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Rammer Jammer

The University of Alabama is a school with many rich and spirited traditions. This article describes several of these traditions.

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Hidden gem: Rammer Jammer magazine - Harper Lee editor and contrib. of a satirical one-act play, Oct. 1946 - at.
I saw this article saying that Rammer Jammer is a vulgar cheer and Bama fans are "classless" to chant it.if y'all win u wouldn't hear it
Rammer Jammer yellowhammer had a great time with my baby girl in Tuscaloosa
Ya know, I've watched over 44 episodes of Hart of Dixie and not once have I seen anyone pay their bill at the Rammer Jammer.
Yes and I was mortified and disgusted! That is not w…
But my friends ring that bell in my ear the whole *** game so I love to sing Rammer Jammer to them.
Today's Rammer Jammer: Big Alabama football stories from over the weekend, and an update on Justin Thomas' Presiden…
Import Info: Tonight at Viper Rooms is going to be another Rammer Jammer. Over 500 Free Tickets…
If you can’t stay until 4th quarter, let alone Rammer Jammer, for an absolute beat down of an SEC team, you don’t deser…
Listened to the song... love the sentiment, but the echo effect in it is throwing off your deep, rich vo…
No kidding...who pee'd in Saban's Cheerios recently? Bama's been laying the Rammer Jam…
Me:Let’s go home, it’s 11:30 and we are winning 66-3. Wife:Not until we sing Rammer Jammer.
Stayed for Rammer Jammer and walked in the door at 2am.
Hey Rebels ! . Hey Rebels ! . Hey Rebels ! . We just beat the *** out of you! . Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer, . give 'em he…
Rammer Jammer after Alabama beat the *out of Ole Miss
Rammer Jammer after the Awwwburn game. This never gets old.
RAMMER JAMMER is on fire! 3 straight wins, number 4 ranking, coming from number 16. Playoffs bound.
Rammer Jammer for breakfast...: Hey, Auburn... I know it’s been past the 24-hour mark, but you know you want to…
It's Ramma Jamma. Not Rammer Jammer. When people see everything ending in "r" they deduct 💯 IQ points.
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out and then were silenced by the Rammer Jammer"
Straight out the bama rammer jammer no arm An hammer
So much Iron Bowl stuff, plus why the Lane to LSU theory is kinda dumb.
We have just finished adding The Rammer Jammer... to our catalogs! Take a look at it at
WATCH: Alabama players celebrate with fans as they sing Rammer Jammer after Iron Bowl win
Watch Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium celebrate win over Auburn with ‘Rammer Jammer’
The Rammer Jammer: Iron Bowl recaps and Lane Kiffin (probably) isn’t going to LSU
Watch Bryant-Denny explode in the loudest 'Rammer Jammer' of the year after beating Auburn
For the 92728 time, we do not need a video of Bama fans singing Rammer Jammer every single week... We get it
Rammer Jammer from my on field view after beating Auburn 30-12 in the Iron Bowl
Watch Bryant-Denny explode 'Rammer Jammer' after the 2016 Iron Bowl via
hey Stanhope, hey Stanhope, hey Stanhope .. I don't wanna fcking see you .. rammer jammer yellow hammer , you feel like *** Stanhope 😭
As much as Alabama beats LSU they should know the words to Rammer Jammer word for word by now
So every school has a version of Rammer Jammer now?
I prefer a good old national championship Rammer Jammer, but you're right, that's mellifluous
Rammer Jammer in Neyland? I can't compare bc I'll never step foot in that hellhole.
There are few things better in life than Rammer Jammer in Jordan-Hare.
I wish I could go to the rammer jammer for happy hour
We're gonna beat the *** out of you, Rammer Jammer, Yellow hammer, give'em *** Alabama🎶
Rammer jammer, yellow hammer, we're from Fairview, Alabama.
They needa have a Rammer Jammer in plant city
let's sue Alabama too, that stupid *** rammer jammer cheer is offensive to everyone.
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is the basis of the Rammer Jammer chant.
dreams are nice but the reality will be like a hammer in the head. A rammer jammer hammer! Ole Miss loses 38-14 in the Grove
I LOVE rammer jammer! To the people who don't: GET OVER IT!!!
I think this thread doesn't do much to debunk the idea of rammer jammer. It really hits it on the head..
Please ask about his brothers article about Bama singing rammer jammer.
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For example, Rammer Jammer. I know I'm not the only Barner who doesn't have a problem with it. Frankly, I think it's great.
sensibilities are offended by Rammer Jammer. Okie Dokie!
. And we have no class because of the Rammer Jammer? Look up other schools before you criticize Alabama.
I'm convinced UA-T could beat 0-12 UCF by one point and still chant Rammer Jammer.
Just read ur article on gridiron now. How butthurt do u have to be to take issue w/ rammer jammer. It's a harmless tradition...
Lol UA better not even think about banning Rammer Jammer. "Keep the cheer. Stop the profanities"? Lmao no bye
Excellent point. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thanks
LSU's "Neck" is worse than Bama's Rammer Jammer though 😒
Beating Alabama and not playing Reverse Rammer Jammer is a sin and I still don't feel comfortable about it.
I don't like the rammer jammer cheer. I wish Bama fans would stop using it. Just my opinion.
Now they are going after our 'Rammer Jammer'! Is Alabama’s ‘Rammer Jammer’ cheer acceptable in 2016? via
I don't understand people who get upset at Alabama's Rammer Jammer. If you don't want to hear it, then don't lose.
lol. Well, apparently the Clemson fans aren't happy with the Rammer Jammer.
R u kin to the John cubelic that wrote the article abt Rammer Jammer upsetting Clemson families?
Are you freaking kidding me?? Go to Mizzou if you are offended via SDS
if they ban rammer jammer I will officially lose it
I can say it. Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer beat the * out of Bammer!
Imagine that, an Aubie with a full diaper
Bama fans: everyone doesn't hate you because of your team's success on field, it's because of YOUR behavior off it
So this is the Auburn guy over the Rammer Jammer cheer because of its crassness? Pot, kettle, and such.
Bold. An Auburn grad doesn't like Rammer Jammer...oh so very bold.
This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. The butt hurt is real with this one. .
Dixieland Delight I can understand being banned, but there's literally nothing wrong with Rammer Jammer
I've never liked Rammer Jammer. But your fight song literally says the same thing. This argument doesn't make sense
Wonder if this fella sings Auburn's version of Rammer Jammer when they beat Alabama...
This is the epitome of why auburn is a joke institution .
I personally like how both Bodda and Getta are real words that make sense to yell loudly in unison unlike Rammer Jammer
I wish I could go to the Rammer Jammer right now! Missing
Since everyone hates "Rammer Jammer" DON'T be playing and singing it if you beat Bama! Because that is exactly what they do! I have seen it!
I think Rammer Jammer might be the best anthem in all of the land...
Leave rammer jammer alone imo. Also, don't make videos of Chris kyle sniping the band while they play it. Oh wait.
Former player makes the case against "Rammer Jammer" chant
I'm for it because LA Monroe, UCF, and LA Tech have gotten to reverse Rammer Jammer them.
I'm fine with Rammer Jammer because in 30 years Alabama will sing it to a D2 school during a 6-6 season and it will be hilarious.
Honestly I don't love or hate doing Rammer Jammer. I'm pretty whatever. But if it makes you mad? I really, really want to…
fans of my soccer team's rivals sing about being up to their knees in our blood so I'm not going to be mad about Rammer Jammer
jealousy level 30! Enjoy and sing Rammer Jammer way loud for me please!
you ready to hear Rammer Jammer tomorrow??
looking hard for a Rammer Jammer right now
I live in a neighborhood in Florida full of Gators flags. Saturday night I'm gonna ride through the hood blaring Rammer Jammer and honking.😂
Should me and stay and help Rammer Jammer win another natty or come to Georgia next week?
I do not want to hear stupid Alabama fans sing rammer jammer in my ear this weekend, treon needs to show up to play
the prettiest girls wear red and white, sing to rammer jammer and Sweet Home Alabama while chanting Roll Tide!!!
wanna win these tix so I can belt Rammer Jammer to my wife Shes a UF fan
I'm going to need you to leave me a VM with Rammer Jammer give 'em *** Alabama.
The System, Unbroken is kind of about sports but really good, I'm about to order Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer
And all the other cheers/regulars aren't dated? That was always my favorite to play when I was in it (besides Rammer Jammer 😉)
I'd like to hear this guy from Tasmania sing Rammer Jammer.
I saw and sing/explain Rammer Jammer on the posh streets of Princeton, New Jersey on the way to a Wawa.
. No way u can be such a boss and be a rammer jammer Bama fan. Well I still have much love and respect for u!
Rammer jammer yellow hammer thank goodness we're not bammers
This time next week I'll be at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas singing Rammer Jammer 🏈🐘
Hey Fletcher! We just beat the *** outta you! Rammer jammer yellowhammer give 'em *** Saints!!!
Got 30/30 playing the Word Ladder: Alabama Football quiz. Can you top that?
Photo: neon-gypsyx: RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER GIVE EM *** ALABAMA! watch out Notre Dame, the Crimson...
Yer gahtdamn right we did Roll Tide rammer jammer
aw miss you 😭❤️ The "Rammer Jammer" bar in that series is two blocks down from my apartment!
Bama Football is so close that I can faintly hear Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer . I'm not a patient person; but I have to wait.
I want to eat grits with Zoe Hart at the Rammer Jammer
In college, she wrote for the Rammer Jammer, a humor magazine at
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Watch New Yorkers rip a 'Rammer Jammer' at Alabama alumni SEC Championship viewing party: Bama did just that o...
Alabama fans sing Rammer Jammer at the Georgia Dome after the Crimson Tide's SEC Championship victory
Alabama fans singing "Rammer Jammer" in Bryant-Denny Stadium after beating Mississippi State
you have to listen to rammer jammer, yea Alabama, and glory to ole Georgia the whole night on repeat
》》》If you don't like Rammer Jammer. You probably just lost to BAMA...
i got one for you imagine Wade having baby Zade in one the baby carriers you strap to your chest while at the Rammer Jammer
also the cadence of Rammer Jammer was taken from Ole Miss' "Hotty Toddy" from a former
Funniest I've thing is a while is these AU fans tryin' to scream "Rammer Jammer". I know we're awesome but just stop.
Wait auburn sang rammer jammer lol what
Unless Auburn would like to dedicate their win to the University of Alabama, DON'T DO THE RAMMER JAMMER
“HEY Ole Miss, WE JUST BEAT THE *** OUTTA YOU!”yes, sing rammer jammer but it sounds better against you
So now some Barner fans are trying to use the Rammer Jammer after their "win"? Barners you aren't Bama and never will be…
Dear Bama fans,. If you ever win a game like that, please don't do the rammer jammer..
why did i hear a rammer jammer when Miss St won their game
Mississippi State chanting rammer jammer? That just puts fuel in the fire!!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I would blow there phone up with at least 100 "Roll Tide" texts. I'd leave a voice message singing rammer jammer too 😭
Ya know what Mississippi State you can sing rammer jammer to whoever you want bc it's gonna feel great to scream it at y'all in BDS so bye
I can't wait to sing Rammer Jammer during the Iron Bowl this year
Mississippi State is using Rammer Jammer? Are you freaking kidding me?
Kelvin Taylor, looking like daddy Fred, breaks off a 44-yard run. After fake field field, have found their ramme…
Tree down the street from my parents' house has two big yellowhammers living in it. Gonna name 'em Rammer and Jammer.
. Running works. Listen to Rammer Jammer as you run and you'll be all fired up when you get back. Lol
Im wearing a jersey and shaking pom pom in rythm w/ rammer jammer
I swear to god if you say rammer jammer as if it's an original Bama song I'm blocking you
My sister knows Rammer Jammer. I've done my job
Rammer Jammer. A threesome, typically in Eiffel Tower formation.
I've got the best girlfriend in the world. Rammer Jammer beer baby!
Bammers said this was classless. Yet, it's ok for them to sing "Rammer Jammer", because it's "tradition".
Happy birthday to my long lost rammer jammer bammer friend You feelin old yet? Miss ya buddy and our daily 🐘 curls
So did Bammer fans do their little Rammer Jammer: cheer last night? I couldn't hear them on TV.
rammer jammer yellow hammer give EM all *** alabama
I liked a video Terrence Cody Block, End of Game, and Rammer Jammer
These baked beans are a can't-miss tailgate dish no matter who you cheer for:
Good morning Alabama !! 54degrees hi today 85degrees, sunny! . JAMMER !!
rah, rah, rammer jammer, who's the best in Alabama?! PPS! What?! PPS
A bad rammer jammer from down in Alabama
I still got rammer jammer stuck in my head from the game
Really praying for the students at bama today, rammer jammer yellow hammer❤️ be safe today guys
and take him to Bryant Denny and scream Rammer Jammer at him to remind him that we beat the *** outta people
we seen Hart Of Dixie filming plus the Rammer Jammer lol. Just a bunch of different sets from different movies/TV shows
'Rammer Jammer' and 'Bodda Getta': Origins of the beloved-but-odd cheers at Alabama and Auburn:
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer! Blake Sims is the best QB in the SEC!!!
My daughter taught her whole class Rammer Jammer today! Alot of the parents are Gator fans so we'll be popular tomorrow! 👊😅
if you start practicing now, I'm sure you'll have Rammer Jammer down by November 😂
Alabama Football: Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Road Trip into the Heart of Fan Mania: What is it about sports that
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Thanks rammer jammer for a great weekend.
*** gonna walk to class in Reese-Phifer and hear the yoppa singing Rammer Jammer
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer go screw your cousins Alabama
So you think Rocky Top isn't? Looking forward to Rammer Jammer in the House of Neyland!
gator chop during Rammer Jammer in the piccolo video is everything!
I had such a great time being your last minute date at my first Bama game! Roll Tide! @ Rammer Jammer…
Singin Dixieland Delight & Rammer Jammer with thousands of other Bama fans are some of my favorite parts of being in Bryant Denny Stadium. 🅰
"RAMMER JAMMER" from the BAMA vs Florida Game... This Bama girl never gets tired of singing "Rammer Jammer" so very Loud and Proud... Great Game, Great Win!! BAMA definitely put the STOMP, STOMP on the Gators!! Roll Tide ROLL!!!
I once knew a man from Nantucket, couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.When he sang Rammer Jammer, give em *** Alabama, the Florida fans said
hey gators! we just beat the *** outta you! rammer jammer yellow hammer, give em *** .ALABAMA! 🐘❤️🏈
Still can't get over how awesome Dixieland Delight and Rammer Jammer were yesterday. Nothing like Bryant-Denny
Love hearing that at the end of the game! 😮 HEY GATOORS. WE JUST BEAT THE *** OUT OF YOU, RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER,…
Just saw a YouTube video of an Auburn version of Rammer Jammer after the 2010 Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa. Im not an Auburn fan but it was great
I firmly believe that in a year we will all be in Bryant Denny Stadium singing Rammer Jammer
In front of the TV on this rivalry Saturday! T-minus 12 minutes to one of the greatest games in College history... Lets go Iron Bowl! And with that said... Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer Give em *** ALABAMA
Can't believe this Miami Hurricanes fan is saying this: I'm pumped for the Iron Bowl. Football is king in Bama and with the No. 1 Tide and No. 4 Tigers vying for an SEC Championship berth and a shot at the national title, this promises to be a battle royal. I shouldn't take sides, especially after reported that you may have to pay a fare to ride the copyrighted Gus Bus. But I sure do like that "War *** Eagle" in the Auburn "Betta Getta" cheer featured in our Sunday newspapers. As for the Tide's "Rammer Jammer?" Yellow Hammer? The state bird? Really? Ok. Lets go with the real *** bird. War *** Eagle!
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Katherine Webb didn't even say Rammer Jammer last night.. Who are you? ✋
Hotty Totty was cool and all while a Bama player was down on the field, but the Rammer Jammer was a *** of a lot cooler when the entire Ole Miss team was down.
14 days until VT has to hear Rammer Jammer in the Georgia Dome. It always seems to echo louder there. Have fun.
Dave Hart started out with a failing grade for the simple fact that he came from Alabama. “Rammer Jammer yellowhammer give em an F”
*rammer jammer yella hammer Anna get your facts straight girl
Roll Tide whatever. Rammer jammer is the equivalent to what each school chants during the game and after
They're all annoying, but Rammer Jammer isn't even the main chant
Hail state may be more annoying than hotty toddy and rammer jammer... Gets under my skin.
What's up, YouTube? V Dogg here presenting "Alabama's Back", a hip hop song with three of my associates (and good friends) Sex Crazy, Da Empera, and Fattmann...
Rammer jammer. can't wait for football 🐘
I kno its not football season yet, but ion care im starting early... Roll Tide!!!
11 weeks until kick off... RAMMER JAMMER!
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Bud Anderson Heating & Cooling Hot Question of the Day: What would you most want for Father's Day - to beat Alabama in football or make the NCAA Tourney in basketball?
We just sang Rammer Jammer at orientation. And yes we used tigers
I DVR'd the NCAA National Championship Football Game... I decided to watch it again this morning and yes, the good guys still won... I will never git tired of Notre Dame getting their *** handed to em... Even if its the Auburn Tigers delivering the blows... Not so long ago, they thumbed their noses at "Southern Football".. Now they lick their wounds. All glory be to the SEC... Where real men strap it on an lay it down... RTR !!
I can't wait to be back in Bryant-Denny singing Sweet Home Alabama and Rammer Jammer!!
Rammer Jammer ringtone at full blast...expecting phone calls all day. I'm gon beat the *** out of everyone today. Carpe de Bama
Did I really just dream about my Tuskwear Rammer Jammer hoodie?
The rammer jammer would have destroyed both.
that's whatchu call a *** move! Something none of our current commits would do!! Rammer jammer, go to *** bammer! V,B
Just bought a Poker Table, 10 decks of cards and enough chips for 8 players for 12 bucks at a garage sale..Anybody up for some Texas Hold'em?
Yeah, so that confirmed tornado was 15 minutes from our house. Having grown up in Alabama, I learned to take "tornado warnings" pretty darn seriously, which is why I'm saying "Thank you, Jesus, that we're alright."
I've been ordered to watch True Blood...
I wanna see how many people I can get to buy Jake Cofer a beer for his birthday. If only it was the weekend. Happy birthday bro!
I've got MBF Syndrome! It hurts really bad! There's only one known cure for my ailment Missing Bama Football - 3 hours of Rammer Jammer Alabama Crimson Tide Roll Tide Roll Football. Looking forward to feeling better soon! Can I get a Roll Tide!
Roll Tide ROLL! Just going through my summer workouts! Looking forward to back-back-back NC! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer...
Tomorrow we throw another FREE rammer-jammer at Star Community Bar!...
Read an article that hipsters are driving up PBR prices. I'm a Rammer Jammer man, anyway.
No better way to start off my UA experience than singing Rammer Jammer with
Fun Karaoke tonight stating at 9pm at Rhythm & Brews with quarter Rammer Jammer beer. Limited amount get there early.
Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer... Get some quarter beer and come get hammered!!!
79 more days until we can sing Rammer Jammer ! Roll Tide Roll!
I saw two yellowhammers in my backyard this morning!
Well josh and I spent 2 days at Camp Wareagle or Camp Warhell as I like to call it! Auburn needs to work on this.tell me what I need to know, where I need to send the money and let's move on! I have never been dragged around to so many places and told the same thing over and over and over! Poor Josh seriously reconsidering his decision. I have never seen so many unhappy kids and parents on the second day! I hope this is not an indication of what the rest of his time is going to be like.
Finally got the ship out of space dock! U.S.S. Alabama has engaged the Borg! Roll Tide! (come on, what else could I name my ship?)
Two personal challenges has been added to my "look like a male stripper" plan. I will run 21 miles a week and including weekends. Also, the next challenge is abs by Disney, which I have 46 days to accomplish. I give all credit to my current accomplishments to the fitness club. If anyone would like to join the fitness club, we meet every night around 10:30 at the South Alabama track.
Lavon:"I will take u to the rammer jammer tonight to thank you" Zoe:"You take me to the rammer jammer almost every night"
What do you do when your cute little boy is looking high and low for his orange hammer, which you threw away yesterday while cleaning up/editing his room?!?
Can't sleep,so much on my mind wow just wow
Kaitlyn is chanting Rammer Jammer in her sleep. LOL Guess she's ready for football season!! That's my girl.
Just to let everyone know I bleed Crimson.. ROLLL TIDEE BABY
I wanna go to the Rammer Jammer lol
I'd love to go to the Rammer Jammer idek
had an awesome time with friends, family, and red dirt music. We had an awesome sunday morning full of grace in Alma, Arkansas. I even met the next Miss Illinois(; man I loved this last weekend. RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER, Roll Tide!
Lemon giving people table manners at the Rammer Jammer. Hilarious!
"Rammer Jammer purchased for holiday reading!" you won't be disappointed.
Rammer Jammer purchased for holiday reading!
I'm with Nat. Buttercup Bakery for breakfast and Rammer Jammer for lunch, dinner, drinks, gigs
I am thinking if I paint yardage lines and hash marks in the grass in my back yard I would enjoy cutting it much more...
Neither have I. Rammer Jammer, Sweet Home Alabama someone is trying to get in touch with you
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer is about NFL fandom: a bit different, but really interesting
Ok here's my review on warm bodys. slightly boring in the beginning but I liked it... The concept was original and I've never seen a love story that involves zombies,I recommend it. just made me wish I had a lady friend to enjoy it with Z-MAN
We've left Connecticut. We're goin to the Rammer Jammer Michele.
I hate lemon and also that Asian chick who works in rammer jammer
Apparently I'm on a mission to see how many cheeseburgers and doughnuts I can eat this weekend. I'm doing really well so far!
Just thinking of those two words that can only be done justice by Eli Gold. Touchdown, Alabama!
its all coming into view.can't wait til next week!! found a fixer upper to work on!!! yay!! lock stock and barrel! My first car of my own!!! yea buddy no parents ... no loans... no payments---just hard work with my auto mechanics mentor and a willing spirit lol now to purchase my dickie coveralls!!! good week!! clouds may cover but our lady shines bright like the Sun!
So fans? This name *BGjust isn't doing it for me! So, I am gonna let y'all pick me a name! So get ready an Go! *BG
Despite their best efforts at brainwashing and mind control, I have survived the first day of orientation at Auburn without ever saying W.. E. I did get caught once by a lady humming Rammer Jammer. She didn't look too pleased with me.
Just wanted to say I have 2 of the most beautiful, energetic girls on this earth and if any old M-F'R wants to say the opposite.well please step up to the plate!!! This is my venting rather than telling them something personally!
Let me hear the best battle cry in college football!!! Chris
Gyal Dem, u lot are more than welcome to wear Bikini's to FLAVA On Monday! Its gonna be Rammer Jammer and the Weather is gonna be Hot Hot Hot - ISSMAD
Having the most savage amount of jokes lol
I got into the nursing assistant program for the fall yay!!
The Bravos have pulled out the ole broom vs one of those Top 3 NL Central squads. Reds/Cardinals you are very welcome. Teheran was dealing today, excellent game. In other news - what the heck is going on with Bama basketball program? 3 charged in kidnapping of a 6 year old girl? Rammer Jammer yellow hammer, another Bamer in the Slammer
Stop and I struck again hunting for Rammer Jammer beer for you, Derek Butler! Who is your fav sister-in-law? Better be me!
In Alabama, where they Roll Tide and War Eagle with Elephants and Tigers. Georgia seems to make so much sense now!
My sweet nephews quilt is done. Hope he likes Alabama as much as his momma does. 󾌵
Can I get a RMFT from my Bama fans. cant wait for SEC football in 88 days
Floyd Mayweather just bet 6 million on the Heat! I hope he looses like he lost the 3.5 million on Michigan when they played Bama!
OK-I have now heard every Auburn sideline cheer. I am trying to figure out this AU thing. I need a question answered? is it "boda geta" or "body geta"? Don't google. answer from your heart? If you don't know what I am talking about never mind, you are not a true AU fan!
Well me and step dad can't agree on a name I like rebel but he don't because he thinks its ol miss grrr
Tough weekeend... I for got to pass along a big Roll Tide to Alabama's men's golf team Champions ...RAMMER JAMMER!
Would Rammer Jammer be appropriate for a Golf National Title??? Naw, but a big "Roll Tide!" would be.
Come on people, help get my views higher. Auburn gets the Rammer Jammer 2012 Iron Bowl.
Thank you Crimson Tide!!! Thank you Coach Grant and staff...Rammer Jammer.
It's a Rammer Jammer morning on the Gulf Coast! RFTR!
Ms. Speer. We need to learn how to play Rammer Jammer for pep band!!
The last play and Rammer Jammer after Alabama capped off a 42-14 win over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the BCS National Championship Game.
It's a long way from Mike DumBo and Mike Shula to where we've arrived. All the dep valleys were worth the HILLTOP(s)! Roll Tide Roll!!! Rammer Jammer!!!
My nails have been painted crimson red and my Rammer Jammer shirt is ready to be put on tomorrow night. Gonna be a long day until 7:30 pm.Roll Tide ROLL!!
I'd be down with Kirby Smart. He's got a ton of recruiting connections. Even though he loves Rammer Jammer
Alabama fans celebrate their 49-0 victory over Auburn with the Rammer Jammer cheer.
Rammer Jammer at the 2012 Iron Bowl! Bama defeats Auburn 49-0!
Rammer Jammer and more after Alabama's 49-0 win over Auburn.
Well another regular season has ended with the opportunity on a National Championship game. What a year, I met Johnny Football and saw and heard Rammer Jammer at the Auburn game ( indicating a lose for those not accustomed to the chant). The oly thing that could have topped it of is if Ella had delivers my new grandson at the game. What bragging rights could have been mine knowing that as my newest grandson entered the world we were winning 49 to 0.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Final play and Rammer Jammer cheer following Alabama's 21-17 win over LSU in Baton Rouge.
Tonight will EASILY go down as 2012's most memorable college football moment. The people of Tuscaloosa LITERALLY ran screaming from their apartments screaming, kissing, hugging, carrying and cheering with each other the Rammer Jammer as well as a Roll Tide chant. This is truly the greatest city for be a part of. Roll Tide Y'all. See ya in the national championship.
I enjoy getting flicked off all day and being booed so loudly during halftime that I could barely hear the band play. I hope Death Valley liked Rammer Jammer. After all, you deserved it ;)
Rammer Jammer in neyland stadium was awesome!! People cannot even begin to fathom just how happy I am that Peyton manning was able to witness that this evening! Roll Tide :)
My favorite part of an Alabama football game is in two parts: The Win & the Rammer Jammer! :)
Get ready to hear Rammer Jammer in Bryant Denny North.
Alabama's first real test this season will be tomorrow against the vile Vols in Knoxville. Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer. Roll Tide.
Well the 3rd Saturday of October is tomorrow which means Alabama/Tennessee and that should be enough to get me through this Friday! Should be singing Rammer Jammer all night on Rocky Top! Roll Tide!
I have Trooper Taylor's cell phone number. Guess who is getting the first Rammer Jammer voicemail after the Iron Bowl?
You're going to be able to hear Rammer Jammer in Jefferson City next Saturday night!
Alabama 21 Missouri 0 Yeldon goes in behind Jesse Williams for the TD Roll Tide. Rammer Jammer. Rain Rain Don't go away--Alabama wants to play.
So proud of my husband, Dennis, for sharing his love of Alabama football with newbie, Dillion our 12 year old neighbor. They had a great time when leaving the Bear Bryant Musem they saw AJ McCarron and TJ Fluker. Enjoyed tailgating on the Quad with friends, Raymond and Michelle. Watching the band and onto the game. At the end of the game they joined loyal Bama fans singing Rammer Jammer. RTR
It's not red. It's crimson. We are the Crimson Tide. Our mascot is an elephant. There's no place like Tuscaloosa on game day. Bryant-Denny Stadium has no equal. Fall or spring, its always a big game when Bama plays. We play Rammer Jammer when we win. We play it alot. We don't live in the past. It's just that our past is better than yours. So set the records straight... THIS IS ALABAMA FOOTBALL!
Taking our 11 year old neighbor to his first college football game tomorrow. He's already an Alabama fan, but hasn't experienced Tuscaloosa on game day. On a beautiful fall day, sandwiches at Jimmy John's, The Strip, Bear Bryant Museum, the quad, Denny Chimes, walk of champions, Million Dollar Band marching into Bryant-Denny Stadium, Sweet Home Alabama, elephant stomp, yelling Roll Tide Roll with 100,000 fans and, of course, Rammer Jammer are on the agenda. Like when I took our kids to their first game, I can't wait to see his reaction and I know it will leave an impression.
Raw video of Alabama's postgame celebration at the 2011 Iron Bowl with a 42-14 victory over Auburn. Rammer Jammer, CBS interview with Coach Saban and player ...
Storming so the beach is going to have to wait..need to catch up on my BAMA football n SEC news..Roll Tide! Also need to practice the fight song n the Rammer Jammer song BAMA!
for more Alabama coverage. See Cam Newton and the rest of the Auburn Tigers mock Rammer Jammer after the 28-27 Iron Bowl victory ov...
Gotta order my Stadium Seats from Tide Pride today Am flying home for 3 GAMES Rammer Jammer can not wait to see national champs BAMA play football
Rammer Jammer, that boy just hit his first Grand Slammer. Florida State 8-0.
Man if u live in ttown u got to go to Rammer Jammer and get the famous All-American Omlet! RT
Hey, Chris! How about chorus of Rammer Jammer WHEN Bama beats Vols today, to drown out hideous Rocky Top? WOO!
WHEN beats today, hope fans break out Rammer Jammer chorus, to drown out hideous Minnie Pearl version of Rocky Top. WOO!!
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