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Ralph Sampson

Ralph Lee Sampson, Jr. (born July 7, 1960) is a retired American college and professional basketball player.

David Robinson Malcolm Brogdon Houston Rockets Grant Hill Hakeem Olajuwon Georgia Tech Tim Duncan James Worthy Patrick Ewing Bill Walton Moses Malone Tony Bennett Michael Jordan Brook Lopez Jason Sudeikis Chapel Hill North Carolina

he was hating some months back, and I let him know my displeasure, and he blocked me like Ralph Sampson.
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Young Ralph Sampson at stretch 4. You know he wanted to be on the perimeter anyway.
yeah that's true. People like Yao, Grant Hill, Bill Walton, and Ralph Sampson could have been LEGENDS if it wasn't for injury
Tonight on at 5: I talk with former player Ralph Sampson about how he's giving back to
For a Hall that includes Jamaal Wilkes, Mitch Richmond, and Ralph Sampson, that's more than enough.
Start of a new week. Seize the occasion like Ralph Sampson
The 1985-1986 Houston Rockets,I would love to play with A Young Hakeem and Ralph Sampson
I'm thinking Isiah thomas has some type of herpes for sure. Can't even think about Ralph sampson's *** right now.
Shaq, Hakeem, Duncan, David Robinson, Ralph Sampson are the only people with 18pts 10rb 1.5 blks in their rookie sea
A PR flack abandons the war to trek home to the slums of Detroit, where Ralph Sampson awaits her. Told entirely in flashbacks.
Did you have any similar experiences with Ralph Sampson on Grounds in 79-83?
Awesome Week at Camp! Thank you Ralph Sampson III for the Pic.
Anthony-Towns with a unanimous win. 3rd center in history to do so, joining elite company of Ralph Sampson & David Robinson.
Big KAT joins Dame Lillard, Blake Griffin, David Robinson & Ralph Sampson as only unanimous NBA Rookies of the Year
PHOTOS: Tony Bennett, Ralph Sampson, Justin Anderson and others came to Bowl for Kids' Sake. htt…
Breast Cancer Awareness
For basketball legends Ralph Sampson and Debbie Ryan, helping fight cancer is personal, writes
Ralph Sampson selfies, nicknaming "Tobes", chats with Everson, one of the best…
A lot of players were suppose to be great but injuries and unfortunate circumstances stopped them... T-Mac, Grant Hill, Vince, Ralph Sampson
LOL. Melo gonna moonwalk into the Hall of Fame. Yao Ming and Ralph Sampson are in
I first met the great Ralph Sampson back at the P.I.T.
They would have traded the pick to Houston for Ralph Sampson. But I mean, ANYONE would have. He was going to be the next Russell.
They got Ralph Sampson in the pen, too
I remember when the traded for Ralph Sampson.
Ok my Clutch City Rockets loyalty has been questioned, really *** I've been dwn since Ralph Sampson now can u buy that pimping.
😂 you can get out of my mentions Ralph Sampson
Towns a slam-dunk pick for NBA Rookie of the Year: Only four players in NBA history (Ralph Sampson, David Robi...
Ralph Sampson wasn't there when Hakeem won
If it wasn't for injuries, Ralph Sampson and Olajuwon would've dominated
Larry bird last title . Went 39-1 at home . Beat Hakeem , Ralph Sampson and Robert Reid in the finals.
Timmy n rob only because Ralph Sampson never reached his full potential
Ralph Sampson will always be my favorite NBA center.
Ralph Sampson came into my job and he hit his poor head, that man is so tall!
Robinson and Duncan. Ralph Sampson and Hakeem didn't work out
Barry, Sampson, Haywood part of Naismith tourney in Naples
Barry, Sampson, Haywood, Payton coming to for Naismith golf tourney
a long time ago in NBA it used to be 2 out of 3-I think that was Ralph Sampson winner in LA in 1981
Met Ralph Sampson at the coffee shop today. Pretty dope. Hard to talk to someone with your head straight up in the air.
'Froback Friday! The great Ralph Sampson against the great Patrick Ewing in 1983.
I still have to stop and think now Sampson? Nugs have Sampson on the team. Don't know why I have that mental block when it comes to Ralph.
yep - grew up w/Ralph Sampson so rooted for them early…went to a tiny school for undergrad, but did graduate work at Tech
Flight club and the Polo Ralph Lauren store🔥
I would've loved if we got the Ralph Sampson who played at UVA or even Houston. He took a dump in Golden State.
my second one is "what if the rockets accepted deal from the trail blazers to send Ralph Sampson to them." Hope u consider them!
Malcolm Brogdon hopes to be the 1st UVA player to win the Wooden Award since Ralph Sampson in 1983.
3X National POY Ralph Sampson is on our list of best college career in franchise over Shane/Elvin/Calvin/Hakeem. http…
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Come by the show tomorrow at Root Park in Houston. Guests on set include Ralph Sampson...Kenny Smith...Bill Walton..Doug Got…
Today, in a moment of quiet meditation, I realized that John Mayer is basically the Ralph Sampson of blues guitarists
Come on butler. This is Virginia. They haven't been good since Ralph Sampson. dont fold.
Saturday's game vs, Butler will be Mike Tobey's 136th at No one--not even Ralph Sampson--has played more.
Sports Illustrated cover with DePaul's Mark Aguirre...oh and Ralph Sampson.
First ACC Tournament I was ever at was 1982 w UNC-UVA in finals. James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Michael Jordan, Ralph Sampson, Othell Wilson...
Ralph Sampson on Virginia. Name 1 other guy on that team?
Luckily met one of the greatest college hoops players ever last night: former center Ralph Sampson!
Seeing Reggie Love, James Worthy, Ralph Sampson, Spudd Webb and my Sydney while learning about
Tony Bennett's arrival the most important for since Ralph Sampson's. Teams are smart, hard-working & so fundamentally sound.
This Toby guy on Virginia is like Ralph Sampson
The great Ralph Sampson in the house again.
Malcolm Brogdon stayed with Ralph Sampson when visited campus as a High School senior.
Ralph Sampson's block on Kareem sky hook seemed more impressive
Kareem never got the same elevation on his lefty hook. Even Ralph Sampson could block the lefty.
Question for fans. Is Malcolm the best player you've had since Ralph Sampson?
Last night, I walked into the Verizon center just behind Ralph sampson. He is not short.
“Brogdon, he’s a rock..He’s a terrific leader, and he doesn't do it by yelling. He just never takes a play off.”
Tonight Huggins needs to do what NC state did to Ralph Sampson back in the 80s. Not even playing
Ran into legend Ralph Sampson after UVA's big win! And I thought I was tall!
Older UVA fans still get mad if asked how many NCAA championships UVA won with Ralph Sampson.😏
I was probably more excited to see the interview with Ralph Sampson then to see UVA win
Am very impressed Ralph Sampson has no gray in his hair.
So we get to see and Ralph Sampson during halftime? Wahoowa!
Giannis had to swooping Don's last night like James Worthy. He's got the length of Ralph Sampson and game like Pippen.
Gotta love this guy:. Malcolm Brogdon--Virginia’s most decorated player since Ralph Sampson--still isn't satisfied.
article: "Malcolm Brogdon is most decorated player. Still not satisfied."
For Malcolm Brodgon, it's always been "captain of the world" or bust:
Link to this morning's article in the Washington Post on Malcolm Brogdon
Jeffrey L. Boney with NBA legend Ralph Sampson here in D.C. @ Washington, District of Columbia
Malcolm Brogdon becomes the first hoops player since Ralph Sampson to be named a first-team All-American. https:/…
Malcolm is the first UVA player to earn first-team All-America honors since Ralph Sampson in 1983!
Malcolm Brogdon is Virginia’s most decorated player since Ralph Sampson. He’s still not satisfied.
senior guard Malcolm Brogdon has been named a First-Team All-American by Sporting News... first UVA player since Ralph Sam…
For the famed Capital Classic Basketball game, the national team high school all-stars practiced in our school's gym (i.e. Ralph Sampson).
Playoff games with at least 20 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 5 blocks in NBA history. Tim Duncan: 2. Ralph Sampson: 1. David Robinson: 1
NBA Hall of famer Ralph Sampson getting his recognition. 7"4 champion!
Jan. 20, 1984: Ralph Sampson has 24 points and 23 rebounds and Phil Ford has 17 assists as the Houston Rockets rout the Spurs, 138-104.
No question ..Ralph Sampson was a problem. Injuries is the only thing to stop some cats. Other things too like in Len Bias case
my starting 5 would be Kenny Anderson, Michael Jordan, Len Bias, Tim Duncan and Ralph Sampson love the old ACC.
Perry Ellis has faced Greg Oden, Shaq, fab five and Ralph Sampson in his iconic 35 year college career
rockets would have a good one too Harden, T-Mac, Hakeem, Calvin Murphy, and Ralph Sampson
Tues Trivia: Which ACC basketball player won ACC Rookie of the year and won ACC player of the Year 3 times? Ralph Sampson
I'm ballin like Ralph Sampson riff riff
Ralph Sampson at my bar on my night off again
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So I met Ralph Sampson today... He is SUPER tall
Pulled history gold Ralph Sampson in the last game of historic domination. When do i get him?
Ralph Sampson was never that great of an NBA player. But I give him all the respect in the world for refusing to play on the Clippers.
I love working with old people especially when I tell them I went to UVA and they say things like :"Oh Ralph Sampson played there!"
I think I'm just gonna stick with either Ralph Sampson or hakeem
Ralph Sampson top 3 to ever touch a college court tho
You could argue that Hansbrough Top 5 to ever play in the ACC too. Ralph Sampson the greatest tho.
that's enough to get Ralph Sampson lmfao
Still can't get over the fact that I met and actually talked to THE Ralph Sampson
yo I'm not gon lie when ya bout Riff Raff said he ballin like Ralph Sampson I was hype lol. But that was his song originally lol
Ralph Sampson beastly performance, but 5ast short from triple-double
Photo: EB scoring for the game. Matt Ross led the way with 20. Addis Ralph had 13. Joe Sampson had 12. Mike...
I pulled gold Ralph Sampson but he isn't in my collection?!.. ***
Georgetown vs Virginia Patrick Ewing soph year post up on Ralph Sampson.
I got gold Ralph Sampson for beating one of the historic all star teams and that was October I play gauntlet yesterday and
love the Moses Malone shirt that looks like Ralph Sampson, but think this shoulda made the list also.
Ralph Sampson at 7' 4" so he could just pick the coconuts out of the trees.
how is gold Ralph Sampson in gauntlet but nowhere in my collection when I pulled him in historic domination months ago
I have a question how is Ralph Sampson in the HOF an Dannny Manning not?
KP got a lot of Ralph Sampson in him.
also got Shane battie,Ralph Sampson and Jamal again he's got a 91 three but shot it weird wonder if there will
This -- from -- is really good! Fascinating look back at Ralph Sampson and the 1980s.
In terms of being 7'3 the only other guy I can remember being that athletic was Ralph Sampson. Astonishing.
just pulled this Ralph Sampson in a historic domination pack.. He doesn't exist and isnt in the collection
Here's some clips of Bird playing defense on Kareem, Hakeem, Moses and Ralph Sampson.
This Ralph Sampson card isn't out yet right?
Whiteside could learn post-moves playing against Brook Lopez in practice everyday, just like how Ralph Sampson helped Hakeem Olajuwon.
Rockets fan since the Ralph Sampson days here. I 100% agree. Also, Kobe Bryant is the GOAT.
i just pulled a Ralph Sampson 86 ovr as a reward on the final game of historic dom but cant find him on my collection.
I know he is better than Ralph Sampson but which is worth it? Him for 150k for Sampson pretty much free?
One of SI covers that really stuck w/ me over the years. Others are Fidrych/Big Bird, Miracle on Ice, Ralph Sampson's 1st one.
Last stud player in Va. to stay would be Ralph Sampson or Dell Curry.
Patrick Ewing dunking on Ralph Sampson two great college centers who both played four years in college.
Incorrect, obviously you've never seen Hakeem and Ralph Sampson play, or David Robinson play with Tim Duncan, but you'll learn
I just pulled Historic Ralph Sampson from historic domination west all stars game and he's not even on the game or my collection?
Like I'm tryna grind for Ralph Sampson but servers are holding me back
Sampson just asked if my shirt was Ralph 😑
bill is a beast in that if u want me work auction and get u Ralph Sampson lets me know bill
I can't think of a guy other than Ralph Sampson who KP reminds me of.
I liked a video from NBA 2K16: Ralph Sampson 7FT MONSTER 90 OVERALL!!!
will be dropping a video on the stats of Ralph Sampson! Subscribe & stay tuned!
Ralph Lauren steps down as CEO of fashion empire, with Old Navy boss taking his place
Might be the new Ralph Sampson, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill or T-Mac. Great talent, horrible luck.
Anybody have Ralph Sampson stats heard he a 94 overall
You could make a strong case, that Virginians Moses Malone, Ralph Sampson, and Alonzo Mourning, were three of the five most heavily 1/2
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Ralph Sampson too. Got hurt as well.
my rims rattle, I'm balling like Ralph Sampson!
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Saw the nicest Ralph Lauren bag and actually want to cry. Dad please xx
who was better in college Ralph Sampson, Michael Jordan, or Lenny Bias?
So Ralph Sampson isn't in the Hall of Fame now?? For now on Marcus, I want full apologies
My bad, forgot Ralph Sampson got in a few years ago!
Never found a way back to the top . Had Ralph Sampson to tutor him . He is amazing tho .
Bring Ralph Sampson to today's NBA and send Steph back to the 80s to give Larry some 3pt contest competition.
the fact neither of you said Ralph Sampson is sad
Thanks to ESPN, I'll never get to read the Steph Curry-Ralph Sampson comparison column Bill Simmons is writing in his head.
hey, 540 can hold theirs. we have Ralph Sampson, Dell Curry, and AKEEM JORDAN
Three-time mens' college basketball Players of The Year: Oscar Robertson, Lew Alcindor, Ralph Sampson. It will never occur again.
. I ain't even looked at the list but Ralph Sampson gotta be on there
I am going to say if UK wins we will hear about the time Digger beat Ralph Sampson.
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Science Hill alum Gary Carter had 9 points and 4 rebounds in Tennessee’s 62-48 loss to Ralph Sampson-led Virginia in the 1981 Sweet 16.
I remember it well. Ralph Sampson. More Blazer fans than I ever recall seeing.
Ralph Sampson: The NBA will be a playdate for Jahlil Okafor | SI Now
Latest Capital Games podcast with strong comments from Ralph Sampson about paying players:
Former UVA great Ralph Sampson, on whether college athletes should be paid:
"Kentucky can't deal with adversity." - Ralph Sampson .
That was a harsh bet. @ Thiago Sampson. You cost me 5 bucks. And You owe me 17 bucks. LUCKY
Literally bumped into Ralph Sampson this morning.that's one tall man
It's like the NBA teams losing on purpose to get Ralph Sampson in 1983 before draft system changed.
Big ups to for finding the Good Old Song for our Ralph Sampson interview.
Posting up the big man, Ralph Sampson! March icon...
finest, Ralph Sampson is coming in studio an age before the stretch big man, I gotta ask him why he shot 58 3PTs!
Bozich .Bennett can sell T Jefferson n Ralph Sampson. He can't sell Drake, WWW, Craft Center, Wildcat Coal Lodge or tradition of
before Bennett got to Virginia last time they won the ACC was with Ralph Sampson
And frankly, Ralph Sampson shouldn't count since he's still in basketball. Might as well put whole Clippers roster.
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Olivia Wilde, man! MT Knicks provided list of celebs at game.Think I recognize a/b two of them: Jason Sudeikis and Ralph Sampson
Knicks provided a list of celebrities at Clippers game. I think I recognize about two of them: Jason Sudeikis (sort of) and Ralph Sampson.
Best Ralph Sampson moment was beating the in the conference finals. Sampson said it was the greatest moment of his career.
ralph sampson was on fox news When heathly no could stop him stinks he couldnt stay heathly orginal twin towers awesome
Ralph Sampson tells he'd take Jahlil Okafor with the pick because of his footwork. Sampson has seen Okafor & Towns live.
Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson gonna join next on Hide the Chaminade gear!
Ralph Sampson is set to join in studio. Listen: Watch:
UAB's Oliver Robinson predicted the UAB win over Ralph Sampson's Virgina team.
Small compilation of Larry Bird's defense on Hakeem, Kareem, Moses Malone, and Ralph Sampson
Shoot, I thought Ralph Sampson had some ideas. He's got just a concept, and he can't really explain the details.
Ralph Sampson on Cavuto. Looks good. . ( some overlap in our times at UVa)
Ralph Sampson: " 'MARCH MADNESS' SUCCESS raising new calls for NCAA to pay college athletesf"
holy cow y'all! HOF Ralph Sampson is on Your World with He dethroned the Lakers sending to 2d champion
Neil, you should have stood up when you shook Ralph Sampson's hand. Don't let it happen again.
Ralph Sampson coming up on to talk about & student-athletes. Gotta be the tallest person ever at
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Ralph Sampson is about to be on Neil Cavuto on Fox News talking about paying players
Ralph Sampson reflects on his iconic basketball career captured in SI photos
Legend Ralph Sampson coming up on in a few mins!
Incase you missed it, here's the interview about paying college athletes!
Don't want to miss The Doug at 3 when the great Ralph Sampson (stops by! Find it here:
thank you for having Ralph Sampson on ur show, U guys are the best! My opinion Joe n Evan R the greatest tag team Sports Radio!
Ralph Sampson just referred to Nerlens Noel as "Noel Noles" on Close enough.
Just shook hands with Ralph Sampson. His ate mine for breakfast.
ralph sampson talk like Michael Jordan
We are joined live in studio by 1 of the great college players of all time… Ralph Sampson
Don't miss Ralph Sampson's interview on Daily Show w/ host . today at 12:45pm ET!
Today Brook Lopez joins at 1040, then at 11:20 and Ralph Sampson at noon all on
How do you not mention Ralph Sampson first?
and that ballin like Ralph Sampson 🙊
Back when Ralph Sampson and Akeem Olajuwon started being called the Twin Towers...before he changed his name back to Hakeem
Tomorrow on we have Brook Lopez at 1040, at 11:20 and Ralph Sampson in-studio at noon on
Check out this great poster made for Hornell Sports Night. Going to be a blast! Ralph Sampson, Bernie Kosar, Bill...
Two ACC legends in North Carolina today: Ralph Sampson was at the UNC game, and David Thompson is at the hornets game.
photo bombed by Mike Wilbon while talking to UVA great Ralph Sampson! Wahoowa! Great game!
Also got to meet UVA legend and the first pick in the 1983 NBA Draft, Ralph Sampson. @ JOHN PAUL JONES…
My all-time NBA team of who could have been great but didn't ... Penny, Andrew Toney, Michael Ray Richardson, Ralph Sampson & I'm missing 1
Kevin Love == Ralph Sampson ...get ur 6'11'' Butt down in the paint once a quarter
Just talked to father and ralph sampson.wait say what
I just saw Ralph Sampson up close and personal! How cool!
Correction... Ralph Sampson son with Ga Tech hanging with Dukey
Y'all see Ralph Sampson so checking him out now Ga Tech vs. Dukey
we get it. Ralph Sampson is at Duke.
Zero chance that 7-foot-4 Ralph Sampson is comfortable sitting in the Cameron bleachers
say Hello to Ralph Sampson who's in attendance.
After watching Virginia lose to on Saturday, Ralph Sampson is sitting behind the Ga. Tech bench tonight. Son, Robert, is a Jacket.
Special shoutout to for pointing this out, but looks Ralph Sampson is behind the GT bench (his son Robert plays at GT)
Ralph Sampson son look just like him
Just realized Ralph Sampson's kid is playing for Ga Tech.
Sitting in the same row with GT great Mark Price and UVA legend Ralph Sampson. I'd like to be a wing player on that all-row team
Never knew Ralph Sampson was a 3x player of the year. that man was LEGIT
Ralph Sampson in Cameron tonight watching his son play
3x College Player of the Year, Ralph Sampson will be in attendance cheering on his alma mater
Feb. 4, 1986: Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson combine for 27 rabounds and 38 points as the Houston Rockets beat the Nuggets, 104-102.
Sure, he was mentally tough. He still couldn't hold Ralph Sampson's jock.
I did my mini project for civics class on Ralph Sampson, because I can.
Dean Smith did this when he was scared of Ralph Sampson and was considered a "genius"
Despite second half struggles, solid win for the Cards over the Canes. Tall task Saturday at Virginia, Ralph Sampson's alma mater.
Ralph Sampson's entire career was a heartbreak.
Last time Virginia beat a ranked North Carolina team in Chapel Hill, Ralph Sampson led the way for Cavaliers (1981). http…
Just how long had it been since UVA had beaten a ranked UNC team in Chapel Hill? Ralph Sampson was on the squad.
Bennett with the line of the day: "not sure if I'd rather have Ralph Sampson playing for us tonight, or Jay Bilas playing for Du…
Virginia (19-0) off to 2nd-best start in school history. Best: 23-0 in 1980-81 – Ralph Sampson-led Cavaliers made Final Four
I'm sure Ralph Sampson is also in hysterics right about now.
just at work looking at Ralph Sampson 1984 box scores
SNAPSHOTS: Great to meet HC Louis Collins tonight, former teammate of Ralph Sampson at
Rudy Gobert of the Jazz, is essentially Ralph Sampson 2015. With a French twist, naturally.
Duke plays the home team on Jan. 31, BUT it's been DUKE since Ralph Sampson left and DUKE it's gonna be after this game!
Ironically, my Senior year at UVA = 1981. Ralph Sampson = Soph . went 23-0 before losing to ND. Lost to UNC in Final 4...
Capela just tried the Ralph Sampson shot at the end of the 1st quarter
Do people ask Dez Wells what it was like to play against Ralph Sampson, James Worthy and the Fab 5? The dude is like 50
have you ever heard of a guy named Ralph Sampson?
Ralph Sampson had 13 in an overtime game. Of course, blocks weren't an official stat in the old days.
My mom, the UVA grad that worked in the AD during the Ralph Sampson era:
12 from St. John's borrowing Ralph Sampson's shorts for today's game
I like your Dad's style *except* that he loves soft seven footers. Is he taking Ralph Sampson III, too?
Look. If Reggie Miller and Ralph Sampson are Hall of Famers, then yeah, Shawn Marion and Vince Carter are too.
see how many times they reference Ralph Sampson and Thomas Jefferson
Larry avg 24 9.5 and 9.5 against Hakeem and Ralph Sampson in the finals .. That's Crazy!
Randomly met ralph Sampson at bestbuy
You bet built to last! Team hasn't been this good since I was there in the days of Ralph Sampson (yeah I'm old) FUN!!
Flashback College Basketball: Big Pat Ewing drops the hammer on Ralph Sampson.
"It's aight, but it ain't Ralph though"
Watching highlights of the old Virginia teams it is hard not to compare skills sets between Frank Kaminsky and Ralph Sampson.
Virginia routs Georgia Tech to remain undefeated: Ralph Sampson was in attendance for Thursday night'...
Is this the greatest Virginia team in the program's history? »
Ralph Sampson can't be no more than 55, why does he look like he is 72???
Recap: Virginia vs. Georgia Tech: Charlottesville, VA (- Ralph Sampson was in attendanc...
So this is like the best team Virginia has had out on the court since the Ralph Sampson days right?
Chillin with my boy Ralph Sampson at the game earlier
Just met Ralph Sampson and I feel smaller than ever before
Ralph Sampson was so *** good. NC-State ran a triangle and 2 to stop him, and put the 2 on him and had the triangle focus on him
Wife was behind Ralph Sampson in Starbucks today and barista says. “Wow, you are tall. Did you play basketball?” Ralph: “A li…
The 1980-81 season, Ralph Sampson's 2nd, saw start 23-0 before losing on buzzer beater membe…
We walked right past Ralph Sampson and John Grisham tonight at the game. Very cool.
I'm going to go with either Little Big Horn, or over and Ralph Sampson.
Ralph Sampson is in the NBA Hall of Fame? Really? How did that happen?
You guys missed the best one of all time - Ralph Sampson!!
I was obviously referring to Ralph Sampson, Bryant Stith, and Sean Singletary.
I want to see if I speak german. PG- Steve Francis SG- T-Mac SF- Clyde Drexler PF- Ralph Sampson C The Dream.
All the UK rim protectors give some indication of what opponents felt like going against Ralph Sampson or Patrick Ewing in the day.
😉Felt the same way watching GT MBB and recognizing a player as Ralph Sampson's son...
Today's Gopher Oddity: We beat Western Kentucky 4 years ago to the day behind 22 points from Ralph Sampson:
Come on DA he is more like Chaminade who upset Ralph Sampson.
Like Chaminade beating Ralph Sampson and UVA in 1982, the women's hoops team takes down UNK!!! Congrats
And Ralph Sampson retired early, Bowie was hurt and Sabonis showed up late (Blazers had rights to both at the same time!)
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If he went back to school and came out in 1980 when Celtics had the 1st pick I doubt he would have pulled a Ralph Sampson
Literally had no idea Ralph Sampson's youngest son was playing basketball at Georgia Tech now.
Chillen at the bar with Ralph Sampson of the NBA is this real life??
Buzz about 2014 edition of EMU MBB must be real - even Ralph Sampson showed up for opening night.
(creakily stands up, wobbles on cane) I remember the Rockets purposely losing for a shot at Ralph Sampson being called tanking
Props for coach Bennett from Ralph Sampson after Cavs' impressive opener:
Awesome to hear Ralph Sampson was at the UVA game tonight. Makes sense at JMU but still very cool.
hey man. They're still good at basketball. Ralph Sampson was there. He said hi.
Let me tell you Ralph Sampson is one tall man
Robert Sampson, I watched video of your father from when he played at UVa. You, Sir, are NO Ralph Sampson
Robert Sampson, son of Ralph, puts in offensive rebound to give Georgia Tech 28-21 lead with 6:17 left in first half.
legend Ralph Sampson is here in attnedance, sitting behing scorer's table.
Nov. 14, 1985: Olajuwon, Rodney McCray and Ralph Sampson have double-doubles as the Rockets beat the Nets, 112-107, and rise to 8-2.
Ralph Sampson in the house for opener at
I just shook Ralph Sampson's hand. Why not.
legend Ralph Sampson spotted sitting behind the Cavaliers' bench. Ralph is sporting his orange and blue.
don't look now but Ralph Sampson is behind you
Ralph Sampson is at this basketball game!! 🏀💜💛
JMU 'cast said Ralph Sampson is in the house
Ralph Sampson is at the v Men's basketball game!!!
Ralph Sampson is here yo that's crazy
Ralph Sampson is less than 100 feet away from me. Sean Singletary is just as close. I never thought I'd get star struck but wow
Rode the bus and talked with Mr. Ralph Sampson. Needless to say, he needs a taller bus
Ralph Sampson is literally sitting right in front of me
Riding the shuttle to Convo with Ralph Sampson. Legend.
Wow. The stars are out in Harrisonburg! Ralph Sampson is on my shuttle.
So my mom just told me she went to school with Ralph Sampson
Well, also, I love anyone who loves UVA! (Born in C-ville. I’m of the Ralph Sampson era. Go ‘Hoos.)
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