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Randy Harrison

Randolph Clarke Randy Harrison (born November 2, 1977) is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Justin Taylor on the Showtime drama Queer as Folk.

Gale Harold Michael Urie Justin Taylor Brian Kinney Lance Bass Nick Adams Del City

Jim Wright, Randy Harrison and Tim Smith speaking to ACS staff.
When they have pro bowl players, they cut them at inexplicable times. Ty Law, Rod…
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I watched PFL for all of like 5 minutes & saw Randy, Bas, Kayla Harrison, a ref cam & a Jon Fitch stoppage. I'm calling that a win.
Last June, and here's the calendar for July!.
The Jason Show : Randy Harrison "Sunday in the Park with George" at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.
This list got Marvin Harrison over Randy moss, lol okay
Four year old Randy Wiggins stopped by this morning and dropped off some cookies for Sheriff Harrison. He was so...
see Randy Harrison in Cabaret and Ryan Steele in An American In Paris (though, sadly, not as Jerry).
Stephen Rankin, Randy Harrison, Scott Smith...Michael Slager is on trial now and Betty Shelby is also charged.
Sorry, I'll be at Joe's Pub w/the Skivvies, Randy Harrison, Nick Adams among others. Can't b everywhere. Planning2tape it.
From our playbill. Randy Harrison in CABARET . AMAZING show
The world needs to know that Gale Harold & Brian Kinney rule the world. Followed by Randy Harrison & Justin Taylor !!
Griswold back up 5-4 after a David Thompson RBI groundout and a Randy Harrison walk that turns into a run off a throwing error. To the 6th.
It's a clique that I've never been a part of. It's not like I identify...
Randy and Maria Harrison are looking forward to spending some quality time together on their nice 2011 Nautic...
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I'm sure some of you already know this, but Randy Harrison (Justin from QAF) is playing the Emcee in the nat'l tour of Cabaret!
Mine is 6/6:personal taxesRdue. Some birthday present! I should be happy2see Cabaret4the 3rd time w/Randy Harrison.
don't know if you watch or watched QAF but Randy Harrison aka Justin will be at the after party in San Fran 💕💕💕💕
Randy Moss. Marvin Harrison. Cris Carter. Take your pick, in no particular order.
UPDATE: June 2nd, 2016Our dear Kim Curtis also let us share her original photo with from M...
hi Blake! Can I share your photo with Randy on with credits to you?
Hi Blake! Woderful pic of you and Randy. Can I share it on fb page: randy harrison spain with credits to you? TY
MUT, where you at with that Randy Moss? Oh, that's right. My bad. How about Marvin Harrison? Oh, oops.
Dad said that he was prouder of me than he'd ever been when I came out...
Saw cabaret for the 2nd time tonight! Absolutely phenomenal show and I got to meet Randy Harrison the emcee!
looking great here after rain in Harrison Township. Skywarn-Hurricane tracker Randy
only rainbow we got here in Harrison Township. Skywarn-Hurricane tracker Randy
great sunset tonight after the little bit of rain in Harrison Township.Skywarn-Hurricane tracker Randy
Did NFL network's Randy Moss just say Harrison Smith may be the best Safety in the NFL? Nah definitely not the best.
UPDATE: June 1st, 2016We have a photo collage with a shot of from last night's performance in...
thank you so much to Kim Curtis for sharing her photos with & the cast of
Randy is such an *** (The one in this movie not Harrison.)
I wasn't being bullied at school at this point. I had a group of frien...
UPDATE: June 1st, 2016One more Festival for the short with in the role of a photogra...
I was always the shame of the family - the one Yankee who was actually...
UPDATE: May 31st, 2016On May 7th was in Boston with The Skivvies for Crescendo, a benefit musi...
two new photos of & from 's Credits: Gretjen Helene Photography
.and our calendar of for the month of June!.
I've done sexual stuff before - onstage, which is even more emotionall...
I guess I had a suspicion of it my entire life without knowing exactly...
I never felt a need to manipulate my career from the outside - try to ...
UPDATE: May 31st, 2016We have one more photo of with cast members Joey Koury and Dani Spieler ...
“I will always remember that scene where Brian [Gale Harold] sees Justin [Randy Harrison] admitted to...”
wearing a crown at Thanks to joey Khoury for sharing!
and the whole cast of celebrated Memorial Day at
Master of his When Randy Harrison first shot to fame, it was as the under-aged twink Justin on the c...
That old man said he wanted to Netflix and chill w randy Harrison. Same.
I always forget that randy harrison is in mr robot nd then I remember and im like tf.good content 😩👏
It's upsetting that it is such a big deal. I wish it weren't an issue ...
I'm confident in my ability to maintain a career. I don't know if it w...
I don't want to be the center of attention. My posture has changed. I ...
A lot of my friends are club people. It's not me. It's funny to repres...
My mom has a picture of Randy Harrison as her lockscreen and one of Neil Harris and David Burtka holding hands as wallp…
New post: Randy Harrison to start in Broadway touring show, Cabaret
UPDATE: Hello!A few minutes ago Jenn Harris announced on her Instagram that, along with Randy Harrison and ...
Photo: cutegaygfs: Gale Harold and Randy Harrison as Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor, *** As Folk
UPDATE: Hello everyone,a few hours ago Randy published a video with his cover of The Smiths' "Please, Please, ...
new\old photo by 2015-23-04 thanks Gale Harold and Randy Harrison Worldwide Fans Page
Joseph on Instagram: “Randy Harrison from performing in last night.
UPDATE: Hello everyone!Brian Sidney Bembridge has posted some pictures of Randy on his instagram! Based in Chi...
Electronic Device Insurance
PHOTO: host Randy Frieling, & Joel Harrison at the event on last night
Finally watching the last two episodes of Mr. Robot. Randy Harrison continues to be adorable.
But, seriously, can Randy Harrison be Hedwig in the Berkshires in a few years?
Randy Harrison *** as Folk) joins the cast of "More Stars Than There Are In Heaven", Help us get there: htt…
OH THANK YOU! Randy Gregory is a high ankle sprain? Oh thank you. Was fearing a ruptured Achilles. See you in 6 w…
A Randy Rosario balk followed by a two-out RBI single by Harrison Bader makes it 4-1 Peoria in the top of the third.
Randy Moss needs to suit for Carolina. call Marvin Harrison too
What tipped Randy Harrison over the edge?
Scott's Mailbag of Doom: Back to the 90s again!:
UPDATE: Hello everyone,Randy will be presenting the “2015 Courage Awards” on September 16th at the Broad Stree...
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have some new pictures of Randy taken during the rehearsal of the staged reading “Mo...
Inflate this: Brady and Gronk good bet to break TD record:
I just want Harrison to destroy Brady one good time
No problem! I have a you know how to get shaders mod for minecraft 1.8? If so, how?
Andre great but I can't say top 5. Jerry, Randy, Terrell, Marvin Harrison, Michael Irvin.
I voted for"Justin Taylor(Randy Harrison)" in a POLL:Who was the episode MVP in *** as Folk:Premiere? via
PREDICTION- Randy Moss will play another down in his brilliant career. Pack? Carolina? Baltimore? Jerry World?
New photo of Randy Harrison taken yesterday... - *** as Folk U.S. News
Not *** themed but 'Bang Bang You're Dead', starring Randy Harrison, is a powerful anti-bullying film. Well worth watching.
Very pleased with DJ Randy's music choice today at practice😈
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have a video of Randy's performance with The Skivvies in Provincetown and a picture ...
UPDATE: Hello!!Here we have some HQ captures of Randy in the 9th episode of the tv series "Mr. Robot", titled ...
UPDATE: Hello everyone!!We added to our gallery a lot of new pictures taken during Randy's third performance w...
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we added to our gallery a picture of Randy with the director and the other cast members...
Had an amazing evening at The Skivvies show & met the uber talented Randy Harrison.
- RANDY save the last dance for GALE (SINGER:Randy Harrison - Song:... via
Director Scott Hicks,Harrison Gilbertson(Cam),David Schaal(Randy) and crew of during shooting last year.
Randy Harrison a.k.a. Justin is so beautiful like how in the *** even?
Happy Carnival! Don't miss Bruce Vilanch with The Skivvies and Special Guests, Nick Adams and Randy Harrison!
i so wanna see this film my hero Randy Harrison!
"I was incredibly fortunate to have worked with Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor.". muito boa noite
.Exclusive Clip – Randy Harrison & Michael Urie have amber alert issues in the *** themed movie
Such Good People is NOW SALE NOW! Check out this clip with Michael Urie, Randy Harrison and Ana Ortiz...
UPDATE: Hello people!We're here to remind you that Such Good People (starring Randy Harrison and Michael Urie)...
UPDATE: One more picture of a smiling Randy, again from the New Year's Eve party at Scott's Restaurant&Bar in ...
UPDATE: Happy New Year everybody!We have a picture of a smiling Randy, taken at a party on New Year's Eve, wit...
But if they really have QaF Season 6, please let Gale Harold be Brian and Randy Harrison be Justin again. Their chemistry is awesome. TvT
LOVE QAF, Gale Harold/Randy Harrison are 2 mega hot guys. Sad it ended + that every show Gale's done since gets canceled
Randy Harrison you cute little man. 😍
Gone into he 98 season with Harbaugh, Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss and Marshall Faulk. I was wrong but it would've been a monster offense.
UPDATE: We hope you're enjoying your holidays!There is an update on "Photo Op": they've started the editing to...
I'd probably throw Cris Carter and Larry Fitzgerald ahead of Harrison. I'm partial to Randy Moss too.
Gale Harold is 45 and Randy Harrison is 37 it's time for me to cry until December ends
Still in love with Randy Harrison, tbh.
I need randy and who's Rodney Harrison
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Gale Harold and Randy Harrison are to die for!
Good news, Star Wars fans. J.J. Abrams has replaced Harrison Ford with Randy Jackson. The catch phrase will be "I feel the Force, dog."
Which Expendables 3 actor is your favorite besides Randy? I like Harrison Ford, and especially Mel Gibson.
Got time to listen to one more George Harrison album before I head over to 4th Avenue to see The Mike And Randy...
Thanks. But heads up should go to They beat me to it this time. :)
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have a new picture of Randy!It was taken in Japan and posted on Instagram by Cédric:...
Talking to some randy on sc from America 😂
On Thanksgiving in 1998, Randy Moss burned the Cowboys for 157 yards and 3 TDs on only 3 catches.
geez Randy she gave birth to you what more do you want from her.
This quickly turned into a Harrison reunion
Gale Harold and Randy Harrison were perfectly cast!
Man Night with Me, Papa, Wyatt, Izzy and Harrison has begun. First stop Academy to get this guy a Jake…
Nuggets guard Randy Foye will miss at least 3 weeks with a quad tear
UPDATE: Hello everyone!Many many thanks to Miya for giving us the permission to share her pictures with Randy:...
Will Randy Harrison be at the talkback?? Will I introduce myself?? Stay tuned...
Randy Moss is the only outside WR Brady has ever played with that was worth a *** Manning: Harrison, Wayne, Thomas, etc.
Harrison Ford looks like he just spotted his next victim.
UPDATE: Hello people!We finally put online the 2015 Calendar! We hope you like it! As we usually like to remin...
Marvin Harrison the 2nd greatest WR after Randy Moss the god
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have a new review of "Amadeus"! The article was published by ...
Randy doesn't want any of his side *** tying the knot.
Great day with Randy Moss yesterday at FOX. Watching MNF last night. Thoughts on Steelers LB James Harrison? Moss: "Not one to mess with."
And I still keep thinking about the dream I had where I met Randy Harrison in a Barnes and Noble
And even though Randy Harrison's character wanted to kill everyone he was still pretty hot
Atomic tonight! The stage is about 8 inches from my knees. So excited to see Randy Harrison's talent in person.
Mr. Harrison.NO you're NOT in trouble. Just saying thanks for the follow!!! Randy Morrison
Nature does not need people. People need nature. Harrison Ford on Conservation International project
When the RW's on we just come tearin in randy. RIP Robin williams
Congratulations to the New Braunfels location winner Randy Harrison coming in at 38 seconds!!!
Zarata Events are pleased to announce the first guest to Queens of the Road 2, Randy Harrison.
"Randy Harrison has aged into a handsome Matt Damon type with a strong singing voice." —
UPDATE: Hello everyone,you can see a glimpse of Randy in this video posted by Grace Stockdale on her Instagram...
Aideens away to bed so is time to invite the lads around. Sly Arnie Mel Harrison Jason Randy Weskey Jet and Dolph.
UPDATE: Mario Gotoh posted on her Instagram another picture of Randy with Jeremy Kushnier and Euan Morton, whi...
UPDATE: Hi everybody!We have a new picture of Atomic's cast, among them our Randy, taken by da Mario Gotoh pro...
UPDATE: Some more photos of Atomic's cast during the event Broadway in Bryant Park 2014 on the website broadw...
Last night I had a dream I worked at Barnes and Noble, and Randy Harrison needed help looking for a book. And on my work break we got-
Harrison caught a great looking bluefish in today with Captain Randy.
UPDATE: Hello everyone,many many thanks to Margaux for giving us the permission to share her picture with Rand...
randy Harrison's mouth was created by something that is much greater than we will ever know
randy Harrison he was in this older show that was out in the early 2000's called *** as Folk
UPDATE: One more picture, taken by Mario Gotoh and posted on her Instagram, which shows Randy and some other m...
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have some pictures of Randy taken after a performance of "Atomic" by our dear Trish:...
The Inbetweeners 2: The randy gang (Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas) are back again for ...
QAF Randy Harrison and Gale Harold : My love for you..: via
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, Calvin(to early to tell), Jerry Rice,Reggie
"Top 5 greatest WRs of all time ?"randy moss , marvin Harrison , Chad Johnson . TO and Hines ward
A Snapshot of My Life Today: Atomic and *** as Folk Star Randy Harrison >
to Screenwriter/Producer of the new indie comedy with Michael Urie & Randy Harrison! Thnx 4
Read this! Randy gave great answers! Love what he likes to do after the show!
“Randy Jeremy and Sara Hear the power in these voices!!
Hello Benjamin, Randy here...are we cousins in the Benj Harrison line? I am from PHL, live in GA, how about you ?
wish I had sirius so I could hear Randy Harrison on your show.
Coming to the show tonight with the Randy Harrison contingent, but I am coming to see you. We are sitting in the second row!
This is irony for you. George Harrison's memorial tree killed by beetles in LA.
UPDATE: Hello everyone,Randy is a guest on Frank DeCaro Show on the radio OutQ! Click HERE to listen to his ...
Tree memorializing George Harrison destroyed... by actual beetles via
Sing along to video of the cast singing "Only Numbers!" —
UPDATE: Hello people!Another article and one more video of Atomic’s cast, while performing “Only Numbers” at ...
That little one there looks like a teenaged Randy Harrison, but he's not the *** one.
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“randy moss the bests wide receiver i've ever seen im sorry”either him or Marvin Harrison
Noel Harrison is shown note by Randy Kirby in a scene from the television series 'The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.',...
The Skivvies are such a gift to us all. Randy Harrison's Dance medley is amazing!!!
I'm crying over the perfection that is randy harrison and his glorious butt don't mind me
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we have a review written by Lisa Jo Sagolla about the musical "Atomic", click HERE to r...
there's one in Harrison too don't know the name is down from Popeyes the guy name is randy his ig is Skeetyjohnson I think
UPDATE: Hello again..we added to our gallery some new wonderful HQ pics of Randy taken on July 17th during the...
You are stupid. Randy Moss is one guy He isn't superman. Peyton played with Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison for 9 years
UPDATE: Hello everyone,many many thanks to our dear Trish for sending us the pictures she took on July 17th du...
Would you support a movie? Please sign and see Randy Harrison & Robert Gant reprise their roles.
"Show’s musical highlight is the haunting “Stars and Stripes Will Rise,” electrifyingly sung by Randy Harrison."
if you're a fan of Randy Harrison, have you signed the petition for a movie?
UPDATE: Hi!We have one more video recorded during the event "Broadway in Bryant Park 2014". In the first part...
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which ... — I would put Gale Harold and Randy Harrison together
“Check cast member Randy Harrison in "trailer,
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
You know..this show that wasn't *** comedy but drama and had 5! seasons? Gale Harold, Randy Harrison..ring any bell?
I still think Gale Harold is the most beautiful man alive. No one else's looks come close though Randy Harrison does come second.
Gale Harold and Randy Harrison make my knees weak
" ... ... Or coming and staying?...". Mr. Gale Harold as Brian Kinney - Mr. Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor. QaF S1E01
Very with Randy Harrison and Gale Harold from Spain, 2014. Good day to all.
Even though I watched a few episodes about twelve years ago when it first came out on DVD, I decided to watch *** AS FOLK now, since it is available on Netflix. I am really astonished at how good it is. Gale Harold, Hal Sparks, and Randy Harrison are incredible, as is the rest of the cast. Sharon Gless is simply fabulous.
Photoset: qafus: Randy Harrison attended the ‘The Legend Of Hercules’ premiere at the Crosby Street Hotel...
Am still a big fan of Randy Harrison.
another one is Marshall Faulk, they go neck and neck. & I can't think of a better one than Randy, Marvin Harrison was nice too
Marvin Harrison* “*Jerry Rice “Randy Moss is the best receiver of all time””
fuccckkk u wih bad acting Gale Harold and randy Harrison are ace
jersey rice Marvin Harrison Randy miss and Calvin Johnson
On Tuesday 18 at 8pm two more VIP dinners with Randy Harrison will be put up for auction. The (cont)
I don't think I realized how stage-y Randy Harrison's line readings are.
Thanks to Everyone who attended our event at the Barn Door & the Hosts: Mike Harrison, Randy/Darcy Stokes
starter Matt Harrison on "pushing" to fill hole left by Derek Holland's injury:
Cris carter, Randy moss, Marvin Harrison , Jerry rice , Troy brown. .. top 5 right ther
Good afternoon fbf well day started off in the er now am home feelin little better want to take the time out to wish a couple of ppl happy bday first on my list is my my great grand mom Virgie Harrison second is my heart Randy Harrison both of youll Rip third my nephew Gene Harrison Jr and lastly is Mrs C Batts love youll hope you enjoy amd have a blessed day
Randy Harrison is 31 years old, and Gale Harold 44. My life is screwed.
had so much joy from being at a show with and some music raw is the best... and then to get a little bit of some Randy Harrison at the tops it off ;)
Just realizing that a lot of my self image issues as a teenager came from not looking like Randy Harrison.
I love Gale Harold but Randy Harrison is my baby and platonic significant other :P
Kentucky sticks with the freshmen five: Aa. Harrison, An. Harrison, Johnson, Randle and Young.
please follow a LGBT screwball comedy with Michael Urie and Randy Harrison - please spread the word
“fact: Duke Edsall(ref of today's Memphis-UConn game)has a brother named Randy.He is the former UConn head football coach.”
JJEF's Randy Earl just beat Harrison's Frankie Barchella in OT. Earl had lost to him earlier in the season.
One of my favorite embraces on Television...Gale Harold & Randy Harrison as *Brian & Justin* ~ QAF 4Ever. Post...
Oh my god I'm screaming. How is Randy Harrison 36 years old? I was positive he'd never age, and I'd age past him.
You can find it in DVD box sets of the extras, but only the American version, or you can watch it here
Del City police captain Randy Harrison is behind bars in the Oklahoma County Jail.
Little Giant Ladders
Yes!!! To the love of my life Randy Harrison. You are the hand I ache to hold, the body I love to lay next to, the neck I reach up on my tip toes to hug (and can still can't reach), and the lips I adore. We have been through so much and I know it makes our relationship so much stronger. God had a plan when we met.I love finding out what he has in store for us.
Boc. As long as he was Randy Harrison. ☺️
Randy Harrison love you more today than I did yesterday, more than 38 valentines ago.
Does it make me a stalker to take a picture of Randy Harrison sitting across from me on the subway a
Randy and Harrison must love the fritos sub
😂😂 like she's related to Randy Horse *** himself
I'm so freaking happy that *** As Folk is on Netflix now! I can now relive all of my favorite Justin Taylor moments! Randy Harrison = Yum!
I saw Randy Harrison today at Costco and asked him and Susan to join us.
Another fun and money filled day working with Randy Harrison and Rachel Nero very at Randys Family Restaurant.
I am hoping my husband has a very happy Birthday today. Happy Birthday Randy Harrison.. I love you.
you're welcome, could you please also follow a LGBT film with Lance Bass, Michael Urie, Randy Harrison
please check out an indie LGBT film about love and with Michael Urie, Randy Harrison.
hi pls check out a indie film about greed &love in L.A with Michael Urie, Scott Wolf, Randy Harrison in films festivals soon
Please follow an indie film with Michael Urie, Randy Harrison, Tom Lenk, Scott Wolf
Photoset: qafus: NEW photos of Randy Harrison in his play “Harbor” at Primary Stages 59e59 Theatres, NYC.
Hamilton Collection
Photo: kinneycutt: Randy Harrison with a fan
I'm just really in love with Randy Harrison's Boq, like seriously.
I knew George Harrison, was a randy old bugger but I never knew he *allegedly* had an affair with Madonna!
remember when captain Randy Trent Harrison was convicted of manslaughter for shooting/killing Dane Scott Jr...
Here's a new photo of Randy added to our gallery, and the link to see the others.
Photoset: kinneysexual: *** as Folk, Season 3 Bloopers - Gale Harold and Randy Harrison. Thank you, anon!
As Christmas approaches it's about time we got a package from Thanks Randy
One time Randy Harrison put tractor tires on his V10 and rolled it six times.
Spreading the word about an indie film with Randy Harrison, Lance Bass.
"please follow the new screwball comedy with Randy Harrison from As Folk (Justin)" everyo…
Follow a screwball comedy about greed in L.A,starring Randy Harrison in f…
Thank you for this fab birthday post on
I wonder how my boss Randy Harrison is doing after his beloved Crimson Tide tanked away the Iron Bowl and BCS title-game berth. A real shame
Peyton got wayne to where he was at nd Harrison nice but I'm talkin a randy moss different league nd u kno tht
"Jury convicts Oklahoma police captain for death of unarmed teen
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Jury continues deliberations over officer who shot teen
Photo: Gale Harold and Randy Harrison at a Showtime party
UPDATE: Del City Police Captain Randy Harrison has been convicted of manslaughter for the shooting death of a teenager in March 2012. He had claimed he thought 18-year-old Dane Scott, Jr. was pulling a gun from his pocket. Jurors convicted Harrison after 10 hours of deliberation and reportedly suggested a 4-year prison sentence.
The jury has found Del City police Capt. Randy Harrison GUILTY of manslaughter in the shooting death of Dane Scott, Jr. They have recommended 4 years. Sentencing is set for Jan. 8.
CONGRATS: Beverly Chastain of Orleans, Randy Harrison of Mitchell and Christal Brown of Orleans... winners on Tue's
Tonight, my son, SQUIDWERD, a.k.a. CP02 Randy Harrison will arrive at KCI. He will be home for a few weeks and he will be able to attend his mother's induction into the Kansas National Guard's Hall of Fame. Glad to have all three of my sons home and watch the smile of their mother. Sadness is when they return to their locations which are not at home, and watch their mother get upset.
I mean. When I first watched QAF I genuinely thought he was openly *** like Randy Harrison. But he's not. And I was all :o when the --
Jeff Wells now certified as public manager: FORT MORGAN - - Randy Harrison, from the University of Colorad...
pls follow an indie screwball comedy about greed and jealousy with Michael Urie, & Randy Harrison
Gale Harold and Randy Harrison Coffee Breaks and M&G, sold out.
Randy Harrison bringin' the pep early this morning. I would say that he's on crack but Apple doesn't make it.
Forever fangirling over Gale Harold and Randy Harrison most do a come back!
lo tengo! "We want to see the talented and gorgeous Randy Harrison working again on tv! His work
"'re supposed to add 'in bed' to the end..." - *Brian* to *Justin* (Gale Harold 2 Randy Harrison) in *** as Folk* :)
It's useless to knock here, we shut out the world with its hubbub... Gale Harold, Randy Harrison - QaF ...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's more like *** As Folk with Gale Harold and Randy Harrison
UCD official is Randy Harrison from the University of Colorado Denver.
Omg I came across a Yunho/Randy Harrison fic. ;~; My sunshine was paired with the Jung. Kinney is not pleased. lol
Someone here used to said once:"I'm in love with the love between Justin and Brian/Gale Harold & Randy Harrison/.love this quote!
just guessed that I was thinking of Randy Harrison via
I've been thinking what it'd be like if Randy Harrison would sing this song. Can't we expect to reopen OHP again?
*) Screenwriter/Producer of the new indie comedy starring Michael Urie & Randy…
UPDATE: Hello everyone,keep checking our gallery.. we added a lot of new-old pictures of Randy!!
Randy Harrison, american, actor famous and sayings -
Back in Edendale for one last day of shooting. Today my hands play Randy Harrison's hands.
Follow the new comedy with RANDY HARRISON and Michael Urie !! Coming soon in your cinema ! Please RT
Follow an indie comedy with Michael Urie and Randy Harrison
he's the main character - Brian Kinney and Randy Harrison is Justin Taylor :) Britin lol
shamelessly asking a birthday wish from Randy Harrison ;)
Randy harrison voice its beyond this world:)
All purpose parts banner
you're very welcome. Could you please follow with Randy Harrison and Michael Urie
UPDATE: Hello everyone,we added some new wonderful pictures of Randy taken during the QWAN Convention!Many tha...
He reminds me a little of Randy Harrison from QAF just his appearance here
That's certainly a Randy Harrison double if I ever saw one!
Best QWANvention report! A must read for all fans! Thank Trish for the captivating report! Take a read
Randy Harrison QWANvention photo spam over. QWANvention was fantastic! Hope there is another one soon!
Randy Harrison close up photo via Sunny!
I adore Randy Harrison. Going to NYC Oct. Friend there has me autographed pic and program!!
UPDATE: Hello everyone! Finally, after a prolongued hiatus, the new galleries are on line! We apologize for ta...
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