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Randy Harrison

Randolph Clarke Randy Harrison (born November 2, 1977) is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Justin Taylor on the Showtime drama Queer as Folk.

Gale Harold Michael Urie Justin Taylor Lance Bass Brian Kinney Sharon Gless Del City Hal Sparks Dane Scott

wish I had sirius so I could hear Randy Harrison on your show.
Coming to the show tonight with the Randy Harrison contingent, but I am coming to see you. We are sitting in the second row!
This is irony for you. George Harrison's memorial tree killed by beetles in LA.
UPDATE: Hello everyone,Randy is a guest on Frank DeCaro Show on the radio OutQ! Click HERE to listen to his ...
Tree memorializing George Harrison destroyed... by actual beetles via
Sing along to video of the cast singing "Only Numbers!" —
UPDATE: Hello people!Another article and one more video of Atomic’s cast, while performing “Only Numbers” at ...
That little one there looks like a teenaged Randy Harrison, but he's not the *** one.
“randy moss the bests wide receiver i've ever seen im sorry”either him or Marvin Harrison
Noel Harrison is shown note by Randy Kirby in a scene from the television series 'The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.',...
The Skivvies are such a gift to us all. Randy Harrison's Dance medley is amazing!!!
I'm crying over the perfection that is randy harrison and his glorious butt don't mind me
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have a review written by Lisa Jo Sagolla about the musical "Atomic", click HERE to r...
there's one in Harrison too don't know the name is down from Popeyes the guy name is randy his ig is Skeetyjohnson I think
UPDATE: Hello again..we added to our gallery some new wonderful HQ pics of Randy taken on July 17th during the...
You are stupid. Randy Moss is one guy He isn't superman. Peyton played with Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison for 9 years
UPDATE: Hello everyone,many many thanks to our dear Trish for sending us the pictures she took on July 17th du...
Would you support a movie? Please sign and see Randy Harrison & Robert Gant reprise their roles.
"Show’s musical highlight is the haunting “Stars and Stripes Will Rise,” electrifyingly sung by Randy Harrison."
if you're a fan of Randy Harrison, have you signed the petition for a movie?
UPDATE: Hi!We have one more video recorded during the event "Broadway in Bryant Park 2014". In the first part...
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which ... — I would put Gale Harold and Randy Harrison together
“Check cast member Randy Harrison in "trailer,
You know..this show that wasn't *** comedy but drama and had 5! seasons? Gale Harold, Randy Harrison..ring any bell?
I still think Gale Harold is the most beautiful man alive. No one else's looks come close though Randy Harrison does come second.
Gale Harold and Randy Harrison make my knees weak
" ... ... Or coming and staying?...". Mr. Gale Harold as Brian Kinney - Mr. Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor. QaF S1E01
Very with Randy Harrison and Gale Harold from Spain, 2014. Good day to all.
Even though I watched a few episodes about twelve years ago when it first came out on DVD, I decided to watch *** AS FOLK now, since it is available on Netflix. I am really astonished at how good it is. Gale Harold, Hal Sparks, and Randy Harrison are incredible, as is the rest of the cast. Sharon Gless is simply fabulous.
Photoset: qafus: Randy Harrison attended the ‘The Legend Of Hercules’ premiere at the Crosby Street Hotel...
Am still a big fan of Randy Harrison.
another one is Marshall Faulk, they go neck and neck. & I can't think of a better one than Randy, Marvin Harrison was nice too
Marvin Harrison* “*Jerry Rice “Randy Moss is the best receiver of all time””
fuccckkk u wih bad acting Gale Harold and randy Harrison are ace
jersey rice Marvin Harrison Randy miss and Calvin Johnson
On Tuesday 18 at 8pm two more VIP dinners with Randy Harrison will be put up for auction. The (cont)
I don't think I realized how stage-y Randy Harrison's line readings are.
Thanks to Everyone who attended our event at the Barn Door & the Hosts: Mike Harrison, Randy/Darcy Stokes
starter Matt Harrison on "pushing" to fill hole left by Derek Holland's injury:
Cris carter, Randy moss, Marvin Harrison , Jerry rice , Troy brown. .. top 5 right ther
Good afternoon fbf well day started off in the er now am home feelin little better want to take the time out to wish a couple of ppl happy bday first on my list is my my great grand mom Virgie Harrison second is my heart Randy Harrison both of youll Rip third my nephew Gene Harrison Jr and lastly is Mrs C Batts love youll hope you enjoy amd have a blessed day
Randy Harrison is 31 years old, and Gale Harold 44. My life is screwed.
had so much joy from being at a show with and some music raw is the best... and then to get a little bit of some Randy Harrison at the tops it off ;)
Just realizing that a lot of my self image issues as a teenager came from not looking like Randy Harrison.
I love Gale Harold but Randy Harrison is my baby and platonic significant other :P
Kentucky sticks with the freshmen five: Aa. Harrison, An. Harrison, Johnson, Randle and Young.
Breast Cancer Awareness
please follow a LGBT screwball comedy with Michael Urie and Randy Harrison - please spread the word
“fact: Duke Edsall(ref of today's Memphis-UConn game)has a brother named Randy.He is the former UConn head football coach.”
JJEF's Randy Earl just beat Harrison's Frankie Barchella in OT. Earl had lost to him earlier in the season.
One of my favorite embraces on Television...Gale Harold & Randy Harrison as *Brian & Justin* ~ QAF 4Ever. Post...
Oh my god I'm screaming. How is Randy Harrison 36 years old? I was positive he'd never age, and I'd age past him.
You can find it in DVD box sets of the extras, but only the American version, or you can watch it here
Del City police captain Randy Harrison is behind bars in the Oklahoma County Jail.
Yes!!! To the love of my life Randy Harrison. You are the hand I ache to hold, the body I love to lay next to, the neck I reach up on my tip toes to hug (and can still can't reach), and the lips I adore. We have been through so much and I know it makes our relationship so much stronger. God had a plan when we met.I love finding out what he has in store for us.
Boc. As long as he was Randy Harrison. ☺️
Randy Harrison love you more today than I did yesterday, more than 38 valentines ago.
Does it make me a stalker to take a picture of Randy Harrison sitting across from me on the subway a
Randy and Harrison must love the fritos sub
😂😂 like she's related to Randy Horse *** himself
I'm so freaking happy that *** As Folk is on Netflix now! I can now relive all of my favorite Justin Taylor moments! Randy Harrison = Yum!
I saw Randy Harrison today at Costco and asked him and Susan to join us.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Another fun and money filled day working with Randy Harrison and Rachel Nero very at Randys Family Restaurant.
I am hoping my husband has a very happy Birthday today. Happy Birthday Randy Harrison.. I love you.
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please check out an indie LGBT film about love and with Michael Urie, Randy Harrison.
hi pls check out a indie film about greed &love in L.A with Michael Urie, Scott Wolf, Randy Harrison in films festivals soon
Please follow an indie film with Michael Urie, Randy Harrison, Tom Lenk, Scott Wolf
Photoset: qafus: NEW photos of Randy Harrison in his play “Harbor” at Primary Stages 59e59 Theatres, NYC.
Photo: kinneycutt: Randy Harrison with a fan
I'm just really in love with Randy Harrison's Boq, like seriously.
I knew George Harrison, was a randy old bugger but I never knew he *allegedly* had an affair with Madonna!
remember when captain Randy Trent Harrison was convicted of manslaughter for shooting/killing Dane Scott Jr...
Here's a new photo of Randy added to our gallery, and the link to see the others.
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have some new pictures of Randy taken yesterday during the reading of "POZ" at the P...
Photoset: kinneysexual: *** as Folk, Season 3 Bloopers - Gale Harold and Randy Harrison. Thank you, anon!
As Christmas approaches it's about time we got a package from Thanks Randy
One time Randy Harrison put tractor tires on his V10 and rolled it six times.
Spreading the word about an indie film with Randy Harrison, Lance Bass.
"please follow the new screwball comedy with Randy Harrison from As Folk (Justin)" everyo…
Follow a screwball comedy about greed in L.A,starring Randy Harrison in f…
Thank you for this fab birthday post on
I wonder how my boss Randy Harrison is doing after his beloved Crimson Tide tanked away the Iron Bowl and BCS title-game berth. A real shame
Peyton got wayne to where he was at nd Harrison nice but I'm talkin a randy moss different league nd u kno tht
"Jury convicts Oklahoma police captain for death of unarmed teen
Jury continues deliberations over officer who shot teen
Photo: Gale Harold and Randy Harrison at a Showtime party
UPDATE: Del City Police Captain Randy Harrison has been convicted of manslaughter for the shooting death of a teenager in March 2012. He had claimed he thought 18-year-old Dane Scott, Jr. was pulling a gun from his pocket. Jurors convicted Harrison after 10 hours of deliberation and reportedly suggested a 4-year prison sentence.
The jury has found Del City police Capt. Randy Harrison GUILTY of manslaughter in the shooting death of Dane Scott, Jr. They have recommended 4 years. Sentencing is set for Jan. 8.
CONGRATS: Beverly Chastain of Orleans, Randy Harrison of Mitchell and Christal Brown of Orleans... winners on Tue's
Tonight, my son, SQUIDWERD, a.k.a. CP02 Randy Harrison will arrive at KCI. He will be home for a few weeks and he will be able to attend his mother's induction into the Kansas National Guard's Hall of Fame. Glad to have all three of my sons home and watch the smile of their mother. Sadness is when they return to their locations which are not at home, and watch their mother get upset.
I mean. When I first watched QAF I genuinely thought he was openly *** like Randy Harrison. But he's not. And I was all :o when the --
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jeff Wells now certified as public manager: FORT MORGAN - - Randy Harrison, from the University of Colorad...
pls follow an indie screwball comedy about greed and jealousy with Michael Urie, & Randy Harrison
Gale Harold and Randy Harrison Coffee Breaks and M&G, sold out.
Randy Harrison bringin' the pep early this morning. I would say that he's on crack but Apple doesn't make it.
Forever fangirling over Gale Harold and Randy Harrison most do a come back!
lo tengo! "We want to see the talented and gorgeous Randy Harrison working again on tv! His work
"'re supposed to add 'in bed' to the end..." - *Brian* to *Justin* (Gale Harold 2 Randy Harrison) in *** as Folk* :)
It's useless to knock here, we shut out the world with its hubbub... Gale Harold, Randy Harrison - QaF ...
It's more like *** As Folk with Gale Harold and Randy Harrison
UCD official is Randy Harrison from the University of Colorado Denver.
Omg I came across a Yunho/Randy Harrison fic. ;~; My sunshine was paired with the Jung. Kinney is not pleased. lol
Someone here used to said once:"I'm in love with the love between Justin and Brian/Gale Harold & Randy Harrison/.love this quote!
Check out a *** screwball comedy with Randy Harrison and Michael Urie .. …
just guessed that I was thinking of Randy Harrison via
I've been thinking what it'd be like if Randy Harrison would sing this song. Can't we expect to reopen OHP again?
*) Screenwriter/Producer of the new indie comedy starring Michael Urie & Randy…
Photoset: "I was incredibly fortunate to have orked with Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor. We share enough...
UPDATE: Hello everyone,keep checking our gallery.. we added a lot of new-old pictures of Randy!!
Randy Harrison, american, actor famous and sayings -
Back in Edendale for one last day of shooting. Today my hands play Randy Harrison's hands.
Follow the new comedy with RANDY HARRISON and Michael Urie !! Coming soon in your cinema ! Please RT
Follow an indie comedy with Michael Urie and Randy Harrison
It's a clique that I've never been a part of. It's not like I identify them in a negative way. ~ Randy Harrison
he's the main character - Brian Kinney and Randy Harrison is Justin Taylor :) Britin lol
shamelessly asking a birthday wish from Randy Harrison ;)
Randy harrison voice its beyond this world:)
you're very welcome. Could you please follow with Randy Harrison and Michael Urie
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we added some new wonderful pictures of Randy taken during the QWAN Convention!Many tha...
He reminds me a little of Randy Harrison from QAF just his appearance here
That's certainly a Randy Harrison double if I ever saw one!
Best QWANvention report! A must read for all fans! Thank Trish for the captivating report! Take a read
Randy Harrison QWANvention photo spam over. QWANvention was fantastic! Hope there is another one soon!
Randy Harrison close up photo via Sunny!
I adore Randy Harrison. Going to NYC Oct. Friend there has me autographed pic and program!!
UPDATE: Hello everyone! Finally, after a prolongued hiatus, the new galleries are on line! We apologize for ta...
UPDATE: Hello everyone,many thanks to our dear Trish for giving us the permission to share the pic taken after...
Gale Harold and Randy Harrison in I just love them!
Gale Harold & Randy Harrison (from QAF) and Zoella and Alfie Deyes from PointlessBlog (YouTubers)
I love Gale Harold & Randy Harrison! Gale plays Jackson in Desperate Housewives now! I want a QaF movie! & Randy sings! ;-)
Gale Harold will be my fav actor and crush forever.and ofcos alongside with Randy Harrison
...just miss to watch Gale Harold and Randy Harrison...nevermind together or separate...♡♥♡
I'm totally hooked...also on Gale Harold & Randy Harrison (Brian & Justin, of course! lol) Gale is 1 sexy guy! Randy is cute!
*** Gale Harold is nothing but eye candy, so is Randy Harrison! *tongue hanging out lol Hope we get a movie like w/every series
"Randy Harrison ~ Gale Harold" Look what I found! Randy actually got a very beautiful singing voice! :)
Do you know of any BIG Randy Harrison Fans out there. I have an idea.
LOL Especially on Gale Harold & Randy Harrison! They said it was originally aimed at the *** community, but about 50% of the...
We do too. And yes, RANDY HARRISON is absolutely HILARIOUS in
*** as Folk's Randy Harrison, still as gorgeous as ever!
Everyone has seen the new Randy Harrison and Michael Urie teaser footage that released this morning?
UPDATE: Hello everyone,on August 7th Randy attended Michael Urie's birthday party at Tony's DiNapoli, we have ...
Support an indie LGBT film with Michael Urie and Randy Harrison
Oh I forgot how cute is Justin ;). Can't wait to see Randy Harrison in
Wanna know more about and where it came from? vía GET UR TICS HERE::
"Gale Harold and Randy Harrison dated back in year 2001, so he is reported to be homosexual." gUYS I SWEAR TO GOD
UPDATE: We have eight HQ pictures of Randy taken yesterday at the opening night of "Harbor":
In this photo of yesterday Randy Harrison is fantastic! *-*
I just love this photo! [Randy Harrison 'Harbor' Opening Night After Party August 6]
Yes we are. Have you ever met Gale Harold and/or Randy Harrison?
Matthew Morrison is unfortunately engaged. :( I need a new song and dance man, here folks. Aaron Tveit? I wish Randy Harrison or Jonathan Groff would go back to Bway.
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have another video of Randy taken during the rehearsal for "Harbor" and posted by Er...
Yeah just turned 13 today can't wait until I go to splash valley in roanoke with randi-moss ,keane charles,Landon Harrison,sandra moss, and Nick reather
It is now time we ALL spread the word about an independant LGBT film about love & with Michael Urie,Randy Harrison
Sorry once again my Lord, for adore two hotties such as Gale Harold and Randy Harrison.
Yeah for a 3 day weekend. Tomorrow morning Jim & I are headed to Holland, Mi.
UPDATE: Hello everyone,you can see a glimpse of Randy in this video taken during the first day of rehearsal fo...
Zarata Events are pleased to announce the second guest to Queens of the Road, the actor who portrayed Justin Taylor: Rand…
On the road! Next stop, Roseburg, OR tonight, then Seattle tomorrow. Coming atcha 206! Thanks to Max for taking care of Randi, thanks to Patty for house sitting!!
I got a call from friend who is looking to adopt a female, lab or lab mix for his parents whos dog died a few weeks ago. GREAT home. Does any rescues have female lab mixes, he would like a younger dog. Not necessarily a puppy. Post the pics on this page and he will see them..Thanks. ~Mandy~
Arkansans for Equality will be submitting our ballot language tomorrow morning. While we are extremely pleased and expected the SCOTUS decision, we will still all have to come together in this fight for equality. Repealing Amendment 83 is only the first step to ensuring marriage equality for everyone. At this time, we would like to thank our lawyer, Anne Orsi and Holly Dickson from the ACLU for all the kindness they have graced upon us. Special shout out to CAR, Our Diversity, Living Affected Corp, NOW, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Diamond State Rodeo, Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, ACLU, and the rest of the organizations that have shown kindness for being supportive to what we are trying to achieve in 2014. (Apologies in advance if there were any excluded.) Tomorrow is a big day and AfE only hopes that Arkansas will be on the right side of history.
I promised a quick recap of salient points from the Q&A this past weekend. Q. Was the release date for BURNED really moved? A. Yes.  The release date for BURNED has been moved to April 2014.  Q. Why? A. I won’t put a book out until I’m satisfied I’ve written it the best way possible.  I’m currently exploring two different ways of continuing the series. Previously I told you there would be three books (ICED, BURNED and FLAYED) in the Dani series followed by two Mac & Barrons books. I may be combining the next four books (BURNED, FLAYED and the untitled M&B books) into two. Q.  Is Dani older in BURNED? A1.  Crimeny, is it really all about sex? Q.  Yes. Now answer my question. A2.  Although Dani is 14 at the beginning of BURNED, she does mature by the end of the book.  Someone asked if she would be 17. I said possibly. Q.  Will we get anyone else’s POV in BURNED?  A.  Yes.  Among others, Mac is back!  Which means JZB is, too (but don’t expect his POV, LOL.) To those of you who insist ...
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we added two HQ pictures to the album of the opening night of "Buyers & Cellars": Click...
Randy Harrison co-stars with Michael Urie in the upcoming comedy film Such Good People.
Randy Harrison yesterday in NYC, perfect as always!!💙
I wish I could see that and Randy Harrison's new play Harbor!
Randy Harrison attends the opening night for "Buyers & Cellars" at the Barrow Street Theatre on June…
All purpose parts banner
We really need a major push for Labor History Education in this country. It should be required learning. Do you now understand why it is NOT?
Randy Harrison with love: via For an awesome young talent (31). Whatever the role he comes through.
Just found out that my test results at the clinic in Little Rock mean the opposite of what I was told. Apparently an FSH of 2.6 means that my ovaries are still functioning at top notch and my estrogen levels are adequate and all is most right with my world. My cholesterol is well within normal range (not jacked up like they led me to believe) and even after being in medicine all these years I cannot believe I let this vex me so (when I actually do know better about the cholesterol, I just avoid anything that has to do with gynecology or obstetrics because I despise women's medicine - so I actually didn't know that). I feel so much better now. I am NOT in menopause. WOO HOO - still got a few years to go before that I hope. :)
Randy Harrison to be featured in off-Bway run of new play "Harbor," which -premiered at Westport Playhouse last year. Mark Lamos directs
UPDATE: Hello everyone,as all of you know, Randy was at the "Rise and Shine USA Convention" on Sunday June 9th...
Beautiful drawing of Randy Harrison ~ I ♥ it! Did you sketch it?
Randy Harrison played the best Boq in Wicked.
my photo with Gale Harold and Randy Harrison. my life is complete.
Our Annual Membership meeting was a great success! Thanks to all of our members who attended. A big thank you to Mary Griggs and Ryan Rivers for their past service as board members and welcome to our three new directors Mason Harrison, Emily Rey, and Randi Sylve. We'll be introducing our new board members soon, so stay tuned. Sebastian Rey will be taking over for Mary Griggs as the chair of the board of directors. You can send any questions or opportunities to infohave full coverage of the meeting in the upcoming days, we're excited and you should be too! Keep your eyes on us, you'll want to be involved.
Luke Bryan in concert Aug 10th who's in?!? Shelley M. Harrison!!! ❤
Kara Harrison Griser, Justin Harrison, Randi Graybeal Harrison...the best steak I have ever eatin!
Cooper & Camrie's first bday is coming up. I need a Mickey & Minnie Mouse cake. I need suggestions on a place or person that can make yummy & pretty cakes :-)
[Gale walks up to Sheena] Gale Harold: I brought you something. [Hands her a screw] Sheena: Thank you! Now I feel screwed. Um no microphone for Randy but Gale needs one because he’s soft spoken. Randy’s got the big theatre voice. Hi boys welcome back. Randy Harrison: Hey. Sheena: Have you had everyone on earth take your picture? Randy Harrison: Yeah [nods head] Sheena: Alright so here were are again. This is your time to ask Gale and Randy some more questions. Who has a question for them? [Audience is silent and then laughs] Sheena: You’re a shy group this time. Nobody wants to ask these oh… Kirsten? Kirsten: I have a question for Gale.  If I was your guest in LA what one place would you take me to and why? Gale Harold: Um Dinah's Fried Chicken on San Fernando and mostly because it’s fried chicken. Kirsten: You like fried chicken? Gale Harold: I do like fried chicken. Kirsten: No sides? Gale Harold: Excuse me? Kirsten: No sides? Gale Harold: Sides? collard greens. [Audience laughs] Sheena: Ga ...
 At the very bottom we posted links to some of the upcoming events Gale and Randy mentioned. If you see (???) those are spots we can't figure out what was said. Still working on it but this is what we have for now. If you can help fill in the blanks please send us a message! Gale and Randy Q&A Panel 1 Sheena: Welcome both of you to Rise’nShine USA. So this isthe first time the two of you have ever been at a con together? Gale Harold: In a con? I’ve made a lot of money off somecons. Sheena: Was that your wallet I took? And put in my big blackpurse? Gale Harold: No it was my wallet that you thought you tookthat had your money in it and you gave it back to me. [Audience laughing] Sheena: And that's a con my friend. This is the firstconvention the two of you have done together? Randy Harrison: Yep. Gale Harold: Yes. Sheena: That’s exciting right? Randy Harrison: It’s thrilling. Sheena: Randy Harrison: I don’t like microphones Sheena: Is that cause you are also a stage actor? Randy Harrison: I mean ...
I was watching a Larry King interview from 2002 with Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Hal Sparks, Peter Paige, and Sharon Gless. I've now decided to re-watch *** as Folk. Just listening to the questions being asked in that interview has made me realize how far our society has come in just over 10 years. While the show sort of glorified the darker aspects of *** life, it really did a lot for us as a group. It made me more aware of all the social issues we faced as a community, and the right and wrong ways to have our voices heard. Such a great show. Off to go get my QAF fix!
"has invited you too Randy Ron's rendezvous part 2"
As the newly elected Miss Tuskegee University 2013-2014, I am honored to hold this title. I am thrilled to serve as a representative of the legacy of high standards of excellence, in order to impact the…
loool not really I've been battered by 5 people before *cough cough darren , alex , harrison ,cavan & randy
Just had extended interview with former Tollesboro coach Randy Harrison about his new book. Story in tomorrow's edition.
I never felt a need to manipulate my career from the outside - try to be someone I wasn't to get ahead. Randy Harrison
"female 23.. I did my mbbs.. So in my final year I was in love with auto wala who used to drop me in collage everyday.. So i proposed him and he accepted.. But v thought to marry so we went to his house for his dads permission and his dad said ok no problem.. later at night his dad called me and told that my son is not good he is smoker and drinker so forget him and his dad proposed me instantly and said i love U plz marry me karke.. So I'am confused now what to do..? Plz help"
Randy Reeves, County Agent in Harrison County, shares his June gardening tips. Via
"You're not gonna not get Randy Jackson's signature, right?"
Stories in the hopper this week: Bach/Burns in KY-IN all-star series; review of Randy Harrison's Tollesboro hoops book; Logan Brown feature.
So, I axe you ... why nobody told me about "Longmire"? Hah? Why?
SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by MARSHA BURNS: The enemy is doing a work against you to cause you to lose hope and become complacent. But, I tell you that your hope is in Me, and I will do all that I have promised. Do not despair, but stand strong in your faith for vi...
"... Mr. Harrison is a white guy, right?" Oh Randy.
Very Happy to hear the BOTH Gale Harold and Randy Harrison will be attending Queens of the Road Con next March!!
Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? Did anyone go to the range for some practice?
I love my amazing sisters.. Jennifer Harrison, Julie Cudd, Tiffany Williams, Tiffany Williams, and Kimberly Allen... there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for them and heaven help the an who hurts them...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Band just started playing Randy Travis, thinking of you
oh gosh I do! It was horrible! Ms. Harrison was like Randy uncover your eye! And his eye was literally bulging out of his head
Should I get the cards I need to finish my all pats team 99 Brady 99 fork 99 3 star randy or 1 idk and Rodney Harrison 3 star and rich semor
Just worked on the feature "Such Good People" with Randy Harrison, Michael Urie and Ana Ortiz!
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have a new picture of Randy with Michael Urie taken yesterday on the set of "Such Go...
I died a little over your photos with Randy Harrison and Michael Urie :O
Sout Mating by Jon D. Harrison - connect with your inner soul via Eastern mediation methods like qigong, yoga, etc. -
Happy closing for 260 North St. Harrison for $695K-my buyers got a great home at a great price!
"The final VIP Dinner Tickets for Gale Harold and Randy Harrison are up for auction. Auction ends April 27." seriously
Randy Moss or Marvin Harrison, who would you rather have in his prime?
Randy talking Texas Rangers with How much does Matt Harrison's injury hurt the Rangers?
Third wheel, but I guess Randy and Katie are a good couple...
Just saw the 'unknow photoshoot' of Randy Harrison and OMG. He'll kill with his perfectness!!
Your face Randy Harrison... drives me crazy
So sooo happy!!! Gale Harold, Randy Harrison now Scott Lowell we love you ZarataEvents España
If Brandon Randy and Harrison walked me half way home today I would be buying them dunkin and subway tomorrow , oh well
looks a lot like Randy Harrison from QAF!
Peyton manning had Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison for all of his career but a year. Brady had randy moss for 3.
Suivez / Follow film about love and avec Randy Harrison Michael Urie, Lance Bass
Please follow an upcoming about love & with Randy Harrison & James Urbaniak
so soon I'm gonna get my pass, and I will see Randy Harrison, my dream's coming true, I can't describe how much excited I am, FINALLY.
Pls follow an upcoming comedy about and finding 1 million$ with Michael Urie & Randy Harrison
A transcript, for somebody of the French persuasion who asked me.
Photoset: “I’d most like to tell Justin to calm down. Maybe get him into a yoga class.” - Randy Harrison [x]
place Matt Harrison on disabled list with lower back strain. Justin Grimm to start Thursday in Seattle.
I love a man who can make me laugh about marketing, Randy Harrison.
the Lions are a franchise that once took Terry Fair over RANDY MOSS! we know draft busts when we see one! Trust me. :-)
Randy Harrison is making his way back onto the big screen as lead role in the new film
30min until Randy Harrison, Gale Harold, Scott Lowell, Robert Gant, and Michelle Clunie are LIVE on Channel 2!
Sheena Metal is interviewing Robert Gant, Michelle Clunie, Scott Lowell, Randy Harrison and Gale Harold on her...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hi can you follow a comedy film with Michael Urie , Randy Harrison, Bree Turner Lance Bass, Alec Mapa
I wish I live in USA so that I can go and meet Gale Harold and Randy Harrison on .
started this as far as I know with just to get close to Randy Harrison and Gale Harold.
I find Randy Harrison so attractive. What is wrong with me?
Time to see Kree Harrison sing she's gonna (in best Randy Jackson voice) kill it, yo.
The night we saw Sir Ian McKellan out with two gorgeous young men, that band from the UK (Supergrass) and a day later seeing Randy Harrison.
UPDATE on Valencia Obimama WCMT random drawing! Sigh. Hummpf. I have now received more than one email informing me that my choice to offer this carrier to Obi-less families is illegal and as it is a form of discrimination. I will be honest, it takes the wind out of my sails and the skip out of my step to have that laid in-front of me. The spirit in which this form of random sale held was a good spirit- but I am not about to be accused of discrimination. The random drawing has been taken down and I have yet to decide the best way to list this (and future) carriers. My sincere apologies to all the families that entered the drawing- I am sure this squashes your excitement and hopes a little. NOT my intent at all! I will regroup and post here with a further update at a later time. For now, I am going back to my dreary headachy day and will continue to package Girasols and rock out to Pandora :)
So it's Jerry Rice , Terell Owens, Randy Moss and Marvin Harrison tied for 3rd , not bad
Ha based on approximate value. Marian Harrison was just as good as randy moss. I LOVE Marvin. But idk.
Thanks for the follow!Could you pls follow too an upcoming comedy w/ Randy Harrison & Michael Urie :)
"In case you missed it, watch ChrisCliff's half-court game winner that helped WL Northern past Harrison -
The greatest Wide Receivers of all time: Jerry Rice Calvin Johnson Randy Moss Steve Largent Marvin Harrison
ummm no that would not be randy, Marvin Harrison was probably the most talented ;)
Question: What is a word your toddler had a hard time saying?
S/o to Randy Harrison as I sit here trying my first Krispy Kreme doughnut ✌
who would u rather have as a teamate marvin harrison, randy moss, or terrell owens all HOFs
Hi please support an independant movie with Michael Urie and Randy Harrison
Marvin Harrison > Randy Moss of greatest WR's of all time!
yay! Thanks,I'm interested in the movie cuz randy Harrison is in it,I loved him in QAF Then the storyline :-)
Here, tlist. Have some Randy Harrison aka Justin Taylor. No? Okay, more for me ahihi ♥ ♥ ♥ Night x
did you hear? Harrison Ford is coming back as Han Solo!
I love Michael Urie and Randy Harrison so much, I just know Such Good People will be good
Please follow an upcoming film about love & starring Randy Harrison, Lance Bass & Jon Polito
Thinking of some furniture shopping today down on Washington Street... Maybe a couple of side tables, a lamp or two, and even... God help us, maybe a rug. For those of you who know me, I have some commitment issues with rugs. It seems like such a BIG step, no? Any advice?
"Randy Harrison ear appreciation post because he has the cutest ears I ever saw
condividere i post che appaiono su questa pagina è una cosa che ci gratifica tantissimo, la condivisione di *** as Folk, di Gale Harold e Randy Harrison, non può che darci piacere, ed incentivare il nostro lavoro. Ma per qualsiasi lavoro effettuato dallo staff,escluse le foto che non ci appartengono e che sono facilmente reperibili su Google da chiunque ed in qualsiasi momento, vedi per esempio le traduzioni dal libro *** as Folk...the book", vanno richiesti i permessi (e non sto parlando a tutti i nostri amici che noi sappiamo perfettamente essere affettuosamente corretti) o per lo meno menzionati i crediti dovuti alla nostra pagina ed allo staff che vi lavora. grazie Share the posts that appear on this page is something that gratifies us a lot, sharing *** as Folk, Gale Harold and Randy Harrison, can only give us pleasure, and stimulate our work. But for any work carried by the staff, except for photos that do not belong to us and that are easily available on Google by anyone at any time), see ...
Off until Tuesday!! Do cleaning and grocery shopping today!! Debbie Harrison Lisa Rosentreter Patrick Rosentreter and baby will be here tomorrow and going to have a fun day in Seattle tomorrow!! And then dinner with the Family! Should be a great visit excited to have some baby time with the cutiest baby girl I know!!
VIP DINNER TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: Dinner will take place with the whole cast together in the same location on Friday evening. Every guest will be sitting with 6 attendees at one table. There will be 3 Categories of VIP Dinners: Category A to be sitting at a table with either Scott, Peter, Michelle, Robert or Ryan Category B to be sitting with Randy Category C to be sitting with Gale Category A can be bought at the shop for a fixed price – Buy Now Category B & C will be auctioned out in 5 blocks, each time one for Cat B plus Cat C. Bid on Cat C (Gale Harold) on Cat B (Randy Harrison) those who purchase a VIP Dinner pass category A, one place each at Randy´s and Gale´s table will be sorted out.
I still think Gale Harold and Randy Harrison look too perfect together♥ this is the Gandy power♥
Indonesian who like Gale Harold or Randy Harrison come to me
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tickets are now on sale for the Rise 'n Shine USA Convention taking place June 7-9 in Los Angeles. Guests include Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Peter Paige, Scott Lowell, Michelle Clunie, Robert Gant and Ryan Scott Greene.
Saw a beautifully intense and emotional reading of a lovely play written by the incredibly talented Justin Sayre and read by an amazing cast including Allen McCullough, Bizzy Barefoot, Christian Coulson, Cole Escola, Randy Harrison, Rob Maitner and Sean Dugan. Here's hoping The Click of The Lock becomes a full production in the near future.
Apparently it happened with Gale Harold and Randy Harrison from *** As Folk. I didn't realize it at the time,
Wait a minute.Chad Michaels is in Providence tonight & I'm just hearing about this now from my fish? WTH lol
FnQ: I just had a baby in December and I keep having anxiety about being pregnant again I have nuvaring. I'm 17 there is no possible way I can take care of 2. If I am I want an abortion. But I'm so afraid I won't have the money to do it by the time I turn 18 in march. Also how I can explain needing recovery time because I graduate on may.
I truly want to encourage you to lose the weight you've always dreamt of losing! It's hard! It's uncomfortable, it *** . For the first 10 days after that you start to feel wonderful! Down 40lbs since I brought Harrison home from the hospital 4 months ago, 30 since prepregnancy! I still have plenty to go and don't feel like I "look" 40lbs thinner but the scale doesn't lie!!!
Anyone have question for Randy Harrison or Gale Harold? The Question are for the Meet and Greet in LA in Juni. Hat jemand Fragen an Randy Harrison oder Gale Harold? Die Fragen sind für das Meet und Greet in LA im Juni.
Is it wrong to Ship Marti and Julian together on Hellcats? It feels wierd to not ship Gale Harold with Randy Harrison. lol
Gale Harold explaining why he loves Randy Harrison, to a photo..."He just has this amazing bubble butt..."
Randy Moss> Marvin Harrison! Moss was a big play kind of guy with average QB! Culpepper
Im pumped up to kick off Day 2 in VA for Spring LL!!! On another note to all my AC's and partners I hope you have a fantastic time at the AC summit in Charlotte. If only I could be split in! Lesley Lancaster Hannah Harrison Andrea Goodman Senic sue Sue Hamshar Burke Randi McNeill
Jerry Rice is the best wide receiver ever & everyone else from Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Marvin Harrison, etc...far 2nds
So where does Randy Moss rank on the list of top ten receivers of all time? There's Rice, Carter, Holt, TO, Irvin, Harrison, Wayne...
I think I can name 3 WR's better than Randy Moss tbh
Randy Moss thinks he's the greatest receiver ever...he's not even number 2 I would put Rice, T.O, and Irvin in front of him, maybe Harrison
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Randy Moss is better than Jerry Rice? Right. And Nicolas Cage is a better actor than Harrison Ford.
Randy Moss wasn't even better than Marvin Harrison
Overall Ima say Randy Moss is to Jerry Rice theres Irvin, Harrison, Carter, Largent, T.O (no order) after all that etc..
Marvin Harrison, Tim Brown, Chris Carter, Isaac Bruce, Tony Gonzalez.any of those names ring a bell, Randy? ...more catches than you.
Randy Moss apparently does not know that Marvin Harrison was both a better receiver and could have him eliminated at a car wash
I would have to say top 5 WR's to ever play the game.. 1) Jerry Rice 2) Marvin Harrison 3) Issac Bruce 4) Randy Moss 5) Micheal Irvin
I'll take Marvin Harrison and Torry Holt over Randy Moss. They all have rings.
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