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Ralph Wilson

Ralph Cookerly Wilson, Jr. (October 17, 1918 – March 25, 2014) was the founder and owner of NFL's Buffalo Bills.

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The amount of respect and love I have for my uncle Wilson especially after this year >>>>>>> that is my second father. For real
By Tony Farina We reported exclusively in the May 6th editions that Paychex founder and former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano was emerging as the strongest potential bidder for the Buffalo Bills when the team is finally put up for sale later this year. As we reported in our earlier story, sources had confirmed that billionaire Golisano had joined forces with a local businessman and they were very interested in acquiring the Bills and would be among the bidders when the team is put up for sale by the heirs of late owner Ralph Wilson. That potential partner for Golisano is shopping mall developer Scott Congel (Walden Galleria), as publicly revealed last week, and our sources now say that Congel has been in regular contact with the governor’s office on his interest in acquiring the football team and house it in a stadium constructed on property he owns in West Seneca, the former Seneca Mall. In fact, Congel has hired top Golisano associate and political operative Steve Pigeon as a lobbyist and Pigeon is ...
NEW YORK, N.Y. (WIVB) - While millionaires vie for the opportunity to purchase the Buffalo Bills, other treasures owned by former Bills owner Ralph Wilson are going on the auction block – his art collection. Sotheby’s has announced it will be selling Impressionist paintings from the Wilson collectio…
Also on - Richard Sutton, Faye & Forster Unplugged, Jess Wilson, Ralph Keeley and F'reez and the
Buffalo Bills owner, Detroit native and special man Ralph Wilson dies at 95 - Detroit Free Press
Happy 9th Anniversary to Gregg Mistretta. Gregg is a Civil Engineer in our Transportation Department but you can find him working on road/bridge projects, waterline projects and most recently out at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Thank you for being "the inspector" on whatever types of project Watts needs you to work on. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.
The Stadium tour continued with a trip out to Orchard Park to see Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills. We got to go to their training facility and actually saw two players coming out after their workouts (to get into some expensive vehicles!) We ended the day with buffalo wings in Buffalo.
Paintings from Ralph Wilson Jr.'s impressive art collection up for auction soon at
With the passing of Ralph Wilson this past March, it became apparent the Buffalo Bills would soon be on the market. With this, two major questions have...
Dear Buffalo Nite Committee, I nominate H. David Jay, better known as "Uncle Dave" for the Charging Buffalo Award. He meets the exact criteria in which the Charging Buffalo Award describes. David was born "Harold David Jay" in Hollywood, CA in 1939, and relocated to Buffalo, NY at the age of 5 months. He attended PS 4, PS 81, and graduated from Bennet High School. He played baseball during his teenage years and his mates nicknamed him "Duke"! After High School, he attended Pratt University in NYC where he played baseball and studied architecture. In 1961, David was drafted into the US Army, in which he is very proud of to this day. He was stationed at Ft. Belvoir in 1963, and has remained in the DC area ever since. David is a career architect, and still practices his trade today. He has helped plan hundreds of buildings throughout the DMV area, including schools, restaurants, office buildings and more. He is currently one of the lead architects working on the Expansion Project at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern, ...
He's an embarrassment to the memory of Ralph Wilson.
Will future upgrades to Ralph Wilson Stadium work long-term? It did in Kansas City. .
renovations of Ralph Wilson Stadium coming along nicely. Can't wait for the season.
Why not stop the renovations to Ralph Wilson until we know the fate?
it's an embarrassment to Ralph Wilson's legacy if you ask me.
Home opener tickets at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Whooo hooo. Go Bills! Thank you Ginny Shea Leadbeater, you are the bomb!
Awesome shot of Ralph Wilson with Bills '64, '65 AFL championship banner.
So, is going to actual numbers instead of Roman numbers a disgrace to the memory of Ralph Wilson?
Mark and I were talking about this last night! I mean, where do you go from "embarrassment to Ralph Wilson's memory"?!
Thank you WALMART for donating 24,000+ bottles of water for kids at UWCT partner agency, Ralph Wilson Youth Club!
Major Monet works from the Ralph Wilson Collection head to auction -
Want to get outside & do good for the community? There's many outdoor volunteer activities in this month's Volunteer WNY newsletter including Ride For Roswell - Official and 50 Yard Finish at Ralph Wilson Stadium!
What a silly, ridiculous column. The "insult to the memory of Ralph Wilson" line is particularly idiotic.
Ralph Wilson Stadium still has horse troughs
Today in Country Music - 2000: Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney are arrested in Buffalo for a backstage skirmish at Ralph Wilson Stadium on the George Strait tour in which Chesney takes a ride on a policeman's horse, and McGraw gets in a fight with cops. They are acquitted in May. That's Country, y'all!
oh please this is nothing new Ralph Wilson was an insult to taxpayers
Do you remember this happening? On this day back in 2000, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw were arrested in Buffalo, New York after Chesney ran away with a Mounted Reserve deputy's horse, and McGraw attacked deputies that tried to corral him. Chesney asked to sit on the horse outside Ralph Wilson Stadium and the daughter of the deputy gave him permission to do so. Then Chesney mounted the horse and rode away. He was told to stop, but ignored the orders from the other deputies, the deputies were then attacked by McGraw and members of his entourage. Chesney was charged with disorderly conduct and released on $100 bail. McGraw was charged with second-degree assault, obstructing governmental administration, menacing and resisting arrest. He was released on $2,500 bail. "Mark"
So thinks Dareus' actions are "an insult to the late Ralph Wilson," among other things.
Wilson will deny paying AWU-WRA $$ for Gillards renos.When that Athol sings next week Gillard going down as Ralph technically paid her renos
Interesting scenario @ June 13 Brace Athol backs up Blewitts evidence of receiving $$.Wilson denies.So Gillard gets $$ from Ralph
Interesting combination Bills and A's. Bills staying in Buffalo?Would be a shame if they didn't. Ralph Wilson is a huge loss.
domain names
Take a look at Claude Monet’s painting La Seine à Argenteuil (est. £7/10m) from the collection of Ralph C. Wilson, Jr
What should we think about this Aaron Williams/Fred Jackson video in the Ralph Wilson Stadium parking lot?
Exploiting ralph wilson's death to disparage a moron like marcell dareus is pure idiocy Pure comedy Holier than thou journalists i love thee
the same Ralph Wilson that Sully trounced on air time after time in the years leading to his passing? Joke.
New Bills mentality for this season that the players should go by WWRWD what would Ralph Wilson do.
I mean seriously, the last thing that crossed my mind when I heard about Dareus was Ralph freaking Wilson.
Russell Wilson Watch: 10 graduate transfers that could make BIG impact in '14
dareus is not an embarrassment to the late Ralph Wilson or WNY, Jerry Sullivan's voice representing WNY is
But either way, the Ralph Wilson line is just through and through over-the-top BS.
Ever since Ralph Wilson died, Marcell Dareus has been out of control. Leave Mongolian Buffet alone.
Quite a leap there. “Jerry Sullivan: Dareus has run out of chances. He is an insult to the memory of Ralph Wilson.
Ralph Wilson planted that tree at the Mongolian Buffet! That's how you honor him Marcel?
So I'm at a bar and I look over and there's Ralph Wilson Stadium across the street
First of all it's hall of FAME. And second... . Joe Montana, Ralph Wilson, Jim Kellys
Getting ready to tour the Ralph Wilson Stadium construction site. I'll have a live report tonight at 5 & 6.
Today I announced, after discussions with individuals in the bond market industry, the County will be re-entering the bond market and selling our own bonds at a cost that should be less than the control board could sell bonds. We will restructure how we repay our debt, employing a similar mechanism the control board uses, to reduce costs from the past. This will ensure the people of Erie County are getting the best bang for the buck and will give the county access to the markets now so if we need to sell millions of dollars in bonds in the near futrure to refinance a retrofit of Ralph Wilson Stadium or the construction of a new stadium the bond market is available to us. I have spoken to the comptroller on this and we will be meeting soon to discuss the matter further. This is a win-win all around.
Remember when it was cool to make Ralph Wilson jokes when he died?
oh and ralph Wilson died while you were gone, u missed the first openly *** NFL player, missed a racist NBA team owner get
Really wished the Bills would have used this patch this year on their unis to honor Ralph Wilson one of the Original AFL Founders
wait, Ralph Wilson is dead and Donald Sterling is still a waste of space and volume?
Malcolm Glazer is the third NFL owner to die in 2014, after William Clay Ford and Ralph Wilson
Because I was too busy prognosticating re the sale of the Bills. And Ralph Wilson isn't Maya Angelou.
no. But your white privilege only got you pissy now. When I did same re Ralph Wilson you were silent. Why?
Ralph Wilson Stadium and Cooperstown this year, Loftus Road and United Center next...That's my goal.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner and president Malcolm Glazer died Wednesday morning at the age of 85. The team announced the news. "Malcolm Glazer was the guiding force behind the building of a Super Bowl-champion organization," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. "His dedication to the community was evident in all he did, including his leadership in bringing Super Bowls to Tampa Bay." The Glazer family bought the Bucs in 1995. The team won its first and only championship after the 2002 season. "He was a friend and a trailblazer," Jon Gruden, who coached the Super Bowl-winning team, said of Glazer in a statement through his current employer, ESPN. "I'll miss him and I thank him for believing in me." Glazer also owned Manchester United, the famed English Premier League soccer club, which won five EPL championships and a Champions League title since he bought the team in 2005. No other information about Glazer's passing was given by the Bucs. His widow, Linda, and their five sons and daughter wil ...
Maya Angelou is not Ralph Wilson. People read her books. Saw her on TV talking about stuff.
Rough off-season for losing owners...first was WC Ford...then, Ralph, Malcom Glazer..R.I.P.
where were you to criticize when we commented on the same pseudo sanctimony when Ralph Wilson died?
1st Al Davis, then Bum Adams, then William Ford, then Ralph Wilson, then Malcolm Glazer. all dead since 2011 whats up with that?
Dark Lo ft Yung Ralph - Russell Wilson: Dark Lo plugs-in with ATL's Yung Ralph to give you, "Russell Wilson." ...
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The other 2 being William Clay Ford Sr. of the Detroit Lions & Ralph Wilson Jr. of the Buffalo Bills
Malcolm Glazer third NFL owner to die this year, after Wm Clay Ford and Ralph Wilson. obit on the way.
One of the best days with my twin in years! 391 miles of riding, lunch at Grover's , the falls and then we got lost and I got to see Ralph Wilson Stadium . FANTASTIC DAY!!!
RIP to Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer, who died today at 85. Joins Ralph Wilson in the owner’s suite in heaven
there are two access points to Ralph Wilson Stadium Abbott Rd and Southwestern Boulevard. Downtown would be similar
One month from today, the 50-Yard Finish at Ralph Wilson Stadium. We'll talk with Dan Horan of about the race tonight at 830
I was at Ralph Wilson for work today . It is a complete war zone. No way it's ready by August 1st
Malcolm Glazer, Al Davis, Ralph Wilson, Bud Adams, Art Modell all dead in the last three years.
Bud Adams, Ralph Wilson and now Malcolm Glazer...3 owners gone in the same offseason. Times changing.
Oh, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a "long-established succession plan in place". Good thing Ralph Wilson did the same... Wait.
Ralph's wife asked me to share this post with you. Update on Ralph Wilson, He is out of the first surgery. He got the balloon cath done and they found a blockage in the back artery of 80% closed. The stents he had put in in 2004 were covered in scar tissue and closed off and thats why he had this heart attack. Because they had to do the stent, they can not put in the pace maker til tomorrow or the next day. It depends on how fast the blood thinners get to a safe level to instal it. Needless to say he is NOT a good patient. He is pissy and wants to just go home. I cant say as I blame him but we need to do what ever we can to get more time. Katrina, Mystic and James all came to the hospital when he went in so he is surrounded by people who love him and will hurt him if he tries to leave before doc says its ok. I have gotten about 30 min of sleep last night so I am still living on caffeine and nicotine.more E cig than real. Came home to update, feed my father and get JR some food out of the fridge. He said t ...
What heck is going on this year. 3 NFL owners past away. First it was Detroit Lions owner Williams Clay, than was Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, now it is Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazers.
I don't get why it's a big deal when guys like Ralph Wilson and Malcolm Glazer die. Like the fans of those teams act so heartbroken
Wow, in a matter of months the owners of my two favourite teams have passed away. Malcolm Glazer of and Ralph Wilson of
NFL owners Bud Adams (TENN), Ralph Wilson (BUF), William Ford (DET) and now Malcolm Glazer have passed away in the last 7 months.
That's four NFL owners who have passed away in the last eight months. Bud Adams, William Clay Ford, Ralph Wilson & Malcolm Glazer.
Ralph Wilson and Glazer in the same year. Dang. RIP.
Ugh. They'll probably just pave a parking lot next to the current Ralph Wilson Stadium to get 20 years of tax breaks.
The guy who owns the Medley Center wants to buy the Bills. In a year all Ralph Wilson will have in it is a Khols.
I have an update on Ralph Wilson that his wife wants me to share on the Essex page. I'm on my iPhone & can't get it to copy. I'll do it from my desk top as soon as I get home.
wide receiver Sammy Watkins addressing the media after signing his rookie deal @ Ralph Wilson…
Kiko Alonso out for six months. Bills announce a jersey buyback program for all fans who sucked a *** in Ralph Wilson parking lot.
Ending my trip the right way, flying over Ralph Wilson Stadium
Chef Wilson from The Ralph teaching Chef Laidlaw and Chef Kuras' Culinary CTE students skills to prepare rabbit.
Ralph Fiennes and Owen Wilson star in Moonrise Kingdome. Featuring Bud Cort as "Bruce Bochy".
just like joe Robbie and Ralph Wilson.
Things you miss while at basic: Ralph Wilson dying. Not a surprise since he was 4000 years old but still.
This is Ralph Wilson wife. He is in the hospital right now. He has has another heart attack and it did a lot of damage, His heart is only working at about 25 to 35% and they will take him to the cath lab in the morning. He will get a defibrillator pace maker and try to balloon cath open the arteries to get better flow, If the pacemaker works it may buy him another 5 yrs. The cant promise 5 but I will take all I can get. If anyone needs updates you can message me, Samantha Jeanne Wilson on FB or I will keep Connie Hawks-Lowrey updated and she can post for me. Thank you all for allowing me to update for him. We pray he gets to see everyone at the reunion on the 7th,
Anyone know the headed of security at Ralph Wilson Stadium??
Jim Kelly and Steve Tasker enter Ralph Wilson Stadium. (Jim said they walked out togeth…
This guy deserves season tickets for life: fan gets tattoo of Ralph Wilson's face.
Ralph Wilson Jr. did such a good job grilling these ribs, I got half a mind to jump up from the table and slap him lol
For my close friends/Who have been asking, looking for upcoming 2014 NFL Buffalo Bills -vs- (Your favorite team - etc) game tickets BEFORE they are sold out OR go on sale @ Ralph Wilson Stadium. Just Announced Date - "Annual Season Tickets Holders Sales Dates" for the few remaining tickets to those games...Tuesday June 3rd. In other words, - If your looking for tickets at (Face Value!) - I can grab them for you before sales the to General Public.Cheaper then second hand market prices...(Message me for further information!). Of course, as always, for my close long time friends.I always have two additional tickets available for you all year long...My treat.
The Asbury Christian Fellowship Ministries heart and prayers goes out to the Reformed Zion Union Apostolic Churches of America. Rzua Churches . It's with great sadness that we heard of the passing of your Presiding Prelate and Bishop The Right Reverend George H. Studivant!!! We pray for your comfort in your time of lost!!! God Speed Rev. Curley Ralph Wilson, Jr. Executive Minister
owner-in honor of Ralph Wilson were going to fleece the people of western ny for everything they've got b/c we can. It's wrong.
Ralph Blewitt says he withdrew $50,000 cash and gave it to Bruce Wilson who then gave it to AWU President Bill Ludwig
When people tried to tell me Ralph on the unseen paper is an animal
I bet Ralph Wilson Stadium has some pretty good fries.
Im still saying that the Ralph character can suck a cahk
Ugh, I hate shelling out big money for a jersey, but I'd love one with the Ralph Wilson patch.
will it be possible to get jerseys with the Ralph Wilson patch on it??
I am so happy that I am here to celebrate another Birthday .. This was a *** of a year for me but I made it thru. I thank God for letting me see this day so Guess what THE TURN UP IS REAL.and I'm screaming all the way to Ralph Wilson Happy Birthday Francheska Ned see u later my present.
Limited Edition. Design of Screaming Maldini Logo by Ralph Wilson. Worded "Screaming Maldini" on the back. Available in White, Grey, Blue and Black. Includes immediate download of Islands in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
absolutely horrible. Same mistake as ralph wilson in orchard park
. "... More damning evidence against Wilson and Gillard is yet to come, and it’s overwhelming ... ".
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Ralph Wilson Stadium changing colors: As part of the ongoing Ralph Wilson Stadium renovations, the Ralph is ta...
buffalo payed a steep price but Watkins will be a big time difference maker. Rip Ralph Wilson
Whomever thought of the selfie Sammy Watkins t-shirt should never be allowed in Ralph Wilson Stadium ever again.
Ralph Wilson Stadium will undergo a huge upgrade -focused on improving the fan experience - before the start of the 2014 season. As announced in December 2012 and conceptualized in the renderings below, the $130 million project will greatly improve the look and feel of gameday for all fans.
Mary Wilson & Ralph Wilson taught Chad McCawley & now teaching ours girls Ashton McCawley & Reagan McCawley ,we have special place in our heart for them & all our FFA Family cause it is truly a Family and we are Proud to be part of
Bruce Wilson legal eagle Dr Kath tore into Ralph pointing out massive inconsistencies in his evidence
Pathetic Ralph Blewitt. Couldn't even be bothered read own statements prepared for police.. So he says..
Ralph Blewitt is getting a bit of a touch up in the witness stand. Roles will be reversed when Bruce Wilson is in the stand.
I can't wait for Wilson's counsel to explain where Ralph spent all the money
That is what she is trying, And the is exactly why Wilson had Ralph put everything in his name
If Ralph is a fraud mastermind, legal eagle and liar as Wilson;s counsel is attempting to portray - he has me fooled!
Ralph Blewitt takes umbrage to Wilson lawyer comments and says he knows he is under oath
at one point Ralph says 'I couldn't swear by that' and Wilson lawyer quickly responds that he is swearing by that, he is under oath
Ralph Blewitt says he is not scared of Bruce Wilson anymore, but wouldn't want to run into him outside after yesterday's brawl
Wilson's counsel not interested in the fraud of the 1990s, just who the friends of Ralph Blewitt in 2014 are, dear oh dear.
Wilson’s defence is that we can’t believe Ralph Blewitt because he associates with too many people who want justice done. Horror!
Bruce Wilson's counsel K.Hanscombe is questioning the credibility of Ralph Blewitt's evidence
Dr Kristine Hanscombe QC who represents Bruce Wilson now begins cross-examination of Ralph Blewitt.
AWU Union Royal commission with Ralph Blewitt on NOW - Wilson due shortly - watch live at
Ralph still being cross-examined by own legal eagle Bob Galbally. Still waiting 4 Wilson's lawyer 2 grill Ralph about his evidence
Ralph Blewitt tells royal commission that Bill Ludwig received secret slush fund payment of $50k from Bruce Wilson
Royal commission into trade unions is about to resume. Bruce Wilson's counsel will cross examine Ralph Blewitt
So Ralph Wilson's will puts the Bills up for sale, not staying in the family? Because that's worked so well in Washington smh
Royal Commission back on today at 2pm when Bruce Wilson's barrister Dr Hanscombe QC will cross-examine Ralph Blewitt
Sundays at Ralph Wilson will never be the same 😭💔 best of wishes in San Fran Stevie, you will be…
Day One -- Ralph Blewitt incriminates all the usual suspects. Wilson goes the Biff !
explains why he's standing side by side in solidarity with alleged sister rapist Ralph Blewett
Why is their no film footage of bruce wilson fight but plenty of film footage of Ralph having a smoke and coffee? Anyone ask?
Russ Brandon saying Ralph Wilson will be on his mind ever day for the rest of his life.
Now Bruce Wilson Lawyer tried to stall .. Even wanted Ralph to come back later. Commissioner said "You have known since election"
According to Blewitt, Ludwig was so close to Wilson that he was “grooming him” to be a future Labor prime minister. http:…
As far as National media attention goes.this is Buffalo's year. The passing of Ralph Wilson, the unfortunate illness of Jim Kelly, Andre Reed inducted into the Hall of Fame, Buffalo playing in the Hall of Fame game, the sale of the Bills, and the Donald Trump story are all going to bring media attention to Buffalo and the Bills. Networks and stations will be looking for points of interest and we the fans will be one of them. We plan on getting 12th Man Thunder and our fans some of that media attention to tell our story. We want our voices to be (herd) on the future of the Bills.
Grabbing my Buffalo Bills tickets next week for opening day against the dirty fish. Me, Dad, Johnny, and Robert Thompson will be arriving at Ralph Wilson Stadium a day early to enjoy the festivities. I Can't wait to be bombarded by a swarm of crazy drunk nonsense. Its all of western NYs finest in a one mile radius. Hopefully we can leave with Robert in one piece.
throwing a flag for talking about the Bills without mentioning Jim Kelly or Ralph Wilson or Donald Trump.
even after the passing of Ralph Wilson and Jim Kelly's current medical condition, still get no Mon/Sun night game. How and why?
If so, expect a ton of Ralph Wilson and Jim Kelly tributes.
16-0 this year, for Ralph Wilson and Jim Kelly
' HC Marv Levy joined us earlier to share his thoughts on Jim Kelly, Ralph Wilson & Donald Trump. Audio:
We had a great time :) thanks four your visit Dm Wilson and Ralph Wilson.
"Keep it human. Keep it simple. Keep it classy." Everyone can learn from the Buffalo Bills' example following Ralph Wilson's passing
Just heard a really horrible joke and I don't even want repeat it but here goes. Q. What's Ralph Wilson getting for Xmas?. A. Jim Kelly
First thing The Donald is gonna do is outfit Ralph Wilson Stadium with slot machine arm rests.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of a very rewarding 'lunch' with my newest 'BFF,' Mr. Willie King, whom I first met in conjunction with the service for Jack and Louise's son Kyle. I use the word 'lunch' in quotes because it was much MORE than lunch... for we also made 'side trips' to a couple of schools: Ralph Wilson Elem. and Oak Park Middle. Including the place we ate for lunch, I got to see three places where Mr. King had had a very profound impact on other people's lives. RWE was the most engaging stop we made. There a large number of 5th graders gathered around us in the libary and recited 'a-loud' (so much so that I was a bit embarrassed) and in perfect unison two poems that he had them learn as part of the Homework Night he has developed. One was about 'fear' (that was made fairly well known in a movie "Coach Carter") and the other called "The Bridge Builder." As I marveled at how well they knew and communicated these fairly long works, I was struck by the closing words of the latter one, which q ...
Thanks to all who signed our banner honoring the late Ralph Wilson, Jr. . We're delivering it to the Buffalo
The buffalo sabres select in this years nhl draft from detroit Ralph Wilson lmfao!
The body of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson isn't even cold yet and Jon Bon Jovi is possibly moving in to buy a share of the team. There is a report that he is teaming up with a group of investors from Toronto, and, if approved, they may look to move the team to there. However, the Bills have a lease to play in Buffalo until 2020.
Still not one mention of Ralph Wilson Jr. I hope gets cancelled & u go back to Philly. Low-end beat writer.
PRO FOOTBALL TALK : 4/15/2014 9:55 PMDespite the bluster, the bravado, and the convenient revisions to the history of his antagonism of the NFL, billionaire Donald Trump would have a good chance of being approved as owner of the Bills, if the family of Ralph Wilson decides to sell the team to him...
Love ya Robert Wilson; Ralph Wilson n Kenneth. All my boys who are now men. Miss all of you.
ya and Wilson cup. Leggo? & I'm taking Ralph for chipotle that day too
Ralph Wilson former and owner of may be taken over by I hope he keeps them in buffalo
“Poll: who dies first?. The old man from Pawn Stars or Ralph Wilson Jr.?”
Ralph Blewitt has been pretty gutsy to come clean Hope they charge Gillard and Wilson next
(1/2) Now that Ralph Blewitt is being interviewed, what will MSM make of Wilson & Gillard refusing to do the same?.
AWU ‘Slush fund’ Ralph Blewitt expecting fraud charges! this slush fund will become a big slushy 4 Wilson & then Gillard, we hope
Ralph Wilson must be rolling over in his grave at the thought of Donald Trump trying to buy the Bills.
new ownership will be interesting. Ralph Wilson used to buy out leftover tickets. Wonder how that will effect televisingthe bills
replacing Ralph Wilson with Donald Trump might be the worst downgrade in ownership in sports
With Ralph Blewitt to be charged over the AWU scandal u have to wonder how well Wilson & his X lover & legal adviser r sleeping
With the passing of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. in March, speculation has began to swirl about who the next owner would be.
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I hope Ralph Wilson's corpse is being eaten by sandworms from Dune for making us talk about Trump and Bon Jovi.
How about announcing..."Here's BonJovi" on Trump Field at Ralph Wilson Stadium?
I believe the family of Ralph Wilson would stipulate that they can't move team when they sell. Not sure Trump would like that.
Since the passing of longtime Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, the NFL world has been wondering what the next step will be with the ownership of the team. One man who is emerging as a potential buyer is well-known billionaire Donald Trump.
interviewed at Danny's across from Ralph Wilson about as a possible buyer of the I have him two thumbs up.
Trump Field at Ralph Wilson Stadium has a nice ring to it
Down for Donald Trump owning the Bills, as great as Ralph Wilson was that franchise needs someone to reenergize the organization top down.
I hope purchases the bills. Ralph Wilson's team deserves to stay in buffalo. You're the man, Don. Keep doin' you.
"My greatest memory in coaching is walking up the tunnel in Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday." - Marv Levy
Just when you thought the Bills couldn't have a worse owner than Ralph Wilson... is now vying for the ownership
why are all of my taxes going to find Ralph Wilson Stadium? I don’t even use them to diversify my portfolio!
.RB talks about the loss of Ralph Wilson & staying productive as he gets older --->
Wilson: USA striker Jozy Altidore just can't shake struggles at Sunderland
THE DONALD IS SERIOUS. Billionaire entrepreneur and professional famous person, Donald Trump insists he's serious about buying Buffalo Bills And he wants to keep the team in Western New York if only, for one thing ,His Boeing 757 could get from New York City to Buffalo in an hour. THE DONALD isn't the only high-profile celebrity linked to the Bills, who are expected to be sold following the death of longtime owner Ralph Wilson. Jon Bon Jovi reportedly will be the face of a Toronto-based group seeking to purchase the club.
They put Ralph Wilson in the HALL OF FAME for challenging the NFL!
Spokesman says Donald Trump has contacted NFL and Ralph Wilson's estate about his interest in buying
What a powerful, spirit-filled, uplifting life celebration for my father in law! Its amazing that the questions we ask and seem unanswered can all be answered in one place, through one lil push! The Lord showed up and showed out. Now I understand Plyler Hemphill you get it from your daddy!!! Such a blessing and a honor to be a product of a PHENOMENAL MAN. You cant help but to be GREAT, its in your DNA😇! Rest on Ralph Wilson Sr-Rest on! Glory to God for the good things He has done and is doing in our lives!!!
The Bills cannot be sold, they are Ralph Wilson's legacy.
Take a look back at the storied career of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. Source Material:
Did you know? The late Ralph Wilson, owner of the was a 33° Scottish Rite Mason.
Focus: A celebration of the life of Ralph Wilson. WATCH:
With hundreds of pictures and mementos on display honoring Buffalo Bills' late owner Ralph Wilson, Bruce Smith...
Hundreds in line for Ralph Wilson memorial event
If you missed the sneak peek inside the public Ralph Wilson Remembrance event planned for Sat.another preview tonight at 11pm!
6 reasons to be excited about the Ralph Wilson Stadium renovations
Ralph Wilson’s presence was felt all around One Drive this week. PHOTOS:
Another reason I love buffalo : They just announced on the news , as a reminder, ralph wilsons memorial will NOT be a tail gating event .
The NFL is more profitable and popular than ever. So why are they so uneasy? was at league meetings:
Looking forward to seeing Draft Day, but wishing Buffalo and NYS had made it worth their while financially to host the movie production. Esp in the wake of Ralph Wilson's death, it would have made for an emotional ride. (from the producers: When the idea for the movie was first made public, the movie was to be centered around the Buffalo Bills, but the studio subsequently changed it to the Cleveland Browns because of cheaper production costs in Ohio.)
Would anyone by any chance have a black tie i could borrow? Im working valet for Ralph Wilson's memorial event tomorrow bright and early 😞
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Fan celebration and remembrance of Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. planned for April 5
Thanks for the info & quick reply. Sounds like it will be a wonderful event to celebrate Ralph Wilson's life.
Here's everything you need to to know about tomorrow's memorial/celebration for Mr. Wilson
Is anyone going to the fan appreciation for Ralph Wilson tomorrow?
Abbott Rd is expected to remain open. Here's some details, including parking info:
Ralph Wilson's public remembrance is tomorrow at the fieldhouse at 1BD. The Bills Mafia will be taking the...
Ralph Wilson couldnt stand to watch his beloved Jim Kelly suffer. Jim Kelly is a special quarterback. say if anybody is owed one
Former S joining & me right now on talking about the late Ralph Wilson
No, your name’s fine. Call me crazy, but I don’t think Aaron Rodgers or Ralph Wilson’s ghost were really in my Google doc
Bills Fieldhouse set up for Ralph Wilson memorial service: Fans will be gathering at the Buffalo Bills Fieldhouse...
Ralph Wilson's office has been set up for tomorrow's memorial service for late owner.
Wish I was going to buffalo tomorrow for the Ralph Wilson celebration
Ralph Wilson loved to laugh. And unlike many of his stuffed-shirt, self-important peers in the NFL ownership fraternity, he wasn’t afraid to poke fun at himself. The man who paid the Bills had a million stories, and one he reveled in telling was about the time in the early 1960s when some friends pe...
Mary Wilson, widow of Ralph Wilson, takes over as owner:
Fans can see Ralph Wilson's HOF bust, re-creation of his office at Sat's 1-4 pm celebration of Bills owner's life at field house.
Ralph Wilson's widow takes team control
Following the death of owner Ralph Wilson, the future of the Buffalo Bills in Western New York is in doubt. The Buffalo News reported Tuesday that th
Ralph Wilson Jr. Died today... Sources confirm... It was Ralph tho
you basically just said you are glad Ralph Wilson is dead.
Some of the many exhibits going up for tomorrow's public Ralph Wilson memorial.
May Wilson needs to tighten her grip on all of Ralph's lackeys.They look like a bunch of crap throwing monkeys.
Ralph Wilson's widow takes team control: Mary Wilson is taking over as the Buffalo Bills' controlling owner after...
Mary Wilson, Ralph Wilson's widow, will take the ownership for now, but will eventually sell the team at a more appropriate time.
TY to for raising over $6,100 for HH during its Sunday Tailgate celebrating the life of Mr. Ralph Wilson…
Wow. Ralph Wilson passed away, Kelly has cancer and the bills sign another thug. Who cares put more important issues on the news. Makes me sick
Janine Devanney Interesting fact about how proper skin care and internal health is always connected and so important --Hyaluronic Acid (which can hold 1000 x it's weight in water ) may hold each energy center (the chakras) in place. The hyluronic acid molecules create "zones" which play a role in conducting chi throughout each molecule- Dr. Ralph Wilson
Was honored to pay tribute to long-time Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson’s life and legacy on the House Floor.
ESPN - Ralph Wilson's widow Mary Bills' owner, team says "will establish process at appropriate time for sale"
Report: Bills could have new owner by October Posted by Mike Florio on April 3, 2014, 7:58 PM EDT AP When Bills owner Ralph Wilson died last week, it initially was suggested that a sale by the Wilson family may not happen for a while. Now comes word that it could happen this year. According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, efforts to sell the team have landed on the proverbial fast track. A deal could be negotiated — and a new buyer could be approved — by the time the league’s owners gather in October. Graham explains that it’s more likely approval would happen by December 2014 or March 2015. Much needs to be done before such a valuable asset can change hands. The potential speed of a sale invites strong speculation that a buyer already has been identified — and that the buyer is believed to be someone at least 24 owners would be willing to welcome to a very exclusive affiliation of millionaires and billionaires. A quick sale would make it hard for current ownership to tie the hands of a ne .. ...
A big GameChanger thank you to Coach Watts and Dante Mastroguiseppe for inviting us to see the hard work that goes on at the Special Teams Academy at Ralph Wilson Stadium in the field house for the Buffalo Bills! Keep up the hard work Dante! Amazing program Coach Watts!!
The death of Ralph Wilson tugged at the hearts of many Buffalo Bills fans. Many sat at home wanting to so do something to honor him, and Saturday they can say their own personal farewell.
In case yu didn't hear, Ralph Wilson's wife is the new owner of the Bill's.
Mary Wilson, the widow of former Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, is now the controlling owner of the team, the Bills announced Thursday.
Ralph Wilson, one of the founding owners of the American Football League, died at the age of 95. Ed Rutkowski, who played for the Buffalo Bills for six seasons in the 1960s, joins Bill Littlefield to help us remember Wilson.
Oh it's on. Den we been grinding in the fee agency market got key pieces especially Brandon spikes so kiko cab run free and disrupt allot. And address l added Corey Graham. And Anthony Dixon from the 49rs... Feed might be gone if Dixon turn up heavy like in thanking..,. ONE BILLS DRIVE.. Ralph Wilson Stadium.
There's a owner search?. I just assumed Ralph Wilson had heirs for the team.
Salute to Mary Wilson for taking over the Bills. RIP Ralph Wilson.
The Bills franchise has officially been passed from the late Ralph Wilson to his widow, Mary Wilson.
Tim Graham of the Buffalo News,citing a “high-ranking Bills source,” reports that the team could have a new owner as early as October of this year. According to Graham, the Bills are expected to begin evaluating offers for the franchise in the next few months. Graham’s source mentioned that the annual labor meeting in December or the owners meetings in March could be a “more likely timetable” for a sale of the franchise. However, October reportedly remains a possibility. Any sale of a franchise requires a 75 percent approval by the owners, but depending on candidate, that probably won’t be a huge obstacle. For the time being, Mary Wilson, Ralph Wilson’s widow, has taken over control of the team. Billionaire Donald Trump mentioned that he has been contacted about potentially purchasing the team, although it’s hard to say how plausible that idea really is at this point in time.
Ralph Wilson's widow now controlling Bills, team to eventually be sold (National Football Post)
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WKBW) - Following the passing of founder and sole-owner Ralph Wilson, Jr., the Buffalo Bills have announced that his wife Mary has become controlling owner of the team. The team released a statement Thursday afternoon, stating:"A process will be established at an appropriate time...
Oh good. Ralph Wilson's widow is now the sole owner of the Buffalo Bills. No Donald Trump taking over. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.
. I love Ralph Wilson ! But I could learn to love Donald ... Trump Dome ... Has a nice ring ...
Yes. It should have been Donald suffering through 4 Super Bowl losses, not Ralph Wilson. Life is so unfair...
Who will take over ownership of the Bills in lieu of Ralph Wilson? Maybe this guy.
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thinking of replacing Ralph Wilson as Bills owner. Two guys of seemingly opposite values.
Holy crap Donald Trump likely successor to Ralph Wilson
The statement from Ralph Wilson at the bottom of page 2 is amazing:
I'm sure the weather is the culprit here and that all these will make it into online News eventually. But you'll find in today's News: Colin's Column on Buffalo United Artists Theater, Book Reviews of Ward Just novel, Brooks Robinson and Rosie Perez memoirs and hilariously anti-social new book by Douglas Coupland, Listening Post reviews of Future Islands, tributes to Dylan and Merle Haggard, a Bolshoi Singer and a Persian Symphonist and Jazz clarinetist Oran Etkin and my column on the coverage of Ralph Wilson's death. A lot of stuff worth reading, I think.
Doug Marrone mourns Ralph Wilson: 'Who's going to pick up that torch?'
Former Buffalo Bill Ed Rutkowski shares his memories of owner Ralph Wilson:
I have a heavy heart for our Buffalo Bills and our town. These are great people who keep spirit and hope alive from February to September, waiting for a win from September to February. Ralph Wilson was an amazing owner of the franchise and kept the team spiirit alive, never selling out. Jim Kelly be strong!!! You have people that believe in your resiliance, hence those 4 runs at the Super Bowl, your son and the fight for Hunter. Jill you don't remember me but I was a cheereleader at ND HS while you were a cheerleader for your high school. We did half time refreshments for you guys 2x's my senior year wile you were a junior. Your an amazing woman with amazing strength. Keep the faith WITH your daughters. I love Western NY all the way from Texas and Billieve in our SPIRIT!!!
As the prepare for owner Ralph Wilson's funeral, ex-Bill talks about Wilson's legacy
Ralph Wilson is dead and Jim Kelly has cancer. Even in March the losses keep coming for the Buffalo Bills.
when I think of the tax dollars spent sports teams and the SUPER profits earned by Ralph Wilson, and then I see the Water treatment plant spilling over raw sewage into lake Erie and our children have no swimming and contaminated water.I am reminded why I think Brian HIGGANS and INCUMBENTS need to be voted out. PRIORITIES.OUR drinking water...our children's health...vs NETWORKS of Career politicians. They always primp up items that only help those who can give them something back.
My good pal Phil Weimer came up with a great way to honor Mr. Ralph Wilson and support Jim Kelly thru his fight with cancer.everyone wear your bills attire today in honor of these great men! Here you go phil! Don't forget to post your pics!!!
Nice tributes to owner Ralph Wilson from Bill Polian and
Since people defriended me over Ralph Wilson, think I should start posting my hate towards Jim Kelly? :)
Shameful disrespected US. Flag when didn't 1/2 staff flag for passing of Ralph Wilson
While memories of Ralph Wilson continue to come in, the team is getting back to business.
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Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson passed away at the age of 95 on Tuesday, and the love for him has not died since his passing. For years, the Bills have used a version of the song “Shout” as their song for whenever the team scores a touchdown or field goal. Keeping with the tradition of […]
I know all you Bills fans loved Ralph Wilson Jr and what he's done for the game. But what has he done for your beloved Bills? 17 playoff appearances in 54 years. Oof.
Goodell mourning Wilson but acknowledges we have to find a solution' for Bills
Reaction on the death Tuesday of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson: - Huffington Post
''He's our leader, our mentor, our friend. How he loved his players and loved our community. Special guy. They don't make them like Ralph Wilson. They just don't.'' Will be missed by ALL beloved Bills fans!
Today's big winners: Ralph Wilson and Jim Kelly Ralph Wilson and Jim Kelly helped decorate my grandparents' family room. Growing up in Pittsburgh, I'd make the three hour trip to the suburbs just o...
as first reported by Ralph Wilson's funeral is slated for Saturday in Detroit, it will be a private affair
Bills owner Ralph Wilson's funeral to be private affair in Detroit on Saturday
Bills owner Wilson's funeral set for Saturday
AUDIO: My conversation w/former HC *** Jauron...on Ralph Wilson, years with team & relationship after firing .
If you haven't read Peter King's latest column on Ralph Wilson - I would highly recommend it!
...Missing Bills football? Tailgating? Come enjoy the party Sunday in honor of Ralph ..
TBT: One of the perks of growing up Western New York was getting student teachers from St. Bonaventure University in grade school. Here's a picture of Ms. Stacy Harrington, who was my 5th grade student teacher at Hinsdale Central School. With the passing of Ralph Wilson, I thought Stacy would be an appropriate Throw Back Thursday picture. What, you ask, does Stacy and Ralph have in common? Well, Stacy was a Buffalo Jill. How many kids had a Buffalo Jill as a student teacher!? Thanks Ralph for the Buffalo Bills and Jills in WNY!
RIP to the legendary Ralph Wilson. I was blessed to be apart of that great organization. His legacy will not be forgotten. …
PROGRAMMING NOTE: The Ralph Wilson special will be rebroadcast at 11:30p on Sunday, March 30.
Ralph Wilson and Jim Kelly built a family in Buffalo, not a football team via
Great piece about a great guy. R.I.P. Ralph Wilson | The MMQB with Peter King - via
Bayonne to Buffalo. This is going to be a special year. Be part of it. Help us honor Ralph Wilson.
Funeral arrangements have been made for Bills owner Ralph Wilson, Jr. who died at the age of 95. Tuesday.
great article about Ralph, talks about loan he gave Raiders to keep them afloat in '62
Equivalent to $8M today --> Ralph Wilson reportedly helped Al Davis with $1M in loans in the 1960's to help kee…
ralph Wilson originally paid 25grand for the Buffalo Bills. wow.
Rest in Peace Ralph Wilson. Your fans in heaven are waiting for ya big guy, thanks for many good years. 💔💙🏈
JUST IN: Sunday's tailgate party in honor of Ralph Wilson will be at the Wings Pavillion- 3964 California Rd, OP, right be…
NFL community reacts to death of Ralph Wilson ..Bills NFLNews
Sorry to learn of Ralph Wilson passing - knew him very well. A grand man & one of the best owners - res…
When Art Modell moved us to Baltimore, Ralph Wilson voted against it, then provided discounted tickets for CLE fans to …
Collin Ward Ralph Wilson had his Tim cluess game on
If the bills do want a new would be a good time to put an MLS team bid in for Ralph Wilson Stadium.. Turn a negative into a double positive for the economy..
A private funeral for Buffalo Bills founder Ralph Wilson will be held Saturday in Detroit, the team has announced.
He was the most important person in the history of sports in Buffalo and a leader in the NFL becoming what it is today. But more than that, Bills owner Ralph Wilson was a world-class human being and he will be missed
Normally $49.95, Today it's 25% OFF and ONLY $36.95 to let as many fans as possible to support our team to win for Ralph Wilson!
With the recent passing of Ralph Wilson Jr many people are wondering what's next to come for the team. Will they have a buyer that will keep the team in Buffalo or will they move to a bigger more appealing city that thrives on big money dollars?!? After spending the past couple of days listening to wgr it really isn't looking so good for our beloved team to stay in our city for years to come. Why does everything always have to revolve around money? That's why Ralph Wilson was one of the best owners in the league, he could have taken the team to a big city and make multiple millions of dollars but he decided to keep them here cause he knew how much the team meant to the people of Buffalo. We potentially have only 6 years left with our team before some huge decisions have to be made! Would you as a die hard bills fan want to see your team leave and never return? Would you want your children or your children's children grow up in a city that could potentially lose everything? This isn't good for the city of ...
Very sad week for the Buffalo Bills community, even the NFL, whether you love them or hate them, Both Jim Kelly and Ralph Wilson have made their mark in the football world. I really hope that Jim Kelly is able to beat this cancer and continue his journey whether or not he is involved with football.
So with the passing of Ralph Wilson. Will this be one of those magical yrs for the bills. Do I need to look to see what the odds are for the bills to win there division, AFC championship, Super Bowl , etc
The Ralph Wilson Tailgate party you have heard about has been moved to The Wings Flight lot... Join us THIS SUNDAY (March 30th) 1-5pm at THE WINGS FLIGHT PARKING LOT, 3964 California Road (right behind Ralph Wilson Stadium) as we say thank you to Mr. Wilson the best way Bills fan know how, with a tailgate.
Private funeral services for Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson will be held in his hometown of Detroit on Saturday.
This is a letter from 80 year old Ralph Wilson to (then) NFL commisioner Paul Tagliabue regarding a $50,000 fine he received for criticising officials after a loss at New England. It was the famous pass interference call on a Hail Mary, and the call before that on the sidelines when the one official said "just give it to them" about a first down call for NE. He was a pretty fiesty old man!
I was very disappointed that Nightly News chose not to cover the death of Ralph Wilson. A pioneer in the AFL, and the sort of citizen who believes in bettering his community and his world. I guess it doesn't rate as highly as old film footage of babe Ruth standing in the dugout.
Family to hold private funeral for Ralph Wilson: Family members will say good bye to Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Satur...
so now that Ralph Wilson is dead... How long until the Toronto Bills?? ... Too soon?
It's a bad day for the Buffalo Bills organization and all of football in general, as Hall of Fame owner Ralph Wilson passed away on Tuesday.
May God Bless Ralph Wilson an icon in football. RIP Ralph!! Sending love and prayers to Jim Kelly and family!! One of the greatest quarterbacks!! God Bless you Jim!
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