Rand Paul & Michele Bachmann

Randal Howard Rand Paul (born January 7, 1963) is the junior United States Senator for Kentucky. Michele Marie Bachmann (née Amble; born April 6, 1956) is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing , a post she has held since 2007. The district includes several of the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, such as Woodbury, and Blaine as well as Stillwater and St. 5.0/5

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I love that Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul are on Russia right now, but Nigeria is a total disaster for people too.
I love that Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul to be the 2016 GOP nominee -->
I love that Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz's faces right now.
Rand Paul won CPAC's Straw Poll. I predict this means as much for his prospects as Michele Bachmann's performance at 2012 Ames Straw Poll.
Rand Paul. For people who thought Michele Bachmann's health advice was "too sciencey."
Remember when you thought you'd be President? Pulls a Michele Bachmann on Vaccine Safety via
That's it I'm letting the politics out of the bag . I'm calling them out ... Please run for President ... Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Canadian Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, & Rick "Frothy Load" Santorum. You made my news so awesome in 2012 I can't wait for a repeat! Serious candidates AKA Rand Paul, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, & Hillary Clinton . Who cares the most about the American People and who cares the most about Campaign Funds? I bet Campaign Funds trump the American People every time.
the only good news is we still get Ted Cruz, Mark Rubio and Rand Paul, who are all trying to be the new Michele Bachmann.
Rand Paul talked foreign policy. Rick Santorum decried flagging family values. Michele Bachmann called for war on radical Islam. But it was Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas who captivated the crowd of social conservatives in Washington Friday, again showcasing his appeal with that critical part of the GOP sho…
Michele Bachmann, Paul Broun, Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Joe Wilson and Rand Paul all graduated from public high schools, still think our public school system isn't broken?
The NY Daily News weighed in the other day with a devastating report: The United States is facing a catastrophic shortage of clowns. According to the article, "Membership at the World Clown Association, the country's largest trade group for clowns, has dropped from about 3,500 to 2,500." I will admit: I am afraid of clowns. Always have been, always will be, so any article stating that there are less clowns, to me, constitutes breaking news on the level of "Man Lands On Moon." All apologies to my face-painted brethren, but good. Good good good. Less clowns = less fear = more happy. But here's the thing: The World Clown Association is, I think, drastically under-reporting its numbers. The planet, by my lights, is swarming with clowns: Ted Cruz, Mitch Mcconnell, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Yoho, Ted Nugent, Sean Hannity, Rand Paul and fa chrissakes Louie Gohmert are all available for recruitment. Measure them for the big floppy feet and stuff them into the ...
I want my Republican Party back. The party of great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and even Newt Gingrich. Not our current spineless, back stabbing, mush, RINO feckless hacks like John Boehner, Mitch McConnel, and Karl Rove. surrender and retreat from the French Republican leadership. Time for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Mike Lee, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Sarah Palin, Joe Walsh, David Hale, and the Tea Party to run the GOP
You just can' make this stuff up. The Craziest Things Conservatives Said This Week Sen. Ted Cruz (R, TX) told Roll Call that Iran might nuke New York or Los Angeles, thanks to President Obama’s threat to veto sanctions. Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsay Graham (R, SC) told Roll Call that, “The world is literally about to blow up.” After the State of the Union, Glenn Beck warned, “this was the State of the Union where our president declared he would become America’s first dictator.” Rick Santorum called into Steve Malzberg’s radio program to discuss President Obama’s State of the Union address, and said that Obama has the makings of a tyrannical dictator. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R, MN) is threatening to sue President Obama, if he goes through with his plan to work around Congress by issuing executive orders. Sen. Rand Paul (R, KY) time-warped back to Bill Clinton’s sex scandal, and tried to pin the whole “war on women” on Democrats. Joe Scarborough said the Lewinsky scandal means that Hillary C ...
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) will deliver the official Tea Party response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union tonight, Tuesday, January 28th immediately after Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers delivers her official GOP response. Lee follows Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Rand Paul, who delivered th...
Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, and the base all have your values.
Dear Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Mike Lee, Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and any other morally upright and Christian politicians out there - WE REALLY NEED YOU TO KEEP UP THE PRESSURE to get rid of the immoral policies at the national level - things like ENDA, Planned Parenthood, just two things that have to go. There's more bad things that have been legislated, but you are the type of politicians that are not afraid to speak out against wrongdoing at the national level and I really appreciate all of you VERY MUCH.
Thank you Sarah Palin for putting a face to the movement. You betcha, we’re all thankful. Thank you Marco Rubio for just being you. Thank you Rush Limbaugh for your boorish tirades against reality. Thank you Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Rick Perry and Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan. Because of your complete lack of empathy for human beings and your desire to force your morality onto the vast majority who happen to think y’all are insane, you have sealed the deal. More than likely, we will see a Democratic takeover in 2014 and keep it until 2020. We’ve been uncomfortable, thanks to you and we won’t forget. The best part about it is that you guys are like an out-of-control freight train, and it doesn’t look like your re-branding ideas are going to happen either. Even though we are all getting banged up right now, it will be repaired once sanity is back in the House. We’ll see single-payer healthcare and you’re not only going to use it, you’re going to LOVE it – eventually. We ...
The stupid liberals in this country had a grand ol' time with President George W. Bush's butchering of the English language, and let Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, or Rand Paul make a slip of the tongue or have a brain freeze or let Marco Rubio take a sip of water and the liberal state run media will turn it into a major news story. But not so with *** Obama's verbal screw-ups. So, I'm here to bring balance to the ridicule, and to point out just how incredibly stupid Hussein Obama really is. Remember when VP Dan Quayle was virtually laughed out of Washington for misspelling potato back in 1992? Yet Brainless Obama made a much more elementary flub when, during a 2008 campaign event in Beaverton, Oregon, he said: "I've now been in 57 states - I think one left to go." What a freaking moron!!! How could anyone be dumb enough to make such a ridiculous comment?? It's no surprise that he won't release his college transcripts. Not only does Obama not know how many states there are, he also doesn't k ...
100 of the Dumbest Right-Wing Quotes of all Time 1. “…the very founders that wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more.” ~ Michele Bachmann, Speaking to Iowans For Tax Relief about the framers of the Constitution. January, 2011 2. “A poet once said, ‘life can be a challenge, life can seem impossible, but it’s never easy when there’s so much on the line.”’ ~ GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, quoting lyrics from the theme song to ‘Pokemon: The Movie 2000.’ The ”poet” who wrote those lyrics was disco queen Donna Summer. 3. “Add one little bit on the end… Think of ‘potato’, how’s it spelled? You’re right phonetically, but what else…? There ya’ go… all right!” ~ Dan Quayle 4. “AIDS is not just God’s punishment for homosexuals; it is God’s punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals.” ~Jerry Falwell 5. “American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning ...
Happy Halloween everyone! I think the largest thing in politics this fine day of witches, skeletons, candy, and horrified health nuts is the Republican Civil War. For those that don't know the Republican Civil War is the moderate establishment (lead by Karl Rove, and commanded in Congress by Mitch Mcconnell, Lindsey Graham, John Mccain, Saxby Chambliss, etc.) against the conservative Tea Party and libertarian grass-roots campaigners (lead by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Jim DeMint, also commanded in others areas by Tim Scott, Mike Lee, Ben Carson, Michele Bachmann, Jerry Moran, and Tony Perkins). The current situation of the Civil War, as far as its outcome, is unclear, especially with people like House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who sit on the fence between the two factions. It is very clear that whomever wins this Civil War will decide the outcome of, at the very least, the Republican Presidential primary in 2016, if not the entire election itself. It will decide whether an " ...
I saw last night, that Mike Lee is being threatened with a primary race by the Utah Republican Party. I couldn't believe it. He, Ted Cruze, Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann and a few other patriotic Americans, stood up to Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the Democratic Party, in defense of our Constitutional rights. Barack Obama shut down the government with his unwillingness to talk, not the Republicans. Part of the Republicans need to remember who they work for, including Orrin Hatch. The Carbon and Emery County Republican Parties need to remind that bunch of Republican dough heads, up at our state capitol, to leave Mike Lee alone. He is the most honest politician to come out of Utah in My lifetime, that I can recall. Ted Cruze went home to the great state of Texas and received a hero's welcome including an 8 minute standing ovation and our man, who was helping him got a threat from his party. I used to rank Utah up there with Texas and Arizona (Jan Brewer) as the great states in the Union; no more! Use common s ...
Rand Paul on the Mike Huckabee Show: Rand Paul speaks out on outrageous IRS abuses: "this is profoundly un-American" Michele Bachmann: IRS Targets Groups, Then Health Care?
So, those of you who know my son Scott already know that he got his Obamacare bill and it's going up more than 100%. I was really encouraged to read the posts from his young friends. The GET it. They know who is responsible. Maybe it's not too late. In Ohio, be prepared for yours to go up over 110%. All states but 5 will have massive increases. Of course, this is not what the CLIC (Chief Liar In Charge) told us. But, those of us who listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have known this was going to happen over two years ago. They warned us, but the media branded them as "Right Wing Nuts" so many would not listen. Michele Bachmann also told us that this last election would be "the most important in our history". She fought HARD to get this law overturned, and she also warned us many times. But the media branded her as a ditzy, crazy female, so many would not listen. Most recently, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul stood up and tried to get the funding for Obamacare blocked. They worked tirelessly. Cru ...
They hate it when Dr.Ron Paul or Dr.Rand Paul or Senator Ted Cruz or Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin, Joe Gilbert...
If you didn't see the Values Voter Summit 2013 I suggest you look up youtube videos on the incredible speakers. Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Rand Paul, Rick Santorium and many others.they agree with what this says and they are no longer keeping their voices to themselves.
Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul... I can't believe after all this time this is the quality of the candidates paraded in front of us. Two of them believe dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time. The other didn't understand the meaning of a famous childrens book. At least they've got Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Elizabeth Hasslebeck to support them.
What if you're choices for 2016 were... A. Rand Paul. B. Ted Cruz . C. Michele Bachmann. D. Condi Rice. E. Scott Walker
people like Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh could NEVER speak for me.
Tea Party Activists Take Over the Capitol Building's West Lawn Tea Party activists were in full swing last week in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, arguing for an investigation of the Internal Revenue Service after revelations that it had targeted conservative groups. Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham joined Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY), and television host Glenn Beck to address the roughly 10,000 to 12,000 activists in attendance. Heritage Foundation staff attended the event to distribute Heritage research about how the IRS has worked to implement Obamacare and further expand government power. Watch a video of the action here.
"The question remains whether the GOP will become the party of: Sen. Rand Paul, Ky., or Sen. Kelly Ayotte, N.H., on National Security; The Gang of Eight or the Gang of Three (Sens. Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions) on immigration; Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio, or Rick Santorum on *** marriage; Broad-based appeal (e.g. Govs. Chris Christie, Gov. Scott Walker) or losing ideologues (Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell, Michele Bachmann)."
Heard so many of our true patriots speak, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Steve King, Michele Bachmann, Jenny Beth Martin. God bless all of you!
Moments before a Tea Party rally that features Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Michele Bachmann was about to begin on the the crowd was estimated at just 5,000-10,000.
Today, the Tea Party held its “Audit the IRS” rally and reports from the event indicated 7,000 to 10,000 attendees, including several Republican congressional leaders who came out to speak including Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA) of the 14th District in Georgia. Some of the other Republican leaders included, Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-IA), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Matt Salmon (R-AZ), Richard Hudson (R-NC), Steve King (R-IA), and Dave Camp (R-MI), Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee. The “Audit the IRS” rally on the U.S. Capitol’s west lawn was also expected to feature Republican Senate Tea Party Caucus member and possible 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul of Kentucky and House caucus Chairwoman and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, and conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck. While President Obama’s speech Wednesday only drew about 4,500 people, Breitbart news reported saying of the Tea Party rally, “Obama's Berlin crowd may also have been smaller than crowd of several thousand who turned out ...
Yesterday morning during a speech at the Family Research Council in Washington, Michele Bachmann bashed the unemployed in perhaps the most heartless way possible. After vowing to weaken social safety net programs such as Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and unemployment benefits, Bachmann sai...
Senator Ted Cruz: when exactly did you stop beating your wife? please be specific. was it before or after Senator Rand Paul stopped beating his? was it before or after Michele Bachmann started smoking crack she paid for via her teenage prostitution ring?
Grassfire Update: Tomorrow, on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building, thousands of American patriots from all across the nation will be taking up positions to protest the "tyrannical behavior" of the IRS. Among those speaking will be Glenn Beck, Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Sen. Ted Cruz and Darla Dawald, national director of Grassfire's Patriot Action Network. Because the "Audit the IRS" rally is is such an important event, we're flying Darla across the country to represent those grassroots Americans who can't physically be part of it. When Darla takes the stage, our hope is that she'll carry at least 150,000 petitions -- representing Grassfire team members who are standing with her in spirit against government abuse of their God-given rights as American citizens. That's why tomorrow's rally is so important. It gives We The People an unprecedented opportunity to respond -- to capture the full attention of lawmakers, the media and the entire nation. + + 20,000 Petitions Shy Of The Goal! With jus ...
In Washington, ICAE Institute Attend the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference Washington , D.C. June 13-15, 2013 Held in the US Capital, the Iraqi Christians Advocacy and Empowerment Insatiate (ICAE) attended the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference. The purpose of the meeting was to create the most sophisticated active grassroots organizations and to build a permanent pro-family, conservative majority, not just in both houses of Congress, but in every state house, city council, and school board across the country. In addition, the conferees focused on how to strengthen family values, religious liberties, and international religious freedom in the world impacted regions such as the Middle East. More than 1,800 leaders, speakers, and media participated during the three day event, which kicked off with a luncheon featuring Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Rand Paul, and Sen. Ron Johnson, and Sen. Mike Lee. General sessions included speeches from Sarah Palin, Rep. Paul Ryan, Gov. Jeb Bush, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Gov. ...
Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann used to be the nuttiest in the crowd, then Rand Paul, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter and a couple of others joined in. Now Jeb Bush has become a member of the "BATSPIT WHACKADOODLES." It's going to be so much fun, watching it. implode."
Audit the IRS Rally in DC on June 19! Join Senator Rand Paul, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Jenny Beth Martin and others. Sign up now:
We HAVE to pick winning candidates next time & not allow the RNC to dictate to us what WE want. They HAVE to be convinced that they WILL become extinct unless they play by OUR rules.Rubio-NO, HATCH-NO, Rand Paul-?, Ron Paul-no, Sarah Palin-YES, Paul Ryan-?, Michele Bachmann-?, Cruze-?, ISSA-?, Mike Pence-YES YES YES!, Jeb Bush-NO, Ted Nugent-?, Glenn Beck-?, Herman Cain-?, Alan Keyes-?, Pat Buchanan-?, Mike Huckabee-? .Who am I leaving out?? Let's start this candidate search NOW - and MAKE the RNC do what WE say or abandon them for either TEA or Libertarian party.or? Place do NOT donate blindly to RNC, specific candidates only.
So, yesterday Sen. Rand Paul comes up with a Michele Bachmann worthy rant - "Not one penny more for countries that burn our flag." There is only one thing wrong with this statement - Rand was referring to money appropriated by Congress to help the new government in Egypt where protests against the United States have included burning the America flag. Read that again - that's HELP the Government OPPOSING those who burned our flag. "Bass ackwards" there Senator... Maybe Sen. Paul should follow MS. Bachmann's lead and announce right now he won't run again for office!
Rachel Maddow last night paid homage to the Congressional career of Michele Bachmann, who announced yesterday that she will not seek re-elction next year.
In going on five years, President Obama has had the power to strategically strike whomever he has deemed a threat to the country, and four Americans have died abroad as a result (1 targeted, 3 were apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time). Now, as I hear people like Mitch Mcconnell and Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh and Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul (etc., etc.) trash him just about every damned day, it makes me realize how much I want to applaud this president.and his amazing capacity for restraint. Only 4? Nicely done, Mr. President.
Louie the Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, and Rand Paul are prime examples of EVERYTHING that is wrong with our government today...they seek only to obstruct, fuel the flames, and forward lies about absolutely NOTHING of substance...they will regret the day they did this...we are too sophisticated for their nonsense...
Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, Eric Cantor and Darrell Issa. That's my proof. All fools who threaten this nation
Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, Rand Paul...you know, people who claim to be Christians but who hate people.
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Apply to FULLSCREEN - Rep. Michele Bachmann recently said that 9/11 and Benghazi were G...
On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Wow) spoke to religious right activists and members of Congress who attended a prayer event which was held in Statuary Hall at the US Capitol, called “Washington: A Man of Prayer.”
Now I know Rubio is tainted with leftist filth. Here the leftists, yet again, attempting to choose their opposition and our political representation. You'll never see something like this for Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, etc.
PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO FREE OUR COUNTRY:: OFFICES SHOULD BE CLEARED AND UN KICKED OUT OF U.S.A. A United State’s Vice President has never once before in our US history been impeached. Similarly, a United State’s President and a Vice President have never before been impeached at the same time. That does not mean it can’t be done. Our Great Republic of the USA’s Sovereignty and National Security, and all of our Constitutional Freedoms are at stake. The Constitution requires that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court come over to the Senate Chamber to preside when a president is being impeached. In 1986, the Senate extended this to cover Vice Presidents. We here at PBN nominate Rand Paul and Michele Bachmann to present Impeachment proceedings on behalf of “We The People.” Call to Action Steps: 1) USA Please take our poll to impeach President Obama and Vice President Biden. 2) Every Concerned Legal United States Citizen Must Call their congressional representative to make the truth known. I ...
Will someone please tell Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Lindsey Graham and Michele Bachmann that Mayor Bloomberg has not made thinking illegal, yet.
From NewsCorpse,in re Rand Paul's ridiculous display: What is not particularly surprising is the affection sent his way for this carnival side show. The GOP is famous for showering plaudits on their most inane spokespersons. They create heroes out of nitwits with nothing to offer but bluster and venom. During the Republican primaries last year there were fleeting leads for questionable characters like Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich. They all had temporary moments in the sun when they were regarded as the second coming of conservatism. And they all receded back into relative obscurity after the sunlight exposed their all too apparent shortcomings. They really love their mean paranoiacs to pieces.
So I can't wait for Obama haters to blast him for signing the Violence Against Women Act. I am sure their must be some on the right that disagree with this legislation. 160 Republicans voted against it so I know I am right. And Ron Johnson,R- Wisconsin was one of 22 in the senate that voted against it. We should be so proud of him. Other notables that voted against this measure are Marco Rubio, Mitch Mcconnell, Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, Lindsey Graham, 22 members of the Texas delegation, and Orin Hatch. About 90 of these votes also came from what we would call "southern states". Should that surprise anyone? *** even half of the senate republicans voted for this. *** must be getting chilly tonight.
With Willard resurfacing, one can’t help but wonder what a President Romney’s cabinet would have looked like. Maybe something like this: Secretary of State: Dennis Rodman; Attorney General: John Yoo; Secretary of Education: Michele Bachmann; Secretary of Defense: Ted Nugent; Secretary of Energy, Health and Human Services: David Koch; Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security: James Yeager; Assistant to the President for Homeland Security: George Zimmerman; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Donald Trump; Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors: Bernie Madoff; Secretary of the Interior: Wayne LaPierre; Secretary of Labor: Scott Walker; Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency: Charles Koch; Secretary of the Treasury: Tag Romney; Director of the Office of Management and Budget: Rand Paul; Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Jamie Dimon; Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency: Eric Cantor; Director of the National Drug Control and Child Protec ...
You can't help but feel sorry for Chris Christie for having been snubbed by CPAC. Apparently, being subject to occasional, recurring episodes of normal behavior is an automatic disqualifier from admittance to this gathering of bottom feeders. However, a brief glance at the names of the scheduled speakers at the conference can't help but inspire awe and admiration: Willard M. Romney, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul. So much for the GOP trying to "rebrand" itself. Two questions: (1) What happened to Steve King, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Virginia Foxx, and Steve Stockman? (2) Where is Seal Team Six when you need them most?
The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is coming... In addition to speeches by intellectual heavyweights like Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and Wayne LaPierre, there will also be panels on different subjects. These are the REAL titles of some of the panels at CPAC: - Should We Shoot All the Consultants Now? - The Future of the Movement: Winning with Generation X/Y - Stop THIS: Threats, Harassment, Intimidation, Slander and Bullying from the Obama Administration - How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Plastic Water Bottles, Fracking, Genetically Modified Food, & Big Gulp Sodas - Is America Coming Apart? - The Fight for Religious Liberty: 40 years After Roe V. Wade - Getting Hollywood Right - Free at Last: When the Right to Work Came Back to the Midwest Can you come up with any good titles for CPAC panels?
Holding my breath in anticipation. A March event in Grand Entertainment! "As we extend our second round of invitations to these conservative leaders, it is easy to see why CPAC 2013 is shaping up to be one the best conferences yet,” said ACU Chairman Al Cardenas. Speakers to include: Michele Bachmann (R-MN-6), Newt Gingrich (R-GA-6), Allen West (R-FL-22), Rick Santorum (R-PA), Rand Paul (R-KY), Paul Ryan (R-WI-1), Sarah Palin (R-Alaska), Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin), Wayne LaPierre (NRA), Eric Cantor (R-VA-7), Larry O’Connor (Breitbart.tv)
Marco is NEVER going to be POTUS! Nor is Rand Paul,Michele Bachmann, or rest of the tea baggers or GOP
We are live from Tampa! Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Sen. Rob Portman and Sarah Palin talk Romney-Ryan ticket, GOP convention and more tonight on Hannity Tune into Fox News at 9 p.m. ET!
There is 6 politicians I hate, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, anyone from Utah and Paul Ryan. I'm so glad one of them got chosen as the Republican VP nominee, Ryan will be ripped apart and exposed just like Palin was 4 years ago. I felt bad for Palin because I actually liked her but I more than welcome it for Ryan.
Today we get to hear from Rep. Jim Jordan, Michele Bachmann, Mike Pence, Star Parker, Katie Pavlich and a banquet with Rand Paul!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Not really on Rand Paul, Love Love and Love, Allen West and Michele Bachmann.
Rand Paul. Marco Rubio. Chris Christie. Michele Bachmann. Newt Gingrich. Rick Santorum. Doomed. They are all doomed ... It does not matter who RMoney picks - it'll *** off half of the Republicans anyway
When names are kicked around as to who would make a good running mate for former Gov. Mitt Romney, I can think of many great Americans for the job. Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, John Thune, Paul Ryan, Mike Rogers, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Darrell Issa, Louie G...
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