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Ramada Inn

Ramada is a hotel chain owned and operated by Wyndham Worldwide.

Neil Young Gift Show Conference Center Concealed Carry

Fire at Ramada Inn in Lexington: More than a dozen fire units from the Lexington Fire…
Fire reported at the Ramada Inn on North Broadway in Lexington late Wednesday night.
Working Structure Fire: 2143 N. Broadway (Ramada Inn). Companies arriving on scene. 2 lines laid. 3rd due to lay a back-up.
it honestly depends. We've stayed at the ramada, the days inn and the travelodge on harbor depending on what's cheaper lol
Slept in and ate breakfast. Time to go! (@ Ramada Inn in Tukwila, WA)
Sponsor Announcement. Ramada Inn. Rooms for only $89.00 plus tax!. Simply call Alpha Patel and mention you need a...
The Lawndale Station on the Fox Chase has become a Ramada Inn for some. People sleeping, smoking, relieving themselves. SMH
A key to Room 131 at a Ramada Inn, a full unopened bottle of Advil & 60 cents. I really should clean out the silverware drawer more often.
A woman once told me she spoke to Jesus on a pay phone at the Ramada Inn.
anyone wanna stay at the Ramada Inn for half off Aug 16-20th 😅
We are demolishing a Ramada Inn in Huntsville, AL to make way for a new Rooms To Go!
Just talked to a resident about rent increases & not knowing why. A meeting is happening tomorrow at the Ramada Inn
From Storm Lake Lake, IA, Dean Carrington will be flying "Country Charm Expeditions". Dean's sponsor is Ramada Inn.
. I respect Ichiro... I remember I got my 3,000th hit in a Ramada Inn!. S// Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain .
This sunday we are back at the Ramada Inn in Bordentown NJ.
Minivan bursts into flames overnight outside Ramada Inn. reports:
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
CAR FIRE: The Ramada Inn in Yonkers was partially evacuated due to car fire overnight.
Car in flames at Ramada Inn in Hear from car owner and night manager
I just checked in at Ramada Inn with Download today!
This is why we always pack a power bar. @ Ramada Inn
we need to have a con in Bishopville SC at a Ramada Inn
Super B-Day to Bob Horner, seen here reflecting on that fine piece of *** he picked up at the Ramada Inn in Houston. ht…
nicest most reasonable hotel I know of in Weho is the Ramada Inn on Santa Monica Blvd--others are quite unreasonable lol
If you prefer The Overlook Hotel to the Ramada Inn, you're probably a Horror fan!
Violent Robberies of La Quinta Inn and Ramada Inn on Dallas Caught on Camera
Seal team6 video was the Kurds vs isil not Isis Errol cuz Ramada inn Iraq not Syria
Planning a successful meeting is easier with these tips. Read more here
Always save the date as early as possible for a holiday party! Find more tips here
Don't stay at the Ramada Inn near the airport if it still exists.
I would happy if they took out 7 at the Ramada Inn
Had a great time at the First Bordentown Spiritualists Psychic Fair and Gift Show at the Ramada Inn yesterday.
My date to semi formal looked more than just semi good 😏 @ Ramada Inn
Housekeeping needed in at RAMADA INN WHITE SPOT ABBOTSFORD. Apply now!
Gavin looks like he should be working behind the desk at a Ramada inn with that outfit.
I hope no one with a speech impediment says Ramada Inn around you.
So many memories of wrestling camps at this ramada inn
I also teach how 2 flip houses for a healthy profit. See u at the Ramada Inn banquet room. My seminar is next door to the smoking hypnotist
Me and he. Cleaned up and ready to gala with @ Ramada Inn & Suites…
Going to the Burlington NJ Spiritualists Psychic Far and Gift Show at the Ramada Inn, Burlington NJ this morning.
Sunday, December 6th at the Ramada Inn Convention Center from 1-5 PM let help you…
Apollo has a show on 12/26/2015 at 07:00 PM @ The Ramada Inn in Philadelphia, PA
Having a blast with Horse Crazy People at Horse Crazy Market Ramada Inn MOA
It's time you knew: there is no Ramada Inn in Crooked Path. That's my barn out back. I had it made up special for our shows.
Exciting: Crooked Path Ramada Inn has extended A Very Duchess Christmas! Look for me 'n on "Baby It's Cold Outside."
Currently worried about falling prey to the fate of and ending up at the Ramada Inn, overall outlook is bleak
The big Thursday night party happens at Rainmakers Bar & Grill inside the Ramada Inn in Saginaw TONIGHT! NO COVER...
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Are you the one who put us in that Ramada Inn in Milwaukee?
We were able to confirm the Wood River Restaurant & Bar on Colfax & Marion (inside the Ramada Inn) for our...
Come by the Ramada Inn Kinsgway tomorrow to celebrate and hear some great presentations at Pecha Kucha!
nothing. the Ramada Inn in Ocala needs new carpets, and someone has gotta pay for that (Hal)
Luzerne / Hazle Twp / Rt. 309 in front of the Ramada Inn / MVA with Minor Injury, Vehicle Still in the Roadway / 7:58
Demolition of the Ramada Inn is moving quickly.
.Why is this a picture of a Ramada Inn in Bloomington, Minnesota?
New Black Panther Party leader to speak at Ramada Inn, West Palm Beach, FL.
ahh I wish man. Me and my buddies got a room at the Ramada Inn down the street from The Fillmore
The Paintsville Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Dinner will be held tonight at the Ramada Inn in Paintsville at...
"She Ioves him so, she does what she has to He Ioves her so, he does what he needs to -- NeiI Young, Ramada Inn (new song!)"
Opie's Tackle Box is reunited! Tonight around 8, listen to Jason Brauner and friends at the Ramada Inn on Bluegrass Parkway.
- Back at "Sweet Home Alabama" Good luck. I met you in Carlsbad at the Ramada Inn. I am on old gamecock who lives in Palm Sprngs
It's here and I'm so excited.Denim to Diamonds tonight at the Ramada Inn and Convention Center.cocktails,...
Ramada Lighthouse Inn South Haven is one of the best budget in whole
Welcome your business HQ address been updated …Metairie, US-LA Check here:
I applied at the movies, footlocker, H-E-B, Chili's, Lids and at Ramada Inn. Someone better call, I need a *** job
My brothers having a party at the Ramada Inn , lmk if u wanna come thru
Working at Ramada Inn 72nd and Grover . Let it Bleed Blood Drive till 6:00pm we have food,shirts and prizes.
Definition of hitting rock bottom: Being smashed in the face with a plate of sauerkraut at a Ramada Inn in Sarasota
at the Ramada inn on lynhurst I do house keeping
We made it to Texas! Wait, we weren't trying to go to Texas. Thanks Ramada Inn for the last minute…
The ramada inn has mad comfy beds, but this is the first night in five months that and I have slept apart.
And every morning comes the sun, they both rise into the day, holding on to what they've done. -- Neil Young, Ramada Inn (new song!)
GERMAN WARFARE. While arguing with his GIRLFRIEND at the RAMADA INN in Sarasota, Florida, a jerk hit her in the...
Need THE best while staying in Ramada Inn Downtown Topeka is your choice!
Or maybe it's because my professor dresses like she works at the Ramada Inn.
if you'd like to help make my dreams come true and not my nightmares.. Tonight I am staying at the Ramada inn in Kittery and take cash etc..
Ramada Inn Bowling Green (Kentucky) is one of the best budget in whole
Livin' In Liverpool: Hampton Inn to be built in place of Ramada Inn on Buckley Road.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Anyone stayed at the Ramada Inn on Army Post?? Any good???
I'd stay at the ramada or the premier inn at Belgrade plaza. Ramada was better though.
Ramada Inn Marquette is one of the best budget in whole
there is the Ramada across the roundabout near the rink and a couple of Premiere Inn not too far either.
Pictures just don't cut it. 🌿 love it here💕. We stayed at Ramada Inn in Calgary for the night, now…
Ramada Inn San Luis Obispo is one of the best budget in whole
maybe it is time for a Ramada Inn or a trump hotel
I've stayed at Ramada and Holiday Inn Express with dog over 70lbs.
Day 1 of construction at the Ramada Inn Airdrie.
Saturday August 29th 2015 at the Ramada Inn in Fishkill we will be making our Official debut at the…
First Friday Art Walk at 1:00 Holiday Conference Room, 620 SE Madison (the building south of the Ramada Inn), the...
Other close hotels have rooms available including the Ramada, the Quality Inn and the Sheraton, all within walking distance of the con.
We have 2 tickets to the Fire Fighters Comedy Show, "Night of Laughs," at the Ramada Inn this Friday night!. Post...
& I checked in at the Ramada Inn with the guitar shaped pool. Will be online for the
Location TBA (either the Ramada or Kings Inn on Route 46) Bring whatever will get you LIT 😈
Does this look like a Days Inn or Ramada in Niagara Falls that you pay over $230/room? CAREFUL! thinks so!
Throwing our own party at the Ramada inn because we're those people
Bud Mayer has a show on 08/20/2015 at 06:00 PM @ Ramada Inn Tent Series in Getzville, NY
Drove by my college years place of employment. Still doesn't seem right that the Holiday Inn Holidome is now a Ramada.
Our hotel deal of the day is Ramada Inn & Suites Glenwood Springs located in Book it today:
Need THE best while staying in Ramada Inn Ruidoso Downs is your choice!
Ramada Inn Saint Joseph (Missouri) is one of the best budget in whole
At Ramada Inn today I had the pleasure and honor to meet and talk with Ricky Jackson. Great person…
Somebody come see me at the ramada inn 😞😞
Check out a few of my photos from the Ramada Inn Family and Friends Day held in on Saturday.
here man, I've got all varieties of tea bags at mine - courtesy of Novotel, Ramada, Park Inn, Hilton, Holiday Inn etc!
That scene on where she runs to Ramada Inn all beat up with no money and asks for a room and he gives it to her 😢😢
Visiting Burlington for the weekend? Enjoy dinner & drinks at 40West Grille & Bar tonight, located in the Ramada Inn!
Thank you Ramada Inn for your generous donation to the Make-A-Wish Roll-N-Ride!
Need THE best while staying in Ramada Inn and Suites Newport Beach Costa Mesa is your choice!
Ramada Inn & Plaza Harbor West Sacramento is one of the best budget in whole
I really can't be that mad bc I legit had the best week of my life but frick I'm staying in a gross ramada inn
I'm in a Ramada Inn in Roanoke, Va watching Pitbull and PooPoo..what a joke this show is!! Almost as bad as
Not distracted from studying one bit... 😁 @ Ramada Inn & Suites SeaTac, WA
Their natural habitat is a Dodge Caravan in the parking lot of a Ramada Inn
Taking Applications TODAY at 2pm and 3:30pm (Ramada Inn on Skyland): ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS ...
The host hotel is at the Ramada Inn Geneva Lake front 41 Lakefront drive Geneva NY
i read that as Ramada Inn, and i thought they paid you to promote them..
So quiet during my stay at Baymont Inn & Suites Roseville, MI. And and have been serving me well for years.
Just saw that there's karaoke at my hotel bar tonight. . Be at the Ramada Inn at Bowling Green, Kentucky if you want to see a show tonight.
That is an old banner. The event is now being held at the Ramada Inn in Fishkill, NY. :-)
I'm booking a Ramada Inn about 8 miles from the start, maybe a meal the night before?? 😉
We are getting ready for the Hudson Valley Paracon, starting in just 4 days from now, at the Ramada Inn in...
Bike night with my Sistaz of Chaos. We turnt up last night. @ Ramada Inn…
It wasn't literally Inna 8, but it was at the holiday inn hotel lot & you know the ramada the holiday in now by the 8
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Swallowing a klonopin while I'm nodding in and out on the ottoman, at the Ramada Inn
This Saturday, June 27th, a local guy is holding an MKX & Smash tourney in Hagerstown, MD at the Ramada Inn.
I liked a video from Urban Exploration: Abandoned Ramada Inn Complex
this $169 Ramada room isn't as nice as the $79 Comfort Inn room I stayed at 2 days ago, and they charge $10 for breakfast
we're staying at the Ramada Inn and Jack thought the Ramadan snapchat filter was for the hotel lol
attendees, if you need a last minute room, I have one at Ramada Inn Cockeysville from 5/22 through 5/25. Cost is $197.
this ones closer but we have to pay right now!! I'm like skint 😭😭
Inn of the dove , ramada , or residence Inn for Saturday ?
top rated web-wide Ramada Inn and Suites Carlsbad near Legoland customer choice
The arm of the sofa which once had what you would call a twin in the local Ramada Inn so it's always been Sunday that as far as I could see
So me and my husband had to send it up at the Ramada Inn.
.is renting out the Ramada Inn for us.
We telling jokes tonight at 8pm. Jacksonville Comedyzone inside the Ramada Inn on San Jose Blvd. Free…
on sunday we r at Ramada Inn in Bordentown NJ.
One to get you through the day. You won't regret it. Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Ramada Inn (Official Video)
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hey you were really good last weekend at the Ramada Inn .
appears to be on sidewalk/grassy area off Superior Ave in front of Ramada Inn. Saw someone sitting in cuffs.
Per Police Activity at the Ramada Inn on 17th St in Avoid area
Costa Mesa PD swarming the Ramada Inn off 17th st and making an arrest on the sidewalk
They threw me out the ramada inn, I said it wasn't me I got a twin. Omg it's you! Not again!
I worked in advertising. Before that-Bellhop for a Ramada Inn
The in-room coffee here is...okay, but I bring my own. @ Ramada Inn…
The guy smells like Ramada Inn carpet shampoo with a hint of
Will Marriott & Comfort Inn disappear with Armageddon, and Only Hilton, Quality Inn, Clarion, and Ramada, remain open to 666 Diners club.
Ramada, Premier Inn, Arden, Ibis. Look for anything close to the NEC🐾
Tonight located inside Ramada Inn Allentown Read more here:
Last year, I said I had discovered that Kurt Vonnegut is alive and working as a night clerk at a Ramada Inn in...
JB and I play in Ligonier this evening at The Bistro in Ramada Inn from 8-11pm! Swing on out!!
This is my last concert at the ramada inn...
Man shot at Ramada Inn Hotel parking lot in West Palm Beach
Ramada Inn Panama City (Florida) is one of the best budget in whole
First time in Junction in probably 20 years. (@ Ramada Inn Grand Junction in Grand Junction, CO)
Kearney Ramada Inn has politely asked me to leave their establishment on 3 separate occasions...let's see what they say tonight
I finally learn to pronounce it correctly and they want to tear it down. Ra-ma-da. . Former Ramada Inn
Playing a show in Laurel, MS at 8:00 PM today at Ramada Inn Hotel & Convention Center
Remember.Tupperware Bingo Tonight at the Ramada Inn Reno, NV.Be there be. Raffles...galore.
Wow! Big changes at Timmins Inn & Suites (soon to be Ramada Inn) Check out new 1800 Restaurant and Lounge
The highlight of my vacation was going to Walmart to buy goggles so I could find my son's retainer at the bottom of the Ra…
So someone at NAMM got ahold of my debit card info when I used it somewhere there. They paid for their stay at a Ramada Inn with it. I'm glad I get those 'alerts' on my phone when it's a big transaction. I had to deal with canceling my card, going to the bank, getting the money put back in my account and getting a new debit card. It's been a fun morning. Chase bank made it very easy, but I'd still like to find the *** that used my card info.
I will be here today selling LPs and DVDs. MUSIC LUST. Ramada Inn, 3 Watervliet Avenue Albany, NY 12206. $3 Admission. 10AM-5PM.
Here is a List of Jobs for the Wytheville and Max Meadows, Virginia Areas in Case Someone Lives Closer to There and Would Be Interested: Sales Person for Utz Quality Foods Inc. in Wytheville. Deli Team Member for Pilot Flying J in Wytheville. Retail Cashier for Love's Travel Shop in Max Meadows. Stocker Frozen Food and Dairy at Dollar Tree in Wytheville. Janitorial, Gift Shop Workers and Cooks for *** Barrel in Wytheville. Housekeeper at Motel 6 in Wytheville. Cook, Maintenance, Cashier, Wait Staff for I-81 Travel Plaza in Max Meadows. Hostess and Dishwasher for Denny's in Wytheville. Cashier and Dayshift Maintenance at Walmart in Wytheville. Stocker, Meat Helper, Casher for Super Dollar in Wytheville. Sales Assistant for Food Lion in Wytheville. Team Member at KFC in Wytheville. Housekeeper for MBJM Corporation in Wytheville. Breakfast Attendant and Housekeeper for Ramada Inn in Wytheville. In-Store Associate for Papa Johns in Wytheville. Server and Cook for Bob Evans in Wytheville. Customer Service ...
I love these old decanters. Made by Regal. 1975 and 1976. Ramada Inn in great shape $20, the red mile greyhound Regal decanter $20, and Indianapolis Indiana Regal Decanter $20. Great shape and nice add to collection. Cross posted, meet at sheetz in Archdale.
OPENING NIGHT! Please join me on my opening night at the BEND Pub & Grill. It's the old Ramada Inn, where I used to play in the 80's.long time ago. Now, I'm playing this Thursday night Nov.l 13th. 6;30 to 9:30 PM.The sign out front will say Waterford Estate, the dinning & bar is called the Bend Pub & Grill. Lets pack the place on my first night, hope to see you there, Thanks, Bryan.
Is anyone iso any sports cards? I have thousands and thousands of cards ..mostly baseball and football..some are very unique and rare example is a Vintage 1982 Philadelphia Phillies Pete & Re-Pete Rose Baseball Card, Fleer 640 Pete Rose and autographed and one not...autographed 3/11/1990 Dubois PA at the Ramada Inn also shown is a 1964 Topps Pete Rose Rookie card
Ramada Inn evacuated after cigarette fire Posted on November 8, 2014 by Editor in Cornwall, News // 0 Comments Firefighters were called to Ramada Cornwall just after 6 p.m. Saturday Nov. 8 after a suspected cigarette fire. (Cornwall Newswatch) CORNWALL – Scores of people at Ramada Cornwall were forc…
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Here's EP's Thanksgiving weekend sale info. We'll be open Fri and Sat after Thanksgiving. We will also be at the Ramada Inn in KDH that Sat for OB Entrepreneur's Holiday Gala. Lots of lovely gift items will be available at both locations. Now, back to the sale! Weaving classes are reduced from $65 to $50. Sale shoppers can purchase a class gift certificate at the reduced price and schedule their class Mon - Fri until June 1, 2015. A great winter day activity, a great stocking stuffer or gift for a special, hard to buy for person on your list. We will have the gift certificates at the Ramada too. Class includes personalized attention, all your material and loom time for you to complete a 24x36 (approx) rug or table runner (approx 14x40). Remember EP takes special orders, too.
Today was Orphan Sunday! Make sure you join us for an Orphans Thanksgiving Dinner tonight at 6! Located at the Ramada Inn!
I'm at Ramada Inn and Suites of Toms River in Toms River, NJ
Ryan Walter - NHL and Cup Winner - Is doing a workshop on November 15 at Ramada Inn in for more
Ramada Inn evacuated after cigarette fire | Cornwall Newswatch
Thrilling days and Champagne nights at Ramada Inn Lakefront
JUST IN: Ramada Inn has been evacuated after smell of smoke.
I cried when Tina ran through the streets from Ike to the Ramada Inn
Can't wait to see you all at worship, Bible study, and dinner tomorrow! 4pm at the Ramada Inn on Arsenal.
"ima go to Days inn and see do they have one available ."Or Try Quality Inn on 280 or Ramada by walmart
Very pleasant and sweet. Hints of fig and caramel. - Drinking a Horne's Strong Dark Agent @ Ramada Stadium Inn -
the only hotel I sent BOTH dinner and breakfast back as inedible. Use the Ramada across the street instead or the premiere inn
Moment of silence for the Ramada Inn
I've been immortalized. Who did this? Was it I remember that week. April 2010, Ramada Inn in Koreatown, Los Angeles.
Upcoming show at Ramada Inn on Saturday November 29th
Last outing for AU for 2014: Sunday, November 16th, 11-5. Ramada Inn and Conference Center at I-25 and 120th in...
man I amin this ramada inn for real…my tv got knobs on it. Not living good right now bro lol
At the ramada inn getting ready for the sleep study😴
Come see at Ramada Inn Kearney with RAFT! Info on the Dall Fashion show at
Come see The Kyle Whitaker Band this Sat at Elixirs at the Ramada in Ramada Inn Henderson these young recording...
Join us today at the Weekly African Business Luncheon: The Ramada Inn: 1575 Regal Row, Dallas, TX 75247. 11:30am
The next, stuck in Minneapolis @ a Ramada Inn because of a delayed flight. Thanks for the great digs Delta!
The view from the reporters' table. Cumberland County Democrats at the Ramada Inn.
Chuck and Brad will party together. Both Hassebrook and Ashford are holding their parties together tonight at the Ramada Inn in Omaha
At election party at Ramada Inn in Vineland.
It's a true testament to how far the Democratic party in AL has fallen when their watch party is held in a Ramada Inn.
At Ramada Inn/CoCo Key to cover the Hassebrook/Ashford party. If either wins, will they jump in the pool?
Montgomery County Democrats getting set to watch the votes tally up at the Ramada Inn.
People are putting up the finishing touches for the Montgomery Democratic watch party being held at Ramada Inn.
there's the Jury's Inn Broad Street? Or a Holiday Inn in Snow Hill? Ramada Mailbox (whatever that is!?) So many hotels!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
"I once woke up in a Ramada Inn covered in shaving cream."
I'm sitting here at the Ramada Inn & one of the mothers walked into a glass window
Live will be reporting live at the Ramada Inn for Governor Chuck Hassebrook's watch party!
Other than babysitting, my first job was part time counter help at a hometown donut shop. Full time job waitress Ramada Inn
I was running late to school today and I was lucky enough to park in the farthest possible spot which was on the other side of a Ramada Inn.
I'm sorry for cracking on you're dress Stephanie. I often feel like wearing the rug from my Ramada Inn hotel room too.NOT! 😂 ✌
Ramada inn, ambulance blues, I am the ocean, barstool blues, nothing from harvest or ATGR , I love'em but leave to R2
Ramada HQ recommended that all the receptionists whoop and holler when a customer enters. It was an incredibly inane inn ovation innovation.
Join us for an Election watch party on Tuesday! We'll be at the Ramada Inn at 1185 Eastern Blvd (across from Drury Inn) around 7pm
top rated web-wide RAMADA INN EUGENE customer choice
top rated web-wide Ramada Inn Cambridge customer choice
The Northern Gateway Business Summit & Trade Fair will occur at the Ramada Inn in Prince George, BC on October 20 and 21, 2014!
Thank you to the audience at Duke University! You were very fun. Please tell Coach K I'm in room 423 at the Ramada Inn waiti…
Just a reminder about Isaiah's 5k run/walk. I will be ordering the t-shirts on Monday if anyone still wants to sponsor the walk please get your money and info to me b4 Monday. Although you do not have to preregister to participate in the 5k if you preregister you are guaranteed a T-shirt and you get $5 off You can preregister by going to the "Labor Day hoops" website like the page and fill out the registration form. ALL proceeds from the 5k will go directly to the Columbia family and I know at this point they could use it. Isaiah just had his 4th open heart surgery on Wednesday God Bless each and every person that has sponsored the walk, is participating in the walk, bought Isaiah hearts, bought tickets for Bel-Terra or the Ramada Inn raffle or just prayed for the family it is all appreciated!
Mexican Buffet at Ramada Inn . Too many choices! Love it !
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My girlfriend and I drove from Hyde Park to the Ramada Inn (formerly Holiday Inn) to the Brass Rail for karaoke and we were discussing how built up the whole Rte 9 corridor from Poughkeepsie on down. What was there years ago and all the new things, traffic lights, etc. She coined it as a mini Westchester. I said I remember when the Holiday Inn was the only Hotel there when I came to the area. We were just mesmerized by all the changes and what a metropolis the area has become.
to win tickets for our show next month at the Ramada Inn opening up for Bon Jovi acoustic set for Easter Summerday party
Just walked out of the Ramada Inn's doors after the last of this year's sunrise jam sessions. What a ride and event this year's Down the Hatch was. Wheew. (Is it really already over?) Thanks to Pat McGee , the DTH crew, all the artists, the Ramada and The Pit staff, and all the great fans for making this such a great time. Until next year... :)
We just left the Ramada Inn in New Iberia for the Officer of the year award. I have to say I have never been a prouder mother than now. Corporal Josh Pellerin (my son) was just awarded the Officer of the year!!! Josh I am so proud of you. I thank God for you daily the Man of God you have become and the upstanding officer you are. Your integrity, humbleness and meek spirit are AMAZING. I love you and Natalie I thank you for loving my son and standing by his side.
After my wife & I delivered our 5th child second daughter in a Ramada Inn hotel bathroom we became 1
SPECIAL REPORT: New owner for Tallahassee Mall. Former Ramada Inn becoming a Radisson hotel. In minutes...on ABC27 News at 5:30 p.m. See my special in-depth report talking about the future of North Monroe Street and what future development is on the way.
The Logan County Jefferson-Jackson Dinner is 6:00 tomorrow night at the Ramada Inn in Sterling. Contact Pete Youngers for tickets; 522-2040
Fri, 4/18 - "JT" & I left for Gatesville at noon to attend the 11th District Convention, to be held at Post 42. We stopped in Hillsboro for a late lunch and arrived at our hotel, the Ramada Inn, around 5:00. We went to the post briefly and then went to as yeah house next door to our hotel for a light dinner, then called it a day.
Come Join US our RWI- Bolingbrook Location at the Ramada Inn Conference Room with our Prophtess L. Tidwell or our RWI- Chicago Chicago With our Apostle AG Tidwell as we celebrate the King Of King Lord Of Lord Jesus Christ, We Will Love To See YOU.
Front desk position (Ramada Lancaster PA): The hotel (Ramada inn) is looking for part time front desk person w...
I’d like to thank Ramada John… the most helpful sales manager EVER! His Motto: “Whatever you need, Chris…” and he held true to his word. Ramada Inn Banquets Levittown PA DjFatha Ramzee thanks bro, did your thing as always, both with the flyers and on the 1’s and 2’s. Appreciate ya, man! To Grace Little and Michalel D Michael D. Carthan… First, Mike praying for your full and speedy recovery. It’s *** that you worked so hard only to not be able to attend. You were sorely missed bro, Real Talk. Gracie, Gracie, Gracie! What can I say a performance that was nothing short of… well… Amazin’! I played with you for years, years ago. Back then, I thought you were one of the most performers in the Tri-State… and to this day nothing has changed. Thank you for coming and sharing your God-given talents at The MAIN Event. A sell out would not have been possible without! As always you took our show to the next level. Love you guys1
Iredell County Republican Women's Organization is hosting US Representative Virginia Foxx at our April 24th meeting at the Ramada Inn in Statesville (exit 49A, off 77 Freeway). Dinner is at 6:00, program starts promptly at 7 pm. What a great chance to find out the inside story about what is going on In Washington DC. We have not had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Foxx for a long time. We appreciate her making herself available to her constituents this way. The public is invited to attend.
I'm at the Ramada Inn off palm beach lakes and 195... These ladies came ready... Yall come check it out with me...
Wanted to let everyone know today we are having a birthday party for rhynes 9th bday. We will be at the Ramada Inn monkey Cove from 4 to 8. The cost is $10 u can drop them off but please make sure that you are back to get them by 8. I will be providing pizza for them around 6.
Just finished off the pictures from last weekends Bridal Show at the Ramada Inn with All Things Beautiful Weddings and Events. I'll post some pictures in a few minutes.   10% Off
Come check us out at the Gun Runner Show in Pooler, GA. We'll be at the Ramada Inn. Where will you be?i
Wow...thanks for all my birthday wishes! I was looking through all my messages and I was like "oh My Gosh"! It was so awesome to hear from so many friends all the way back from PJP, the Sentry News and the Ramada Inn days. So much fun all these years! So cool. I am going to take some time and touch base with all of you. Wish we could all get together and go to lunch:)
Playin' tonight with Sue Kincaid at Embers Restaurant in the Ramada Inn on North Forest (btw Millersport and Audubon) from 7-10. It's a relaxing atmosphere to dine or drink and hear our swing standards and assorted blues and funk. We invite you to stop in and say hi.
Party tonight at Uncle Bo's (Downstairs inside Ramada Inn). Dancing, free hugs and kisses. Mention my name. I think there's a cover charge but this band's great! {:-8
BREAKING: Roanoke Police are looking for a suspect after a shooting on the Roanoke River Greenway near the Ramada Inn. It happened around 8:55 p.m. Police tell us one person was hurt and has been taken to the hospital.
Hey all my friends and family Coal Creek is playing at Southern Diner Bar and Grill - Ramada Inn Wytheville tonight. They sure would love for everyone who can to come out and listen to them. These guys are awesome!! I plan on going. Big Don, Phil Thackeray, Clay Woods, and Gary Collie I love y'all. See ya later.
Beach and shag music to dance to in the Carolina Lounge at Ramada Inn Market street this Saturday night April 19th starting at 7:30p!! Let's dance!!!
Ok so never staying at a Days Inn or Ramada Inn again!
Join Us this Time NEXT WEEK! 10AM to 4PM @ the Ramada Inn in Rochelle Park, NJ! Register at our Events Page!
The people watching at this Springfield Ramada Inn is five star right now
BUSINESS OF THE DAY: RAMADA INN . Let our inviting atmosphere and thoughtful amenities put you at ease during...
It's is going down in less than four hours. There will be a women's business expo taking place at the Ramada Inn on Palm Beach lakes Blvd just west of I-95 from 1-6. It doesn't cost anything, so come and see what local women business owners have to offer!
Today is the day! I am so excited and honored to be a part of The Sherry Belldina "Pretty In Pink" Beauty Pageant. Last night I began judging photogenic and today I will finish up that task along with help MC. If you are free today please come out to the Morgantown Ramada Inn from 9-6 and help raise money for Susan G. Koman breast cancer awareness. You may learn something new along the way. Together we will find a cure for breast cancer!
On tomorrow's show: * We're live at the Ramada Inn at the Dixie Deer Classic * Marshall will preview his turkey hunting seminar * Kasey will prove she's hotter than Tiffany Lakosky * Helsabeck will tell everyone how the show was saved by another radio station * Alan Sharp, from the NC Wildlife Habitat Foundation will prove the Nuts aren't the only crazy people because he'll drive from Greensboro to Raleigh in the wee hours of the morning to be on the show * Helsabeck eats crow * all that and more. And don't forget, if you're in Raleigh for the Dixie Deer Classic, come by the Willow Oaks booth tomorrow afternoon at 3 and meet the Nuts.
To varied NYC friends, framily/family & folks who I'd like to see I'm sorry that I didn't reach out to arrange something but an only child - even when he brings along two skate buddies - is a unique opportunity in thwarted engagement that I thought best to watch alone. Plus, serendipity gave me the simultaneity of a dental emergency + trip to the city in a hotel you think operational only to discover its in transition to a new brand (banner outside "Ramada Inn coming soon")
NOTICE TO ALL JAMMERS: Effective immediately the Jazz 88 Jam has been relocated Proud Mary's in the Kearny Mesa Ramada Inn on Wednesdays from 6:30 - 9:30,
Concealed Carry tomorrow 8-4 Ramada Inn Hutchinson. Space still available. See everyone in the morning.
Person shot on greenway tonight was near the Ramada Inn off of Franklin Road. got the call a few minutes before 9 p.m.
near the Ramada Inn on Franklin Road about 9 p.m.
Ninja season, Resting up for tomorrow's (@ Ramada Inn)
Murfreesboro we about to Blaze it up with our new headliner comedian Spike Davis from BET comic view. Our host the crazy Comedian Flash Flood & Dj Natural aka Lamont Rider. Opening the show Mr. Cloud 99 himself LaTaj Bass. Get your tickets this weekend for our May 5th show at 9pm at Ramada Inn on S Church street. 15 dollars or 20 at the door.
Does anyone know what happened this morning at the apartments by Ramada Inn in Elk City?
I say nah (I'm Canadian) ramada is like a holiday inn Downtown. Sheraton has a little flare.
Gettin ready to SANG and SHOUT our hearts out...tonight is the kickoff for the Golden Triangle Gospel Music Awards. Lord Umma b so tired...but I'm ready. Join us at the Ramada Inn Banquet room tonight at 6 to hear some "sho'nuff sangin" folks. See u there! Did I mention it was FREE???
We would like to encourage everyone to come out to Ramada Inn in Watertown on April 26th at 5:00pm. The cost is $10.00 per person this includes the buffet dinner and your number for the Auction. There will also be a Silent Auction that night. Our team will be Auctioning off a few different things that night. Please, When you arrive leave the hosts know that you are there for Mert's Smurfs and our team will receive your money!
Special room rates are available for State Champs on site hotel the Ramada Inn (614) 846-0300
We are only hours away from a life changing service on Passover tonight at 7PM at Ramada Inn in Lakeland. People will receive miracles tonight and breakthroughs that are life changing. Please make yourself ready for an anointed time to unlock your future destiny and to go beyond anything past and step into a dimensional shift in God. See you there come expecting a miracle.
Well had an interview this morning for ramada inn and I got it just waiting for the back ground check to come back still am waiting to hear from advance auto but its all good ill be working again which is nice and its thanks to my cuz Sherri Auman love you
ramada. Days inn. Best western. Anything on Stanley ave. ferry street. Venue is on Stanley ave.
Getting setup and ready for tonight. The Golden Triangle Gospel Music Awards 2014 . Be at the Ramada Inn tonight at 6!!! FREE
Getting ready for Bingo tonight at the Ramada INN down on the beach, I can not wait, going to have my Jamberry Nails with Lindsay- Independent Consultant there!!! I am also going to play those prizes are so nice I want one
Really wanna go to the concert at Ramada Inn...but. *sigh
The weekend is here and we are ready to get this Holy Ghost party started! Join us for the meet and greet nightly musical at the Ramada Inn Columbus, Ms at 6pm tonight. Totally FREE to the public so grab the fam and head on down!
Experience all the excitement Enid has to offer with this family escape package. Head to the new Enid Event Center for "Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries" before settling into the Ramada Inn with your family. Also enjoy passes to Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse and the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, meals at Cafe Garcia and Napoli's, train and carousel rides at Meadowlake Park and more.
Join us tonight for worship communion/ministry at 7pm ramada inn s El Monte
We will be performing love tonight at the Golden Triangle Gospel Music Awards preshow tonight at the Ramada Inn...
Columbus, Ms is where you want to be on tonight! The Ramada Inn will be jumping! Singing all night long! The...
Will be hosting in the lounge this weekend at the Ramada Inn (Holiday City) 9-1 Fri and Sat night. Come out and dance and sing
Thanks to all of you who made the Prayer-Line a success last night for our upcoming Revival for May. 2nd. & 3rd. @ RAMADA INN in Houma LA
Tonight is the night. I wanna see all of you there! Ramada Inn. 6pm be there! Gon be GREAT!!
COAL CREEK BAND @ SOUTHERN SKILLET @ RAMADA INN in WYTHEVILLE sat. apr. 9 til 1. If you're in the Marion/Wytheville area, we would love to have ya'll drop in!
Ramada Inn & Suites Hotel Address 1050 Eckhardt Ave West Country Canada City Penticton (BC) Star rating 2 Rooms 126 Canada accommodation address. Penticton (BC) accommodation – Stop at Candlewood Suites Windsor Locks – Ct Hotel to discover the wonders of Windsor Locks (CT). Featuring a complete list of amenities, guests will find their stay at the property a comfortable one. Facilities like shops, business center, airport transfer, executive floor, restaurant are readily available for you to enjoy. The well-appointed guestrooms feature ironing facilities, bathtub, separate shower and tub, internet access â LAN, kitchenette. Enjoy the hotel’s recreational facilities, including fitness center, indoor pool, before retiring to your room for a well-deserved rest. Friendly staff, great facilities and close proximity to all that Windsor Locks (CT) has to offer ...
Caught between fixing up the trailor & living in Rockridge or living at the Ramada Inn for free...hmmm.
Another Exit 52 hotel declared nuisance; city presses to demolish former Ramada Inn :
TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__ The Salute Our Heroes Gala honored Veterans and those who lost their lives fighting for our country. The event was held at the Ramada Inn downtown. Keynote speaker Col. Ronald Krueger, Wing Commander of the 190th Air Refueling Wing spoke to the crowd and fellow military members. Our own Melissa Brunner and Chris Fisher presented awards to Veterans of Foreign Wars and ABATE of Kansas. Others honored included American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Vietnam Veterans Association, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and Daughters of the American Revolution. The Gala is part of the week of events planned to commemorate Veterans Day. The events are sponsored by the Jamie Jarboe Foundation and a Parade is scheduled at 11a.m. Monday (11/11) downtown on Kansas Ave. to celebrate.
Also,What's the point of being reborn 30 times of you're just going to hang out with the beastie boys at the local ramada inn the whole time
PART ONE The Following Is The Steven Fishel Story Put In Chronology Order. STEVE FISHEL STORY 12/25/1013 The following is an ongoing case that started 10/06/2012. On 12/21/2013 eye witnesses tell us the lengths our police and judicial system will go to get a conviction. These allegations against a dear friend of mine Steven Fishel will include but not be limited to charges of. Parolee at large, Assault with a deadly weapon, possession of narcotics, ex felon with a weapon, multiple enhancements, prohibited person in possession of ammunition, false impersonation: Acts imposing liability, Fictitious driver's license for forgery, Burglary second degree, and Battery on peace officer/emergency personnel, etc. After researching this case, by speaking with witnesses, Steve’s wife, Steve's step daughter, his friends, and reading hundreds of documents including police reports, bail bondsman documents, character references and face to face meetings with the persons cops call victims, I see a criminal case fabricat ...
Seriously not happy with this new account, I will be working on the Ramada Inn Account tomorrow. Wish me luck it will be with great pride we serve Ramada and protect it's employees! Chief Newsome...
Tis a shame that one of the best feelings of the entire trip to Mexico is paired with one of the worst realizations: that beautiful "tan" i thought i earned after days of hard work in the sun turns out to be nothing but layer upon layer of dirt, sweat, and sun tan lotion. Goodbye tan, welcome back pasty white skin. :( FYI, if you plan to stop at the Ramada Inn at the grapevine I strongly urge you to stay away... the A Team is about to turn this place into a major biohazard!
Brian Ward has a show on 04/19/2014 at 08:00 PM @ The Ramada Inn in Pocatello, ID...
Well folks, invites go out tomorrow for the reception! If you are going to stay in town, PLEASE stay at the Ramada Inn and remember to say the Montei/Zimmerman wedding. Remind anyone that you know who may be staying because we need 20 rooms over Friday and Saturday in order to have the bus pick up from the Golden Glow, and staying safe is the biggest thing to us!
Book the Ramada Inn Syracuse - Situated near the airport, in North Syracuse, this hotel is close to Alliance Bank Stadium, Onondaga Lake Park, and Sainte Marie among the Iroquois. Also nearby are Central New York Regional Market and Destiny USA.
Some of the others are probably swinging hard at some Ramada Inn lounge for $50.00 a set & loving it ( or at least loving part of it). 3/3
We will have space in the Saturday's Concealed Carry in Hutchinson. 8am-4pm at the Ramada Inn Conference Center. Walk ins should be fine at this one. $75.00
yes his names brownie. I work for ramada inn near the south side airport
Alright Frat here is the update for the reunion weekend. I was charged with getting an hotel and I can say job done. I was able to block rooms at the Ramada Inn on Secor rd. I have the block for Friday and Saturday the 24th and 25th of Oct. room rates are only $69.00 and $79.00 for the junior suites ( which are nice I plan on getting one of those). we will be able to start booking the rooms next week and we will have until the end of Sept before it closes. they do have different types of meeting rooms that we can rent, cost depends on the room type. that can be worked out later. I will give more details next week once it goes live. GOMAB
Come by for a BARS treatment and stress management w/Dr. Stephanie Stanfield Saturday, May 10th at the Ramada Inn.
My friends Randy and Judy *** are on their way back from Malta. I left my camera in Germany at the Ramada Inn I stayed in and they were able to get it for me. Isn't that wonderful!
Happy Thursday everyone! We are excited to be attending the local Business After Hours event at the Ramada Inn and Suites! With nice weather just around the corner, let us know by commenting, what your vote is for activity you are most excited for, swimming, grilling, or relaxing by the fire. Once again we will be giving away a complimentary night stay to one random individual!
We would still need rooms but we not staying at the Ramada inn. You can buy us out for rooms and we can look into getting it own somewhere
Long story short I'm no longer welcome at the Ramada Inn.
Morning coffee before a day of judging (@ Ramada Inn & Suites Penticton)
The Ashtabula County Chamber of Commerce wants to thank both Jason Smith(Ramada Inn Austinburg) and Bradley...
the staff where excellent and very accommodating and the rooms where kept very clean. The bar area was excellent...
Are you going? You should be! If you are already part of the team or want to be...April 23rd at the Ramada Inn Cor…
B.O.B. Concert OFFICIAL after party!!!. Don't be the One at home . . . . 4.25.14 @ 9pm Ramada Inn 🙋🙆…
Well what are you waiting for?! Room at the Ramada Inn good for you once again?
Please join us at the upcoming PARSS Annual Meeting & Conference. Ramada Inn and Conference Center. State College, PA. April 23-25, 2014
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