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Randy Rhodes

Randall William Rhoads (December 6, 1956 – March 19, 1982) was an American heavy metal guitarist who played with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot.

Cliff Burton Ozzy Osbourne Jimi Hendrix Quiet Riot Eddie Van Halen Crazy Train Jake E Lee Tony Iommi Stevie Ray Vaughan Stevie Ray Vaughn Zakk Wylde Buddy Holly Mitch Lucker Kurt Cobain Rudy Sarzo John Bonham Randy Rhoads Jimmy Page

Theres a lot of digital literature about Mexican dudes' obsession w/ Morrissey but not a lot about Mexican dudes' obsession w/ Randy Rhodes
Randy Rhodes Roswell Flying V by . Kinda reminds me of Star Trek
For those who love the Randy Rhodes Amps Mod. This is about perfect! Thomas Adams
Sags rule. You share a bday with the late great guitarist. Randy Rhodes
It's a Gibson Flying V...Randy Rhodes played it. Long and McQuade sold it. Gold Hardware. GHS Boomer…
Randy Rhodes & Jake E Lee were my favourites. Let's be honest though, we're talking best of the best with all three!
Randy Rhodes. .maybe some old and introduce to some new?
This is Classic! Not only have I Not seen this before but they not just mis-spelled Randy's name (Rhodes) which...
Tonight on GWF Raw at 11pm will feature . Morgan Wolf vs Tyler Bate (UK Title). Matt Rhodes vs Randy Orton all this at.
Randy Rhodes? you are one of the greatest guitar players ever I thought you died in 82
Heath slater and wandy Barrett and Justin Gabriel and the nexus and John cena and randy ortion Cody Rhodes and ted
Also defining album of Ozzy Osborne's solo work, with the genius Randy Rhodes. Not a bad track on it. "Blizzard of Oz"
Nothing like a little crawfish boil to say "thank you" (Employee Appreciation). (Pictured: Finley James, Randy Rhod…
Oh no! The Randy Rhodes/ Jack Victory feud won't end! Poor Randy teaming up with Ranger Ross this week.
Hey guys over at I can assure you that Randy Rhodes was not in fact Dusty Rhodes
Who would you say was a bigger draw Dusty Rhodes or Randy Savage?
A Spotify album dedicated to Randy Rhodes guitar solos
My favorite instrument is guitar I love my custom Randy Rhodes jackson guitar. I put a lot of extras into it.
Randy Rhodes ! Jake E Lee was good replacement though...
Miss my guitar hope whoever stole it gets struck down by the hands of Randy Rhodes and Dimebag Darrell. I pray to you guitar gods
Classic Ozzy song! Ray Gilles from Night Ranger on Guitar (before Randy Rhodes and Jake E Lee)
I LOVE Ozzy ... Always have. Even though Dio was a master singer... But how amazing was Randy Rhodes RIP
tell Dwayne Casey in the randy Rhodes voice to s this d
totally understandable if I'm honest Randy Rhodes and Zakk Wylde are main reasons I like ozzy stuff
I would love to see Randy Orton come on the screen and tell Cody Rhodes to come home I hear voices
Sharon cheated on Ozzy before. I believe she admitted to having an affair with Ozzy's guitarist, the late Randy Rhodes.
most people will probably guess that's Randy Rhodes 🙈👍🏻
I remember listening to Randy Rhodes play the electric guitar and wanting so badly to obtain that skill.
before he collasped on the court in Boston. the genius of Randy Rhodes
Randy Rhodes, one of the most underrated/best guitar players of all time. Died was to young.
Ozzy Osbourne blizzard of oz early press Jet/CBS randy rhodes
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Sharon banged randy Rhodes now she's mad ozzy stepped out?
The great guitarist argument starts and ends with Randy Rhodes. IMHO
That was clearly sarcasm. But we did get Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton, which ended up setting up the whole Rhodes brothers tag run
Not for nothing, cheating is wrong, but doesn't any one remember when S.Osborne slept with Ozzy guitar player Randy Rhodes ? Just saying..
puts on this huge front. You cheated on with Randy Rhodes. i just got caught up in gossip. Fml
stop trying to make people feel sorry for your old wrinkled *** You cheated on ozzy w Randy Rhodes. Get over it.
from what I just read those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones randy Rhodes so guess it's even
Finished with his woman 'cause she couldn't help him with his mind...
Hey don't worry I know you been busy crushing on Randy Rhodes and Steve Perry :) I love you to Hugs!!
if Vinnie Vincent had died in the Lick it Up tour, today, would he be as revered as Randy Rhodes?
It was sad to see our heavy metal heroes die when they were kids, John Bonham, Randy Rhodes, Cliff Burton. Now we...
then you have Motley Crue, Journey, Guns n Roses, Slayer, Pantera, Randy Rhodes with Quiet Riot and Ozzy, Van Halen, Def Lepard
If Randy Rhodes had lived to have a longer career, he would be giving Tony Iommi a run for his money guitar wise. So much potential.
he was the man. Randy Rhodes is an icon
Cliff was the best, him and Randy Rhodes were taken too soon.   10% Off
"omgomgomg we're all in a band with Randy Rhodes!"
Is it bad that I can play Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne? Randy Rhodes style? I'm 13😂
Dusty Rhodes said in Macho man the randy savage story "As they say in heaven, will never know the real story" meaning Randy and WWE.
This was April 29th 1981 at the After hours Club.Classic Rhodes.I have 2 images the a friend from Rochester ny...
Rhodes. Messin around on the good ol acoustic fender 😁 @ Santa Ana, California
I can only imagine what Randy Rhodes would be doing today - phenomenal guitar player
1. Patrick Swayze 2. Dio 3. Randy Rhodes 4. Cris Farley 5. Joe paterno(so he can die again
Awesome will check it out for sure, my fav 5 is Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper and, Randy Savage.
what your toughts on randy Rhodes and favorite song with ozzy
In no order except for Page, Randy Rhodes, Clapton, Stanley Jordan, Ingwie Malmsteen
The new supergroup featuring James Horner, John Denver, Buddy Holly, Randy Rhodes and Patsy Cline will be a high flying suc…
Rachmaninoff, Randy Rhodes, & George Jones played last in Knoxville. Hank Williams last seen alive there. Glad u avoided curse.
Just imagine what Randy Rhodes could have gone on to do... Crazy Train: LIVE Randy Rhoads: HQ - After Hours TV show
are you actually the adopted son of Jesus and Randy Rhodes or is that just a vicious rumor?
Randy Rhodes was a visionary, game changer type guitar player. He's in my top 5 All-Time!
Imagine if they did classic wrestlers: Jake "The Slate" Roberts, Macho Man Randy Salvage, The Prehistoric Dream Rocky Rhodes
when people call themselves "journalists" but put Randy Rhodes in an article instead of Rhoads
Remember when Cody Rhodes was on fire facing off against Randy Orton?! WWE doesn't
1)Cavs in six 2) beyond delusional, like the enthusiasm 3) Phil keaggy, joe satriani, Jeff beck, randy Rhodes
Congratulations to one of my favorite cousins, James Rhodes, for graduating from today!
In a semi-related note, it's Randy Rhoads not "Rhodes",
well, Randy Rhodes was tied to Quiet Riot, or was Rudy Sarzo, but Jake Lee certainly wasn't part of Kiss...good question
well.. Got into him around Bark of the Moon, so probably more the Jake E Lee days, but I love the Randy Rhodes stuff too.
I want to see Stevie Ray Vaughan jam with Hendrix, Mike Bloomfield, Albert King, Randy Rhodes, Roy Buchanan & Rory Gallagher
Michael Angelo Batio on the Crazy Train. I'm pretty sure Randy Rhodes would approve...
Good as Stephanie Miller is, I do miss hearing Randy Rhodes too. Try to get her back.
ultimate dead band Freddie Mercury, John Bonham, Randy Rhodes and Jack Bruce... Freddie can play the rest
Machine Head's guitarist tributes Randy Rhodes with tattoo.
Jimi overdosed on Sodium Seconol aka cherry reds an choked to death,think he was the 3rd to join the 27 club after Brian jones&Randy Rhodes.
Jimi Hendrix for me!!! But I also think Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, and Randy Rhodes were pretty good too.
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Frankie dedicating this one to Kevin D and Randy Rhodes (@ Saban Theater)
I want to be Jimmy Page, Joe Walsh, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhodes, Kenny Wayne guitar for a living with the best of them! Anyone looking?
Two of my favorite musicians of all time bassist Rudy Sarzo and guitarist the late great Randy Rhodes back in their Quiet Riot days..
I got my vintage 70s MXR distortion II.  I have wanted one of these for a while but never got around to getting one.   They are a little hard to find so I ended up settling for a MXR distortion + which is the more well known pedal (Randy Rhodes!).       The actually don't sound the same at all. The distortion character is similar but the tone is quite different.     The Distortion II is a much larger and physically heavier pedal.  It feels like it weights  as much as three distortion pluses.   Its powered by mains (attached 3 prong)   And the circuit of the distortion II is far more complex.         I have always thought the distortion+ lacked a lot of low end.     The distortion II certainly does not have that problem. Its a much darker and woolier tone.   It has a resonance control to add in significant amounts of bass & low mids. Almost Big *** style.   The filter control can add or cut the highs.     Although the distortion II was not as popular, I like it a lot more.   It is on ...
Slideshow tribute for Randy Rhoads to the song Mr. Crowley from ozzy's "Tribute" Album R.I.P. Randy Rhodes add &fmt=18 to the link for HD quality Lyrics : Mr...
Hey list, Adam Jones is one of the most inspirational people to me of all time but for sure Tony Iommi and Randy Rhodes were better
Poll question: Who would have had the better career had they lived: Randy Rhodes, Stevie Ray Vaughan, or Jimi Hendrix?
time for my ec predictions. pre show the rhodes dynasty beats rybaxel . main show . 1. Randy Orton (c) defeats...
But I love the raw power of thunder and lightening it sounds like dime bag Darrell Cliff Burton and randy Rhodes jamming!!
do you know that we are approaching the anniversay of the death of legendary guitar player, RANDY RHODES. he was an inspiration to a generation of up and coming guitarists,,too bad most of them cannot make music the way randy did,,r. i. p. we need more role model guitarists like to all...
Wow. Randy Rhodes, guitarist of Ozzy, was close to his grandparents here in San Bernardino. So he is buried there in MtView cemetery.
what a tune - the GREAT Randy Rhodes at his finest
really and you call yourself a wrestling tan lol. Randy Orton Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes...yummy lol
Why does WWE push ugly people like Randy Orton, AJ, Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns?. I hope Cody Rhodes brings back his paper bags & bags them!
Randy Rhodes...he was studying classical guitar when he died...JUST imagine the music he would have added!!!
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Part 7 if you don't know who randy Rhodes,Zaak wylde,slash,tom morello,Steve Vain or,Chris shiflett is please delete me now I no longer wish to see your face .
When I first saw the name Randy Rhodes I thought it was like a cross between Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes! ha! One of the greatest
Randy Rhodes. What a bloody great guitarist he was.
Randy Rhodes, cause he'll melt your face in 30 seconds...
That's pretty sweet tho. I love the way tribal tats look. Especially on the back like Randy's.
As my son and I were talking about the best band ever, we put together he best ever dead or alive. He disagreed but my list is this. 1. Vocals- Chris Cornell with alternates of Freddy Mercury and Johnny Cash. 2. Guitar- John Petrucci with alternates Darrell Abbot and Randy Rhodes. 3. Bass- Billy Sheheen with alternates of Bootsy Collins and Les Claypool . 4 Drums- Neal Pert with alternates of Michael Portnoy and Travis Barker.
yah neh. The only way that randy will win is with a help. Let's watch.
if it wasn't the reffree, eish bro. Randy is a coward just like brock.
Randy will beat cena..Rhodes will loose thr titles 2 DX nd Batista will win the Rumble bruuh
Randy Rhodes is in my opinion best guitar player of all time, probably because he died, but I liked his work
If Randy Rhodes were still alive . I wonder what he would be doing now.
Along with Randy Rhodes just ONE of the KINGS !!?!
Randy Rhodes used to "change phrasing" the classical and blues scales.I mentioned early on, I was musical genius
Have to add David Gilmour , Alex Lifeson , Matthias Jabs and Steve Rothery ... from this list I choose Jimmy Page , Brian May and Randy Rhodes
Ok, Trivia question, Rules are NO GOOGLE is to be used. Name ONE song from Quiet Riot that Randy Rhodes had a hand in writing that actually made the American Billboards. No, Metal Health is not one of them.
no argument there, he can do it all... But for a brief moment in guitar players history Randy Rhodes ruled the planet
"With Randy - 2 Rock Legends! RIP Randy Rhodes Missed but never forgotten
AJ and Cody Rhodes are my number 1 favs, but I also like John Cena, Randy, The
For those of you who would know I was thinking ...Would Randy Rhodes still be Ozzy Osbornes guitar player if he had not been tragically taken ?
Ozzy and Motley Crew! Diary of a Madman Shouting at the Devil. I believe Uriah Heep opened the show. Long live Randy Rhodes
& then I was turned on to Randy Rhodes this album Ozzy Osbourne-Mr Crowley-Tribute
Randy Rhodes was brilliant. So sad he's not in the world.
Motley Crüe opened for Ozzy w/ Randy Rhodes at the old Omni in Atlanta, GA in early 80′s. Hubby & I were there!
- Mr. Mars, Randy Rhodes, and Slash are my fave.
Calling Steve Clark, Randy Rhodes, Cliff Burton, Dimebag and all my other "heavenly" brothers, plz help out your 80's rock sister get thru tmrw's boy band field trip with all those screaming teen girls:) Amen
I lived on Randolph Rd in the 70's,lol get it,Nc,Charlotte? Randy Rhodes? flyin' high again!
Starting off with channeling van Halen and the ghost of randy Rhodes. \m/
" who did randy Rhodes play with before Ozzy Osbourne?
Randy Rhodes was a wicked excellent guitarist& he was the best. So sad he is not here anymore. The best.
“What's Randy Rhodes best song?” All the ones where he's playing guitar
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what Randy Rhodes song displays his talent the best
The Cody Rhodes & Randy Orton feud back in late 2011 was brilliant.
KGOE- Destroyed their lineup. Thom Hartmann was moved to the 7 pm slot, and was replaced by Randy Rhodes.. An inferior substitution IMHO she is like the Drama Queen, Karel light version that still somehow earns an hour in the afternoon... Thom is the man. KGOE you screwed up! Guess I will now be listening to Myles in the morning on Kslug, Play music feels like a step backward somehow
I don't care what anybody says, Akira Takasaki could play as good as Randy Rhodes or Eddie Van Halen, on the song, "Crazy Nights" is on of the best Guitar solos EVER!!!
I had a kickass dream this morning. The last thing I remember before dozing off was listening to "Bark At The Moon" on my ipod. Anyways, I dreamt that I was in the studio with Ozzy's band while they were making/producing the album. The only thing was that Randy Rhodes never passed away, so I got to witness him playing everything that Jake E. Lee did for that album but better and it felt so real and idk, It was crazy being able to watch Randy work his magic. When he got to doing the solo part for "BatM" my jaw was just dropped in amazement the whole time. I just couldn't believe that even though it wasn't real I got to see Randy Rhodes play "BatM". I woke up with chills. It was awesome.
Great pic of ozzy and his band check out randy Rhodes far left really rare photo
Yesterday was Cliff Burton's Birthday...and I was laying here watching Metal Mania and they showed an old Ozzy video and it made wonder if Cliff Burton, Randy Rhodes, and Dime Bag Darrell was somewhere having a jam session...the things one thinks of at 4 in the morning...
Mad Racket is looking for a guitarist in the mold of Randy Rhodes and EVH. Kind of want to pick our spots and not play too much so if your already in a band we can work around that. If your interested in learning more or if you know someone that might fit the bill, private message me. Lots of opportunity to shine and have some fun!
I sort of feel bad for the local station, 910 AM, because they used to host the Rush Limbaugh show, but apparently they lost the broadcast and the station that hosts Rush also has Glenn Beck, Andy Dean, Tom Sullivan, and a few others. Who did the producers decide to air to replace the lost conservative lineup? Randy Rhodes. LOL I wish I was kidding. Heard a bit of her show this morning and she packs about as much intelligence into her program as one would normally find in a bowl of Cheerios.
Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhodes, Tommy Aldridge, and Rudy Sarzo. Now that was a SUPER GROUP!
INTERVIEW: Eddie Brnabic (for fans of Tony Iommi, Randy Rhodes, and Woody Weatherman)
Incredible guitar playing. Sorry all you Zakk Wylde fans, I like Zakk and Randy Rhodes was on another planet, but...
You cannot say you were influenced by the Southern California rock sound without saying you listened to the late great guitarist Randy Rhodes. You would have been 57 today. RIP. Every interview you read it always sticks out that he was into the guitar being apart of the rhythm section but was such an amazing lead player. Rare. That and he never put the guitar down. Always wanting to be better.
ON THIS DAY IN R&R HISTORY! The Altamont Festival in northern California ends in violence with the murder of 18-year-old Meredith Hunter, stabbed to death by *** Angels who were hired by the Rolling Stones to provide “security”. The Stones’ *** Jagger is punched in the face by an Angel within moments of his arrival, and the Grateful Dead flee before their set. In addition to the Stones; Santana, Jefferson Airplane and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young perform. The bummer is later documented in the film Gimme Shelter. 1969 1940's Mike Smith, vocalist and organist for the Dave Clark Five, is born in North London. 1943 1950's A good day for guitarists. R.E.M.’s Peter Buck (a native of Berkeley, CA) and Ozzy Osbourne’s best axeman Randy Rhodes are born. 1956 1960's The Pixies’ drummer David Lovering has a birthday. 1961 The New Musical Express annual reader’s poll names the Rolling Stones the U.K. R&B Group and Best New Group. 1964 The Rolling Stones record “19th Nervous Breakdown” in L.A. ...
awesome passion projects today shared with the class - Kurt Cobain, Jimmy sullivan, Matt Tuck, Randy Rhodes from 1 student oozed passion
Pretty cool to walk out of jam and meet Kelle Rhodes, brother of legendary Randy Rhodes! Craig was completely awestruck Lol! He even got to chat with him about Randy, Ozzy and Quiet Riot! Pretty cool indeed!
.yea Randy Rhodes was going to reinvent the genre.. until .. well. you know.. sigh...
I heard about it on the Randy Rhodes show on Sirius radio. You are a great leader and you make me proud to be a Kentuckian
I have an 89 Dean MLXT of American Jackson ,Randy Rhodes. A couple fender acoustics and that's it these days.
Dimebag, Randy Rhodes, John Bohnam, Cliff Burton and Jim Morrison, making an album.
Screw my budget, I'll just raise my debt ceiling...
27 years ago today. Rip Cliff!! Hope you and Randy Rhodes are rocking out up there!
My is Randy Rhodes Ninja Detective by My students are going to love this one!
Randy Rhodes trivia on the Rdtble? (please?) Okay okay! Now I know Tony Lommi is the guitarist for Black Sabbath."
Just met the brother-in-law of the late great Randy Rhodes! He runs this awesome wine bar called D'Argenzio in...
If you don't know who Randy Rhodes was, you're hopeless.
What does this mean, flying high is a Randy Rhodes song?
this is why I said sorry because you mentioned Randy Rhodes and I was saying Zakk was better for Ozzy.
good call. That's a cool range of people. I'm gonna go old school and say Randy Rhodes. That dude had chops
I go with it but Randy Rhodes is Love toni seen em 5 times but randy had to hold ozzy up and sabbath moved on...
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randy_rhodes being ridiculous again. Trying to push the table over and…
I've grown to the age where I can appreciate Ozzy's Randy Rhodes Tribute version of 'Dee' at a whole new level. Even the smoking soothed.
Wish I new how to play the Guitar like Randy Rhodes. R.I.P
Randy Rhodes, the greatest guitarist to ever pick up a guitar
Randy Rhodes >> Why'd you have to die so early.. And the day after my birthday at that
Randy Rhodes, with Ozzy Osbourne who died at 25. Crazy Train from the Tribute album
Come check out Jimi Bell tonight with the band Diamondback: **6 time Hartford Advocate Best Guitarist Award winner Jimi Bell joined DiamondBack. His guitar ability is only surpassed by his energy on stage. Formally with Joined Forces in the 1980's, Jimi has played and toured with many in the music industry. After an appearance in the Michael J. Fox/Joan Jett film, "Light of Day", Jimi with "Joined Forces" toured with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Jimi was second to Zak Wylde out of 500 guitarists for the auditions to replace the late, great Randy Rhodes of Ozzy Osbourne. He recently toured Europe with Metal Church. He also has toured with Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath.
Tell ya what 3 of the most underrated hard rock guitarist are Randy Rhodes,Jake E Lee and John Sykes .Randy expecially dudes legatto was like an upper cut by Tyson in his prime but all had and have incredible phrasing
Crazy Train is so much better with Randy Rhodes than Zac Wylde
Nujabes is freaking amazing! Everyone should look him up! I don't care what kind of music you like you will find something from him that amazes you! Why do all the good musicians die before they should! R.I.P. Jun Seba, Jay Dee (J Dilla), MCA (Adam Yauch), Bradley Nowell, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper, Eddie Cochran, Kurt Cobain, Ronnie Van Zant, Cassie Gaines and Steve Gaines, Cliff Burton, Janis Joplin, Aaliyah, Hank Williams, Sid Vicious, Randy Rhodes, Dwayne Allmond, Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur, & Shannon Hoon! May God rest their souls. Forver missed I apologize if I left someone out feel free to add them in the comments!
Kevin Dubrow and Randy Rhodes gonna call this Quiet Blizzard (-: Quiet Riot was formed by Randy Rhoads and bassist Kelly Garni (who would be replaced by Rudy Sarzo) in 1975, who recruited DuBrow and drummer Drew Forsyth. This lineup disbanded in 1980 when Rhoads went on to join Ozzy Osbourne's band, with Rhoads personally enlisting Greg Leon as his replacement. For a time the band's name was changed to DuBrow, which had a rotating lineup of members including Leon, Chuck Wright, Frankie Banali, and brothers Tony and Carlos Cavazo. After Rhoads' death in a plane crash in 1982 while on tour with Osbourne, DuBrow changed the name of the band back to Quiet Riot. Rudy Sarzo left Osbourne's band and rejoined Quiet Riot shortly before the release of Metal Health, which went to the top of the charts, making Quiet Riot the first metal band to achieve number one status on their (U.S. release) debut album. Their singles included *** on Feel the Noize" (originally written and recorded by English band Slade in 1973), . ...
Lets get drunk and smoke some pot I want to party with Bon Scott . Randy Rhodes and John Bohnam too Its a heavy metal party and we're waiting
OK, here are the rules. Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands (or as many as you can remember) you've seen in concert. List the first 50 acts that come into your head. An act you saw at a festival and opening acts count, but only if you can't think of 50 other artists. Oh, and list the first concert you ever saw (you can remember that, can’t you)? My 50 + Concerts  Van Halen (Sammy & Dave) Deep Purple Rainbow The Motels David Bowie Judas Priest Tom Jones Iron Maiden Page & Plant Blue Oyster Cult Cheap Trick Kiss Ted Nugent 38 Special Rick Derringer Michael Schenker Scorpions The Who The Kinks Pink Floyd The Rolling Stones Guns and Roses Prince Stone Temple Pilots Alice in Chains The Grateful Dead Yngwie Malmsteen David Lee Roth Band Pat Travers Garbage Metallica Duran Duran Kool & The Gang queen Marylin Manson Godsmack Rob Zombie Black Sabbath Dio Ozzy (w/ Randy Rhodes) Motley Crue Greg Kihn Aerosmith Rush Tesla Ziggy Marley Lynch Mob Chicago The Beach Boys Chuck B ...
Kenny Wayne Shepherd or Randy Rhodes? Who's the biiger guitar prodigy?
-1--2--(4)-- -2--4- -1--3--4- -1--3--4- -1--2--4- --2--4- F# Major Diatonic Scale Exercise. Use your 1st finger on all the 1st fret notes, 2nd on 2nd, 3rd on 3rd, 4th on 4th. And try to be consistent with alternating your picking pattern. Remember, the majority of professional musicians practice every day. And even great artist like Randy Rhodes, Jimi Hendrix, and Neil Peart all continued to take lessons even after they became famous. Rock On!
Back in Central Florida and happy to be so...more things seen and saw from Memorial Day weekend...Just two of many wonderful people during a long afternoon at Stardust and Park Ave.This is the land where rockers have come to an end, the airfield along Orange Blossom Trail where Randy Rhodes died in a plane crash.Anyone have photos of the Langston Hotel, great bar there, and I believe was the sight where Richard Manuel, of the Band, took his life?!?!?.A new face...the lovely classic face of my friend...and Bill Murray's too...and a face that say's, "Do you think this guy's been drinking beer all day?" Enrique's and Eric's, and where Cera and I danced to Prince in the parking lot...under a full moon too.oddly enough, I was wearing purple:)
just read an old Rolling Stones magazine...inside was a big photo of Ozzy holding Randy Rhodes up while he was playing a lead riff *** i miss those "BLIZZARD OF OZ" days. and i sure miss Randy Rhodes..RIP
Wouldn't it be nice if we could trade some out...Lady Gaga for Stevie Ray Vaughan. CC Deville for Randy Rhodes. Any of Spinal Tap's drummers for John Bonham. ;) And PLEASE take Coldplay...we'll take Hendrix back. Who would you trade?
Only thing is, I don't think any of my fav's will be there.Randy, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow
Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Dolph, & Wade Barrett are the only reason I watch every week . Those are my guys (:
i’d be okay with it if randy Rhodes was here to shred us out on a solo
This WWE Superstar feels he owes a lot to Randy Orton for his success! Get details here -
Always supporting my Randy Orton obsession. You the best Rhodes. Also... love the accidental matching
Randy Orton punts Cody Rhodes and RKO's Ted Dibiase to pick up the win.
Have you ever seen Randy Rhodes and Alex Jones together ?
From last night's - Sheamus and Randy Orton after defeating Team Rhodes Scholars.
I GOT IT! Cody Rhodes / Edge / OCC with AJPunk Kaitmus, and Randy/OCC. Im totally makin' that for skyla's brithday.
Hmm..Im gonna have cody rhodes and edge, and randy in that story tho..
still awesome u n Randy Orton n Cody Rhodes should be together again
Cody Rhodes speaks out on his growing up in wrestling, Randy Orton and more
You look a lot like Randy Rhodes :o
I'ma print out a picture of Randy Rhodes, Dead, and Quorthon and get a portrait done.
Randy Rhodes man why did you have to die
Great day . 4-6 with an rbi. Didn't get to watch it but I'm proud of you. See you Wednesday.
back then I chose a lot of my music by guitarist EVH before 1984 randy Rhodes, Iommi , gilmour you know the names
“Why are all my feels for dead guys?” The Rev, Mitch Lucker, Ronnie James Dio, Randy Rhodes, Cliff Burton, the list goes on.
It's just "safeword," John. Why do you and Randy Rhodes always get that wrong? :-)
John Bonaccorsy is now a proud member if the Randy Rhodes army!
I meant Stephanie. Keep calling her randy for randy Rhodes I followed in WPB,FL
He sure is. Randy Rhodes or even Dusty Rhodes would put up more of a fight than the pish on display.
Put together a badass super group using only dead musicians. Mine would be Randy Rhodes, Cliff Burton, Keith Moon, and Layne Staley.
Hugo Chavez is dead, oh no who's gonna hold Sean Penn,BaBa Striesland,Morgan Freeman, George Clooney, Dennis Rodman, Shaq,Tom Hanks,all the Baldwins,Tina Fey,Samuel Jackson, Ed Shultz,Joy Bainhart, Obamas, RoseAnn, Senator Finestien,Randy Rhodes, Al Franklin and many others... hands?! That was of the top of my head. FACT: each one of these people have stated that America and its populous should embrace their policies. Communist thinking should be eraticated! Done away with by education. It doesn't work. Been proven time and time agin! Oh and yes the Trail of Tears was and is a National shame thanks to Andrew Jackson (1st Democrat Pres) and his barbaric henchmen! Joe Stalin over 11mil, Mao Se Tung history shows about 20 mil but believed to be much more! Pol Pot 3 mil,Hitler 6mil, need I continue. Hey folks it don't work! And for last, I've noticed that of all the peeps on FB that I am atuned to, at least 97% of youse all (Right or Left) post other peoples opinions about Right or Left stuff but nothing from ...
Hard Rock / Metal Trivia * Guitarist Jake E Lee pre-dated Vivian Campbell in Dio and helped write key songs for the 1st Dio album. * Dave Mustaine used the spelling "Megadeth" because Pink Floyd used to be called The Megadeaths. * Racer Xs' song "Heart of a Lion" was given to them to record by Judas Priest. * Patty Smyth from Scandal was offered the lead singing duties when David Lee Roth left Van Halen but declined. * Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen were in the same band Alcatrazz (at different times). * Gene Simmons once told George Lynch that he should change his name to Jon Lynx to have success. * Eric Carr of KISS initially tried out the character of The Hawk before settling on The Fox as his KISS personna. * Bassist Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, David Lee Roth) is a follower of Scientology. * Bernie Torme stepped in to cover scheduled dates immediately after Randy Rhodes death. * The following musicians have become Christians, except John Bush (Armored Saint / Anthrax). * "In My Dreams" - Dokken, was later ...
favorite guitarist? go. I'm torn between Randy Rhodes and John Petrucci. -Kevin
The best riffage I have ever heard in my life and still rings in my ear forever, I love Jake E Lee, he made two amazing & awesome albums, but Suicide Solution on Blizzard of Ozz by Randy Rhodes is an amazing opus that set a trend of riffs that changed the music world.
To all my high school classmates (we won't tell the year)--Randy Rhodes is trying to get class reunion together. I thought it might be neat if anyone who had a talent showed it off. Whether you play muscial instrument, write poetry or whatever--let me know if you like the idea. I know some of us didn't discover our talents until after high school, I'm still waiting to see what mine is.
some of my favorite players...Eric Clapton.Joe Bonamassa...Randy name a few. Electric or acoustic?
Please tell Dan to learn DEE from Randy Rhodes from the early Ozzy tribute album. It's easy but will make him look great.
Randy Orton won the 2009 Royal Rumble after Triple H hit the pedigree on Rhodes & eliminated both members of Legacy.
"You're both wrong. Randy Rhodes played drums in Whitechapel, and Mitch Lucker was the D.J in Limp Bizkit."
Zakk Wylde and randy Rhodes probably are the absolute Best to do it.Sorry. Find me a comparison, you can't and will not.
Oo was readin about wwe tour in nov and its smackdown coming to notts u know wot tht mean cody rhodes randy orton n ted dibiase
Del Rio, Team Rhodes Scholars, The Rock and the Rumble Winner.. Will Possibly be John Cena, Randy Orton or Sheamus. ♥
Randy savage vs the american dreamDusty Rhodes
Randy savage vs the american dreamDusty Rhodes by Lawrence Lyles -
“If WWE could just have someone who deserves to win the rumble win. Like Barrett, Rhodes, Christian, Randy...” Yeah, agreed. xD
now on smackdown. Team *** No and Randy Orton VS Rhodes Scolar and Wade Barret . 6 man tag team match.
Talk about being on a hot streak. Wow.
aw I love Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and John Cena and Zack ryder :D
Shoutout to - a huge fan of Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes. :D
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My randy newman singing is just a melodic Dusty Rhodes.
Randy orton RKO strikes helping team *** no and him to win wade barrett and team rhodes scholar
watched an old episode of and you were wearing a kickass Randy Rhodes shirt. Gotta know where you got it!
You missed it, it was him and the rhodes scholars vs *** No and Randy Orton. *** No and Randy Orton won :)
punk is mine too(: Taker rocks, Cody Rhodes, Randy, Ryback, Del Rio and The shield(: what about the Divas?
if you're a Fan of Team Rhodes Scholars
OMG Team *** No and Randy Orton teaming up tonight against Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett!!! *fangirling* :D
My favorite guitar players: Jimmy Page,Joe Satriani,Greg Howe,Randy Rhodes,B.B. King,Jimi Hendrix,Steve Vai,Stevie Ray Vaughn! These guys have all been a big influence on me! Thanks to you all! :-)
man something about listening to Randy Rhodes solo's just makes you wanna play air guitar!!
Is there a better live song than Revelation (Mother Earth) by Ozzy Osbourne with Randy Rhodes on lead guitar?
“Mary Had a Little Lamb*” was the first song ever recorded on this day in 1877. Edison used his new invention, the phonograph, and sang the infamous nursery rhyme into history. That’s not the most important thing to happen in the world of music on this day, however. On December 6, 1956, Randy Rhodes shredded** his way out of his mother’s cooch/uterus and after a blistering solo on the umbilical cord, he received his first standing ovation*** from the doctor. Raised to be awesome, he and his brother formed a cover band at the age of 14. After a couple of years playing parties, the pair met frontman Kevin Dubrow, and together they became Quiet Riot. The band toured the west coast opening for acts including Van Halen. They were signed to the Japanese label CBS/Sony Records and recorded two albums, but they were only released in Japan. In 1979 Rhodes left Quiet Riot after an audition for a band ex-lead singer of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, was forming called Blizzard of Ozz. The story goes like this ...
Don Airey of Deep Purple was a amazing guy to interview. We talked about Gary Moore, Ronnie James Dio, Randy Rhodes, Ozzy Osbourne and so much more. Up on the site soon. He is a true encyclopedia of Rock.
OK Randy Rhodes is dead so Zakk ur lucky this is coming out my mouth but just think if Slash was President and Zakk was Vice President...OMG...IT WOULD BE EPIC!!! LOL.
is feelin like hearing some 80's glam rock!... That being said, should it be: Van Halen featuring David Lee, Def Lep, Ozzy w/ Randy Rhodes, or Queen?... Someone please, help me with this decision!... lol...
I'm with u on Randy Rhodes,but what about Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, Alex Lifeson, Toni Iommi etc etc?
Randy Rhodes is was and will forever be a Metal Godyour heart out Slash
New Band Forming On lead vocals and very short for such a big voice Ronnie James Dio on guitar well if you think priest had 2 great pickers check out Randy Rhodes Jimi Hendrix on Bass well then there was Cliff Burton and last but never last John Henry Bonham
as well as the Randy Savage/CM Punk 2 pack, Mysterio/Rhodes pack, Funkasaurus, Khali, 20-0 Taker, and the *** In a Cell set!
Listening to Zakk Wylde play Randy Rhodes's guitar parts makes my head hurt.
What the heck does it's too cold outside for angels to fly mean? Stupid!
Listening to Rush Limbaughs BS too long makes me want to choke the fat off his neck! BUT I must give him credit, he's found millions of stupid ppl to buy into his ish! Ok Randy Rhodes bring me back to truth!
Cody Rhodes tries so hard to act like Randy Orton
Ok.. i n keeping with rock &roll roll trivia... given this point in time who was the better early 80's guitarist.. Randy Rhodes of Ozzy Osbourne or Eddie Van Halen?
Randy Orton was getting a beating from Del Rio and Cody Rhodes in a non-televised match. Find out which WWE...
great photo of the late Mr. Randy Rhodes,..wailing on a Custome Les Paul-my dream electic Axe!!! He really is the one that pioneer'd the right hand tapping method,..But I'd still give it to Eddie.
Morning education from Tom Hartman,Comedy from Randy Rhodes,Nightly rantings from Mike Malloy. I really miss KPOJ. There is no balance now!
Thank you for the clip. He is good. My favorite guitar hero was the great Randy Rhodes. JR
I needed that pick-6 and wound up losing by 2 points to former Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde. Randy Rhodes forever!
I wish Randy would go to that place aqain like he did on Rhodes :) thats so sexy tho' lolx
you have this obsession with pointing it out :Dwell it was mainly the Randy orton,cody rhodes and Ted dibase story it got boring
I like Randy Orton/CM Punk/Daniel Bryan/Rhodes/Sandow/Eve/AJ and Paige on NXT, thats it really, how about you? =)
Wish it was randy rhodes. . . . . it would be bigger
Today Clear Channel "killed the messenger"! KPOJ progressive radio 620 on the AM dial was replaced by Fox Sports, even though we already have sports on 4 other AM stations in Portland. We lost Carl Wolfson, Tom Hartmann, Randy Rhodes, Mike Malloy and Ed Schultz. Clear Channel has Bain Capital as one of the owners. They control a lot of the Portland market: Radio TV Billboards. IT might be time to find out why the FCC opened up the rules on monopoly ownership of media outlets. We just had a landmark election in this country and apparently the rich and corporations are trying to double down on the popular outcome. Just remember that prewar Germany as well as many other dictatorships also started to control the media to quash any public discussion of their draconian tactics used to brainwash the people. Even if you didn't like KPOJ, you should be concerned about control of the media.
Too much partisan cheerleading. Ed Shultz and Randy Rhodes to be exact.
jerhico did say that they played that version because the vid was a dedication to Randy Rhodes..
That really hurts my feelings! Oh, by the way, wait till you see the new phone I just bought!!
Most importantly I appreciate my family who has served: My great great uncle Graviel Alaniz WW I; Tio Vonche, Tio Chano, Tio Pepe, Tia Tencha and Uncle Russel WWII; My Dad Jose Alaniz Korea;My Uncle Jose Trevino (US Navy first nuke sub); My uncle Raynaldo and my Brother-in-law Randy Rhodes Vietnam; My Cousin Michael Iraq; My cousin Jerome War on Terror; and many others who like me served our nation during time of Peace.
Saw Night Ranger tonight wih my fiance, Sandy Schultz, at Downstream Casino in Joplin. Awesome show! These guys could sure teach all these new wanna-be rockers a thing or two! They did an incredible job and played to a crowd of adoring fans who sang along with thier greatest hits as well as "Crazy Train" and a couple of *** Yankees tunes. (Their lead guitarist had filled in with Ozzy's band after Randy Rhode's untimely demise and their bass player was a member of *** Yankees.) Terrific evening!
When I learn to play guitar, my idol us definately going to be Randy Rhodes. He's pretty much my favorite guitarist of all time :)
Brent + randy = a big bottle of brandy. Once you pop the fun don't stop. Randy Rhodes
Someone is trying to nick my air guitar, just don't take the take Randy Rhodes Gibson Flying Vee!
Yes he was cool as *** Jake E. Lee flipped me off so I told him how great Randy Rhodes was compared to him. He walked away.
Randy Rhodes was such an awesome lead guitar player.taken too soon!
Hello again from the LOST TEENAGER!! Tomorw is NATIONAL METAL DAY!!! 11-11-11!! lars Ulrich of Metallica said its being something greater than yourself!! One nd all can revell in the propulsionary prepondurous powerhouse that HEAVY METAL!!! WOOO *** ! Something as simply as t shirt and jeans and ones radio...sorry im old school... blasting Brian Johnson..or wailing Rob Halford or crunching with Randy Rhodes..or riffing with Eddie Van Halen!! Watch tomorow on Vh1 Classics and Thrash back to the days of LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT AND RUNNING TO THE HILLS AND EATING LAST NIGHT COLD PIZZA AND WARM PEPSI!! MAY THE STAION NEVER FADE BETWEEN THE DISTANCES...LOVE TO ALL THE LOST TEENAGER!!!
Actually... Gods making music with Dio, Randy Rhodes, Cliff Burton, Dimebag, and Buddy Rich.
I think ive been possed by joey ramone and randy rhodes while getting drinking with dimebag. I just wrote another song. Is there something wrong with me
Rr (Outtake From "Blizzard Of Ozz" Sessions) is the 12th track on Randy Rhodes's album Blizzard Of Ozz (Expanded Edition). The album was released in 2011, and consists of 12 tracks.
Stevie Ray Vaughan - dead. Cliff Burton - dead. Randy Rhodes - dead. Yet Maroon 5 continues to pollute the world.
Anyone else notice how all the best musicians end up dead? (EXAMPLE: Randy Rhodes, Freddie Mercury, Jimmi Hendrix, etc.)
I consider SRV one of the greatest guitarist ever. I also like Randy Rhodes
I have found the answer to an old unanswered question!
*** Chi Minh City aka Saigon from my hotel room window.
Randy Rhodes was way to pretty to be a dude.
Last story... my wife Ginger Lemon sang at Opry Land on the same bill as Tammy Wynette when she was 17 years old. Ginger loved C&W, and again I had to rededicate myself to playing country so I could start a band with her. I called Todd asking if he wanted to check us out and maybe play guitar with us. His response was "I'm in!" I said that he had never heard my wife sing, and he replied that if I thought she was good, it was fine with him. WOW! So annywayyy... Started to jam with all of us, but he insisted I play guitar and he play bass. His reason was he wanted to be challenged playing bass and that I was good enough of a guitarist that I would be fine playing C&W. Again rededicated myself to guitar to learn a different geners. And I still sucked at it during rehearsals. And Todd helped me all through it, showing the different country picking styles & chord progressions... he knew it all... and made sure he helped me to come kinda close to it. Ginger wanted me to mention this... When we first started Jam ...
how touching was this... RIP Randy Rhodes \../
Do you really need to put an Obama bumper sticker on a Prius??
Randy Rhodes' memorial will be November 10 outside Tulie from 2 to 6 . For more info go to his memorial page or contact April Cray Rhodes.
LOL i think he's cute...but i think John Cena, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, And Randy r all SEXY:)
Today is Greg Tribbett birthday. He is the guitarist and backing vocals for Mudvayne and Hellyea. He claims that Randy Rhodes is his biggest influence. It is also Tommy Thayer's birthday. Lead guitar for KISS. He was hired by Stanley and Simmons to do odd jobs like painting Stanley's house and cleaning Simmons gutters which led to a full time role in Kiss. What luck.
I had a great day yesterday with and
I miss I am excited to see you this weekend!!
I just got a Jackson Randy Rhodes, anybody in the Portland area got an amp i can have? It's torture to have a guitar to play and no amp to use... someone help!!! PLEASE!!!
Wish i could have lived through the 70s and 80s and just once witness the talent of Randy Rhodes... Im sorry Jimmy Hendrix but Randy was better
*** .. Just heard about Mitch Lucker... Why is it that the good die young? Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Randy Rhodes, Aaliyah, The Rev, Amy Wineh... well... The Rev. I joke on that last part but seriously. It's a little disheartening =/
I think gibson got the list wrong so I made my top ten metal guitarists of all time 10. Kerry king, 9. Angus young, 8. Dave Murry, Adrian smith, 7. Dimebag darrell, 6. Zakk Wylde, 5. slash, 4. Randy Rhodes, 3. ?, 2. ?, 1. ?
To all of the musicians (local or not) who are making music their career and always pushing to better themselves and connect with the audience.good luck and thank God for people like you. Without their perseverance and commitment, we would have never had great people like Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, BB King, Randy Rhodes, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Hedges (you get the point). Keep pushing. Just a little encouragement if your not feeling like it's worth all the work and headaches. If it's your dream...keep living it. This coming from a 46 year old musician that's very blessed to know some of the local talent around here and only wants success for all of you.
If you had to pick. Which guitarist is better Randy Rhodes or Eddie Van Halen
Ok as far as guitarist go Zakk Wylde and Tony Iommi were amazing but when it comes down to who was the best I have two words Randy Rhodes!
mid 80s custom gibson for sale or trade. 22 regular frets (not jumbos). 11 scalloped. double locking kahler tremolo system (ols school with brass rollers) that drops em hard. double humbuckers. buddy guy polka dott paint job. tribute to Randy Rhodes. needs some solder work but plays fast. will consider trade foe an esp ltd Kirk Hammett series. 2500 bucks and its yours!
My buddy Matt posted a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn, who died 22 years ago today. It got me thinking about musicians that we lost too soon. So here's the question: For you, who are the musicians that died in your lifetime, and in turn you feel the world most missed out on the music they would have still created? Mine would be (in no particular order): Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, and Randy Rhodes.
Setting up my playlist for tomorrows flight, it shall include: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lynyrd Sknyrd, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, And some Randy Rhodes sick *** guitar leads!
Happy Birthday Dimebag I bet you and Randy Rhodes are jammin with John Bonham up there in that super group in the sky!! Horns up for The Man \\m//
Best guitar song of all time? My vote is Stevie Ray Vaughan's Little Wing and Randy Rhodes on Crazy Train. Please discuss.
going to my babys house i cant wait to see her (Chelsea Nicole Cardwell) i love you baby and Randy Rhodes keep fighting man we all love you and are praying
Smh to people who think Tony Iommi is better than Randy Rhodes.
Best band ever of dead people what if Dio, Randy Rhodes, Dime bag Darrel, Cliff Burton, and ugh I can't think of any dead metal drummers but as soon as I figure it out I will finally complete the best band ever
Well for me it would have to be 3 Jimi Hendrix - Stevie Ray Vaughn - and this guy Randy Rhodes!
I'm struggling with Randy Rhodes vs Tony Iommi as to whom is the top axe man on my board. Would be thrilled with either.
I got this video from the Randy Rhodes website. After Hours playing Crazy Train.
Madison Kiss (mom wanted Madison, dad wanted Kiss because of KISS. Randi by dad for Randy Rhodes and Mae, for gma Mae.
More Night Ranger trivia: lead guitarist replaced Randy Rhodes in Ozzy's band right after Rhodes died. Playing Crazy Train right now.
just sitting here doing some homework on the band "Ratt" and would you beleive when they hired Carlos Cavazo who was formerly in the band "Quiet Riot" he beat out not only Zakk Wylde of "Ozzy and BLS" but George Lynch of "Dokken" too. George also lost a audition to be lead guitarist for "Ozzy" back in 1979 to "Randy Rhodes". George also tried out in 82 to replaces brad gillis of "Ozzy" and got the spot but was replaced by Jake Lee before he could even plug in for a show *** George Lynch is a awesome guitarist but what some tough luck
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