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Random Acts

A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people.

Chris Kyle

Random Acts of Kindness: A moving experience via
Actors & singers ages 18+ are invited to audition for Random Acts of Theatre. Auditions will be held June 12-13
Random Acts of Music is TOMORROW! See our FB page for details:. Arcadia University Music
Long Hill Garden Club brings smiles on Random Acts of Kindness Day
Meet the Achiever: 'Random Acts of Kindness' teen wins national award! .
Farewell Tualatin, OR, that's a wrap on Random Acts of Cold Stone! Thank you all for being fans of Cold Stone Cream…
Thank you Loews Hotel for your Random Acts of Kindness this morning at Starbucks!
🎶I haven’t listened to this gem in ages Bill Bruford’s Earthworks — Random Acts of Happiness 😀…
It’s Random Acts of Kindness week! You could bake someone a cake, donate to a charity shop, pick up some litter, volunteer…
challenging YOU, Nittany Nation! Perform 3 kind acts this week to celebrate Random Acts of Week!…
Random Acts of Nancy by Guy Gilchrist and John Lotshaw via
It’s here! Random Acts is proud to present new video for Zayn Malik, directed by
Pearl City fourth-graders participate in Random Acts of Kindness challenge - Rockford Register Star…
The Book of Good Deeds: 30 Random Acts of Kindness, Ideas for Children & Their Parents
Random Acts of Kindness: Someone brings a little peace to devastating day
Sign up for our Random Acts of Kindness Campaign to help someone walk in this life-changing event: https:…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
"Random Acts of Kindness" were thrown around like confetti today at St. Francis Xavier School! It was an amazing da…
Random Acts of Kindness. The students at our Legacy Scholars Academy completed their first service project of the...
Peoria: Random Acts of Kindness: Story of lost glasses has happy ending - News - Journal Star - Peoria, IL Error
Random Acts of Kindness: Couple appreciates the kindness of strangers - Peoria Journal Star
Visit our Random Acts of Kindess table at Earth Jam today and make your own stress relief package for finals week!
The wonderful coverage continues: Random Acts of Kindness during the Fort McMurray fire
You can also engage in Random Acts of any time
Loma Linda University Children’s Featured in First Hospital TV Spot for Honda’s ‘Random Acts of Helpfulness’
"Random Acts of Fitness" at the mall - Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minneapolis Star Tribune"Random Acts of Fitne...
Random Acts of Caring Feb 14-20 proclamation to Maple Creek Middle School by
Random Acts of Kindness demonstrate compassion for your customers, how do you show you care?
Random Acts of Kindness: Lost in Mount Washington, I received pinpoint guidance
Create a happy workplace with a few simple Random Acts of Kindness.
Watch for Random Acts of Holiday Cheer tomorrow 11/28! We've got elves patrolling, carolers singing, and spot-a-bag prize…
I apologize for my random acts of stupid.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Shoutout to you!! Random acts of kindness ❤️ every woman prays for this, I have it 🙌🏾
"Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty." ~ Anne Herbert
Things that make me cry: - Random acts of kindness. There must have…
Random acts of kindness are not always taken well. For some may see it as a blessing, and others just mindless words. . AA.
clearly done with intent, Turkey acts like it was some random jet? Please spare us the BSTurkish government, you help ISIS
As the world rapidly progresses, people are slowly grow selfish but there...
I'm gonna accept these random acts of love 💜💜💜
Always do random acts of kindness. Even if others wont budge, at least you know you tried...
Our Respect Reps passing out a little token as a reminder that random acts of kindness can go a long way!
Mental illness, birth defects, seemingly random acts of violence...none of that is by chance.
LHS Interact Students bless our Doodlebugs today with random acts of kindness!
Lets play a little game with a BIG Impact! 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness! I will follow with the details.
Teaching my children acts of random kindness lately so hopefully they also become generous kind souls when they...
One or more RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS shall be committed HERE!
I find that airports are some of the best places for random acts of See you Thursday &
Wanna do some giving this holiday season? Help me raise money for Random Acts Holiday Challenge!
SEE? Random acts of kindness lead to appreciation by those who matter 😌
Make sure to follow and do a random act of kindness for a caregiver!
The holidays are here& I ❤️ how shares ideas for Random Acts of Kindness via mobile
Random acts of kindness can make such a difference in everyones life
In the darkest hours: 24 random acts of kindness
Thank you for being the sPARK! (someone who Performs Acts of Random Kindness)
Exclusive images of Misha getting his Flamingos Filthy ;-) Thanks to Random Acts&all volunteers for their hard work! htt…
Use this bingo-style game as a fun way to encourage random acts of kindness:
Random acts of kindness are the best things in life
I love advent calendars but something has never sat well with me about giving the kids treats every day leading...
Be a giver & not a taker. Your prosperity is measured by your generosity. Sow into your future with random acts of givi…
Hooray 'Random Acts of Kindness-Have You Done One To...' is included - Claim and get featured here
Random acts of kindness are easily overshadowed by deliberate acts of malice.
Random acts of kindness warm my heart .
should be turning 19, Nov 27/15. Please share random acts of kindness .
random acts of blindness . said it once and I'll say it agn
Ballroom Dancing, Field Hockey, Random Acts, Kappa Sigma, Spectrum and Orchesis join us in the next round
Congrats to client KATHERINE NEWMAN who's been cast in a short film for Channel 4's 'Random Acts' series filming Dec
TODAYS theme is Random Acts of Kindness. Key Club and ARK will be collaborating in Operation: Christmas Child!
In line at Starbucks, just to find out the lady in front payed for mine. Makes me want to do more random acts of kindness😊
Random Acts of Kindness Day is quickly approaching! Spread the kindness this Friday (and every other day)
We just made this claymation this for Ch4 Random Acts;
Please help support Random Acts, add a now!
I love random acts of kindness and people actually being nice to one another
11 times Taylor's concerts were random but totally FABulous
The Power of Paying it this!.
BIG thanks to for covering our challenge! We appreciate the support!
Random Acts of Kindness Day is this Friday! Send a bouquet of flowers to someone you care about 🌺
Love this quote. Really good post by Sara Smith. Recommended.
I'm taking my daughter out of school so we can do random acts of kindness on Nov 6th. What are YOU doing? Support
Never underestimate random acts of kindness
get used to "random acts of crying" as I've been calling them since my mom died. And you just cry wherever. It's ok. Hugs
WECDSB students & staff celebrate Random Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness Day is this Friday, November 6th. Pick up a kindness card from the community including...
I love random acts of kindness! Noone then has to question your motive!
We have started our week of random acts of kindness so check out our table at Saywell Hall
Kris is working on her list and complete 50 random acts of kindness before big bday on Saturday
Goes both ways men deserve to get random acts of kindness/gifts
I wish random acts of kindness weren't always reacted to with such surprise, ya know ? I wish kindness wasn't so unexpected
Join us Friday Nov 6th at Noon as hosts a free BBQ for
Choose to Commit to Random Acts of Kindness In the Face of Tragedy! Here are a Few.
This random man at work cane to me and told me that God is gone bless me because of the kind acts i do daily
RAOK mobilize Georgia residents to raise... .
Feeling so grateful this morning as the lady in front of me at Starbucks paid for my drink. Random acts of kindness make my h…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Math Question: At what number do attacks on Israelis by Muslims cease to qualify as "random acts"?
We're looking for volunteers for Random Acts of Kindness Day on Friday! If you're interested, sign up here:
November is one of my fav months. I love to give back and that's what this month is all about. Random acts of kindness
This couple asked guests to give random acts of kindness.
Keep your random acts of kindness to yourself. That's how that works.
Go to for 101 Suggested Random Acts of Kindness - ideas that cost nothing but have so much worth! http…
Random acts of kindness, even if you feel like crap, always lightens one mood/mind. I know; never stop smiling, especially when it's hard.
I just wanna have enough money one day so that I can do random acts of kindness throughout my lifetime and spread the positi…
Random Acts of Grooviness Bloke next door turned up with an almost new KEF subwoofer to replace my dodgey one. I'm in sub heaven again 😎🙀
Random acts of kindness people, random acts of kindness.
One can believe Invasion, etc are random acts of political stupidity or planned & managed
I'm heading to Nicaragua with & a team of 25 Random Acts volunteers next month. We could use your help! https:…
Random acts of humor relax students. memes!
Hey come to Mesquite High's Random One Acts this Thursday and Friday at 7pm. $8 a ticket!
'Random Acts of Kindness' Help Purchase Chemo Care Kits for Kids - Cape May County Herald (press release)
Amazing! I just met a young man, his friend started a movement, "Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere!" Thanks Josh Rondini!!
Congratulations Connor and Brandon!! They won the Random Acts of Kindness Award for week 8! Always…
Congratulations to our latest Random Acts of Camping winners this past weekend at Alburgh Dunes State Park!
Happy Friday everyone, please remember our Random Acts of Likeness campaign finishes midnight on the 1st August...
We need random acts of kindness not random acts of violence
"hey mum can I donate some money to this charity of mishas? what? no not random acts it's for um...mismatched socks that need homes"
They completed 39 random acts of kindness to celebrate their birthdays. This dad and daughter rock!
Random acts of kindness of strangers renew my faith in the world.
screeches *** u act like a 7 seven year old who just got on the internet for the first time and acts all qUiRkY & rAnDoM ffs ur killing me
"Random acts of kindness can really make someone's day, so it never hurts to do a little extra for another person"
I just wonder cause he works with random acts so not sure if he helped with it or if it was just the girls from RA. still super nice of them
Dear Australia, I'm sorry I can't be down under with you and your Roos, but Random Acts is there in my stead...
I've spent June doing Random Acts of Wildness with now I'm going to ht…
Am I SERIOUSLY in trouble? Me & random acts have reunited victims of human trafficking with their families. OBVIOUSLY I d…
Throwback to Forest and random acts of kindness. Small things like this made my day 😌
From the blog: 108 random act of kindness ideas. What will you do today?
Random acts of kindness no6. Sharing a passion with your kids...
speaking with Random Acts on performing an act. I'm so caught up in fundraising at work I'm drawing a blank. HELP! ideas?
Random acts of kindness and remembering people who did good things. Two of my favorite things.
Brandel Chamblee loves to hate on Tiger. This dude acts like he's Jack and he's basically a random.
We are delighted to support this Saturday's Clonakilty Random Acts of Kindness Festival by giving free entry to...
Random acts of kindness and the desire to do the best job possible lead to
Random acts of kindness still make the world go 'round
Our awesome Random Acts of Likeness campaign starts on the 26th July for one week only. When you like this page...
Do you have a business plan and would you consider your efforts "random acts of marketing". I would start there.
Love random acts of kindness! The person in front of me at the Starbucks drive thru paid for my order. I was more than happy to pass it on.
of our great CTA team doing Random Acts of Kindness around SF!
Why are more data scientists trading in lab coats for biz attire? discovery is transforming:
This does restore some of my faith in humanity! A few tears formed in my eyes!
Random acts of kindness from random people go a long way! I was having an annoying day and God sent…
Practice random acts of kindness and selfless acts of beauty
I love random acts of kindness. Just get me a flower and i'll be happy af 😩
Photoset: Tonight’s performance is brought to you by random acts of violence.
Random acts of kindness can actually make you less anxious
Sunny summer days are just destined for random acts of kindness. Make room between camps, vacations and reunions to serve up some service...
this completely made my day! Random acts of kindness like this can brighten someone's day more than you know!
Look at the AWESOME story a local radio station wrote about us! 😊 Thanks
Check out these new songs and videos I did with Random Acts of Music courtesy of Henry J. and his talented team!...
Random acts of kindness doesn't go unnoticed. it's actually pretty contagious.
Random acts of kindness are so heartwarming 😊💕
Random acts of kindness chart for all classrooms.
Friends are honoring Brookfield teen by carrying out random acts of kindness.
he is the nicest person ever ... do they not remember the time he bought pizza for the homeless. He's all about random acts of
Random acts of kindness are so beautiful 🙌🏼
funnily enough I was just talking about you and your random acts of abuse the other day 😂😂😂
it's almost my bday & I'm so excited because I love doing random acts of love all day long to feel happy
Father and Daughter Perform 39 Random Acts of Kindness. THis should give you feel goods!. WATCH:
A big thank you to St. John's Church and their Random Acts of Kindness today which provided our Northside site...
I am baffled when people are astonished by random acts of gratefulness.
Random acts of kindness. You can make a donation to support our work from your mobile by texting CCSA04£5 to...
Random Acts of Love❤️. Be Authentic with GOD. A Servant's Heart❤️. Read the companion Devo at…
New TS blog post! Random acts of mobility will not deliver a significant shift in productivity-Digital Workplace w...
Thanks! Thanks! Cyberpeacefare is based on chaostheory butterflyeffect see (not random acts). Al
Next Weds 6.30pm the Random Acts team will be here talking about an opportunity for ages 16-24 to make short films
Try to do as much random acts of kindness as possible 💫
Like campaign. Believe in the power of random acts of kindness.
PLEASE HELP!! > // If you want to pledge and get a cookbook:
Interested in writing and producing for TV/film? Check out this opportunity from our friends
Here's a photo diary of my Ransom Acts of Wildness so far :)
1) Random acts of kindness really have their rewards. This chick in my class went to buy food and forgot a fork so she couldnt eat
All purpose parts banner
If you’ve not done so yet - still plenty of time to get some random acts of wildness in!
Special thanks to the kind man who helped change my flat tire in the morning
12 ways to brighten the holidays with random acts of Christmas kindness:
Random acts of kindness and paying it forward are not an option, they are a lifestyle! 👍
Love film? Have a great short film idea? If you're 16-24 & in SW England, you can apply to our Random Acts project:
Hoping that random acts of kindness appease the FSM.
Random acts of kindness to strangers can save lives
ICYMI - we've got a fantastic opportunity for upcoming young artists to create stunning short films https:…
Embrace nature by committing 'random acts of wildness'
Come to one of our Access Sessions to find out information on how to apply for Random Acts:
I liked a video from Beautiful Random Acts of Kindness!
Enjoy! Random acts of Reminded me I could do that more often Tissues optional :)
I am a big believer in random acts of kindness. Also random acts of karate chop to the throat.
you're such a nice person! I'm glad we're friends. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU doing random acts of kindness (:
Ramadan is here. Must use this as an excuse to perform random acts of kindness, eat less, pray way more than...
A really nice story: random acts of kindness catch on in Redlands the church. Helping the homeless, giving money and doing work for global charities, random acts of kindness that are...
It is those small random acts of kindness you witness that restore your faith in humanity. It makes me strive to do the same. Does it you?
Tyneside Cinema are looking for 16-24 year olds from the North of England with bold and fresh ideas for short...
How good does it feel to give or receive a http:…
"If life becomes hard, soften it with random acts of kindness.". -Michael Levy.
and they just blocked me 😂 ah well I guess random acts of kindness are taboo with humans, I probably just looked creepy
Random Acts of Kindness are proven to significantly increase the mood of the giver, receiver, and bystanders
Random acts of kindness make me happy
Random acts of kindness make people feel a lot better and, you don't know, might save a life down the road.
Rocks. are. sedentary. critters. not. given. to. spontaneous. random. acts. of. violence. unless. socked. and. wielded. as. a. rock. in. a. s…
Oh you look like you're prone . to random acts of mischief... . *followed
Do random acts of kindness for other people when you get the opportunity. It'll make you a better person and happier.
random-acts-of-kindness-ideas: I think it would be interesting to try to achieve all these in a mont
Random acts of kindness are important
RIP Keep doing random acts of kindness in memory of this sweet girl!!
Thanks Random Acts of Violence--I had been wondering what it felt like to get punched in the chest while walking down Mission.
Random acts of dumbness will be rewarded.
I live for the sweet, random acts of kindness I see in this world
People who take part in random acts of kindness are seriously the best
Cavs' D has been OK-to-good most of night. But minus nearly 40 points per game of Love-Irving, offense remains random acts…
I loved Danny's first book, Random Acts of Heroic Love. Here's a chance to help fund his new book:
"Random Acts of Homophobia and Plagiarism". A book written by Sen. Tito Sotto
Random Acts of Kindness Day. Off to a great start, thx for the shout out
Its mental health week. Lanark County be prepared for 'Random Acts of Kindness" a full week of education & positive aff…
."Random Acts of Blindness" is, we believe, his finest work as a songwriter and recording artist yet.
The Power of Random Acts of Kindness By Judith Orloff MD— As a psychiatrist...
8-year-old completes 600 acts of kindness, then gets to meet penguins via Misha Collins and Random Acts
Children at Graham Bruce School Age Program performed many acts of kindness for 'Random Acts of Kindness Month'.
. & Come on down for a FREE chilli lunch at Memorial Arena today to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day!
The Biennial of the Americas, the Office of Governor John Hickenlooper and the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation...
@ HonorChrisKyle: Honor "The Legend" Chris Kyle by doing Random Acts of Kindness for Our Troops their Families & our Veterans. This will…
Funny stuff here!. Random Acts of Blindness by Tom Mabe
“Three Steps to Happiness for 1Keep a Gratitude Journal 2Exercise, Meditate and Eat Better 3Share Random Acts of Kindness.
Make 2015-The Year of Kindness!. Take Our challenge 3 Random Acts of Kindness a week!. Change the world!
Help plan Random Acts of Kindness Week at Union! Mtg Thurs at Kenney Ctr 4pm. Sweeneyjfor more info
My coat drive for the month of December with Random Acts of Kindness is very successful. Last weekend for me to collect and I have collected over 500 coats to give to Salvation Army. All loaded and ready to go! Thank you ALL who donated coats - sweaters - hat - scarfs - gloves - warm clothing!!! You guys ROCK! Blessings!
This new promotional video from GotR client Random Acts of Flowers is stellar. Featuring the legendary Hal Holbrook!
I invite u2b a Kindness Champion in your own community with Random Acts of Kindness. Welcome! via
Random Acts of Kindness - bought the guy behind us his food in the drive through.
Win tix to Random Acts of Romance by judge Katrin Bowen Sun playing with Lucille's Ball
Go to for ticket giveaway to Random Acts or Romance by Katrin Bowen & Lucille's Ball by Lulu Keating Sun
San Jac student Melissa Rojas received $1,000 from the Space Center Rotary Club as part of 50 Random Acts of...
The long wait has finally come to a sweet end.. :) Good morning Brooke's Point! Good day Palawan! This day marks another milestone for CFC-YFC Palawan as we are about to kick off our 8th Provincial Youth Conference, hours from now. With this year's theme, STATUS:CHRIST, the largest provincial gathering aims to shepherd the technologically-inclined youngsters of today coming from different areas, to get them involved in proclaiming God's greatness through Social Media. Also, we are challenged to do Random Acts of Kindness that are Christlike, not only within our community but also to our society, to our environment, and most especially to our family. Carpe Momentum means 'Seize the Moment'. Live it up! WELCOME TO OUR 8TH PROVINCIAL YOUTH CONFERENCE! :)
Local food exchange asks recipients to pay it forward with "Random Acts of Kindness"
An initiative that could have been part of the Random Acts of Kindness: positive post its!
Our Service Smoker is tonight from 6-8pm in the Gregory Gym Games Room. Come spread joy by making some Random Acts of Kindness with us!
ALS Challenge accepted with a twist. I challenge each of you to post to your wall and share to try to spread random acts of kindness. Thanks to Danny Baumert for the great editing and CB for the filming. Please share spread the goodwill helping a neighbor, donating to any cause, you name it.
The email message on my computer screen was from a couple who were members of my church. It asked recipients to get involved in random acts of kindness as memorials to their deceased daughter. Their daughter died of cancer a year ago and I was touched by the thoughtfulness behind message. “I will be…
Because nothing says "We support the rule of law and JUSTICE" like random acts of vandalism! htt…
Random acts of kindness make the world a better place. No matter how depressed I am or sad maybe even lonely I will still always pay it forward and brighten another person's day anyway possible.
Cady's Mission has been in full swing! Thank you to everyone who has been ordering and sharing this page to get the word out there. We are making our first deposit to Blessings for Jaeda Celeste on Monday. And as far as the other foundation we are going to donate to, Cady has decided to put that money towards random acts of kindness. So if you know someone who needs a little pick me up, please message us and let us know if we can help. :) Please see the link below to order any goodies. Proceeds go towards Cady's Mission right now :)
Random Acts of Kindness. Today I was gifted with a pair of black booties. The owner of a high end ...
Hello humans! This is Corporal Mend Masters and I will be reporting for duty at the Rose City ComicCon taking place in Portland Oregon on September 20th-21st. If you see me and need help, I will be armed to the teeth with cosplay repair items free of charge in the name of random acts of kindness.
Random acts of helpfulness are hilarious lmao
It *** that our state is starting to have such acts of random violence and gun play. I hope the cops catch them.
I liked a video from World of Tanks - Random Acts of Violence 17
Like they say, "Random acts of healthiness result in healthy habits" your nutrition experts (2570 Main St)
Today is all about random acts of kindness.
Random acts of kindness to strangers will get you far.
I am grateful for: Umbrellas, Random Acts of Kindness, My Dog and Cats, and Dr. Who.
The random acts of kindness from people :) ❤
Just Had the best convo with some random guy who happened to gone on ACTS who noticed my bracelet. Even after the retreat ACTS lives on!
Day 5 of the gratitude challenge - things that I am thankful for. 1) stolen moments, I aide jokes and belly laughs 2) Mitchel Macdonald-parker - so proud of the man, dad and partner he is (and no not taking credit just simply proud to be a part of his life!) 3) day dates with my hubby 4) random acts of affection and kindness
Random Acts of Kindness hit Redlands thanks to two Redlands natives
I'll be writing, rocking, sharing and creating Random Acts of Poetry at LeucadiART Walk tomorrow, outside Ducky Waddle's Emporium, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Come on by...
Practice random acts of kindness, the world needs it more than you think
Well I didn't win the $70 million this last week, however I did win $13.10 which will feed the family animals! I hope the two winning tickets will support a couple of Community Welfare projects/ or recipients less fortunate, and pass on random acts of kindness! Like paying for someone's groceries behing you in the queue, or handing out $50 to people walking by! I certainly would, i think the majority of others would too! Ohhh don't worry family, you wouldn't miss out, no forming a queue at the supermarket, we'd buy it!!
Hi fb friends thank you for your response to Random Acts of Kindness day please invite ur friends - you are my fb friends because I know this is a given for u but kind of nice to think we would all be gentle with everyone on the same day - does everyone remember when it was just common courtesy to build bridges not destroy them - I wish we still had those days - gotta start somewhere right and let's hope it's catchy - have a good day xxx
I've been doing random acts of kindness and it feels great :-)
I'm learning all about Random Acts of Kindness at
Coming soon movement! Random acts of kindness & Lyme Awareness campaign. Together we win!
Love seeing random acts of kindness only because it's so rare these days
Random Acts of Hope by is out! Read Liam and Charlotte's story on iBooks:
Tears*"are known for their random acts of kindness."
“Random acts of kindness can do unspeakable things”
Random acts of kindness can be so rewarding.
Random acts of kindness can do unspeakable things
Played the MEANEST mean girl the last few days. Lots of random acts of kindness are about to happen 😇🙏💐
Check your front door step tonight! As part of their mission to give back to the community, Sully County Girl Scout Troops 51005 and 51002 engaged in Random Acts of Kindness, where they picked random homes in Onida to drop off a special treat :)
Not only did Shatner compete in GISHWHES, he helped raise about $4,000 for Random Acts in one day :) Well done, Bill.
The Pay It Forward and Random Acts of Kindness Scholarship recipient is Miss Delaware's OT!
Today Random Acts partnered with the Albuquerque rescue mission. They gave out over 300 backpacks filled with school supplies to area homeless children while Random Acts firefighters and volunteers, were able to give every child a free pair of shoes at Payless stores as our contribution to the event. We had tons of firefighters and their families plus additional volunteers come out to help, as well as Engine 2 showing off their truck. Big thanks to Payless shoes for helping us with and we look forward to making it even bigger next year.
We are challenging all radio stations to come on board and support Random Acts of Kindness Day. We want all age groups to be involved. Massive day of fun and get planning on how you can make someone's day.
Random Acts of Wildlife -- Three Amigos. Why did the pronghorn cross the road? To graze on the other side.
Random Acts of Kindness: To the woman behind me at the grocery store, you have no idea how much we appreciate you.
Feeling the heat? Gear up for summer with a Random Acts tank top or water bottle.
Random Acts of Helpfulness: Guys in Blue lend a hand at Bella Terra Car Wash & Touch-a-Truck:
I know a lot of parents today don't actually make their children read books anymore... but I have 7 brand new paperback books in the "Black Americans of Achievement" series... all with introductory essays by Coretta Scott King... each book measuring approx 7"Wx9"L. (1) Malcolm X (2) Maya Angelou (3) Sidney Poitier (4) Thurgood Marshall (5) Toni Morrison (6) Michael Jordan (7) Wesley Snipes I had more, but I gave the rest of them away to my students who performed Random Acts of Kindness. They were surprise gifts for good citizenship. The books were $9.95 each, but I am giving them away at no charge to a parent or guardian in my area who will definitely have their child(ren) read them. It's my Random Act of Kindness to YOU. Interested parents or guardians, please inbox me.
Hey Ya'll, just wanted to take a minute and thank everybody for their support on our last tour, it was our most fun tour to date! It's nice to be home and see all of our loved ones for awhile. We have 2 really cool shows coming up, Friday were gonna be at rockin on the river in Cuyahoga falls at 5pm. Then June 20th were gonna be headlining an awesome show at the Lions Lincoln Theater in Massillon with Scott Paris and the Assorted Vagabonds and special guest Henry J.! The event will be filmed and broadcast on Massillon cable and time Warner in Canton as part of the Random Acts of Music series. Happy summer to all of you, Cheers!!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Random Acts of Kindness by the Miami Heat via
Humble. Sweet and Savory pie delivered to Dave R for his Random Acts of Kindness. Nominate someone at for random act of pie ness (and Scott Miller, next time use a flash so we can better see Dave)
Tomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) day. Start out with some extra cash in your pocket. If you want some RAK cards ( actually they are ROCK your World cards), you can pick them up at the church Welcome Center.
Perspective-changing morning practicing Random Acts of Kindness for GOTR, giving out flowers at the grocery store. So many stories shared. Wound up hugging one woman as she told Annie and me of her mother's recent passing.
Minions! Hope 2 Haiti journal signed by (Rare Item!) up for auction & ALL proceeds goes to Random Acts: http…
NYT bestselling author Julia Kent has a new release out. Random Acts of Fantasy, the third of her Random Series... http:…
Help your kids help others! With this list of 20 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids, they will have a blast while...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: UK PRODUCTION COMPANY, NKIRU & NKIRU MAKES NETWORK PREMIERE ON CHANNEL 4 UK WITH FILM ON NYC VOGUING AND BALLROOM CULTURE LONDON | April 15, 2014 - London-based filmmaker Jenn Nkiru will make her directorial debut with En Vogue, a high-concept in-your-face experimental short film showcasing the unique beauty, energy and exuberance of one of NYC's last underground subcultures: voguing and ballroom. Commissioned by Channel 4 UK, the film will premiere tonight at 00:25 a.m. during the channel’s Random Acts slot and subsequently online at Previous artists commissioned to create content for the strand include Marina Abramović, James Franco and The Last Poets. The film was written, produced and directed by Nkiru with cinematography from Bradford Young (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pariah, Restless City, Middle of Nowhere, Mother of George) and second unit photography from Arthur Jafa (Eyes Wide Shut, Daughters of the Dust, Crooklyn). Filming was completed in sum ...
Random Acts of Kindness Week! Perform random act of kindness each day of RAK week
Random Hallelujah The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is a national establishment dedicated to artistic excellence, funding local arts projects that engage communities in collective cultural experiences. With the assistance of the ever- and omni- potent YouTube, they put themselves on the map in recent years with an initiative they called “Random Acts of Culture.” Call it a cultural experiment in the transformational power of the arts, Mozart in the mall, tango in the airport terminal, or Puccini at the farmers’ market—the result was art in unusual places, wide-eyed children and startled shoppers, culture interrupted by culture. The idea was simple. Gather a group of talented artists in a particular city—a string quartet from the Charlotte Symphony, the Opera Company of Philadelphia, or two very gifted dancers—and set them loose from the concert halls to stage a performance in the street. Or, as it were, in the shoe department. Shoppers at a very crowded shoe sale in Miami were startled ...
Help us and Cost Plus World Market spread Random Acts of Hoppiness and enter for a chance to win a $2,000 World...
52 Random Acts of Kindness ( one a week- 2014) Hold the door open for someone Teach a child something you wish you knew at that age Tip a waitress more than you normally would Spend some time with a senior citizen Smile at a stranger Compliment a stranger Pay for a strangers meal at the drive thru Put a quarter in a meter that is about ready to expire Leave the mail person a thank you card Donate unwanted items to a homeless shelter Donate your unwanted suits to a place that caters to single moms re-entering the work force or older workers re-entering the work force. Smile at the Walmart greeter Mentor someone Carry someone’s bags to the car at the grocery store Walk or run for charity Thank a soldier Let someone go in front of you in line Say “thank you” to the cashier Donate books to a school or library Give your box tops to a school ( found on General Mills products) Start a stamp collection for a child Bring flowers to a co-worker, friend, or someone that may be having a hard time. Tell your fam ...
Random Acts of Photography, Remember when I said you need lights for an afternoon press conference? This is what happens when you don't. See the deep shadows on his face? See how he is squinting? Of course, this was at a press conference outside a baseball stadium. Bleachers had to be brought in where permanent seats were available less than a hundred yards away. A sound system needed to be provided when an adequate one was just over the wall. Security on the open field was a nightmare when the stadium just to the left of the photo was equipped for that. Why was the venue set up like that? So that the camera shooting from just outside the left of the frame could include the presidential helicopter in the background. You can tell by the signs when I shot this.
Random Acts of Harassment by Resident Manager's Martha Botello and Christi Arias / Dunlap Property Group Paul Dunlap, his son Nicholas are money hungry, rude, and do not know how to run a business. Resident manager's Martha Botello and Christi Arias gave Rory Emerald (an outstanding tenant for over six years) a 60-Day Notice to vacate only after he questioned them about late fees they were seeking from him. Mr. Emerald's partner took Dunlap Real Estate/Property Group to court two years ago for stealing power from his unit. In many ways the 60-Day Notice appears to be in retaliation for the court case. The judge did rule in Mr. Emerald's favor. Numerous managers and tenants have take Dunlap to court for various reasons. Former manager Arlene Bunch filed a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against Dunlap; and won. Please do not do business with these people. And keep in mind that Martha Botello and Christi Arias actually enjoy harassing tenants for a multitude of reasons. Paul Dunlap encourages t ...
On Saturday, March 22, 2014, neighbors met at the Westview Community Garden on South Gordon Street to weed some garden beds, but more excitingly to put together a chicken coop acquired thanks to a donation by Random Acts. Children and adults worked together to put everything together. Next step - chickens!
Tina! I didn't know u had another job! You're cheating on us?! I thought u only had eyes for Random Acts. Shame on u. htt…
Name: Colleen Denmon Age: 12 My definition of beauty: Beauty is reflected on the outside, from who you are on the inside. Being beautiful means inspiring others. The only thing you ever have to do to be beautiful is to be yourself and to wear a kind heart (and of course a smile)! My favorite thing about myself: The ability to do what I love and inspire others that they too can do anything they set their mind to. The top five things that I find most beautiful: 1) Being Yourself 2) Inspiring Others 3) Following Your Heart and Doing What You Love 4) Random Acts of Kindness 5) Laughing, Loving, and Living Good luck with your platform and your journey to Miss New York Olivia! :)
Gulf Shores Elementary's Random Acts of Kindness Club took a trip to the Ronald McDonald House in Mobile this morning. Students held a donation drive and collected soda tabs to prepare for the trip. Today's take away... We are all very blessed to be healthy and to have such an amazing charity to lean on in times of need! The RMH is such a wonderful charity! Please consider volunteering or donations to this worthy cause! — feeling blessed with Tracie Alford Sweat and Kelly Reetz.
February thru June 10 th we have declared "Four Months of Random Acts of Kindness." For Our Troops, Families & Veterans.
I honestly think Random Acts of Kindness notes have no meaning if they're not sincerely for you.
Thanks for the Follow, we LOVE Random Acts of Kindness !
WCNI's show Random Acts of Kindness... from Woodstock to Bonnaroo and to nurture your karma
ThrowBack Thursday. RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) . Public Service Letters. Thanking those who gave their all.
Friends of Rachel Club will recognize random acts of kindness w/ wristbands designed to be passed on thoughout the Academ…
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