding anything he’d be in the release!…
This means Trump read it and it wasn’t Raphael Cruz so now we will never know
He's still purging the alleged involvement of Cruz's dad. Gotta keep Raphael under control.
Now we will know the TRUTH Raphael Cruz daddy Killed JFK
Raphael Cruz breathes a sigh of relief.
What do you call a man who pushes conspiratorial crap like Raphael Cruz colluded with Lee Harvey to k…
perhaps Raphael Cruz should be sending old small hands some flowers for all of his hard work today...
How hilarious would it be for Trump to be vindicated for both the Dossier and Raphael Cruz's murde…
I have proof Raphael Cruz started the great Chicago fire
Breaking: Brian Williams interviewed Raphael Cruz immediately after his final meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald.
everyone should list to show yesterday on Raphael Cruz speech at a mega church for his son. It will blow ur mind.
Every time Raphael Cruz says "We're just one liberal justice away from X" on his stump speech it's a reason to get out & vote. For liberals.
Raphael Cruz... I mean Ted, can't even use his real name. Piyush Jindal...err, Bobby would you agree?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Listening to Raphael Cruz at the Metrocrest Republican Club in Farmers Branch, TX!
And now: Ted Cruz A new link, courtesy of PolitiFact: It's a thumbnail survey of Ted Cruz statements, with a "Truth-o-meter" by each. The two even halfway true are at the very top... but are alone on the page, see for yourself. _SPOILER ALERT: You're a liar, Ted, and you're not even a very good liar; but then, you are the carefully crafted son of your father, so I'd expect no less. As for Raphael Cruz, the Cuban immigrant who so famously hates Fidel Castro (and endlessly likens him to President Obama,) he tends to hide the awkward truth that he fought FOR the Cuban leader during the revolution, and then left Cuba in a pique for apparently not being properly rewarded after it was over. _His version of this story has changed, but the facts haven't. We should expect no better, lying is not a moral issue in Cruz family. The senior Cruz does so in every speech he makes, such as tirelessly assuring his audience that “Barack Obama has NEVER uttered the phrase 'Under God!' He WILL NOT say those words!” It alw ...
Neither Ted Cruz or his communist father, Raphael,and yeah , I wrote it, weren't even born in America. But only because they look white.And say the things racist whites love to hear them say, they are accepted. More accepted than a black man. Birthed out the womb of his American born white mother. And reared by his American born white grandparents. In another time, Both daddy and son Cruz would be treated like that sign, "Dogs Allowed. NO *** Allowed". They would have to go through the back door of any establishment, if allowed in at all. And where the *** are Raphael Cruz's papers? Where is Ted's? Who allowed either one into this country? Whose palms did Raphael grease to enter this country and in Communist Cuba to get out? He is still a communist born and raised and lived there in Communist Cuba for the same amount of years, Pres. O was in the church of Rev Wright. How do we REALLY know if Raphael and his son Ted aren't agents of Castro? Do you know? Do you know?
Texas will elect anything. Little Dubya, Rick Perry, Raphael Cruz, the list goes on and on.
Sen. Ted Cruz's father Raphael Cruz will be in PDX this weekend. Tickets going fast
...and if you fought alongside of Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolution Raphael Cruz, you can't say you weren't...
Tail Gunner Ted Cruz' father, Raphael Cruz spoke with Glenn Beck recently and demonstrated just why his son has such a delusional view of our nation. He told
I just watched Raphael Cruz's (Ted Cruz's dad) interview on Glenn Beck's show (on demand), and I'm more inspired to keep up this fight than I've ever been! :) God bless the Cruz family!
Just like an old western movie I like it when the bad guys lose. The Teabags have failed and actually their strategy flip flopped, as more people support the affordable care act now than before their tantrum. Even the mighty Koch brothers have caved. I wonder how long it will be before Fox news gets the telegraph. Watching them snivel and whine will be an early xmas present. Their next move should be a third party. They can nominate Raphael Cruz and Ted Nugent. Hillary smiles quietly.
Who is Ted Cruz ?? He is Raphael Cruz perhaps to ashamed to be named after his father & to latino or hispanic for his base what a repukin POS!!!
Watch this video of Ted Cruz's father, Raphael Cruz, give epic speech on liberty.
Raphael Cruz. The one man one earth who makes Ted Cruz look moderate.
Film noir! One of my favorite cast members, Raphael Cruz, is on top of the green barrel climbing the pole...
Raphael Cruz "And the quantity was gigantic. For the opening sequence, with the light gray suit, we had sixty of them.""
The Patriot E Brief October 16, 2012 Dear Patriot, This is an exciting time and a busy one as well. In this edition of "The Patriot E Brief", I have given you some information about some very important events that are scheduled for the next several days. I know we are all pressed for time, but please pray about attending one or more the events. We will all breathe a sign of relief AFTER November 6! Thanks for all you do, Jeff Freedom Rally Our Fall TEA Party, the Freedom Rally, will take place on Sunday October 21 at the Downtown Post Office in Texarkana beginning at 2pm. The Freedom Rally will feature Raphael Cruz, Rick Scarborough, Curtis Coleman, and Jan Morgan. Raphael Cruz came to America with just a few dollars sewn into his underwear. He worked to not only to provide for his family but to become a part of the American fabric. His son, Ted Cruz, is running for the US Senate. Raphael has a very inspirational message and is the embodiment of what freedom can do in America. Rick Scarborough is ...
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