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Ralph Wilson

Ralph Cookerly Wilson, Jr. (October 17, 1918 – March 25, 2014) was the founder and owner of NFL's Buffalo Bills.

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We're live in Buffalo tonight at Ralph Wilson Stadium! Come kick it with us.
Finishing up rehearsal here at Ralph Wilson! Buffalo -- we're on at 9:39! See you then.
It was a CrAzY hAiR dAy at Ralph Wilson Youth Club today!!!
only road stadium I've ever visited is Ralph Wilson Stadium.. Football fans are a different breed of crazy than other sports
You know that Ralph Wilson died, too, right? Similar situation.
im the kiss commercial liam says "we will see you September 3rd at Ralph Wilson Stadium in buffalo" HE SAYS BUFFALO WOW
I'm calling it now, the 2018 Winter Classic will be between the Buffalo Sabres and the Edmonton Oilers at Ralph Wilson Stadium
Darren Wilson, the cop who killed Michael Brown, sees himself as a persecuted, tragic figure:
Have you ever got to say Ralph Wilson like I did . here for the
Day two of Griffin camp in the books!! Awesome day at Ralph Wilson Stadium! Thanks to
1 of the 2 clocks in Ralph Wilson Stadium!🏈Stop by our Grand Opening Thursday for autographs!
Roth: Walking in Wilson's steps suits Pegulas well
I'll never not regret chucking my Brent Celek jersey into the stands at Ralph Wilson Stadium in a pretty fake tantrum. Dumb decision.
Giant monster ghosts of Ralph Wilson and Van Miller return to destroy Buffalo.
Going to the on the road again tour 2015 on September third at the Ralph Wilson Stadium at 7:00pm!:)
Got an unknown number today. When I checked to see who it says Ralph Wilson Stadium! 😳
My father and I at the Buffalo Bills/Patriots game at Ralph Wilson Stadium
I'm going to at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, NY - Jul 11
Cool to at least visit the Buffalo Bills. (@ Ralph Wilson Stadium -
As Ralph Benton Wilson of FSU points out, the Koch invasion and manipulation of universities is particularly hard...
Just like this scene with Yvette Wilson, Ray J., and Sheryl Lee Ralph. Both Yvette Wilson and Ray J. dead.
Bill wirtz was the Ralph Wilson of the NHL so maybe go bills
Can't wait for Ralph Wilson Stadium on December 6th, you guys.
buffalo would do that at Ralph Wilson
one of the stadiums without a corporate sponsor is in Buffalo: Ralph Wilson Stadium
I envision hybrid name... "Ralph Wilson Jr Stadium at the Taco Sports Complex" or something like that
who holds the naming rights of Ralph Wilson Stadium?
he can do both. "Corporate X Field at Ralph Wilson Jr. Stadium" or similar
well, it could be like "Corporation X Field at Ralph Wilson Jr Stadium" or something long like that too
look for myself and my boy Jack Meredith he is the guy with the Ralph Wilson & Jim Kelly tattoo
I found this 'Buffalo, NY - Ralph Wilson Sta...' in the RS Official App
Safe to say Ralph Wilson Stadium is gonna be a packed barn this year
Ralph Wilson Stadium is probably one of the worst venues I've attended for a sporting event
Opportunity panel includes Karen Freeman-Wilson Mayor of Gary Indiana and Ralph Becker
In this week's "Chef's Corner," we featured our executive chef at Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the
Thanks Ralph Wilson for teaching bio-security to the kids at the 20th Children's Farm Safety Day
When your squad game so strong you can't touch your shoulders @ Ralph Wilson Stadium
Perhaps asking to have it built outside Ralph Wilson Stadium was the wrong play?
The Rolling Stones concert tickets for Jul 11 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park NY
*** his dad was a terrible HC too. Ralph Wilson would have never approved of his hiring.
My first time in Ralph Wilson Stadium. Watching my Bucs play Clemson, The Buffalo Bills
At least I can defend myself when the govt goes after me; I feel terrible when they go after guys like officer Wilson who…
Every burned book enlightens the world. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lets hope the rumor of the playing Ralph Wilson Stadium this summer is true.
I didn't buy season tix to the Bills this year because I'm saving all my money for this show at Ralph Wilson Stadium
I think Ralph Wilson faked his death and owns the now. We're not doing anything.
ICYMI New $billion foundation focused in part on SE Michigan.
RALPH WILSON HOUSE: Wilson House of Laminates. FREE tours M-F by appointment
Updates! Ralph Wilson Stadium in Western NY almost signed!. Tourstart in San Diego confirmed!
How cool! Rolling Stones are planning on playing at Ralph Wilson Stadium in July. Buffalo will b 1 of only 12 cities selected! I'm there!!
After watching Terry Pegula run the Bills for the last week, I think its safe to say that Ralph Wilson's tenure as owner was very subpar.
Ralph Wilson had years where he swung for the fences. The notion that he never spent is false!
The Rolling Stones coming to Ralph Wilson Stadium in July, I'm there!
also loving Harman - great preacher's commentary - Wilson and a cheeky bit of Dale Ralph Davis
Ralph Wilson would never make these moves the Bills are making with his cheap ***
finally spending money. Shows how cheap Ralph Wilson was. RIP
First ever Mary Wilson. Thanks for choosing the Pegula's to continue Ralph's legacy in Buffalo.
.is at Ralph Wilson Stadium for the introduction of QB Matt Cassell. Watch live on at noon.
Excited beyond belief to see our boys compete in UB's Pro Day/Junior Day at Ralph Wilson Field House tomorrow!
I love where you mention your article having a shelf life of 38 minutes, It's your "Lisa breaks Ralph Wiggum's heart" moment.
Yeah. They might be playing at the Ralph Wilson Stadium.
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"What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Rex Ryan better not mess with the hotdogs at Ralph Wilson Stadium.
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Ralph Waldo Emerson
According to multiple reports, V. Davis is next on list per not Ralph C Wilson looking for
All those years of Ralph Wilson saving pennies made you forget how much fun free agency could be.
it's still odd that Ralph Wilson doesn't own the team
So happy to see rain instead of snow falling from the sky. Unless I'm at Ralph Wilson Stadium that is.
Shady welcome to Buffalo!!! You're going to go nuts when you see Ralph Wilson Stadium on the home opener, welcome to our city!!
I loved the guy, but non of this would have happened under the ownership of Ralph Wilson
Update: Bills have traded stadium naming rights with Ravens. Buffalo is now M&T Stadium, Ravens now Ralph C Wilson Stadium
Patriots trade Tom Brady to Buffalo Bills for City of Buffalo and Ralph Wilson Stadium.
Gotta figure Rex himself will sell garbage plates @ Ralph Wilson Stadium if he can convince Bills to get Revis
Jimmy Graham now on the Seahawks with Russell Wilson is just scary
Stones could become members of the Rich/Ralph Wilson Stadium Five-Timers Club.
Rolling Stones rumored coming to buffalo? Ralph Wilson Stadium?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
you will be missed at Ralph Wilson only hope for the best for you man!
What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. ~Ralph Marston
with that being said, I still have nothing but respect for Ralph Wilson and his contributions to the NFL
once upon a time Ralph Wilson was the joke of the league, now it's Jed York.
Ralph Wilson regretted letting Thurman Thomas go can we not repeat history
Former Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, who died last March, was once listed in FBI's database as a "SAC contact" - aka f…
*** right we didn't get McCown- Ralph Wilson up there is putting all the pieces in place to make the guy✊
Ralph Wilson served as an honorary chairperson of the Alzheimer’s Association-Greater Michigan Chapter.
Why give Ann Mara a moment of silence but not Ralph Wilson?
RIP Ann Mara, our dude Junior Seau, and Ralph Wilson. Cornerstones of the game and management of it. Soul rest in peace. Amen.
Ralph Wilson can get much more loud than century link. Just get us to the playoffs.
to the time I took a great picture of Tom Brady at Ralph Wilson Stadium earlier this season.
After leaving Ralph Wilson Stadium post loss to the bills and now this loss I don't know how much more I have to go through but I'll be ok.
Russell Wilson not even good, he just got a team that makes him look amazing. Just like the 49ers with Kapernick.
“Russell Wilson put on for all the lightskins ✊🙌”. Really ***
I never respected Russell Wilson as a good QB. Now you can't not respect the guy.
Russell Wilson my friend you are a Man!
I want to watch the Bills next year in the AFC Championship at Ralph Wilson Stadium please🙌🙌
One thing the packers have never done and will never do is win at Ralph Wilson Stadium
yup... He takes so much pressure off of Wilson.
Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers Combine for Most First Half Interceptions in a Playoff Game in SB Era
Hate to say this but after a lot of thinking the bills have lost a 25 year fan. Bad moves all around. Bring back ralph wilson!!
deadass .. I'm sticking by my homie Wilson .. Everyone's hangin
Last time that a Russell Wilson led team lost by more than 10 points.Virginia Tech beat N.C. State 41-30, Oct. 2, 2010.
Wednesday is a big day for the Buffalo Bills and its organization. The sale of the team from the Ralph Wilson...
I believe he has 1 more year under contract, that's why they're not pressed for him to play through injuries
I'm talking about Aaron Rodgers lol but that was a terrible throw by Wilson
Should the Bills build a new stadium downtown or renovate Ralph Wilson Stadium?
I love ur selfie Zayn. Ur soo cute! 💕 how r u babe? Btw guess what I'm coming to the Ralph Wilson Staduim to c u 4 the first time
Not true. You had it in Ralph Wilson and he delivered on it.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This reminds me that in 2013, fans were called the "drunkest in the NFL"
lmaooo ite now charlie Wilson dnt hurt no body
I have so many pictures of Ralph Wilson Stadium in my house I can't believe the boys are playing there I'm so proud
Ralph Wilson turning over in his grave.
Tbh. Only exciting thing about United's match today was Wilson scoring his first goal of the season.
We are saddened by news of the death of legendary Bruins radio play-by-play man Bob Wilson. He was my greatest inspira…
Diamond Girls College Day Today from 11-3 at the Ralph Wilson Field House in Orchard Park NY! Good Luck Girls!
Ralph Wilson overlooking my Bills lounge. Thanks again
Wilson Chandler betrays last name, smashes on Tyson Chandler
someone got Ralph Wilson and Jim Kelly tattooed on them in Buffalo so it wouldn't surprise me
if YALL like one direction and/or are going to the sept 3 otrat at Ralph Wilson Stadium follow me
it was actually Ralph Wilson's decision to sit doug during that game look it up
A remembrance of Ralph Wilson, and the Bills.
i had my my bday at Ralph Wilson Stadium for the first Winter Classic
no. It's a Taye Diggs movie filmed partially at Ralph Wilson Stadium
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we will now be playing 1 cup and 4 league home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo for the next 5 years
Altruism, evolutionary psychology, and learning by & Ralph R. Miller via
To the entire WILSON family: I am so sorry to hear this... 9 months late. I liked Ralph, but he was stubborn as a...
We need the excitement in Buffalo.Ralph Wilson hired guys with ZERO personalities.nice change of pace!
Sean Wilson - Best known for playing Martin Platt in Coronation Street. He now makes cheese for a living.
hey Ralph Wilson Stadium is a great place for a concert!
at first I read this as she looks like RALPH Wilson and I thought, wow poor girl.
You didn't see Doug Flutie A Football Life? Wade said Ralph Wilson forced him to play because he wanted to get his money worth.
Russ Brandon and Jim Overdorf are the last of Ralph Wilson's 'Circle Of Trust'. That circle needs to be closed.
You NEVER would have heard Ralph Wilson say that about Antowain Smith. Some owners should just plain know better
I've been to the superdome, MetLife stadium, solider field and Ralph Wilson Stadium but still haven't been to Gillette stadium smh
Driving past Ralph Wilson Stadium on game day was pretty cool
It was really cool being at a sold-out Ralph Wilson Stadium in December today. That crowd was rocking and on another level today!
Dammit..that *** it was the last game in Ralph Wilson Stadium for this season! I loved it!!
55 years ago today, Ralph Wilson names his new Buffalo AFL football team the
Little Giant Ladders
The Buffalo Bills‘ home game at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday is not the only game that could be in danger thanks to the wild snow storm in Buffalo.  In recent days, there has been plenty of discussion about whether the Buffalo Bills will be able to host the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson […]
.Yeah, I'd like to see the Super Bowl played @ Ralph Wilson.
Ralph Wilson Stadium under a thick blanket of snow and blowing drifts.
terry seems to take an interest in you (card collecting, tennis) could you imagine Ralph Wilson doing that interview?
Founding owner Ralph Wilson was awarded the seventh franchise in AFL history - the Buffalo Bills - on October 28, 1959.
55 years ago today, Buffalo begin their football life. Ralph Wilson awarded 7th franchise of AFL
Ralph Wilson!!!:) you're gonna flip if we can go I hope we can, it might be fun
.on Bill stadium support: “I think Ralph Wilson Stadium got enough upgrades.” So, no.
Last March, Buffalo Bills founder and longtime owner Ralph Wilson, died at the age of 95. At the time of his death, Ralph was the oldest owner in the ...
“Kim and I are humbled and honored that the Wilson family has chosen us to be the second owner of the Buffalo Bills. Pending the NFL approval process, being the next owner of the Buffalo Bills would be a great privilege for our family. Ralph Wilson left an indelible mark on our community and we will strive every day to honor his legacy. Our interest in owning the Bills has everything to do with the people of Western New York and our passion for football. We have knowledgeable, dedicated fans here and along with our ownership of the Buffalo Sabres, it is gratifying to reassure these great fans that two franchises so important to our region are both here to stay. We are grateful to Senator Chuck Schumer and Governor Andrew Cuomo for their support and desire to keep our Bills in Western New York where they belong and to our team of professional advisors at Allen & Company and Sherrard, German & Kelly. We would also like to thank the staffs of the NFL and the Bills for helping to guide us through the sa ...
Pegula's buy the Buffalo Bills pending nfl approval ensuring they will stay in buffalo! Awesome day to be a Bills fan. Now make playoffs for the late Ralph Wilson. Go Bills!
The Pegulas are the perfect choice to carry on Ralph Wilson’s legacy. Looking fwd to working w/ them & keeping the
HAPPINESS IN BUFFALO--Ralph Wilson was a close friend, part of why I advocated so hard for Bills not to move. 1.4 billi…
New smartphone app will allow fans to alert Ralph Wilson Stadium staff to safety concerns during games:
NFL's Buffalo Bills to be sold to owners of city's NHL team: (Reuters) - The estate of longtime Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, who...
With Terry Pegula buying the Bills, Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium should now be called "The House That Frack Built"
Ralph Wilson is now happy knowing the team he created and kept for over 50 years is safe where it belongs.
Remember Ralph Wilson and also look forward to a bright future... LETS GO BUFFALO!
officially announce sale of the team to the Pegula family, who is committed to Buffalo. Mary Wilson: “Ralph would have…
Tim Russert, Jimmy Griffin, and Ralph Wilson are sipping Genny on a cloud somewhere with big smiles on their faces.
News says "it's gonna be electric at Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday." And I'll be there! 😁
Buffalo Bills sale corrects market value of sports franchises after Clippers exorbitance via
Buffalo Bills agree to sale of team to Pegula family
how long will the stadium be named Ralph Wilson?
I just wish Ralph Wilson had the balls to do what he wants everyone else to do. Tim Gaffney
Very happy to post this VERY good news. Ralph Wilson may now rest in peace that his team is staying in Buffalo.
Every year, I get butterflies as I anticipate going to the first Buffalo Bills home game. After all, I was born and raised into this franchise. My dad, Danny Wisinski, let me attend at least one game with him every season, and my brother Josh Wisinski, graciously allowed me to take his place. As we grew older, it became a family affair, and now our tradition. Buffalo has become a welcoming second home to me, especially on football Sundays. Nothing can describe the rush of early morning tailgating, hustling to Ralph Wilson Stadium in the damp grass, singing along to "Shout!" and The National Anthem with military flyover. But this Sunday, my faithful Buffalo heart will swell with pride when they announce, through cheers and roars, that We will remain right where we belong! Thank you, Terry Pegula! Go Bills!
Couple requests for this Sunday at the Ralph: Jim Kelly leading team onto field/Mary Wilson & Terry Pegula out for coin toss.
If you take the skin off Mary and Ralph Wilsons' necks you could make another person
Name of wife-killer OJ Simpson still on wall of publicly owned, NY-subsidized Ralph Wilson Stadium. Why doesn't Andrew Cu…
Now the Great Ralph Wilson can rest in peace his Beloved Bills are staying home !
Don't know specifics of instructions in trust, but good source says this is how Ralph Wilson would have wanted it for futu…
Spoiler alert: Ralph Wilson Stadium sits on world's largest natural gas reserve
THE BILLS GAME ON SUNDAY IS SOLD OUT! There will be local TV coverage of the game! Rumors of a tribute to Ralph Wilson are surfacing all over the area tonight.
Bid by owners Terry, Kim Pegula to buy tentatively OK'd by members of Ralph Wilson's estate
And the real winner. Ralph wilson jr. estate. He bought the Buffalo Bills for $25,000.00 They sold for 1.4 billion.
The Pegula family purchases the for a reported $1.4 Billion. Ralph Wilson paid $25,000 for the to join t…
Pegulas reach definitive agreement to buy Bills (Yahoo Sports): ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) -- Ralph Wilson's legacy to keep the Bills in...
"Ralph would have been pleased". More from Mary Wilson on the sale of the
Mary Wilson declares 'Ralph would have been pleased' to have Pegulas as next Bills owners
With Ralph Wilson RT: Somewhere in heaven Tim Russert is smiling.
Browns & Bills will always be connected. Ralph Wilson voted AGAINST Art Modell's move in 95. Browns fans will never forg…
Terry and Kim Pegula to buy the Bills was tentatively approved by members of late owner Ralph Wilson's estate.
When we moved to BAL, Ralph Wilson offered discounted tickets for Clevelanders to Bills games. Today, we celebrate the Bi…
Bills ain't going anywhere! Thank you Terry Pegula. Huge Thank you to the man who started it all, Ralph Wilson. Let's Go Buffalo!
Ralph Wilson paid a $25,000 franchise fee to join the American Football League in 1960. Today the Buffalo Bills were sold f…
"WHAT?! 1.4 Million!? Someone let me come back to earth to collect that 1.4 billion" -Ralph Wilson in the afterlife-
Wow, It has been a great week for Penn State University.Saturday in James Franklin's home debut. the young Nittany Lions football squad outlasted a much improved Terry Bowden coached Akron football team.(.21 - 3).No major injuries on either side . always a good thing.Then yesterday the NCAA removes and rescinds all current sanctions on the 2014 Penn St. football squad .More scholarships for garnering incoming talent. 65 academic-athletic scholarships now becomes 85. adding to a gritty but not very deep current the Lions are only 4 victories away from being eligible for post season bowls.That allows for more practices and enhances ones national recruiting profile.Earlier today sources tell us @ Galaxy Sports that the estate of Ralph Wilson has accepted an offer in principle from noted PSU grad and natural gas billionaire Tom Pedula to purchase the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League.I guess my first ever visit to Beaver Stadium brought some positive mojo back to this once iconic fo ...
Pegula would be such a classy owner it wouldn't surprise me to see him keep the stadium named for the late Ralph Wilson.
A packed weekend for your's truly - time with kids, 2 weddings, a radio remote broadcast, and time with kids again...but never too busy to observe the rare opening day road win by the Buffalo's a big win no matter how you look at it as we kick off the first year without owner Ralph Wilson, and a year where the team looks to break the 15 year playoff drought - LET'S GO BUFFALO!
Great start to a season dedicated to Ralph Wilson and a cancer-free Jim Kelly! Those guys must be worth 6 wins each, no?
Bills win, Patriots lose and Jim Kelly's cancer free. Ralph Wilson is wasting no time in heaven making everything right in the world. 🙏
The bills gotta win it for Jim Kelly and Ralph Wilson !
Ralph Wilson paid $25,000 to start the in the AFL in 1960. William Clay Ford paid $4.5M for the in 1963.
The are owned by the estate of Grosse Pointe Shores businessman Ralph Wilson, who died at age 95 in March.
Remember 2 years ago when Ralph Wilson summoned Russ Brandon to Detroit & we all hope her fire him? Instead he promote…
what's going on the back of the big score board? It's just black and used to say Ralph Wilson Stadium
For all you fans out there, the new Ralph Wilson Stadium is incredible
Doug Marrone’s leash with the Bills: The Bills’ former owner, Ralph Wilson, was known for giving e...
So the renovations on Ralph Wilson Stadium look nice and clean
Bills' sale has fans leery of team move via
Dear Offcr Wilson, the dude who executed an unarmed black teenager + militarized, racist, cover-up
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) Ralph Wilson fulfilled his vow in keeping the Bills in Buffalo during his lifetime. And...
Where is the autopsy on Michael Brown? Why was Darren Wilson allowed to leave the state without being questioned? This is wh…
okay and it's at Ralph Wilson Stadium😏
Next up for the they host the Bucs at the renovated Ralph Wilson Stadium next Saturday. Another pregame and game live on Ch7.
I wanna see this Bills offense at home where they belong at Ralph Wilson Stadium!! See ya Saturday boys! Been away from home for weeks!
Valid argument with Flutie. Wacky situation. I still believe Ralph Wilson ordered Rob Johnson to start that game.
WOW: Friend of OFFICER DARREN WILSON Speaks Out on Shooting of MIKE BROWN (AUDIO) via
Oh my. There's the future, right there. On third-and-15, Mike Evans bounces off a hit by Jimmy Wilson and runs 30 more yard…
If Ralph Wilson was here he'll be *** off if he see his team playing like this
They not even doin it for Ralph Wilson smh 😔
Solid retro footage on the "this is our time" marketing scheme. Leonard Smith embracing Ralph Wilson after the '90 AFC championship
NYT article in LRT; police didn't allow nurse to perform CPR: "A Youth, an Officer and 2 Paths to a Fatal Encounter"
that's like saying Ralph Wilson & Bon Jovi r buying Bills and betting that Jim's days are unfortunately. :(
Ralph wilson bought tickets last year to prevent black out and ultimately make the team look good for selling?
Classy Ralph Wilson tribute on cover of 2014 media guide.
Darren Wilson should be honored as a hero. Now that things are coming out Mike Brown wasn't an "innocent" victim.
Update on situation; Bon Jovi open letter to Buffalo described as "bogus" via
First photos of Darren Wilson via show the cop accepting award for "extraordinary" work
That's Officer Darren Wilson standing over Mike Brown's dead body. 4 eyewitnesses say Brown had his hands up.
This is Officer Darren Wilson as he received a recent commendation from his department.
People who have toddlers, March madness, people who talk hood, Ralph Wilson, the Cleveland show, John Murphy, king of queens and VW of OP
Spoke to Ralph Wilson's friend who told me Ralph would love if Pegula, who is already committed to Buffalo, bought the Bills
Coming this season to Ralph Wilson Stadium: the new M&T Family Zone! Details:
The renovations at Ralph Wilson Stadium have focused on overcrowding and wait times. Via
ERRORS: Ralph Wilson was 95 not 93 when he passed. Also, Trump bid less than 1B according to
Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the 2015 superbowl champs
Buffalo Bills' sale has fans leery of rush to relocate
Updates to fix the Ralph's antiquities - Buffalo News
BREAKING - police chief has announced Darren Wilson as the cop who shot and killed
Renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium aim to eliminate crowding, long waits via
Good news!! They didn't get rid of the urinal troughs with the renovation at Ralph Wilson Stadium!!
Duff's Famous Wings & Tim Hortons will be just two of the new concessions at Bills' Ralph Wilson Stadium:
on takes you inside Ralph Wilson Stadium for a sneak peek at the $130 million improvements on Monday at …
Renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium have expanded concessions, worked to eliminate crowding, enlarged team store http:/…
"Roger Goodell may want a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills, but in some respects, they already have one"
Jim Kelly is amazing. Andre Reed FINALLY in the HOF. Ralph Wilson sadly passed away. The 2014 Bills will go 6-10 again in their honor.
I would buy a Kelly shirt. But I'm also the guy who was wearing a Ralph Wilson shirt the day he died...
Fan with Ralph Wilson & Jim Kelly tattoos is in Canton tonight (H/T
Here's the patch the will wear on their jerseys this season in honor of founding owner Ralph Wilson.
Every bidder should study Ralph Wilson's history/legacy. The Buffalo Bills are a huge part of the WNY community and ident…
Ralph Wilson never lost his faith/confidence in Buffalo. He understood what the Buffalo Bills meant to WNY / he will alwa…
The things that you'll find in our house is crazy. Just found my £85 Ralph Lauren polo that I thought I'd lost two years ago!
. You should make a new episode of A Football Life featuring Ralph Wilson Jr. and quit re-airing that scumbag Belichick
Would be a spit in the face of an NFL legend, Ralph Wilson, if relocates the team, which he would.
Delaware North looking to fill jobs at Ralph Wilson Stadium via
Delaware North Companies Sportservice is ready to fill positions at Ralph Wilson Stadium for the 2014 season:
A landmark ship is in bad need of repairs at Naval Park. You, along w/ Ralph Wilson's legacy can help raise the funds
that it does. I took him to see Ralph Wilson to discuss possibilities and he couldn't get anything done. Don't get me started
Jon Bon Jovi please go away if you are not interested in carrying on Ralph Wilson's Legacy.
Get your original Pizza Log, a Western NY original!
Even thinking about moving the is an insult to the legacy of Ralph Wilson Jr. He helped make the NFL. Stay away
Just took our family photo! Thank you Ralph C. Wilson Foundation for making this week…
the great Ralph Wilson made it tough to move regardless of who bids the highest
Delaware North Sportservice Hiring Food & Beverage and Retail part-time seasonal and game-day Positions at Ralph Wilson Stadium
the trust cares about Ralph Wilson's legacy,if they leave bc of the trust his 54 yr legacy is trash
Arguable also that trust may care about Ralph Wilson legacy in addition to sale price
BTS, shooting a commercial for Can't wait to watch it on TV & at the Ralph Wilson Stadium!
Let me remind you all who is to blame for this mess:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I need to find someone brave enough to walk into Ralph Wilson Stadium with me while I'm in all Pats gear.any takers
Tonight we're exploring music that Miles loved to play, with Jeremy Pelt, Ralph Moore & Steve Wilson heading up...
all of The Simple Minds are here. Barrett, Wilson, Smith, Ralph, and the brochure boy.
“Man, i just want to go to the Ralph this year”
I can't wait for football season! @ Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, NY
I don't care for Tinder. . So.. . Anyone near this Guitar Center wanna have sex behind Ralph's?
The best thing to happen to the Bills this off season is Ralph Wilson died, but everyone is going to write that how do I be better than Matt
Erie County executive says renovations at Ralph Wilson Stadium are 85% complete. Will be ready for first pre-season game.
Ralph Wilson Stadium renovation originally projected at $130mm up to $154mm.
What an offseason for NFL owners..Pat Bowlen, Bud Adams, William Clay Ford, Ralph Wilson, Malcolm Glazer, and in a different way Jim Irsay.
It's sad to see the original NFL owners diminishing b4 us. It's only been a few months since Ralph Wilson's passed & now sick.
Forgive me. But I think the late Ralph Wilson had it wrong.
Thanks for the follow ! 😊😊✋✋ met her at the tailgating for Ralph Wilson & she's Uber sweet..
Kanye forcing Owen Wilson to lie in the back seat of his car & make comments on the road so he can pretend he’s driving Lightni…
Sec. 6 will kick off its football season with tripleheader at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Could be start of bigger plan.
“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
BFF: Bills owner Ralph Wilson wanted Miami but had to opt for the next best thing: Buffalo bound! ..
So why didn't they use MetLife in Why Ralph Wilson all the way up in Buffalo? Isn't Lance supposed to be on the
So... Everyone wants to butcher FOX for not mentioning Tony Gwynn during the All-Star Game. How bout the ESPYs running their annual tribute to people in sports that we lost over the past year and no mention AT ALL of William Clay Ford, yet, Berman goes all in on Ralph Wilson.
Praying for VBS at FBC Belton and the Bible Clubs by Child Evangelism Fellowship this week at BCYC and Ralph Wilson.
Monica Seles could own the Bills, eventually Posted by Mike Florio The tennis player best known for being stabbed during a match by a fan of Steffi Graf and fictitiously taken out by an overzealous ball man could end up owning the Buffalo Bills, in time. Via the New York Daily News, Monica Seles is engaged to Thomas Golisano, who has emerged as one of the leading candidates to purchase the franchise from the family of the late Ralph Wilson. Given that Golisano is 72 and Seles is 40, Seles will likely end up surviving Golisano, at some point. Which depending on ownership structures and prenuptial agreements could put her in position to own the team. Golisano recently announced the impending nuptials at an appearance on Thursday. He also has confirmed his interest in buying the franchise and keeping it in Western New York.
This is the "Ghost of Ralph Wilson!". I just ran into Nicole Simpson in heaven..OJ didn't do it!!.. She said it was Aaron Hernandez
The amount of respect and love I have for my uncle Wilson especially after this year >>>>>>> that is my second father. For real
By Tony Farina We reported exclusively in the May 6th editions that Paychex founder and former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano was emerging as the strongest potential bidder for the Buffalo Bills when the team is finally put up for sale later this year. As we reported in our earlier story, sources had confirmed that billionaire Golisano had joined forces with a local businessman and they were very interested in acquiring the Bills and would be among the bidders when the team is put up for sale by the heirs of late owner Ralph Wilson. That potential partner for Golisano is shopping mall developer Scott Congel (Walden Galleria), as publicly revealed last week, and our sources now say that Congel has been in regular contact with the governor’s office on his interest in acquiring the football team and house it in a stadium constructed on property he owns in West Seneca, the former Seneca Mall. In fact, Congel has hired top Golisano associate and political operative Steve Pigeon as a lobbyist and Pigeon is ...
NEW YORK, N.Y. (WIVB) - While millionaires vie for the opportunity to purchase the Buffalo Bills, other treasures owned by former Bills owner Ralph Wilson are going on the auction block – his art collection. Sotheby’s has announced it will be selling Impressionist paintings from the Wilson collectio…
Also on - Richard Sutton, Faye & Forster Unplugged, Jess Wilson, Ralph Keeley and F'reez and the
Buffalo Bills owner, Detroit native and special man Ralph Wilson dies at 95 - Detroit Free Press
Happy 9th Anniversary to Gregg Mistretta. Gregg is a Civil Engineer in our Transportation Department but you can find him working on road/bridge projects, waterline projects and most recently out at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Thank you for being "the inspector" on whatever types of project Watts needs you to work on. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.
Paintings from Ralph Wilson Jr.'s impressive art collection up for auction soon at
With the passing of Ralph Wilson this past March, it became apparent the Buffalo Bills would soon be on the market. With this, two major questions have...
Dear Buffalo Nite Committee, I nominate H. David Jay, better known as "Uncle Dave" for the Charging Buffalo Award. He meets the exact criteria in which the Charging Buffalo Award describes. David was born "Harold David Jay" in Hollywood, CA in 1939, and relocated to Buffalo, NY at the age of 5 months. He attended PS 4, PS 81, and graduated from Bennet High School. He played baseball during his teenage years and his mates nicknamed him "Duke"! After High School, he attended Pratt University in NYC where he played baseball and studied architecture. In 1961, David was drafted into the US Army, in which he is very proud of to this day. He was stationed at Ft. Belvoir in 1963, and has remained in the DC area ever since. David is a career architect, and still practices his trade today. He has helped plan hundreds of buildings throughout the DMV area, including schools, restaurants, office buildings and more. He is currently one of the lead architects working on the Expansion Project at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern, ...
He's an embarrassment to the memory of Ralph Wilson.
Will future upgrades to Ralph Wilson Stadium work long-term? It did in Kansas City. .
renovations of Ralph Wilson Stadium coming along nicely. Can't wait for the season.
Why not stop the renovations to Ralph Wilson until we know the fate?
it's an embarrassment to Ralph Wilson's legacy if you ask me.
Home opener tickets at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Whooo hooo. Go Bills! Thank you Ginny Shea Leadbeater, you are the bomb!
Awesome shot of Ralph Wilson with Bills '64, '65 AFL championship banner.
So, is going to actual numbers instead of Roman numbers a disgrace to the memory of Ralph Wilson?
Mark and I were talking about this last night! I mean, where do you go from "embarrassment to Ralph Wilson's memory"?!
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