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Rand Paul

Randal Howard Rand Paul (born January 7, 1963) is the junior United States Senator for Kentucky.

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Rand Paul: The U.S. should not fund Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen
at the time, i was Conservatarian (Charles C. W. Cooke said Rand Paul is Conservatarian (difference Conservative)
Ron and Rand Paul: Now is the time to pass Audit the Fed
If U have time,Mr. President,Rand Paul can help u learn theConstitution means what it says
Thomas Massie another libertarian brother of Rand Paul is another thorn in Congress.
Our best Senator, Dr. Rand Paul making a lot of sense as usual.
At least Michael Savage, Ron & Rand Paul have questioned this 'FALSE FLAG' Not you! Your in lock step with WAR MONGERS!
Yes.I really really dislike Rand Paul's brand of politics.really dislike it
Difference; Rand Paul's opinion, right or wrongs, are based on his beliefs. McCain's are frm…
Rand Paul explains on Assad is "protecting 2 m Christians so it's not so easy to figure out who the bad guys here a…
I can handle Paul Ryan all day, no problem. I'd like to see Rand Paul lose his next electi…
Rand Paul is a moron I support our president and the action he took
So tired of Rand Paul whining about EVERYTHING!! I think he's probably a smart man but really do you have to oppose EVERYTHING??
Sen. Rand Paul releases statement on U.S. airstrikes on Syrian airbase
Did you see Rand Paul's​ hair today, his hairpiece is messed up, he needs to iron out his hair piece , looks like a dog on his head
Rand Paul could make the most brilliant point in world history and I'd miss it: All I can concentrate on is that awful wig he wears.
Rand Paul needs to read the Constitution! Stunned by his comments...👍🏻😎
Why did you allow Rand Paul talk absolute nonsense about war, and the constitution. When YOU know it was BS?? Disappointed
Rand Paul saying Trump wrong to bomb Syria. Can we vote him out please ? Can't get behind Trump on nothing. Show boater. Loves cameras
The more I listen to Rand Paul the more I ask myself. Where in *** did they find this guy? He i…
I wonder if Gary Johnson or Rand Paul would have launched the Hmmm.
Rand Paul just identified himself publicly as someone who doesn't understand the law or the Constitution.
Can Rand Paul just go away already? He clearly lacks the understanding and wisdom to see the world situation clearly!
Rand Paul, who played golf with POTUS last weekend, is not pleased that he did not seek Congressional authorization.
Rand Paul needs to shut up!! Normally I like the guy, but he's way off on his points today.
If I were Rand Paul's wife, as soon as he fell asleep, I would take a weedwacker to his hair
That's like strike 1000 why'tf he still batting ?!!
What in the *** is that thing on top of Rand Paul's head? It looks like a dead squirrel.
BREAKING: Neil Gorsuch confirmed as new Supreme Court Justice. Rand Paul casts 51st vote to confirm.
This x 100: on Syria, says US not attacked & needs congressional authorization to bomb
Someone needs to educate Rand Paul on the constitution! President Trump was right to kick Syria in the Azz last night! FU too Russia😤 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tell Rand Paul to shut up! Talk to POTUS in private. It's time to support USA, not undermine.
Rand Paul so wants to be president 😈
This is the problem with washington,,,Rand paul wants to have a discussion,,,sometimes action is required and the discussion can wait,,,
Rand Paul shut your mouth you are a doctor not a lawyer Thank God for President Trump
Rand Paul, your defination of war highly flawed. Your arrorgant unconstitution stance is wrong. 2003 resolution applies. Not war. Wise up.
Listening to Senator Rand Paul. Can't determine if he's just dumb or a moron or both
rand Paul needs to get with program or get back to his practice
Sen. Rand Paul: Syria, Trump and another unconstitutional rush to war
Rand Paul is a weak, hand-wringing weasel with no balls! If the gas was dropped on his family, he would be signing a different song!
Rand Paul you should join the United Nations. Useless so usless I Am so so Thank ful you did not win because u would have been so weak !
Rand Paul bashing POTUS saying he needed congress. Rubio yesterday saying opposite. You guys should do lunch. Talk…
Rand Paul is the 51st vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch as a justice on the Supreme Court.
If Rand Paul thinks this was "war", then he has obviously never seen "war". POTUS responds in 1 day, congress would take 1 year to say "ok"
Rand Paul should be a Democrat. He too, is so disgruntled about losing the Presidency, he h…
Rand Paul: no one in Congress cares about the constitution when it comes to war. what do u think could change that. RP: dif…
Rand Paul, voice of reason and peace. Vs. . John McCain, voice of madness and war. https:/…
I'm just about sick of Rand Paul, will be reconsidering my vote for him
Tell Rand Paul to suck it up butter cup.
Hey Rand Paul.We did not declare war!Good God!How stupid are you?Every other word out of your mouth is war.STFU!Please!
Rand Paul can sometimes be so right and most of the time be so WRong 😡
RAND PAUL: Another unconstitutional rush to war...
Rand Paul speaks with forked tongue.or he's just obnoxious...
Would love to see rand Paul kicked out of office😜
Rand Paul obviously does NOT know the US Constitution
Rand Paul didn't read the constitution
Shut the hall up Rand Paul. He doing Obama job
I live in Kentucky, home of Rand Paul, McConnell. Democrats (majority) have lost h…
Rand Paul said that Edward Snowden had done U S a service when he leaked CIA se…
oops Stephen Colbert explained unmasking, probable cause, and criminal conduct 2the American public - and shredded Rand Paul in the process.
The natives are getting restless but if Rand Paul can play some golf with Trump, that's positive as…
The irony in this is that during the election Rand Paul spoke against govt spying/overreach and…
Rand Paul has a major play here cause Trump probably promised him to repeal most of the surveillance Snowden told us about if he helps
Rand Paul praises Snowden "for doing the US a service." Leakers who exposed Trump, Micheal Flynn & Paul Manafort are not worthy of praise
Rand Paul must have drank Trumps koolaid on the golf course Sunday.
Rand Paul makes new health care pitch to Trump
Rand Paul: Top Obama adviser should testify about unmasking of Trump aides
Rand Paul offers backup to Trump on monitoring claims Snowden-lover, hysteric Rand Paul.
The Crypt Keeper disgusts me! I think him and Rand Paul are elect…
Per Trump, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan & company are coming for healthcare again. And they're back to going after esse…
Rand Paul isn't Justin Amash. He is not a true libertarian - only plays one on TV and the Internet to fool rubes.
Trump/Rand Paul golfed together today, which means we need to throwback to Trump's epic trash about Rand's golf game.
Rand Paul optimistic about Obamacare repeal after golfing with Trump
Trump hits the links with Rand Paul
Rand Paul golfs with ends round ‘optimistic’ of ObamaCare repeal and replace via
Amash, Massie and Rand Paul are true patriots. If Trump goes after them, he'll lose my support.
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Translation: Rand Paul clones Justin Amash, Massie will soon be on board with Trump plan. If Rand jumps, Amash, Massie follw
Everyone needs to be primaried. I'm sick of the monopoly. Rand Paul is not being held responsible for putting all...
Personally, I believe only a handful in congress aren't like that. Tulsi Gabbard for one, Rand Paul and Justin Amash.
I wonder if Rand Paul has ties to Russia via Snowden. Why would Russia stop with Trump&family&adm…
Rand Paul to appoint Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be head of FBI
U.S. Rep. Justin Amash is the only Palestinian-American in Congress. Similar in views to Sen. Rand Paul, a fiscal and social…
John Mc Cain, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham the faces of the new democratic party.
I'm a bigger fan of Austin Peterson (atheist) Rand Paul, and the like. They're politicians that speak against the system.
No, the Freedom Caucus is trying to run the WH. We voted for President Trump not Rand Paul; understand…
Actually Rand Paul's plan is much better than Ryan's. Nothing Is per…
I didnt back him in primary (Rand Paul then Ted Cruz where my picks) but in general couldnt vote for Hilary so kinda had to
yea you're right he should apologize to The Freedom Caucus and let Them and Rand Paul come up with healthcare Plan
This is incorrect and Rand Paul is bad
"It is VERY, VERY important that whoever leaked Flynn's phone call go to jail!" ~Rand Paul. This very important! ALL lea…
I don't see Rand Paul's name in there, he voted no I bet
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not sure Bolton can get confirmed by Senate. Rand Paul, for one, hates him.
Get rid of Paul Ryan and Restructure a new HealthCare Bill with Rand Paul and Conservatives Not the Democrats they hate you
Shouldn't lose sight of that or Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand produced *** with thoughts of taki…
I think that you should ditch Paul Ryan and meet with The Freedom Caucus and come to an agreement with them on Heal…
'We share a strong mutual admiration': details meeting with in Washington via
Rand Paul explains how Barack's Admin spied on Trump and his associates without technically "wiretapping" them.
Rand Paul: "the Freedom Caucus is doing what's best for America. They're very principled and honorable men"
Nobody knew! Tax stuff is really hard! And as Paul Rand knows... Hard stuff is hard!
."Not one word was said of how allowing Montenegro into NATO would advance our national security."
Put Rand Paul and Trey Gowdy in charge. That's how.
Sen. Rand Paul: I think there's a 70-75% chance we can still repeal and replace Obamacare
as only Ayn Rand would have it. ask weasel Paul Ryan and possum mcconnell
They need to get rid of Ryan and replace him with Rand Paul. Then they need to publish a list of R.A.T…
Intriguing lunch in hill office of America's best senator, Rand Paul. He's bold, brave and has somehow kept his heart in such a…
For all you "libertarians" out there. Rand Paul thinks subverting democracy is "nobel.". Have the ever even read the
So according to Rand Paul, Snowden and Clapper should share a jail cell but the WH leakers are whistle blowers McCain was right about Paul
John Mc Cain might be! I like Rand Paul and I think he would be trustworthy for Trump.I do t know who…
I hope Matt Drudge was there to apologize to Sen. Rand Paul. Prior to, and early in the primary run-up to 2008,...
Someone needs to explain to Rand Paul what McCarthyism actually is | Herman Cain via
You know who co-sponsored the legislation allowing Internet Service Providers to sell your web history? . Rand Paul. https:/…
Indiana is the home of mike pence the greatest legal mind since Mitch Daniels, Rand Paul and ...
The whole country is laughing today because Rand Paul joined Nancy and the dems to defeat this bill...better wake up folks...not a good day
RAND PAUL DIGS IN:. Sen. Rand Paul will meet with the entire House Freedom Caucus on eve of healthcare vote.
This from a former Rand Paul staffer RE:
As Donald Trump sinks over Russia scandal, Rand Paul skips town just to avoid meeting with him
Rand Paul is exactly right. Open up healthcare to competition. Like 37 million AARP members being able to buy group insurance.
Rand Paul introduces the most sweeping reform of civil asset forfeiture law in decades.
Rand Paul is absolutely right about McCain, it's time for him to retire.
Rand Paul escalates war with John McCain: 'Past his prime ... unhinged' via
406745 - On this week's edition of 'This Week With George Stephanopoulos,' Sen. Rand Paul discussed the preside...
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Rand Paul has an interesting solution to catch ‘deep state’ government leakers – TheBlaze
First McCain said Trump worked 4Russians, then Tillerson did, now👉 Rand Paul works for Putin. Wow! Putin is better job crea…
Rand Paul: Whoever leaked transcript of Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian ambassador should "go to jail."
Rand Paul hits Ryan from both sides: "You socialize the insurance company losses, but you privatize the billions of dollars th…
John McCain accuses Senator Rand Paul of working for Vladimir Putin
'The senator... is now working for Putin': John McCain slams Rand Paul for blocking from joining
Sen. John McCain says Republican colleague Rand Paul is "now working for Vladimir Putin" https:…
MUST WATCH: Direct Quote John McCain re Rand Paul "The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin"
You should be stripped of your title for saying Rand Paul is working for Russia! You insulted him on the floor!!!
Both are corrupt as far as I'm concerned. Few good ones—like Ron/Rand Paul, Sanders, Raúl Grijalva, Gary Johnson, etc
John McCain accused Rand Paul of 'working for Vladimir Putin' after anti-NATO move
Rand Paul is 100% correct, McCain needs to retire and stop dragging the US into more wars,The Warmongering Senators needs a nursing home..
Rand Paul is one of the smartest, most strategic, moral, conservative, qualified Senators in Congress. McCain shoul…
Senators Songbird McCain and Rand Paul are fighting amongst each other. Which should go?
Thank you Rand Paul for fighting that neocon McCain. ...I wish we had more patriotic senators like you. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
So John McCain can say Rand Paul is a traitor on the floor of the Senate, but Elizabeth Warren can't quote from letter about Jeff Sessions?
hope he likes Rand Paul's plan. Ry no care cannot depend on Dem votes for Phase 2 & 3
Hopefully, people are listening to Senator Tom Cotton and Rand Paul who are Truthful about
Seems weird McCain can say Rand Paul "is working for Putin" but Warren can't read Coretta Scott King's letter about Jeff Sessi…
John McCain is a true scumbag for suggesting that Rand Paul works for Vladimir Putin. is an absolut…
John McCain just claimed that Rand Paul is working for Vladimir Putin because he opposes Montenegro joining NATO. Seems…
President Trump:Listen to Tom Cotton, Rand Paul & Laura Ingram. We do not trust Paul Ryan
thank you for mentioning Ayn Rand devotee Paul Lyin Ryan
So if I talk to lots of people outside the US for work, the government can it?
I think McCain is actually being quite legit right now standing up to this Leninist B.S. Bannon is pushin'. Rand Paul A+
A key purpose of the 2008 FISA law is to allow the NSA to monitor Americans’ communications without a warrant.
Their watching. 1984 is now reality!
This article is just slight of hand and refutes an argument that wasn't being made.
Rand Paul is right: NSA routinely monitors Americans’ communications without... by via
As a DNI analyst at NTOC-H, I often read internet traffic to or from the US; no warrant needed. is right:
Here's what Rand Paul said on Face the Nation. He isn't making some broader point about warrants, he's leveling a very…
Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, etc. Is he really listening to conservatives or just trying to get them onboard Ryantrain
Rand Paul on Yemen: Are U.S. interventions doing more harm than good? Are we actually any safer?
Rand Paul's Obamacare abolition scheme versus Paul Ryan's partial rollback--I think I'll go with
Dana Loesch part of the original talked down to .Now tells Rand Paul not to talk down t…
Please Don't buy into Ryan's (Better Way) it will not do what you promised us. Look at Rand Paul's plan. Jim Cox. jnscox
Rand Paul introduces alternative to ‘Obamacare Lite’ bill that focuses on repeal via http…
Exclusive — Sen. Rand Paul on Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Lite: Speaker ‘Trying to Pull the Wool Over the Eyes of the...
I totally get what Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Jim Jordan are concerned about, but I also trust Paul Ryan. And…
You need a LOT more input. I'd like to hear what Rand Paul and Ben Carson say... why are illegals covered?
Rand Paul: My plan would legalize freedom, competition
Rand stands up to Trump on Obamacare
Probably to put pressure on Rand Paul about healthcare, those folks vote against their interes…
Rand smash! Sen Paul takes spineless GOP and RINOcare to task
let rand Paul handle Obama care r/r get it right and drain th er swamp
.snags interview w/ Rand Paul on AHCA: “I don’t feel isolated by this. I actually feel emboldened".
Donald Trump thinks he can convince Rand Paul on Republicans' Obamacare replacement. Here's how.…
Trump giving Ryan/Rand Paul their day to fight it out. Let's see what they come up with
Rand Paul should be listened to. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to Health Care especially.
This is one time I am betting Rand Paul will agree with me, not you, that your plan is a bigger disaster.
If Rand votes no, McConnell can only lose one more Republican and still repeal Obamacare.
I, and my brilliant mind know that Dr. Rand Paul is right, you are wrong... get up to speed Mr. President!
Rand Paul Reveals The Battle To Destroy Obamacare: Trump and Paul are on the same page when……
Yes. Ryan needs to go. Rand Paul plan is better.
Paul Ryan pushing his Ayn Rand world view onto everyone. A despicable little man.
CIA creates chilling effect on free speech...
1/2 it's the opposite Trump. You need to get on board with Rand Paul. Did Big Bank, Big Oil, and Big Pharma get
I'm an actual constituent rather than a paid *** Please fight for Rand Paul's plan.
Paul Ryan's idol Ayn Rand died using the social safety net after spending her life attacking it.
just saw they are throwing the credit at rand Paul
.declares the new GOP health care plan “dead on arrival”
Targeting Rand Paul instead of shoring up conservatives in the House, seems to be more about settling a personal score tha…
Mr president we only have once change to get this right please listen to rand Paul. We need to repeal and replace not just kick can
Dear Leader does not want Dear Leader demands Rand Paul support Trump's compromise half-measure weakness. C…
Louie glad to see you on fox!! You need to distance yourself from Rand Paul!! He's a drama queen!
Rand Paul and Jim Jordon are doing a good job speaking for us. Things will get tweaked and improved.
when will Rand Paul release his plan, some of his ideas could be incorporated but move FAST. No Time
Rand Paul won 84% of the vote in Leslie Co., KY. If ACA is repealed, 18% of population loses its health coverage.
. "I say countries who burn our flag gets this much financial support from the U.S. Zero!" -Senator Rand Paul.
THIS is the healthcare debate we never had before. THIS is the fight in the light of day we voted for. Negotiate!
I know *** is up with that. The former Governor of Kentucky said how good ACA is. Rand Paul & McConnell repeal.
I voted for Rand Paul's bill not Lite
Everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Rand Paul to Avik Roy to House conservatives to the American Hospital Assoc. hates GOP Obamacare replacement
It's already time to repeal and replace the GOP Obamacare repeal bill. Rand Paul was right.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
As a nurse I like the idea of being in association like Credit union for which I am a member of . Kind of agree with Rand Paul
Rand Paul might wanna hire Josh Gates to find that missing bill.
All Kentucky men should go to their barber and request the Rand Paul or Mitch McConnell special.
Get rid of Ryan and put in Rand Paul! FIRE all of Obama's sloppy seconds! They're the enemy.
Rand Paul’s Scavenger Hunt Continues - A new GOP alternative to ObamaCare is reportedly being hidden somewhere ...
Rand Paul: Tax breaks for the rich who don't need it to buy insurance: Yes, siree! To the poor who can't afford? No way!
'FIRST 100 DAYS': Paul — I didn't sign up to vote for 'ObamaCare lite'
"Has anyone seen the bill?" Sen. Rand Paul is still searching for the Obamacare replacement bill
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Bring Attention to the Need for a Free Market Repeal of ObamaCare
read on Rand Paul's scavenger hunt today
Rand Paul is making a big deal of nothing. Ryan said bill has to go thru ways and means and budget committees first.
Republicans are hiding an Obamacare bill somewhere and Democrats (and Rand Paul) are theatrically searching for it.
Rand Paul goes on the hunt for the House Obamacare bill in a "secure location"
If establishment weenie is fighting with reformer I know who I'm with. The guy from Kentucky http…
Rand Paul blasts House GOP for keeping ObamaCare bill in "secure location"
wrong Rand Paul made a spectacle of this today. Think he has an R by his name.
Rand Paul: Told to 'take it or leave it' on Obamacare strategy - Washington Times
Latest: Rand Paul on fixing Obamacare (full CNN interview)
Rand Paul is still looking for the House GOP's Obamacare repeal bill
Sen. Rand Paul Turned Away from 'Secret Office for the Secret Bill' Holding Text of Speaker Ryan's Ocare Rescue Bill
Rand Paul thinks you should know what's in the Obamacare replacement bill. Leadership doesn't
'Rand Paul' appeared on Thursday 2 at the 19th place in the Top20 of United States's Trends:
Let Sen. Rand Paul pout for 48 hours. He will be called when his input is necessary. Paul might be one of the 'Leakers'.
then let's get it done! And please give Rand Paul a copy so he can put up that stupid copier.
Trump is the president not you mr. Rand Paul so can you do your job and help your party get things done
Rand Paul: 'There’s a Lot of ObamaCare Lite' in House Obamacare Replacement Bill
Ask why your Congressperson isn't asking what Rand Paul is?. CBO score, hearings, markups, transparency. Or no vote.
Please bring Rand Paul in to the Health Care Issue- Paul Ryan is causing trouble!
Rand Paul is out there swinging hard! Thank you Rand Paul!
washdcnews: Rand Paul still searching for Obamacare replacement bill
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
New movie idea: "National Treasure: Republican Healthcare Bill" starring Nicolas Cage as Rand Paul.
Rand Paul is just upset because his Nick Cage in National Treasure impression looking for the secret Obamacare Bill…
Rand Paul just told Sean Hannity that Paul Ryan is trying to keep the Obamacare mandate in the repeal and replace bill
. Rand Paul is an equal opportunity thorn. He sued Obama several times. But, waiting for recess no fng way!!.
National Treasure VII: Affordable Care. Starring Nicolas Cage as Rand Paul. Coming to theaters in 2017
I would love to see Rand Paul and Nicolas Cage star in a movie searching for the GOP Healthcare Bill.
Is this thumbnail a picture of Rand Paul stealing the bill like Nicolas Cage stealing the Declaration of Independen…
Rand Paul promises to not stop his charade until all of Eastern Kentucky is dead
In the annals of absurdity, GOP hiding Ocare replacement bill in a locked room & then hiding it when Rand Paul tries to…
I like feisty Rand Paul. I wish he'd play "thorn in the side of the GOP" more often
Gonna need Nicolas Cage as Rand Paul for the next SNL.
What's the deal with Rand Paul? I mean if it's a corporation, why do you want Ryan? Who ARE these people?
GOP leadership says bill is still a work in progress as Rand Paul leads a public scavenger hunt to find a copy
I think a lot of people would love a Nicolas Cage turn as Rand Paul
Speaker Ryan will be replaced like Boehner. Rand Paul economic conserative. 😇🙏🙏
Sen. Rand Paul on Dreamers: "I think we can get you permits to stay and legalize" your immigration
Sen. Rand Paul: “We want to completely repeal Obamacare”
Rand Paul: Stop the "hysteria" on probe into Trump's ties with Russia
The dark and criminal Duggar family secret is about to become a problem for Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.🍕.
Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, and Rand Paul might just make a Republican out of me.
I stand with Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Austin Wade Petersen and all those who love Liberty!
Its about time Dr. Rand Paul, MD, acknowledges this essential fact. President D trumphs McCain and 16 other GOP co…
Oh, yeah? Try living with Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. You'd spend the entire jackpot on anti-depressants.
Rand Paul: 'We're very lucky John McCain's not in charge.' – The Real Strategy via He needs to go!
Rand Paul: "We're very lucky John McCain's not in charge."
A reminder that if you wrote in Rand Paul, you voted for a president endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan.
Rand Paul getting something right is as likely as the monkey with a computer stumbling on King Lear
Rand Paul on McCain’s Criticisms Of Trump: ‘We’re Very Lucky John McCain Is Not in Charge’
Rand Paul defends President Trump 'John McCain has been wrong on just ab... via
Rand Paul: U.S. is 'lucky John McCain's not in charge'
RanchoFarmahh- SENATOR SPAT Rand Paul: US is 'lucky McCain's not in charge'
Sen. Rand Paul lambasts John McCain: America is 'very lucky' Trump is president and not him
And Democrats aren't for open borders, that would be Libertarians (Ron and Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, etc).
Rand Paul rejects John Bolton to replace Michael Flynn: 'He still believes regime change was a good idea'
Rand Paul is a very intelligent man, it would be wise for POTUS an others listen to him
er...anyone but Rand Paul at this point
Rand Paul is sounding fair... keep it up.
"I would actually say we’ve done more in the last four weeks than we’ve done in the last six years.”. ~ Sen Rand Paul h…
we're luckier Rand Paul is not in charge
Rand Paul warns Trump: John Bolton is a bad choice to replace Flynn
MUST WATCH: Rand Paul defends Trump and slams John McCain, "we're very lucky John McCain's not in charge" ht…
VIDEO: Rand Paul RIPS John McCain: ’We’re very lucky John McCain’s not in charge’
Rand Paul: We're very lucky McCain's not in charge...
Rand Paul is absolutely right. Looking forward to some good oppo coming out on McCain. Buh bye.
Paul Ryan's beliefs come out of Ayn Rand and the Satanic Bible is based on Ayn Rand.
Rand Paul on John McCain: "“I would say John McCain’s been wrong on just about everything over the last four decades"
Both. I am an independent who was for Rand Paul, but Trump has me on immigration and tax reform.
I agree: McCain is not for America. Rand Paul is absolutely correct!
Even the GOP, Ryan, McConnell, Rand Paul, may soon realize we're on a road to disaster!
JUST IN: Rand Paul says leaks that brought down Michael Flynn threaten "free society"
I don't fear people like Laverne Cox or Jamie Clayton or Caitlin Jenner. I fear Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, & Paul Ryan.
Rand Paul: "It makes no sense" for Republicans to investigate Republicans via
They have no shame & don't care if we all know about it...
I think if Trump is successful and we get a Rand Paul type high in the polls he won't need to run again
Rand Paul is fighting to repeal original mandate. ->
As if anyone that's been watching this 3 week circus hadn't figured it out. .
Rand Paul pretty much spelled the entire Republican ideology: winning is what matters. Not the American people, country,…
It's just not corruption if you don't turn a blind eye, ya know?
real scandal is you and your cabinet. Add in Paul Ryan , rand, & rest of spineless GOP. They should DEMAND truth
Rand Paul or Paul Ryan the future of USA. Mark this as well. :)
Sen. Rand Paul left before it was over, having heard enough of a conversation that centers around keeping Obamacare
Today @ 1PM I'm holding a press conference w/ & members of the on Obamacare replacement
Your oath to defend the Constitution lasted a little more than a month! can only Talk like this when your constituents are the poorly EDUCATED.GAWD Kentucky…
So much for America First. Liberty and justice for all Republicans.
Rand Paul claims it would be "excessive" to investigate Trump administration over Russia ties http…
Him and Rand Paul must be best friends.
Rand Paul, holding a bloody knife: "Clearly he was stabbed. I think that situation has resolved itself. Investigating woul…
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