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Random House

Random House, Inc. is one of the largest general-interest trade book publishers in the world. It has been owned since 1998 by the German private media corporation Bertelsmann and has become the umbrella brand for Bertelsmann book publishing.

Penguin Random House Cersei Lannister Joffrey Baratheon

Demetrius when a random *** person at his house complained bc I didn't like greens lmao
The one I lived in was probably a Sears house, which was kind of a fun random thing. Circa 1920.
Saskatchewan teacher finds random house on his property
Some random mans just bought me n Nicole a tequila and 3 jäger bombs *** only left house for fireworks
I walk to these random people house cause ize use they washer and the bey who live here ga decide he wan wash today. People fu…
I dunno, a lot of that original techno or house was a bit the same way. Some random filtered bloops…
Me & Nick started frozen appetizer food night’s at the house where we get a bunch of random stuff together and eat it for dinner and 😍😛🤤
Jennifer Lawrence got drunk at my house and furiously stabbed my dog to death then threw up on his corpse and laugh…
My thoughts exactly.. mmm in London... Spurs scarf...not rocket random’s house 30’re so fired!😏
Can’t wait to move into a pretty house with the love of my life & cook dinner with them & take random trips & be spontan…
Random question for the healthcare nerds out there: who is familiar with the “CHAMPIONING HEALTHY KIDS Act” that passed the House today?
Dua Lipa arriving at Selena Gomez’s house after her breakfast date with Justin
Colin Kaepernick has reportedly signed a book deal worth just over $1 million with Random House imprint One World
Colin Kaepernick reportedly has landed a $1 million book deal with Random House
Combining Penguin w/Random House has proved a great publishing and commercial success
I'm kind of fascinated that this was published by Penguin/Random House: "Queen Elizabeth I’s Islam"…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I always feel like I'm forgetting something when I leave the house without 10 purses filled with random trash
Forecast: random mid-air explosions with a chance of the neighbors setting your house on fire
And i get that. But the times people have tried to team kill me..its never under th…
There's a random present at my house. No card, no sign of who it's from. It's just /there/. 👀
So you cry like children because the White House "bullied" you CNN yet you bully a random Reddit user for making a video. U r pathetic.
Win the fun KATANA AT SUPER HERO HIGH (DC SUPERHERO GIRLS 4) by Lisa Yee from Random House Kids!
I keep finding random atomic fireballs around my house
This random Mexican restaurant I'm at all alone just gave me a beer on the house.
Whatever, some *** then. The White House scouring memes (presumably on taxpayer time) is news. Huntin…
How are you gonna be doing drugs and hooking up with random men with your two young children in your house? Wild
>Leave my house for 20 minutes. >come back and find random black dude collapsed on the sidewalk in front of my house. Ah, st.…
Lmfao I ended up at a random house at the beach yesterday 😂
A random cat just snuck in my house, slinked upstairs & scared the life out of me in my studio! As I was drawing a cat! Did I summon it?! 😸
whats klext saying about his house and why do I keep seeing random pics??
I 100% agree! Having sex with random men when ur children are in the house is absolutely…
Dear random people I just accidentally ordered UberEATS for that live in my old vidcon house... Enjoy those free 3am snacks 😭
The grape vine suggests the woman who owns the house kicked her husband out, and now has random 'visito…
How to ruin a family BBQ:. Drive by a random house having a BBQ/picnic & yell out "your husband is having an affair!!" Lol
My host family didn't warn me some random *** s gonna come today to take pictures for appraisal of the…
I always wake up to someone random in my house
We did 1900 to just under 900; the random house stuff is easy, the books were exceedingly hard. I too lost my desk.
Was walking the streets of belmar ln and decided to walk into a random persons house to charge my phone 😂
Im South Asian. I can barely leave the house to go to the corner store, talking about taking vacation w a random gu…
Make her eyes, and has been copying random text around the house with occasional lain.
Last chance to apply - and salary has been changed to reflect updated Ireland Living Wage https:/…
My first book with Nickelodeon and Penguin Random House releases today!! Feels so awesome holding it in my hands 😭💖
Went from house viewing to getting really drunk and chilling with these Portuguese guys. Me and Em always have the best random nights😂😂
it's some random lady's birthday today or something why ur always at my house but happy birthday I guess...
I hear a random noise in the house. I look round expecting a cat. There is no cat :'-(
Just applied for work experience at Penguin Random House 🐧 fingers crossed! 🤞🏻
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Currently sitting in a random house in OBX with a group of girls I've never met, all asleep n Charlie no where in sight.
Marrying me means coming home random nights to me dancing round the house drunk off wine then getting attacked when u wal…
In just 1 week the Trap House on Howell Mill has become a social landmark in the city of Atlanta. 2 Chainz is a genius for…
On another note, Ru needs to stop having these random guys dance at the finale and book the House of Edwards.
We've all taken bad photographs, but few of us have scored a Random House publishing deal off the back of them...
I would hate for random Internet strangers to show up at my house. I feel certain only ver…
You won't go to the doctor, you'll just tap "REQUEST" on your Doctr app and some random person who i…
Random House responds to criticism over Brooklyn Beckham photography book
Yes I love walking out of my room looking gross to find random people in my house 🙇
We are on track to win 40-50 seats in the House, and 10 or so in the Senate. That's just t…
Let's just take a second to think about how I walked into a random persons house today by accident.
I'm leaving in half an hour for New Zealand & my mom keeps walking around the house picking up random things and asking if I want to pack it
Call a random wcw , n start asking how if she could help you decorate your house .. ask another to show you where dey have nice meals .
The All Blacks star who just won the match has been letting a random Lions fan sleep on the floor of his house
I have already knocked on all my neighbours door and found it. Why did he not bring it to my door? He…
Random things I see outside my house no.42
Y'all finna have random people pullin up to yo house. All thanks to Snapchat.
how many teenagers having fun with a camera get a book deal with Penguin Random House?
Lots of family photos in the Hayward house with different Donnas includ…
your driver Deniz Stanley Emeboh decided to randomly give my parcel to a random house. Im disgusted with this, didnt even knock
Apparently going to be published by Penguin Random House...this is what publishing has become 😫
My cover for WIZARDMATCH has been revealed! Out from Penguin Random House, coming to ya soon.
Sometimes I find a random screw lying around my house and I just assume it's from my life falling apart.
disgusting and weird. Nobody wants their house filled with random people if I were you just stick to making your shawn text imagines
I don't want random people showing up to my house tomorrow 😒
Latest Sweepstakes: Penguin Random House - White Fur - Win 1 of 200 copies of White Fur by Jardine Libaire -
Very disappointed that the Penguin + Random House merger is not officially called "Random Penguin" (new logo?)
A random guy got into my car and I gave him a ride down the street to his house but he left mud everywhere (-: gr8
Chaffetz just set referendum for House elections in 2018: if you want independent investigation of wrongdoing, we must elect a…
Sat pics are up from wilm-pour house, roof top bar, slainte, liquid room & a random album. Ral pics from Lynk, clockwork &…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If the Casts wrote a murder mystery: “Detective! How did you know the butler did it?” “It felt right.”
BFD! Show your *** face at the White House and do your job as first lady. Instead of making random announcements that are useless.
Our books are available both print & ebook. We've been Amazon exclusive on all but the Penguin Random House titles
Some random person just walked in my house and I didn't even care enough to move 😂
. Just a random coincidence so many racists work for Trump?. Yeah and a coincidence dunkin donuts serves donuts?
Good to be a Hybrid Author days..find over 40 of our books from Penguin Random House, Harlequin & Indie at…
Hopefully i dont repeat Valentines Day two years ago when I woke up in a random families house and thought joey was a dad on an airmattress
He really believes gamers put nazis in the white house & that only by snorting coke with Sessler & hitting random people…
Replace everyone in the White House with random morons off the street. The rise in competence will be visible within a day.
IF you want to see a bus load of criminals thieves and lyers run. Tell Congress Senate House Mandatory drug and Random testing & Polys
It does rather feel like we're stuck in a house with an abusive step-father, all waiting for the next bizarre rant or rand…
I just got in the house and there is a random *** pit bull in here.
I miss those phone conversations where you just walk around the house smiling and touching random things.
Snr White House NSC official tells me plot against Flynn was targeted & longstanding, 'not series of random events'
Featured Review: Wuthering Heights: A Coloring Classic by Random House: About This Book:.  . Bring to life the ...
tell them I wrote these books for kids and Barnes and Noble and Random House have NOT been helpful- so…
More in common w/ Random House than Youth in Decline? Howso? Like size-wise? CBLDF sells book publishers' graphic novels at SPX...
Kinda last minute but NYC folk going to the Brooklyn Book Festival Saturday - I'll be at the Random House booth 10:30-11:30! Come by!
Congratulations on all your success Penguin/Random House. 9 Fall Debut Novelists You Need to Know
A MUST READ by Dr. Howard Rambsy on Dr. Dana Williams' study of Toni Morrison at Random House:
Blue Rider Press (Penguin Random House) pub'd Amanda Brooks' bk offshoot of her I love your Style blog
This fall, Random House will publish an abridged young adult version of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, which has sold 82 mill…
SINFULLY SEXY is on sale! I remember when Random House sent me the covers for the Sexy Trilogy. I loved all three...
gonna wait till I'm upto €50 then something random for the house like a clown statue lol
Four hundred years flies by when you're timeless...
No idea what ethnicity this random *** baby in my house is.
My mom walks around the house making up her own lyrics to random songs
When you turn up to a random persons house party thinking it'll be okay and it's not okay 😂
tbh on days when my parents don't cook for me I usually also eat only once + some random snacks I find in the house
Legit some random girl at my gmas house
Kevin brought a random dog in my house last night
Nothing like waiting up at 430 to Kevin, Kurt and some random dog in my house
When you have a kid in the house, you'll end up having a random sticker such as this underneath your shoe.
there's a random boy at Jordans house and im not complaining
I feel so self conscious about my house with random people coming to look at it to buy it 🙃
Just heard random sounds coming from within the house, brb probs about to die
Horny ebony seduces random guy in house for sex so she bring some dessert
Its a full house for congratulations
Ok I must be really bored to just be blastin random music in my house. I need to get out more.
A few random BTS and out takes from my two days at the house! 😁😘
Showrunner Rule Filming is glamorous, as proven by sitting in under-house video village need to suspicious rodents & random toilets.
Drug dealers giving out the wrong address and now I got random ppl walking in my house. Nah bruh
omg yes very violated. It's not the things it's just the feeling of some random stranger being in your house.
Stopped by a relatives house on the lake, I had forgotten how good a boat sounds cutting across the water.
-masters, but it was the only way. So the feline stood straight up, on the roof of a random house.* I'll only had them over-
My grandma goes on random vaca trips when I'm at school but when I'm home wanna play the house 😒
*Sees random guy in front of my house as I'm walking out*. Me: Hi. Man: Hi, how are you doing? *Sees my crutches* Your girlfriend beat you up?
Full house for the first night of A random melody with
When You Leave Yo Room and Some Random Guy is in Your House. (Vine by
I really wish that there are better publishing companies in Malaysia like penguin books or random house 😔 . -N
At work. I feel better today. Guess all I needed was to get out of the house. More Dark Souls recording tonight, and maybe a random game
I just ran through my house making random screeching noises and screaming "WHY DID NARNIA TAKE MY SHOE"
Booked a spa treatment for me and Ella. Turns out its this random ladies house and now I'm stuck watching master chef with her cats
S/O to the random kids that have been dancing outside my house all day
"I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees." Happy Earth Day from Random House Children's Books!
TONIGHT see resident ensemble of mixed-ability artists perform a wild & surprising cabaret:
Random LEGO in the bathroom. I feel like somehow this is an accurate snapshot of our house.
Interesting I went out of my way to invite all my friends to a beach house for my birthday but I can't even get an invite on a random Friday
I had a random dream last night that I was flocking a house with YG & TeeCee4800... "Mett the Flockers" was playing in the backroom
Random guy just bought my chips and drink because I forgot my wallet at my house, my boy is in town, it's a good day 🙂
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I miss the random kickbacks we had at my dads house senior year. They were always a good time.
There's something peaceful about going to a random neighbors house and bagging leaves in exchange for currency
woke up in a random house by himself with puke stains on his jeans. Welcome to Hays 😂😂
Random quotes from our house (taken out of context): "He's definitely learned how to spell. From now on, we call this 'melons.'"
If we date expect random morning drives to your house with pancakes☕️
I keep finding random containers of ice cream at my house!! How many did Annie buy last night?! 😅😂
I walk into my house and there's just some random guys sleeping on my couches
I am all ways cautious when eating random brownies I find in my house.
When your watching Sinister 2 at Lexi's house and a random object falls from a table
he probs didnt know cameras were there and that just random in a house him doing his thing. Not posing and photoshopping jt
I got told I was pretty so many times last night. It's always a good night when I end up at a random white girl's house. Lol
I don't know why all these random people r in my house but get out pls
Such a strange feeling just setting up service outside some random's house!! But hey that's just…
*** there's a random man in my house and I don't know who it is
I'm gonna miss random singing through the house when we go home😓
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"We want to thank Random House. There ain’t nothing random about this.” Imagine how nuts Prince's memoirs will be
Behind The Trump Phenomenon: Nearly three decades ago, Howard Kaminsky, of Random House, called on the real-es...
My Illustration for Cersei Lannister and Joffrey Baratheon "Calendar A Song of Ice and Fire 2016". (C) Random House
Penguin Random House is looking to allow for a more diverse staff and a wider range of tastes
my dad said one time I got up, walked to a random corner in the house, sat down and started crying
I mean I want to eat more than that but imma make stir frys, tacos for my self and salads... instead of eating the random shi at my house
Currently working on a random house model. I hope I can unwrap the UV's...XD
I put out like 10 random blanket piles around my house for the cats to keep warm. Dog is sleeping on moms bed and loves the cold so he is 👌
This random peacock staring into our house (
Why are random people in our house.
Why are random people in our house. 🆒
"Removing degree requirements is one step toward developing a more diverse workforce. If you're capable of doing...
Is a university degree becoming a luxury not a necessity for job-seekers?
You gotta walk around the house throwing darts at random targets to let your girl know you got real good aim
This random peacock staring into our house Comments >
This random peacock staring into our house .
Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. The name is based from a character in a 1960s Random House book series.
Andrea Walker, Executive Editor at Random House, on The Longest Night by Andria Williams -
With the Random House sale of Author Solutions, Amazon has officially won the multibillion-dollar se
Join us at "President's Night" event at Random House. Featured speaker: Sterling Pierce prez Burke.
Random House created an audio book of A Scanner Darkly read by Paul Giamatti
Penguin Random House Unifies E-book Terms for Libraries Ever since the merger between Random House and Penguin was…
annndd there's a random person in my house. I'm staying in my bedroom.
Tonight is my second ever Friday night MLS game... The last one ended with me walking up on Saturday, on a random couch, in a randoms house
When there's no real food in the house so you start making random stuff
And coming up - MORE CAT VIDEOS! We've got Threepio being extra kind to her house rival, Random. Leia gets real...
Flatmate leaves house. No idea where. Random e-mail at 11:55pm. He would like to add you on LinkedIn. Help job pls. wat
I found a random cat in my house last night and I think it was the best thing that has happened to me all term
Okay, random autoplay on Youtube turned my house into a 90s dance party right now. Awfully nostalgic.
I remember when a random stranger gave me a ride to my house lmao
So I'm cleaning the house, and I keep falling asleep in random places. Example: I was vacuuming the stairs, fell asleep on the stairs...
Literally, there's ALWAYS random kids at my house.
I think a random person came into my house I'm gonna listen to SHINEE so I die in peace.
Pretty sure I let a few random cats into Iona's house by accident
Coming to my parents house means I go home with some form of alcohol and other random thing this time tequila, dryer sheets and body wash 😍
I liked a video from THE SPOOKY HORROR HOUSE! - Little Big Planet 3: Random
Random goat on top of minivan with guy on roof of house protesting its demolition in background. Gotta be
A random person just called an uber to our house..
But a house cannot be made of books. Nor should it be random due to structural …
Packing my house up= throwing random things into boxes so I can get it done quicker and hoping I can find everything later
Penguin Random House keeps feeding my book addiction one widget at a time!
Struggle of living with a cop, hearing random convos in the house and running down stairs just to find out it's his radio.
My six year old doesn't understand the random bouts of anger and tears and is crying too with worry. My house is a barrel of laughs.
Random people are in my house way too much to be normal. Like one of these days its gonna be someone who isnt supposed to be here.
this is completely random but i want to know which harry potter house are you all I'm ravenclaw
Well that random thunder just shook my whole house.
Random thought: Look how perfect Olivia looked in her house. No headscarf or slippers. But heels and cashmere
*giggles walks towards the house arrives and opens the door* dad I'm h-.*looks down*
if i were phil i'd be like "yEs random stranger come stay with me in my house for a week whilst my parents are gone ;))" too
Did she just put a curse on my house? ***
I never understood the name "Random House." Like, do they select what to publish by throwing darts at a wall of manuscripts?
My hobbies include going to Chris' house and hiding in random places to scare him
Imagine:. If u went Trick 'o' Treating then u knocked on a random house then it turns out to be Felix's house. Gives u treats :D a hug :3
Music News ! Phil Collins will publish his “warts and all” memoir in 2016 through Penguin Random House !
Nicole Lizarraga does not own a house. He walks into random houses and people move.
A haunted house for introverts that is just random people popping out and asking questions.
One lucky follower will be picked at random over the weekend to receive a bottle of Vodka and mixers on the house :)
Beach House just came out with a random album release rn on spotify *** where was I when this was planned ***
Who wants a challenge? If we get 1000 followers by the end of the month, I'll select a random follower for a drink on t…
"If you can make random animal noises in your music... That's it. You're famous" -
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Random thought: When I have a boyfriend IF I ever have a boyfriend. I seriously want him to feel like my house is his 2nd house.
When you get back from the UK you should have a birthday present waiting. Just sent it to Random House today. 😊
British Photographer Don McCullin's Random House retrospective re-released to coincide with his 80th birthday
Don’t miss Random House author at the NYPL today at 6:30 pm to discuss her book THE INFLUENCE MACHINE!
Random House of Canada executive publisher Louise Dennys responds to the death of author and neurologist Oliver Sacks
Sycamore Row (Jake Brigance Book 2) by John Grisham (Bantam/Random House) is available for a limited time at the...
From the Archives of Random House of Canada’s Olympic Readathon
I went to the co-founder of Random House's son's party tonight, BUT the best part of my day was petting a cat I decided to name Bernard.
Seven Dials (Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series Book 23) by Anne Perry (Ballantine Books/Random House) is available...
I think you've confused us with the imprint from Random House. We do self drive classic car hire not books :-)
Audio CD Billy Collins Aimless Love unabridged new sealed Random House for USD9.99
Well, we didn't produce this one, but I wrote it, and Random House called in one of our young actors to play a...
Totally fangirled @ Random House's BEA cocktail party cuz LOUIS SACHAR was there! Excited for his newest: Fuzzy Mud!
Well, it's new material for a book for your publisher, Random House, the massive corporate publishing mu…
Wala bang opening sa Random House or Penguin Books or...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
when do you start paying Random House back $. My mail is the book will be pulped again within weeks? Magnificent 7 RC
Check out Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom- Les Martin 1984 Random House 1st Ed PB via
I should ask whether he supports Merriam-Webster, Oxford, Random House, or some other English language dictionary, but he'd block me.
Hmm. Penguin/Random House merging I guess isn't BAD? That was one. And JKR's pseudonym was another.
Davy Crockett, 1950s landmark book by Random House. This book is approximately 9 x 6 it is a…
Nice advice to when you're in charge of Penguin/Random House, come to for its New Writers!
Oscar winner Graham Moore has sold a novel to Random House about Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and the fight over the lightbulb.
I want to break in with Random House, not break into a random house. Dammit, Jim, I'm a writer, not a burglar.
i come here to edit, protect my territory, and then leave. but oh look! there's another random in my house. GET. OUT.
A man with pneumonia just came out of his house to get my car out of an icy block and it was incredible!!! I love you random man
That awkward moment when some random cat is in your house??
Why is their a random guy in my house ?
Well look what's up for preorder today. My Random House novel Andersonville.
I'm so sorry random man, I'm out of the house and it's past 9 o'clock, go ahead and rape me NO are you deluded
Just saw a random puppy outside my house and sprinted out there in nothing but my pajamas to play with it💁😂
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Off to Penguin Random House for a bookworm-filled evening discussing (I'm told there will be libations!) I'm obnoxiously excited!
Literally just stopped outside some random guy's house because he was playing with this lil guy 😍
My idea of rebelling on a random Wednesday afternoon: Passionately singing songs to an empty house...
Congrats, Cassie! I'll miss you as my Disney go-to, but Random House is great. Excited for you!
Not a day goes by wo random people showing up at my house. 😅🙈
That awkward moment when some random guys are fixing your house and your dog drags out you're thong to them.
You know you're sick when you start finding random tissues all over your house lol
Mum left me at home alone with this random guy, reminds me of the time that random guy walked into ur house freaking us out
eBook Bestsellers list shows Penguin Random House dominating with range of prices. :
If you really think about it pets are weird. They're just these random animals that walk around our house and sleep with us.
This random kid just shows up in my house watching tv and runs around the
she pulled up to that random house at night. And was like "he'll be glad to see me"
The most random people are always showing up in my house at the most random times.
there's a random head of broccoli outside Teghans window and no one in her house knows why..
Had to explain to random stranger why the front of my car is messed up...he laughed at me when I said "I ran into my house"
Enjoying new Random House Books site. Some nice animated touches on sub-pages.
I dislike random people in my house.😅
Hey random and this is a dumb q my friends are asking lol but: If you were playing house a... — distant cousin lmao
I'm so used to people just walking into my house that the doorbell ringing scares me more than random people just coming …
A random cat in the house will always remind me of that one incident in childhood. Funny in hindsight...
I just wanna know why random cars always gotta be sitting outside my house! Omg everyday, I'm trying to park there my *** 😒 MOVE
Random lil girl just showed up at my house
Random. They were both awkwardly staring at me. Maybe my house is haunted. 😱😱😱
See there's food in the house but it's that random food that you can't make food with Ya feel?
Random boys in my house so now i cant go downstairs as i resemble something that lives under a bridge 👹
recent epside of has saved me a lil bit.OCD is random but hopefully endearing to people who care ❤ *thinks my house in on fire 24/7*
Pitchapalooza closes 11:59PST 3/6. Win an intro to an agent or editor.
Still finding random hair in the house & you haven't been here in like 4 months...
U ever go downstairs in ur house and find some random dude sleepin on the couch n ur like hey ***
random lights that don't exist keep flashing in my room I think I bought something back from the haunted house help help 😫
Apply now to work for Random House Group as - RHCB in
Random House plans a Sandy Hook book for children from two award-winning authors -
Me and lily ordered a pizza with random change in her house lol
They had an iconic some random Nigerian's house...who we didn't know at all lmao
Forever coming home to random people in my house
It's like decorating your house. You don't put your random crap in a frame! You keep it in an accessible drawer nearby.
Matt Taibbi working on book for Random House, titled "Because... of course.
I cannot wait to read this book: The Daemon Knows by Harold Bloom - Book - eBook - Random House
Toni Morrison (1931): Morrison is an African-American writer and former editor for Random House whose work hel...
There's a bunch of random people in my house like *** 😂😂
Just show up to Cass' house random 😈😍
Aren't windows just walls you can see through? If I had a house made of glass I would have random squares of brick built in at eye level
--have nothing to warm me from the inside. Somehow, I manage to find a dryer vent on the side of a random house. I thank whoever may be --
So and I decided that when we grow up we're gonna live together and fill our house with stuff from Bath and Body Works
I gotta buy all of the Harry Potter books soon, I have random ones strewn round the house but need the set 😏
so I'm watching desperate house wives and some random friend of my brother walks down the stairs and my brothers not even home
Mom: "Raquelle do you want to go with me to this lady's house?, she sells cheese.." . 😂😭 idk why I found that sentence so random // funny
In the process of me, Courtney, and Elijah all getting ready, there's a lot of random loud curse words yelled in our house
Everytime it snows random people show up at my house it's kinda weird//cool
//brb, some random guy is at my house and I have to make him leave. might take a while
Nate send flowers to the wrong house on Valentine's Day😂 if you get random flowers at your door step it's probably from him😂😂
Oh no. I said my book was being published by a random house, not the random house.
Random Painted Lady just emerged in our house... grandparents aren't home and they probably won't for a while so he decides to have 3 random people in the house..
LOL keep finding kush in the most random places in my house ... I've found like 5 spliffs already :') ..
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